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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 10, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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@ñ >>justine: good morning hello we have a live look outside. >>james: we are talking about her conduct chance of
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some wrinkles--sprinkles or . >>erica: here is what is on tap for the afternoon. in terms of your temperatures it looks like we are all to be relatively new mild start. >>erica: as you take these numbers her into the afternoon in alone and cooler conditions we will see a chance of some rain. morgan hill will top out at 63, on tap for santa rosa and '69 expected.
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>>erica: now you can see all the rain fall over ukiah, and then by any and we just have a couple sprinkles west of santa rosa. by 1:00 p.m. we will have scattered showers in the north bay. and when weather is actually making its way to of the area. coming up i will have a look at your seven day forecast. >>james: just a quick look at the bridge but one week from today, the bay bridge will be shut down. so, west
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bound traffic into the city on the upper deck will be affected by that. we will keep you posted reminding you as we go to the week and next recruited now on highway 92, your continued on right-hand side looks like we do not have any problems crew--and traffic on the golden gate results very light as it is always in the morning. we have more and traffic in a minute now back >>justine: corn through whom we have live pictures in the news room, there are some trucks still on the scene and eager to see workers as local and an ad--and he
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emergent dealer is on the scene as well. aren't look >>james: the meat market street area is fighting for change to clean it has a reputation of being infected with crime and drugs, but new restaurants and owners are trying to look to change that. >>reporter: while men browsed at $250 leatherbacks actress, who left--less than 50 yds away, there are several critical retain things happening. your honor out the, people moving in, our but there is a lot. >>reporter: and tonight he is walking the streets going into all the art galleries and shops even cheese and
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crackers vela--eating cheese and crackers.. roof will court this is widely regarded as one of the nurses should charges, but i do this again open his bike store anyway car because of cheap, heavy foot traffic. >> those issues are there and they're probably not going away >>reporter: the supervisor says efforts underway unit >> , the native good and the market alone and the plans that we choose flash your that that station were would be opening. jammer
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investigators announced in school, and they believe in a long retreat known that with your back in as a man may have led them to another two in 1988--or who will work led them to another clue where kidder from 1980 to eight pureed for a boat there is the accomplice, but it cannot interview him because to kill himself. we talked about a possible connection to the search her more warm regards margaret trigger it and the killer, they say they are not getting involved unless the have more information. it >> a bit and that there was a slide into the lean and found some level lead us to her, her--and return it
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to him what marty will be involved but we do not want to compromise the >>reporter: will shoot through our investigatory been at work, and this is what they found a par
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>>justine: this man broke into a similarly to the house homily, the morning. when the girl will allow the man ran off. police believe this same suspect assaulting and other roman that same learning about the but police officer that was ran with the car was racing a suspect. he is now a out of the hospital. the was fallen the suspect and then the men allegedly rammed the man whose car and a police officer on the scene shot the suspect and he is now recovering from enduringly investigation the police found a half pound of cocaine on the suspect. a much more ahead will take it right on this friday morning at all until it said. and
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live about sat at the james the crew with. you have a little bit more on the rain when we come right back.
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you're presidential candidate rick santorum is looking to super tuesday. the campaign says that aren't $1 million in the 24 hour. now the former pennsylvania senator, is setting his sights on the obama administration crew >> and they know the cool and dry up and they know that without the pipeline last have access. so what are we doing? we are throwing israel on to the bus because we will say we
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do not more nuclear one and i ron, only, just give us your oil. >>james: as we sit super tuesday there is coming up on march 6th to vote. >> unloved and dealer in a national home if valentine's day is not up alley is there a second application to make these to see show love one that you care cumae but if you cannot find the right way to express your love try
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an application like this. they also have a version that is a little worse rout if you how think you won't will reverse of an allegedly love how about love and in other language her characters through it, but about half of donna as easily evaded police say that they made a reservation at least one we a split for valentine didn't read that means that the other half did not. hohokam prevent recurring false resulting lack him get do little buying cyclical and like a guitar on and live in social puny when have special valentine's day to deals. >>justine: it is estimated that americans will shell lot about $17 billion is
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absolutely free with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call the number on your screen now, promo code: 60shred. service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>reporter: we do as much as $18 billion of the $25 billion settlement will go to california most are
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low,, and allied. the mortgages by freddie mac and fannie mae are not included in the deal. had want her-- in that makes up for the half of a foreclosure >>justine: , based are
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encouraging and owners to do a short cell by toll from the telecast.--by offering them cash. >>reporter: 21 imagine being this letter in the mail sent you will receive 30 of our ultimate in a fresh start to the film with peter harrison says sheldon and reason cash in santa cruz ranger crossing south of dollars and up to 30 cows on collins grew to an average ahead is to make a short sale during a tooth of in many cases in the blanks and a trick to avoid foreclosure >> foreclosure is an expensive option for the bank, you have to go to the process and content years. the aha to have to pay the seller to leave you have to hire a real true zealot and again. her and didn't have a
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potential of the have and the man is on the housing. and be subject of an end to some of the rock wall he fit into also means years and on about whether. her
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what will link all dredging to the overnight hours phillip in a look at highlights winner billy nothing if you're a couple of live guided vehicle was felled his hitting of short of a look ahead 1 have broken hot in terms of what's going on in the next couple. in o'clock hour >>louisa: >>erica: and the one he can
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clean lenticels toward him and we have scattered you sheldon this afternoon. keep an umbrella handy just in case. as we focus on your temperatures will see a mixture of 40's and 50's out there. in to the afternoon and through out the rest of the day we will see mostly fifties for part of the bay area. we have low sixties for the south bay. by a afternoon it looks like for the most part we will stay in the '60s around the bay may be 64 other places as a seven day around the bay
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forecast showed me have chances of rain for the next couple of days. sunday evening to a justin into monday that is and will see widespread rain around the bay area and mild conditions for the rest to the traffic center i'm not tackle many hotchpotch vehicle to the main route toll plaza is a nice and light. i don't know anything like to deal with. your ride is just a minute from the foot of the mails to the fremont street this morning. we have no problems getting to the bridge. as we take it over to the golden gate and lintas morning south bound 101 will show you a lot of space in between car stereo and the clinic of more rain county let us take it over to the traffic all of that region on the screen indicates speed over foot mountain hour we do not have any
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accidents and to report for the bayshore free run. we crew caught >>james: and two separate cases of in a rare brain of elis have now called concerned read your report it more and county health officials have investigated it and now >>reporter: when it will to have been we have been able to track down this information for you, medical analysis from an national reference laboratory and it reveals that the patient did not die of mad cow disease unit--it wasn't done literally a brain illness here as far as the other case of the officials have not been able to rule out whether it is or is not mad
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cow the truth. in order to do so them have to petition from her rain and then conduct test. that is not possible because the patient is alive. freedman cow disease is extremely rare according to public health officials. even have only been three cases reported in the united states. humans can fall victim to the deadly disease of by you and the league of infected cows. this outbreak cause major concern when the house fell deal more than a decade ago. however there have not been any recent cases in the last few years. public health officials said they will continue their investigation. >>justine: we are following a fire at 2 san rafael lumberyard. it looks like the fire is out.
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>>justine: time for a quick look at and seven day around the bay. it is sunny and warm as we approach the rest when it looks front may do rain is coming in for wednesday. lough--
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>>justine: a fire broke allen and a number of march, we are clear right now, that is what you're getting the live pictures from. what is the status of the fire right now? >>reporter: crews are still on the scene but the fire is out. firefighters receive the call at around they discovered that a building that was on fire and human --and then took them about 45 minutes to an alex click and launch the fire completely. the news's that have an indoor sprinklers installed and that helped
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them to put out the fire. anytime you have a fire at a lumberyard, that could be a bad situation. given the time, no one was inside. there were no injuries to firefighters. ben is no indication to what started the fire but the firefighters will be a lawyer for a while making sure that this is not to park at the imperial--making sure that everything is ok. and knelt that is lacking showroom area that burned it was called the contractor's location. there was not a lot of real heavy lumber the lumber if the office door and, obviously that concern
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was if the fire spread this could really be a bad situation good news for the firefighters is that they were able to clear it out. >>justine: stay with us again to tell him to change. we have a couple of live shots to show you. it does not seem like a lot going around the dot right now, it but let us find out >>erica: good morning james, the bulk of the lack weather is hitting off shore. this is not impacting the bay area just yet. when he doesn't like and will be contained. by kate and we have a couple sprinkles over santa rosa and later into the morning and it looks like the rain chances in scattered showers we will
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see north of the court and then bridge. we have pretty much the same story into the early afternoon hours. we will see more significant rainfall in to the coastline and we could see some pop up sprinkles. this will continue to be the case into the evening hours per but in the meantime it looks like your temperatures are running on the mild side. he checked out downtown san francisco. it looks like half and they recently dropped to the upper 30's. into the afternoon and we will see mostly cloudy conditions and yet--and the temperatures are nowhere near where they were yesterday. it looks like we will stay in the upper 50s. morgan hill will also send the low 60s. it looks like
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we will see a lot of upper 50s and in marin county. coming up to my next report i will have a look your seven day around the day forecast. >>james: let us your check of traffic, no hot spot out there. recalled >>james: the san mateo bridge is also moving well. wrote we have light traffic in both directions. and from here and let us jump over to the final bridge this morning. there are no problems reported by the chp. >>justine: check out the
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inside his car and everything is run by a touch screen, that is what the plasma screen in the middle. it is very cool. her multiple asleep or to allow external hard drive to be hooked up. will the availability date and not report--not yet known, but you can reserve one starting today. the other cool thing about this event the doors opened up. >>james: they're calling it something different like falcon means. and we have been oakland city attorney's office want to shut down to tell all that had been
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accused of prostitution one is the national march on international boulevard and the economy and on east 12th street. there have been years of complaints about drug and prostitution activity there. and what route. aren't meanwhile, a red with a high-school student accu broke into a sort of house
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and allegedly tried to remove and women's clothing she then woke up and ran off. police here believe the same suspect sought to the different woman near the humanities building that very same night. art >>james: man suspected of shooting a federal agent or earlier this week will be in court. 61 year olds in this adwell did not enter a plea not but he was assigned a prosecutor. reggie has more in how one of all possible motives behind the shooting. >>reporter: all court documents say that police searched a suspect's home and found guns and will pictures of the federal agents white. they say he also made an several calls and tenanted is to the agent wife of for the shooting. your estate being intertwined in a minute that
4:38 am
and what she told investigators and a 21 our bureau behave erratically the room and ordered a and >>justine: without hot group hamas much more heavily to
4:39 am
take a quick to agree with a live look outside with our but there is in the lane in the north then erica will have details coming up, stay with us
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>>james: shrugged jerry sandusky asked the judge to relax the restrictions of his house arrest prosecutors want is to the opposite to tighten the restrictions. >>reporter: apple years to build and former penn state football coach gerry sandusky's tried to change the conditions of his well, he is thin and house arrest since december on charges that he sexually assaulting young boys. the out a motion saying he wanted to be allowed to see his grandchildren. what the prosecutors about a motion asking him to be kept indoors as to meet medical treatment and. will neighbors have complained that he had been wanting children play and a sewer
4:42 am
behind his house here and work on schroeder route >> i have seen him on a debt accord on several occasions a little rock little children to, my own children and other children the of the of interest who have been modified. sure it has been that on several occasions >>reporter: what group but sandusky attorney says try and is not doing anything want. it--not doing anything wrong. to build a user group to reporters he expected to appear at today's court hearing along with permission or to see his grandchildren and all promotional acts to be allowed to have is a to friends opposite and then to travel outside his home to lead with his attorney. he has pled not guilty to all of them.
4:43 am
>>justine: and reporter became the focus of a new story by nearly been run over by the wife of the former football coach. and i'm sandusky became dangerously close and the out years-even at a chronological did her own driveway. here is the video slowdown would have had a friend of mine, she it reporter i into dirt that had befallen the story very closely. and we were chatting yesterday should enshrine she said that it is just a little scary. called but that was a close call from oregon. how much more ahead on the kron4 morning news who took a quick break and be right back. here is a live look outside.
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>>justine: at least 25 people have been killed and 200 wounded. terrorists are being blamed for the last day--for the blast. this happen in one of syria's largest city. >>james: riot police and acton's greece had fired tear gas appleton does this morning that were angry about the country's new measures. we are looking for some live pictures out of that part of the world passing as we get them we will show them. a separate
4:47 am
protests by some 10,000 will begin. we will see what impact this has on the financial markets. >>erica: you can see the green on your screen indicate to rainfall have portions of northern california. in terms of your temperatures and it looked like and you're off to a relatively mild cigar. it looks like half and they had recently drop down. as we head over to the hon to forecast officials by 10:00 a.m. we will see purple, blue, and cream. we will see
4:48 am
widespread 50 for the inshore and the peninsula. a couple '60s popping out for the south bay locations closer to the afternoon it looks like we will see widespread upper fifties around the bay area and los 60 for the stock a peninsula. if you're heading up to the tahoe area i want to give your forecast. do not have any problems in there. no changes reported up into the evening they do anticipate some showers. temperatures this afternoon be in the '60s as we head into tomorrow the chance for snow showers, it looks like we may see a couple of inches of fresh news now -
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fresh new snow
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>>louisa @ñóñ
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>>stanley: report the one a ticket? then do with this driver just did. in just 20 minutes five separate driver ignored state law. it just so happens i am out traffic officers. at 200 march from a school bus got the driver
4:56 am
turned on the amber light is and once the bus stopped amid light come on. once the red lights come on drivers are required by state law ought to stop and they stopped in both directions and to a life, unless it is a divided highway. it if you do not stop, you can have a chat with at least offer some like the driver of thi s. she filled the air to produce a driver's license anaheim but limit it comes out to be worse at the report she has been cited a source of a vehicle will be towed. but listen to this, and if you did not see the bus or a dollar for the new bus at court and they are
4:57 am
driving to could he give him an officer of view of canada's human--and an officer catches you do what you get to go on your way with a warning and a $700 penalty attached. >>justine: $700 and a lot of money. we are falling several developing stories one out of san raphael wearing lumberyard caught on fire. this is the picture that you are looking at on the left. fire trucks are still there. i will have an update coming up, the other shot on the right shows the bay bridge it is going to closed one week from today you can see west bound 80's close february 17, 1920 first. i want to make sure the you know all the details will talk more about that when we come right back.
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>> darya: at the morning on an adjoining as we are beginning in san raphael were a fire broke out at a lumberyard. you're there right now to ticket at the situation. >>reporter: crews are still out here in san raphael. the fire is out there are a lot of tense momentum area the call came out around 230 he in this one out. when the crews that here, they saw flames and smoke coming out of the building in the rear. he quickly went to two alarms. obviously if any of the lumber ignites it could go on for hours. now this
5:01 am
was icily to the building than to him back. most of the fire with outside. the good news for and that no one was injured. r a and the fire broke out no one was inside aren't they are unsure of what caused this. as i sent earlier are not the concern is always with whose lumber fighters--fires if t crewhey will who lovedre--the problem with these lumber fires is it they will reignite.
5:02 am
>>reporter: these firefighters went and why can't i believe no one out --the firefighters were inside trying to get so much of the water outside the building. >> darya: but when you are using wood wanted to let like that is a win? >>reporter: it will report a candy, but the good news is that the lumberjacks lease board over in that area you can hardly see it. but this is like a hardware store in the lumberyard. they have all their stuff inside there. that all have water damage and you're not sure how much this will tally up to. it is not likely will
5:03 am
open up any time soon today because of the water. >> darya: this is the type thing that could affect construction projects in cuba are using their supplies. >>james: let us talk about the weather here >>erica: rain is on its way not impacting the bay area just yet committed this morning it looks like we will see a potential for some settled showers-- scattered showers. an end to the overnight hours, it looks like to see some sprinkled throughout the bay area. >>erica: there is a little rain sitting offshore making its way closer to the bay. we will continue to see
5:04 am
light shower activity mostly in the north bay even checking into the early afternoon hours. check out for p.m., this light cream and make his way closer to the coastline. you can actually see some pop up showers along the shores. it looked like this will continue to be the case. here is a look at your temperatures for the most part. we have widespread 40's. check out downtown san francisco you are actually running on the warmer side. coming up in my next report i will have a look at your afternoon live, in your seven day round the bay. >> george: thank you erica, we have a quiet start to the morning and no hot spot to
5:05 am
track. >> george: we have a problem free light ride in both directions. your ride on public transit this morning is delay free. >>james: and one to count down to closure. the bay bridge will be closed next weekend. motorists will not be able to use the upper deck during that timeframe. but the lower deck will be open to travelers. the lower deck will be open it is the upper deck that is one to be a problem for you. we will have to see what happens, but we are out there right
5:06 am
now. >>reporter: if you have not noticed already there are 20 of sign. you will see these signs reminding people in the bay bridge will be closed between february say --17th and the 21st. the 17th is a friday a lot of people are thinking how will i get to work? but not to worry that will begin friday night at 8:00 p.m.. so you will be able to come in whatever business may be, but at 8:00 p.m. the westbound direction will be closed. so, a lot of these signs are out here. you see them almost at every entrance. you will see them at places like the san mateo
5:07 am
bridge. and just to remind people one week from today is when the closures will begin. this will not be opened until tuesday morning. >>james: thank you for that can get all next week we will be reminding you of this. >> darya: occupy protesters have returned to uc-berkeley campus. at the moment, there are about two dozen people there. the protesters say they are returning to the plaza because their original demands like ending tuition hikes have not been met. they will kickstart a new wave of occupy protesters. the school officials have made it clear that camping is not allowed on campus. >>james: investigators found a school on a property and the belief it belonged to this woman that disappeared
5:08 am
back in 1998. the same man may have led police to a another case. here is a sketch of the suspect, of the man suspected of attacking her. police are not able to interrogate him any further. we talk with them about any possible connection. kron >> if in fact there was the slightest belief it that maybe they found something that will lead us to work, obviously we would have gone there. remember we will talk with him but we have to wait for the opportunity. we just not want to compromise the case. >>james: they were suspected of killing more than 20: the 80's and 90's.
5:09 am
>> darya: we will be back with more on this friday morning. that at the end of the outside right now and the james extremely in san francisco. it looks like traffic is very light right now, the visibility is great. we will be right back. hey guys, breakfast!
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we do not want tirana to have nuclear weapons, a wink wink, just give us your oil. >>darya: 3 of the gop candidates are addressing a major concern at a gathering in washington. santorum, romney and gingrich will separately
5:18 am
addressed the annual conservative political action conference. ron paul does not plan to attend. >>darya: super tuesday is march 6th. >>mark: we also have continuing coverage of the weather. >>erica: it looks like we're kicking up lights burn holes in the north bay. as we take a look at satellite and radar, the system has begun to sag southward. at last check i did see a couple of cells sitting along the coast, but check out santa rosa. it looks like we could start to seat scattered showers west of highway one on one. dry conditions for the rest of the bay area.
5:19 am
random showers contained to the north bay and inland areas. in terms of temperatures, the cloud cover is keeping thus insulated. check out of downtown san francisco. into the afternoon we will see scattered showers and temperatures much cooler compared to what we enjoy yesterday. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a pretty unique weather pattern. a couple of chances for rain fall around the bay area.
5:20 am
from the bay bridge is, there are no delays or less balanced. sapphic from all the approaches looks good. the ride is light on both sides, especially eastbound syrian let's take a look at the golden gate bridge, on 101 it is a smith commute with no delays in either direction. the rest of the ride down to the lower east shore freeway is absolutely fine.
5:21 am
>>darya: 5:20 a.m., we have new details about an assault on a college campus. police released a sketch of the man they are looking for. they say he broke into a store or the house on the stanford campus early sunday morning. police did not believe this is the st. man who insulted a different woman near the humanitarian building. >>mark: we are learning more about the berkeley police officer who was crammed with a car after chasing a suspect. the officer is out of the hospital this morning. the chase happened in castro
5:22 am
valley. officers say that more ramp one of his own with his car, an officer pulled out his gun and shot him. during the investigation police found a half pound of cocaine on the suspect. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. we do have in little bit of shower activity in the north bay. we will be right back.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>mark: we are talking world news. in syria, 25 people have been killed and 200 wounded after two explosions.
5:26 am
>>darya: it is the growing unrest in greece, police and athens are firing tear gas at protesters this morning. demonstrators are angry about the country's new austerity measures. some were spotted thrown rocks and gasoline bombs at officers, all of this as unions launched a two day general strike. >>mark: we are following the latest out of greece. european markets are down as a result.
5:27 am
markets open in about an hour, we will see where our numbers go. we will take a quick break as we look at the 7 day around the bay. we have some rain already in the north bay. we are expecting a like a chance of sprinkles here and there. the next possibility of rain is going to be sunday night into monday in the wild weather again by the middle of next week. >>darya: we are back with more news, weather and traffic in a couple of minutes.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: a late breaking story this morning, a fire
5:30 am
in the north bay of this jackie sissel was one of the first on the scene fury if fact out here for a while. a fire at a lumberyard is a scary situation. the fire is actually behind the main building. once they got here they discovered there were flames still coming out of the backfield and furious as i said, it was a back the building. there was no lumber stored back there. it was in the contractor service center and the fact of the building. it took about 35-45 minutes to get knocked down.
5:31 am
no one was inside the building at the time. their work indoors sprinklers that did damage inside of the main building. it does not look like it will open up any time soon. fiske >>jackie: 101 is in this area, when the crews got here there were flames that were 30-35 ft. high.
5:32 am
first >>darya: we want to get enough data on the weather. >>erica: it looks like we're picking up scattered showers around the bay area. most of the wet weather activity is to we did to the north. we will continue to see scattered showers in the north bay.
5:33 am
as the advanced the clock closer to the afternoon we are still seeing scattered showers in the north bay. by 4:00 p.m. it does have the potential to become more widespread. york temperatures are not too bad.
5:34 am
>>erica: for the afternoon we will see an even split between '50s and '60s. i will bring down these numbers never a bad neighborhood and to show you the 7 day forecast in my next report. >>george: here's a quick look at the bridges. there is no congestion or delays. but, of mahwah drive time is 22 minutes from novato to the golden gate.
5:35 am
hell will xi >>will: of this is one of the hotels and that the city wants to shut down. and there are not a lot of cars in the parking lot. it looks like all of the lights are on. the city says it is the owner's responsibility to make sure this place is safe. the owners have said that they try their best to cannot occur may have used
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it for anything other than that buchenwald somebody asked bright house of verizon and metro blues mobile and pizza the ad the blues is one of seven the verizon 153 the bright houses 1779 and then 52 so i in no idle all those atm withdrawals were all you the odd premise all of us had mlk or veinous i figure they were but so yen in some of
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all the better i mean it in has item now at me in my first thought was flight are you sure be did write down the number in use it because he could is right down never use of the phone to pay a bill or use of abuse. bill hopkins and had also sought to give the number none tom doesn't buy or as
5:44 am
evidence of check check all those of a war of the nation debates does them a hundred good chat all lose the of lodi didn't all of that exhibit but, in which every began today in steve build start with the unknown now to-liz said because i distant all out some in london said a minetta member, all of knowledgeable but i did was all the ones or in the book i took those separated them there ran the of the ones that were in the boat in the green rate and
5:45 am
on, as does i already know that i know you have more as your soul i had to separate them for my organization so that i put everything that's going this year together they're separated but together and then everything that has been reject or whatever is in a separate the of and that the extra the duplicate cards google's arlen do the cards like the extra card and unlock and null because remember there were double cards and because the rush once it is ok intima keep up keep up
5:46 am
keep up keep up ims the because i told you that i wasn't sure if it went through another novella's net idea and keep up keep up whenever 19 didn't mention an opponent of the time i get it lays down again in your right now in macedonia did the long-term data needed to get little of the did the honors and died is needed it more frequent of debt of
5:47 am
>> suspected shooter does that well may have had an obsession with the federal agents white. she told investigators that she and bad will happen on easier relationship and that the optician attempted to initiate a more intimate relationship with her but she turned him down. >>darya: let's get a look at the weather.
5:48 am
things are a little different. we have a little bit of a mixed bag. >>erica: yesterday it was a gorgeous. we had plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s. that is not the story today. for the most part we are seeing clear conditions. we are thinking of sprinkles on storm tracker 4. into the afternoon temperatures in the low 60s and then this evening it looks like the chance for rain. the wet weather activity is situated over eureka. we are picking up sprinkles in the bay area. ever were also, it looks like dry conditions.
5:49 am
in terms of temperatures, relatively mild cloud cover keeping as insulated. oakland and concord are both coming in at 44 degrees. as we take the numbers into the afternoon widespread low 60s however some spots will stay in the upper 50s. 60 in antioch. 62 for fairfield. if you are heading up to the tahoe area it looks like a partly cloudy skies this afternoon and a chance for showers later this evening. tomorrow it looks like we could see some snow showers and it looks like temperatures will go from the '60s to the low '40's. you will certainly want to bundle up for the overnight hours. the 7 day around the forecast shows a mixed bag
5:50 am
as we head into the next several days. >>george: what a great start to the ride around the bay area. there are no hot spots, delays or slow traffic. your ride on the san mateo bridge, highway 92 looks good. the problem free with lighter than usual traffic. the golden gate is pretty much the same. take a look at some of the east bay freeways.
5:51 am
the north bay traffic from novato to central san rafael, you are at the limit for that entire stretch. it is a 22-23 minute drive time. >>gabe: this mobile and allows residents to use the after to send a message
5:52 am
about something needs to be fixed. just report the at with the gps turn on and the phone in your location is automatically included. it is very easy to report issues. vetiver ration goes directly to the computer inside of the public department works. the person who reported the issue will get a message from the city when it is resolved. oakland is one of the first cities in the country to gauge the community this way. they're asking residents to be their eyes and ears. for a direct link to download see, click, fix, log onto and look for my tech page. >>gabe: i'm giving away high and ipad cases.
5:53 am
to enter to win, visit my kron facebook page, like me and look for the sweepstakes tab. >>darya: happy friday. we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>justine: robert hoskins walked away from a loss that was a mental hospital and has not been seen for a week. he is highly psychotic and
5:57 am
can be extremely violent. he should not be approached by members of the public. killed madonna. if you happen to call police. >>mark: >>james: we have some scattered showers this morning. sunday night-monday morning looks like a better chance. cooler temperatures. >>darya: we have our eyes on the commute. stay tuned for more. as we go to the break, here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge. it looks friday light. we will be right back.
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