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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 31, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining us on this monday. let's get things started with the holiday forecast. >>james: we are starting things off with false ceiling to the golden gate and trying to penetrate into the north pier e.f. the rest of the bay area is a relatively clear and cool. take a look at temperatures. mid-upper 40's in the north bay. san francisco is in the low 50s, upper 50s towards antioch. finn san jose, 53 degrees. it is a call starting this monday morning. it will be cooler than yesterday. low 80s and some of our inland spots. today, upper 70's and livermore, morgan hill, antioch and brentwood. san jose will be at about 76 degrees. cooler along the water. 73 in redwood city
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and hayward. downtown san francisco, 67. mostly clear skies today. in the north bay, a nice forecast. we are not looking for the wins to be strong until tomorrow, we have eight fire and whether watch in effect. here is for temperatures will be this evening. we have a widespread range of 60 degrees throughout most of the day. in the east bay, oakland downtown fremont a " hatch of about 50 or so degree weather, the same story for 580 towards tracy. it will be a chilly night.
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sun said is about 6:11 p.m.. here is your 7 day around the bay. we have a batch of cold air coming in that will bring the chance of rain. the chance of rain continues to build day after day. widespread raindrops on thursday. let's get an update on traffic. whorehouse
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>>george: there could be some minor slowing southbound from mid to ban or the north tower. looking at your east bay ride as we track the commute on the upper east shore freeway, we still have some slowing. that begins a little before highway 4. the drive times are still under 21 minutes. not too bad a ride. interstate 680 looks good into walnut creek. yourself
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a traffic is still doing well. some slowing from 101 to 85. to 80 looks pretty good. marin county is a problem free, we did mention that there are reports of slowing from runner part because of a vehicle fire. >>darya: an earthquake, a small one struck near berkeley early this morning. it hit at about 2:45 p.m. at a depth of 6 mi.. no records of anyone being hurt or any big damage. this comes on the heels of a magnitude 3.6 earthquake, you can go to our face the page for more information on the bay area clinics. >>mark: we are watching an unusual snowstorm that pounded the northeast and still without power for millions of people. if a
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heavy, wet snow fell more than 2 ft. in some parts of northern new england. the biggest snow storm into wonder years. hundreds of schools closed today has storms smashed snowfall records for october. this is in springfield, they saw 26 in. of snow, we have several inches fall over the new york city area as well. passengers stuck on planes for hours as their flights were diverted from new york and hartford. 23 airplanes diverted. passengers were sitting on the airplanes, stuck on the tarmac for eight-nine hours. there was no food, water were usable bathrooms. the passage of bill of rights was enacted last year and was supposed to prevent situations like this. justin
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>> so much snow has hit the northeast. check this picture out. it is a white
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halloween. protesters are determined to keep an eye on police activity around the encampment. will tran is live in oakland with a look at what is going on. >>will: the they are having protesters, some of them stay up overnight riding around on their vice fbi do not see any police officers. i have spoken to some security guards, they have not seen any police officers here as well. what we do see are a ton of tents. look at this. we are pretty much at the age of the plaza.
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everyone is a very peaceful. you almost get the sense that they are at each. there is no worry ness. so far, the police officers, even though the mayor says they cannot be here overnight, there is no nervousness among the protesters. what they want to do tomorrow is have a youth protests at frank ogawa plaza. that will happen between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. demanding better jobs for the youth of oakland. they're asking people out there to call in sick for a general strike to disrupt businesses and in essence to show the business is that they mean business. much more from here into reaction from the people who are up this morning. i will bring you that sound coming up at 7:30 p.m..
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>>mark: it looks like the housing market will not get better anytime soon. home values are expected to fall 3.6% by next june. that would mean films would be worth 35 percent less than they were during the housing peaked in 2006. economists
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say that several factors are working against the housing market including increased foreclosures and unemployment. >>darya: here is a live look outside. the james lick is heavy right now
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>>james: here is the view from mt. tam. over the course of the day, patchy fog along the coast, temperatures in the '50s and upper 40's. this afternoon, slightly cooler than yesterday. we will cool things off once again as we head into the evening. here is where we see the fog right now temperatures on the call side primarily in the north bay. mid-upper '40's. as you look along the east shore, the warm spot
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is antioch at 56 and mt. view at 57. this afternoon, mostly clear skies. temperatures and the low- mid-70s. mid-70s and novato. upper seventies near santa rosa and fairfield. downtown san francisco, 57 and mostly sunny. there is a change in the forecast for tomorrow. >>james: here is where we see the weather going over the course of the week. thursday is the big one to watch. temperatures will drop dramatically. we will also have the possibility of rain and bay area wide. with
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each day it looks like the possibility will increase. 7:16 a.m., let's see how the commute is shaking up. we are not tracking and the hot spots. the volume at the bay bridge is lighter than usual. it has not grown much pass this first over crossing. the san mateo bridge, heavier than usual westbound. eastbound has thinned out a little bit. the golden gate bridge, southbound traffic is still in the fog this morning. traffic appears to be moving normally southbound. he's a traffic, a little slow on
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680. heavy on 580 this morning for the westbound ride, but not a hot spot. to 80, slow traffic and the to the traffic starts to slow around the 17-880 interchange. >>mark: qantas airways is up and running after a labor dispute. an australian board ordered the airlines and its flight issues with the union that kept flights grounded.
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travelers should expect possible delays. the labor dispute between the airline and the staff has been going on for more than a year. >>mark: nato is ending its bombing campaign in libya. officials say that all operations will conclude at midnight. >>darya: herman cain is a leading republican candidates, but there is a newly released article that could affect his popularity. it has him being asked questions about sexual harassment. a record says that while tape was working as a restaurant industry lobbyists, two women complained of inappropriate
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behavior. a spokesperson for mccain says that report is thinly source allegations. if >>darya: in north carolina judge has set a hearing before the case involving senator john edwards and a 60. the judge has scheduled a review for this afternoon. a former edwards staff is being sued for the return of personal property including the 60. >>mark: president obama is leading the with the tony blair about the stalled middle east peace process. mediators last week failed to their latest attempt to bring israeli and
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palestinian officials back to the table. president obama wants the food and drug administration to take steps to reduce drug shortages. patient deaths have been blamed on those drug shortages. hospitals have been forced to purchase from secondary suppliers at huge markups. that has led to price gouging. the president also announced his support for legislation that will require drug makers to notify the fda six months ahead of any potential shortage. when i came over
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the top of the wave he started yelling shark. there are 3-5 great wide attacks every year in california. 7:21 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: blast off for a russian cargo spacecraft. a freighter was carrying nearly 3 t of supplies to the international space station including oxygen, clothing, food and water. the ship is set to reach the international space station on november 2nd. the last cargo launch exploded. >>darya: we are back in a couple of minutes to get you going on this back-to- school monday morning. here is a live look outside at the james lick in san francisco. we will be right
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>>darya: there is a sunny shots. we are looking for a nice couple of days before things turn downwards and it gets chilly. now, the rain is coming in later this week. right now the cloud cover is along the coastline and pushing inland getting pretty close to 101 between petaluma and santa rosa. most of the bay area is clear and cool. take a look
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at temperatures. upper forties across the north bay. everyone in the low '40's and mid-40s. in mixed bag for most locations, definitely chilly in the north. in terms of where we're going this afternoon, that will actually be pretty good. los 70's along the bay. plenty of sunshine. beautiful. things will warm as he had to the south. 75 in nevada, 76 in napa
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valley. san francisco should see about 67. we have changes in the pacific that will impact us come thursday. that is your 7 day forecast. rain on thursday. i wanted to walk you through how long we expect the rain. 6:00 a.m. thursday we see the rain in the north bay. at this point bay area why the showers by noon staying relatively light. it will be with us all the way through 8:00 a.m. on friday and then things will break up and clear out. that is generally well we are expecting. suffice it to say, there's it will be wet and cool. 76 for the high inland today dropping to 61 on thursday and 60 on friday. a " pattern shaping up for the second half of the week.
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>>george: a pretty good ride on the bay bridge. we have a north bay slowdown and robert park. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it has been lighter than usual westbound furious the 880 approach is backed up in the right-hand lane for fastrak users. hear, the drive times are running 15-16 minutes. the backup is building but not a major problem were delayed. on the san mateo bridge your ride looks good. the volume has eased in both directions, not quite so crowded westbound or eastbound. the golden gate bridge ride is still under fog from the north tower, once past the toll plaza clear skies for your drive along the oil drive and then a leading into this city, there should be no problems there. looking at
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your eased a ride, a little slowing for 8680 southbound. the san ramon valley still looks pretty good. 580 is slow between livermore and dublin. south bay traffic is still pretty steady. 85 looks better than usual and its dvd has a little bit of slowing around the 17-880 interchange. thick closer to 8:00 a.m. we are likely to see the congestion expand. 101 marin county, moderately heavy southbound from hamilton field to the civic center. all in all, not too bad a ride. if there are delays out of santa rosa because of an earlier occurring vehicle fire. >>mark: utility companies
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are saying that right now 600,000 people are without power in massachusetts, 700,000 in connecticut. officials and some states are warning that it could be several days before power is restored. this is the most snow in october since 18 04 in new england. >>mark: passengers or stock on the tarmac because of the snow. planes were diverted to hartford. the passengers were on the airplanes for of eight-nine hours with no food, water or bathrooms. the passenger bill of rights was supposed to prevent situations like this in defining airlines for stranding passengers for longer than three hours. jet blue had six flights that were stuck. jet blue apologized and blamed power outages at the airport. the department of transportation just opened an investigation into the incident.
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>>mark: this is a reporter is a time lapse of the snow falling on thursday. you can see the heavy, wet snow piling up. the latest numbers are 11 deaths blamed on the snow. >>justine: here are some of his pictures into the newsroom illustrating the snowstorm that hit most of the northeast. this branch is weighed down by this note. there are still leaves on the tree. >>justine: i love this one. in boston, in of snow on the ground to make a snowman.
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>>darya: protesters from occupy oakland are back in frank ogawa plaza. this times it seems they are determined to keep an eye on police activity around the encampment. will tran and is live with the latest. >>will: it has been quiet today and over the weekend. we have seen more tense than what we saw before the pre- dawn raid on tuesday. the people here, they will have a rally tomorrow. more importantly, they are asking people out there to have a strike on wednesday, basically asking people to call in sick, to not show up
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to work to send a message to the 1%, the wealthy in america telling the other 1% what to do. here is what one protester had to say. >> hopefully they understand without us, there is nothing to roll or govern. if we subtract ourselves from the equation maybe they will get an understanding of what it is like without risk. >>will: are you afraid of that class. there are a lot of small businesses, if you do not show up to work, these people would be heard. >> they will be heard in the long run and with all of these cuts going on. we're giving them a preview of what life would be without us. >>will: she is asking small businesses to possibly come down here and send a message to oakland and a national lawmakers. as far as this plaza is concerned, i can tell you, they have security
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going around. security is made up of protesters on bicycles as well as those doing foot patrol, keeping a close eye on the situation in any police activity. there is no police activity. >>darya: will check in with you and see how it goes. >>mark: an earthquake near berkeley, a 2.4 magnitude. this earthquake is coming on the heels of the 3.6 that we had last thursday. go to our facebook fan page for more information. >>darya: the dow is down right now by 127 points.
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>>mark: a jam packed ride, 680 is a bumper to bumper from high with 24 to the corner.
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>>mark: a miami police officer is in hot water after investigators say he led the florida highway patrol on a high-speed chase at one of the 20 mi. per hour. the fhp said he tried to pull over these beating cruiser. when the officers finally stopped them committed to commit to custody at gunpoint. in the officers' defense, he was rushing to a part-time job. >>mark: a deadly seen in kansas after a grain elevator exploded killing three people, more likely six people, there are three men who are still missing. there are two people in intensive care. witnesses say the explosion shook the ground and sent a fireball shooting into the air. grain dust is highly explosive.
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>>darya: we're back with more of a couple of minutes there it will talk to gary about the breaking sports news. tony la russa is retiring. we will talk about that and to the amazing football games of the weekend.
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>>darya: and gary, ditto the lures of retire? >>gary: he did. >>darya: he has been there, done that. >>gary: he would have been the second winningest manager of all time. good for him. >>darya: going out on top, a 6 time champion, three
7:47 am
times of the world series. isn't that enough? >>gary: what else is in the story? >>darya: that literally across in the last 10 minutes. >>gary: the cardinal parade is done. >>darya: get this figure he's done. he is tired.--you just figure, he is done. he is tired. >>gary: i am thinking about john elway, he won two super bowls and quit. he is what you call a grinder. he has a house here in of walnut creek, he stayed here in the off-season. for most of the time he goes back to st. louis and would live in a hotel or something like that. and his wife and children, until their ground, would stay here.
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>>darya: that is a writer? >>gary: if you are so intense, he just grind it out. instead of those people who say everything comes easy to be, it is fun and games, i make it look easy. he is a grinder. he cannot have anything else going on. it is his life at the time. >>darya: football, by all accounts, the stanford game, we will get to that in a minute. let's start with yesterday in the 49ers and. they are now 6-1. they are looking great. they are poised for good things. >>gary: they are so far ahead in their division.
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there are four games ahead already. since >>darya: 85 game winning streak, the first time since 2001. >>gary: what is amazing, they're doing it without stars. >>darya: they say it is hard rock. >>darya: for stanford, that was luck all the way. usc was good, stamford was better.
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>>gary: they had not really been challenged this year. there were winning their games by a large amount. let's see what they do when not everything is going their way. they came back and they want. >>darya: in double overtime. what everyone loves is that stanford is finally ahead of a police state. >>gary: why does that excite you? >>darya: people hate at boise state has been above stanford. are we soon to be third? >>gary: that is a beautiful score you have on.
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>>darya: i lived in boise. boise is a great little town. >>gary: and jacqueline a work in boise. >>darya: it is a fabulous little town. it has a little bit of everything. the college, the river, a lot of tech companies. it is a very nice. >>gary: i never figured you for boise, idaho. >>darya: i ride horses. >>gary: how old you? >>darya: thirtysomething. >>gary: jacqueline was working there. >>darya: i did not know her. >>darya: we have to talk about halloween because you have to take your kids are
7:52 am
retreating. >>gary: i will be. i am doing a six the addition of kron4 news. i am doing is 6:00 p.m. news, the 11:00 p.m. news and current is doing the 8:00 p.m. news so that i can go to retreating. >>darya: do you dress up when the tickets are retreating?
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>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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walked >>erica: google has a time lapse is video of their team the carving the google letters into a giant pumpkins. it's it eight hours, you can watch the progress and the finality on my facebook fan page.
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>>mark: we are back right after the break. a live look outside is halloween morning. will allow an update on your weather forecast and trick-or- treating in a few minutes.
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>>darya: our top story, protesters from occupy oakland are back at frank ogawa plaza. there are determined to make sure that they keep an eye on police activities. will trend is live in oakland with the latest. >>will: the age is gone. the tents are back. they probably have more tense than they did before. i do not see any police officers around here. i do see city trucks like this one making
8:00 am
sure that the port of bodies are cleaned. protesters do not trust this city or protesters. even during the overnight hours, they had their own security staff making sure the plaza was safe. >> we are trying to make sure that everyone has a safe place to get their point of view across. >>will: i have seen you on your bicycle, are you making sure to keep an eye on police? >> we're trying to make sure that everyone is safe and that nothing gets stolen. we're basically just trying to maintain the peace and watch out for the police. the main focus is to make sure everybody here is safe. >>will: the tents are almost at the edge of the closet.
8:01 am
they are getting ready for a rally tomorrow by a youth organization demanding better jobs for oakland. they are speaking with everyone that they can get their hands on telling them that on wednesday they want people to undergo a general strike, to call in sick and not go to work, to send a message to the 1%, that the 99% mean business. that is the latest. i will have more sound coming up at 8:30 p.m.. >>darya: have they release any details about the strike on wednesday? >>will: there are no general details. they're just putting up signs telling people to call in sick. you do not necessarily have to come down here or participate, just call in sick, do not show up to work. they want to send a message. i asked one of the
8:02 am
protesters, most of the businesses are made of small businesses that could be heard. one protester said, oh well. we hope that they come down here to show their support for us and to make sure that they send a message to the 1 percent of those big corporations. >>mark: eight 2.4 magnitude earthquake struck near berkeley this morning at a depth of about 6 mi. deep. there are no reports of damage or injuries. this earthquake comes on the heels of a 3.6 at his berkeley last wednesday. visit our facebook page for more on a recent bay area earthquake. from earthquakes to a big snowstorm, an unusual surprise in october. the east coast is still reeling. several feet of snow in a state massachusetts near means in deep in snow in new york
8:03 am
city and maryland. nearly 3 million homes and businesses are still without power this morning. heavier snow in the north. 22 in. of snow fell. >>mark: 23 airplanes were diverted to hartford from new york city. passengers sat on the planes for eight- nine hours with no food, water or usable baffin's. the passage of bill of rights was supposed to prevent this from happening and finds airlines if passengers are stuck on an airplane for more than three hours. jet blue had six flights stop at hartford. they issued an apology saying the power outage at the airport may corrected the problem difficult. the department of transportation
8:04 am
has opened an investigation into the flames.--into the plains. just seen >> one of the new pictures and to the news and showing us snow coverage. in this kind of snow is normally in december, january and february. this october storm is unique. this picture is out of massachusetts. you can see how much clean up their is. this picture is out of massachusetts, trees are covered in snow. that has brought down power lines. there is a lot of shovelling to do. >>james: at least they will have a letter on their side for the next few days. we
8:05 am
have clear conditions. partly cloudy-mostly sunny skies for a good bit of the northeast. the overnight of mergers is always the concern. you get melting during the day and then it rephrases forming ice on the roadways. most of the northeast should have temperatures overnight above freezing except for vermont and new hampshire. here in the bay area, nothing to worry about. the fog is hanging at the close. temperatures on the chilly side. in oakland, 56. 53 in san jose. it is a mild star, called in the north bay but
8:06 am
mild everywhere else. it was in temperatures this afternoon. 70 degrees expected in oakland. 73 for redwood city and hayward. 76 for san jose. mid-upper 70's throughout much of the inland valleys. santa rosa coming in at 77. for richard and this evening, here is what temperatures should look like. 50s as we head towards 9:00 p.m.. here is a quick look at the 7 day around the bay as we check on traffic. on thursday things will get cloudy and cool. >>george: traffic is looking normal. we are not tracking any hot spots. traffic is
8:07 am
lighter than normal on the bay bridge. the backup really only reaches to the first over crossing. the drive times are some of the lightest we have seen in weeks. 13-14 minutes westbound 3 the 880 approach is the latest and best way to get to the upper deck. your ride on the san mateo bridge is not that. but the counter full commute is doing well. 13 minutes each way. the golden gate bridge is still foggy 101 southbound but the late free. 101 is much lighter
8:08 am
than usual. slowing from marin county southbound, the drive times are still pretty good and under 40 minutes out of novato heading south to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: it does 7:00 a.m., new this morning, for we just spoke about this, three days after winning the the world series for, if tony la russa for is making the big announcement this morning, within the last hour, that he is retiring. he is saying that he is retiring, if he made the announcement at busch stadium. the world series victory over texas was the third world series in larissa's 33 year career. fee guided the cardinals to
8:09 am
the championships despite these 10.5 games behind the atlanta braves and august. costs larissa retires the third in the all-time win list 30 hines thought john mcgraw. he won championships in oakland in 1989 and st. louis in 2006. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. thursday thick for theft ... ... ... if
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enough north from dot of if ... if off adornment if fan
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when if if one wants 1/2 have high-powered will
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>>darya: 11. the dow has been down this morning, still down at this hour of the by 137 points. it looks like the housing market will not get better anytime soon according to a new report just out today. home values are expected to fall another 3.6% by june. that means homes would you were 35 percent less than they were during the house in bubble in 2006. this is a new low. economists say there are several factors working against the housing market including an increase in foreclosures and high unemployment. >>mark: the san mateo bridge, things are moving well. if fans deaths this
8:13 am
something smith
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8:15 am
>>mark: want is airways is up and running after a labor dispute grounded its entire fleet of the weekend. an australian government court ordered the airlines and its fight with unions.
8:16 am
>>darya: let's get a look at the weather. fall on the golden gate bridge and a change in the forecast. this week we're looking at rain. >>james: it is coming up on thursday.
8:17 am
>>james: along the immediate waterfront, all of those locations are in joint no damage mid-70s. and this
8:18 am
evening, 7:00 p.m., widespread 60s. temperatures should decline rapidly. keep that in mind as you head out for trick-or-treating. we do stand a chance of seeing bay area wide of rain thursday and again saturday. more on that the closer we get to it. >>george: we have not tracked any hot spot this morning. drive times arts fall dead 13 minutes westbound even out of the
8:19 am
macarthur maze. there is no backup from the 880 approach. all the san mateo bridge, it has been pretty good. heavy volume in both directions. there are no longer any backups reported . the golden gate bridge ride has big fog shrouded the that is the only problem. there has been no delays or problems on the stand. in early morning report installed but that did not slow things much. let's get a check on the east bay commute. conditions are still could be normal, so is traffic from 680 into alamo. there are no major delays through the heart of the san ramon valley. 80 westbound, a typical slowing the in easy ride on a lower
8:20 am
east shore freeway. south bay traffic is difficult for except for 101 which is a typical and lighter than usual northbound the north bay still has slowly through the heart of the commute with heaviest traffic through marinwood but breaking up once you get past central san rafael. >>darya: chp officers are investigating the death of a woman who was hit and killed east of martinez. the 53 year-old woman ran across the lanes of traffic around 11:30 p.m.. officers say that the driver who hit her was unable to afford the collision. this woman ran out in front of the car, she fell in the road in was hit by several other vehicles and pronounced dead.
8:21 am
officers suspect that the woman could of been under the influence of alcohol. >>mark: a man was beaten in monterey, check out his surfboard. a 19 in. by mark on the board. the sharks have been if as much as 20 ft. long. witnesses are speaking out about details. for >>mark: saturday's incident was the second shark attacks. on average there are 3-5 sharks attacks. >>darya: to year-old conjoined twins will be separated this week. the surgery is expected to last
8:22 am
eight-nine hours. they will do this tomorrow. angelina and angelico were born in the philippines but now they live in san jose. they are joined at the sternum. they have libbers and diaphragms back are tightly fused together. they have separate hearts, ribs and digestive systems. doctors expect both girls to survive. >>mark: the prosecution will get their opportunity to grill defense experts, dr. paul white is likely to face tough questions from the prosecutor. white is testifying for dr. conrad murray. >>darya: 8:21 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes with breaking a developing news. here's a live look at walnut creek.
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>>darya: herman cain is
8:26 am
currently leading the republican presidential candidates in several polls. there is a new article that could affect his popularity, a report on a political web site does as well canework as a restaurant industry lobbyist, at least two women-complaint it inappropriate behavior.
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>>darya: and we are monitoring what is or not with the occupy movement. they are back in frank ogawa plaza. they seem determined to keep their eyes on the police said tuesday. >>will: you can see that the tents are back, as many tents, is not more the what
8:31 am
we saw before the police came in last tuesday. >> if we subtract ourselves from the equation, maybe they can get an understanding of what it is like without us. >>will: are you afraid of a backlash? c.r. are a small businesses that make up most of the small businesses in america. if he did not show up for work, these people will be hurt. >> they will be heard in the long run any way with all of these cuts. we're giving them a preview of what life would be like without us.
8:32 am
>>will: the same woman said, what happened on tuesday could have been a blessing in disguise. protesters are not going anywhere. they are defined the mayor's orders. they say they are not going anywhere. >>mark: a 2.4 magnitude earthquake in berkeley. berkeley has been pretty active as of late. an
8:33 am
incredible snow storm in the east coast.
8:34 am
>>james: we're going to be doing pretty good. hour forecast calls for fairly mild conditions. mostly clear skies with mild winds. 5-15 mi. per hour. at 6:00 p.m. we're looking for it number of about 60 degrees at the coast from getting into the '70s inland. we are looking for conditions to be mild. temperatures will be
8:35 am
chilly to the north. upper 40's there, mainly in the '50s everywhere else. we will slowly start to see some warming. if the sun has been out for a little more than an hour. we will expect to warm up gradually as a it into the afternoon. here are your expected highs for today. our no. day forecast is similar to the east bay forecast. downtown san francisco at about 67. this is stuff in the pacific that will impact us by thursday. the 7 day forecast shows us
8:36 am
what i'm talking about. we are definitely in for rain in the north bay and possibly bay area wide. >>george: we have picked up our first hot spot. it is unexpected southbound. reported as a minor accident. delays northbound are typically slow. the back of will remain heavy up to about 980 on the nimitz northbound. if otherwise it
8:37 am
has been a pretty good to be. look at the bay bridge westbound. there are no delays. the metering lights are on but that will not add much to your westbound driver. the san mateo bridge broke up early. there are no longer delays coming across 92. the drive time is 13 minutes some from hayward to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride 101 southbound, still foggy been no problems on the stand. testing >> we are getting live pictures into the newsroom of the dr. conrad murray trial off with the prosecution will begin a cross-examination from the forkful expert that the defense indicated is its final witness. the cross-
8:38 am
examination will probably take the entire day. he told jurors that he believes michael jackson gave himself a fatal dose of a propofol. court is about to get in session. we have live pictures into the newsroom. we will keep you updated when the kron4 news comes right back. since
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>darya: 67 year-old tony la russa is retiring. >> the time is over. this it
8:42 am
just feels like it is time to end it. >>darya: in addition to this season he won championships in oakland in 1989 and in st. louis in 2006. take a look at several hundred thousand cardinals fans are on parade today. this is the team's 11th title in franchise history.
8:43 am
>>mark: taking a look at wall street, we were on track for the best october ever. the dow is off 134.
8:44 am
gulf be done
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>>james: skies and sunshine coming down. most of the bay area is seeing a morning like this. let's take a quick look at the maps this morning and walked to what we are expecting. we expect temperatures to become a pleasant sight for the afternoon. as you had to the
8:48 am
south, it temperatures will warm. across the north bay, mid-70s. this evening, as the kids go out trick-or- treating, 7:00 p.m. widespread 60s. your 7 day around the bay, a quick look at where things are going. everything is fine until thursday and then we hit the brakes. temperatures dive, the clouds roll and and the the weather gets wet. bay area showers on thursday. we will keep you updated on that development of the
8:49 am
forecast. >>george: things have changed dramatically on the bay bridge. an injury and ambulance reported. the metering lights were very quickly cycled slowly. they have managed to get this access cleared fairly quickly. the this accident
8:50 am
that was on the shoulder is being cleared from the shoulder. southbound and northbound conditions are improving. now that the accident is clear from the upper deck of the debate raged we are likely to see better conditions.
8:51 am
>>mark: ceremonies are taking place for the world's population reaching 7 billion. the earth's population grew by 1 billion over the last 12 years. that is quite a bit considering it took until the early 1800's for the population to reach its first billion. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. southdown offs
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>>darya: halloween is a lot of fun. what do you do with it the inside of the pumpkin? let's ask the doctors. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >>darya: and you guys are
8:55 am
helping us get ready for trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving? while the d.c., as a doctorfish about halloween. >> stay safe. he talked about pumpkin carving. do not use a steak knife, it use a pumpkin carving kits. they cost about $5 at the grocery store. >> did not throw away the inside of the pumping. save it and give yourself a pumpkin the facial. add cream, nutmeg and ginger. put it on while the kids are out trick-or-treating. for
8:56 am
8:57 am
for we with
8:58 am
8:59 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news ♪ >>george: welcome back. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. earlier, there was an accident at the base of the incline. about 10 minutes ago, there was no backup. and with that accident at the base involved in a motorcycle and it could have been there for a while. thankfully, it was cleared quickly. even of that drive time has not impacted it that much, still 12 minutes. big openings in the heart of the toll plaza. the cycling rate of the metering lights is quick because it has been light. i do not expect this
9:00 am
to stay with us for that long a. however, at the san mateo also decent. look how light it is. the commute is already over in the westbound direction and the east is also light. problem-free in the golden gate. fog and a look at that! the traffic is stopped northbound it can turn on a dime and it has. we will check with the c h p logs to see what has accounted for the 101 northbound. we are getting word there is a motorcycle crash of the north tower. it is blocking one of the two lanes there are only two lanes that goal northbound there could be major problems. a look at this. it bye way, there are only two lines that--go northbound. also won
9:01 am
the 101 golden gate is impacting northbound and southbound lanes. conditions are changing, rapidly. the bay bridge that had a motorcycle accident has cleared. however, the 101 golden gate bridge could continue to be a problem. >>mark: thank you. the snowstorm and clean-up continues with the worst and 200 years over the northeast. 300 homes and businesses without power. 3 million total. schools closed. this is video from massachusetts. 22 in. of snowfall! everybody is talking about the plane that was on the tarmac diverted towards hartford, commiconnecticut. wit2
9:02 am
planes trapped for up to eight hours. some of the bathrooms were not even working. the passenger's bill of rights that was supposed to prevent items like this finding airlines responsible and issuing them fines. a power outage at the airport made it the jet blue the most newsworthy. >>reporter: snowtober, is held by are referring this with all of this snowfall. also because of the trees still have the lease on the branches, it is pulling down power lines. still having the leaves the snowfall is adding to the overall weight. this is a power line. this is a
9:03 am
car that is covered with trees limbs. also an interesting comment with this poor little palm ken behring is no cap. i like this one. the bad pun can--pumpkin--and if >>daria: and i wonder how long that is going to last with fair weather, and our weather. >> erickaa; temperatures are going to be of of a freezing point for the most part in albany, new york. it's the same for boston, massachusetts. hopefully, that sunshine will help melt the -- snowfall. conditions here, are decent along the james lick. some areas experienced a foggy
9:04 am
start but as we go towards this afternoon, this evening clear and breezy perfect for trick or treating. taking a look at temperatures is pretty mild. a 44 degrees in santa rosa. 48 in novado, 40 degrees in napa. a bit warmer with 56 degrees in oakland. 57 degrees in mountain view. as we take these temperatures into the afternoon a mixture of '60s and '70s will be the trend. 64 is expected in half moon bay. 70 degrees is expected in oakland. in the north bay, 77 and the santa rosa, 67 degrees expected for downtown san francisco. let wahl q through futurecast. you can see let me walk you through-- futurecast. that rainfall
9:05 am
indicating thursday with more widespread precipitation that light rain persistent. finally, we can see some clearing on friday at 8:00 a.m. let me show you a look at your 7 day around the bay changes for the next couple of days. temperatures will trail off at day by day with a dry wind expected on tuesday and wednesday. a slight chance of showers on thursday friday, cooler conditions as record towards the weekend with temperatures in the low 60s. mid '50s are expected for the coast. 9:05 >>daria: we are taking a look at the occupy oakland movement in oakland at the frank ogawa plaza where will tran is, live. how many times-many- tents are
9:06 am
there? >>reporter: 50-70. there are just as many tents before the raid took place. there full force. however, you do not feel the edge in the air. the fire inspectors are going a round one of the stipulations by mayor jean quan. you be here. but please allow emergency workers to inspect for safety technically, they are still breaking the law because they cannot be at this plaza, overnight. they are not going anywhere they said. they are getting ready for a protest tomorrow by a youth group to demanding that opened brings better jobs, better paying jobs. that oakland-brings better jobs
9:07 am
also the are asking many people to call an sec on wednesday sending a message to the 1% calling in--0 for a sixth day. that the 99% really does mean business calling in for a sick day. tony la russa o announced his retirement. the manager guided the cardinals to the championships even 10.5 games behind the leagues in august team made the league's in an amazing return. he will be third of the most victories. previously, oakland in 1989, and sale was in 2006. >>daria: we will be back but
9:08 am
first, let us kevin update on and golden gate bridge. >>george: they managed to get some activity on the southbound but a motorcycle accident happened on the north tower with a single alert traffic issued. we will have more on this when we come back. 3q experts from a leading consumer publication recently tested stain treatments. they rated resolve laundry number one, beating the competition. try resolve laundry for amazing stain removal. satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ female announcer ] call to get u-verse -- now with free hd -- only 25 a month for six months --
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9:11 am
>>george: there is no traffic getting through with an injury reported. it is on the north end of the bridge. once this injured party has often transferred, it will open back up. however, it
9:12 am
is backed all the way up to i doyle drive. >>mark: last trading day in october this would be the best for the month of october in several years. ♪
9:13 am
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9:15 am
one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. mm! america runs on dunkin'. >>george: welcome back our golden gate bridge accident has just been cleared from the northbound lanes. the single alert has been cancelled. even the lanes are open, still residual delays. the southbound traffic is rolling. you can see it is backed ofoff and the other direction is back a wave to doyle to richards from the
9:16 am
palace of fine arts. however we should expect that this will be opened and up to speed again. speaking as there are only two lanes, it is taking a good deal of time for these north bound to recover. for the next 30 minutes, i would avoid the 101 northbound. delay your departure. or use the bay bridge or the richmond/san rafael bridge. look at this. we've been watching and seeing no movement. even though lanes are opening up of the north tower. taking a look at the bay bridge the westbound has been trouble-free. however, there was a motorcycle- accident earlier. they are recovering. we could see the back up of this cleared before the end of the broadcast. the
9:17 am
san mateo has been problem-free, no problems east or west. 9:16. checking the weather. >> ericka: thank you, george quickly, your halloween forecast a light wind. temperatures will be in the low 60s. low 70's for the inland areas. as wrap up your trick or treating, mid '50s for the coastal locations. and perhaps even warmer inland. let me show you were temperatures are right out the door. we have seen progress from our last report. currently, 44 degrees in santa rosa. 48 degrees in novado or. it is 48 degrees in napa. for those of you in mountain
9:18 am
view, 57 degrees. 50s for los gatos, it is 54 degrees in san jose. as we go towards this afternoon '60s and '70s. 64 degrees in to separate it for half moon bay. 77 with 64 degrees--expected in half moon bay. 77 degrees in santa rosa with a 67 degrees expected in downtown san francisco for this afternoon. let me tell you about a fire weather watch. it is through wednesday morning. it is impacting areas of the north bay and the east bay. the wind could be gusting up to 40 m.p.h. the potential for fire exists in these areas orange on the map with amid the less than 20%. a look at your 7 day around the bay will highlight a lot of changes. the temperatures will trail off little by little as we go towards the middle of the week. with the dry, windy conditions on tuesday and
9:19 am
wednesday. it's thursday, with the potential for wet weather going into friday. take a look to your weekend forecast with temperatures in the 60s for the inland bay locations. 50s expected for the coast this weekend. >>daria: qantas is up and running. >>mark: it grounded its entire fleet for this weekend. it ended the fight with unions keeping 400 flights grounded. the air crew is reporting back to work but still travelers should expect delays. this dispute has been going on for over one year between unions and employees. >> nato is ending the bombing campaign for the operations to conclude to out moammar gaddafi. this is because of the recent
9:20 am
death of moammar gaddafi. the u.n. security council authorized this in march to protect civilians. c h p >>daria: is investigating the death of a woman that was struck and killed by a that was killed by a--vehicle. the 53 year-old was from concord. she ran across the lanes of traffic on the south 680. near pacheco boulevard, 11:30 p.m. the driver that hector was really not able to avoid the collision the driver was not able to avoid the collision. a domino effect has also she could have been drinking. >>mark: a great white shark 27 year old eric, was a bit from a
9:21 am
20-ft white shark. witnesses speak about this. >> a wave came and. started seeing blood in the water. >>daria: take a look these conjoined twins that are going to be separated at the lucile packard children's hospital. the these twins were born in the philippines and now live in the san jose. they have levers and diaphragms that are tightly together. they are hoping for good results after the surgery.
9:22 am
fanned >>george: despite reports that all lanes have been reopened in north bound look at this. traffic has not moved in over 15 minutes in the northbound direction. the c h p is confirming that the lanes are open but clearly something is wrong. traffic is backed up all the way to san francisco doyle and park presidio of lloyd the golden gate bridge. avoided that bridge-- [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not.
9:23 am
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9:25 am
♪ >>george: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. finally, traffic is starting to move. it was completely stopped in the north bound directions. it was stopped for nearly 20 minutes. even though the lanes were open after the c h p cleared the motorcycle accident they still lead areas closed down. even
9:26 am
though it is moving, the traffic is backed up on the southbound direction. also on doyle drive towards richardson, and a marina boulevard. northbound. for the next 15-20 minutes you should avoid the golden gate bridge. i will have a check of everything else, coming up. >>daria: 9:2 fife came is leading republican candidates in several that-herbert came--canet least two women complained of inappropriate behavior in his past employment. he was asked about those allegations. has he ever been accused of allegations? he denied it saying that it was a light allegation from a ferry fan the source. >> a judge has set a hearing for
9:27 am
the civil case of john se edwards and john ifx tape edwards and the return of personal property including that sex tape. he violated a judge's order by sharing information. >>mark: president obama will discuss tony blair with tony blair, the peace and peace in the middle east. president obama also wants to have the fda to take shortage measures to stop shortages for electrolytes, and anesthesia. hospitals have been forced to purchase from a second
9:28 am
off market sources. that has led to price gouging. >> also, the drug makers would have to notify the fda if they were experiencing any drug possibility shortages. at least six months before the drug was low on stock. we will be back.
9:29 am
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9:30 am
>>george: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. at the golden gate bridge it is finally clear of that major hot spot. traffic is moving but northbound is still difficult i would recommend avoiding a at. earlier, traffic was at a standstill for the amount of 20- 20 minutes. there are only two lanes available northbound. it back all the way of to the tunneltodoyle drive and the
9:31 am
marina boulevard/richardson. all lanes are open in both directions. the southbound could still be slow leading towards the bridge spanned but it will take longer for the northbound to clear. as i mentioned, there are only two lanes that accommodates the north direction it was another motorcycle accident that turned to the bay bridge into a hot spot. look! it has completely recovered. thankfully, that koresh was cleared quickly enough before it had a chance. that--crash was cleared. also, the backup was cleared earlier but sadly that is that the case for the golden gate that is still sluggish. taking a look at the san mateo of the commute has been over flight to the normal and traffic is light in both directions. >>daria: we have a small
9:32 am
earthquake it was a 2.4 that struck here berkeley early this morning. 2:4:05 a.m. it was 6 mi.-deep. specifically mentioning it because this is on the heels of the 3.6 from berkeley in the same area last week. another week before that, there was also another one. if you gulf kron 4 facebook fan page >>mark: the unusually large, intense snow storm in 200 years in the month of october. 3 million people without power. they are trying to get the power back gone. it could take several days. because the leaves were still on the trees it took down many power lines. the snowfall total records broke previous records. massachusetts was one of the worst hit at 27 in.. this
9:33 am
is from pennsylvania. doylestown, from maryland to towards mean, there were six deaths and pennsylvania. 12 total. connecticut, massachusetts, and portions of new-york all states declared a state of emergency. this is video. it is time lapse from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. >>daria: we are looking at nothing of the sort for our weather it'll be nice. we cannot complain no rainfall for halloween. >> ericka: >> good morning, as for looking at walnut creek we're finally seeing some sunshine. although it was a foggy start, many locations dealt with that fog.
9:34 am
as we go towards this evening, clear conditions and even breezy for the trick for tractors. we have the chance for rain as pagoda fourth lette the week-aso towards the latter part of the week. --improvements with no 40's anymore. if santa rosa is currently 50 degrees. oakland is warming up nice at 62 degrees. into this afternoon, we're going to deal with temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. plenty of 70's. 64 degrees in half moon bay. 73 degrees in redwood city. into the north bay, we will see a mixture of 70's. 75 degrees in novado. 67 degrees in downtown san francisco. i want to walk you through the forecast for all of the trick or treaters. this
9:35 am
is set up for 7:00 p.m. this screen is indicating 60s. as we go-with this transition into the '50's in the north bay. santa rosa, petaluma will experience 50s but for the most part, the coast was the 60s. your seven day will deal with wet weather. i want to show you the satellite & radar. what that will translate into is somewhat weather in time for thursday. take a look shower a look at your 7 day around the bay is for thursday, and much cooler conditions with temperatures in the low 60s. that is both for the inland locations in the bay locations with 50 expected for the coast. >>daria: protesters from occupy oakland are back at the frank ogawa plaza but now more
9:36 am
determined to keep an eye and must the police are durindoing.d kron 4's: >>reporter: good morning, daria they do not call it occupy oakland they are calling it their own city, government, kitchen, hospital. there's no edge. the reason why is that we do not see any police officers. however we do see inspectors. this video was from 8:45 you can see they're walking around the encampment one of the stipulations that the mayor jean quan provided. even though they are not allowed to be at the encampment overnight. they are still breaking the law but we do not see any police officers. that is why it is a bit more safe but not safe enough for the
9:37 am
protesters to an actor own protest security. -enacted their own security. what they're trying to do is a call to action. they're trying to fight back to the 1% and disrupt this despite-they are trying to send a message and for the american working public to not report to work on wednesday. >>daria: thank you, well. >>reporter: this just in to the kron 4 news room what has happened inside the dr. conrad murray trial. on the stand is dr. paul white. he is an expert in the anesthesia, propofol. he
9:38 am
told the jury jurors last week t he believes that michael jackson administered his own fleet of an injection. dr. conrad murray has treated " not guilty ". this cross-examination will take all day. prosecutors even granted extra time to prepare for today's session. this week, we should also hear closing arguments as the jurors look at the case by the end of this week. >>mark: the world population hits a major milestone we will be back. with a live look at clearing skies and a light breeze. ♪ fat
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>daria: you this morning, comp countries have started
9:42 am
ceremonies for newborn infants. they do not know exactly what time or what birth will be the 7 billion person. the population has grown by 1 billion in just 12 years. think about that just how long it took for the 1800's to reach 1 million. >> it looks like the housing market is not for to be recovering. this is according to a report today. home values are expected to fall by 3.6% between now and june of. homes weare going to be worth 35% less than the housing peak value. several items working against the housing market include a large foreclosure rate and unemployment >>reporter: this just in to the kron 4 news room police and
9:43 am
ontario canada are chasing a stolen vehicle/tractor-trailer. take a look! this tractor trailer is being chased by the police. it is right near the u.s. border. that tractor- trailer is alive is near the u.s. border. they are-this is live footage. if this is in the southern ontario. we will continue to monitor this as you can see this high speed chase on folding, live on kron 4. we will be right back >>mark: . unfolding-finally things are clearing up on the golden gate with an earlier motorcycle crash. things are however are moving smoothly again
9:44 am
9:45 am
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>>george: 9:45 things are getting back to normal. as we see things are finally getting back to normal. it was perhaps the 15-20 minutes ago that we received any word of an accident that stopped traffic in both directions on the golden gate bridge. it was more so backed up on the north side with only two lanes open north. it took longer for that backup to recover. it was backed all the way to a marina boulevard. >> on the bay bridge there was a later motorcycle accident that has also been cleared. for a brief. there was a backup that ensued after that but now, clear. >> for the san mateo bridge, no problems, no delays the commute has thing over for quite some time. 9:46. >> good morning, george let me get straight to the trick or
9:48 am
treat forecast. people are going out candy at this evening so we will see clear skies. windy. speeds will be between five m.p.h.-15 m.p.h. 6:00 p.m. will be temperatures and low 60s for the coastal locations and low 70's for the inland areas. as we return tonight, temperatures will cool down to about 55 degrees for the coast. it will be 60s for the inland spots tonight. let me show you these temperatures. finally, these are warming a bit. mostly temperatures are in the 50s and even looking at 62 in oakland. it is 54 in downtown san francisco. santa rosa, earlier was 40's now, it is at 50. we would keep it a bit cooler along the coast. half moon bay is only getting to about 64 degrees.
9:49 am
70's in oakland, antioch. plenty of 70's also expected in santa rosa. 67 degrees anticipated for downtown san francisco. i want to talk about the wet weather. putting futurecast at 6:00 a.m. thursday that green is indicating rain all the way up into the north bay. a healthy dose of wet weather as we advance the clock, the rainfall will stay with us for most of the day. finally, some clearing on 8:00 a.m. a look at your 7 day around the bay if will show changes on tap for the next several days. a change expected with a dry, gusting winds in the chance for showers on thursday and friday morning. a significant cool down will take place this weekend. >>daria: thank you.
9:50 am
>>mark: at least 30 years is the estimated time that it will close of this hukashimi daiichi. that march earthquake was devastating. not only to the of economy, but for the environment. also, space station crustacean to the international space station will announce another attempt to the international space station. >>daria: 67 year-old tony la russa is saying that it is time for retirement.
9:51 am
>> taking all of those factors there is not one that it dominates it is everything combined. time is over. i felt at the end of this season is that this feels like it is time to end it. >>daria: he is 35 behind john mcgraw this season but the st. louis cardinals he had a championship in oakland in '89 and 2006 in sinaloa's. the celebration is not out. and the st. louis--20 06. the cours dran carriage victory parade came seven of the world series proved to beat the st. louis cardinal'' 11th title in franchise history. the world series proved to be
9:52 am
the winners to beating texas >>mark: 8 touchdown is now past roger cried on the 49ers franchise rushing list. crabtree also got his first interception for the season. a 20-10 = san francisco. our bore incredibly six wins, or bal--john >>reporterharbaugh.. >> stanford also helping the cardinals move of and what a game! they beat usc in triple overtime it. it took the third overtime fumble to seal the victory in los angeles on saturday night. 33 0 yds with three touchdowns
9:53 am
>>reporter: these are dramatic pictures of a police chase out of canada. it is right near the u.s. border. you can see the cup cars that are traveling this a tractor-trailer. those a-dutch police vehicles are trailing these are in the southern ontario adjacent to the border to the united states. we will keep you updated on this. >>daria: we will be back. a live look outside. a beautiful shot. just a little bit of the golden gate bridge in the distance.
9:54 am
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>>mark: there has been three bodies recovered inside of this grain elevator. three of immediate killed. three bodies just found. with this unstable concrete and hanging still the crews had to hold of the ---rescue efforts with a massive fire blast shot into the at the--fear with grain dust being incredibly volatile. the fire blast shot in the air. >>mark: this fhp was pulled over by a miami police officer.
9:58 am
and it was incredibly up to the speed reached 120 m.p.h.! >>mark: thank you. ♪ ♪ a couple years of up all night ♪ ♪ and a few thousand diapers later ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ he loves that little girl [ male announcer ] all her life, she's been coming toward you. now that she's driving, she's going the other way. ♪ there goes my life [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program,
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teens learn safer driving and parents gain peace of mind. [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program, ♪ [ folksy whistling ]] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]


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