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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 28, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>pam: at 5:00 p.m. oakland mayor jean quan blew out of the plaza. this was the scene last night after the embattled leader attempted to address the protesters then this morning during a tour of the new bay bridge reporters surrounded mayor quan demanding a response to the controversy surrounding her and heard ministration's actions this week over the occupy oakland protesters. reggie kumar attended the news conference and he joins us live from oakland tonight with the details. >>reporter: despite what happened last night mayor quan is adamant about speaking with the protesters. take a look at them behind me, one says they will maintain a minimal police presence. she says this has turned into a complex situation and she wants the plaza to remain peaceful. the mayor still
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does not want the protesters camping out in front of city hall. first to hear from the men and in the city administrator carol boyd. >> i heard it in the camp last night that we wanted to support the movement on the of--the other hand you want to keep people safe. so when we moved it is on a day-to- day basis in the day to day accessment. >> last night we issued ground rules for the plaza. we have certain requirements certain minimal standards to maintain public health and safety. that has been one of our main concern to all along. these primarily are fire safety we have to have access to the public safety personnel to address medical emergencies, fire emergencies, we need to have police able to patrol. if they can come forward with
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eight or 10 people that we can work with, that would be a new dynamic. >>reporter: that meeting that the mayor hopes to have, she hopes that will happen sooner rather than later. >>pam: there is a new face in the occupy oakland protest area. you see him there, documentary filmmaker and activist michael moore he decided to come after to save the violent confrontation with the police that led to an injury of an eye iraqi war veterans. our team coverage continues with kron4 j.r. stone joining us live from oklahoma that part of the story. >>reporter: pam, you talk about someone who can get a crowd going, michael moore is that person and he did just that in this plaza
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behind me. >> in the same way that they do not understand that this is a leaderless organization with tens of millions of spokespeople they also did not understand that rubber is not the problem with us right now. there are so many people around the country that supports this movement. someone asked me coming in here who organized this? who organized this? i know you think we the people organize it. [laughter] >> where is wells fargo? i just passed it on the street. if you want to know
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who organized this? they organize it. the people on wall street organize this, bank of america organized this. they did more by simply putting that boot on the necks of many of americans and like any human being, like any human being how long can you keep a boot on your neck? >>reporter: he says he will be here tonight and tomorrow as well. he is hoping to get a chance to talk with the mayor. as his opinions about the mare, and his own words he said sometimes people make mistakes but some people make mistakes that are so big they have to resign. for now, reporting in oakland i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>pam: the heat is coming down harder on the oakland police department in the wake of tuesday's operation to remove the protesters
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from the plaza. scenes such as these, clashes between police and protesters have been viewed all around the world. that is bringing harsh criticism at the police department. however the president of the oakland police officers association says that opd is getting a bum rap. the >> it is not very fair that so much is coming down on the police. at the end of the day we are soldiers as well we are told what to do. we are told to do a specific job. the police officer should not be wrapped up any political issues but the most important thing is that they're doing what they're told to do. some officers did get hurt, some officers had faeces throne of them, some had paint thrown on them some had rocks thrown at them. some officers had big fireworks thrown at
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them. our officers took the brunt of a lot of the works --a lot of things. they do not show how many things were thrown at the police. we have officers in financial trouble as well personally. but we are is doing our job, we are thankful to have a job in we are doing the job as a tell us to do it. >>pam: mayor quan was facing a recall movement but her handling of the confrontation has now won her any more supporters. critics say there she is too quick to change her position and to slow to answer the tough questions. >> mayor quan can you lower your window? >>catherine: the mayor was not about to talk about the hostile reception that she had just gone from the protesters
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>> i think it would be quite insane on the part of the mayor to think that she would get any kind of warm welcome. >>catherine: she has not responded to this ad from the actress's groups for this attack from key over in. >> she must resign. >>catherine: she merely won the race for open politics. since taking office in january she has not shown strong leadership refusing to answer questions about the sudden departure of the police chief anthony batts. >> we will cut this off, we have a meeting. >>catherine: she produced a crime-fighting plan that was heavy on graphics and light on specifics. >> in my opinion she is lost in space. >>catherine: when the occupy
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oakland protest came she first did nothing and then refuse to take responsibility while she was out of town. >> i did not think it was going to be last night. i do not know everything, i do not do the tactical planning. >>catherine: if you remember she thanked the oakland police how they handled the eviction of the protesters. later she said she wanted to personally monitor police misconduct investigations and she was committed to making sure it does i happen again. >>pam: meantime the lawn in front oakland city hall is filling up with protesters again. this is just how much of the encampment has grown since tuesday. >>reporter: 3 days after the protesters wore routed out, the tense every emerged. take a look at this video
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shot on thursday now compare this to friday. there are least 50 tents in the plaza. some are nice and others are nothing more than blue parts.--tarps. hay has been spread on the ground to stop it from getting too muddy. the protesters say they will not go anywhere. it is unclear how the protests--how long the process will go on, but the protesters here say they will stay as long as they can. >>pam: stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the occupy protesters around the bay area. do not forget that we would like you to share your photograph, your videos and opinions with us on our facebook fan page into your feet.
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>> let us take a look at our temperatures for tonight. expect mostly clear skies and cool conditions especially through the night. tomorrow we have a little warmer temperatures them what we saw today. now taking the can how we will transition into tomorrow. coming up i will have more high to redress for tomorrow in your halloween forecast. i will see you back here shortly. >>pam: at 5:00 p.m. occupy
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protesters around the country show solidarity. we will show you the dramatic images from coast to coast. and crews working on the new bay bridge are celebrating a milestone today. how this affects your commute. and digging deeper into the solyndra scandal white house officials are now calling for in the wake of the multimillion-dollar loan debacle. >>pam: allegations of abuse at a california boot camp for disturbing kids. this could lead and counselors behind bars. >>gabe: of i am gabe slate and i have this tablets' coming up in my tech report.
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>>catherine: the occupy movement continued to make news all of a country. in albany new york they're dealing with some awful weather. they're getting
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snow and rain. they say no one is leaving the they are adding heaters and they are adding extra layers to their tents. in national the weather was fined about two dozen protesters were arrested overnight. this is the area around the state capital. state troopers gave people a 10 minute warning and then they started making the arrests. the troopers said they did not have the resources to babysit the in kama.-- incampment. >>catherine: in san diego the police said the three week-old yvette was an unlawful assembly so they began to move in. the protesters will be allowed to return to the areas supposedly but without any camping he quit. this is kind of a strange story surrounding the norwegian cruise ship line. two people
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found dead on their ship, they die separately. one of the may 67 year-old woman the police said that is not suspicious. the other person discovered was a 23 year-old man. that is the desk that investigators are focusing on the police have been looking through his room for clues as to what happened. the search continues for a 10 month old baby and in kansas city. one of the family lawyer said she would not represent the family any more but she will not explain. and the two little brothers sharks to be read interview. the family initially refused because they said the children had been tormented enough's. the two little boys being read questioned were reportedly in the same bed room the night the baby disappeared. andy rooney is hospitalized after a serious surgery. his family has been adamant about not commenting on exactly what is happening
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just a few weeks ago the 92 year-old delivered his last essay on 60 minutes. in last word, he was in stable condition. >> we had high temperatures in the '70s today it is still nice and comfortable in most locations. he looked at our current conditions right now and taken to correct the bay area it is still in the '70s. tomorrow it will be cool, a cool night, a cold start to tomorrow morning. the temperatures will get that down and '30's and '40's for some spots. we will see fifties in places like fremont and livermore as well. we have a cool start for tomorrow but we will end up with a lot of sunshine.
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>> here is your halloween forecast. halloween will be nice for monday. in the evening we see temperatures ranging from 16th along the coast to 68. as we head through the night we will see the temperature is starting to drop by 8:00 p.m.. we're down to 55 for the coastline and 63 for the inland locations. i seven day around the bay forecast is looking pretty good. it looks like we'll have a slight chance of rain by the end of next week. i will talk more about your extended forecast and your morning lows for tomorrow. >>kimberlee: i am kimberlee sakamoto with today's edition of taking the could this. this is an inferno that shut down entire freeway in texas. a tanker truck full of diesel fuel ignited this was and should moorland--this was a sugar
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land. the highway reopened a short time later after the hazmat crews cleaned up the mess. take a look at this, a weather satellite launched earlier this morning and it will orbit 512 mi. above earth monitoring global climate change in weather conditions. checkout is a beautiful photograph of two massive humpback whales copping out of the water next to a man on a cayenne. this was taken in monterey bay as a part of a photo shoot for the santa cruz county conference. as you can see the photographer had perfect timing when he snapped a photograph. this will be featured on the new well watching page. take a look at this baby seal pup trapped in tied--trapped inside of a lobster pot.
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there is good news, they named the pup houdini because delicate little pup was able to wiggle himself free after an hour-long ordeal. >> checking the chaff of the golden gate bridge what a beautiful picture that is the traffic is moving along and goodspeed's in both directions. the san mateo bridge has slowed traffic heading into hayward east bound. the right side is west bound traffic moving well. we will be back with much more news to come.
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>>reporter: this just in, 59 guns including an uzi, this is the ammunition found in one man's home. we are getting pictures of the guns, there are opening. police say this man ronald sandy had all the firearms. he has been arrested. check out these guns, the police have them now. rifles, saw
5:24 pm
off shotguns, handguns, all types. the police found them when they were investigating the suspect for something else. apparently a 20 year- old woman an acquaintance of the suspect called the police to say they he was making threatening phone calls to her. he is a convicted felon and was convicted in utah for possession of meth and several illegal weapons including an uzi semi assault weapon. we will take a short break and be right back. @
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>>pam: coming up at 5:30 p.m. a construction milestone on the construction of the bay bridge. we will tell you when to expect to use it for your commute. hundreds of people are now dead and thousands of buildings destroyed. we will tell you how the u.s. plans on helping turkey after its devastating earthquake. blackberry is hoping that a special deal can boost sales. the special offer on
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the play book tablet all coming up.
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>>pam: @ 5:30 p.m. a major milestone for the new bay bridge. grant lodes is a live in the studio with a look at the work they completed today. >> there is still a lot of work to be done but the entire roadway section of the new bay bridge is now in place. just after dawn on friday kron4 cameras capture a significant moment in the construction of the new bay bridge. a custom floating frame spliffs the 28 piece of roadway into place. we sped up the video so that you could see the concrete as it moves. this is about 60 ft. long and weighs more than 1,000 t. now this final part of the roadway is in place, crews will turn their attention to the cable system. this will be the
5:31 pm
longest self anchored suspension span in the world. there is still plenty of work to do but the crews are on target to complete the $6.3 billion project by late 2013 maybe even in time for america's cup race in september. >>pam: the white house is ordering a review of the loans made by the energy department following the bankruptcy of the bay area solar panel maker solyndra. currently more than two dozen leading energy companies in the u.s. have similar loans at slumber-- similar loans as solyndra. two people are arrested and accused of murdering a concord woman. police say
5:32 pm
the two suspects that you see on your screen killed shelby bonds. the victim's body, you can see her picture year it was found this week in a vacant home on glenn side court during a police security check. the motive have not been released in this case. in san francisco a california lawmaker was arrested for shoplifting. this is an assemblywoman from castro valley. she was booked for felony grand theft after police say she stole almost $2,500 worth of clothing from neiman marcus in union square. she said it is all a big misunderstanding and that she did not intentionally still anything. and california news the fate of michael jackson's personal doctor will shoot--soon be in the hands of the jurors. today lawyers for conrad murray presented their own expert
5:33 pm
on propofol, that is the experts blamed in the pop star's death. it counted the opinion of the prosecution's doctor who said jackson like the gave himself the lethal dose of propofol. closing arguments could come as soon as tuesday. >>pam: disturbing allegations against a children's boot camp in southern california. this is video from the family first growth camp in pasadena. it uses military-style discipline tactics. police are investigating claims that the children were verbally abused and forced to drink water until they vomited. the man that runs the program is facing a previous child abuse charges against a teenage girl. just in time for halloween, two human skulls were sold on ebay by a consignment shop. the store workers say the man brought the items in
5:34 pm
saying that there were from his father's antiques store. one belonged to an adult the other appeared to be a chiles.--childs. instead of selling them in the store, they decided to put it on line. >> i notice it has all the markings for any medical school.--skull. one has already been sold in one could be on its way out for halloween. >> saturday will be sunny and a little warmer, for sunday we will start off today with some patchy fog and cooler. for halloween will be sunny and mild in a little bit cooler than the
5:35 pm
weekend. for your morning lows expect from chilly conditions especially in the north bay. take a look at your temperatures for tomorrow morning. over all, tomorrow will be nice and sunny we feel a lot of '70s had almost near a the in morgan hill. we will have some nice conditions throughout the north bay as well. the us take a look at your seven day around the bay extended forecast. a nice weekend with mao conditions and your halloween looks nice. temperatures will be nice through next week. by thursday and friday there is a slight chance that we could see some showers. >>pam: a 6.9 earthquake hit peru today. it sent panicked people into the streets.
5:36 pm
doctors have reported about 20 injuries but there were no reports of any serious damage. >>catherine: the u.s. military will begin sending air supplies to turkey. and the 500th 75 people were killed in sunday's earthquake there. thousands of survivors still have no where to take shelter. this is one of the villages hardest hit, children are playing in the rubble that was once their home. most of the homelands---homes are destroyed and the others are not safe to go in. help is coming but not fast enough. but this line of people. some of them spend hours just waiting for an application to get a tent. thousands of people need shelter and there are still not enough tents to go around. this is a shipment
5:37 pm
of relief supplies from israel. other countries helping include britain and now the u.s.. the u.s. military will begin airlifting things like blankets and sleeping bags tomorrow. roughly 200 people have now been pulled alive from under collapsed buildings. friday was this 13 year-old boy, his uncle says he used his shoes as a pillow. he managed to drink rainwater that seeped through cracks in the wreckage around him. he was discovered just minutes after relatives had been sent home after being told that there was no chance of finding him alive. his family is still amazed. they say the boy barely has a scratch on him, one of the reasons he was saved is that he had found a rock and manage to start the digging out process himself. that is part of the reason they spotted him. and this was the theme from mexico's yucatan coast. the winds are down to about 35 mi. per hour. rina, the storm is
5:38 pm
moving out to sea and expected to continue to lose its steam. in bangkok, the river in that area is getting very high he could peak sometime tomorrow. streets are flooded the most people are hanging on their refusing to leave. three month of relentless rain has caused the most flooding in thailand in 60 years. nearly 400 people have been killed and more than 100,000 are homeless. in bosnia and man armed with hand grenades opened fire out some of the u.s. embassy in bosnia. that is him on the ground. no one in the embassy was hurt. police say that man was a member of the conservative branch of islam. he warned pedestrians to their waists and that he was targeting only the embassy. he was later arrested and taken away by ambulance. a new poll says that approval of the war in afghanistan has
5:39 pm
reached an all-time low. it is a cnn poll showing that only 30 percent of americans support the war. on the other hand finds that 57 believe that it was not a mistake to send troops into afghanistan in the first place back in october of 2001. >>pam: the bay bridge is looking good west bound and east bound this hour on a friday night. checking in on the james lick this is a different story as the traffic is backing up on 80 as it tries to head towards the lower part of the baby's death. the bottom part of your screen is south bound 101 is also moving pretty slow. we will be back with a lot of news to come.
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undergoing a makeover. the san francisco-based airplane
5:43 pm
says it is time to fly but they're making sure that people do not fight to close together. >>reporter: in response to customer demands, the air craft like that when there is undergoing a facelift. they're offering first in business class travelers the option of total lie flat seating. this senior vp says it is the future of air travel. >> as the world becomes smaller more people are traveling on business internationally. there is a desire to make that experience as comfortable and relaxing as it can be. crews are starting from scratch reconfiguring the
5:44 pm
cabins. >> we had a two by to see in configuration and now we will reconvert this airplane into a 3,3,3 configuration. >> we have a total of 33 that will be done between now and 2013. that will be in addition to our entire 747 fleet and our entire 676 fleet they have already been configured to this standard. >>reporter: a guy could get used to this, goodbye coached hello first class. next time i fly, i have my seat all picked out. >>gary:
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>>gabe: it seems like everyone wants in on the tab the market, then stop in video retail store that we have in the bay area is about to release their own tablet this is for gaming. the tap will come with seven free games this will be on the market before the holiday season but no word on price yet. in netflix news, we have heard the drama with them lately losing customers but they are still a power house. check this out a new report says that netflix account for 32 percent of the internet down stream ba
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ndwidth within the u.s.. that is a lot that is like one-third of the people in the u.s.. there may be a droid 4g rising phone coming to keyboard--verizon phone with a keyboard coming to stores state to for my tech report. >> here are your temperatures right now, we have 75 in san rosa, 76 in mountain view, and 73 in hayward. we have a sunny afternoon, sunny and mild. next week will see cooler
5:47 pm
conditions and towards the end of next week by thursday we could see some showers. for tomorrow the conditions will be calm and cool. '50s and '60s and around the bay area. here are your future forecast. we will start the day off in the '50s and '60s. we will slowly start to warm up. by the afternoon you can see that we mostly have '70s brought the bay area. here is it the year seven day around the bay forecast. it's very nice weekend in-store. saturday is the warmest day of the week. sunday will be nice and your halloween looks good. checkup thursday we will see temperatures drop off a little bit and there is a chance that we could see some showers thursday into friday. >>pam: here is stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly.
5:48 pm
>> student at cal state ease the bay have to pay $2 per hour every day for parking which is about $130 every quarter. to avoid the high cost, students have been parking on residential streets like this car with the keys hanging out of the trunk. but for the residents that live near the school ... >> it was horrible. stanley >> this is where they would park. are you a cal state student? you cannot park here. >>stanley: on the signs will put up about a week ago and for some streets this seems to be working but not all streets. here is the student who left his keys in the trunk. i asked him what the signs read. >> is sent 8:00 p.m. to
5:49 pm
9:00 p.m. monday through friday. >>stanley: what else does it say? >> it says except vehicles with a permanent c i was not aware of that, i started just said no parking for street sweeping. >>stanley: this is proof and no students read signs. some students were using the parking lot of the church but the websites on the cal state university says do not park here or you will be told.--towed. if you do not have one of these, you can end up with a parking ticket and as for the church, they can begin towing at any time did not send out when you. >>pam: look at walnut creek, this is the 680 and 24 interchange is heavy. now look to the golden gate
5:50 pm
bridge north bound south bound traffic is moving well more news at stay with us.
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>>kimberlee: the better business bureau is working with stubhub to warn you about this new scam going on. many e-mails had been sent out to stubhub users. this will look like a receipt for an order for two tickets to a boxing match in las vegas. it appears that it has been sent by stubhub, the charge is a big amount about $3,000. the company says no accounts have been charged this is all fake. let us go ahead and take the next video. it aims to get people click on the newly--click on the links and into your confirmation immediately you need to go to the web site and change your password
5:54 pm
that will make it harder for them to access your account and try to get any information. nihilistic the next video, they're trying to let everyone know what is going on. they went to their face the page to apologize and make users aware of the malicious e-mail that is circulating. if you have any questions or concerns e- mail them at the following web page. we have posted information on our fan page 4 what to do if you have been hacked. stay with us we have more news after the break. dinner? candles?
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jean quan was booed by protesters at the occupy oakland port test--occupy oakland protest. now she is speaking out. and now writes a veteran on the men--and i rock veteran is on the mend after being attacked by the police. we have team coverage of every angle. >>pam: kron4 is live in oakland the mayor wants to address the crowd. activist
6:01 pm
michael moore joins the movement today. protesters are now planning their next big move. we start with juror stone who was with michael moore when he spoke this afternoon. >>reporter: michael moore spoke around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. we have the same amount people directly behind me. i want to go to the video because this was one of those scenes, almost like a hollywood scene. michael moore came in for 45 minutes he had this crowd shouting and cheering that is what he did today. i spoke with him before hand and i spoke with him afterwards. i asked him what you think should happen to the mayor and he said this.
6:02 pm
>> you know, people make mistakes. but when you make a mistake, the mist is so horrible that you have to leave you have to resign. >> i have to tell you the other night, tuesday and wednesday night not being here and watching from afar what plays here was really horrifying. to see this in this country, it is absolutely criminal. this young man was willing to go and risk his life in a war that when he was once over there did not agree with. he went and risk his life like this and the only place he had to worry about was hearing his own country in oakland california. >>reporter: michael moore is
6:03 pm
here this evening and tomorrow and he was hoping that he would have a chance before leaving to meet with the khmer. before he left there were a chance in the crowd of people were saying let's go oakland. reporting live in oakland i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>pam: to the controversy surrounding oakland mayor jean kron. at any event on the new bay bridge, reporters tried talking to her about the occupy protest but as you can see in his zeal she did not stop and take any questions. before leaving she promised to address the media later in the day. kron4 was there as she spoke out on how she has been dealing with the occupy oakland protest. it's clear that she is walking a fine line between free speech and public safety. reggie kumar is live in oakland now with what she had to say. >>reporter: the city
6:04 pm
administrator's office gave these protesters ground rules that they expect to be followed. mayor quan again explains why the police raided the camp on tuesday. >> the reason that we move last week was because of the violence and several other incidents that happen. the health issues, we will send the inspectors out there, the health issues have not restarted yet. that is why we want to meet with occupy oakland. we hope that they will meet with us. we want to support the movement but on the other hand we have to keep people safe. whether we move, it is on a day-to-day basis and a day to day accessment of what will keep people healthy. >>reporter: the mayor wants
6:05 pm
to open up the line communication and relate these ground rules to others. >>catherine: mayor quan was facing a recount movement even before the occupy oakland movement. critics say this fee is too quick to change her position and to seoul to ask tough questions. >>catherine: the only sound from her suv with that of a zipped lip. the mayor was not about to talk about the hostile reception that she a discount from the protesters. >> i can to be insane on the part of american think as we get any kind of warm welcome. >>catherine: she is not responded to this ad from the activist group move or this attack from the commentator keith
6:06 pm
oberman. she merely won the race last year on a platform of progressive politics. since taking office in january she has not shown strong leadership. she refused answer questions about the sudden departure of police chief anthony back. >> we will cut this off we had a meeting. >>catherine: her crime- fighting plan was heavy on graphics and light on specifics. >> and my opinion she is lost in space. >> when the occupy oakland protest began she first did nothing. >>catherine: mayor quan
6:07 pm
thank the police of how they handle the situation on tuesday. later she said she went to look into misconducted make sure did not happen again. >>pam: this is video of the wounded marine who suffered a critical head injuries. doctors say scott olsen condition has improved. the oakland in from police chief play-doh paid olson of it today. >> i had a chance to meet his parents i express my gratitude for being here and my regrets that their son got injured and i assure them that we will look into this to find out what happened. they were not hostile it all they were very nice people. there have yet to the time out of my day to speak with them. they
6:08 pm
do not have any animosity towards the police department. >>catherine: the chief also said that he visited several protesters who were injured at frank ogawa plaza. three days after the protesters were kicked out the lawn is filling up again. jeff bush knows what it looks like and the mess that is being generated by the protesters. >>reporter: it was a festive day on friday people were playing, singing and dancing and eating. they're also making a mess. several bag full of garbage were sitting there on the sidewalk. some people but this matches down earlier in the day by late afternoon these guys to get off the plaza and abandon it on the sidewalk next to broadway. people were showing the with all sorts
6:09 pm
of things that they needed to continue their protest. the mayor said tents and overnight camping is not allowed the that order is not being enforced. their only one dozen or so intense on thursday by friday that number had grown to 50 or so. the group has resigned to stick it out and apply the for as long as they can. >>pam: our team coverage moves to halt occupy oakland is affecting the businesses of around the bay area. >>reporter: as the tension occupy owners return, the restaurant owners say they have seen a slight increase in foot traffic over the that last few days. >> business has been banned because more people come and eat. have about 24% increase in business.
6:10 pm
>>reporter: other businesses have not been so lucky one doctors office said they have been losing business. >> our patients do not want to come we have had a lot of cancellations we have had to leave early. >>reporter: and other restaurant owners said she hopes the occupy oakland protesters will be able to resolve their differences meeting were not the 10's will be allowed to stay overnight in the plaza. >>pam: stay with us as we continue to cover the occupy protesters all around the bay area. we have the laser video and information on our web site. do not forget that we encourage you to share your photographs, your videos and opinions. >> will start off with a look outside at the golden gate bridge. we have clear blue skies right now temperatures are on the warmer side. taking a cut) temperatures. it is cooler at half moon bay at 59
6:11 pm
degrees. today is a very nice today, tomorrow and just as nice and fat temperatures will be warmer. expectancy mild conditions and it will be cooler as the system passed to the north. it will bring more cloud coverage., by 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. tomorrow is a nice day the temperatures will be above average this time of year and a little bit warmer than what we saw. i have more details about your extended forecasts in halloween of that coming up. we would take a quick break and be right back stay with us. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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backing off plans to charge customers fees for using their debit cards. bankamerica was criticized for charging people fly dollars per month for using their cards. and j.p.
6:15 pm
morgan jason wells fargo have decided not to charge customers. other banks said they will not impose the death mccarthy. even bank of america may be changing its tune. it is considering softening its policy according to a solar's--a source close to the they. >>pam: this is a picture of rachel marie smith she was sentenced in two years in jail and ordered to pay restitution to victims. she posted an ad on craig lists for a vacant apartment in san francisco she collected deposit money from 18 different people but she never handed over the keys. in antioch a man was arrested for allegedly sending threats to several schools. the 360 was reportedly upset at a friend so he sent threats to school in his friend's name to damage his reputation. he is not connected to any of
6:16 pm
the contra costa county schools that he is accused of spreading. he has been booked on several counts of making criminal threats. >>catherine: president had it herman cain was campaigning in alabama. this is a town rally that he held. he is still insisting that his 999 tax plan can reignite the economy. he is talking about a 9 percent flat tax on income, business and sales. earlier today he talked about the criticism that he has been getting for that plan. >> i think it was in the debate for the last. one of the senate this in his plan cannot pass. and i fifth senator, there lies the difference between a politician and businessman. politicians want to propose stuff that they think they can pass.
6:17 pm
>>catherine: michelle bachman said it was not the president's idea they simply were not welcome any longer in my rack. >> the president had his head handed to him, we spend over $845 billion to secure democracy in that country as well as a loss of lives. essentially they said to the president of the united states get out of our country in two months. if 45,000 troops out in two months. the administration said we have everything we wanted. we got nothing out of this deal. now we have expended a lives and treasure and iran is waiting in the wings to come in and dominate that area and have the influence in iraq what
6:18 pm
was this for? >>catherine: newt gingrich was at a chicken fillet restaurant and he said the bickering among the candidates with a turnoff. another issue he says that he understands the frustration behind the occupy wall street movement but he does not approve of the tactics used by some protesters. [music] >>vern: we will take outside to the north bay will we have this beautiful shot of the sunset. the sun is going down but we have a nice day in the bay area today. temperatures looking pretty good out there. in oakland you are still sitting at 73 degrees. and we will be off towards a chilly start for to mark the morning. temperatures will be in the '40's and '30's especially in the north bay. we will pretty much see fifties for
6:19 pm
the rest of the bay area but over all cool and chile through the night and into the morning. here is your future forecast. by 10:00 a.m. we will see some sixties and by noon, we will see conditions in the '70s. by 3:00 p.m. on saturday temperatures will be above average for this time of year. now let us take a look at the high temperatures for saturday. 78 expect from our review, 77 in san jose and the east bay valleys the knife conditions as well.-- in the east bay valley as we see nice to temperatures as well. for the coast we will have cooler conditions, 64
6:20 pm
in ocean beach, a little warmer at half moon bay. a chilly start to the morning but the afternoon looks pretty good. here is your halloween forecast clearing out conditions for monday by 6:00 p.m. the temperature in the upper 60 for the warmest locations. my 8:00 p.m. the temperatures will cool down and it will dip back down into the fifties. your seven there on the bay forecast looks pretty good. temperature will be mild for the rest week. by thursday rolls around there is a system to the north. it may just passed us but temperatures will be cool. we will see more cloud coverage and high temperatures dipping back down to the '60s by thursday and into friday. we will take a quick break, stay with us and we will be right back.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>>kimberlee: pro-democracy protesters walking in egypt to the u.s. embassy in
6:24 pm
support occupy oakland against what they say was a show of excessive police force. this he egyptian blogger was at the march and he live tweeted these photographs. notice, many egyptians have american references to talk about obama. this one references wall street at the top. visit for more information and stay with our kron4 facebook fan page we will be back with more after this.
6:25 pm
california should be proud.
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6:27 pm
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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6:30 pm
group occupy oakland still going strong this evening. you can see the hundreds of people that are out here. in addition to all of these folks, michael moore the famous filmmaker with out here who spoke for 45 minutes. he said that what he saw on his television on tuesday evening with a tear- gas that was used in his words he said this was terrific and something that he still has trouble with right now. his trip last tonight and tomorrow. he has not met with the mayor but he said it is a
6:31 pm
possibility. >>reporter: and oakland mayor quan says she wants to maintain a peaceful atmosphere out out of city hall. she says that she accesses the situation day by day and she has not made the decision to remove these protesters. she also said that she wants to meet with them face to face. she hopes that a group of 10 of them will meet with her so that they can go over a list of ground rules that the protesters must follow in order to stay here. >>reporter: continuing our coverage at oakland police headquarters the president of the oakland police officers association said that the oakland police are receiving a bad rap in the national press following tuesday's clash with the occupy oakland protesters. >> it is not fair that so much is coming down on the police. some officers did get hurt. a lot of officers have feces thrown on them, a lot of them had paint thrown at them and rock thrown at
6:32 pm
them. >>reporter: continuing with our big story the protesters are still here at the frank ogawa plaza just three days after they were kicked out by the police. the problem with all of these people in the plaza garbage cans are overflowing and trash is being left for the city to clean up later. the plaza are reporting that foot traffic has picked up over the past two days. some of the other shops that do not serve food had said that many of their customers are staying away while the drama in front of city hall plays out. here in pleasant hill
6:33 pm
is plus a variety of other schools the parents are breathing a sigh of relief. police say they have arrested a man for sending threats to numerous schools. he is 36 years old at and he is in the martinez as jail charged with making series of threats. and undergoing a major facelift. the cabins have been completely gutted to make way for a range of creature comforts. the cabins and coach are being changed across the cabin. these changes have come in response to customer demand in the ever more present airline business. in san francisco mime rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >>reporter: the new bay bridge is one step closer to being open for business. the
6:34 pm
entire roadway section of the bay bridge is now a place. just after dawn on friday kron4 cameras capture a significant moment in the construction of the new bay bridge. the custom floating crane lifted the 28 and final section of the roadway into place. we sped up the video for use of that you can see the concrete and steel section as it moves. this portion is about 60 ft. long and weighs more than 1,000 t. now this final section of roadway is in place the cruise will turn their attention to the cable system anchored by that 525 ft. tower that has become part of the bay area skyline. officials say this new seismically safe for eastern span of the bay bridge will be the longest self anchor suspension span in the world. complete by the 2013
6:35 pm
america's cup race in september. >>stanley: backing up on the freeway is something very dangerous and should never be done. driving at a snail's pace is another thing that she never be done on the freeway unless of course you are stuck in traffic. stopping at an empty tollbooth plaza when there is no one there to take your toll is yet another. however, in the bay area you can pretty much expect to see all those things and more. tonight into bad driving habits make you mad be prepared because i will show you all these things on my next edition of people behaving badly. >>gabe: reds got the dvd kiosk has become really popular with this $1 rental
6:36 pm
and it has been raised from $1 to $1.20. i know is only 205 but i do not like it. it was a great sense--feeling when you could rent a movie for just $1. and verizon will be coming out with a new phone with a keyboard. a lot of people have asked me when they will release it but it looks like it will be soon. they claim they had pictures of it coming out soon. this is the popular g oogle android verizon line. now remember the tv that is connected to the web that was googles attempt to work its way into your living room, it did not go very well but now they are trying harder. this will be easier and more friendly to use. and it will have the andro
6:37 pm
id applications as well. that could be cool. i will give you more details as this comes out. >> and look at your temperatures right now. we have 69 degrees in santa rosa, 63 in navato, 71 in oakland and 70 for livermore as well. expect to see clear and cool conditions in the morning. temperatures will drop into the '30's and 40's it will be chilly once again been of a nice day expected for the bay area. for next week expectancy mild conditions but it will be a little bit cooler especially towards the end of the week. i am highlighting for you--i am highlighting your weekend for you. expect to see mild in sunny conditions for your halloween as well. coming up i will talk more about the
6:38 pm
high temperatures for tomorrow and i will have your extended forecast they with us, we will be right back. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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>>pam: this photographer had perfect timing when staffing the picture it will be featured on the new will watching page. the new changes coming to the british monarchy sons and daughters will have an equal right to the crown. that means that if prince and william--prince william and catherine have a daughter first, she can rok--rule as
6:42 pm
well. >>kimberlee: i want to show you what we have to offer on our kron4 facebook ken-- page. we posted information about the community, we gave you an update on the bay bridge project. we let you know about the man that was arrested for sending out several threats to the bay area schools. we can also see weather and traffic together. in the last few sweepstakes' we have given away flat screen tvs and gps navigation systems and today we are sending you to the movie for free. visit our kron4 facebook fan page click like to check our news, weather and traffic updates and to download your free movie passes. >>pam: coming next gary is
6:43 pm
joined by his lovely wife and they will open up the facebook fan mail and enter your question. now is the nba that courted the talks break down? gary has an update on all of your sports next.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: yet today the nba was full of optimism today all games were cancelled for november. >> i would say that both sides are very badly damaged. the amount of dollars lost to the owners is extraordinary. the amount of dollars lost to players on the individual contract is also extraordinary. there will be too severe sets of losses. >> what it was jus' said you needed, we did it. and now all a sudden it seems like their eyes got bigger and they wanted more and more so finally had to shut it down and say can't be.
6:47 pm
>>gary: last night we were saying it could have this deal done by the weekend. and the players they will start missing checks once november hits. recently the cal basketball coach mike montgomery underwent an unspecified surgery. today came out that he had bladder cancer. the school announced the procedure at mid october. he declared himself cancer free and will return to run the team beginning on monday. he is 64 years of age. now texas and faceless are in their seventh game of the world series. >>gary: now this is
6:48 pm
probably the biggest rivalry, anaheim and the kings. the sharks have their number one rival, it is detroit. detroit tied it happened tied it at too late. right now is three to two san jose, san jose beating detroit how you like that? ok, there we go. that is where pama grew up. >>gary: now the way this works, jimmy harbaugh is always trying to motivate his players. the teams are 3 and 9 after a bye week. so harbaugh has come up with in a little thing, well, you will hear it is called freddie something in here is the motivation.
6:49 pm
>> he will probably have some speech to remind us, we will have to work. >> freddie is lurking he is on the corner, just watch out for him. that is his little thing to keep guys motivated and not be mentally soft. >>gary: freddie p. soft is a character and the harm are created like if you do not play hard then they will call you that. that is why i do not go any kron meetings. >>pam: because you do not want to be called a softie, or a slacker. [laughter] i am just saying, to having a the grown man mode of the
6:50 pm
u.n. he probably needs motivating himself. now when we return, we will explore the feud that i am in with the people behaving badly man stanley roberts. i said that he was a snitch recently with pam and the audience, oh people are very upset. now a lease deal are you ready to go? when you take us behind the scenes on this? >> it we will delve a little bit deeper. >>gary: l will be back in a few moments.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>gary: now i'm of 30 year- old federal age with and have no talent. if he is falling asleep in the dugout are taking a nap during the game, then ok. but i have a hunch, we will not go into detail on what exactly happened. he may have been covering for someone else. but look, if my wife was worried about age, she would not have this old man with her. >> ticket that the next one. >>gary: yes, and if people do not want to purchase his jersey or want to get his baseball cards, that is their right to. my thing esp--the is, when you are on
6:55 pm
the biggest stage and the media whether people believe it or not they enable you by getting ain the dow to make $20 million a year, especially after use, to blow somebody off when you win, that is that when you lose. it makes you look like a bad score. if this guy had it all to do over again i think he would do it the other way. >>pam: tim says calling people behaving badly stanley roberts reporter a snitch was out of line. camera may be onto something here is a behind-the-scenes look at gary and stand. >>gary: now look and other summer with uncle stan. we always take such good care of our prize possession and there is no one that we love more than you. >>gary: how did you get that camera in there to show
6:56 pm
that? that is it, sometimes i talk tough on the air. >> every thanksgiving we have him over. >>gary: that is my point, he is hiding in the bushes to catch his mother jaywalking but off camera we love him. >>pam: now here's another one. could >>gary: a hugh jackson since the passing of mr. davis he is running everything. mr. davis' son mark who had never really been around much all of a sudden he is on top of the man's head. amy who is along with him, she is on the business side. and this in the first time is been a head coach and he is listening--he is thinking for 22 years i have been going you are right, you are right, but he will come back to earth once he
6:57 pm
starts losing. >>gary: not do not steal my material nobody cares. if you are a real fan you watch this stuff. i guess not the giants. if you later.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. have the camera men gone too far? >> what happened to "friends" star matthew perry? >> the new photo. >> and then partying the night before the arrest. >> doesn't have to go to the office christmas party so i got myself together. >> did she lie about their suicide attempt? his conflicting prison interview. >> i never thought of taking my life. >> he took pills ambien. >> plus inside rh's life toda her angry neighbors. >>they want to commit suicide? they should have done it. >> as martha stewart sounds off


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