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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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days of searching a well in linden, hundreds of bone fragments recovered. new the serial killer who told fortunatelies where to dig -- officials where to dig says they went to the wrong spot. even though gas prices continue to climb, we found ways that you can save. >> it was saving me i would say $60 to hundred hundred dollars in just a week. one of the "speed freak killers" says the site where crews uncovered hundreds of bone fragments is not the spot he directed them to. the two killers are wesley shermantine
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and loren herzog. her man teen says the remain it is found were not put there by him or his partner. >> he says i ain't connected to that, and i don't think loren is either. >> reporter: authorities found 1000 bone fragments here last week. a site that shermantine says is not connected to him. >> he says, why are they digging at that well? i said well, we tried to tell him it wasn't the appropriate or correct well, but the sheriff wouldn't listen, so they dug that well and came up with a skull. >> reporter: the maps that shermantine made show two other locations nearby. they say those locations are different, and in addition to the site that was already dug up. >> and it talks about the well here and the well by the tv tower. those were two wells that he spoke of on the map. when we talk about three wells,
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there's the two he spoke of and the well they dug. >> reporter: meaning there are now three well sites that could potentially turn up human remains. paddila says he talked to shermantine last sunday, but believes investigate ares are not interested. they ignore us. the >> they ignore us. we're the only ones that have information that's credible. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is not responding to padilla's comments but do say if and when they found a well where they suspect bones are in the ground, they'll let us know. >> stay with for our continuing coverage of the search for the victims of the "speed freak killers". richmond police say at least 20 gunshots were fired earlier tonight, killing a man
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in his 20s. police responded to the 1,400-block of kelsey street. the victim suffered several gunshot wounds. >> it appears to be inside the basketball court area. and he was located behind the center in the park. unfortunately, this is a park. it's got i community center where can you think kids go to. this was during the day. obviously you have to try and be, you know, careful with where you're at. but this is an unfortunate incident that it had to happen where it did. >> police say they have no indication what this shooting is can gain related. in hayward, a man who was accidentally released from a psychiatric hospital has been picked up by police. jose hernandez cut his own throat during a dispute with his exgirlfriend. police took him
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to a facility in san leandro. he was supposed to be taken into police custody, but instead he was released without super vision. after going missing for two days, police arrested him early this evening. prices at the pump continue to climb. the national average is now $3.57 a gallon, up $0.40 compared to this time last year. the state averages $4.04, that's up almost $0.50 compared to last year. and $4.03 a gallon is for oakland and san jose. all of these prices are up about $0.50 from this time last year. reggie kumar hit the streets to help you find ways to save when you fill up the tank. >> reporter: grocery stores like safe-way have been offering gasoline discountings through a -- discounts through a club card rewards program . every time customers use their safe-way
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card to purchase grocery, they accumulate points. every dollar spent inside the store equals one point. 100 points will lower the gas price by $0.10 per gallon. >> per week, it saves me a good $30. >> reporter: 500 points discounts the price by $0.50 per gallon. 1000 points will take off $1 per gallon. bay area drivers are willing to wait in a long line at this safe-way gas station in vallejo just to fuel up at a discounted price. >> it only takes me about $34 to fill it up so -- >> reporter: there's no fee to become a card member. >> our team coverage turns to theresa who tells you when experts say the prices are expected to fall again. >> reporter: at this station in walnut creek, it went up $0.06 overnight for regular. gas
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experts tell kron4 it doesn't look good about prices coming down. a aaa spokes person says data right now looks bleak. >> they're still on a much higher trajectory than we were in 2008. and trait is when we saw the historic high gas prices 67 >> reporter: some experts are saying prices could reach $5 by labor day, aaa officials say it's impossible to put a dollar amount because so many factors affect the price at the pump. however, they do say that in a few month, the state mandates refineries to put an additive in gas to help with pollution, and that always drives up the price. >> around the corner, what consumers can look at as far as impacts to the pump price, things like the warm weather blend coming into play here in california, and also people traveling more during the warm weather months. and that helps pressure up the price.
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well, it certainly was a nice day out there today. away from the coast lineup, temperatures warmed up -- coastline, temperatures warmed up about 10 degrees from yesterday. closer to the coastline, we did see fog through the afternoon, and that kept temperatures a little bit cooler. right now, temperatures are staying mild as high clouds stream in from the north. and the upper 40s and the low 50s at this hour. it's going to stay fairly mild overnight but we're going to warm up even more temperature afternoon. temperatures warming into the 70s in concord over the next couple days. and we'll take a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. the proposition 8 appeal is moving forward. we explain the next legal step for backers of the state ban on same-sex marriage. and controversy surrounding a proposed plan to convert an alameda golf course into a new place for homes.
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after losing the late of the round in court, backers of proposition 8 are asking the 9th circuit court of appeals to rehear the case. supporters of the same-sex marriage oppose that move. but the diction for a rehearing lies in the hands of the 25 judges on the 9th circuit. >> reporter: a 3-judge panel ruled 2-1 that prop 8 was unconstitutional. new backers of prop 8 have asked an 11th circuit panel to hear the case. backers of ban say there is no way this entire 9th circuit would sign off on a decision
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like this. but attorneys representing the two same-sex couples who sued for the right to marry say they oppose the rehearing and will continue to fight for the tens of thousands of californians who are being denied due process and equality. the new judges have no time limit as to whether or not to rehear this case. it's expected they'll make a decision sooner rather than later. in the meantime, same-sex marriage remains on hold.
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it may be too late for alameda residents to save a public golf course. a developer wants to build new homes on the course. in return, he will trade the city a new piece of property and millions of dollars. kate thompson found
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out residents are gathering signatures. >> reporter: the city is calling it a swap, but angry alameda residents say no way. this is the sale of public land. ten years ago, a law passed that park land could not be sold without a vote of the people. but a loophole does allow for a swap with no vote. >> it's not a loophole in this initiative that passed. it said possible exchange would be allowed. but this exchange that's being proposed is absolutely ridiculous. instead it's been used to try and swap 12 akers of beautiful golf land for some dirt business park. >> reporter: signatures are being gathered to put the land swap on november's ballot. but by that time, council may have already voted on the golf course land swap. the developer would get to build 130 homes on this 12 achre golf course. >> i want to keep the course, and no more houses there.
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>> reporter: the city will take up the land swap again on march 6th. the hacker group, unanimous, uses the phrase expect us" to warn its targets. and the national security agency purportedly believes that the country's electric power grid is on their hit list. but unanimous calls that suggestion ridiculous. >> reporter: this was the message posted on the anone-ops glog. it says they you want -- blog. it says they just want to make you afraid. the suggestion came that the national security agency has warned the president that anonymous could trigger a limited power outage in the next year or two. the journal says that federal officials believe the hacker group is headed in a
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more disruptive direction. anonymous has stepped up its attacks in the pafl 12 month -- past 12 month, crippling the websites of the fbi, cia, and department of justice. but the group has never listed a power blackout as a go. and a twitter message from your anone-- the national security agency, one of the federal government's most secretive agencies has made no public comment. well, we have seen high clouds streaming in over the bay area all throughout the day. and that continues tonight. you can see the clouds streaming in over san francisco. we're also seeing fog close to the coastline. so a glance at tomorrow, fog close to the coastline, just like this picture from today.
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we'll be left with sunny skies tomorrow afternoon, and temperatures even warmer than what we saw today. we'll get to that in a moment. let's take a look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning. fairly widespread fog depicted here. i think we'll see it mainly closer to the coastline, bay shores and the coast itself, portions of the north bay, and watch how quickly it's going to scale back. by the 8:00 hour, hovering near oakland, san rafael, san bruno. and back to the coast by 11:00. it is going to peel off the coast tomorrow afternoon. so we should warm a little bit more for our will coastal locations. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, again warmer than what we saw out there today. a lot more 70-degree readings 70 in redwood city and mountainview, 73 in los gatos, 71 in livermore and antioch. and warmer in half moon way tomorrow. san
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francisco a few degrees warmer with more sunshine into the afternoon. 75 in napa, 75 in fairfield. and the warm weather will continue into tomorrow. but we will start to cool down into friday. still above average, and still sunny, but cooler, and the cooling trend continues into the weekend as a couple storms get close to the bay area. just a slight chance of rain sunday and monday. the computer models not really putting rain into the bay area. but we will keep you postod that. a bay area coaching legend passes away. and can anybody beat lebron james and the heat right now? it sure doesn't look like it.
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martinez was brady's first quarterback coach working with tom since the age of 12. here's a sidebar. mr. martinez known primarily for his work with brady. but when you add up victory, football, basketball, and soft ball at the college of san mateo, over 1,100 wins. the winningest junior college coach in the history of california. passed away today at the age of 67. sharks are now 1, 4, and 1 on this road trip. todd mcclelland's team, boom. out of the block behind 4-nothing to the worst team in the nhl. the columbus blue jackets. niemi yanked after the first two goals. a fella named jeff carter, too much tonight. third goal of the game. second hat-trick of the season.
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sharks lose their fourth straight, 6-3, columbus at home. warriors one more time before the all-star break tomorrow might night in phoenix. hebron james and the heat, everybody wants to knock these guys. evan, a half-court shot.: lebron running the floor to dwyane wade. wade had 30 points and 10 assists. look at the business here. james, the block, and wade is going the other way. they really are dynamic. to get everybody off lebron's back, they have to do it in the playoffs. but the seventh straight win tonight , and they do have the nba's best record. tim lincecum made some noise in arizona today. warming up, tossed a few baseballs, and went back in the club house and
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never returned. the official word is stiffness in his back. and people who cover these spring training camps, they have to write about something. so when lincecum misses a start, then you got something. tiger woods played pebble beach then took last week off. he is back doing his business in the desert. at a match play event. 64 players all going one-on-one until 1 man is left standing. now, woods has not won a pga event in nearly 2.5 years. tiger, talk some match play. >> it doesn't really matter if you're 16 or 5. it doesn't matter. once you're in, you're in. any guy can win any match. we've seen that over the years. and it's totally different . the world rankings are done over a two-year resolving period. we have a little golf chat here. will woods again be no. 1 in the world, pam?
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>> i don't know. >> well, i don't either. no one knows. >> i think one day, yeah. eventually. i do . >> i have no idea. but i agree, maybe one day. >> you ever done that? especially when you host a radio show for three hours, when you're driving home -- i'll be in the car, and by the time i've made the first right turn, comes, boy, you are full of crap. because you talk for three hours. oh, yeah, this is going to happen, that's going to happen. and if you're right 50% of the time, you keep your job. and both of you say i don't know. that is the way to do it. people who say this is the thing, you just get tired of them. all right, give me this 18 year-old. real quick. there's this football player in scottsdale, arizona, 600 kids assemble in the auditorium at school. tv crews, family and
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