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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we are monitoring another night of the "occupy oakland" movement live, the latest as protesters reconphene at frank ogawa plaza. the bay area continues continues continues to experience small earthquakes, what could be next. and the auction of death, whose items are going up for bid tomorrow. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00 with a developing story. developing, you see the video here, oakland mayor jean quan emerges to try to address the "occupy oakland" protesters but she is booed away. you can hear the crowd there.
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she went back inside without speaking. mean time tonight the "occupy oakland" camp is growing. once again outside city hall hundreds of protesters returned to frank ogawa plaza, some setting up more tents. the media heard from jean quan, kron 4's reggie kumar has the latest. >> reporter: many of them spoke out about the violence between police and the demonstrators that happened on tuesday and there was a vigil for the iraq war veteran that was injured in those protests on thursday. now, jean quan has been trying to address the protests all day today and that moment just arrived a few moments ago. here is what happened. [ boos ] >> reporter: that was the reaction after jean quan tried
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to speak to protesters. [ chanting go home ] >> reporter: thursday right she told the media she was invited to speak to the protesters. >> i am saddened about what happened last tuesday. it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to. people were hurt and i take responsibility and i apologize to those who were hurt. i have a lot of friends in that crowd. >> reporter: back out here live. as far as removing the protesters she says they are taking it day by day. so far the protesters are still allowed to occupy frank ogawa plaza. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> michael moore has taken notice of the events.
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he said, "occupy oakland" i am saddened and angry at your treatment by police. i will come tomorrow and tornado with you. we have an update on the iraq war veteran who was injured tuesday during the confrontation with police. tonight doctors say scott olsen is in fair condition. this is video from a vigil held earlier where supporters lit candles. the former marine suffered a fractured skull. a friend of scott olsen's visited him at the hospital today. >> i am happy the prognosis now that he is doing better. however, i was mad about the fact he went to iraq and didn't get injured and got injured here. >> scott olsen's parents
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arrived from wisconsin today. his status has been upgraded to fair. some members of the o-o movement are seeking ref fuge of the occupy berkeley movement. this group that writes and sings protest songs was in oakland tuesday. protesters in san francisco. police say they were just preparing to help out in oakland if it was needed. the player says he wants to work with the protesters to keep the plaza clean. eviction plans appear to be on old. stay with kron 4 news as we continue to cover the protest, we have the latest on our website, and don't forget, share your photographs, videos and your opinions with us on our facebook fan page and on the
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twitter feed. another cold morning will greet the bay area on friday. i am here to-find out why? >> we had calm winds and cooler air over us. so that leads to cooler conditions. clear skies. >> all day tomorrow? >> just for the morning. nice recovery into the afternoon. right now temperatures in the 60s in parts of the bay area because we are seeing a return on the winds. 61 in oakland right now. 49 santa rosa. 46 novato. comand chilly conditions expected with 30s and 40 said tomorrow morning. but warming up into the afternoon. warmer tomorrow at 4:00. many families in oakland are furious tonight. the school district voted last night to close 5 elementary
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schools, now the focus shifted to making it to a smooth transition. these are the schools that will close, lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe elementary schools. kron 4's alejandra cerball explains what is next for the district. >> reporter: officials say they will not be talking about closing anymore schools till next year. right now they are focusing on making the transition as easy as possible for the children in the 5 schools they decided to shut down wednesday night. they have too many schools in the district to serve the the right thousand students. they are not ruling out anymore cuts but they said they won't won't discuss this till next year. students at lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe elementary schools will finish out the year in june and the following year they will be attending new schools. in oakland, alejandra cerball kron 4 news. positive economic news
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today. a spike for the markets. the dow up 340 points. nasdaq up 88 and the s&p up 42 points. the parks were up all around the world. 2% in tokyo. 3 percent in hahn scon and 6% in france. --the leaders of the eu agreed to wipe out half of the 10s of billions of dollars greece owes to foreign backs and increase its funds to $1.5 trillion. still to come, more shaking, does this mean we are getting closer to the big one? we are getting insight and new at 11:00, conflicts in
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hollywood morning celebrities of -- among supporters of president obama. and a 61-yard goal in soccer, a 61-yard goal, be late for work, that's coming later in this broadcast. [ beep ]
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. another earthquake rattled the bay area. it was early this morning the 3.6 earthquake struck about 5:30. this comes on the heels of last week's earthquakes. both also centered near berkeley along the hayward fault. today we spoke to the usgs about what this could be leading too. >> the system has the highest probability of producing this big damaging earthquake of any of the faults. >> 31% in the next 30 years. could be the south hayward,
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last did in 1868. could be the north hayward. we don't know when the last time it ruptured. >> don't forget to head to when an earthquake strikes. that's where you could find safety tips and your comments as well. latest reports indicate the death toll from the character in turkey risen to 550s. there were reports of another tremor this morning. mean time incredible stories of survival are still giving people hope as others continue to be rescued. nice out there today, how long will it last? i will have your forecast and halloween forecast coming up. after the forecast, it could be call among the most morbid auctions ever, whose belongings are going up for bid tomorrow.
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s had president obama lost the support of some of the most famous residents? hollywood helped him land in office in 2008. as kron 4's catherine heenan reports, there is a growing divide against the commander in chief. [ music playing ] >> reporter: in 2008 hollywood stars embraced president obama. lately they have been loosening his grip. >> i no longer hope. >> reporter: once a big backer, he has become one of his most vocal critics. >> high is a brilliant guy but i i wanted more. >> reporter: he accuses him of bowing to corporate america. >> good luck to you. i know who he answers to.
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those are some powerful corporations. >> reporter: he finds a lot of fault. >> he only listens to the voices that shout the loudest and all those forces, it's almost criminal. >> reporter: some stars are saying backoff. on one show martin sheen had a couple of words. >> steady, steady. >> reporter: he argued the president deserves full support. >> i adore him. >> he is the best thing that has been there consistence kennedy. >> reporter: the obama campaign got a check from steven spielberg and his wife. tom hanks and his wife equaled
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that. michael douglass chipped in two grands. will ferrule 5,000. one thing that might help the president, he will be the only democrat in the race. >> not going to be that palatable to the vasmajority in the entertainment business. >> reporter: why some stars voice complaints. >> i would like to see him be more outspoken about the issues. >> come election time they may return to the fault. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. it was a great day today with temperatures in the 70s and we will see the conditions continue through the weekend. tomorrow cooler in the morning, 30s through parts of the bay area, but 70s by the afternoon.
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saturday, warming un, sunday cooling down. nothing to complain about. morning lowes cool up in the north bay. 37 santa rosa, 42 san raff el. 44 half moon bay. 77 san jose. into the afternoon, we recover nicely, 70s. 78 redwood city. 73 hay wood. 76 san jose. 76 inland, warming up. 76 half moon bay. 70s in the north bay. 69 san francisco, 69 in richmond. halloween forecast, similar conditions carry over into monday. the forecast looking good. clear and mild. temperatures in the 60s through the bay area. chilly 8:00, dropping into the 50s, especially in the north bay. extended forecast, nice mild conditions through the weekend
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and into next week. a chilly start to the day tomorrow but we will see warmer morning temperatures saturday and sunday. change as we head towards the end of next week. winds back, temperatures cool and we will get the fog back, especially close to the the coast line. just in time for halloween i guess, dr. death's personal items are hitting the auction block, paintings, art supplies and the suicide machine are all up for sale. 100 items are being auctioned off in new york. the proceeds are going to kids kicking cancer. he served prison time for hoping people commit suicide, he died back in june. >> coming up, a college football touchdown record and one of the most exciting, dramatic games in world series
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we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. . all right. good evening, everybody. an incredible night of baseball. game 6, texas trying to close out albert pujols and the cardinals. 4-4 in the 7th inning. errors ruled. and now beltre puts texas up 5- 4. next hitter, nelson cruz. 8th home run of the post season. ties bonds. and beltran with eight in the post season. to the 9th inning. 1 strike, one out away from texas wrapping it up. and there it goes. david freese off the right
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field wall. cruz maybe could have handled it better. albert pujols scores, lance berkman scores. st. louis tied it 7-7. 10th inning, hamilton, hasn't opened in 60 at bats and texas now has a 9-7 lead. i will give ron washington credit, i thought right there we were going to be world series champions. but then a young fellow, daniel, he delivers here to get things rolling for the cardinals. bottom of the 10th. lance berkman again, down to their last strike and he comes through, people are calling this one of the greatest games of all time. everybody gets hyped up. put poor ron washington's team blew two leads, 9-9 in the 11 11th and david freese quit baseball after high school and someone talked him into coming back, now he is in the major leagues, hitting a home run to win it for st. louis and they
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ripped the uniform off him during the celebration. the series is even at 3-3. 5 errors. tomorrow at 5:00, the cardinals and the texas rangers play for the world series. mike, you will have to let me know who wins that thing because tomorrow night at 5 i am watching kron 4 news. really. you catch that? >> yeah. i saw some of it. it was amazing. fun. >> i was terrific. terrific night. stanford's andrew luck is everybody's favorite college quarterback. hey, his numbers aren't going to rival this tonight. 534 yards. 9 touchdowns. as houston win 3-74. set a division 1 record. 32 this year. 3 interceptions. everybody says luck is the best
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quarterback, number one draft choice in the country. in terms terms of numbers he threw 9 touchdown passes tonight. a break through in nba labor talks. >> too early to express confidence we are at a deal. no question, though, we did make progress on significant issues. >> keep hearing the records, maybe this could be solved and they will have a regular schedule next week. we have a record soccer kick. this is tim from uc santa barbara. 61-yard goal as they beat uc davis in a soccer match and then just to show you, i went into my vault. a 61-yarder. that was nice. the san jose earthquake, 90
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