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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 31, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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without electricity. it could be days if not weeks until power is back on. schools are closed from maryland to remain. snowfall records for october have been smashed. the heaviest snow and is springfield mass.. 27 in. of snow fell in the area. hundreds of passengers are stranded on the tarmac for hours due to the mass of a snowstorm in. officials say 23 airplanes that were diverted to hartford, passengers were stuck on the tarmac. the planes or not allowed to move to the gates. a-nine hours without food, water or bathrooms which were backed up. a transportation department rule enacted was supposed to prevent situations like this and passengers were supposed to be allowed off of the airplane after two hours
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according to the laws of that are in effect. it is unclear as to whether or not jet blue of will be facing major fines as those passengers were stuck for 7- 10 hours. suggesting >> we have no pictures showing as the snow in october that hit parts of the northeast. a car here was trapped underneath down the branches covered in snow. what is unique is that the trees have brilliant fall colored leaves. this is not something that we are supposed to be seeing in october. this is a historic storm. one more picture of those colorful leaves. a winter white background, this is supposed to be the morning the people wake up and carve pumpkins, instead they will be using those ice scrapers to get snow off of their cars. >>darya: at this is not good trucker treating weather, you cannot wear a costume and that weather. we are
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lucky. there rain is when to hold off until later in the week. >>james: that is the headline, rain on thursday. things will start of school but end up cool and clear for church leaders denied. foggy this morning. cool and breezy for retreating and rain chances later in the week. right now, 53 in san francisco, three degrees warmer in oakland. 52 in san jose. in the peninsula, east bay and the south bay we are fine. chilly across the north bay. it is cool to the north and foggy at the close. temperatures is after
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the will be close to where they were yesterday. 70 in oakland, 73 in hayward, 72 in fremont and the things warm up near san jose. across the north bay, mid- 70s. downtown san francisco will be at about 67 degrees. partly cloudy- mostly clear skies. we do have some energy in the pacific coming in from the gulf of alaska. cold air later in the week that will bring us the possibility of rain on thursday. the rain goes bay area wide by noon and will be with us all day
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thursday. here is your 7 day around the bay. conditions are on the mild side. on thursday, we have really cool temperatures in the mix. let's get a look at traffic. >>george: there are no delays across the stand. the metering lights will likely be activated by the time we get our next check on traffic. we are free of hot spots around the bay area.
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volume is definitely building in the commute direction. >>george: in the south bay we are delayed free in the incident free. we have a pretty good ride through marin county. we are still a free out of the novato for the golden gate bridge. >>darya: in oakland this city says it has allocated medical supplies belonging to the protesters of occupy oakland. they planned to return those supplies this morning. protesters say the
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supplies were removed by the police. will trend is in oakland this morning. he shows us what is going on. >>will: i do not see any police officers around here. protesters are riding around on bicycles and doing foot patrol. they tell me they have not seen any police officers. >>darya: this was the scene last tuesday when the protest reached a violent peak some protesters are
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worried that the national spotlight and attention is overshadowing their message which is the anti wall street message. protesters say they want people to know that corporate greed is bad and they feel that they aren't being taken advantage of by the 1%. >> it is helping the message, cities around the united states are able as it is gone on. >> i think the mayor should be recalled. she may have good intentions but she does not understand how to run a city. >> the occupy movement in oakland is very strong. it is very persistent on knowing that is what they want and what ever happens, they will stay there and get their word across >> i voted for her, i think she is a strong figure for our city, but these are learning lessons. things happen that have been
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unexpected and i hope that she will pull it together. >>darya: there were a couple of people commenting on how the mayor has handled this situation. >>mark: will will be right back as the kron4 maze continues. warmth craft
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>>mark: dow futures are down 122 points after one of the best octobers on record for stocks on the dow and s&p. friday, the dow was up
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22 and now at 12,000 again. the dow has risen for five straight weeks. that is the longest winning streak since january. many portfolio managers will be passing out some of their positions to show some good gains. it looks like the housing market will not be getting any better soon. that is accorded to a new economic for that says home values are expected to fall another 3-6% by gen. that would be in homes would be worth the 35% less than they were at the peak of the house and bubble. economists say several factors are working against the market including an increase in foreclosures and high unemployment. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes on this halloween morning.
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>>james: we have a whole afternoon on tap. it will be cooler than yesterday, we are clear in a good bit of the bay area. temperatures are cool in the north, upper '40's there, it looks like
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antioch is the warmest. across the south bay and east bay, really nice. along the immediate coast it will be cooler. lower 70's there. downtown san francisco, expects 67 today. across the north bay, mid-upper seventies. >>james: by 9:00 p.m., more
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temperatures in the '50s. sunset is at 6:30 p.m.. it will be dark and starting to get cool when the kids start heading out. we have a fire weather watch in effect tomorrow. when you wake up the conditions will be right for the spreading of a fire. humidity will be less than 20%. that is all day on tuesday, set to expire wednesday morning. we have a really cool forecast for the first half of the week. let's get caught up on traffic.
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>>george: and the ride on the bridge looks good. we thought that the metering lights might be activated, they may have been switched on, but not just yet. look at the cash lane is. they are almost back up to the 880 approach coming in from the east bay. still a problem free ride on the upper deck. there are no delays reported westbound. from here to the san mateo bridge as we continue to track a hot spot free morning, the volume is definitely building up westbound. there are no problems across the stand. as we look at the east bay ride, the ride on a 680 southbound still looks good
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in to walnut creek and through the san ramon valley. the 580 ride is low on your trip through dublin still no problems for the sunol grade. the north bay ride is still without delays for your trip on the golden gate bridge. >>mark: qantas is up and running this morning as the 10th largest airline grounded its entire fleet over the weekend. travelers are being told to go to the airport but to possible delays. the labor dispute has been going on for more than a year.
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>>mark: the nato alliance stop its bombing mission after gaddafi's desk but have maintained regular air patrols. the commission was authorized in march to protect civilians. >>darya: countries around the world are celebrating the world's population which is reaching a record 7 billion today. the earth's population has grown by 1 billion people in the last of years. that is a lot. to year-old conjoined twins will be separated this weekend. officials from the hospital said the surgery is
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expected to last eight-nine hours. they will be doing the surgery tomorrow. the twins were born in the philippines and now live in san jose. they are joined at the sternum and have levers and diaphragms that are tightly fused. they have separate hearts, ribs and digestive systems. doctors say they expect both girls to survive. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we're waiting for the son to come up over san francisco.
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>>darya: of herman cain is a leading republicans in the presidential polls. there is ever scored on a political what side that says while he worked as a
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restaurant industry lobbyist, at least two women complained of inappropriate behavior. here is a video of his appearance in washington d.c. where he would not comment when asked if he had ever been accused of sexual harassment. sports people have--his spokespeople have denied the allegations. >>darya: a judge has scheduled a status review in the case of john edwards.
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>>mark: the president wants the food and drug administration to take steps against drug shortages. hospitals have been forced to purchase from secondary suppliers leading to investigations of possible price gouging. the president is going to sign an executive order today. obama will also announce his support for legislation that would require drug makers to notify the fda six months ahead of any potential shortage. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. spurs and when
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the opening bell on wall street. people are trying to cash out today on the gains for october. the japanese government is intervening to curb the depreciation of the and. the dollar's spike into a three month high. more than 600,000 homes in massachusetts and over 70,000 in connecticut are
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without power. this is the worst october so to be recorded since 18 04. >>mark: passengers were stuck on the tarmac for our security 23 planes were diverted to hartford and passengers were stuck on the tarmac for eight-nine hours with no food, water ends unusable athens. stick passenger bill of rights was supposed to prevent situations like this. it is supposed to fine airlines to. that law was in response to a 2007 incident. jet blue had six flights that were stuck on the tarmac. jet blue apologize in a statement, living the power outage at the airport for the problem. an investigation into these flights has been opened.
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>>mark: a reporter in new jersey with a time lapse video of the snow falling. this is in ohrid did jersey. this goes from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.. you can see how heavy and let it is. 11 deaths are being cleaned up and down the eastern seaboard. >>justine: colorful brawley's coded in snow. the jackal lantern in maine wearing a hat of snow. a
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very chilly day today although most of this note should start melting. unfortunately this is not a halloween that people are hoping for. i thought the song was dreaming of a white christmas, not a white halloween. >>james: this is the national view on storm tracker 4. clear conditions. we are expecting a sunny day to day. the danger is, in the overnight hours, the snow will turn to ice. from massachusetts south, things should stay above freezing. vermont and new hampshire, a different story. we will follow the
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forecast as it continues to revolve. in the day we have a fogged out there but it is not everywhere. in walnut creek, things are actually clear. this is more representative of what we see bay area wide. we are looking at upper 40's for the north bay. 53 currently in san francisco. we will get some warming. this afternoon will be nice. a touch cooler than yesterday. great weather outside. mid-upper seventies from san jose to los gatos and morgan hill. this same story for east bay valleys.
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67 in downtown san francisco. thursday, we have a system running in that will bring us cold air. we have a good chance of seeing rain bay area wide.
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slowing through tunnel but otherwise the way for it. 24 looks good. the ride on 580 westbound is still heavy out of livermore. 101 northbound is still the late free to coyote valley and of towards mountain view on 101 northbound. no delays for bart, ace train or
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caltrain. >>darya: protesters are back in frank ogawa plaza. they are determined to keep an eye on police activity around the encampment. >>da: >>will: i do not see any presence of police. the tents are back and at the edge of the plaza. they do have security around here. they're using protesters who are riding around in bicycles as well as doing foot patrol to keep a close eye on the situation. they're coming up to people
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and asking them who argue, what are you doing here. speaking of the plaza, there will be a rally here tomorrow night by a youth group who are demanding better wages and better jobs. on wednesday, they are telling people to go ahead and call in sick, do not show up to work fast and disrupt businesses. we will try to get reaction from people here at the plaza >>mark: we will be right back on the kron4 news continues. a surfer attacked in monterrey. we will show that you have to break. a live look outside as we're watching conditions around the bay. sloths q if
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>>mark: a server is recovering after being attacked by it a great white shark. he was bitten at marinas state beach in monterey and is expected to be ok. this was the second shark attack in four years. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we will be right back.
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>>mark: this is the view from mt. tam. fog is mainly confined to the clothesline. it is patchy at best. fifties and forties are the current temperature range. this afternoon will be nice but slightly cooler than yesterday. dings local done this evening as we head into halloween. we will talk more about that forecast coming up. temperatures are on the cool side right now. they have dropped a degree or two in some spots. is a call starred and in some places a cold start. this afternoon, i think you'll like what you see fifth pleasant conditions. 73 in redwood city and hayward. in the
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south bay 76 for san jose warming to 70 near morgan hill. nevada, 75. mid-70s there. you are getting the idea. generally in the mid- upper seventies across the north bay and in downtown san francisco, things will the sunny and 67 degrees. as the kids had offered for treating, widespread 60s.
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and >>george: we are hot spot free and looking at a lighter than usual back on the bay bridge toll plaza even though the metering lights have been active, the backup is at the middle of the east parking lot. a good ride so far on the bay bridge. on the san mateo bridge we have been delayed free. it is a good ride westbound. there are no problems. the eastbound on volume looks to be higher the usual. your commute on the golden gate bridge, it is an easy commute through
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the fog 101 southbound. if the volume is it definitely building. taking a look at the east bay, we are looking at the commute, slow for 80 westbound. some slowing for 68242, but a good ride. a check on 101 through marin county shows that there ride is still pretty good south out. >>mark: and national news, the prosecution will get a chance to grill the defense expert that he believed michael jackson gave himself the fatal dose of a propofol. dr. paul white is likely to face tough questions from the prosecutor was granted extra time to prepare for today's
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cross-examination. >>darya: of an off-duty police officers led other officers on a 120 mi. per hour car chase. when he was pulled over he said he was running late for a part-time job. >>darya: this big explosion shook the ground and sent a fireball into the air. >>mark: the 49ers are off to their best start in years. for game lead in the nfc
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west. michael crab tree got his first touchdown reception. the 49ers one against the cleveland browns. the team is incredibly 6-1. >>james: we cannot call the giants world series chance anymore. cardinals fans lined the streets yesterday for the team's victory parade. they beat the texas rangers 6-2 in game 7. this marks the team's 11th title in franchise history which is second only to the new york yankees. >>darya: i was waiting for the stanford highlights. >>mark: one of the best football games ever.
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>>darya: triple overtime. we will talk to gary about that. we will also have to talk about halloween costumes. here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge. it looks like we have a little bit of a backup of the bay bridge. we will be right back.
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>>mark: here is a quick look at your holiday forecast. clear skies and light cloudiness. over all we are good. temperatures cool off as we head to 8:00 p.m.. 62 inland. it will get chilly pretty quickly. sunset at 6:11 a.m.. >>mark: in japan, a government panel says it
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will take at least 30 years to safely closed the japanese power plant, for the shima was damaged during a massive earthquake and a tsunami in march. it is the side of the world's worst nuclear accidents since chernobyl. >>mark: a freighter carrying 3 t of supplies to the international space station blasted off yesterday. the ship is set to reach its destination on november 2nd. this successful launches clearing the way for the next manned mission and the easing concerns about the station's future. >>erica: and long beach, a competition for the most
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zombies and action. they get as a world record book says that they have to tally the data before making a final decision later this week. >>darya: some big movies of the weekend light paranormal activity three and in time. number one was puss in boots, the spin-off from the movie shrike. the kids loved it. that was number one and the box office. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues on this morning. a scary and a foggy golden gate bridge. visibility is very low this morning.
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