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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 8, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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getting more aggressive in their tactics to steal your online information. >>pam: dangerous roadways, take a look at the scene around some of the bridges. this was the scene of the san mateo bridge. moving to the bay bridge, almost a white out. this was a situation many people face as they stood in line lines waiting for metering lights. this is the fog was the reason for the delay. you can see the thick clouds hovering around the upper and lower debt. the chp says drivers for going too fast or falling too closely that likely cause a massive a string of accidents on highway 37 this morning. maureen kelly shows us the damage.
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>> vehicles with smashed in front end and dented bumpers were scattered along highway 37 outside vallejo starting around 7:45 a.m.. in total, 31 vehicles were involved in 11 separate collisions. there were four people hurt and one a sustained injuries.
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>> clan glad i was not a part of the accident. >>jaqueline: we're going to get more fog but lemond be as bad as we saw out there this morning. things will be fairly widespread began late-- mostly in the north bay, the inland valleys and the delta. a little bit of a fog along the peninsula and into the south bay. that should move on quickly. by 8:00 a.m. fog is lingering to the north bay
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and this is where i think things will be the most dense. it's the majority of the affiliate's will be clear by 8:00 a.m.. these times are a little bit exaggerated. temperatures overnight will be fairly mild. temperatures in the '40's and a number of places. into the afternoon things will warm up nicely. temperatures will be in the upper 60s by noon. >>pam: new details about security leaks in oakland. we told you about the online
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activist group anonymous posting personal information on line on a number of oakland city officials. fred happened in response to what the organization claims this city's dismantling of the occupy protests. the personal information for several people was libby's including the mayor, police chief, city attorney had city it will raider. how the information included e-mail addresses, all of us, or base, data lowry, a property value storehouse anonymous may be intimidating other members of the group. members are now finding that they are now being harassed by anonymous.
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>> i am now in the league with the city council and city administrators, the attorney and steve jordan. all of my personal stuff is now all over the internet from anonymous. am i scared? i am not. am i angry? yes. if hamite prepare from any fallout, yes. >> if they are starting to do something like this that means they are anarchists and terrorists. >> the first thing i did was send it to the police that they have a record of it and i am keeping a copy of the call so that i have experienced we traced the call to a cell phone out of texas. we're doing our research. jeff pierce and lost death lists of protesters say they have received a lot of positive feedback for.
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>>grant: occupy protests if have posted information about the group's stand for oakland would some recognizable public figures. anonymous is taking credit for this. the anonymous claims to have a look into the background and claims that nancy is opposing occupy oakland for her own political gain. as we scroll to the bottom, you can see that anonymous and with this. this is not the only issue going on in the hacking world.
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side passages have become increasingly bold. >>grant: you might remember this picture. bart police officers that were posted on line. that was last summer. this week, oakland city officials worked hard. an ominous message coupled with the release of personal information. in the past week online outlaws have to cut the messages between the fbi and scotland yard. they took down the ball least web site.
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third >>craig: and not all of the hacks are for political gain. some tried to extort money harder sphere if >>pam: this latest cyber attacks is just one and a series for the city. recent occupy protests led to a violent clash. capoot tonight, oakland to mary jean quan will address issues in her first state of the city address.
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her >>caller: the mayor is just hours away from giving her first state of the city address. among them, oakland she is expected to address the occupy oakland issues. tonight's address is scheduled to begin here at city hall at 7:00 p.m.. >>pam: there are fewer drugs on the streets of east palo alto and menlo park. that is after the fbi and local agencies cracked down on a group of individuals they say supply drugs to a number of gangs. it is a part of a two-year investigation.
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>> search warrants were served in four different counties. nearly 30 people were arrested. large quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine is, weapons and money were seized. the 26 people arrested were charged with multiple felonies including secession of a controlled substance with intent to convert stashed-distribute. >>pam: the san francisco sheriff accused of domestic violence will not be allowed to visit his young son. a judge ruled that mirkirimi can see his son for two hours on each weekday and for six hours of the weekend. his wife spoke out calling today a good date.
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a stay away or prevented mirkirimi from having contact with his wife handed that does remain in effect. scarce house prosecutors say he grabbed in a bruise to his wife during an argument. >>pam: coming up, a father blows up his home with his two sons inside. we have a frantic call for help. however her airport security will soon be much less of a hassle. the owner of the oakland a's speaks out about taking the team to the south bay.
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or call kron4 call when baha'i of one
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>>pam: is one to get easier to get to airport security.
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of tsa is increasing its pre-tax program. it is now will to be extended to 28 states including as the boat. " to qualify, passengers have to be frequent fliers in participating airlines and willing to share for her small home for hall said. collectively
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>>catherine: the tsa says they will still used random security checks even for pre checked passengers. roughly 336 called thousand passengers have been screened for the program. as the pope is scheduled to see a part of this sometime later this year. in washington state, investigation has been launched into how the 91 dispatcher handle a call from a frantic social worker. it all happened this is weekend in the minutes and leading up to this fire and explosion. the fire was said by joshed
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power. he lost his voice inside of the home and they died along with him. you will hear a part of the first phone call the social worker made and how she reacted after the explosion. with >> i am on a supervised visitation for a court- ordered visit. something really weird has happened. the kids went into the house and the biological parents, his name is josh how will. he will not let me in the door. i want to pull out of the driveway, i small gasoline but evil laugh let me in. sphene fast-i smelled gasoline but he will not let me in. >>catherine: in the loss earth
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>>jaqueline: it was a foggy this morning but that had given way to sunshine. year is a look at your temperatures from today. overnight we will see fog return. otherwise, mostly clear conditions will temperatures
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in the '40's overnight. into the afternoon, sunny and warmer than today. cox >>jaqueline: the rain is well offshore. kron4 with a better chance
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for rain over the weekend. here is a look at your extended forecast. a chance of sprinkles mainly in the north bay. next week, a couple of chances of rain. announcer: it is time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. real evidence indicating that the apple television might the coming school market this year. best buy conducted a private survey asking customers what they would be willing to spend from altadena. that survey lee demanded is full of information. the survey revealed detailed specs and ask people what they would be willing to pay. wait until you hear the starting price. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. and i will tell you all about it in my tech report.
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>>pam: walnut creek is cutting all the party short at one of the city's nightclubs. they unanimously voted retrochoir this established all locusts streak to close at 11:30 p.m. for at least the next 90 days. police say they have received 80 phone calls mostly to the high, san jose police released photographs of the suspect that you see pictured here pulled a gun, and demanded money and pulled off with the cash. no one was hurt during a robbery. we will be right back.
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>>catherine: coming up, the oakland a's.
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the woolly mammoth, the proof that some say shows the huge animal is still roaming the earth. plus, stanley roberts takes us to copper co. >>stanley: modern-day pirates living in san francisco. i'll will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>pam: the professional sports landscape instead of they could look different in a couple of years. today, we are hearing information about an oakland a's moved to san jose. >>grant: here is what we do know, the sharks play at the eats the pavilion. the san jose earthquakes are hoping that their soccer stadium will be a green light it later this month. that would be built next to
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the airport. the airport and city would be right about there. the owner of the earthquakes in the athletics are targeting a stadium site just south of the pavilion where the sharks play. that is where the oakland a's would like to build a ballpark. we have animation of what in oakland a's ballpark would look like. the team is a leading for approval for major league baseball, but today, the team's owner sounded like a man who has his heart set on relocating to the south bay. >> what we want is a new baseball stadium that would be fun to go to every day. we could not get it in oakland or fremont and if we have the opportunity to have a clear, that would be great for us. >>craig: he was speaking at the san jose rotary club. he said he has not heard
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from the city of oakland about recent efforts to keep the team in oakland. >>catherine: >>pam: police in hayward are trying to figure out what happened to a person found dead near train tracks there. at this point detectives think the man was killed, but where and when is a mystery. >>will: body was found around 7:00 a.m. in that area. we do not know how the body got there, but we can say with certainty that he probably was not hit by a free trade. those tracks, according to the sheriff's department, those strikes have not been used by a freight train in at least 10 years. service vehicles come through from time to time, but that is probably not the reason he died. all we know is the person is an african-american man. we do not know his name or age at this time. we did talk to a couple of
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people who live around here who said the eeriest for its dash dash to the area underneath there is a canal. >>jaqueline: tomorrow afternoon, it will be warmer the what we saw today. we could see some places in the '70s. warm weather tomorrow with changes this weekend. it's yeah chances of rain this weekend. temperatures to they were in the '60s. 10 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. temperatures are cooling down slightly right now. fairly mild this afternoon. once the sun comes down we will start to cool off.
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fog into tomorrow morning. data and the chance of rain friday through the weekend. >>catherine: that was craig skalar getting a little too close the water of the sixth. huge waves crashing over the seawall. and this is a familiar scene from along the coast today. >>craig: this is the view of the tremendous waves from pacifica. swells, according to the national weather center, reached upwards of 13-16 ft. and 18 ft. all the way to monterey. huge waves like something out of hawaii 5 vote. you can see the pier getting slashed by the waves.
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and be on alert if you are out there. it is very dangerous at this point. >>catherine: the violence in hysteria is so bad that people do not feel safe in their own homes. there are reports that unarm to families have been killed in their houses overnight by government forces. entire neighborhoods destroyed, people on the run and anti-government activists say the situation is worse than people realize. the crackdown on protesters has been going on for 11 months. there are estimates that 6000 people have died. 29 chinese construction workers kidnapped in sudan are now free. this is their arrival in nairobi. rebels kidnapped these men last month. one died and 18 others escaped. china is a big investor in sudan. he
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>>catherine: the deep freeze in europe has killed hundreds of people. >>pam: a woman at nearly escapes a fiery inferno and in animals ought to be extinct was found alive in siberia. >> a check this out.
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a professional driver had extremely close call with a deer. he was test driving a new toyota sign on and you can see the deer bound into the road. the driver says he was coming around a curve and saw a black figure prancing towards the road. he hit the brakes it was a few feet away as the deer- across. it's take a look at this british tabloid that is reporting that this is a footage of a woolly mammoth. the animal was apparently found last summer while wading through river in siberia. some has dismissed this as fake. others say it is destined powell said that is lost. we would like to know you think.
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>>pam: the dow is up almost six. >> tech stocks did well. the greek prime minister coming up with a final settlement. on the market has a long way to go. a lot of the resolutions out of greece should be positive. there is nothing really driving the market perce. a little bit of earnings
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here and there. >>catherine: when the buses go? >> this is a company, san jose based. the dividend a little bit. they made a turnaround late last year. there are a video technology and services company. last year we heard them talking about firing people. this year, beating expectations last. -offs talking any of what
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had >> i like where the company is at now. he >>catherine: you have always said it is the kind of service that so many copycats would copy. if families companies rabin and replicate with you. groupon does not have anything super special, but they do have name recognition and a big sales force.
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worst-case scenario i did i expect them to go bankrupt, now that some of cholesterol's--luster is off, it becomes a little more attractive. >>jaqueline: as we move into tomorrow, a repeat performance of today, just a little bit warmer. we will start the day with areas of fog, we will take a look at that of the moment. into the afternoon, a temperatures will be warm. the upper 60s in some spots, maybe getting into the low 70's. is your is it love at the fog for tomorrow morning. widespread fog. what we're showing at 80 and is where i think the fog will be tomorrow morning. things should clear out by 10:00 a.m..
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if the fog does reach down the peninsula, it should clear by 8:00 a.m., by 10:00 a.m. at the latest for santa rosa. temperatures will warm more the what we saw today. los 70's is a few places. 72 in los gatos, 73 in morgan hill, look for '60s inland and slightly cooler in places like vallejo, concord and novato. here is a look at our satellite and radar picture. we have storms bring rains its into oregon, it will miss us and possibly hitting the north bay on friday. it would be very light. saturday and sunday will get more cloud cover and a much cooler temperatures with a chance of rain sunday into monday.
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see here is a look at your ski report. announcer: here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: i am at copper co is in san francisco. the cleanup has begun, but not without a holdup. even with a 72 hour notice to vacate, workers and noticed a head popping out of one of the holes. when the chp check alcohol, they found nothing. they moved on to another one. >> come out or i will send
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the police dog in. >>stanley: finally, a man pops out of a third hole from inside the freeway. >> i am leaving. i am leaving the. >>stanley: during the cleanup, a few interesting things were found like these bags of ice used, unopened syringes. they also found car batteries and a genuinely baton first, it was not a knock off! the batteries may have come from this man. he leases property from caltrans at this location. it's they have been stealing from your companies? >> yes. anything they can get their hands on.
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>>stanley: the caltrans cleanup will take a couple of days to complete. during that time it's a plan for action is being discussed to prevent this from happening again. the copper pirates are still here and as long as the tides stay high, they are safe. fan >> in walnut creek, this is the 680-24 interchange. heavy in all directions. we will be right back with more news to come.
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>>pam: and the did excitement on monterey bay. scott's
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>> military appreciation day. servicemen and women play will to get everything for this last day of practice. bill murray won $20,000 with this putt. all told, the biggest shot
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was from one of the lesser- known newcomers. black and his playing partner won $80,000 for their favorite charities. costs next, he is 23, has not won a pga event but if you can believe this, kids identify more with him then tiger woods. we will tell you who. from hubble beach, vern glenn, kron4 news.
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>>pam: dealing with a budget crisis and rising crime. in oakland, the mayor is getting ready to lay out the city's plan. decision to the assault is still anyone's race furious scoff see a third force is investigating ifs for sexual
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abuse allegations. >>jaqueline: career skies. another one day on tap here tomorrow.
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>>pam: from a shortage of police officers to routinely deal with occupy protests, we uncovered details about the problem oakland is facing. several accidents have shut down a major barrier area highly. louis traded damage. this is in 2012. >> know when things that i
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can win anything. >>pam: oakland mayor will across her city's problems and her plans to fix them tonight during her state of the city address. dan kerman is live at oakland city hall with a preview. >>dan: no one will argue with the fact that it's tough being the mayor of oakland. this mayor faces a recall. some say she is doing a lousy job. others think she needs time and others think she's doing a great job. tonight, she has the opportunity to address many of those concerns and give us an idea of her plans. she has had no shortage of problems.
6:01 pm
>> my biggest concern is public safety and crime. >>dan: city employees have been laid off. and the economy has impacted in live here. the want to know what the mayor will do to generate more revenue. cut >> the concern is the housing and financial crisis. >>dan: then, are the occupy oakland protests. many want to address the issue will do with a going forward. >> of the what concerns me is getting the city back on track.
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five >> there is a ton of security in sight. the mayor will be giving received at 7:00 p.m.. there is a lot of security on hand for tonight's speech. death >>pam: last night's city council vote was the lead in attempting to police and more power against occupy protests the. today, haaziq madyun heard from a cross section of groups. >>haaziq: the failure of the oakland city council to pass a resolution is not overwhelmed with anti oakland-that's what anti occupant of blood groups.
6:03 pm
>> the we do not have i have said its amended, the national guard needs to come in to clean up oakland. >> many parents with children are concerned about sending kids to school. they are afraid. they are afraid of violence or what might happen with the occupy a crucial the ahead how
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>>grant: we're just getting word of an officer involved shooting in casting a ballot. we are being told that it was a berkeley police officer that was involved in the shooting. we do not know if the officer was shot or if it was a suspect. when you get an update, we will bring it to harry >>pam: the man that you see here is and charged with practicing medicine without a license. now, he will be also facing sexual assault charges. asian has come for alleging that he had heart inappropriately. hey redwood city man pleaded not guilty for charges that he tried to rape his teacher. he was a student at summit preparatory high school.
6:05 pm
he is accused of holding his teacher at my colleagues in the school parking lot area the big them recognize call tracker and police made the arrest. but >>pam: did sentences kosher accused of domestic violence will not be allowed to visit with his son. today, the judge ruled that ross mirkirimi can see his son on two hours for each weekday-just for two hours on each weekday and for six hours over the weekend. his wife referred to today as a good day but the
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stairway order from having contact with his wife stays in effect. the sheriff is charged with domestic violence battery, a child endangerment and dissuading it with this. prosecutors say he grabs and bruised his wife's arms. netflix >>jaqueline: as we move into tomorrow morning we will still see fog. this afternoon, sunny skies. >>jaqueline: to address right now are starting to slide. it is still pretty mild out
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there. here is a look at the fog into tomorrow morning. fog into the south bay by 6:00 a.m.. i think this is where will see the fog tomorrow morning. the and we will talk more about the fog and warmer temperatures coming up. >>pam: earlier today the waves were a big issue. this is a video from pacifica. >>charles: right now i am standing close to the pier.
6:08 pm
things have calmed down pretty much set out here. this evening, things have calmed down quite a bit. >>pam: are there any signs is the area to tell people to be careful? >> this morning waves or washing across the deck of the pier.
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when the adviser expired at about 3:00 p.m., they did not open appear, they left it locked in and it will stay loss serious it is normally locked between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.. >>pam: the waves are calm and a beautiful sunset, but there is no one there to enjoy it. >> the joggers and went home. it's >>catherine: coming up a big change on the way for air force security. >>pam: coming up, another teacher in trouble at school where two teachers are already facing charges.
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here is a live look outside with traffic on the james lick. traffic is quite slow on 101 southbound. the sanitation bridge is very heavy eastbound. we will be back with more news to from.
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half if her death waw of
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buffer he
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>>grant: a massive chain of accident, the chp says there were 11 separate collisions spread out over a big section of highway 37 from just east of skaggs island road.
6:14 pm
the chp says at least 31 cars were damaged. it took a fleet of tow trucks to get everyone out. traffic was backed up for miles in both directions. the eastbound lanes were cleared three hours later, just before 11:00 a.m.. the major contributing factors were people driving too fast, people driving too closely in heavy fog. >> it is a significant amount of vehicles. people need to be attentive to their driving. it is imperative that they pay attention to the vehicle in front of them, not playing their radio were doing an exchange of conversation, not grabbing for things on the way to work for reading the newspaper or whatever it is, especially with the visibility that it was. >> one person suffered major
6:15 pm
injuries. >>catherine: the tsa is expanding its preferred security listed. in order to qualify you must be a frequent flier and be willing to give personal and from a high rioja been
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>> the gift of being underestimated is wonderful. >>catherine: sent or louis took up the race in irian we'll he slept three states which is bringing him no momentum and a lot of new devices. mitt romney was showered with glitter by gay-rights activist furious he is still calling into the next round with a big delegate lead. he has one of the 15th. everyone else is way behind. analysts say to expect romney to get more aggressive in include santorum in his attacks. >> gingrich is santorum spent a lot of time in washington. during their years, we spend
6:17 pm
more money and a ticket. >> at netflix had nothing to say about his disappointing night, talking all the south of kabul sunday. >> gingrich is now focusing on super tuesday contests and romney is looking at winner take all arizona. >>jaqueline: we started today with fog throughout most of the bay area. here's a look from the roof camera. this afternoon, clear skies. as we head over night we are expecting a fall to return to. in the delta, temperatures will stay in the 40's. temperatures will warm up tomorrow into the '60s. by 3:00 p.m., some spots will see 70's.
6:18 pm
here's a look at fog clearing times or tomorrow. with by tan and chance things will begin to clear in most spots. the fog may linger in a little bit longer into livermore. that will lead to a warmer conditions to the south bay for. tomorrow afternoon, 70's. 67 in livermore. 67 also in antioch. a couple of degrees cooler places like concord and vallejo. the fog is still very mild. here is a look at your satellite and radar. storms are passing to the north of bringing rain to california and oregon but we are not getting anything just yet.
6:19 pm
tomorrow we will stay clear. by friday, changes are possible. the rain is well offshore. aha upper 60s and low 70's. a slight chance of showers in the north bay. saturday and sunday, a mix of sun and clouds. a chance of rain sunday into monday. >>grant: the new eastern stand of the bay bridge, we have an opening date.
6:20 pm
labor day 2013. they say both the eastern and westbound lanes will open simultaneously. that was previously not the case but the work has been wrapped up. they're getting things done sooner did they thought. there will also be a big celebration before they open. do not forget, but was only in the bay bridge the whole act on president state. and then here is a live look at the bay bridge. and the new east as an opening on or around labor day of 2013. we will take a short break and be right back.
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announcer: here is stanley roberts without some people behaving badly. >>stanley: metal fence al a
6:24 pm
new low income oakland. people are not stealing storm grades. we even heard reports of instilling railings from oakland city hall. they are even stealing water back flow valves like this one. normally, historic pieces around the city were off limits. that was then, this is now. tonight i will show you why this monumental it is oakland almost a century as ghosts is now 800 lbs. lighter fare and how you can help find the missing pieces in the next edition of m if for fulfill
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>>jaqueline: here is a look at your free report. for more information and on
6:28 pm
ski lift or coverage of is a snowbomb the column. could al arbour or
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>>grant: a police officer involved in a shooting in castro valley at center street in a grove wait. the officer was injured. we are unsure of the extent of the injuries, the suspect was shot. police are still on the scene. the police officer was a berkeley police officer. this happened in castro valley. the suspect has been transported to a hospital, we do not know the extent of his injuries or the injuries to the berkeley police officer. >>craig: here at oakland city hall, the mayor is set to give her first stated the city address and touch on a
6:31 pm
variety of issues, among them budget problems and how to bring more revenue into the city. she is also expected to discuss public safety and the rash of violence we have seen. what is unknown is whether she will address occupy oakland which has caused quite a bit of controversy for oakland ended the mayor herself. >>haaziq: in oakland, members of an anti occupy oakland groups say that their personal information has been targeted by the online hacking group anonymous. >> for some odd reason, your life history has been blasted all over the internet. >> it makes me want to fight harder. if they're doing things like this, that means they are anarchists get terrorists. this needs to stop. >>reporter: an optician is behind bars this evening in union city.
6:32 pm
dennis and bagwell believe he attempted to murder a u.s. customs agent who had worked in the past at san francisco international. officers tell me that man is in the hospital and is fighting for his life. >>reporter: the fbi is looking for these six men. 26 people were arrested tuesday in east palo also ended menlo park after local state and federal officers crack down on individuals who were selling drugs to gangs. this has been a part of a two-year investigation. the seized cocaine, methamphetamine, weapons and $100,000. >>terisa: 31 vehicles were involved in at least 11 accidents and close to the roadway for a little more than three hours.
6:33 pm
traffic was snarled in the westbound lanes as well. the chp believe the cause of the collision wars people driving too fast or too close in a dense fog that brigadier area. the accidents were spread out across a mile. there were four people per including a motorcycle rider who sustained a major injuries. >>reporter: a highs of advisory was in effect for most of wednesday here in pacifica. slavs what--swell's rocked the coast. officials in pacifica close out the pier. by midafternoon the sea have receded into the advisory was listed. >>gabe: best buy conducted a private survey asking consumers what they would spend on an apple tv. this is the first real evidence that we have indicating that an apple cd may be coming out this year. the survey revealed detailed
6:34 pm
specs can't ask people what they would be willing to pay for it. best buy admits that this private survey did happen but said it was a routine offer effectiveness survey and only hypothetical. >>jaqueline: our bid with a story tonight, a warm day on tap. temperatures were warmer this afternoon than what we saw yesterday. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, 70's in some places. the upper 60s for our of the shores. 67 in livermore in the upper 60s in the north bay. we are going to see a little bit of baltimore morning in the north bay and delta. the fed into friday, the exchange's with cloud cover
6:35 pm
and cooler temperatures. >>pam: for the first time we're hearing for a victim of a brutal videotaped beating in atlanta. the deal went by will. kiberlee sakamoto tells us what prompted the man to come forward. >>kimberlee: branded white says he was embarrassed and humiliated and initially did not plan on going to local authorities until he learned that video of the attack was posted on line. this video was up loaded and threw out the attack which happened outside a grocery store, the attackers were yelling anti-gay slurs. here is surveillance video of people in the streets watching out for police. he says he decided to come forward after the video was posted online.
6:36 pm
>> i should have justice. i was going to be silent because that is just new- line an, but by then releasing the video and putting it on the internet, they wanted to make themselves look great and strong. i am the frequent. >>kimberlee: police are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. because george it does not have a state a crime unit investigators are investigating to determine if this could be classified as a federal a crime.
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>>grant: police are investigating a teacher's aide who may have sent letters to a fourth grade boy. the letters were written
6:40 pm
back in 2009. tsa in los angeles school, teachers are already facing sex abuse charges. one is accused of fondling to girls, the the other is accused of taking bondages fixtures with students. the district is now replacing the school's entire staff from custodians to administrators and cafeteria workers. and a staff member was ousted it is difficult to start working there under the cloud of scandal. sandlot not really. did for all of the riffraff is on. paul i feel good about coming in. >> >> that school serves for 200 students and plans to reopen with a on a staff tomorrow. as for the old staff they will continue to get paid as safe way out
6:41 pm
>>pam: san jose police released photographs of a man they believe all the grocery store at gunpoint on january 15th at the stop and save food store. these are surveillance pictures. police say their amended money and then took off with cash. coming up, at this celebrity watch at pebble beach including the latest on tiger woods. and, how a former warrior is taking the nba by storm
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traffic is a little bit better on 101 southbound furious when path traffic on 80 is still very heavy. the standard tale for of a still have eastbound. since this at this have
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>>gary: louis this lew wolff was in the san jose bush's at a luncheon today. if you stand up in front of a group of people, the truth sometimes comes down. there he is nemesis' feeling
6:46 pm
pretty good the we are still waiting here on what seemed like about whether or not the oakland a's can move. >> we want a new breeze all i only stadium and if we could not get it in oakland fourth remark in if we have the opportunity to, that is great for us. a smart as i love san jose, i thought it would be nice, we tried we tried to do it in fremont. >>gary: again, he was asked if there was any chance for that they might stay in oakland. >> will we do not have another 10 years to wait wearing a >>gary: hat they start playing tomorrow around of the monterey bay peninsula. >>jackie: the weather will
6:47 pm
be good. cologne behind him in his hips the biggest shock was from one of the lesson anaheim tiger woods was at
6:48 pm
monterey peninsula club would tony romo, a 23 year- old ricky fowler was finishing up his plea, he is known as one of the next big golf stars. here are some key teatime is for thursday.
6:49 pm
fifth round began at 8:00 a.m.. go over 1.1 million go to the champion. here is a shot of jim harbaugh and alex smith. >>gary: might produce a just told me that we should get an update on the weather. >>jaqueline: good for tomorrow. friday was the clouds with cooler temperatures. saturday morning could see some sprinkles.
6:50 pm
>>gary: here is our mean crank of the day. a company capitalizing on his dropped pass dumped thousands of other things are getting bars in downtown boston. once again, people would too much time on their hands. one more thing, we cannot get away from his wife giselle. brandon jacobs from the giants said, she needs to continue to stay cute and shut up.
6:51 pm
this cost of
6:52 pm
>>gary: and jeremy lincecum of 23 points and 10 assists. look at him. when jeremy win dan wheldon has emerged without any or stottlemyre. all and this kid is doing it. roth's
6:53 pm
>>gary: who is the most disliked athlete? the answer on the other side of debris. rabat
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>>gary: there was a list published, the most disliked athletes in america. tiger woods and michael vick tied for first. the one common thing with all of them is they are stars making a lot of money.
6:57 pm
>>pam: we will see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
did jfk have sex with a 19-year-old intern? the new book about his alleged white house affair behind jackie's back. and gisele versus the giants today. who just told the supermodel to shut up? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. gisele under attack by the super bowl champs. >> she should continue to be cute and shut up. "the insider" viral video and why the backlash against tom brady's wife just won't stop. >> it was classless. we look to icons to be classy. adele's first sit-down. on the surgery to save her voice. >> i had throat surgery. >> is seal now dating eddie murphy's ex-wife? inside adam levine's bachelor pad. the voice's


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