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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 17, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>pam: a police tents and vallejo and with the tragedy. >> we heard police cars and then, i heardan officer gunned down trying to stop a bank robber. >> we did it get maneuver that's been that the vehicle out. >> he was loved by everyone. >>pam: new questions about the death of actress natalie wood. this comes 30 years after she drowned on catalina island. detectives are reopening her case. announcer: this is the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: we begin tonight with
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new details about the vallejo police officer gunned down and killed during a foot chase today. j.r stone is joining us live from the crime scene. finn >>j.r.: officers have now been out here for more than six hours. you can see the yellow tape. this is an active crises. you can look at some of the scene in the distance. this started as it responded to a bank robbery. this there was a high-speed chase that led to a foot chase. that is where the officer was shot and killed for. >> i am angry because offs they killed police that my husband worked with. he had two children. it is not right. >> i live over here, i heard this shots and iran outside.--i ran outside. >>j.r.: the swat team was going door-to-door in the
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area, there were armed with guns, looking for a possible second suspect. police say it is only a possibility that there was a second suspect. people in the areas said they only saw one suspect, one man running from police, but this is still an active case. is still an active seen, they will likely be here through the evening. if i do get any new details in this case, i will bring them to you on kron4 news. >>pam: the vallejo police department held a news conference to describe the sense of the events that led to the officers killing. first officer: >> lawyer responded to a call on a bank robbery at bank of america. while osbert--while officers were
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responding, they received information about a vehicle that was fleeing the area went to the suspect. officers were called to the area and attempted to stop the vehicle. we were led on a vehicle pursuit roughly three-4 mi.. it terminated in the 100 block of janice avenue. an officer employed eight it maneuver to spin the vehicle out. he then pursued the suspect on foot into a residential neighborhood. shortly after exiting the vehicle and chasing the suspect, officers who were arriving moments later heard several shots fired. they discovered an officer down in the backyard and was lizzy's. >>j.r.: i will show you where it all happened. offs this is where the police chase ended. the officer was
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killed. this is the shopping center. that white building, that is where police say if the robbery occurred and and the jays' lead officers here. this is mark avenue and janice street. janice street is the site of the official shooting. so that is where the chase ended into the office of killed. the houses in this neighborhood, police were going door-to-door searching for a potential second suspect. >>pam: this was the scene as officer's body was wheeled out of the hospital this morning. colleagues waited for him to be transported to the more. the death of an officer affects the entire department as well as the city of a vallejo, having a relatively small police department. everyone responded with concerned. denied full learning more about who he was. our team
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coverage continues with reggie kumar. >>reggie: from residents have started a makeshift memorial at the vallejo police department. they have flowers and candles to honor this 45 year-old officer. hong the fallen officer had been with the vallejo police department for 19 years and had also worked with the chp and has served in the marine corps. while working for the vallejo police he received the medal of courage for engaging and armed subject. in 2000, he was named officer of the year. a vallejo police spokesperson talked about what it was like to work with this officer. officer: for the 19 years he was with us, he was the guy loved by everybody. he was a trainer and almost all aspects of police work. driving, shooting,
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communications, arrest control, motor officer, swat member. we are a small police officer and a tight family geary there is no one in the police department that is not affected by this. >>reggie: he leaves behind a wife and three daughters. >>pam: he coached the vallejo high-school basketball team. tonight, we spoke with his fellow coach. >> he was one of those kinds of guys that cut all of this effort into whatever he was doing. you could tell by the way he coached basketball, that is the character that you judge a man's. many people do not see how much effort we put in to get out and try to assist kids in developing to become adults. something like this
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is very tragic. >>pam: sit with kron4 and is the latest on the investigations officer that was killed and of the suspect. fed visit our facebook fan page to post your comments and is the photographs. >>kimberlee: a 15 year-old special needs students in new jersey took matters into his own hands when no one believed that his teacher was verbally abusing him. we will show you his secret cell phone video. >>jaqueline: rain approaching. it is scattered offshore. we will talk about that coming up.
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>>kimberlee: no one believed this 15 year-old special needs suited when he said his teacher was verbally issues of him. he actually recorded the bullying with his cellphone camera.
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>>kimberlee: this is a teacher that teaches special education kids. he said that this was his way of motivating the kids and it changed his story citing marital problems at home. the school district reports that the teacher is, on pain and protest a cliff and ending the outcome of >>gary: and in australia,
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tiger woods line to do something after his worst the president's cup performance in his career. but at the
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>>grant: we have new details in a story that rocked hollywood 30 years ago. fee investigation into the drowning of natalie wood is being reopened. if the actress died in 1981 after a
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night of partying. she was out with her husband robert wagner. her death was ruled an accident at the time the police say they have gotten new information related to the case. a press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow. she starred in a west side story and rebel without a cause. she was 43 when she died. >>pam: today anger and frustration across the 23 campus state university education system. faculty members staged a strike in hayward. there were protesting the administration's decision not to honor nearly $20 million in negotiated pay raises. they get to the school's main entrance causing a major traffic jam. meantime, the council's office claims that due to tough economic times money did not come in.
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>> it is rough. it is already tough being a college student. they just made it 9% tougher. >> it is all coming out of my pocket. anything over $200 is a substantial amount to a college student. >> it is getting to the point where you ask yourself, why am i even going to college? when you get out of college, asti have paid all of these hikes, there are no guarantees of a job. >> the trend is moving up and out. it is unfortunate, especially today. >> i am barely getting financial aid right now. i am pretty angry. now, i have to work and find a job. safe to >>pam: those were students in the south bay. if students at san jose state are reeling from yesterday's approval of a 9 percent
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tuition increase for next fall. in the meantime, a k- 12 educators are bracing for cuts that could come to their schools. state revenues are lower than projected. dan kerman takes a look for what this might mean for school districts and their students. >> schools in california are bracing for budget cuts that could be triggered if state revenues are as low as a force suggests. >> the class sizes have gone up, some districts have reduced the school year. for they do not have many other places to go. >>reporter: for school transportation could be cut as well as education cuts. >> in san mateo county, almost all of our school
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districts have a plan for budget cuts. >>reporter: most school districts in san mateo county have already set aside reserves so that these additional costs will have little impact this year. districts that did not do that might lay off non teaching staff or shorten their school year. they might create additional furlough days for teachers. >> these are our kids. we owe them a good education. >>reporter: the state is awaiting a second report deterred determine whether these cuts will take place. a final determination will, on december 15th. if the cuts are approved a will come into effect on december 21st. >>pam: the california supreme court ruled that sponsors of proposition 8 do have the right to appeal the
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decision on the ban against same-sex marriage. >>pam: a fairfield mother has been convicted of murder following a fire that killed her three young children and knees. her children left alone in an apartment while the power of god. but she and her sister went outside to try to charge her sisters. the family was using candles which may have started the campbell's--the family was using candles which may have started the fire. >>pam: the new amazon kindle fire came out just two days ago. if a price tag of about $200, these tablets are topping many holiday gift which lists. gabe slate compares the tablets. >>gabe: the net tablet,
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left, the kindle fire on the right. the notes tablet is to get a $50, the candle is $200. both ships for free if you buy them on line. if the cardinal has sat at sales tax to california residents. the kindle fire is to of dollars out the door, finn looked tablet is to of a $7 with tax. as the dollar price difference is probably the biggest difference when choosing between these devices. they are very much alike. the same size and feel. touchscreen, google android operating system. we have to get into the details to separate the two. let's do that. the candle only offers 8 gb of storage. of the net offers up to 32 gb. the campbell fire has over 8000 apps available. the net tablet only has 1000. both companies say they will have tens of thousands in the near
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>>jaqueline: we have rain
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is setting off the coast of alaska. it will move stalled over night. showers as we head into tomorrow. early in the morning a few showers in the north bay. we will see more shower coverage, as we head into the afternoon, more showers pushing into the north bay and south to the golden gate. the broken cloud pattern of short indicates instability. that will mean areas of more moderate rainfall. >>stanley: coming up the city of severed cisco has a list of approvals for occupy assets. ifs xi defense
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>>pam: and police officer in vallejo shot and killed. the officer was going after alleging bank robbery and it jumps out of fan as tv and the gunman opened fire. police are looking for a possible second suspect. they robbed a bank of america near oak wood avenue. the officer leaves
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behind a wife and three daughters. >>pam: a chaotic scene at uc-berkeley earlier this morning. this was seen fan as police and says the sheriff's department cleared out occupy berkeley after taking down more than a dozen tents. they power washed the steps of sprowell hall. at this hour, about 50 protesters remain at the steps of sprowell hall. the students are meeting to talk about their next steps. there is no clear indication on what they plan to do. terisa estacio shows us quite a different picture after one day. >>terisa: this was the city thursday. this was the city on wednesday.--this was the scene on wednesday, much has changed. gone are the tents. over here on wednesday
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protesters sat camped out at the entrance to sprowell hall. one day later, cleared away. where i sound a carpet to make sitting on the cement steps more comfortable, again, it is gone. look over here, on wednesday protester with occupy cal sat doing homework. on thursday, one day later, after the early- morning raid, he is gone as well. >>grant: this saturday, occupy oakland protesters plan to relocate to the henry j. kaiser memorial park across the street from the oakland school for the arts. the school is a middle-high school ride on telegraph. the grassy area is fenced off but there is a section of the park used by students on a daily basis. today, kron4 spoke with the
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principle about his concerns over the process is moving so close to his school. >> we have students as young as 11. we serve grades 6-12. students are 11-18. we do not know yet what is going to happen or what is going to look like. i do not want to be premature but safety is the number-one priority. we have to keep the kids stayed in continue education. we do not want to see their education arrested test-interrupted. we had to close schools for a couple days and have an early release because of the turbulence. if we do not want to see their education interrupted. sometimes we do calisthenics or kickball in this area.
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>>stanley: this is how one artist invasions' how occupy assets should look. in reality, it looks slightly different. these people are fighting over a tiny cabinet.--china's cabinet.
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there is not supposed to be cooking, only tents, but if you look around you see couches, some of everything, even week. there is some thought that smoking marijuana on the streets of san francisco is a legal, but it is not. the city expects all walkways to be clear. some work, but many were not. the city demanded that there was no pot of consumption at occupy sf. good luck! nothing could be tied to polls and i have to admit, some people are trying to comply, but still, there is an issue. there also needs to be clean for bodies. if only i could describe how bad the smell was. later in the day, a cleanup crew arrived. >>pam: meanwhile, in san
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francisco, rev. cecil williams visited the occupy encampment. he dropped off food donated to the protesters. >>pam: the occupy movement started on september 17th on wall street in new york. fax first protesters were largely ignored. today marks the beginning of the third month. in broad new confrontations and arrests in new york and across the country. >>catherine: demonstrators failed to shut down the country's financial or, but they gave traders 20 to gawk at as they made their way to the exchange floor. police were seen driving a woman by the here after she tried to block intersection. a
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retired police capt escorted to detention in his uniform. the protesters called today a mass day of action. at least 175 people were arrested. some of them were injured. at least five officers were treated after their arrest last with an unidentified chemical. f. >>officer: there was a burning sensation and redness, whatever the liquid was, it was flushed out. [chanting] >>catherine: in new york was
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one of several cities where protesters face off with police. 21 people were arrested it for blocking a bridge in portland, oregon. occupy d.c. marchers occupy the bridge across the potomac. in dallas, 18 people were arrested for failing to vacate their campsite. finn and loss angeles, the crowds headed for the financial district setting up tents outside the bank of america. the first arrested was an 83 year-old union member. police described the incident as orchestrated, meaning that most of the people taken into custody planned to be >>pam: here are facts about the top one percent. the
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united states has the vaguest of rich/for income gap in 70 years. in new york city it is even more dramatic. the top 1% 6 on 44 percent of all the income in the big >>grant: the mother of one of the victims in the penn state sex scandal is speaking out. >> i want sandusky to go to jail for the rest of his life to. >>grant: the mother is a listed victor number 16 fast as a victim no. 1, spoke on the phone to anderson
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cooper. she said her son's school question the boy after she complained about sandusky taking him out of class without permission. >> my son said that there was a problem, he really did not admit anything at that point, he just said that he thought he needed to tell someone where it would get worse. the principal said, jerry has a heart of gold. i told them three times, call the police right now and he said, you need to think about the ramifications of what would happen if i did that. >> what do you think he meant? >> i do not know. i am assuming we're going through now. i really do not know. >> on wednesday, at the attorney for sandusky clarified his response to showering with boys. >> he was in a large locker
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room shower, not within inches. >> the pennsylvania attorney general when the investigation was handed over to this state spoke out as well. famine if you think i delayed for any reason, you are wrong. >> the mother of the alleged victim said she cried--said he cried when sandusky was giving this interview. >>jaqueline: rain is expected as we head into tomorrow. a winter weather advisories in effect. more on that coming up.
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>>jaqueline: rain here locally means snow in the sierra. this note is scattered but becoming widespread in the late morning hours. as we have to the rest of the afternoon
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you will notice the yellow, the underlying rain in the lower elevations. heavier snow in these areas. we have a winter weather advisory in effect. saturday will catch a break from the rain. decent rainfall along the coast. >>pam: a man from tunnel is a new member of the chicago cubs. tiger woods looks to rebound from yesterday's miserable showing of the
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president's cup. gary has highlights and all of the scores the next.
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>>gary: i hear that general lopez and marc anthony may not be ready to throw in the towel. >>jan: i'd love her. she is great. why not? they should be together. it is fun to talk about. natalie wood case is interesting. it is
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an unsolved murder. it is a huge scandal. >>gary: do you remember the story? she and robert wagner were out on a yacht. >>jan: there are a lot of reasons why they should reopen that particular hall with >>gary: back to the sports during the raiders are on the road and feeling pretty good. they are in first place and they're taking on the t-seven vikings. two-
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seven vikings. >> one guy cannot be the 11th. we have to get him on the ground.
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>>gary: we are getting closer to the big game, stanford and california. stanford is favored to win. we spoke with marvin jones about this year's big gains. >> stanford is a great team. we just want to go out there and do our best and come out with a win. saddam is the nominal to play these guys. we have a really good program. i cannot wait to
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play. >>gary: here is the tigers' lead--here is tiger woods, he was just finishing up. he lost by seven strokes yesterday. tiger and johnson are one down on the 18th. right now everything is setting that up as a loss. >>gary: when we come back, she is the great one. jan
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wahl, next.
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>>pam: and jan wahl is here. >>jan: you have to go see the descendants with george clinton. this is a fine film. it is about a guy who loses his mind in has to deal with it with two kids.
8:54 pm
if it has a strong narrative spine. it is a story that matters, a story you can connect with. that was one of the problems with j. edgar. clint eastwood missed it. they did not stay with the story. from this is a great story, you care about the people and you last. >>pam: at cloning is already getting oscar buzz. take the
8:55 pm
kids in to see happy feet. it is something adults alike as well. also anonymous, 50/50, there are some good movies out there. twilight for the younger people. my week with marilyn, i think young people love that as well. >>pam: there are some very good movies. check out the descendants and my life with maryland. >>pam: and live theater?
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>>jan: sales up. they let tells the story of a man in nigeria. it is a very interesting story. if the choreography is gorgeous. it is at the current theater, that is where they filmed all about eve. everyone should check it out, one of the best shows. >>pam: you in geary talked about the natalie wood investigation. paths as >>jan: tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. there is going to be a news conference. scandals in hollywood history are one of my favorite subjects. this is a big scandal. they never really found out what happens if if fly did robert wagner wait so long to call the coast guard. his wife was afraid of the water,
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they were all drunk and on the boat, if the man who she was having an affair with was on the boat as well. something is wrong in hollywood. pampa we're back at 11:00 p.m.. ]s
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