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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 16, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>james: the bay area is less than 24 hours away from a shutdown of the bay bridge. charles clifford has more. >>charles: there was concern earlier this week that caltrans might have to delay a planned closure of the bay bridge because of rainy weather. now caltrans is confident enough to move forward. the closure is scheduled to
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begin at 8:00 p.m. friday night and continue until 5:00 p.m. next tuesday morning -- 5:00 a.m. next tuesday morning. thefts is only the upper deck will be closed. the lower debt will remain open. if they will be building a detour that is an important step in financing the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this is an animation, the view is looking west of of the toll plaza. once westbound traffic is shut down the will finish building a short detour, that is easy in the yellow ferry traffic will be rerouted for about two fifths of a mile. once the detour is completed, the crews will be able to remove this section of the old bridge. once that is gone, caltrans can connect the new bay bridge to interstate 80. eventually, all traffic will be rerouted and the old
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roadway removed. off when the new bridge is finished the lane configurations have should look something like this. >>james: bart will be holding a press conference to talk about what they will be doing to help get you across the bay. let's get a check on traffic. >>erica: earth come friday near islam mall under the eighth possibility. ideas than to sell over some of the alternate routes. it looks like a mall of will be taking the san mateo bridge to get across the peninsula over the weekend. expected drive times to increase year. another alternate route is the richmond center fell bridge if you want to get into san francisco. public transit is doing their part to help out with the weekend closure. my understanding is bart will be running 24 hour service.
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they will be having ltd. extended service. i also found out that ac transit will be touring many lines to some of those bart stations as well. ac transit and board are a good alternate routes getting into san francisco. >>justine: many people live in vallejo felt a small earthquake last night. it was a 3 for 5 magnitude that struck just after 6:00 p.m., south of the city. there was no major damage.
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>> the house was shaking hard enough to wake me up. it takes a lot to pick me up. >> it sounded like a large truck hit my house. it was only about a second longer. >>justine: we will have much more coming up at 430. first let's go back to erica was tracking the seismic activity. >>erica: usgs has not reported anything just yet. eyes you want to mention that the earth quake struck at 609 sixth pm. the epicenter was actually between vallejo and crockett. a lot of people in the area of solano county felt it. on to the area weather, temperatures on the cooler side. fame makes the '30's, '40's
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and '50's. 37 and half moon bay, looking for a 30 degree weather in concord. check out the north bay, they are off to a relatively warm start. future cast 4 does predict by 10:00 a.m. mostly everyone will sitting pretty comfortably in the '50s. you could start to see some '60s forming in fleeces like santa rosa and petaluma. the inland areas potentially over the delta as well. as we advance closer to the afternoon and the green on the screen does indicate most locations seeing 60 degree temperatures. here is the breakdown for you, warmer conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. this is actually the warmest day of the week. oakland could make it to 63, same for antioch. some of the coastal
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locations all half moon bay will stay is the fourth six heart cookies. satellite and radar shows dry conditions over the bay area. we do have what weather to the north but it looks like most of it will break up. we can actually kept some sprinkles for some of our land areas. >>james: will take a quick break, mourners straight ahead. here is a live look at man tamped 3:00
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>>catherine: and less than two weeks he went from sleeping on a couch to the cover of sports illustrated. the three letter of his last name had become everyone's favorite word. >> al lin said hill
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>>catherine: he has an economics degree from harvard it did it. video telling kids how to get into the ivy league school. if all of the workplace and puns are driving you nuts, too bad.
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it is spreading. this is a jeremy lin word generator. director spike lee gave many nicknames >>catherine: lan prefers the basketball court and he has become a cinderella story kissed not by aprons.
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>>justine: more coming up, here is a live look at the golden gate. it looks like the weather today will be one of the warmest days of the week. erika will have details and a few minutes.
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>>erica: here is a live look at conditions at the james lick. it is going to be a pleasant afternoon. we have many locations making the play into the upper 60s. we will see a lot of sunshine out there. it is supposed to be the warmest day of the work with. for right now it is difficult was clear skies to start us off. it little bit windy but we do anticipate mild and sunny conditions to continue over the next few days. we do have some changes to talk about. more on that your extended forecast.
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not to that of a morning for the market locations. check out santa rosa. 46 degrees there. 42 in downtown san francisco. it is chilly along the coastline. half moon bay at 36. a degree warmer than that and concord and locations along the delta. here is a look at current wind speeds. check out fairfield. 23 ma 4 hour winds. 21 over in napa. we did have strong winds yesterday afternoon and some of that is carrying over into the morning hours. into the afternoon i did mention it is one to be sunny. you will not need a heavy jacket. as her hall he upper 50s along the coastline. check out santa rosa, they could make it up to 67, 64 for those of you in novato and 65 expected in concord.
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your 7 day around the bay forecast shows mostly sunny and mild conditions as we head into the next three days before the and oppenheimer talks walsh shot headed to have a and 2- 8 driver ran into a home
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on 34 avenue. no one inside the home was hurt. the driver suffered only minor injuries. >>james: pleased looking for a man who tried of debt it eight year-old girl fog. we have a sketch of the suspect to shoot you. police say he had a handkerchief over his face during the attempted kidnapping. officers say they are looking for african-american in his 30s with having built. he had short dreadlocks and a scar on his upper right cheek. it was last seen wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and a separate hearing on his left year.
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joseph naso will continue to represent himself in work. a judge approved his right to represent himself. the judge says she is mentally capable, literate and informed about the case. he is suspected of killing four women in the seventies and nineties. he will be back in a 4-329. >>justine: san bruno officials are upset about how negotiations are going with pg&e pg&e has set up a fund to help with damaged infrastructure however individuals are saying that talks recently broke down about establishing a multimillion-dollar fund to help the city create a memorial park as well as deal with the crater caused five/. calls high above
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>> we are concentrating on rebuilding the city. that is where our main concentration has been. we have not set a lot about some of the detail but we felt it would support to bring this to the public because we did hit a stone wall. >>justine: dd netflix they are committed to getting stuck to the negotiation futile to have reached out to several officials about arresting a meeting for tomorrow. >>james: three men from salinas are accused of robbing multiple banks can. on tuesday they say they have the wells fargo branch. they got away with about
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$7,000 cash. investigators say a formal police officers saw the man running and were able to write down license plates numbers. officers tracked them down at eighth selena's home where they were arrested. they're looking into the possibility that they are responsible for other vague robberies. >>justine: it is thursday. when we come back we will talk about the comeback of my space. here is a live look outside at the james lick freeway in san francisco. there's not a lot of traffic. we will talk about whether in your morning commute when we come back.
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>>gabe: remember my states? it is making a huge comeback. the new-line space is claiming that 1 million new users have signed on in the last 30 days which adds up
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to 40,000 new signups daily. my space will not be in direct competition with facebook. in some ways they are working together with facebook. you can now log on to my space through facebook. new users could be coming true facebook. my space is now in use extreme in sight. it's a place to listen to music, talk about it and share with friends. it is similar to pandora and spot a fight. my space claims it is better than pandora and modify in claims have largest on-line catalog look for of civilians on flickr codify have a catalog of only 15 million in the hands or have allowed a hundred thousand skiff fly-fishing is a player has an limited and on demand listening, or real love and recommendations. it looks like just into a lake might just be able to save less safe.
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>> they got to relate to provide them with advocacy the force he that a lot of fans to give pavlov >> lee will have to wait years deceived. maybe my surveys can pull it off. in other and as i and giving away ipad 2 cases me like that. because >>justine: did not forget about the bay bridge closure
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starting friday night until tuesday morning. more details coming up right after this. +
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>>james: a 3.2 magnitude earthquake last night. there was no major damage, reggie kumar is in vallejo to see everything ended up.
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>>reggie: in vallejo many people still this small tumbler. some even tommy that small items from off of their shelves fell on to the floor. many people are saying that the shaking lasted for only about one second but they say that it felt like a large truck or train when by their home. >>justine: the president will be in the bay area today. he arrived in a loss angeles today to raise money for his presidential reelection campaign.
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and the president will be spending the night in the bay area before heading to seattle for more campaigning. a heads up, this could cause some traffic issues. >>james: we will be following his movements today. we're going to take a quick break but we will be back with more headlines in just a moment.
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and >>justine: the bay bridge shutdown will be happening tomorrow night. here is a live look at the bridge. the upper deck on the eastern span will close for presidents' day weekend. now, other bay area transportation agencies are helping to make the commute easier. that includes bart. will tran is live in
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oakland. bart is going to give a press conference and about 20 minutes but will have a preview of what they will be talking about. >>will: they plan to have all night service. usually bart trains shut down around midnight. they will be playing a big role at what happens over presidents' day weekend. bart executives including the president are getting ready for that news conference. they will go into detail in what they plan to do for people to get around san francisco. the details coming up and about 15 minutes. >>justine: that is happening in 20 minutes. live coverage coming up
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during our 5:00 a.m. hour. >>james: a couple of headlines of the national front, congress is set to renew a payroll tax cut for 160 million workers and jobless benefits for millions more. the agreement was announced a few hours ago. the announcement paves the way for votes in the house and senate. that is expected to happen later this week. >>james: we are taking a break, here is a live look at the san mateo bridge.
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>>james: in californian news, a man and his girlfriend are recovering in a hospital this morning after being stranded for three days in the snowy sierra mountains. >> we are relieved. >> his firm took his a girl friend for a sunday drive on a scenic trip and that is when their truck became a nightmare. up there in this type of
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weather. >> we are feeling so elated. i cannot wait to see them. >> the couple was rescued and transferred its to the hospital treated for frostbite in the minor injuries. >> this year it did get new snow this week. let's get to the latest on near tahoe forecast and weather around the bay. >>erica: there are actually anticipating more snow as we head into the weekend.
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another snowstorm could bring a couple of inches of snow. if you're heading out today he will not need your chains. partly cloudy conditions and light winds on tap for tomorrow. for the most part temperatures will be sitting in the 40's but you will certainly want to bundle up for the overnight hours. temperatures are off to a mild start. we are still dealing with a residual gusty conditions. fairfield reporting when speeds of 23 mi. per hour, 21 for those of you in napa. temperatures into the
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afternoon could actually be the warmest of the week. we will keep it in the upper 50s for some of our coastal spots but turn your attention to santa rosa, they could make it up to 67 and 62 expected for those of you and san rafael. satellite and radar shows what weather activity to the north. some of that system could move southward. we could pick up sprinkles friday night for places like fairfield and inland spots. for the most part it looks like we will see mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the '60s. tuesday and wednesday we could see potentially upper 60s and low 70's. we are not tracking any hot spots to slow your ride.
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the approach to the bay bridge is nice and easy coming through from all three of the approaches. there are now metering lights and traffic is moving smoothly up the incline and across the upper deck. traffic is starting to build towards foster city. fortunately, there are no accidents to report. on the golden gate southbound 101, there is not much company on the stand itself. great conditions coming out of the north bay. westbound 580 is moving well. no problems on the nimitz. >>justine: we have learned some new details about whitney houston. her fans will be able to follow her funeral on the internet. it is still on known exactly what killed her, authorities
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are zeroing in on prescription medications. >> whitney houston's medical history could become key to the investigation for the pop superstar's sudden death. the coroner's office had issued subpoenas seeking her medical records. investigators are also contacting her pharmacies and doctors to determine if she was filling multiple prescriptions. she was found dead in her beverly hills hotel on saturday. medication was found in her room but it was in her name. she did visit in your nose and throat specialist just four days before her death. her struggles with addiction cast a shadow and a friend said more should be done. >> record companies should say it, not just record companies, promoters and fans, they have to demand that artists take care of themselves.
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>> a private funeral will be held for houston. the pastor says at this time the family is finding solace in their faith. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 news. do not forget, in about eight minutes bart is going to hold a press conference. we plan to carry that live. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. a little bit shaky but the weather today it looks to be the warmest of the week.
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>>justine: the bay area is just one day away from the closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge. the average is one of the most travelled in the nation. we sent stanley roberts out on the streets to make sure that people knew about it. >>stanley: opposed to simple questions, what the event is taking place this weekend and when was the last time you saw a sign. >> what the defense are going on in this city? >>stanley: yes. in the city or in oakland. >> i used to be party animal centrally and people would call me for everything. >> is there a game? >> is the president coming? >> it is presidents' day weekend.
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>>stanley: it is not a party. it is a huge event. >> whitney houston's funeral. >>stanley: that is in new jersey. >> a big event in the city? >>stanley: there have been signs all over the place. >> are you serious? >> i do not know. >>stanley: this site eventually magic to the bay bridge closure. >>stanley: have you seen signs? >> everywhere. >>stanley: while some people were totally aware that the westbound direction was close, some thought there should be better time and place them. >> i have not seen any signs. i do not drive, i walk. >>stanley: you have not seen any signs? >> i have not. >>stanley: is using more signs with up? >> yes. >>stanley: what is that sign
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behind you? >>justine: stay with us on kron4 for complete coverage. if you like more information, visit our web site and we will let you know all of the alternative routes in the public transportation schedules. >>justine: the "lin-sanity" continues. jeremy lin had only 10 points last night he had 10 points but a career high 13 assists. new york won at their seventh straight game. we will take a break, much
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more ahead. stay with us, we will be back in just three minutes.
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>>darya: and good morning. we're finding out exactly how to deal with the shutdown of the bay bridge coming up friday. other transportation authorities like bart are picking up the slack. they are hoping the you can get around without the bay bridge. they're doing a press conference momentarily so that we can talk about some of the alternates that will be available from friday all the way into tuesday morning when the bridge opens again. the lower deck will be open the entire time. drivers will be able to get from san francisco into
5:01 am
oakland into the east bay. the upper deck is going to be closed. you will not be able to get from the east bay and san francisco. this is going to be a detour that crews will have to get around. other authorities are stepping in. will tran is live in oakland where bart is having a press conference right now. >> we are here with the bart board president. let me introduce john mcfarland. >> of good morning ladies and gentlemen. bart is in the business of transporting people around the bay area. we provide the best
5:02 am
transportation would possibly can. during this weekend when the westbound traffic for the bay bridge is going to be shut down there is going to be 247 bart services. i will end up turning this over to the assistant general manager for operations, he is going to give you some of the particular is associated with that. >> of good morning everyone. this is really a bart to endure their holiday weekend. this is a weekend when the bay area can take full advantage of the investment they have in the bay area rapid transit. we are anticipating with the clothes are in the westbound direction of the bay bridge that the detour is being suggested will be lengthy
5:03 am
and time-consuming. we think the digestion will be substantial on those detours. we are here to tell the public that the way to get back in and forth between the east bay and the west a is through bart. it will be faster and more reliable than the alternatives. if you take bart from downtown oakland, you could be in san francisco and just over 10 minutes. if you take bart for walnut creek, you can be in downtown san francisco in 30 minutes. from dublin, you could be in downtown said francisco in 45 minutes. those times we think are much faster than the alternatives. in addition, it is the public wants the party like it is 1999 and state lead in san francisco we will be running out release service for the first three nights that the bay bridge is closed.
5:04 am
all the public has to do is use one of the 14 stations that will be open during the times that bart is normally closed. let me tell you what those 14 stations are. el cerrito, berkeley, central contra costa, walnut creek, concord, in the south, they fear station in southern alameda, dublin, to eastern alameda county and in oakland and there will be three open stations, macarthur, downtown oakland as will the coliseum. lastly, on the other side, we will have five stations open and save francisco air and on the peninsula.
5:05 am
those stations will be embarcadero, upholstery, both of those serving downtown san francisco. 24 street will serve the mission district. the daly city as will san francisco international airport. bart is the way to go this weekend whether you're traveling during the day or overnight. we encourage people to visit our web site, we have a link their which can provide people detailed information about our services and which some stations are open. we encourage everyone to use bart to get where they are going. >>will: i have a question, you went through a litany of differences,
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>> the basic difference in our service is even on a normal day without the bay bridge closure, we are faster than driving its evans is go. what we are doing this weekend is we will be running long trains all weekend. that means we will have plenty of capacity. parking is sometimes an issue, we think there will be ample parking throughout the system over the weekend and then of course the big change is that we will be staying open all night. people will not be restricted in using bart. lastly, we have the abilities at extra service on a moment's notice. we can make whether traders would be to make, flies to
5:07 am
the situation dictates. bart police typically have officers out all hours of the data we will have extra officers out during the times when bart is normally closed. it will be an extra police presence. >> we have done as a couple of times. it is fairly routine for us. again it is in conjunction and cooperation with caltrans. >> we anticipate setting writer ship records.
5:08 am
>>darya: george, it is unusual that they have 24 hour service from friday until tuesday. >>george: they cannot stay open 24 hours a day because during the nighttime hours is what they do it minutes. with the 24 hour work scheduled there be no opportunity for all through them to do will track maintenance worker minutes.
5:09 am
and they can't accommodate all the special needs basis as they have in the past. that is up coming in the starting tomorrow night. for now, and there is light traffic westbound. we are approaching a holiday weekend and we could see lighter traffic on the bridge. yesterday was a pretty good ride for the bay bridge. your commute to the san mateo bridge is a problem free with no delays eastbound or westbound. the golden gate is smooth in and out of marin county with light traffic southbound.
5:10 am
>>james: tonight temperatures will be dropping down to the 30's and 40's. here's a quick look at what we see outside the door. temperatures generally in the forties. we will be back with a full check on whether in just a minute.
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faugh and
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>>darya: the time is 5:13 a.m.. we're looking at the area they're continuing to surge. they will be out in linden searching for more remains. investigators have reached the bottom of the first well on that property in linden. wesley shermantine, one of the speed freak killers provided the location to authorities. investigators have found about 1000 bone fragments in that one well holon. >> our plans are to send a
5:14 am
camera down there, we want to make absolutely sure before we see all the well. there was awash with pontians, car parts, pieces of concrete in this deal, we brought all of that up. once we got that out we started getting to the human remains. now, we are below that. >>mark: forensic experts say that there should and teams of forensics archaeologists examining the soil before they brought in any large machinery.
5:15 am
stay with kron4 for continuing coverage. we have a special section on our web site is at the coming up in the next half hour we will surely it east a crime lab that is processing the bone fragments was we will hear from the ex-wife of one of the speed freak killers. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we will also be talking about the weather. it is a warm one.
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>>darya: new this morning, there are more signs that the pace of home foreclosures is accelerating kif a tracking firm says that sixth took that for homes in january than previously thought. the faster trend for of mortgages if closure is expected to strengthen in light of last week's settlement between big mortgage lenders and 49 state attorney general's over the handling of foreclosures. >>mark: the dow jones dropped 97 points yesterday.
5:20 am
>>justine: general motors have earned its highest profit ever. it is up 62% from 2010. revenue was up 11% to 105 billion. the company does say it will pay union workers a $7,000 profit sharing checks. that is what is happening right now. >>darya: we want to see what is happening with the the weather in your neighborhood. >>james: here is a look at the golden gate. traffic is moving fine. clear and cold. that tops our headlines this morning. clear skies to cold temperatures. we are going to have probably the warmest day of the week coming up this afternoon. overnight tonight temperatures will drop into the 40's. that is the way the next 24 hours looks to be shaping up. wind speeds are not bad.
5:21 am
it is a little bit breezy but most of the wind will be contained to the north in the east. >>james: clear skies with plenty of sunshine.
5:22 am
it looks like the presidents day holiday weekend will be really nice. let's get the latest on tropical george. >>george: a good ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots. let's start with a look on the bay bridge. the westbound commute is an easy trip. the golden gate is an easy ride in both directions. uneasy truce on the east bay freeways.
5:23 am
interstate 80 and your ride on 680 southbound, the south bay freeways are problem free. >>darya: investigators still do not know what led to the death of legendary singer whitney houston, but they are zeroing in on her prescription medication. her death certificate lists the cause of death as deferred meeting is delayed pending more information. the coroner's office has issued subpoenas seeking her medical records and her prescriptions. the assistant chief coroner says investigators are also contacting pharmacies where those prescriptions were filled. there are reports that she was seen drinking heavily at the beverly hilton in the
5:24 am
days before her death. fans are showing their grief by purchasing her music. since she died her album sales have gone up by almost 6000 percent. her funeral is set for this saturday. adhesive was founded dead in her bathtub in her beverly hills sweet just hours before she was supposed to attend pre grammies parties. she is just 40 years old. >>mark: here is a live look at the james lick. a little bit when new timbres a mild side. it will be really nice afternoon warming into the '60s.
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>>james: new video out of syria, forces are attacking another city.
5:28 am
we have a video of this oil pipeline explosion that happens on sunday. activists are saying that the syrian government little. an estimated 5000 syrians have been killed by the forces. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. clear skies and traffic is nice and polite.
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>>mark: the search for more human remains continues
5:31 am
today in linden, east of stockton. investigators have reached the bottom of one well on the property. 1000 bone fragments have been found so far. the president is arriving in the bay area and expected to land at sfo. the president arrived in california yesterday to start his three gate west coast swing to raise money for his upcoming presidential reelection campaign. we are just one day away for the bay bridge shut down westbound starting at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night through tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. many bay area transportation agencies will be offering extra services including bart. >>darya: we will be getting the warmest day of the week today.
5:32 am
>>james: we have a windy conditions in the hills to the north and east. this afternoon is going to be nice and sunny. we're looking for warm conditions. when you factor in what is normally 40 degree weather, santa rosa dropping down into the 30's. and yet feeling like 31. 36 is what it feels like and concord. here is a quick check at your 7 day around the bay. as arias said the rest of the work week, today will be the warmest one. we will keep it mild into
5:33 am
friday and saturday. look at wednesday of next week. we could be in store for a nice little warm-up. >>george: it has been a pretty good ride so far this morning. light traffic with no hot spots or delays. here is is a look at your route to the bay bridge series easy traffic was down. your ride on this and retail trade is also a pretty good one as we pick up our live camouflage looking westward, it is still pretty late even for this hour. there are no delays reported across the span. fie on a 101 it is an easy trip to and from marin county. in >>darya: in the upper deck of the bay bridge will close tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m.
5:34 am
for the presidents' day weekend and will be reopening 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning when most people are headed back to work. other transportation agencies are detailing their plans to help you get from the east bay in san francisco and around this closure. the >>will: bart plans to do a lot of heavy lifting. we brought you a live news conference from bart executives, they plan to have long been trained and have the trains run 24 hours a day. keep in mind, this is the fourth bay bridge closure since 2006. they admit is the toll plazas are not collecting the money, bart will take it. we spoke with the assistant general manager of operations and here is what he had to say. >> the schedule for saturday, sunday and monday which is a holiday, which
5:35 am
means we will be running a saturday schedule on monday, the schedule is unchanged. what has changed is the links of the trains. this weekend, the trains will be long and people will be standing by although we do not anticipate any overcrowding, but in case we are we will have the ability to add extra trains if we need to. >>will: if you are hopping on a bart train at 3:00 a.m., there will be extra security to make sure that you are safe. they will shut down at 1:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. bart trains are not built to run 24 hours a day, this is a special circumstance. they're doing it for three days but then after that they have to shut down and then they will start service again at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday.
5:36 am
right now they're expecting everything to go smoothly. >>darya: we will wait in to see. >>mark: congress is set to renew the payroll tax cut that is set to expire the agreement was announced just hours ago. republicans dropped their resistance that the lost revenue would be paid for with other cats. the legislation would continue that 2 percentage point cut as well as protect doctors from huge cuts in medicare reimbursements. the president is in the bay area today starting his
5:37 am
three gate west coast swing. the president is expected to arrive at sfo at 1250 this afternoon. he attended a campaign event at the san francisco intercontinental hotel. at 7:00 p.m. he will be at the san francisco home of robert miller. >>george: these are some of the freeway is likely to be affected. the president should be heading north most likely on 101. the secret service even though the use the chp to help with the road closures and roadblocks, they never
5:38 am
published the president's route. we will not know which freeway he will be on. expect rolling closures of the off ramps and off ramps. it is likely that it could even affect the south felt right on 101 as well. >>justine: , weekly unemployment numbers have just been released. numbers have dropped to 340,000. that is below its level in four years. we will be right back with more.
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but be 1/5
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>>darya: more on our developing story out of the san joaquin valley, the search for more human remains continues, this is in connection with it this be for the killers. investigators have reached the bottom of the first
5:42 am
well. wesley shermantine, one of the speed freak killers provided the location and investigators have found about 1000 bone fragments and now one well along. investigators are also going to be searching a second well on an abandoned farm. bone fragments have started to arrive at the department of justice crime lab in richmond. you can see how large as some of those pieces are. they will be comparing those to dna database is in order to help the ideal process. family members are asked to call local law enforcement officials if they have had a missing person's report so that they can donate their dna to see if there is a match.
5:43 am
this richmond crime lab has the largest data base in the nation. >>mark: the ex-wife of wesley shermantine is now directing investigators to the human remains is now speaking out. sherry shermantine did not want to be seen on camera. >> he was very hot headed. he was into drugs. when he started smoking drugs is when everything started going downhill. i did not know why i am not dead. they're going to find more remains than what they have already found. i do not know why i was the chosen one. >>mark: sit with kron4 as we continue to cover the search for remains from this be freed killers. >>darya: 0540 3:00 a.m.,
5:44 am
we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a shot of the golden gate bridge.
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>>james: the wind chill this morning is a little cool. it is a chilly start this morning. our highs this afternoon and will look like this. today will be the warmest of the next several going forward. temperatures in the east bay and south bay are low-mid-
5:49 am
60s. in the north bay we could see things warm up as high as 67. here is your 7 day around the bay. >>george: we are enjoying a good ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots or accidents, not much of the weight of slow traffic. we will take a good at the bridges.
5:50 am
on the bay bridge, very light. with an approaching holiday weekend, i think we will see traffic get lighter over the next couple of days. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks pretty good with no problems across the stand. in easy trip eastbound and westbound. the golden gate is delay free with light traffic. interstate 80 westbound exit 68580 which was a huge hot spot this problem free so far this morning. sluggish conditions through the baltimore. south bay freeways continues to look good, especially 85 through the west valley. >>darya: speaking of driving, the tesla is partnering with dimer to develop a fully a fifth mercedes.
5:51 am
for the things are looking good for tesla. they have already taken orders for $40 million worth of those as tv crossovers. >>mark: in san francisco, ross mirkirimi is due back in court today. mirkirimi has been ordered to appear along with his attorney. he and his wife go to trial later this month. he is accused of raising his wife's arm during a fight on new year's eve and has been ordered to stay away from her.
5:52 am
>>darya: the first comprehensive study on the amount of garbage going into san francisco bay reveals there is enough of it to sell 100,000 kitchen trash bags. the latest numbers finds that san jose and oakland are the biggest polluters. other cities are among the areas that had the most flitter per capita. state regulators are ordering cities to reduce trash and by 40% in 2014 or face fines. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on this thursday morning.
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>>erica: we are following held at lawrence. the company mars that makes
5:56 am
candy bars will stop selling traffic -- will stop selling chocolate over two to 50 cals. that would eliminate their king sized products in the they said they will reduce sodium levels by 25 percent by 2015. >>darya: new this morning, an ingredient that sometimes contains arsenic was found in and in florida. researchers say there is an urgent need for regulatory limits on the carcinogen. arsenide has been recognized as a contaminant in drinking water but there are currently no federal thresholds induces where most foods. anti-gun activists are letting starbucks know they are not happy. they allow customers to open here against in states that
5:57 am
have laws that allow that. activists are calling for a boycott of starbucks in hopes of getting them to make that the rule. starbucks say people who are unhappy with the opening gun carry laws should take the issue up with local government, now with starbucks. >>mark: guns and caffeine. there could be a dangerous combination. jeremy lin had a career high 13 assists last night. he is one of tennis' next to score double figures. they won their seventh straight game. all of those wins have come with jeremy lin in the lineup. the president is among the fans tracking his exploits.
5:58 am
>>darya: we will talk about that with gary radnich at around 7:45 a.m..
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