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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 9, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>mark: the sun does coming of noticeably earlier, let's get more on the weather 50 e.f. >>james: temperatures in the 40's. he eventually temperatures will get into the upper 60s and possibly into the '70s. right now, it is a cool star with foggy conditions. in some spots visibility is under a quarter of a mile. highs this afternoon will be nice.
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we do have a chance of rain on the horizon. apple break that down coming up and just a little bit. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots. on the bay bridge toll plaza the backup is just beyond the 880 over crossing. the drive time is 12-14 minutes. your ride on the san mateo bridge is problem free. no delays eastbound or westbound. >>darya: in berkeley a
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suspect was shot, police trailed a suspect and then had a confrontation. >> at this intersection, we took the suspect into custody. >>darya: the suspect was shot. will tran and is live at eden valley medical center. >>will: a spokesperson said that she would not go into
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specifics but she did apply the he is still alive. we do not know how the officer is doing or his name. as far as the officer is concerned we're pretty sure he is not here. it is highly unlikely that the two would be in the same hospital. he has serious injuries to his legs and hands. the big question this morning, we still want to find out why they were trailing the suspect. >>justine: federal officials say that a deal has been reached between states
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including california and the nation's fifth biggest mortgage lenders over foreclosure abuse. homeowners could get a check for $1,500. some mortgage companies processed foreclosures with falsified documents. in a live press conference, the department of justice is going to talk about how those five large mortgage lenders, they are going to try to reduce loans for 1 million households.
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>>mark: we had a drop in weekly unemployment claims by 15,000. that is the second lowest level since april 2008. new this morning 1400 students at merriments the elementary school are greeted by an entirely new staff of teachers when they return to school this morning. if this comes after the arrest of two longtime teachers. the school has been closed for two days to hire a new staff. investigators say they found 200 additional bondage style photos that they believe for taken by a teacher accused of committing a lewd acts of 23 children. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news
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>>mark: police are investigating two robberies. the suspects were last seen
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fleeing in 800 honda hatchback. >>darya: the oakland a's owner says he expects a decision soon on whether or not his team can move to san jose fifth feet tall for almost an hour at a rotary club meetings. the giants pulled territorial rights to the south bay and have a minor league affiliate in san jose. wolf also discussed a possible name change. >> if we move, yes, we will change the name. for
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>> we have tried to do with in oakland, before, we had to appeal to the lead because we were out of options. fifth >>erica: i asked viewers if they were supportive of the potential move to the sulfate. take a look get some of the comments.
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phfft for >>mark: here is a live look outside. the sun is coming up over the east bay hills. we will be right back. the act for corporate
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>>darya: oakland to mayor dot looked only towards the city's future in her annual state of the city address. this city faces a continued prime--could to the crime problem, the occupy move it issues can't fit budget deficit. >> oakland is on the rise despite distractions core of, but, biretta development issues. we can protect in respect the rights of citizens in this city. >>darya: the mayor did not mention a recall campaign
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against her or occupy protests. some say she struck the right now. >> we want to focus on the positive things the. she did a good job in addressing those issues. >> tonight is a night to celebrate oakland. we all have lived here for 30-40 years. the of the good parts of oakland and degree neighborhoods, adding that her message about being on the rise is the right message for tonight. >> yes. they have been enough of a distraction. it is time for oakland to focus on the positive and really move forward. for >>darya: kron4's spoke to scott olson, the iraq war veteran who was injured during october 25th protests. he was hit by a tear-gas projectile fired by police. here is what he had to say
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about her ignoring the occupy protests. >> there are many issues. if you pay attention to occupy oakland, you will hear about them. she failed. >>darya: the mayor says a top priority is reducing homicides have crime in this city and it made a plea for volunteers to work with the use in the one matter what the area where most of the violent crimes are happening. >>mark: ross mirkirimi will now be allowed to visit his young son. a judge ruled that the sheriff can see his son for two hours on each weekday at for two hours of the we get serious this they will order preventing him from seeing his wife is still in effect. esurance is charged with domestic violence, battery, a child endangerment and it is leading the witness. prosecutors say he grabbed the and bruised his wife's arm during a new year's eve
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argument. fifth >>justine: and eric holder is talking about the deal between states and the nation's biggest mortgage lenders over foreclosure abuses. >> this does not keep any individual holders from bringing on lawsuits. there is a new residential mortgages that if for fraud. by bringing full enforcement resources, we can improve identifying misconduct to cover losses, cravat phi pham in a few catch those who break the law fury if felt the full federal
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agencies all played key roles in achieving this success. >>justine: that sets are announcing a new mortgage settlement. $37 billion. it will help about 1 million homeowners refinance or lower the principle of their mortgage. the average homeowner will see a $1,500 check.
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>>mark: afternoon conditions with temperatures in the mid-upper 60s. this evening mostly clear. pockets of dense fog in the north bay. the rest of the bay area's looking pretty good. we're looking for a nice springlike day today. things will change as we head towards friday and into the weekend.
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there is a chance of rain tuesday evening. but it could be a wet one. we will let you know.
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>>mark: on the bay bridge we do have a backup. not as bad. if on a last check the drive time is 13 minutes westbound across the city of hayward. the commute to the golden gate has been pretty get all morning long. let's take a look at the east shore freeway commute. conditions had been pretty good so far this morning. the drive time is 16 minutes from the montague expressway
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to the capitol expressway. kwon >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside on this sunny thursday morning. on the james lick, traffic is running ok.
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fog and went for faugh off
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cook called all ... if half
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>>darya: we are close to the weekend. and did going to be close to 70 degrees for the hottest neighborhoods. plenty of sunshine already.
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a chance of rain and moving in that nothing to get in the way of your weekend plans. through the weekend we do not see any other chances of rain. for >>darya: activists say 20 people have been killed in this area. take a look at the latest video. this is a week-long assault. off of the government forces have been shelling residential areas. activists say hundreds are believed to have been killed. >>mark: it is a day for of cancellations and delays in france.
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air france officials say favored cancelling up to 35 long-distance flights worldwide and 25 percent of other flights thoughts. if the strike is set to end the four unions me was the government's moral the strikes could resume if talks fail. we will be right back into minutes as the kron4 news continues. right after the break a live look outside from twin peaks. if off five.
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death off f. in the big
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story this hour, california has come to a settlement with five of the nation's biggest banks over foreclosures. $26 billion will help 1 million homeowners who are underwater gear refinancing.
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1400 students at a serramonte elementary school returned to school today. the school opens with all new teachers after two long time teachers were arrested on charges of lewd acts against children. a suspect is in the hospital after being shot by police. third >>mark: james fletcher has more on the weather forecast and the weekend. >> blue skies up above and sunday to look forward to. we have morning temperatures between 44 and 50 degrees.
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we have afternoon sunshine to look forward to. overnight 45-47 degrees. 40's and 50's holding it firmly. nevada vote should come in at 67. 69 in napa. a beautiful day to be around the bay. again, it all changes with cooler weather coming in and a chance of sprinkles beginning as early as tomorrow morning.
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>>george: we are not checking any hot spots. on the san mateo bridge to the right looks good. your ride to the golden gate bridge looks pretty good. 680 southbound books good. it is a better than usual ride. the drive time is running about 16 minutes.
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an easy trip out of the coyote valley. hardly anything in the way of slow traffic. as you approach the 280 interchange, things look good. a little bit of slowing of the 880 interchange. leading up past the guadalupe parkway, you will see a very easy ride as the head north toward santa clara curious >>mark: we are following the latest with a police shooting. an officer was injured, this all started when authorities in berkeley tried to arrest a man. >> at this intersection, we try to take the suspect into custody. during that time, the suspect of his vehicle against the officer and his unmarked car. >>mark: the suspect was shot.
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>>darya: concord is about to be hit with 450 layoffs. bank of america is cutting those are jobs as it shuts down one of its offices. craig skalar has more. >> the cuts are a part of a plan to cut customer service in operation units. the bank says layoffs will come and employees were notified on wednesday that they can apply for jobs within other departments. the bank says it is looking to cut costs. bank of america has already sold off this complex for $80 million. that sale occurred last year.
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>>mark: the president will free 10 states from and no child left behind thick a grid. the states listed here roth's, many teachers have complained that it involves too much testing. the president's action swept away that requirement in exchange for a viable plan. >>mark: the suspect's released from guantanamo bay have returned to terrorist activities. the report was issued in the information comes as obama administration officials and dollars that they're considering whether or not to release additional prisoners. >>darya: to the big board is down by 34 points.
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a financial fallout at one of the nation's top food producers. >>justine: year is what we are following in the kron4 news room. we're hearing that the ipad could be unveiled in march. this will be the third version. apple will show off its newest tablet in san francisco. we're reading that the next ipad will look similar to the second-generation ipad but run with a faster chip in and improved graphics processor and have better resolution.
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at posted more information on my facebook fan page. that is what is happening right now in the kron4 news from. >>mark: it is official, a date is set for the opening of the eastern span of the day-session of the bay bridge. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside in san francisco. if this is beautiful. this is one of those fabulous stays where it is one to be sunny.
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>>mark: washington state bart car has passed a bill to legalize the marriage, it is now headed to the governor. the law would go into effect in june. the action comes one day after a federal appeals court struck down california's ban on same-sex marriage. if you bring your coffee at home, more than 1 million coffeemakers are being recalled in the u.s. and canada. they are saying that the plastic disk that holds the coffee or tea converses during brewing. the recall is also for 4 million packages of espresso
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tedious. >>mark: we will be right back with gary radnich and the world according to gary. that is coming up right after the break.
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fifth >>darya: hello, in theory. it is all about basketball. it was a freshman and do? fear but fear that was really good game. for college basketball is hard for me to sit and watch. they changed the rules a few years ago that all of the college kids can turn pro whenever they want, it is hard to get used to them.
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five. when his dad is the coach of boston the celtics. point drop orders is his father. and believe his mother, his father and his sisters were all there. >>darya: is going pro a no- brainer for him? >> he probably could use in other a couple of years in college. >>darya: we get to talk
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about jeremy win again. >>gary: it is unbelievable. he has had three straight games when he was not the best player or one of the best. >>darya: does that mean his contract is guaranteed? >>gary: if they did not guarantee it, now, they will.
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you still have to see him do it over the long haul. i am going to imagine the opponents, it is going to be curious to see how he does now that everyone is aware of him. a chinese american. he was cut by the war years and now he's doing it in europe. >>darya: not bad for a kid he still sleeps on his brother scout. he has no apartment. he sleeps on his brother's scout. his brother is a dental student. >>gary: just think if he got a good night's sleep, how good he would be.
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>>darya: will ferrell did the intros for the hornets game. listen. >> at forward, number five, he still lives with his mother, carlos boozer. at ford, number nine, he collects the rare birds and has a head dolphin named tajik. at center, number 13, he is a scorpio and a horrible dancer. >>gary: that is very funny. he was there because he is filming a movie that has nothing to do basketball, but i just think it was brilliant and sunny. the fans loved it. he is hilarious. i have not heard any of the players say anything, but it is all over you to in the sports sites. what a great crowd pleaser. >>gary: he is funny.
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>>darya: you could do this and other games theory the oakland a's could have him start doing that to bring attendance up. >>gary: you have to have someone there to laugh. >>darya: it would draw crowds. i just think it is great. i love it. >>gary: i'm curious if the players like it. some of these guys are multimillionaires. i hope no one took offense. costs >>darya: it was so funny. i thought it was good. this would give me watching at least the first part of the game. >>gary: are you serious? >>darya: guess. >>gary: the introductions take at the most 90 seconds. >>darya: you know what else i'd like? when they come through fog. that is exciting to me. >>gary: get started dance
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los angeles. >>gary: remember, after 90 seconds there is still another to lead at hours the have to watch it.
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it's >>darya: apparently kenny g is a great call for. >>darya: they should put a female star in there.
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>>gary: we will be right back.
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>>erica: we are falling health headlines. in a study reveals that heart disease can be passed on from father to son. the studies suggest that the y chromosome placed a significant role in the inheritance of heart disease. >>mark: we're back with more in two minutes.
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but for
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>>darya: thank you for joining us on this sunny thursday morning. it will be up to 70 degrees in some spots. a warm day on tap. we begin with a developing story in castro valley where a suspect has been shot and an officer injured. it all started with authorities in a berkeley of trying to arrest a man. the chase and ran--the chase ended up here with a confrontation in facile valid convinced an officer was pinned between the vehicles. another officer shot the suspect.
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>>will: we have been wondering why they chose the intersection was because he was getting close to a home. we do not know if it was his home or his or from some. they're getting ready to execute a search warrant. they felt they had and all the citizens to take this stopped. that is when the confrontation took place. for >>darya: we will check back with you as we get more details.
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fifth >>justine: this story is just across in the wires, the house just passed a bill that would ban members of congress and executive branch officials from insider-trading. >>darya: look at the sunshine. who could complain?
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since in >>james: today you can enjoy everything feel free. there is some haziness out there. it is a warm and sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the '60s and possibly lowe's 70's. nobody does coming in at 39. santa rosa is still at 41. slowly we will see temperatures begin to climb. air crew ultimately like to
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work through this afternoon we will see temperatures settle in the upper 60s. across the north bay, upper 60s and possibly low 70's. the weather will change beginning tonight. >>george: the bay bridge backup has run westbound.
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the drive time is only 13 minutes into foster city coming out of hayward. >>darya: nick this morning, 1400 students and serramonte elementary school in las angeles will be greeted by a brand new teachers. the school was closed down because of the ensuing criticisms and questions that parents had and concerns after two long time teachers were arrested on charges of lewd behavior.
8:07 am
the school was closed for two days to get everyone in line and communicate with parents and hire a brand new staff. air our >>mark: in oakland, the mayor is looking towards the city's future in her annual state of the city address. the mayor hinted at recent troubles in oakland while remaining positive. >> this has been an amazing year with a lot of turns into more than our share of bombs.
8:08 am
oakland is a city that faces the diversity and crisis and comes back strong. oakland is on the rise. >>mark: the mayor says a top priority is to reduce homicide and violence. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. he does so beautiful. some sunshine with clouds and fog burning off. right now in oakland is 45 degrees. oakland will reach almost 70 this afternoon.
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>>mark: oakland collies are investigating to robberies' clear it
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>>darya: a judge ruled that ross mirkirimi still has the stay with or against his wife is allowed to see his son for two hours on each weekday and for six hours -- and for six hours over the weekend. >>mark: a quick break on the kron4 news. here is a live look on wall street. the dow is up 15 and now down for.
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>>mark: coming up at 845 will be chatting with someone in kirkwood about snow conditions in the events. let's find out what is happening at sea level with james. >>james: there is some haziness out there this morning.
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we cannot even make out the east bay hills. this afternoon, sunny with temperatures in the mid- upper 60s. generally temperatures in the mid-upper '40's. all in all, not a bad day. sunny conditions. it feels a lot like spring.
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tonight into tomorrow, colder air coming in. it looks like we could get a chance of late spring goals early tomorrow morning. at 5:00 a.m. for we will see that on the map. then it goes into a sporadic scattered drizzle. it is not a big system. not a lot of rain will come out of it. here is your 7 day around the bay. a more substantial system set to roll through sunday night into monday. >>george: there is a backup that reaches almost to the
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macarthur maze. drive times have been pushing 20 minutes even from interstate 80 in the east shore freeway. again, we have had no hot spots or incidents. around the bay we have not seen any major incidents this morning. we're looking at the ride at the san mateo bridge. good volume was no delays. an easy 13 minute drive time. let's track the commute on the east shore freeway. in the south bay, the 101 drive has bogged down.
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mostly speeds are in the '50s and '60s. when you cross the 70 in the 880 interchange you hit a few spots where things slow down. in >>darya: the oakland a's owner topped off in the south bay yesterday of self leaflets oakland a's for this out if. wolfe says waiting for major league baseball the verdict has the excruciating for him and he discussed a possible theme of change. famines if and when we move, yes, we will change the name. we have a way of honoring and respecting the name oakland fled the oakland a's. the a's have been in a
8:20 am
couple of other city superior f we tried to do it in oakland and fremont. >> this city and could create more than a thousand jobs and generate $3 million annually. wolfe says these are not exploring a move to any other city and selling the team is not an option.
8:21 am
>>mark: of people living near jerry sandusky are expressing concerns as the former coach was arrested last year on dozens of charges of child sex abuse. he has been on house arrest since december. his neighbors say they have seen him outside of his home of workers if the ground and that has them worried. >> for for >> given the severity of the crimes he is accused of, to have him in such proximity of my children and other children is a bit unsettling. if >> a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. prosecutors are asking the he stay inside of his home. he has pled not guilty to charges of sexually abusing
8:22 am
boys over a 15 year carried of time. >>justine: kodak had said they will stop making additional cameras, a pocket of digital cameras the fifth three months in order to focus on more profitable businesses. stay file for bankruptcy protection last month and is saying that it will phase out those product lines during the first half of the year and a focus on photo printing and its desktop in jet printers. >>darya: of we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside and san francisco. the flag is flying jet leaf. sunshine with a high of 65 later this afternoon.
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but fact fact
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>>mark: here is an update on
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the weather. off for today, friday and saturday are not bad. temperatures will be in the '50s. we do have another system whirling through sunday night into monday. that could bring several inches of snow to the sierra. do not forget, your ski report is coming up about 10 minutes. of >>mark: we are continuing a week-long assault on syrian forces to, fearing it is video that has been that
8:27 am
snuck out of the country. government forces have been shelling residential areas. activists say hundreds are believed to have been killed and over 5000 killed since the uprising began. >>mark: air france officials say they have canceled up to 35 long distance flights today. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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saba but
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>>mark: of 1400 students at an elementary school in was a angeles will be greeted by a new staff with a return to class this morning. this comes after the arrest of two teachers on charges of lewd acts.
8:31 am
>>james: a beautiful looking shot. we are mostly clear but still some pockets of stubborn north bay fog. rest of the bay area is looking pretty good. this afternoon, another warm and sunny day with temperatures in the upper 60s. we will have your extended
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outlook coming up in a little bit. for now, a quick check on traffic. >>george: we are continuing to monitor a big back up on the bay bridge toll plaza. we have not seen anything that would account for what traffic is still so slow. i have been monitoring conditions and i have seen nothing in the way of an incident that should have accounted for this much delay. looking at your ride on the san mateo bridge, conditions are pretty good. the volume has not really drop off yes. your ride on the golden gate is still slow to marin county. it is a 41-42 minute drive time from highway 37 to the golden gate. >>mark: a suspect was shot by police against an officer injures when authorities in
8:33 am
berkeley for trying to arrest a man. they trailed have the castro valley where there was a confrontation. >> at this intersection, they decided to take the suspect into custody. for the suspect used his a vehicle to pin a berkeley police officer. for >>mark: the suspect was then shot by another police officer. both the suspect and the officer that was pinned between the cars were taken to the hospital. coming up at 9:00 a.m. we will have more on why this man was stopped. >>darya: new this morning, a convert is going to be hit with 450 layoffs. bank of america is cutting those jobs as it shuts down one of its offices. craig skalar has more. >>craig: as employees arrived at work at this bank of america campus and concord, the threat of
8:34 am
layoffs and over them. they were informed on the wednesday that 450 would be laid off. the cuts will come when the bank is looking to cut costs as a part of a mass layoff of 30,000 employees in an effort to save $8 billion. i have already sold off their 1 million square foot office complex hot >>mark: despite good news and the clinic, the dow is down. three and 50,000 americans suffer unemployment, that was 15,000 fewer than the week before. that weekly number is the second lowest level we have seen in nearly four years. this morning, more details from facebook.
8:35 am
mark zuckerburg and other ceos are eligible for bonuses. zuckerburg has a base salary of $500,000 and his target bonus will be based on his performance. >>justine: the third version of the ipad could be unveiled in march. apple is going to unveil the ipod 3 in march.
8:36 am
when >>darya: caught the brewers are being recalled after dousing people with hot coffee. this coffee maker is being recalled by the consumer product safety commission because of the plastic tee disk that holds your coffee or tea. it can burst. 140 problems have been recorded and there have been 37 cases of second-degree burns. there also recalling 4 million practices--packages
8:37 am
of espresso disks. >>darya: here is a live look for mt. tam. the golden gate bridge in the distance. we're beginning of the warmest day of the week today.
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>>darya: 845 a and. we always have our eyes on the weather here in the bay area and in tahoe. we have sunshine in the they have sunshine. >>mark: is the sponsor of our ski report. the big bonsai tour is going on. cooper is joining us from kirkwood. >> good morning. >> we are getting ready for the red blood-test their red bull's no rent. registration starts at 7:30 a.m.. you can also register
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online. it is going to be an absolutely fantastic event. there'll be guys and girls going 40-50 mi. per hour. we have a lot of great sponsors out here. with this event, bluebirds' guys. greg temperatures. visit our web site, check out the great conditions.
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we have more snow started on sunday. it is going to be a fantastic weekend in kirkwood. the >>james: let's get a look at the weather. this is your ski report. let's turn our attention back here to debate.
8:49 am
the fog is not a big factor. the rest of the bay area is live in conditions like this. this afternoon, upper 60s. a good bit of the east bay will be sitting right around 67-68. slightly warmer in the south bay. we could test 70 there. we will have a system to the north bringing us cooler air tonight and the possibility of sprinkles tomorrow. light and scattered. it will be that way all day
8:50 am
long. fan buys new-line oakland could get some white sprinkles. the one thing that is interesting is sunday's systems. that could bring as several inches of snowfall and widespread as leontief 5 >>george: we have a hot spot in the east shore freeway. we have picked up some really intends to congestion here for the lower east for
8:51 am
freeway. if it's right at the transition point that you will encounter such slow and go traffic. speeds will drop to the '30's and then the low forties. as the head through richmond steve's really bogged down, 12 mi. per hour and 10 mi. from work, even single-digit speeds. the drive time is a half an hour from hercules to berkeley. the drive time is 19 minutes out of the macarthur maze in coming to the east shore freeway. that does not tell all story. your ride on the san mateo bridge is easier than this
8:52 am
by now. the golden gate is a problem free. >>mark: it is official, a date is set for the opening of the eastern stand. both east and westbound lanes will be open for drivers. originally only one direction was slanted to be open, but caltrans credits work to speeding construction for the faster than expected completion. bad news for the post office. the u.s. postal service reported quarterly information. for the final three months of 2011, the loss over $3 billion. their reason was declining mail volume and mounting costs for raw-benefits.
8:53 am
the postman niacin with the saturn is delivery. >>darya: today, the president will free 10 states from the no child left behind law. the white house official says the states are colorado, florida, georgia, indiana, kentucky, minnesota, a jersey, oklahoma loral have higher hulu lou receive it for this to hah last at the cost
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model we have a hot spot. like i'm an julien unlike yesterday there will produce where at a sitting metering lights. today, and it could not be a better date or accidents that europe we have one
9:01 am
stall over three hours ago horrible wannabe in europe in the last few minutes the of started speeding up the metering lights. by the end of the broadcast we could see a bigger improvement. year is your ride on the san mateo bridge. it is a great altus. things are finally easing but still slow at the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge ride is a great commute. a 37 minute drive time out of novato. >>erica: we are enjoying a lovely start today in some senses go. plenty of blue skies. we'll have the instances house tajo submit, of and
9:02 am
better than that, no problems or for a long and had a law or for the cost london. in terms of temperatures, widespread '40's. into the afternoon, we have several slots that is the upper 60s and low 70's. check out santa rosa. we are anticipating sunshine. granato was accurate eaten a
9:03 am
look at the dominant and and didn't get the data and developing story out of castro valley, the in which case perianth, there was a confrontation. the the the data to the officer, pinhole the officer in the suspect were taken to didn't ha ha not know how many times the suspect was shot but i can tell you that he was rushed into surgery. i just got done talking to an officer who said because
9:04 am
of his injury, it looks like the suspect will be here for quite some time. my sources tell me his name is steven more. he is in his late forties. we are not sure it is a resident of castro valley. it ended just a few miles in this hostile edina the officer is not being released during he was sick a different hospital. he separate from in his legs and feet in fortunately they are not life- threatening. according to the alameda county sheriff's department said the ecological at the dhaka some time from that
9:05 am
location cynics. and our >> word that california will begin in 48 other states in a settlement with five of the nation big deal will help homeowners who are under water and help to lower the principal on their mortgages. several homeowners will receive a $1,500 check. the settlement does grant immunity from civil lawsuits. >>justine: and the attorney general made a big
9:06 am
announcement this morning it would carry some of his comments for you live. here is a little bit of what he had to stay. >> let me be very clear. today's agreement resolves certain civil claims, it does not prevent states in federal authorities from pursuing criminal enforcement actions. >>justine: banks have three years to fulfill the terms of this deal. coming up the president will be making comments about the settlement. third >>mark: we're watching wall street, the dow jones average has been wavering to date. the dow is now at 4909. coming up, and think of
9:07 am
america is cutting jobs and contra costa county. we will tell you where coming up in the next half hour. >>darya: new this morning, students at mare mont elementary are greeted by brandy teachers. all of them are new teachers. the entire staff was replaced after the arrest of two longtime teacher is on charges of lewd behavior. the school had been closed for two days so that they could hire a brand new staff including 88 brand new teachers and support staff. appearances and children are protesting this move, in the meantime investigators say they found 200 additional bondage style photos of students. they say the pictures were taken by one teacher who is accused of committing lewd acts on children over five years. >>mark: here is a live look at the san mateo bridge.
9:08 am
there a lot of sunshine. 60 degrees today in san jose and sunny. we will be right back.
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9:12 am
>>mark: the mayor has mentioned her progress in in the year-just over the
9:13 am
following year. she was able to balance the budget twice but she did not mention the recall efforts against her were the occupy protests. the mayor has said one of her top priorities is reducing homicide and violence. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the golden gate. plenty of sunshine. traffic is nightstand light. to the north, 41, we're looking for a high of 63 this afternoon. kraft netflix out of but i
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>>george: we are tracking hot spots right now on interstate 80. the bay bridge and the ride to the bay bridge. the back of this morning was hard to explain. i think it was just a case of slow metering lights. at one time, we were backed up to the macarthur maze. the backup is easing a bit. take a look at 880.
9:17 am
there is still quite a bit of traffic on the 880 ramp, here, we are no longer backed up through the macarthur maze but to it. some of the drive times are 17-19 minutes but that is still more than i would expect if. the east shore freeway is still extremely slow especially on the ride into berkeley. near highway 4, you still have slowed traffic or speeds are below 60 and then, in richmond things really slow down. he will even had some single digits. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been pretty easy all morning long.
9:18 am
the volume has not dropped quite as much as it usually does by this time but will not cost you any more time. the golden gate bridge is fairly heavy southbound but the trip through marin continues to improve. >>erica: blue skies and sunshine. relatively mild temperatures. we will actually warm up as we head into the afternoon. 50 are situated along the bay or the east shores, it looks like a pretty comfortable morning. saatchi said into the afternoon, sunshine will increase. in to the all-night hours, mostly clear condition however temperatures will certainly dropped.
9:19 am
you can see that most locations have hit the '50s and holding on to the forties in places like santa rosa and nevada. future cast 4 dix by 3:00 p.m., the green indicate most locations into the '60s. the bandit yellow in the south bay shows the potential for low 70's. morgan hill could reach 71. 69 from los gatos, the same for san jose. even the coastal areas will make it into the mid '60s. as we turn our attention to the north bay we have seven expensive for santa rosa, 65 in richmond, one degree warmer in vallejo. the sunshine and warm weather is short-lived.
9:20 am
we do have the potential for light showers tomorrow morning but it looks like most of this will be contained to the north bay. we could see a sprinkle or two of the bay bridge toll plaza and then we will continue to see scattered showers mostly in the north bay into the afternoon and evening. relatively mild conditions on tap for the next several days. the potential for rainfall tomorrow and that increases as we head towards sunday. >>mark: activists say at least 20 people have been killed in syria today, this continues a week-long assault by forces. there has been a 11 month uprising against the syrian president. government forces have been shelling residential areas to retake control of the city.
9:21 am
activists say that hundreds are believed to be killed. >>mark: it is day four of flight delays, air france officials say they're canceling 35% of long- distance flights worldwide. so far this morning no flights have been cancelled. --no flights from san francisco to paris have been cancelled. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at tahoe, 80 inking field. there is no snow on the roadways. we will be right back.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
>>mark: people living near jerry sandusky are now saying that they are concerned. he was arrested last year on
9:25 am
dozens of charges of child sex abuse. he has been on house arrest since december. since then, neighbors say they have seen him outside of his home which borders a playground and that has them worried. >> given the severity of the crimes, to have him in such proximity of my children and other children, it is a bit unsettling. >>darya: knew this morning, the chronic princess arrived from its caribbean cruise today's early, cut short by an outbreak of a stomach flu that affected 114 passengers and 60 crew
9:26 am
members. the stomach flu swept through the ship. they ended two days early, the cruise line will do extensive cleaning of the sheds before its next voyage which is saturday. passengers will get a full refund scanned making flight arrangements for them. >>darya: washington state might soon become the seventh state in the nation to allow same-sex couples to marry. the state house passed a bill to legalize the marriage and the senate approved it last week. if signed, the law goes into effect in june but could be blocked by legal action because those against it are getting names on petitions right now. this comes one day after a federal appeals court shutdown california's ban. >>mark: 820 year-old is caused with causing a
9:27 am
disturbance, throwing a missile and unlawful acts. he was trying to throw what looked like blue glitter at mitt romney he was greeting supporters in denver following the call the broader caucasus. smith was immediately taken into custody. >>justine: the fbi has just released a file on steve jobs including comments from his former friends and associates, one of the comments includes describing him as a deceptive individual who was not completely forthright and honest. that is a quote from the fbi file. the fbi was doing a background investigation for steve jobs back in 1991 when the president was considering in a climate of jobs to the u.s. export council. that appointment was never
9:28 am
made but that file is now very much part of the public. bill if you would like to read that article it is posted on my facebook in it twitter pages. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. george is tracking the hot spot. more on that when we come back. half thought where and
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>justine: live pictures into the kron4 news the. the president is commenting on this fourth closure settlement with the nation's largest banks. he is talking right now about how to homeowners. >> to help home owners and our economy. today, with the help of democratic and republican attorney generals from nearly every state in the country, so we are about to take a major step on our own. we have reached a landmark summit with the nation's
9:31 am
largest banks that will be released to the hardest-hit homeowners and some of the most abusive practices of the mortgage industry in to begin to turn the page on an era of recklessness that has left a lot of damage. by now it is well known that millions of americans who did the right thing and responsible thing, shopped for a house, security mortgage that they can afford, made their payments on time, they were nevertheless hurts badly by the irresponsible actions of others, by lenders who sold loans to people who could not afford them, buyers knew they could not afford them and speculator is looking to make a quick dollar. banks that took risky mortgages, package them up and traded them off for large profits. if it was wrong and it cost more than 4 million families of their homes to foreclosure. even worse, many companies
9:32 am
that handle the these foreclosures did not give people a fighting chance to hold on to their homes. in many cases they did not even verify that these foreclosures were actually legitimate. some of the people they hired to process foreclosures used fake signatures and a fake documents to speed up the foreclosure process. some of them did not read what they were signing at all. we have to think about that. few work and save your entire life to buy a home. it is where you raise your family, it is where your kids memories are formed. it is your staking claim on the american dream. the person signing the document could not take enough time to even make sure that the foreclosure was legitimate. these practices were plainly irresponsible and we refuse to let them go on answer. about a year ago, federal law enforcement agencies teamed up with the state
9:33 am
attorneys general to get to the bottom of these abuses. we have reached a settlement. this is the largest joint federal sediment in the nation's history. it is a result of that extraordinary cooperation. under the terms america's biggest banks, banks that caressed by taxpayer dollars will be required to right these wrongs. that means more than just paying a fee. these banks will put billions of dollars towards relief for families across the nation. they will provide refinancing for borrowers who are stuck in high interest rate mortgages. they will reduce homes for families who owe more on their homes than they are worth and they will deliver some measure of justice for families that have been victims of abuse of practices. this is not just good for the families, it is good for their neighbors, their communities and our economy.
9:34 am
if the nafta meant also protects further investigation of practices that caused this mess. the mortgage fraud task force retains its full authority to aggressively investigate the packaging and selling of risky mortgages that led to this crisis. this investigation is already well under way. we will keep at it until we call those the broke the law fully accountable. i want to be clear. no compensation or amount of money or measure of justice is enough to make it right for a family who has had their piece of the american dream wrongly taken from them. no action, no matter how meaningful will by itself entirely healed the housing market. this settlement is a start. we're going to make sure that banks live up to their end of the bargain.
9:35 am
if they do not, we have an independent monitor who has the power to make sure they pay exactly what they agreed to pay plus a penalty. >>justine: we are listening live to the president talking about foreclosures settlement. he says it is helping to turn a page on an era of recklessness. the president is talking about the foreclosure 7 that was just announced this morning. the president was saying that he hopes to turn the page on an era of recklessness. the average homeowner would probably see about $1,500. i am also reading that california's attorney general will hold a news conference of her own in about 90 minutes where she will be talking about the market segments. count on us for coverage. >>mark: onto bay area
9:36 am
traffic, a hot spot on the bay bridge. >> we have long drive times and heavy traffic to. we have seen a lot of unproven in the last 35-40 minutes but not enough to sit stiffly affect drive times which are still nearly 20 minutes. look at interstate dvd, the approach is backed up over the toll plaza for the westbound right. your commute on 80 westbound had been a hot spot but it is improving considerably. here is a live look at the 580 to merge, westbound speeds are picking up and drive times are coming down. 829 minute commute is not as a 23 minute ride the if let's get a look at whether with erica in the weather center. >>erica: it is a gorgeous start today.
9:37 am
it is windy in the higher elevations of overall a great source of the morning. widespread sunshine. today's big story is the temperatures. heading out the door you will see mostly fifties around the bay area. 53 in hayward, 51 for downtown san francisco. it is already a great start to the warning. upper '40's and santa rosa and nevada. the good news is, as we head into the afternoon, widespread upper 60s. check al morgan hill. as we turn our attention to other north bay locations it looks like now but could reach 69. coming up in my next report i will have a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we will take a creaky and be right back.
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to track interstate 80 and the bay bridge as a hot spot as well as the right to it. take a look at the toll plaza camera. would have expected or hoped for. we are still backed up to the berkeley curve on 8580. the drive time has only dropped by 3-4 minutes in the last hour. it is still looking like 17-19 minutes through the maze. 880 is still backed up over the toll plaza. take a look at their ride on the east shore freeway. we have one section where things are very slow. quahog ahu this is traffic coming down from the 580 march. this is 580 where it joins the freeway. that is where things are slowest. there is still not a lot of relief in sight.
9:47 am
>>erica: here is one last look at the weather. blue skies and sunshine overlooking downtown san francisco. we did see mostly clear conditions this morning. still dealing with a slight fall. as we head into the afternoon we will see warm and sunny conditions with the potential for low seventies and into the overnight hours, mostly clear conditions with temperatures back down into the 40's. here is a look at numbers, right outside the door, widespread '50s. or how future cast 4 does predict by 3:00 p.m. agreed on the screen shows widespread '60s.
9:48 am
the band of yellow in the south bay does indicate some locations can actually see 70's. we will continue to see upper 60s for the inland areas. santa rosa or to 70 and 65 on top of a downtown sentences go. satellite and radar shows cloud cover headed our way into the potential for sprinkles for. for those of you had to toch self, no pulse of is getting up there. no details from reliever for. for the most part, sunny conditions with a chance for showers as we head into the weekend. for those of you heading to the tahoe area, here is a look at your ski report.
9:49 am
pfft >>darya: a date is set for the opening of the eastern spans of the bay bridge. for lanes will be open labor day 2013. mark your calendars. that is just 19 months away. for originally only one direction was set to open in 2013 thrift caltrans credits the of closing presidency closer and closer than expected construction. faugh >>mark: read in oakland are targeting his fourth monuments in oakland.
9:50 am
>>stanley: we know that people are stealing storm pfft greats, we even heard a fourth of them stealing reeling from oakland city hall. there are even stealing water back flow valves. normally, historic pieces in works of art were off limits. this is now. in 1913, this memorial was erected in the donated in the memory of james and henry at death for their humanitarian efforts and prevention of cruelty general theory if now, it is 800 lbs. lighter because of metal feeds.
9:51 am
55 a in its concrete was home to in gunport for the uss mean that was sunk off the coast of havana in the late 1800's. it was still in a year ago the city for the word al and it was recovered. in this city is asking for your help again. many defined the two missing irreplaceable feasible with history. here is your chance to behave nicely and help find these pieces. >>mark: if you have any information on where these missing pieces could be, you are asked to call the oakland police department. >>justine: new video of a
9:52 am
person behaving badly and lost angeles. ms. is new video of a man on top of a radio tower, but he is naked. the guy took off his clothing and scaled the structure. there is no word on why. and he spent several hours on top of the tower before authorities convinced him to climb back down. after he came back down he then went to the hospital for an evaluation. tharp >>darya: it is 9:52 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>george: welcome back. we're continuing to track a hot spot, the ride on interstate 80. take a look at the bay bridge. we are still backed up on all of the approaches. the drive time has been nothing but a metering lights delay. still slow is the ride on interstate 80. the drive time is 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. >>mark: a reminder, couple beaches getting underway. they really nice weather forecast for the weekend with no rain expected. everyone is excited to have tighter back along with all of the other golfers. >>darya: that is into this morning. i hope to see back year starting tomorrow at 4:00
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