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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 15, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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latest on a search for the mischief in linden as over 1000 bone fragments have been found as the search for victims of the speed freak killers continues. the speed freak killers are believed to have killed at least 10 people in the '80s and '90s. orning more than one dozen bomb fragments were discovered. fourth among the remains are recovered for body parts believed to be of two women disappeared if 1985 and 1998.
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>> herds of committed suicide after shermantine gave police a note indicating where the bodies are buried. for for >>mark: we have been tracking a multi vehicle accident, the best news most recently is that all of the lanes have been cleared even from of the emergency vehicles in the westbound direction but because the left lane was blocked for so long in the debris was
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thrown across all of the lane from the traffic has the fact of not quite to the doe 5-580 interchange, but these are still quite slow, in the single digits mostly. this is slow and go, stop and go traffic. fact we are now at a 40 minute drive time. on the bay bridge near westbound for an early morning acid bath of traffic to the incline into the metering lights were activated early 3/5 fetas what you see things are still slow on the westbound ride. >>james: we want to start with weather and the favorite said death. caltrans will decide today whether or not they're going to go ahead with the west on
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closure off of the bay bridge. fifth offense on the weather. will tran is live with more. for >>will: cold and windy, but caltrans will take it. it is heavy, steady rainfall fed could stop the project from happening. they could rely ness, they have already started the project >>mark: we just lost will but we will talk with them later in the morning. how would it to be a look at the bay bridge weather this weekend. so far, saturday and sunday look ok. a 10 percent chance each day. overnight sunday and monday, that could be the flight in the live for cal offensive. left to see what decisions to make later today. for the majority of the weekend will be on their side in terms of what
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weather. we will have to see again look cal fed decides to do. this is what we see outside right now, conditions are pretty 9 sphery if this afternoon sunshine. as we headed to the overnight hours, lowe's that's down to the 40's and 30's. back to the maps. current temperatures are in the '40's but watch as they change the numbers to show you what it feels like outside when you factor in the wind chill. napa feels like 29. and snug feels like 29.
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it's cold out there is a win will be a big factor is to make your way around the bay this morning and later today as the winds get gusty. when we come back will take a look at your extended forecast. >>justine: a 24 year old man is in critical condition this morning after someone shot him in the head. we have a mass of four deputies responded to the three of the block of san carlos avenue in the unincorporated part of san mateo county. that is where they found a man with a gunshot wound to his head. he is now at stanford hospital in critical condition. >>mark: joseph naso will be in court today. he could enter a plea and find out if he can continue representing himself.
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he is accused of murdering four women between 77 and 94. the judge could appoint a public defender. a quick break as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. so
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>>mark: new this morning, diamond foods and procter and gamble are now calling of their $1.5 billion deal to purchase three goals.
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now, kelloggs is to begin with a $2.7 billion deal. diamond foods makes them all the nuts and pot sticker popcorn says the agreement to end was mutual. the news comes one week after diamond foods were placed there c e l and cfo after an internal best occasion >>erica: i am following some health headlines. thoughts high lead levels found in many lipsticks, here is the list of the top of vendors. he cattle by maybelline
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color sensation, which loral volcanic and if you cover girl in dinars shades as well. if you would like to see the entire list in to read more on the alarming findings i have that for you on my facebook fan page. >>mark: >>james: we had quite a bit of snow come down compared to what we have seen so far this year. this is what the current year looks like right now over this year. there was a bit of snow falling over salt lake saw hope. archie requirements.
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we are back with more headlines in a little bit. will be right back.
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>> the process is well underway. >>mark: we are watching wall street. worries about greece the dow is off 34 although the nasdaq is upbeat. the s&p 500 is up one.
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better news in his native california and the new outlook for the california economy. according to the los angeles county economic development corp., california will add a half million jobs over the next two years. that would drop the state's unemployment rate. as anticipated improvement is based partly on continued budget cutting, right now we're seeing state of women and 11.1%.
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officials are investigating whether the fire was targeted by rioting prisoners. >>jackie: in january was the most extensive january ever on the record for gas prices. it continues to go up from
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there. you can see how fast as prices continued to climb. some analysts say they believe would exceed $4 a gallon gas. that is the average nationally. the last time we saw that was in 2008. according to aaa, the california average is at $3.87.
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a lot of sunshine although windy and chilly at the golden gate.
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if >>mark: the san jose fire department unveiled a free phone and that will alert cpr trained people if someone is searching from carteret -- if someone is suffering from cardiac arrest. users to check a box indicating that they are trained in cpr and then there are notified of someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency. and drug maker roche is a warning of counter said weill's other best-selling cancer drugs.
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since some >> apple takes working conditions very seriously and we have for a very long time. whether workers are in your of the war in asia or the united states, we care about every worker. no one in our industries is doing more to improve working conditions that apple.
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>>mark: will have the latest on our top stories coming up after the break.
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it's >>mark: today is the
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decision date for caltrans on whether or not to go ahead with this weekend's closure of the bay bridge westbound from friday night through early tuesday morning. it is all weather dependent. suspected serial killer joseph naso is in court today. nasal is accused of murdering four women between 1977 and 1994. >>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot for the 580 ride coming into livermore through the alta month passed. it was just about an hour and a half ago that we got word of an accident westbound here at airwave. the crash was quickly cleared from multiple lanes over to the center divider. emergency vehicles blocked the left lanes. it has been sometimes it's all the lanes have been
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cleared. the drive time most recently, 43 minutes. >>george: i got word earlier about a stall being cleared from the top of the inclined section of the topside of the cantilever. the metering lights have slowed. even though the backup was not to the macarthur maze or around the corner, it may get there before the morning is over. the san the tail bridge is under a wind advisory this morning and also, the dumbarton bridge.
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>>mark: >>james: here is a live look at the james lick freeway. a lot of sunshine into the roads are drying out. windy in the damp out there. this afternoon more sunshine. mostly sunny skies. temperatures will drop down near freezing and in north bay. let's take a look at our temperatures right now. widespread forties' however take a look at the north bay.
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it feels like 29 degrees in in napa and feels right above freezing in nevada. the wind is going to be a factor as you make your way around anywhere in the bay area today. will will be back in our next update and talk long term. will tran is live right now
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on the big projects for the weekend. caltrans spokesperson but did not hear back from him. here is what they plan to do, the basically plan to change the way you approach the incline of the bay bridge. it all depends if there is steady or heart rain fall. >>justine: we are learning that a man inside the store
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allegedly pulled out his gun and chased and shot the gunman who burst into the salon. what we are learning this morning is that police have now arrested landers on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a handgun. the hero in the case is now under arrest. the people would includes a two-year old and are all expected to survive. >>mark: more on our developing story, the search for human remains continues today in linden purify here is the latest video out of linden fifth as the digging continues in an abandoned well as they're searching for more victims of the speed freak fillers. over 1000 bone fragments have been found. two women have already deposited we identify f. one of the victims was a 16 year-old girl who attended school in stockton.
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she skipped class one day and was never seen again. a dna analysis although they believe her means have been identified. the of the records also confirming that the remains of cindy better time work found. the 25 year old woman for was from san joaquin county and disappeared in 1998. stay with kron4 and we will continue to cover the latest as the search for more victims continues. >> i know that was almost
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gone. i will never forget his face. he had something wooden in his hand. it was not a baseball bat. it was like an ax handle. as i was watching him, fight could not get across the traffic. they did not care. there were so of reason, they're going to get me and they did not care if you're if far families will continue to follow this story and be right back as the kron4 news concede his 50th for
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>>george: welcome back. we are tracking a hot spot in the westbound direction. traffic is backed up for your ride headed towards the livermore interchange. 49 minutes is a drive time westbound for the commute as you head and from livermore. there was an early morning accident and now that traffic is still backed up.
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>>mark: an update on the payroll tax debate as republicans and democrats have reached a tentative agreement on extending the 2 percent payroll tax cut. lawmakers have also added an of living benefits. this comes after republicans dropped resistance that the measure be paid for with other cuts. it is also going to prevent cuts to medicare. the entire package will get an additional 2% and our paychecks and at 1 billion to the u.s. deficit. we're watching wall street today, the dow jones is down 29.
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thick crusts but
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>>george: all lanes cleared from an early morning accident. traffic is backing up into the maze. drive times are climbing to 21 minutes and more.
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>> here is a live the view from the bay bridge. morning conditions 43-48, breezy and wet. overnight tonight, a 36-42 and partly cloudy skies. sunshine and the wind.
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here is the wide view on the satellite. the wet weather is almost out of view. right now, a 13 mi. an hour winds. 10 a.m. is what we have a wind advisories had to take effect. by one in the afternoon the widespread wins. even by 4:00 p.m. pretty gusty conditions. it is going to be blustery. here is your 7 day around the bay. the only bit of rain that we have to talk about will, sunday night into monday morning.
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here is a look at your ski report. if you would like more ski information had to >>mark: every game with jeremy lin gets better. , he won the game with one second left.
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>> when will this physically catch up to them? >>mark: as i watch this, people are rooting for him but the better he does, i wonder if he would work if he stayed with the warriors. >>gary: again, i am getting quotes from people around the game, his coach is the same guy who made steve young excuse me, steve nash blossom into a two-time mvp. the game is perfectly suited for the way he plays.
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that is obvious. all of those people are not crazy. he also had a tryout in houston. if he would have done this, they would have found some room. >> i really like the coach. mark jackson. >> he is a good guy. >> i think he is one of those guys aware if they get another player it is going to be good. the question is, can they win away from home? >> the knicks or as bad as the warriors. now, they have won six straight.
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>> i was a green denied the you had jeremy lin here. i had my son in the studio. i love schilling of this. he was the nicest guy timmy and talk to. >>gary: his high school coaches coming in tonight.
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>>gary: it is fantastic,
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>>mark: of breaking this come up the decision by caltrans as to whether or not to close the bridge this weekend.
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>> all systems are a go as far as caltrans is concerned. come friday at 80 1:00 p.m. this place will be empty and will market opens to the public until tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. >>erica: in the bus this morning, just in bieber had a very special valentine's day is betting it with a 16 year-old cancer patient. during their meeting they played four games and signed autographs for each other. she even got to style his here. >>mark: going to airport security, a passenger in florida left behind a rolex
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watch, the guy behind her ticket. he put the role looks in his coat. this happened at the fort lauderdale airport. police are now looking for this guy. if he is cutting could be charged with grand theft. >> romney and santorum are neck and neck in the race for the republican nomination. romney's seems to be doing better with women. we are back in two minutes as the kron4 news is witty
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insults said a.m.. here is a live look outside at the golden gate. traffic is moving smoothly through marin.
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south sphere faw
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>>mark: it just a moment ago caltrans made it official that they are shutting down the bay bridge was down this weekend. the closure for realize it is to make a run for the new eastern span of the bay bridge city of sirte will tran is live with more. >> they say it is a go. i ask, when did you make that decision. , friday at 80 1:00 p.m. sisleys will be shut down. here is a shots, they
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already started the project a little bit. they just have to realign how we approach the incline of the bridge. a very simple project. they will -- there are concerned a heavy rain it could cause them to break in getting things done. >>george: we have a hot spot on the bay bridge westbound. our first problem was an accident in the 5:00 a.m. hour. it was all the of the bridge for a few minutes but the metering lights rise a bit early. 15-20 minutes ago things actually recovering but then we got another stall at the
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cantilever section at the top of the incline. now it is backed up onto interstate 80. it is backed up into the macarthur maze. you might even see how we 24 from children's hospital westbound. drive times are over 21 minutes for the bay bridge. the other hot spots will have been tracking have fallen into second place. 580 westbound, in early morning accident as here with boulevard. it is still solidly backed up all the way to the 2 of 5-580 interchange. single digits these to the altamont pass.
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james fletcher as a check on the weather. if the >>james: all around the bay cold and windy. here is where temperatures are at the moment. forties with a couple of cold or locations. look at napa, it feels like 29.
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fifth >>mark: the search for more victims continues in the san joaquin valley with investigators seeking lives again in old, abandoned wells. these are victims of the speed freak killers. chair so this join us live from the san joaquin valley. he has more on the search today. >> we did a press conference at 10:00 a.m., i spoke with some people this morning, normally the press conference is talking about what they're going to do. today they said it will be
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getting the dirt off of the ground. spokesperson said in a majority of the piles of dirt they have brought in have remains. we tried to get a time perspective on how long this will go on and he said this could go on for several weeks because there is another side of the plan on searching. they do not have plans of leaving the site that they are at right now from any time soon.
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they have connected some of these locations to people who have disappeared. they have come out with the jewelry and even found a ring but they have not identified where those pieces of clothing and things like that have come from. >>mark: what about the case of mckayla garrett, everyone is watching and waiting to see if she is one of the victims there are really
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watching what they say about that mckayla garrett case. at this point they do not have anything concrete. when you are called up thousands of bone fragments, you do not know what you're going to get. >>mark: think if any of state. we will have a more on the
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do well in you will hear from mckayla garrett smother coming up. others stories we are following this morning, a suspected serial killer, joseph naso is back in court. he could possibly re-enter a sleek and find out if he will continue representing himself. he is accused of murdering four women between 1977 and 1994. he was supposed to fill out a questionnaire to explain to a judge his request represent himself.
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this fall and
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>>george: 24 is backed the beyond interchange at 580. >>mark: the new 49ers the
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stadium could be open a year ahead of schedule. in new construction contracts has been approved. as initially with the city will look like, let's show you what will happen at the actual site now in >> over here is where everything is going to be happening. you can see the material out here now. there are expectations that
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they will get this done and six months as one year ahead of schedule, by august a 2014. that is something there are hoping for. there are incentives for contractors to get that done. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news condition continues. video of a man crossing a street in a run over by a shuttle bus. unfortunately he does survive. we will show you the amazing video right after the break.
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as well
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>>mark: there is the man, a shuttle bus runs them over, he conceded man crossing the crosswalk. the shuttle bus speeds up and runs over the man, pitting him underneath. as we show you the video slowed down, this happened at 80 and leavenworth in the tenderloin never varied portion of eddie was shut down to free the man. he was taken to the hospital and authorities say he does have white ribbing injuries.
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did it back averages to the berkeley curve. the drive times are over 21 minutes. we have just seen our first downtick in the drive time. the drive times cooking today to improve.
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the san mateo bridge has the wind advisory in place but the drive times are not bad. be ready for freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. conditions are steadily improving. the rain overnight continues to attract to this out. on the backside we're dealing again with windy conditions. right now we have 13 mi. an hour winds in novato. there is a wind advisory set
8:19 am
to kick in at 12:00 a.m. and take us to 4:00 p.m.. 20-30 mi. per hour winds with gusts in the '40's and 50's. it is going to be breezy. a chance of sprinkles sunday night into morning. a quick reminder, if you're heading to topple for the holiday weekends, a nice look out at heavily. we're looking for conditions to be rather nice.
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one-2 in. fell this morning, thursday friday highs in the 40's theme, we will have your ski report coming up in a little bit. >>mark: i am not looking for to filling up the gas tank. if you go to the of is crossing the $70 mark now. oil prices are rising and gas prices are following suit. >>jackie: there are producing by may with gas at an average of $4 a gallon.
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let's take a look at what we're paying around the area. things cahow gas is at $3.87. it has gone up 105 over the last week serious differences go is much higher at $3.92. oakland and san jose at $3.26 a gallon of regular unleaded. in wyoming average is $2.90. i saw a station here in san francisco where a regular gas was $4.19 a gallon. sen >>justine: speaking of cars, the new rankings encore performance to a scheme of this morning. half fifth half fell a half- game health care cahow the brands are rated by the number problems that owners experience. cars with the defeat was problems were lexus, course, cadillac, a toy in science. if problems can range from
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stalling engines to deal linking. the worst performers were chrysler's dodge, indeed, ramp in jaguar. the top complaint in the survey was excessive noise. >>mark: we are keeping our eyes on wall street, the dow jones is down 30 points. the nasdaq is on the rise of 16. the s&p is up almost 3. we're watching a close. they had their first quarterly court come out since going public. they are the biggest game maker for facebook. zynga shares are getting hammered, down 14.5% to end down to $12.20 islam per share. >>mark: according to the annual forecast, calif. is
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poised to add a half million jobs over the next two years. if that happens the state unemployment rate would drop down to 10%. right now it is at 111%. bay area paced diamond foods and procter and gamble are calling off their $1.5 billion bill to purchase the wrinkles. kellogg is looking in with a $2.7 billion offer. diamond foods which makes emerald nuts and pot sticker popcorn says the agreement and the deal was neutral. the news comes one week after diamond foods replace its ceo and cfo after an internal investigation showed improper financial results. here is a live look at the bay bridge, one of our hot spots, traffic is slow with a closure schedule for this week and if, friday night and tuesday morning.
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befitting with >> investigators are focusing on digging after finding 1000 old fragments so far. it is believed to the site was used as a two-man known as the speed freak killers. >>mark: joseph naso is back in court today we had two
8:31 am
incidents this morning but still reeling from the effects. >>george: the west fell to new coming out of the of the month pass, we're starting to see some improvement. an accident in green bills lowe's the right even more but it does take some of the pressure off of the commute to the alta my ended between livermore and dublin. the drive times sought out what i was 50 minutes it is now down to 45 minutes.
8:32 am
that is still 15-80 minutes above normal for this time of morning. let's get a look at the weather forecast. >>james: we are off to a beautiful start on this wednesday morning, here is a live look from the roof camera. sunshine coming down, really great visibility into the distance. we're looking at some pretty chilly temperatures this morning as we get out the door. take a look at the wind chill. this is what the to butterfield like on your skin. we are below freezing in the santa rosa, 35 in nevada, 29 in napa, you get the idea. the wind this morning is doing a job on the
8:33 am
temperatures. we're looking for the wind to play a factor. gusty conditions on the coast and the delta. 20-30 mi. per hour winds. mild weather will be with us into thursday, friday and saturday with a system rolling through sunday night into monday that may drop a few sprinkles around the bay. otherwise we're looking pretty good for the holiday weekend. >> the weather is dry enough in the they're going forward with the bay bridge shut down. >>will: we found out at 7:45 p.m. that is a go, even if rains that will not stop this project. they are basically changing how we are approaching the incline of the bay bridge. it will be shut down on friday. this place would not reopen until tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. a very simple project.
8:34 am
they already started part of the project. that means 270,000 cars on average halt to the bay bridge get that means the other bridges will be taxed a little more than usual. they are ready to go. if it does rain it really hard and steadily during the weekend while some of the other projects they're hoping to finish, this particular article the first fact that everything is a go for now. >> this is the westbound direction into san francisco. friday will reopen tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.. if another developing story we have been falling, the search continues for more human remains in the san joaquin valley as investigators continued to dig out this old abandoned
8:35 am
well as hundreds of human remains have already been found. thousands of fragments of false just to the east of stopped and who, it is believed that this site will lose by two men used as the speed freak killers who are believed to have killed at rostock dozen people in the '80s and '90s. this looks go so far, among the remains recovered are body parts believe to be of two women who disappeared in 1985 payroll. the fbi tells kron4 that shermantine has told them that garrett could be buried in linden. shermantine and herzog were called as the three killers because they committed crimes while high on
8:36 am
methamphetamines. herzog committed suicide last month after shermantine gave a note to police providing a site where the bodies were buried. the mother of mckayla garrett is still holding out hope that she could still be alive. >> we have for things like this many times. none of them have proven to be true yet. cohan's with one-third
8:37 am
>>mark: and jerry sandusky is costing penn state millions of dollars. penn state says the child sex abuse scandal has run up a bill of more than $3 million in combined legal and pr fees. hang a penn state web site says alumni donations in taxpayer dollars will not be used to cover the cost. he is certainly under house arrest awaiting trial and has pleaded not guilty. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. of
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>>james: here is a look at your ski report. >>mark: and other state on the payroll tax debate, republican and democratic negotiators is how she sees a eighth tentative agreement all. lawmakers are adding on a plan benefits for the rest of to the end of. the $150 billion measure will prevent steep cuts in medicare reimbursements to doctors in includes a plan to raise the on loan guarantees for government
8:42 am
sponsored groups such as mortgage giants like that remain for iraq. >> if we're doing on the backs of american homeowners i will not bolt for it. it is about time that we get a genuine with the american people. from do things that look out for our future, not just short-term band aids. >>mark: this is the first decline in the 17 nation euro zones since 2009. many countries are already in recession which is two consecutive quarters of decline. we will wait and see what happens with europe now officially in recession.
8:43 am
>>mark: a swiss city is lending itself on the top of the new list. the most expensive city in the world to live in. call >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. a hot spot for george. xi going for this week in the shutdown of the was down a stand of the bay bridge.
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>>george: we started nine the course to recovery in the back of was pushed to the macarthur maze after a must. at one time, we were backed up ashby avenue westbound. is not quite that bad now the drive times are still over 21 minutes. secessionists your ride on interstate 580 is still a mess although we have seen some improvements. and there was a serious injury accident with multiple julian assange it
8:48 am
has been clear for some time but a statement it long time to clear up the back up. speeds are much improved, so is the drive time. the minute drive into livermore for is what it should be. looking at the san mateo bridge, we have had a win it by three in effect that does not appear to be quite as bad right now but on a high- rise things might be different. the golden gate bridge ride has been the end of a trouble-free commute. the time is now 8:48 a.m., time for check on whether. >>james: we have a look from the roof camera this morning, beautiful blue skies up above and a lot of sunshine. conditions are windy and cold. you could even see some wet roads from the over nine showers. mostly sunny this afternoon
8:49 am
when temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. this evening clear with temperatures in the 40's and in some spots low 30's. right now we have widespread clearing. but whether we had overnight is well out of our here. we have clear skies to on the backside with cold fallen through. invites' rate in effect from 10 a.m. until for the second. take a look at future cast 4. watch fairfield. a 31 mi. per hour winds, maintaining that even at one this afternoon with the the best of the bay area of enjoying strong winds. it will not be until later this evening that they will die down.
8:50 am
the rest of the week looks good. mild weather to the holiday weekend. a small chance of a sprinkel ortiz said the into monday. >>mark: in a news around the bay, the richmond school that was recently vandalized may not have been an isolated disease. on sunday, vandals caused about $1 million in damage off to me some elementary school auditorium. so they threw paints everywhere, smashed windows and flooded the building. they also broke into the gym last month over the march with the king jr. holiday. at that time more than $100,000 in damage was done according to school officials. richmond police are now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to these the vandals. >>mark: a new video this morning of the running in a president touring in nuclear power plant in tehran. there is news that they have started using news centrifuges as uranium
8:51 am
enrichment sites. >>mark: in thailand, authorities have arrested a third person believe to be connected to a pickup. here is video of one of the suspect who was apprehended at the airport as he was trying to leap from malaysia. police say the suspects tried to escape when the
8:52 am
bombs were detonated. these bombs blasts were linked to india in georgia that targeted israeli diplomats. here is a live look at the bay bridge carried a hot spot this morning with slow traffic in yes, we are a goal for the closure of the westbound lanes of the bay bridge. thank
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>>justine: we have a hot spot, gerge rask is in the traffic center with the latest on what could be messy commute on the bay bridge. >>george: we continue to track the bay bridge as a hot spot. even the traffic is moving smoothly up the incline section of the bridge the back up at the toll plaza is still reaching through the macarthur maze for the westbound ride. the slow traffic is the result of too early morning incident bolt of which are long cleared but we never recovered. drive times are still running over 20 minutes with your coming from 80, 580 or highway 24. also a hot spot this morning the ride on a 580 in the westbound direction through the livermore valley, still backed up nearly all the way to the 2 05 interchange. drive times are improved, at its worst that was nearly an hour to get from a 2 05 interchange to ear weight boulevard which was the
9:01 am
scene of an early morning accident. >>justine: the countdown to the shutdown of the bay bridge is happening this weekend. the westbound section in san francisco will close starting friday night. will tran is live with the latest. >>will: start making plans. on friday at 8:01 a.m., this place will be completely empty as the workers will be empty over -- workers will be busy. here is our shot from the mt. tam cam. caltrans wants me to tell people is not an s curve. they are starting the project a little bit but now that they have given the green light there are not worried about heavy rainfall because that means they can start stripping the lanes so that drivers will not crash into each other when they come back. even if it does rain really hard, the other projects
9:02 am
that there were hoping to get done will be pushed back to a later date. the good news is we will not have to wait until next weekend when it is normal is against. >>justine: again, the bay bridge is closing friday night at 8:00 p.m. and will be opening tuesday of 8:00 p.m.. erica is tracking al levine weather forecast e-reader >>erica: overall windy conditions around the bay area and particularly dusty along the coast line clarion that is one of the big stories carry out the morning. as you head into the afternoon, closer to the 10:00 a.m. however we do have a high wind advisory there goes into effect however we will see mostly sunny conditions with temperatures in the upper 50s near the low 60s. into the overnight hours, mostly clear skies with temperatures in a low 40's.
9:03 am
pretty widespread. it looks like napa is at 50 degrees. 45 for downtown san francisco. pay attention to your location and what i just told you your temperature was. as we factored into the wind chill this is what those numbers feel like. 36 is what it feels like in santa rosa. 39 for half moon bay. it feels like a cold start to the morning, as we headed to-we will see sunshine. temperatures are similar to what we saw yesterday. colin as we head into the north bay we do is is that we can fax with temperatures on tap for santa rosa. i will have a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast and what to expect coming up in my next report.
9:04 am
>>justine: the search for more human remains will continue today with investigators now focusing loosely on the the thing. hundreds of human remains have been discovered at what appears to be a mass grave in linden, that is just east of stockton. it is believed that the site was used by the two men known as the speed of ridiculous. fair believed to have killed at least 10 people in the '80s and '90s. here is what we know so far, more than 1000 phones have been discovered, 700 of the bones found in linden. among remains recovered are body parts believed to be of two women who disappeared in 1985 and 1998. according to the fbi the body of the feeling garrett, the nine year-old girl from hayward when listing in 1988 could be buried in linden. the fbi is telling us that a serial killer wesley shermantine tools that this garrett could be very elisa
9:05 am
curious flight where were called as siegfried killers because they committed mull their crimes while on the methamphetamines. mckayla garrett would be 33 years old today curious from must still sells out hope that her daughter will be found alive. >>justine: but coming up the next half hour we will look at the two women whose remains are believed to have been found over the last few days in here from a woman who says she was almost a fifth of those speed freak killers. new this morning suspected serial killer does it meets the will be in court today. heat the possibly we enter a plea and find out whether or not he will continue to our present himself. she is accused of murdering four women between 1977 and '90s us for. he was supposed to complete
9:06 am
a questionnaire to explain his request to represent himself. if he fails to do so, the judge will appoint a public defender. we have much more ahead on the kron4 does, here is a live look outside with what is happening on this wednesday morning. we will take a break it be right back. further
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9:09 am
>>darya: this is francisco 49ers smith stadium could open a year ahead of schedule fifth reify the city council approved construction. craig skalar is live at the stadium, has there been any a living? >>craig: they are doing fretwork. there was a 5-1 vote by the city council last night capoot, they're doing prep work for the stadium near the 49ers headquarters and also across the street where they will build the city get rid america amusement park
9:10 am
in law. the $787 million project, a 68 bills in seat stadium will be a reality in the project were raiders now have the incentive to get this done, august of 2014, that gives them a $5 million bonus. it's a run late the to face up to $20 million in penalties. this is an area where it looks like more than ever there will be staged built for the 49ers. it will be getting even more intense in their work but it does look like they might get this stuff earlier agreed to leave france. justine >> your watching here is a live look outside at the golden gate. no rain or fog out there is laughing. will be right back.
9:11 am
9:12 am
where is your bond ... were trapped woebegone where is it or is it you did a marriage of wolf will then take the job little hall lake john d. johann up at the tour and not that of which harden how better share at apple hah hah how for the job and a chain hot q ha ha where did bit at 11
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9:14 am
>>george: we are continuing to drag a slow to recover hot spot. half the big rig is backed up to the macarthur maze of the drive times are improving. the right lane is backed up all the way over the toll plaza. drive times out of the macarthur maze have dropped below 20 minutes. take a look at the approaches to the bridge. this is interstate 80, it is still slow coming down from san pablo bay area 580 is backed up beyond highly 24 and 24 is slow coming down from the caldecott tunnel almost all the way down to the 580 interchange. these are all just the residual effects of the big delays that we have seen all morning long at the westbound bay bridge. the other bridges this morning have not been too bad. there was a wind advisory in
9:15 am
effect for the san mateo bridge this morning. it has been inserted free through the commute. the golden gate 101 is a problem free as low. the commute is still a little sluggish through central brand. let's get a check on whether with erica caught up. >>erica: i do want to borrow your golden gate bridge shots, sunshine in the background and the blue skies. it is shaping up to be pretty nice day however we do have some gusty winds. temperatures ranging from 57 to 61 degrees. overnight it looks like we will continue with a dry
9:16 am
weather pattern ended temperatures into the 40's and 30's. let's take a look at the wind speeds. they are not too bad. it is a little bit testy in nevada. 13 mi. per hour winds but as we take it to the afternoon a high wind advisory goes into effect, especially for solano county. we will be monitoring those linseeds. fairfield will get up to 31 m.p.h. winds. we will continue to seek gusty conditions into the late afternoons. caid even by 11:00 a.m. we will be deal with protesting conditions around the bay area. here is a look at the average is expected for later this afternoon. we have a lot of sunshine in bay area wide. oakland could reach 60 degrees.
9:17 am
bill looks like santa rosa could reach 61, 59 for napa and fairfield. 58 and concord and the same for downtown said francisco. satellite and radar shows clear and dry conditions over the bay area. it looks like high pressure is back with us and that will continue to be the case over the next few days. nothing but sunshine however we do have the potential for showers on sunday and monday. >>justine: the video we are about to show you can be considered disturbing. it is of a man crossing a street in san francisco, he is alive and that a shuttle buses hit him while he was in the crosswalk and then he gets pinned underneath. it is surveillance video from a store nearby. this is near 80 and leavenworth in the tenderloin never did.
9:18 am
the man was transported will all hospital and authorities are saying he does have a life threatening injuries. third the price of oil is now above $101 a barrel. nationally the average price of gas, prices in the bay area were higher than they were this time yesterday. jackie sissel is live and said visits go with the latest numbers. >>jackie: you said it was $3.51 a nationally. it seems like those prices
9:19 am
continue, most analysts believe they will see for dollar a gallon gas on average in the united states by may. according to aaa right now the average is at $3.87 in the state of california. that is up 105 in just last week.
9:20 am
>>justine: a new car ranking al: owners of 2009 vehicles, they raided brands by the number of problems owners experience. off we will start with cars that had the fewest amount of problems. lexus, porsche, cadillac, toyota and a sign on. if the problems can arrange for installing engines and transmission issues to peeling paint. the worst performers were chrysler, dodge, jeep and a jaguar. the top complaint was excessive wind noise. >>justine: we have a new outlook on california's
9:21 am
economy, here are some of the highlights. according to the economic development corporation's annual forecast, california will add right now the state and of limerick is at 11.1%. >> procter and gamble has called off a one it $0.4 billion deal, kellogg has made a $2.7 billion deal to purchase the brands. diamond foods makes them all the nuts and pot sticker popcorn. this news comes one week after diamond foods said they were replacing their ceo and cfo after an internal investigation showed improper financial results.
9:22 am
>>justine: pdt is now breaking off talks on a compensation fund for the victims of this timber and oil pipeline explosion. the september 2010 blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. san bruno officials are urging the city to pay restitution. officials have been negotiating a settlement since last fall but now, they said pg&e has walked away from the table. we have much more ahead on kron4 news, here is a live look outside on this wednesday morning. it is a little chilly but nice to see blue skies. will be right back.
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>>will: is considering everything they have done so far the hard part was whether or not they could restrike the lanes with paint. obviously he cannot paid in the rain. they could not restart delays that they figured they could get it done which
9:35 am
is why they're giving this the green light. until then you may want to hop on start or use the boats or the other bridges in the bay area. this place by friday, you can run across here is a fleet without any problems. >>justine: closing this friday at 8:00 p.m. and hopefully opening tuesday by 5:00 a.m.. well >> this will be the fourth closers as 2006. they want to use as much time as they can because it is such a rare occurrence.
9:36 am
there is a lot to do. this is all a part of the project, they hope to open the new bay bridge in time for labor day 2012. 2013 rather. >>justine: more than 1000 bone fragments have already been discovered in locations in linden and calaveras county. this discovery could mean the closure for dozens of families of missing loved ones. among the remains recovered are those believed to be of two women who disappeared in 1985 and 1990. one of those victims was a 16 year-old. wheeler attended high school and stockton and skipped her class's that date. she was never seen again. her remains were club voluntarily identified the dna analysis still needs to
9:37 am
be finished. one woman is telling as she was almost a victim of the speed freak killers. if she says she was watching the news when she instantly recognize the face of her dog. she says bolt herzog and shermantine chased her down the road and tried to stop her when she was just 19 years old. >> i know in my heart and i have known all this time i was almost gone. i will never forget that face. he had some things huge in wooden in his hand. it was not a baseball bat. it was almost like an ax handle. as i was watching him i could not get across the
9:38 am
traffic. they did not care. there were so reason. they're going to get me and they did not care. >>justine: stay with us on kron4 as we continue to uncover new developments as they look for possible victims of the siegfried killers. j.r stone is at this site with us today and we will have an update on the kron4 evening days. new this morning, the coroner's office has issued subpoenas for the medical and pharmacy records from whitney houston's doctors and care providers. this story just across the wires. authorities say this is a standard procedure. authorities found several bottles of first of should medication in the hotel room were used to die. investigators are not saying which medications were taken from her hotel. much more ahead on the kron4 did. we will take a quick break on this wednesday morning. here is a live look outside from the roof camera and san francisco.
9:39 am
we will talk about the payroll tax update and what this means for your paycheck when we come back.
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aha and half
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>>justine: house republicans said democrats are or how they intended to deal yesterday that would extend the two percent payroll tax cut half inland and benefits for the rest of this year assisting us assess or less steep cost to medicare reimbursements for doctors but what it estimated 1 million to the u.s. deficit. >>erica: if you are headed to talk hall, results are in an. sincere religious it off for
9:43 am
more information on these resorts in others, check out we will take a quick break here to be right back.
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>>george: up for several hours we have with traffic flow high cost shift of safely fill westbound ride is filled fact tougher. we have seen improvements to drive times are still over which they should be. take a look at the traffic maps do it 80 is slow in 580 is backed of to just be of high wait any more than coming from the macarthur maze vanity dvd approach is the fact of the top of the rib.
9:47 am
the san mateo bridge has been under a wind advisory but otherwise have been incidents free. your ride on the folded its problem free. slow traffic in iran. >>erica: blue sky is in downtown sentences go for. traverse the he will notice is, it seems pretty cool. with the conditions with the richest in the forties. as we head into the afternoon, but funny to fans. 50s and low 60s. overnight, clear skies with temperatures in the 40's. here is a for forties all around and it looks like napa has deeded to 51. caught tsk as we head into the afternoon we will
9:48 am
experience gusty conditions. future cast 4 shows in a 10:00 p.m. hour up to 31 mi. per hour wind speeds for fairfield. as we head into the later afternoon by 5:00 p.m., it looks less wind speeds could get up to 23 mi. per hour. low 20s along the peninsula in continuing with custody of the evening in overnight alcosta geary it here is a look at how those harbors board down into the afternoon my area of into the north bay, places like santa rosa could reach 51. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows mostly sunny skies on tap and relatively mild and pleasant conditions. what we do have the potential for another round of showers sunday stretching into monday.
9:49 am
>>justine: at least 300 inmates are dead after one of the deadliest virus indicates tore through a prison in honduras, trapped inmates could be heard screaming from their cells. this is a copy of them trying
9:50 am
>>justine: ron is suspended of making nuclear weapons, it is a chart to the country denies. the u.s. says kron is lessing out at the world to distract attention from the damage that the national think it's are having a. five >>justine: the president of the world is stepping down. he said he will leave office at the end of its five-year term. but under his leadership the world but says it has provided more to overcome poverty. we will take a break. we have much more ahead. foggy not perfect, the bay bridge is officially closing
9:51 am
this weekend.
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9:54 am
jordan and his weekend it attracted ha ha which is an accident and a stall occur much earlier in the commute and we have not yet her. expect distillate the last a while longer. allen of kidder saugh all are searching for all the lives of this deal they will have an update on their search coming up at 10:00 a.m.. we do plan to hire a hall on a live.
9:55 am
call >>justine: "lin-sanity" is taking over a period hot calls with health have toronto and dell losing. the knicks won the game 90- 87. jeremy lin returns home tonight to madison square garden. a dusting >> sometimes led to the airport security can be chaotic and some time to leave things behind. that is what happened with one passenger in florida. stock she left behind a $6,500 rolex. the guy behind her looks at the watch, takes it up, he did not turn it into security.
9:56 am
this was in a fort lauderdale florida. it was an international flight. the tsa is asking anyone with information about who he saw to let them know because he could be charged with grand theft. this site caught off guard in new zealand. waterspout in hartford. out people in the area left work early because they were worried about the water's not make landfall but the one was injured. >>stanley: bicyclist are required to start--to stop any threadlike. it is common to the writers breaking that law on bicycles in certain san
9:57 am
francisco police department here. blue bike riders will all be issued tickets for running red lights. watch how many more run their red lights. if any bike rider would towards a red light or stops five could be issued a ticket. did not feel surprised. because for a driver running her like this around for the new $1. heine crave bicyclist is her around $380. -- define for a drive for running a red light is allowed $471. for a bicycle is it is around $380 guija
9:58 am
>>justine: thank you for joining us, do not forget, dr. phil is just a few minutes with syria have agreed date. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing...
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