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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 6, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>mark: a live look out over san francisco. we have a storm headed our way with possibly heavy rain into strong gusty winds. more on the weather coming up in a moment. >>darya: and oakland, occupy protesters are planning a rally this morning against what they call felice frontality that they say half is during the last protests. they're calling today a day of action are stiff and they say that they will pack the court rooms where attorneys are representing the occupy protesters and or evidence of what they're calling on all rest. they are rallying at 8:30 a.m.. jackie sissel is following
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the action. >>jackie: it is still very quiet. the day of action is set to get underway in about an hour and a half. protesters and supporters are planning to show up around 8:30 a.m.. these protesters were arrested in the fulfill for saturday 50 if there were 400 arrested during multiple rallies. they are supposed to be arraigned and supporters show up at 8:30 a.m.. that is one of several events planned. after those for raiments they are supposed to walk back down to frank ogawa of plaza in front of city hall and hold a noon rally in support of those protesters chanted do that all over again at 1:00 p.m. for another show of support for more people who are going to be arraigned.
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right now there are people lining up in front of the courthouse, none of them are protesters orr's supporters. none of them will say if they are a part of that. there is no police presence right now but obviously it is a developing story. >>darya: of course they can gather outside, are they allowed in the courtrooms? >>jackie: we have been into courtrooms before, they are very strict. they will allow a certain amount of people to come in but at some point it will cut off. there is a large amount of security in these buildings often in general. faugh the bailiffs and the
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judge will have a say in who and how many can go in. we have grey skies hand high clouds. it is patchy is more imperious the cloud cover will build as we had to the afternoon hours. here's a quick break down. we will start this morning with high clouds and the mild temperatures. this afternoon, mixed sky conditions. highs in the low-mid-60s. wind and rain as early as 6:00 p.m..
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in terms of temperatures, it is not bad. in the south bay, mid-40s. this afternoon, mid-60s. the cloud cover will build as we head into the overnight hours. midnight-3:00 a.m. it will be howling outside. faugh "
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>>erica: so far, so good in the traffic center. we have not tracked a single hot spot. on the bay bridge, a big backup coming from interstate 80. a quick check shows pretty good conditions. traffic thinning out. some lighter delays on the approach itself. >>mark: the health department has confirmed that the highly contagious neural virus sickened more than three dissidents and faculty at st. ignatius part. they are urging those who
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are ill to remain home. >>darya: redwood city police have arrested a special education teacher accused of physically abusing young students. she taught developmentally disabled and autistic children at roosevelt elementary. police say there was ongoing abuse that was not sexual in nature. she has turned herself over to authorities. class's are going to be back in session excused the, said ignatius has reopened, but this school in southern california is closed. if cancelled for 2 days. this teacher was arrested for taking pictures of students that were bound and gagged. a meeting will be held
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tonight with concerned parents. blackhawk tim dell to tell >>mark: the near josh fataal and with this. the giants have won two tour titles in the last five years. while coming up at set and 30 how a and all social you more new-line how a far different could is trustee nosh--a far different seen
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in boston who had a lot of rowdy crowds. several arrests were made. >>darya: taking a look at national news, a man suspected hall gashouse where fast-to have taken his life and the life of is to boys. the children were brought to this humphreys supervised visit, when he tried to leave them and drag the the boys inside and locked the case worker out. moments later a fiery last level of the house. they believe he was
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responsible for the murder of the boy's mother fall though her body has never been found fifth >>mark: the dow jones is down to 32 points right now. of greece missed another deadline in their plan where rescue has driving the market's lower. hoover he right back as the kron4 inhabit. 680 southbound is bumper-to- bumper the. a cold start to the morning. and in and it should be a fairly nice afternoon with thickening clouds. highs in the 16th.
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house ha
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>>darya: and man is behind bars accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend. police say he forced the girl friend into his car but she was able to get away. investigators say he tracked her friends with a knife and then rammed their car. >>mark: oakland police are looking for the person involved in a drive-by shooting that injured six people over the weekend. it happened around 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon.
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another shooting victim sought treatment call yesterday, none of the injuries are considered life threatening. the hawks >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news returns. a live look in the sierra. they are expecting to add a little more snow with snow expected all day tomorrow. more on the court has coming up.
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focus on the weather. we have changes in store. here is a live look from the golden gate. conditions will state nice until this evening. here is a long range view. partly cloudy this afternoon and stormy overnight. the rain will stay with us throughout the morning but more than likely a scattered showers here all year in the afternoon as well. wednesday-friday we're back to mild, springlike weather. outhouse by 8:00, some
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portions of the east bay and is all they will see the rain. advancing the clock to our is more, bay area wide it rain. by 3:00 a.m., heavy rains affected around the area furious highest haag cost by a 11:00 the bulk of their grain and has the sky. qr costs when we come back,
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a look at your 7 day around the bay and it would you can expect in the next 24-48 hours. >>erica: last week, we saw lighter than usual conditions at the approach to the bay bridge. we did not see much in a way of a backup but it looks like we have returned to usually normal conditions. traffic is stopped and go from interstate 80. 880 is your best bet. have a whole. a for those of you on the san mateo bridge, there are no problems to tell you about. slow on the approach. speeds are down to just 30 mi. an hour. on the golden gate, southbound 101, no problems coming out of the north bay. turning our attention to the traffic maps we have roped late flooding of the on northbound to 80.
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it looks like the crews are on scene to deal with that problem. we have received reports of cars hydroplaning in the area but we have not seen any slowdowns on the maps. in the east bay, southbound 680 and northbound is a little bit slow. there are no major accidents to report. quoth there are no accidents, does and slocan distance. the drive times is now 22 minutes from release to berkeley. >>mark: a woman was run over by a car in her own right or yesterday. she was standing in the driveway when the car began rolling backwards, she got trapped underneath. she was rushed to all of a where she died horrible with. showed that it san jose it boosted officer of productivity than 400 your
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officers would be needed in this city would save $60 million. this same study says firefighters could be flight-test could be replaced by paramedics. the mayor requested this analysis by ibm and will meet with the state council to talk about it. firefighters and police unions have already seen cuts and are blasting this study. facie the mayor is not making public safety a top priority. in santa cruz a car crashed into a building and led to this man's arrest. he told police that he fell asleep behind the wheel all sixth level of a look inside the car they found 7 lbs. of marijuana. the is now facing drug a dozen charges. >>mark: a quick francs after donald scott tinsley reviewer is a live look out half of this monday morning where we are watching track fury if 51 degrees with some
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sunshine. clouds are as we are waiting how kron4 this form to arrive. half of hikes
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>>mark: many people trapped after this 6.8 magnitude earthquake. here are pictures coming in , there are 40 people believed missing. some of the dead were students at a college and elementary school. food and medicine are waiting to be delivered to those in need but it is hard to reach the village is because of damaged roads and bridges. despite threats to cut off aid to egypt. 19 americans are headed to
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trial facing criminal charges and accused of using funds to spread unrest in egypt. violent clashes have left dozens injured. the leaders have said they have no control over the courts. pod going on trial is a >> hood, the son of a rail hub, the transportation secretary. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather situation. we have rain that is supposed to move into night and be with us tomorrow morning. we are following a storm and the timing of it is something we're watching. we could cattail and desk-it could catch the tail end of the commute.
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is a little bit of rain this week and then mild temperatures and high clouds and sunshine. we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>james: cloudy as we head into the evening hours. wind speeds are still single-digit. by 10:00 p.m., a high wind advisory cough. 40, 50 and possibly 60 mi. per hour winds. after for the most part, wind gusts hikes cut possibly 50 mi. per hour. her before you will hear
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that loudly probably around 3:00 a.m.. we are looking for conditions to get more cloudy heading into the evening. we will have the 7 day around the bay have my next update. off >>erica: we are hot spot free for the moment. slow at the bay bridge approach coming from interstate 80. bass for freeway to berkeley in the area since
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march today, protesters are rallying against what they call hundreds of people were arrested last week. organizers are calling for a day of action. this afternoon, there will be hearings for those that were arrested. >>darya: new details about st. ignatius college prep, a high school that was closed down last week because of illness, it does reopen this morning.
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class's will be held after the mass illness forced it to close. the illness was a highly contagious normal virus. 300 students and faculty became ill because of it. the school's principal is urging students who are still ill to remain home for at least three days after symptoms stock. the teacher turned results and after accusations of abuse courts to for year-old students. the abuse was not sexual in nature. two teachers were a lot-just to teachers were arrested last week in there is a meeting with concerned parents tonight. a 38 year veteran teacher was charged last week with committing lewd acts
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against 23 students, some as young as six years old. days later another teacher was arrested on suspicion of fondling a to girls in the last time. >>mark: we're watching wall street. a drop on the dow jones on this monday morning. there are concerns about greece and a possible default on their debt. they missed another deadline today that was required for them to receive a more bailout money. in the dow is off 45, the as and the is also often enhanced >>darya: the giants are world tim as this morning. with the giants his enemies in catch on their final drive to take the lead. new-line manning to the perfect 38 yd pass down the sideline. eli manning was named this
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whole antibody for the second time. an exciting game. we will talk more about the game, the halftime show and commercials with gary radnich in about 10 minutes. >>mark: a hearing is held today to determine whether the suspect in a tucson shooting rampage should remain in a prison facility where he is forcibly being medicated for his mental issues. a psychologist says he believes he is still not competent to stand trial. it was a noted that his mental help seems to be improving. hook trailing -20 see the 20 >>darya: boeing is ordering inspections of its new 787 from one airplanes after finding a manufacturing problem. layers of composite materials were found on the fuselages and they have cracked because in the
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material to separate the. this was caused by incorrect assembly at one of the boeing plants. it is not expected to cause any short-term safety concerns. >>mark: a partial building collapse in oakland. we are going live to the scene coming up after the brief period of months so
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>>yoli: a call came in this morning reporting an explosion. we will speak to the
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lieutenant who can give us more of an explanation as to what will cause this in the first place. you have been able look at the building, was in fact an explosion? >> there was not so soon. it appears that the five fell away from the building because of decay. >> was there something it could have caused it other than the cake? >> there is no earthquake or anything of that nature of. it looks like it was just me in is very the cave. tough that is the only problem, the facade is fallen away.
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>> is it safe for people to go in? but in >> it cannot be opened to the public. it needs to be supported and the rock way--the what we need to be protected. they are closed for business until a determination can be made >>yoli: i should mention international is a busy street. one lane is taken away. this will be closed off indefinitely.
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>>darya: 7:40 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we are back with gary radnich talking everything super bowl. and of
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>>gary: the article reports, it looked like he just lost his balance. the idea was the ages let them score so that they could get the ball back. >>darya: 3d did try.
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the big hill mary could have been caught. it looked pretty close. >>gary: it looks like grand cousy, the guy who had been injured was the closest to just did not get there. >>darya: i loved the little guy. would head. he had a long here. he was sort of tiny compared to everyone else your it i found myself rooting for him. >>gary: and he scored a touchdown. darya guess, during the first half. >>gary: i believe that is the only touchdown he scored this entire year. >>gary: i thought that the game was a very well played. >>darya: it was low scoring. i felt like every time i looked i saw the ball dropping. it seemed like the ball was dropping a lot.
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>>gary: i do not remember one commercial that jumps out at me. >>darya: i actually picked out some of my favorites. in general, i did not like the beer commercials. in general i thought the naked girl if commercials were cheesy. the naked david beck, was just as cheesy. >>gary: maybe i was not paying attention, i do not even remember seeing that commercial. >>darya: the commercial without little scrapper dog was skewed. he kept bringing here for everybody.
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there he is. >>gary: every time i watch one of those i think to myself, is that worth 3.5 million? the >>darya: code spend 10 million, they had three of those animated commercials with the polar bears. >>darya: -just >>gary: that each and every year commercials seem to go up and up. they must work. >>darya: highlight the want for the voice with christina aguilera. i really enjoyed that commercial. >>gary: were there a lot of stars being used? >>darya: not so much.
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outside of back and, i am trying to think of the month. >>darya: i'd like the bunny once. i love the halftime show. it was a spectacle, the way that should be! you have an inside africa kind of its these shows together are really smart people. both were i thought she was really it.
7:50 am
when >>gary: it amazes me how quickly they get this data together. the house why >>gary: they do some of the highlights and then all the sudden, here they come.
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>>darya: does that make a difference between how we saw them play in the first half and the second half? >>gary: both teams came out but were on wheels
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>>darya: i noticed that the gary it was a curveball. hough my kids are asking me, do you have to watch for work? they know i do not like to watch.
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>>darya: i did some situps and some yoga during the first half of the game. or you haven't made progress the best felt inferior. zahara >>gary: do your kids watch the game? cahow >>darya: yes. half with this in
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>>gary: i am the opposite view. i would not want to go to the opera for five minutes. >>darya: 70 4:00 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>>mark: some unknown kids with superpowers took top of place at the box office. harry potter it and the the woman in black came in second place. in third place was of the gray. >>darya: of 7:57 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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for if
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>>mark: our story out of oakland, in 30 minutes occupy protesters are protesting in the four rooms were attorneys working with occupy oakland will present evidence of unlawful arrest. after this rally and another is scheduled for noon in front of city hall. jackie sissel is joining us from oakland where the rally will be held.
8:01 am
so far we have not seen any occupy protesters orr's supporters of those protesters. they called for a day of action. the first event was for is to kick off at 8:30 p.m. when supporters were arrested are supposed to be in court. right at that point they will go inside the courtroom and show their support for. and after that of,--after that, a noontime rally at frank ogawa plaza. so far we have not seen any of those groups yet. there was a line of people waiting to get into the courthouse but none of them identified himself as occupy protesters. obviously this is a developing story. we are expecting to be out here all dates. if anything does happen will
8:02 am
pass that along. >>darya: < a look at what if you read we are tracking the storm moving our way. >>mark: everyone will be getting it feels of welfare as the chances of rules the roost. there is a mix of cloud cover. that is what just about the entire bay area is dealing with how. this afternoon temperatures run around 61 and 63. things will get cloudy as we head into the evening. gear is a quick look at sky conditions. a lot of cloud cover offshore finance more on the way.
8:03 am
by 6:00 p.m. we should seek light rain. by 8:00 p.m. the entire coastline and portions of the east bay will see light rain. by 10:00 p.m. it will be bay area whites 3/5 by 10:00 p.m., have iran. tomorrow by 8:00 a.m. things will start to clear and by 11:00 a.m. for the full of it will be gone. for the weather returns to springlike conditions by wednesday. left
8:04 am
>>erica: we have slow and killed conditions. the san mateo bridge right has quieted down, mental delays on the approach itself. on the golden gate, major accidents or work. >>darya: oakland police are looking for the shooter and a drive by some that injured six people over the weekend. the three gunshot victims were found in the 300 of of adeline street. two more were dropped off at highland hospital later in the day. another shooting victim sought treatment around 4:00 p.m..
8:05 am
none of the injuries is life-threatening. >>mark: class is at st. ignatius press will be resuming after an illness court was told to shut down. it was a highly contagious and roll virus that sickened more than 300 students and factor faculty. the principal is urging students who are still set to remain at home for at least three days after their symptoms stock. >>darya: is special education teacher is accused of physically abusing young students. goshawk police say ongoing abuse involved two different voice on campus and it was not sexual in nature. for fifth class is are cancelled for today's at this southern california elementary school fog cleared to teachers have been arrested. the superintendent will meet with concerned parents about
8:06 am
the cases. a 38 year old veteran teacher is charged with committing a lewd acts against 23 students, some as young as six years old. before we days later, off another teacher was arrested on suspicion of fondling to girls. half is >>mark: the giants are suitable champions again after winning against the patriots for a second time in five years. coming up we will show you the cash at helped the giants take the lead. giants fans are very excited and celebrating in times square with a big rig parade
8:07 am
will be held tomorrow in boston all--will be held tomorrow. with and boston, students at university of massachusetts amherst to to the streets after the click is lost. if students rioted. police were setting off a flash small bombs and several people were arrested. >>darya: , we are back with more in a couple of minutes. thank you for joining us. qwikster 6 ft. outside, so far so good at the golden gate. traffic is light at the moment cocked
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>>mark: the dow is down over it be points right at the opening bell. concerns again of a default by greece. >>darya: new this morning, the u.s. embassy in damascus have to close fifth diplomats have been pulled out of syria. the president says it is important to resolve ongoing
8:11 am
conflict without outside military intervention. protests have been calling for the syrian president to step down. protests have been deadly this month. >>mark: a live look outside on this monday morning. we will be right back after this break. it is back to work in the back-to-school period the traffic is really slow right now, 680 southbound is bumper-to-bumper from 24 to laguarta road.
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>>darya: the man suspected in the disappearance of his wife in utah's two years it'll blow up his house if killing himself and his cusco unclear--killing himself and his two sons. q. was unsupervised visits. they believe he intentionally set an explosion. a caseworker had brought the boys over for a supervised visit and police say that dad tried the police inside and calotte the case worker out, a few minutes later, this fiery blast. they believe he is also responsible for the boy's mother even though her body has never been found.
8:15 am
>>mark: of bowling is ordering inspections of their 77 free minors after finding in manufacturing problem. the composite material that makes of the fuselages have crackled lost rehouse stop you, the issue was caused by incorrect assembly. the problem is not expected to cause any safety issues. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather in and lend their rain it is going to come. >>james: this storm is going to be higher than the one we had last week. the bulk of the rain will fall while you were sleeping. here is a live look out in walnut creek. visibility is critical here. patchy cloud cover. here is the breakdown moi, if you are along the shorelines, temperatures are
8:16 am
anywhere from 43-47. this afternoon, 64-66 around the media bay. this evening temperatures will drop into the fifth year have white crack it will get heavy to midnight and beyond here is where some are all over the bay area. a mix of '40's and upper thirties throughout the east bay
8:17 am
>>mark: here is a wide view on the satellite. a lot of cloud cover and pops of light rain. more weather in a minute. >>erica: we have made significant progress on the
8:18 am
bay bridge. the end of the backup is stretching just past the end of the law. there are no major police. the metering lights are cycled on. is improving conditions on the bay bridge. the same for the san mateo bridge. >>erica: then we do not have any major hot spots though we do have some slow and go conditions on westbound 580 coming off of the optima past. on southbound 60, is the a lot how it hurrians traffic is hardly moving a southbound.
8:19 am
i haven't checked with the chp, there are no accidents to report. we have the latest conditions coming down the east shore freeway. the red on the screen indicates speeds down to just 10 mi. per hour in some areas. very sluggish conditions. the drive time has skyrocketed recently to 20 minutes from hercules to partly. >>darya: in the south bay a man is behind bars after kidnapping his ex- girlfriend. he forced his girlfriend into her car and drove her to milipitas hungary it she was able to escape but investigators say he tracked her down and attacked the heart and a knife and tried to ram their car. he was taken into custody soon after. coquelin >>mark: three gunshot victims were found around
8:20 am
4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. they may have been connected to the shooting. another shooting victims sought treatment after 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. none of the injuries were considered life-threatening. >>darya: another victim was found yesterday afternoon. is that 21 year-old was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead curious >>mark: a quick break. the kron4 news is with you until 10:00 a.m.. a live look outside. we are watching the clouds gather and waiting for the storm to rowland.
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third half of >>mark: here is the current view from the bay bridge.
8:24 am
the sun is up is. we have high clouds. let's walk you through what we are expecting weather wise. fax this morning, temperatures were chilly. cloudy and cold clear if this afternoon mid-60s. 64-cell 6 is the general temperature. temperatures will be dropping back down to below destrier these and showers expected between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. here. full late the bulk of it will be out of your hair before the committee tomorrow. this satellite view is thinking of light rain way offshore. half saugh
8:25 am
>>darya: let's take a look at the big board. stocks are edging lower in the early trading as talks are dragging on between greek political leaders who are arguing over austerity measures gift for the company to receive more bailout loans. the instability of dragging down numbers on wall street. >>mark: rescue efforts in the philippines, rescuers are digging through collapsed fell to reach
8:26 am
people. another 44 the 15 years ahead. >>mark: despite threats to cut off aid, the 19 americans are headed to trial in egypt accused of using either legal funds to spread unrest in egypt. clashes have left more-- clashes that left more than one dozen dead. one of the 19 americans on trial is the son of the u.s. transportation secretary. >>darya: with the operator of the focus in a nuclear plants as the temperature in the no. 2 reactor is high
8:27 am
hecks despite the injection of water. they have injected more than 10 t of water per hour this morning in an effort to remove the reactor. that the company responsible for cooling the reactors that the flow of water may have changed if after plumbing work causing difficulties. rescue workers in pakistan are trying to reach more than 60 people who were trapped in a collapse of medicine factory, at least four people are reported dead. the factory had been set illegally and caved in after gas cylinders inside exploded. third >>mark: we will be right back after a brief period of
8:28 am
how de
8:29 am
>>darya: we are just about
8:30 am
at the time where we should see activity in oakland. occupy protesters are protesting what they call police brutality. activists are saying that they will attack quorums where attorneys representing protesters are going to be saying that these or unlawful arrests made. jackie sissel is live in oakland of waiting to see anything happen. law >>jackie: there are some people out in front but we are unsure if they are protesters were supporters. they are expected to go inside with the ad shows
8:31 am
support. call who arraignments are expected to start around 2:00 p.m.. the irony is that the court house is directly across the street. >>darya: if you are trying to get into this area of all
8:32 am
to do some business, and will keep an eye out there if anything happens. >>mark: we're waiting for a storm. the storms had been hit and clark's lead. that's a high wind advisory has been a 10:00 p.m. tonight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. sustained winds anywhere from long 10-50 mi. per hour. it will be blustery tonight. the satellite shows cloud cover overhead. we also have light rain being registered on the radar. we will not see any substantial rain until later this evening, probably around 6:00 p.m..
8:33 am
cesium his halt ye in los
8:34 am
and knee yes alaska helen ladd while hanson traffic is tied up on the east shore freeway. n.v. of the hercules-a burglar riot has jumped to 36 minutes. as we check out other slow and to go conditions, northbound 101, is slow traffic interchange. northbound 280, speeds have dropped to under 25 mi. per hour. minor injuries reported.
8:35 am
>>mark: class is at st. ignatius college presents an francisco are resuming after and all this forced the school to shut down. this is the highly contagious new-line virus is was it and if more than 300 students and faculty. the principle is still urging students who feels it to remain at home for at least three days after symptoms stock. >>darya: set >>darya: classes are canceled today and tomorrow at this elementary school in southern california after two teachers were arrested.
8:36 am
two teachers were arrested, one after photographing students in bondage photos. another was arrested on suspicion of fondling to girls in his class. >>mark: the giants are once again the super bowl champions. they have now won with two super bowls in the last five years. like that famous game in 2008, it was an amazing catch on their final drive that gave >> the lead. the big cats was eli manning throwing a perfect 38 yd pass. the cast of held on a replay after a challenge from the patriots. this led do is to a 6 yd touchdown run for the giants
8:37 am
to take the lead. eli manning was it named mvp for the second time. >>darya: craig 30 7:00 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside fat the golden gate. traffic is moving well in. we have high clouds but it is not raining yet. we will be right back. it's such a tough...
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arrested osprey nest after the ran over by a car, she died at a hospital. concluded that gives san jose exit of is our productivity, they would need 400 fewer officers and the city would save $60 million. the study also says that firefighter exact a it was in this free analysis from ibm and will have a city council meeting to talk about the results. police and firefighters' unions are blasting this study saying that the mayor
8:46 am
is not making public safety top party. >>mark: stands a rosa police are looking for a shooter. they responded to a halt on clark street at all sorts of gunfire. witnesses told police they saw a man leaving the apartment and driving away in a silver compact car. >>darya: let's get a look at the weather. if caught clinical look it
8:47 am
8:48 am
>>mark: it is going to be blustery overnight. and we have landed and rain this healing and the brightest star of morning free for is a live view from the satellite kif a lot of cloud cover. his face you fifth left florida is acutely aware >>erica: i am still tracking a couple of minor slowdown hot spots around the bay area. on our last jet we saw a lot of red on the screen indicating seeds under 25 mi. per hour. it looks like 10 mi. per hour is of the slowest speed. northbound 280, a minor injury accident blocking the slow lane. on the east shore freeway, slow and go conditions out of pinole to the 85/80 split. no major accidents to report.
8:49 am
speeds are down to just 12 mi. per hour in the slowest spots theory allow yourself extra time. the ride is clocking in at 31 minutes from hercules to berkeley. here at the approach to the bridge we have metering lights to deal with, but no backup whatsoever. the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic is moving well, just 14 minutes from and end. conditions on the golden gate show heavier volume and flow of traffic out of the north bay but pretty good conditions with speeds averaging 40 mi. are at work. >>mark: facebook users who have not switched to timeline will have to do so soon. gabe slate tells us what it is about. >>gabe: facebook will require people to switch to the new profile format known as timeline. timeline is essentially a scrapbook of your life
8:50 am
compared with a snapshot of you today. once activated, a time line replaces the current profile. some people have voluntarily switches, initially timeline it was not mandatory but we know now that all users will have to switch. when your time is up, facebook will contact you through your profile telling you to do the change. the news ticker is indifferent. if you find certain things that you want back, i have a listing of a step-by-step directions on how to get back the five most complained about features that timeline to kuwait. >>gabe: i am giving away game starter packs.
8:51 am
to enter to win it visit my facebook page, like me and look for the sweepstakes tabs on the left side. good luck. >>darya: let's talk superable as the new york giants are the champions of this morning. madonna provided a big halftime show. she was very entertaining. she had troops with her, she had a marketing man she had a choir and some big pop stars. it was great. she sang some old songs and some new songs. there were no wardrobe malfunctions.
8:52 am
>>mark: and their was the trouble. cost >>darya: it was a great show and this a fun game all around. some of the commercials could have been better. our horses it i cannot think of a better way to spend my sunday. whoops >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes. this year is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the traffic is light, it is cloudy but not foggy.
8:53 am
8:54 am
" how death of but
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8:56 am
>>mark: the dow jones is up 41 points as concerns about greece and whether or not they will be able to pay their bills. they missed another deadline today to receive their next round of bailout money. today raises the possibility that they're getting closer to a strategic default. that concerns just about everyone on wall street. >>darya: what is the weather like? today, it is cloudy but there is no rain. that is moving into night and it definitely tomorrow it will be raining everywhere. steady and to windy. it will rain all day tomorrow but then this clears up it will get back
8:57 am
to 60 by thursday. >>mark: 60 years ago today when a 25 year-old woman became queen of england. queen elizabeth the second if labatt home and told by winston churchill that her father had passed. it was 60 years ago today that elizabeth became queen elizabeth the second. in an open letter to clean things the public for wonderful support the it incurred. >>darya: over the weekend at the chronicle was the number-one movie making a $22 million. kids gains telekinetic abilities. as daniel radcliffe's was and the ghost story the woman and black. that made 21 million.
8:58 am
a distant third was a movie called the grave. that was with liam neeson. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
8:59 am
9:00 am
and cause serta hi hal hartley are falling thick air out of oakland. occupy protesters arts career rally and kansas is on holiday which shish brutality nearly 400 hall were arrested. active businesses say they're going to pack or rooms where attorneys working with occupy oakland will present evidence of unlawful arrest. another rally is scheduled at noon.
9:01 am
jackie sissel has been watching what happened this morning. >>jackie: a few of them have gathered out friends, there are probably 15-20 protesters arrested. most of these arraignments are scheduled to start around 9:00 a.m..
9:02 am
>>mark: here is a live feed from walnut creek. >>james: some high clouds and a decent sunshine. here is an idea of what we are expecting. when i clouds and mild temperatures would mean the forties around the bay. this afternoon, low-mid-60s and partly cloudy to start with. the clouds build as we hit into the evening is on the first raindrops' ball. we may get a sprinkle earlier on but right now the
9:03 am
main front will push in by 6:00 p.m.. by the pm into the peninsula and some portions of the east bay will get wet. by 10:00 p.m., bay area wide light rain with heavier stuff coming into view. what is the furnished towards 3:00 a.m.. heavy rain. by 8:00 p.m. us that are still getting bits and pieces. and it had a legal here in their throughout most of the day on tuesday. the bulk of it will be out of our here by tuesday morning. into the weekend, high weather returns and temperatures in the afternoon will be back in the mid-upper 60s. >>erica: for the past half- hour i have been tracking the east shore freeway as a slowdown hot spot.
9:04 am
there are no major accidents but drive times are longer than usual. for speeds are down to just 15 mi. to hour and some of the slowest saw fit you can also make up for lost time by using the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza a curious house how there are no backups to speak of. traffic is moving smoothly of the incline in the hall for death. cooks should >>darya: st. ignatius college park in san francisco, the high school was closed last week but is resuming class's today after an illness closed the schools to shut down. neural virus making 300 students and faculty senate and forcing the closure of the school.
9:05 am
the school is urging students to remain home for at least three days after symptoms stock. och och how eckhardt alba
9:06 am
was an >>darya: the giants are the world to indians in this morning. new england comeback bid fell short. if the giants have now won two super bowl titles in the last five years and four of them overall. the final score was 21-17. there is eli manning as he raises the trophy. coming up we will show you catch that helped the giants to take the lead and also talk about the near a record readings. >>darya: here is an overhead shot of times square. a victory parade will be held on tuesday. everyone there is happy and
9:07 am
everyone in boston is not happy. police threw flash from soft into the crowd. if they actually started writing after the patriots lost. about 1500 students rioted on campus after the patriots lost. from for the use a non lethal ammunition to settle down crowds. >>mark: worries over a strategic deep fault with greece. the dow is down to 12,818. for is a live look at the james lick in san francisco.
9:08 am
the morning commute is winding down and the crowds- just the clouds are rolling in if
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>mark: a fiery blast leveled a home for this man who is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of a woman in utah. he had monitored visits in
9:12 am
the what the boys inside, shortly after their arrest explosion. >>darya: protesters have been calling for the president's assyria to step down. protests have been deadly. the u.s. embassy in syria will be closing. on the golden gate, traffic is nice and quiet. a cloudy start today. it is not raining yet. we will be right back.
9:13 am
third phfft staff skills
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course they all will pay
9:15 am
roughly >>darya: of on kron4 at 3:00 p.m. on weekdays, the doctors. we have one of the doctors here to talk about one of the shows that is coming up. >> good morning. >>darya: should i call use dr. andrew? >> you can call me anything. >>darya: i was looking at a couple of the show topics. one of them was how to look
9:16 am
better in general. another one was how to make your hands look younger. >> a lot of people focus on the face which is great. that is what most people see, but as we age, our hands get a lot of sun exposure. we lose volume in our hands. on the show, we talk about things you can do to give yourself more youthful hands. >>darya: does it cost money? >> a little bit. it is common sense. it's the same way you get yourself a good skin care program on your face, do the same thing for your hands. ms. jordan put sunscreen on and moisturize, general exfoliation. a little bit of a glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids on your hands. >>darya: it also said how to
9:17 am
breathe better? >> breeding is good, right? you want to bring in high- quality oxygen. we talk about breeding techniques. it is it part of the relaxation, deep breathing and being aware of your breathing. we give you tips. >>darya: one more caught my eye, about how to get hormones in control. are you talking about natural ways or with drugs? >> that is our big warm olive show, he just misses dr. lisa before us are still practicing doctors. but wednesday's show is all about hormones and lee said gets into with on the women's side, the man should listen in also. the need to know how those hormones work. she talks about menopause, a hormone replacement, file
9:18 am
identical replacement, she talks about the prevalence of cali cystic overeat disease and hormonal imbalance related to people because more and more people are overweight. we get into it on the men's sipes we do not talk about hormones that often. testosterone levels can decrease as men age. it is important to monitor that. we talk about the symptoms demand should look for and when it they would be candid it's to give their testosterones a little bit of a boost. >>darya: thank you. >>mark: let's get an update on the storm that is coming in. >>james: of year is a look outside. this is a live shot from the roof. so far, so good.
9:19 am
>>james: this afternoon, things warm up nicely. we will have rain, intense at times overnight. it is going to be what tomorrow morning. here is where temperatures are right now. upper 40's and a lot of the south bay. it is still chilly in santa rosa. most of the bay area is beginning to warm up nicely with temperatures in the mid-60s. 65 in antioch and livermore. the same for oakland. if you are living in the north bay, 62 for san rafael, 64 novato, you get the idea, low-mid-60's off throughout much of the wine
9:20 am
country. we are expecting rain but before that the winds will really begin to kick up. we have a high wind advisory in effect from 10:00 p.m. tonight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. look at all of these colors. you up for full and some slots of red. when dusk will be 40-60 mi. per hour. the wind will taper off as we head towards 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.. it will be howling. the good news is, if you do not like the rain it will last one day. we are looking for the main event happened tonight.
9:21 am
>>erica: we are not tracking any hot spots around the bay area. the commute has turned the corner, we have seen rapid improvement for a much everywhere. traffic is moving well from all of the approaches. we still have metering lights to deal with. a small way in some of the cash lane is that speeds it up on the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge ride is looking good in both directions, 14 minutes from end to end. on the golden gate, very few cars on the stand headed southbound. if picking up on the traffic maps i want to focus on conditions in the east bay. a few minutes ago i saw a lot of red on westbound 580 and northbound 880 indicating speeds down to just 25 mi. per hour. in the last couple of minutes we have seen the red turn to delay giving speeds up to 40 mi. per hour. as we take a closer look at conditions along the peninsula, there are no
9:22 am
problems to report for the bayshore freeway. it looks like interstate 280 is a problem free. >>mark: a drive-by shooting injured people over the weekend. police are now saying they have a person of interest that has been detained. three gunshot victims were found at his home yesterday afternoon. two additional victims were dropped off at highland hospital later in the day. they may have also been connected to the shooting. none of the injuries are considered life threatening. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness ave that shows you the clouds will have an san francisco. no rain yet. we will be right back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
o'clock >>mark: officials in greece are under pressure, they just missed a deadline and that the threat of the deep ball hangs over the country.
9:26 am
the prime minister says that the leaders of greece have agreed on the main elements needed to secure emergency loans for the european union and international monetary fund. new this morning nicolas sarkozy is speaking out and urging greece to adopt new austerity measures. >> we have been working on this for months. we are not going to accept the figure. we want this agreement. we also stress that considerable measures have been put into motion to help greece out of this situation that it is in today. >>mark: greece has to finalize the terms of a bailout. the next round of funding in order to avoid an all but certain default on the $14.5 billion in bonds that are due in march. the concern is that a disorderly default could lead to a financial crisis
9:27 am
that could shop for global economy. >>darya: of bowling is ordering inspections of its streamliner claims after finding a manufacturing problem. they found layers of a composite material on the fuselages of the plane. it's is a materials have separated. they say it is because of incorrect assembly serious it is not expected to cause any short-term safety concerns. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minetta. let's look at things on the bay bridge. free and clear. easy and light traffic. visibility is not too bad. seoul
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: in a developing story out of oakland, protesters are beginning to rally against police brutality.
9:30 am
they are in oakland in response to this in january 28th day where there were on lawful arrest speak. there are calling today a day of action to protest what happened then. they are planning on packing or rooms were attorneys are representing those that were arrested. they're claiming unlawful arrest. after this morning's rally there is another rally set for noon in front of city hall. let's take a live look outside of the court house. right now it is quiet in oakland. haaziq madyun is there now and has the latest on what protesters are hoping to accomplish today. >>haaziq: i am here outside of the courthouse, there are a few dozen occupy protesters that have gathered in support of those arrested back on january 4th. the arraignments are scheduled today. the plan is to ask the judge to disrupt the artist. across the board the charges appear to be for obstruction
9:31 am
of a pharaoh feared. off for testers say they will mark for the courthouse fan support of those arraigned later this afternoon. if phil >>mark: here is another factor on whether with gains. for >>james: here is the view from the roof camera this morning. at city hall, blue skies and clouds. a lot of people are seeing overcast conditions. fifties and forties is the temperature range. cahow awhile
9:32 am
>>james: bay area wide agreement by 8:00 p.m.. by 3:00 a.m. it will be covered just about every quarter of the bay area. rain will be with us until 8:00 a.m. and then start to break up. my 11 a and we should see the bulk of the rain move on. by 11:00 a.m. on tuesday is what we expect defined to pass us by. we're looking for rain levels anywhere from 1 in.-2 in.. it will be a decent rainmaker although not too long lasting. by wednesday it will be nothing but a memory. mild weather will be firmly back over the bay area will
9:33 am
warm conditions and sunny skies through the weekend. >>erica: the commute is essentially over. we do not have any delays to speak out. we did see some sluggish conditions along the east shore freeway westbound but it looks like speeds have picked up there to 45 mi. per hour. if you are taking a 80, that looks good. the ride has climbed back down to just 10 minutes. the san mateo bridge ride is a problem free. we have an accident free throughout the morning. the ride is 14 minutes from end to end. the golden gate shows a lot of space between cars and a pretty decent ride coming out of the north bay pass the bottle and highway 37. coming up in my next report a look at traffic maps. >>mark: clashes--class is at
9:34 am
st. ignatius college prep have resumed. the health department is now confirming that it was in fact the highly contagious neural virus that sickened more than 300 students and faculty. the principle is urging students who are still feeling symptoms to remain home for at least three days. >>darya: and other news around the bay, redwood city police have arrested a special-education teacher accused of physically abusing young students. she taught developmental disabled children and autistic children at roosevelt elementary school. police say there was ongoing abuse involving 24 year-old boys on campus, although the abuse was not sexual in nature. glasses are cancelled for today and tomorrow at this southern california elementary school where two teachers were arrested last week. one of them for taking pictures of kids bondage in
9:35 am
his class and. 838 year veteran teacher was charged last week with committing lewd acts on 23 students, some as young as six. days later, another teacher was arrested on suspicion of fondling to girls in his classroom. with >>mark: a hearing is being held to determine whether the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage should remain in a mental facility where he is forcibly being medicated. it was noted that his mental health is improving. he has pleaded not guilty to 49 charges stemming from the 2011 shooting
9:36 am
>> in line manning was named super bowl mvp for the second time. caught tax has -- viewership was at its highs when the giants rallied for
9:37 am
the women in the fourth quarter. asked if >>darya: of those games had bigger viewership divisible? >> we are getting readings in from boston and new york right now. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look in walnut creek. traffic is nice and white. we will be right back.
9:38 am
cut hal
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9:40 am
>>mark: in a building as
9:41 am
rescuers are trying to reach people who are trapped in after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. there are 40 people missing and some of the dead from were students. a cannot reach many remote villages because of damaged roads and bridges. despite threats to cut all aid to egypt there are 19 americans headed to trial facing criminal charges. they are accused of using illegal funds to spread unrest. clashes have left dozens dead and thousands injured. the military claims that foreign hands are behind the demonstrations. one of the 19 americans under arrest is the son of the u.s. transportation secretary relive it. >>darya: rescue workers and pakistan are trying to reach
9:42 am
more than 60 people trapped in a collapsed madison at 3. at least four people are reported dead. officials say the factory had been set up illegally and caved in after a gas cylinder exploded inside. the operator of the fukushima nuclear plants as temperature in the number to reactor remains high. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is nice and light. it looks like visibility it's pretty good.
9:43 am
from bob
9:44 am
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9:46 am
>>james: rv's one last look at what it. high clouds and sunshine. you'll see that clouds will be a factor all along. currently cloudy and cold conditions. this afternoon, 64-66. partly cloudy. as we head towards the be, really overcast. mid-60's for most of the east bay and south bay here
9:47 am
if the month by 6:00 p.m., light rain beginning to got your but this is run expect the bulk of the wet weather to push through. by 8:00 p.m., everyone will be dealing with light rain. in some spots, heavy rain. everyone has a shot at heavy rain, 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. thankfully, he will be sleeping or hall of the rain. but by 8:00 a.m. things
9:48 am
start to get better. we might have a pop up shower here or there but all in all it is not too bad. wednesday and the rest of the week of the. look reat. racks " >>erica: traffic is the ceiling from all three of the approaches. the cemetery in driver she is good to go.
9:49 am
ahead and drive times are now 22 minutes from novato to sentences go. >>mark: and concord woman died after being run over by a car in a dry wit. she was dead end of runway when the car started rolling backwards. she attempted to stop the vehicle and was trapped underneath. cost >>darya: a free ibm record
9:50 am
shows that the san jose could do with fewer firefighters and police officers. opinions have said that the mayor is not making public it the top priority. >>mark: a woman was shot and killed in her home on clark street. the witnesses told police that they saw a man leaving the apartment. he was between 35-40 years old and a driving a silver compact car. >>darya: a man was shot and killed in san jose last night, on blackford ave. he was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex and had one gunshot wound. the 21 year-old died at santa clara valley medical center. so far, police have no suspects. in the south bay a man is kidnapped--is accused of kidnapping his ex- girlfriend, police say he forced his girlfriend into her car, she was able to get
9:51 am
away and phone a friend to pick her up. investigators say he tracked down her and the friend, attacked the friend with a knife and rammed their car. he was caught soon after. >>mark: we will be right back. here is a live look at the james lick freeway. clouds are rolling in. traffic is light with no major delays.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>mark: the modest drop in in the markets. the dow is off 34 to 12,008 and 28. everyone waiting to see if greece can make their deadline.
9:55 am
>>darya: they say money cannot buy love, tell that to americans who shot up an estimated 17 billion for valentine's day. the average person stands at $126. that is up nearly 9% from last year. -- the average person spends $126. females tended to spend $86 while men averaged $170. the number one most popular gift is jewelry, that reaches 4 billion. the second most popular is a night out. both of those are good ideas. billions more are spent on flowers, candy and clothing. >>mark: and get the flowers this week, they're cheaper. that is just my advice. >>mark: 60 years ago today, a 25 year-old woman became
9:56 am
the queen of england, after news that her father died. queen elizabeth the second coming here she is as a part of a celebration marking her six decades on the front. the celebrations continue through june. in an open letter she thing to the public for their wonderful support and encouragement. >>darya: look at the grand entrance madonna had. you would think she was a queen. it was very exciting! she did a great job. she had a ton of dancers and ellen fao showed up. that was fun. nikki minaj, she got a moment as well.
9:57 am
>>mark: the chronicle debuted at number one this weekend. daniel radcliff yen is a woman in black came in second place with 21 millionth, both of those movies the head of the other great with liam neeson for. >>darya: let's take a look at the forecast. we are waiting for their rain to start tonight. it is going to be what tomorrow morning and will rain all day long. the things they're a pretty quickly and we have a nice rest of the week. >>mark: think you for joining us, we will see you
9:58 am
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