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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 20, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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bay area news station, this is kron4 news. >>justine: good morning and happy presidents day. the upper deck of the bay bridge is now opened. caltrans completed the work more than a day at half ahead of schedule and traffic is flowing into san francisco after being shut down friday night. here is video shortly after the bridge opened last night. here is a live look at what it looked like this morning. some cars are now using the upper deck. dan kerman was there when the bridge opened last night and shows us with the bridge
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looks like now that it's finished. >>dan: as ordered by the chp at 7:14 p.m., the first cars passed through the bay bridge toll plaza. by 719, they have made it to the sky we headed towards san francisco. >> we have to do behaving, grinding, utility workers and striping. those are the critical operations. the >> drivers are noticing that just past the toll plaza filled lanes move 30- 40 ft. to the left. >> it is not that big of a change but there is a difference in the merged. >> the movement of the lanes allowed caltrans to begin demolition of a small section of the old lanes which will facilitate the connection of the approach to the newsstand. >> most of the demolition is gone. it is a construction would have defused a finish of but it is amazing work by the contractor theory if fifth
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>>justine: coming out of we will give you a virtual ride over the span. >>erica: i was really excited. my job is a little bit easier this morning. you can see the cars making their way up the incline. fortunately we are not tracking in the hot spots. back at the toll plaza there are no significant delays. yes, you can use the bay bridge for your ride out of oakland in to the bay bridge. an update on the san mateo bridge, you will see traffic very light. we're not expecting heavy volume whatsoever. we are expecting holiday's life. nice and it's live conditions without problems of its toll plaza itself. 14 minutes from end to end.
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the golden gate southbound 101 shows wet pavement. certainly be aware of that as you make your way into the city. there are no major delays coming out of line county. five if let's get a check on the weather outside. >>dan: from this is the rain. this is what we have been talking about. caltrans is pretty happy that there rain is just starting now and they wrapped up the work early. as you can see we have widespread showers. a lot of this is starting to for itself in the east. we're really in the brunt of it. we have light-moderate showers in some areas but a lot of this is starting to push out of here. for now we have relatively chilly temperatures can it 40 degrees around the bay area, mid-40s for the most part.
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soft when exactly will the rains start to push out? we can take a look at future cast, as you can see, by 8:00 a.m. we have little bands of rain off of the coast pushing east and south. we will have just like pockets of isolated showers. for the most part it is already starting to get out of here. by 10:00 a.m., pretty much everything is blown out of here. pockets of rain fell most of this will not affect us at all. by noon in nearly all of this will the fate of the past. for now, the highs for today are staying relatively low- key if fa that. will then rain
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returned? with tempers get any warmer? our answer those questions in just a minute. >>justine: and there were two pilots heard in a midair collision, a small plane and helicopter crashed over solano county. this is an exclusive shot from where the plane eventually touched down. it happened to near rio vista municipal airport. the pilots were injured but each managed to land without hurting anyone on the ground. police are trying to figure out why a man be a homeowner to death in berkeley hills. the victim's wife says the person was trespassing on their property. her husband confronted the man and that led to the fight that killed her husband. police did catch the suspect, daniel jordan of alameda, this was the second
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homicide in berkeley siri if >>justine: cruises as francisco took a little bit longer than normal to remove the last of the storage box that contained about 5 t worth of steel. a trained malfunctioned while lifting the fox to the top of the former bank of america building. police shut down several blocks as a result but they have reopened its morning. much more ahead on the kron4 news. still ahead, a group of ski run into a deadly turn for the worse. we will have more on that avalanche that happened in washington state. here is a live look outside from the roof camera in san francisco. more weather and traffic and of course we are reminded you frequently that the upper deck of the bay bridge is now open.
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>>justine: we are actually elected traffic curve on the bay bridge where traffic is flowing fine. >> for of the 12 men got caught up in an ambulance and were took down 1,500 ft.. according to the sheriff's
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office 3 man and one woman, the woman survived because she had a special jacket, it is an avalanche safety jacket. the jackal it fills with air during an avalanche and gave her a pocket of air which officials say helped her to survive. right after this happened to the other eight were able to dig themselves out pretty quickly and called for help. of >> 3 of this year's were surfing for medical issues. those three were not able to be resuscitated.
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if >>justine: the bay bridge is now reopened. we will have a full look at your weather forecasts right after this break.
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half full off to was that
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didn't >>justine: here is another upper deck is open, traffic
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is like going in both directions. caltrans reopen to the upper deck late last night. da lin went on the new configurations from behind the wheel finn and he will show is exactly what to expect. >>da: going to westbound 80 approaching the state bridge incline, i am driving on the news section. there is new pavement. it is very smooth, very nice. there are new lane markings. also seeing new barriers, new railings off. asked caltrans officials say this qr is supposed to be gentler than it was before and it does look very easy, very smith.
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now, i do have to agree with officials, it is a very gentle curve. it is very easy. overall, no major problems, nothing like the s-curve. so far, so good. a very smooth ride. >>justine: fahey let's get a check on whether with their cut. >>erica: so far, so good. looking at the incline, cars are going up without any problems. we do not have any accidents to report. it is a sigh of relief that they got the lanes open for the upper deck. we saw major delays for the other bridges. there are no problems to contend with. holiday light as well as over of the san mateo you will see a lot of space between cars. barely anyone is making a
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way to foster city. over at the golden gate you will see wet pavement to contend with. other than that a lot of space between cars.
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>>dan: most of this weather will be out of here by later this afternoon. for now, current temperatures are not too bad. 47 in san francisco, 45 and novato, 48 in half moon bay. we have 48 for redwood city and oakland. it looks like that layer of clouds its insulating us right now. the only people breaking 60 will be in mountain view. fishing to the north bay, it
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is not a lot better. this month's >>justine: nichole shanafelt shows us what to expect in gas. >>nichole: the average price of gas in california is now $3.99. $4.90 from ed gray, $4.19 for premium and $4.20 for diesel fuel. the prices are up nearly 505
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from this time last year. in san francisco i found some of the cheapest gas here at this arkose station for $3.89 a gallon for regular unleaded. further south and burlingame regular unleaded was $4.70 a gallon. in san mateo, $3.99 a gallon. further south in san jose, a regular gas is averaging around $3.99 a gallon. >>justine: gas could go up to $4.50 per gallon on the west coast and in major cities across the u.s. by memorial day.
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new details on the whitney houston's coming home. that ceremony ended with a private family burial at syracuse cemetery in new jersey. this happened yesterday. >> whitney houston's coming home journey is over. there hearse carrying her body arrived at fairview cemetery in new jersey sunday morning. the private family burial followed a star-studded invitation only memorial service on saturday. >> if you feel such awesome pain and yet joy. the pain is her transition and yet she lived to be 48. >> in desolate 04 winfrey can deal king attended a reception at the new work club immediately following the ceremony. he stands ex-husband left saturday's service early but said in a statement and at a concert that he would
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continue to pay respects to his ex-wife. >> i want to give blessings to my ex-wife with the homestead. >> while the weekend's events were private fans still gathered to commemorate the pop icon. >> a celebration of life. she is gone but never forgot it. she will always be in our hearts. then i was shocked. i grew up listening to her basic. when i found out that she was dead, a part of me also died. >> houston has been laid to rest next to her father but there's no rest for investigators still trying to learn exactly what caused her untimely death. bankrupt >>justine: rick santorum is
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backing off of its of the attack against the president. he said that the president's agenda is based on phony theology, not theology based on the bible. now, santorum says he was not questioned president christianity. >> i was not suggesting the president is not a christian, i simply said when you have a world view that elevates the earth above man defense says that we cannot take those resources to because we will harms the earth like things that are not scientifically proven like fecal global warming debate, if it is all an attempt to centralize power and give more power to the government. " >>justine: santorum went on to say he does not want the president imposing his
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ideology on others. the kids take a live look outside, the upper deck of the bay bridge is open. but caltrans finish work early. we will continue to let you know you can expect and we will be right back. bad for of power put an
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>>justine: here is a look at the bay bridge. traffic is flowing in both directions. caltrans will of the upper deck shortly after 7:00 p.m.. >>justine: do you love to tweaks and post?
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>> the explosion of social media has a bad a shift for companies, schools and the government incorporating facebook into the like into what they do every day. that has also led to a new career path, social media input -- employment.
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>>justine: after the break will have a live report on what to expect driving over the new bay bridge.
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>>justine: right now we have good news from caltrans.
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>> i do not think he can calculate how happy we are. we were able to finish early. >>justine: caltrans says he may want to take some extra time to get used to the upper deck. here is a time lapse of the bay bridge. >>yoli: it looks like people are handling the change pretty well. things seem to be pretty smooth.
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i do not see anyone swerving, people look like they are able to handle the curves. it is a gradual approach i came and westbound, will tran and will be driving us and showing us the latest footage and tell us a little bit about that. >>erica: traffic is moving pretty well just past the toll plazas and up the incline.
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over at the san mateo bridge, a pretty decent ride.
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>> by this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. it will remain relatively cheaply. easy the storm system living to the bay area pushing east to southeast pity if we had some snow and the high sierra, it was represented by the blue moving east. a for now, things are relatively cool because of the rain. this high fast off if
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>>justine: here is a live look at the bay bridge. caltrans opened in the upper deck earlier than expected. it opened at 7:00 p.m. last night. there are some changes on the road.
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>>justine: two people were rescued from a burning home in massachusetts the and it was all caught on tape. >> on the right you will see a bit of smoke. on the left a man sprinted to the parking lot with almost no hesitation. he ran right inside the burning home. >> we are very grateful. this surveillance video taken from cameras at the funeral home shows a fire in the early stages of saturday
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afternoon and the daring run made by the man who owns the convenience store across the street. we spoke to him on the phone. >> i started yelling there is a fire, come outside! the two men inside of the home meted out safely. >> the fire raged on.
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>>justine: fire officials believe the blaze started on the front porch. the cause is still under investigation. much more ahead.
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>> starbucks ceo says lawmakers are more focused on politics the policy of. he has long been calling on the nation's capital to amplify it job creation
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efforts. >>dan: we are looking for a warmup a little bit later this week. for now we are dealing with rain. it is still a bit wet out there. we have isolated showers widespread.
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this system is pushing south a little bit. we did have snow in the high sierra. what we are left with a, 60 in san jose.
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50 expected for redwood city, 59 expected for oakland. from our >>erica: the bay bridge is now open. no backups to speak up. on the san mateo bridge, traffic is building towards foster city. there are no delays on the
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approach itself. there are somewhat roadways but other than that there are no accidents to report. a lot of space between cars and traffic moving at the limit. >>justine: from a caltrans web site there is a video of the bay bridge work picking the vehicles a look at the task that they had.
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>> there is another portion of the northern side that we're going to demolish. this is certainly a labor- intensive projects. ideally we want to do as much as it can away from motorists. >>justine: our team covered continues as traffic and other bay area bridges is now flowing smoothly.
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>> bridge officials say preliminary numbers showed saturday they had close to 68,000 drivers off traveling southbound. in increase of nearly 69%. here, you can see workers at the golden gates as they reconfigured lanes to increase the number of southbound lanes from 3-4.
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>>justine: we're going to take a quick break on this president's day. here's a live look outside from the roof camera and said francisco. do not forget the bay bridge is already open, we'll talk more about that when we come back.
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announcer: stanley roberts found some people behaving badly.
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>>stanley: some writers using clip urquhart's have found a way to avoid paying their fair even though they have a clipper card. for muni is based on the honor system. in other words, writers are trusted to put money on the card and use it. some people are buying the cheapest clipper card for the sake of having a card but they never actually put money on it. fair inspectors checked to make sure the writers are being honest by scanning cards. the card reader will give them a yes, if the card reader says no, the
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inspector checks to find out why. is the writer purchased a monthly pass, all is well. if the writer simply did not scanned the card when they boarded than they are subject to a ticket. thir inspectors have heard all the excuses and tricks that people use to avoid paying the fare. in the hands, they get caught and end up paying the piper which by the way is $100.
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>>justine: jeremy lin has asked the media in taiwan's to leave them alone. he says he cannot even go to work -- they cannot even go to work without being bombarded. the story of his rise to obscurity has taught me the world through. we will take a quick break and we have much more ahead until 10:00 a.m.. do not forget the upper deck of the bay bridge is now open. work was finished ahead of schedule. we will let you know what to expect when we come back.
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>>justine: debate rages is
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opened 34 hours ahead of schedule. as of last night, the bridge was reopened at 7:00 p.m.. here is a look at video of the first cars as they passed through the toll plaza at 7:14 p.m.. caltrans crews did a lot of stating it utility work related to the construction of the new eastern span a period are all crafts justine >>darya: is used to be aware of the teens they might notice. drivers passing through the toll plaza need to be careful. " just past the skulls cause of the leaves have been shifted and it-43 to the left to create a different look and feel is a murky. the movement of the lanes have allowed caltrans sees in the list of the old lanes which will facilitate a
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connection to them the newsstand. on >>will: the new curbs are very easy, not like the s- curve that we have seen before. i am on the incline. it is not a problem this morning. even when traffic picks up later when people are headed to work you should have no problems serious is any incidental qr. paul >>will: there are very few
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cars on the roadway. caltrans is a warning people, because this is the first time for many people driving on the verge, the first time just take the easy. fsu will be surprised houseless this. offs >>mark: and the next half hour we were treated traffic masked this weekend, especially at the golden gate. it was a rough ride on the bay area. >>george: all of the pressure is off with the early opening of the bay bridge. i'm sure there were many who believed fact caltrans would get the project completed ahead of schedule, but many people were surprised up quickly was accomplished police today is a holiday, we are expecting light traffic all around the bay area. on the bay bridge, very few cars westbound.
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for the san mateo bridge which was an alternate but not as heavily used as the golden gate, there are no traffic delays, it is a light ride in both directions. a quick check on the golden gate shows quiet conditions although crews are on the bridge. >>darya: we have a developing story out of the east bay. an officer involved shooting in east oakland injured when a suspect. the shooting happened just after a 11:30 p.m. in the 1900 block of seminary avenue. the injuries are not life- threatening and there were no officer's hurt. the investigation is ongoing. >>mark: in san jose man in the hospital after seeing
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shot once. no suspects have been identified or arrested. the motives for the shooting remained under investigation. box coffee and >>mark: the coast guard received a mayday call just before 11:00 p.m. last night from a source reporting in a collision and the person in the water. in the search continues right now. >>darya: there are two pilots suffering for minor injuries after a mid-air collision. a small airplane and helicopter crashed over solano county last night. here is exclusive video of where the plane eventually went down. this collision happened near rio vista of municipal airport. the pilots were injured but
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each of them managed to land without hurting anyone on the ground. cordoba but if you're the >> before we get to the warm-up we do have to deal with lights hours. the wide view does show most of the shower activity pushed to the east and south. as a resume and around the bay area, does a couple of minutes to go. we saw a seller of rain hovering over 580 and the livermore area and we are tracking rainfall just north of tracy. other than that we could see patches of drizzle. it looks like the wet weather activity for the most part is out of our here. by 6:00 p.m. tickets see a band of rain in some of our east bay locations stretching all the way from napa to fremont. it is relatively light in nature. as we had to 8:00 p.m.
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tickets he sprinkles of short. it looks like things will dry out as we head into the later morning hours. in terms of temperatures. widespread forties. i'll have a look the afternoon highs and the 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in my next report. but >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes gas prices are higher this morning. will take a look at how much you have to pay and why they are at their peak. here is a live look outside at a very quiet bay bridge toll plaza. even though the upper deck is open it does not mean they have to go to work. a lot of people did not. it should be an easy commute. we will be right back. but
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>>mark: gas prices have never been higher at this time of the year. the national average at $3.57 a gallon. the average price for a gallon of gas in san francisco's $4.80. right now it is $4.20 on average in san jose. oil prices are now jumping to a nine month highs near $105 a barrel in asian trading after ron says they are halting crude exports. >>darya: 5:10 a.m., we are back with more in a moment with everything you need to know about the bay bridge.
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at lotus with
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>>mark: , traffic on the bay bridge is moving westbound as the bay bridge open way ahead of schedule. >>darya: rick santorum is now the republican front runner according to the latest gallup poll that has the former senator leading mitt romney 35%-29%. former house speaker newt gingrich is in third place and ron paul with 8%. this poll tracks registered republicans, santorum is backing off of commons that he made about the president's religious the least.
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santorum who currently leads in the republican race said that the president's agenda is based on a phony theology not a reality based on the bible. now, the santorum says he is not suggesting that the president is not christian but criticizing his environmental policies. >> i was not suggesting the president is not christian. i just said at her and you have a world view that elevates the earth of and says that we cannot take resources because we will warm the earth by things that are frankly not scientifically proven like for example the global warming debate, this is all an attempt to centralize power and to give more power to the government. >>darya: santorum also fled his health-care overhaul for requiring insurance to pay for prenatal tests that
5:16 am
would encourage more abortions. >>mark: it is a little bit with out there this morning. erica has more. here in >>erica: if will probably have the deal was a lot roadways. we're pretty clear conditions and light showers for the east bay and south the locations theory of brazil is as we headed to the afternoon. temperatures will not break the upper 50s. says they have into the evening hours to see partly cloudy conditions and temperatures returning back to the forties furious storm tracker 4 is condition as a necklace happened. we had a little bit of rain fall pushing its way out of san jose for the morris park we are drive for now, just contending with what roadways. here is a look at
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temperatures for you right outside the door. we are off to a relatively mild cigar. fax-cut as we take a look at the afternoon highs, mostly cloudy conditions in the temperatures a little bit below the seasonal average before if a couple of fog will break 60 degrees. >>erica: your 7 day around the bay forecast to fill a hole in zuccotti conditions. a little bit more rainfall as we head into the next couple of hours but we do anticipate sunny and warm conditions would temperatures that can actually reach 70 degrees as we head into wednesday and
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thursday. we will cool things down as we head into the weekend. it is time for a chat, morning commute. >>george: there is not much of a commute with the this being a holiday. there are no hot spot for your driver of the bay area however there is a sig alert. first of the bay bridge is open with extremely light traffic in the westbound direction. a few cars heading in from the toll plaza to the macarthur maze. if there are no delays but all lanes are open. fast and mateo bridge is an equally good ride. definitely lighter than usual. the changeable message signed for the last couple of weeks has warned of high winds or 4 visibility or the closure of the bay bridge, in nasa's bay bridge opened. off the golden gate 101 southdown, a tough commute over the weekend because of the closure on the bay bridge. there are no delays since the bridge reopened last
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night. an easy ride this morning. felly east bay, light traffic conditions for ec, 680 area in the south bay, no problems on 85 as you head out towards the west valley sheesh the area i mentioned that there was a problem all of the round 101 route and overturned accident occurred just of of the freeway. it is likely to be a fatal accident. the freeway lanes themselves are not affected. only at the on ramp and offerings. marsalis a sacrilegious and diseases should be received a letter from wesley shermantine. in a letter he claims he knows of other sites where the bodies of additional victims are located. in a letter from the prison the convicted killer told the station that there are two locations where his accomplice disposed of two victims.
5:20 am
he says he has not revealed locations because he has not been paid the $33,000 promised by a bounty hunter. but he and his partners were suspected in more than 20 murders. >>darya: whitney houston has been laid to rest. barbara hall has more on her journey home. >> whitney houston's coming home journey is over. the hearse carrying her body arrived at fairview cemetery in new jersey on sunday morning. her private family burial follows a star-studded memorial service on saturday.
5:21 am
>> whitney houston's ex- husband bobby brown left her funeral service early but said that he would continue to pay respects to his ex- wife's. >> i want to give blessings to my ex-wife, when the houston. i love you. >> fans still gathered to commemorate. >> it is a celebration of life. she is gone but never forgotten. she will always be in our hearts. >> i was actually shot. i grew up listening to her music. that is all a pretty much listen to the fifth one i found out she was dead, it was like a part of me died with her. >> houston has been laid to rest next to her father the there is no rest for investigators still trying to learn exactly because her untimely death.
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give >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on this monday morning, president stay. traffic is moving once again on the bay bridge. rathole awhile for the up
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in caw her if her gaffe a a
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an mainland's inebriant subvert dot 5 corp.
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>>darya: a second homicide in berkeley as a homeowner
5:37 am
is killed by an intruder. >>mark: here is a live look outside. slightly wet conditions and light showers falling overnight. more on the forecast handling traffic coming of. roth's off fourth far above
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>>erica: welcome back. if you are expecting to head to tahoe, expects morning showers to continue. light winds on tap, mostly cloudy conditions for tuesday and wednesday. he will certainly want to bundle up overnight as temperatures could drop into the teens. more on your sierra forecast and what is on tap for the local the area forecast coming up in my next report. >>darya: our other big story is for even though it is a light monday, you can take the bay bridge into san francisco.
5:41 am
caltrans finished their work on the upper left early, 34 hours ahead of schedule. as of 7:15 a.m. the bridge was opened, a very easy commute pirie if >>mark: is now costs about $14,000 a year to raise a child in the middle class to. family. this is according to the latest statistics of the department of agriculture. that could be contributing to the average family having less children. >>darya: the man behind starbucks says that it is a washington d.c. left to blame for the struggling economy. schulze says lawmakers are
5:42 am
more focused on politics and policy. starbucks is now spearheading its own employees as program raising funds for what they call create jobs for u.s. say they gives loans to small businesses. we're back with more and a few minutes.
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