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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 17, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>justine: today is the eighth day. today is the day the upper deck of the bay bridge closes. closure goes into effect at 8:00 p.m. tonight. that stretches from the weekend through 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning.
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as we take a live look at the bay bridge incline, this will no longer be an option beginning tonight. you will need to plan for alternate routes. he can probably expect drive times to increase. of course, you can always take their returns and are fell for it. to mention what public transit is different, but heart will be running for flawless have force the reader does diminish a cliff to >>brian: called on the golden gate bridge. be sure to be careful coming
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across the span. the fog will continue to the morning and burn of by this afternoon. for the studies guys did not get too excited. increasing clouds this evening with a chance of mark a showers. current temperatures are 39 in essence rosa, 37 and novato, 40 percent francisco, 42 in oakland, 45 and resulted in 43 in mountain view. the high temperatures to they are a little bit cooler there were yesterday. we have 66 in santa rosa, 63 in nevada, 61 and san francisco, 60 in richmond. if we have been calling for rain, you can really see it developing. it is dovetailing down.
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this part is digging down towards the north bay and likely to bring rain. >>justine: a developing story out of linden as investigators have reached the bottom of a mass grave in san joaquin county as they look for more victims of the speed freaks killers. they are suspected in more than 20 murders in convicted already of for them. shermantine has led police to a mass grave site with a hand drawn map. the crews have been there for more than a week. authorities have now sent a camera into the well to aid in the search. the plan on bringing in cadaver doffs to serve >>j.r.: heavy machinery is about the only thing that could be seen on thursday. >> the excavator is still cleaning out surrounding
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areas. >> 1 camera has already been dropped into the well. the location of 1000 bone fragments. another camera from the department of justice will be used. the focus seems to be shifting to the second of vandals in this area that may also have human remains. families' lives of rain in the dogs. they will help us career in the area that we need to focus on security of >>j.r.: it is unclear if there are bones there or if the dogs can even pick up the scent, but it has worked in the past give them off the dogs have helped us pinpoint areas where we were successful and discover human remains. >>justine: over 1000 of fragments have been found
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but so far none of the remains have been connected to missing here or a mckayla garrett. shermantine says she was kidnapped by his part while hough warn her resolve. she was last seen in 1980. that there went on a 14 year killing spree and over the years have provided locations as they try to blame each other for the murders. pam more has the details. >>pam: in june of 1984, the two killers credit together from high-school in the town of linden. in september, the two were driving near the town of hope valley in the sierra when they found a 41 year- old santa clara resident asleep in his truck. offers of leader says shermantine killed him with a shot gun. they robbed and murdered two drifters in the the next year if they picked up a 24 year-old at a park and drove
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her to london where herzog says if shermantine realty had murdered her. weeks later chevy wheeler goes missing from stockton. in 1999 shermantine and herzog were arrested after dna evidence linked to them to to women. their trials are sent to santa clear because of the negative publicity. shermantine is convicted of four murders in february of 2001. in october, herzog is convicted of three murders and as a necessary in one. his murder convictions are overturned on a technicality three years later into in 2010, herzog was released on parole. he moved into a trailer on the grounds of the high desert state prison which is where he hung himself in an apparent suicide in january of this year. he had learned of shermantine agreement to reveal the location of the
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victims. >>justine: herzog had his murder conviction overturned. herzog accepted a 14 year sentence with credit for time served. stay with us as we continue coverage a and searching for victims of the speed freak killers. we have a special section set up on our web site, but >>president obama: i am here because this country needs your help. >>justine: the president using a fundraiser as a campaign platform. he spoke last night at the masonic center in san francisco where he outlined dramatic changes that have happened under his administration. not everyone is excited to see the president, protesters were out on might letting the president of that they disagree with its
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policies. the president spent the night in the bay area and is set to depart for seattle in just a few hours. we will have a little bit more on his stops including the surprise visit he made in chinatown. that is coming up at 4:30 a.m.. we will take a quick rate in to be right back.
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>>justine: happy friday. do not forget the bay bridge closes westbound tonight at 8:00 p.m. and it does not open until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. we will map out all the different ways the will be
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able to get around town. we are moving on to the growing memorial in honor of winning season. this is the seas outside the sphere of the church where her funeral will be held tomorrow. fans of place balloons and flowers in front of the church for her. her funeral will take place on saturday. new jersey gov. chris christie is defending his decision to have flags on state buildings flown at half staff in honor would be used in. they are supposed to be lowered on saturday, the day of the funeral. he says he still made cultural contributions to the state and new jersey and deserves this summer. opponents are saying that honor should not be reserved for those who contribute to society, but for those a sacrifice for its as soldiers, emergency workers and politicians.
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>>justine: there were two earthquakes in 16 hours. now, many people in the bay area feel on edge. you can see where the two earthquakes hit in vallejo. one is struck wednesday night, the other yesterday morning. both were a magnitude 3.5. rob fladeboe it is joining
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us will ever for of what the u.s. steel says about those earthquakes. >> at the surface of the closest fault is the franklin fault.
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>>dan: in the north bay, not bad. enjoy the weather while it
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lasts. let's go ahead and take a look at future cast 4 with those rain models. we're pushing ahead to 9:00 p.m., we will see rain developing off the coast. we will see a little bit of rain developing of of the coast. for a.m. saturday morning, rain starting to develop of of the coast and along the peninsula. it is sort of 8 brought model. we will see a little bit of north bay rain later runs into the overnight hours. by noon tomorrow we will have rain into the north bay. there is not a lot of precipitation over night tonight kids schirra for the sierra forecast they will feel the storm killed more than us in the more
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immediate bay area. one-3 in. on saturday and a chance of snow on sunday as well. for now, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. rain overnight with chances of rain sunday evening. in general it will be cooler. looking toward next week, we are looking pretty good. mild conditions. >>erica: unfortunately i do not have any hot spots. if you are heading to the bay bridge this morning, a nice and easy ride out of oakland towards san francisco refused. there is no way on the pay gates. the metering lights are cycled off with problem free conditions of the incline and across the upper deck. the drive time at the san mateo is 13 minutes from end to end. there are no problems getting from the bridge. over at the golden gate
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southbound 101, a lot of space between cars and a delay free conditions out of marin county. we have a little bit of fog but it is not affecting visibility. i quickly want to pick up some of our traffic jams, was down 580, no accidents on the nimitz is just yet. as we take things over to a peninsula you will see that all is well on the bayshore freeway. interstate 280 is a problem free. the green on the screen in the case speeds over 50 mi. per hour. >>justine: oakland police are offering a $7,500 reward for anyone who could help catch the man who attempted to sexually assaulting a woman on valentine's day. this happened on east 10th street in oakland. alajandra cerball explains how the victim managed to get away. >>alejandra: detectives tell me that the 37 year-old woman did not know her attacker and that she is still visibly shaken. on thursday, officers were
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working on a sketch of the suspect. 10:00 a.m. on tuesday the woman was walking home in this neighborhood. when she walked in the front door a man with a knife came from behind and forster inside before attempting to sexually assault her. a neighbor came to the house after hearing her screaming. that is when the suspects ran away. police are looking for a hispanic man in his 20s, 5 ft. 5 in. with a heavy build. he was last seen wearing a gray hooded jacket and dark pants. >>justine: police in vallejo have issued a $2 million arrest warrant for this man. he is accused in a number of crimes including sexually assaulting a 53 year-old woman and then threatening her, he is also accused of threatening a homeless woman so severely that she was in intensive care for weeks. he is a known member of the bloods which is based out of sacramento. he is considered armed and
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dangerous to get as part convictions for weapons, theft and assault. >>justine: new details in the search for a gunman behind the shooting at team as nail salon on monday. the nail salon is still closed. haaziq madyun went to children's hospital and it now has an update on the condition of that to year- old. >>haaziq: the two year-old gunshot victim has undergone surgery here at children's hospital in oakland. kron4 has learned that although she remains in serious condition vallejo police investigators say that little girl is expected to survive the other shooting victims, the girl's grandmother and the 27 year- old female investigators say was the target of the shooting as well as to men that were wounded outside of the nail salon are all recovering from their bonds according to vallejo police. as far as a criminal case is concerned investigators at the vallejo police departments say no one is in custody in and that they are
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looking for at least two suspects in the nail salon shooting case. one official did tell me that the investigation does look promising and that they are following several leads in the case. >>justine: we have a much more ahead. we will take a quick break on this friday morning. when we come back we will talk with a gabe slate. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam showing us what is happening out there on this friday. we will be right back. cox cautious
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>>justine: bay area police officers might have some new high-tech equipment said to their standard year that could help settle clueless criticality losses. >>gabe: i have some new technology to show you for law enforcement. will police the wearing
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video cameras in the future? oscar grant and countless other incidents involving police have shown how powerful cell phone video is. that video only shows one side. >> this is the on officer: camera system. it allows officers to video tape from their perspective. what has been happening to law enforcement is people will film the end of an incident but they do not get the confrontation. that is never the whole story. law enforcement needs to be able to protect themselves about having video of what happened to show this is situation escalating. >>gabe: the footage recorded is stored digitally by teaser. they have massive servers to house all of the video coming in to police, it is stored digitally for years
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should it ever be needed. >> with these systems there is no ability to delete or alter the video. the video is secure from the sensor to storage. the officer cannot impacted. we're getting easily positive reactions. these systems in some areas have completely eliminate losses. >>gabe: we could see this system being tested out here. for more information log onto and look for my tech page. >>darya: we will be back right after this break with a live report from will tran and on the bay bridge closure. arkla
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>>justine: here is a live look at the james lick freeway in san francisco. we will be right back.
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>>justine: do not forget, the bay bridge shut down happens tonight at 8:00 p.m. and does not reopen until tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. >>justine: flags are being flown at half staff in honor of whitney houston in new jersey as plans for her weekend funeral are starting to take shape. investigators are continuing to look interactions of the dates before her sudden death. >> on saturday, one week after her sudden death, singer whitney houston will be laid to rest in new jersey. the private service at her childhood church will include 1500 mourners. actor kevin costner will be speaking. there will also be
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performances by stevie wonder, aretha franklin and be be winds. >> instead of being the big superstar sendoff, it is going to be that the b-girl sendoff. she will be surrounded by people who absolutely loved and adored her. >> some people are questioning why the governor decided to draw the flags at half staff. >> i thought it was a little bit too much. where do you draw the line? >> we need to was an important part of the cultural fabric of this state. houston's final home.
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her death certificate lists the cemetery where her father rests as reburial location. >>justine: police say there will not be a customary funeral procession. fans can watch the funeral on television or on the internet. so trained creator don cornelius was laid to rest yesterday. a memorial service was held yesterday in los angeles. speakers included stevie wonder who scolded the media for the treatment of their death. cornelius died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. rev. jesse jackson was at the service as well. we will take a quick break yet to be right back. here's a look at what is happening along the golden gate bridge.
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>>pam: coming up, victims of the unified school district scandal and how their parents are speaking out about the teacher mark berndt, he is one of two former teachers accused of committing lewd acts with children inside of his classroom. we have much more ahead on this friday morning. think for joining us. here is a live look outside at our roof camera in san
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francisco. have a great date. house coug
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>>darya: will tran is live with more on the bay bridge closure for the upper deck. >>will: at 8:00 p.m. at this place will be off-limits for the next three days. here are some bullet points the need to keep in mind. the shutdown will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will not reopen until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. to give construction crews fought one day to work
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on the approached. because of the shutdown, the crews will be able to work of a new eastern span of the bridge. if you are going from san francisco all the way to oakland or anywhere in the east bay, the lower deck remains open. you are not off the hooks. of course if you need to come back into san francisco you will have to use the other bridges or bart if necessary. bart plans to have extra trains available for fee for out there. they will be running 24 hours a day. we have much more on the floor of the day. >>darya: we do love to go to george and take a look at the alternates. >>george: with the clothes are coming up this is the toll plaza shot. it will be in the starting
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at 8:00 p.m.. what you want to do is think about the alternates. the most obvious are use the richmond center fell bridge from interstate 80 we're in the westbound direction you would just jump across like so and then continue on to the golden gate bridge in the southbound direction the other option is to take the richmond san rafael bridge of of the nimitz, if you can take 80 down to highway 92 and cut across in that direction. some people may want to use the dumbarton although it is not likely to experience as much as the old to live look traffic. what you want to remember is that if you do use the bay bridge, if you're born to be using any of the other alternates this morning or over the weekend you will find extra traffic even if you are not using them as an alternate.
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sphere >>mark: our developing story out of san joaquin county, cadaver dogs will be brought out to search for more human remains in dozens of dirt piles that were taken out of this well in linden, east of stockton. 1000 bone fragments have already been found as investigators look for more victims. investigators have already sent one camera down low the cadaver dogs will also focus on locating a second well nearby. >> we are bringing in the dogs of that they can help us to pinpoint the areas we need to focus on and then, we will evaluate. in calaveras, the dog's help desk pinpoint areas where we were successful in finding human remains.
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fan >>mark: will have a look at the speed freak killers coming up at 5:30 a.m.. >>darya: the president is whipping up in the bay area after spending the night fund-raising in san francisco. he will leave for seattle around 9:00 a.m.. he spoke to a sold-out crowd at the masonic center.
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>>president obama: these other folks make no secret about where they want to go. they want to go back to the days when wall street flayed by their own rules. >>darya: 5 05 a.m., let's get a quick look at the weather. it looks like it is would to be pretty nice weekend.
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>>erica: on tap for today pretty cool start to the morning. coastal fog developing with temperatures of the most part sitting in the 40's and 30's. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will be sitting in the '60s. slightly cooler conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. authors into the evening we will continue to see the cloud cover increased. we do have the potential for scattered showers. it is a very cold start to the morning in the north bay locations. check out places like downtown san francisco. into the afternoon, here is how the numbers will shape up. for the most part, low 60s.
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let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots. pretty light traffic. we may see a letter commute the usual this being the friday before a holiday weekend. the bay bridge looks good, it is clear with no delays. the san mateo bridge ride also looks good. the golden gate is an easy ride to get you in and out of marriage with no delays. >>justine: this story just crossed wires, the hacking
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group known as anonymous has now done a new series attacks against the u.s. federal trade commission and the national consumer protection of web sites. both of those sites have been to replace with a violent german language videos. there are still working to get comments from those websites. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. so sphere for fourth fifth
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>>darya: of the fbi is trying to figure out what little work place issuing -- shooting that left a federal agent said. in long beach there was a
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confrontation between one of the eyes officers and a supervisor. that escalated into gunfire. the fbi assistant director in charge explains what happens. >> one agent fired several rounds at the other agent. the victim is currently hospitalized at that time another agent working nearby intervened in the fired his weapon to prevent additional rounds being fired. this resulted in the death of the shooter. at this time we believe this was an isolated incident and we believe that the shooter was acting alone. >>darya: the names of the gunman, the victim and the aged who filed-fire the final rounds have not been released. >>mark: we will be right back after the break.
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>>mark: if fan all my review service is setting an ideal target for 12-$14 a share. that could mean that they are close to completing its initial public offering of stock through the process began three months ago when yelp filed plans to go public. for fast they planted selfless the 7.1 million shares.
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>>darya: we are hoping that temperatures, a little bit this weekend. let's check in with air. >>erica: it looks like temperatures will drop a bit. we will see cloud cover increasing the for the most part it is a clear start to the morning. this morning is much cooler compared to previous mornings past. let's check out where the numbers will go into the afternoon. the cloud cover will increase in the was a mix of
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sun and clouds. some of our coastal locations will see in the upper 50s. the satellite and radar view shows a lot of cloud cover in the bay area. we actually have. the green on this green indicates some rain making its way closer to the coast line into the overnight hours. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows the potential for showers tonight stretching into tomorrow and sunday stretching into monday.
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time for a check on traffic with george. >>george: a pretty quiet friday morning. we are not tracking any hot spots are major problems. south checking traffic maps for a look at your ride around the bay, you will see that there are no problems on the east bay freeways. your ride in marin county, 101 southbound, no delays as the head to the golden gate. a 23 minute drive time as the head south. in easy ride for bart,
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caltrain and e ace train. >> i think the president's plans make him the most dangerous precedent in our lifetime. >>darya: begin court said he would work aggressively to change when he becomes president.
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>> congress is getting ready to vote on the payroll tax that and jobless benefits for people who have worked along this. if passed the bill will continue 80 percent cut. >>darya: need details this morning on whitney houston's funeral. tomorrow, one week after her sudden death the pop star will be laid to rest in her home state of new jersey. it is a private service at her childhood church. actor kevin costner who co- starred with her in the
5:22 am
bodyguard is going to speak. there also be performances by stevie wonder and every franklin. soft saw fit bb wynans spoke about the ceremony. >> instead of being a big superstars sendoff is going to be a baby girl sendoff. she will be surrounded by people who absolutely loved and adored her for who she was. >>darya: her ex-husband has been invited to the funeral despite rumors that he would not be welcomed by her family. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. more on the forecast in the bay bridge closure right after this break. fit
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>>mark: of we are watching conditions in the sierra as they look for a slight chance of snow. >>erica: there are currently no change required for in this city. there are anticipating mostly cloudy conditions into the afternoon. overnight is when everything changes. one-3 in. of snow expected. into sunday mostly cloudy conditions. he will certainly want to bundle up as temperatures could drop down into this a good digits.
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>>darya: we will be back in a couple of minutes of its friday morning.
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>>mark: the big stories we are following, getting ready for the closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is not allowed in the westbound direction from oakland into san francisco. the bridge is scheduled to reopen on tuesday morning. >> of the president is set to release any cisco at 9:00 a.m. headed to seattle. >>darya: here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge is the last commute
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until tuesday morning. >>erica: we will not see too much in a way of rain fall. right now i wanted to bring of temperatures because that is the first thing people notice as they have outside the door. we're sitting in the '30's for many of our north bay spots. a very cold start to the morning in some of our inland spots. future cast 4 does predict that we will hold on to '50s
5:32 am
along the coastline making it into 50 degree territory in portions of the south bay as well as to the east shores. for the most part we will see a mix of '50s and '60s. the potential for wet weather exists as we head into the holiday weekend. next week we have plenty of sunshine to go around. >>george: we are still monitoring a hot spot for the commute. no problems or troubles for your ride around the bay area. here is your ride on the bay bridge. your ride on the san mateo bridge is a problem free on highway 92 with no delays.
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>>mark: for the presidents' day weekend they are working on moving the lanes on the approach for the new eastern span. will tran has more details. >>will: caltrans and wants me to tell people they are now working on another s- curve. this is just a gradual curves. here are some bullet points to keep in mind. it will be shut down. there are shutting it down to do construction of a new eastern span of the bridge. you will be fine if you need to go from san francisco and oakland.
5:34 am
they will be starting again on a normal schedule at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. >>darya: cadaver dogs will be brought out as early as today to search for human remains in dozens of dirt piles that have been
5:35 am
unearthed in this well in linden. 1000 bone fragments have already been found in this one well along. investigators have already sent it down one camera. atlantis and down another one as early as today. >>mark: this is all in connection with conviction the murders it's known as the steve frick killers. they're searching for four victims free. they started their 14 year killing spree in the 1984.
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>>justine: job rates below 6 percent, those people would get benefits for only 40 weeks. if this new bill passes it would start in september in the mean a loss of thousands of dollars for unemployed.
5:38 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. fats fifth thaw
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>>darya: in world news u.s. officials are on alert following news that are run is considering a terror attack on u.s. soil. there is no specific threat of police from l.a. to new york say that they are anxious. tensions are escalating amid bombings overseas and tough talk from the iranian government about its nuclear ambitions. >>mark:
5:42 am
>> the german president resigned amid allegations he was involved in wrongdoing related to home loans. he announced his resignation today in a televised statement.
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cool >>darya: we're going to take a look at the weather as we take a peek at the bay bridge. fled to get to erica. we will be getting to all of the details on the closure
5:46 am
of the favorites coming up with our live reports. >>erica: it is a bit windy. we're starting to see some fog forming along some of our coastal areas fear is as a ticket to temperatures you will see a lot of upper 30's. lisa lee fairfield dropped down to just 36 degrees. floyd for sphere here is a
5:47 am
look at temperatures into the afternoon. your 7 day around the bay forecast for shows wet weather to nine flooding into tomorrow. that will be north of the golden gate in and into the weekend it looks like temperatures to drop into the upper 50s. time for a check on traffic would george. at the bay bridge, easy conditions. we are not tracking any hot spots for this friday before the holiday weekend.
5:48 am
your ride to the san mateo bridge is an easy one. here is highway 92. conditions look good for interstate 80 westbound.
5:49 am
>>mark: in news around the bay in san bruno officials and pg&e will attempt to reach a settlement after talks broke down. in the summit could provide the city with things they need pg&e says the remains committed to negotiating a settlement. >>gabe: will cost the wearing video cameras in the near future?
5:50 am
>> this is the on officer: video camera. what has been happening to law enforcement is fuseli people will fill the end of this stuff in it that gets released but it is not the whole story. >>will: the footage is stored digitally. >> there is no ability to delete or alter the video. for each security reasons
5:51 am
the video is secure. the officer cannot impacted that. >>gabe: >>darya: dr. phil will be interviewing to students. he is one of two teachers accused of committing lewd acts with children. also on the show family members and lawyers that are involved in the case. >>mark: a quick break as the
5:52 am
kron4 news continues.
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>>mark: united airlines is adopting a pet policy that could cost up to $1,400 to fly their assets overseas. >>mark: people who how do over unpaid bills, the consumer finance group has proposed new plants. the new rule is expected to be finalized in july.
5:56 am
>>darya: he has gained a reputation as a hollywood bachelor, george clooney says he is open to the idea of settling down for good. in an interview he says >>mark: a very slight chance of a shower tonight into tomorrow. we do expect warmer weather
5:57 am
in the forecast as we head into early next week. we have a nice stretch of weather ahead. a little bit unsettled with the possibility of a shower to. >>darya: 70 degrees at the end of february? that is good as golfing weather. back with more in a couple of minutes.
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