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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 22, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>george: the volume is up in a moving smoothly as he had southbound from iran. we have a new potential hot spot in the south bay. it is here in cupertino where to 80 meets highway 85. this sensors still show all agreed northbound but there is a report of a three-four car crash would be blocking all of the northbound lanes of interstate 280.
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we will keep a close eye on this and update you as soon as we have more information on this potential hot spot. right now, a check on whether. >>james: we are dealing with mild temperatures, upper '40's and '50's. the fog is not a big of a problem as it was yesterday. the peninsula coastline is still seeing some fog. here is a shot from the roof camera looking back over the skies of san francisco. a few high clouds but otherwise the sun is up but we will see some warming over the next hour or two. it will get warm enough that we will break records. here is a quick list of places around the bay that could break records.
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75 expected for map but today. it looks like we could be the record high and concord. even warmer conditions tomorrow. we will have your extended forecast coming up. >>mark: we are following the latest in the search for more human remains. wesley shermantine now says this mass grave where the crews of covered over 1000 human bone fragments is not the spot that he directed police to. shermantine told bounty hunter letter to the idea that those bullet fragments were not there by him or his partner in crime. investigators are looking into a total of three wells. the second well has yet to be located. all three wells are set to be about a mile apart. kaufhof
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>>mark: the next presidential republican debate is about to take place.
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santorum has been surging in recent weeks. arizona and michigan will hold primaries this coming tuesday. the obama administration wants to cut the corporate tax rate, in turn dozens all loopholes and subsidies would have to be given up. and that is not all the president has been working on. take a listen to him singing. the president singing along with top hud--singing along
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with b.b. king. we will take a break and be right back.
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>>george: we're tracking a hot spot for the second day
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in a row. the blame this morning belong to a stall that occurred at 6:00 a.m. hour. them to the metering lights for activated early. traffic is slow from the edge of the macarthur maze in the westbound direction faugh they have stayed right about that number for a while. a complete traffic check coming up. >>mark: here is a live look at the golden gate. traffic is moving smoothly. the possibility of a record- breaking temperatures for a few spots around the bay. greece is scrambling to
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adopt emergency laws to cut income and reduce government spending. this comes one day after they were able to secure a new bailout. fitch is downgrading their credit rating even further down to junk status staying in the fall this highly likely in the near term. so we are seeing the effects on wall street. the dow jones is down six points. >> existing home sales rising in january. the fastest pace in nearly two years. >>mark: a quick break as the
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kron4 news continues. we're watching weather. maybe some spring skiing in the sierra. for friday will be really great with temperatures getting to 60 by the afternoon. a look at your ski report coming up in about 30 minutes.
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the >>george: welcome back. 7:15 a.m.. we are tracking a hot spot on the bay bridge westbound. early activation push to the backup to the edge of the macarthur maze. the 880 ramp was completely backed up over the top of the toll plaza is not quite as bad right now. you will notice that the metering lights seem to be cycling at a pretty fast rate tried to clear out the back of in the westbound direction. for warm and
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>>james: we have a lot of ways that this morning. gusty conditions will be with us throughout the day the especially as we head into the evening. as for the next 24 hours, high clouds. the concern that outside the door right now if if slightly warmer temperatures, already in the mid-upper forties. we will get its is mid-70s potentially deceptive and thrifts a lot of sunshine on tap to. we could potentially break some records this afternoon. tonight we will call back into the 40's and 50's. here is where temperatures should go by 8:00 a.m. '50s and '60s dominating the map as early as 11:00 a.m..
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70-76 around the bay, that is well above average. these are the cities and average temperatures for this time of year. today we will over 13 degrees above average for napa. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow could be the warmest day of the remainder of the week. now, let's get the rest of the traffic report with george. >>george: of the hot spot was the bay bridge west out.
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>> of the u.s. to the fight terrorism properly or effectively. they did not pay attention to the causes of the rising. they did not pay attention to the sanctuary's and motivational factors behind it. calling all they did not pay attention to the financial elements. >>mark: the commander of nato forces in afghanistan quickly apologized for the burning of grants and as
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afghan officials to join in an investigation. >> backers of proposition 8 have asked the 11 member panel of the ninth circuit to rehear the case yet it it will take a majority of the judges to agree. if they do, the rehearing will take place. backers say there is no way the entire ninth circuit would sign of on a decision like this. attorneys representing the to same-sex couples who sued for the right to marry say they oppose the rehearing in
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will continue to fight for the tens of thousands of californians are being denied basic justice, to process and the quality. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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here is a look at the golden gate. a beautiful started the day.
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a krupp or >>mark: a major part train disaster in argentina. here is the video of people being rescued in taking a leaf from the trains. if this commuter train came into the station to fast and slammed into the line smashing the engine and crushing the first car behind it. there are reports that 340 people have been injured. rescue efforts continue for more passengers said to be stuck inside the train.
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we will continue to follow any new information or video of. new developments regarding the cruise ship tragedy that claimed dozens of lives. italian authorities are saying that divers searching the wreck to cruise ship have found four more bodies. authorities say that it will take time before the bodies are recovered the ship struck a reef near the island's of giulio. the discovery of bodies rings the total count to 21 bodies found in the 11 others are still missing. >>mark: and other world news, at 1251 the city of christchurch new zealand's stock to recognize the anniversary of their deadly earthquake. buses came to a standstill, firemen reflected a look of silence and a local school leasing 18511, one for each person who lost their lives in a devastating earthquake
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xi the magnitude 6.3 ripped through the city destroying homes and businesses and killing 185 people from 14 countries and injuring thousands more if many victims were buried in the rubble at the canterbury television building which was later found to be ported constructed. >>mark: we will be right back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. here is a live look outside on this wednesday morning on what is looking like a great day. we are seeing a lot of sunshine in terms as warmed to near record highs.
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>>mark: the big stories we're following, a convicted serial killer wesley shermantine says the mass grave workers uncovered more 1000 human bone fragments is not the spot
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that he directed them to. for another big backup on the bay bridge. another tough commute following the one we had yesterday. if gerge rask has more on traffic. >>george: what are continuing to monitor the big backup for westbound. the backup is a long but the drive times are actually not as bad as yesterday. metering lights reactivated at 6:00 p.m. because of a stall. craig skalar is keeping an eye of the metering lights.
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have you seen any changes? >> i have not seen a recurrence of that problem. if the traffic is moving smoothly. the >>george: we did speak with caltrans about reports that the metering lights were in manual mode and that is why the backup was so big. faugh according to the reports i have received everything is working normally.
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it looks like they are trying to clear the backup. the drive times are 18-205 out of the macarthur maze. yesterday drive times over much worse. here is a look at other conditions around the bay area. an accident was reported northbound to 80 at 85. traffic continues to move pretty well.
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here is a breakdown of what we are expecting over the next 24 hours. high clouds and patchy fog with any conditions expected this afternoon. mid-upper '40's and '50's already in view. and this afternoon, highs in the mid-70s.
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>>mark: people without power in san francisco after a transfer lubber's into flames at pg&e. for this happened in the mission district in the early morning hours. no one was injured and no buildings were damaged. >>will: no one knows why the transformer burst into flames. and the genie says some of the homes will not have energy until dinnertime.
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>> today lawyers for mirkirimi and prosecutors are expected to present motions to if judge fire to the start of the trial. he was charged last month with domestic violence in connection with an alleged incident his life on new year's eve. he has pleaded not guilty of ended is requesting rockface speedy trial.
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>>mark: a san jose mother is under arrest on suspicion of attempted murder after police say she drove the getaway car for her 15 year- old son after he stabbed a 13 year-old. her son allegedly chased the victim and stabbed him. he was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. the final report from the san francisco district attorney's office says that a park police officer acted lawfully in shooting a man who refused to drop a knife he was holding and threw a bottle at the opposite. a wrongful death civil lawsuit has been filed on
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behalf of his family. here is a live look outside in nevada. we're looking to the north from our mt. tam cam.
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>>james: we are back with the the snowbomb thought, ski report. pretty decent snow on the ground. for all of the latest visit >>mark: a warning for a -- for women who use skin lightening ingredients.
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it could be released with dangerous levels of mercury. federal officials are going undercover in several communities trying to track down cream recover from mexico. one woman who used to the cream was treated for mercury poisoning. 12 people across the state had elevated levels of mercury in their bloodstream after sharing a skin lightening cream. in redwood city, a confession on tape in the murder of a former oakland raiders player. she was allegedly killed by her boyfriend back in 1999. he was convicted for murder in 2001 but is now being retried. yesterday the court was shown a video where he admitted to getting into a violent argument with her in and choked her to death. he faces life in prison if convicted. the national average is up to $3.57.
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here in california the state average is up to $4.40. as we go to break, of burning gasoline waiting at the bay bridge. >>george: it hurts so much to waste gas when it costs so much. the back of bridges in the macarthur maze of the drive times are 18-20 minutes. when we return gary radnich will join us.
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>>mark: good morning, gary. >>gary: good morning. friday night, gerge rask was working on the late news. feliciano was there, we were joking around and kidding and i said comedy think it will ever reopen the bay bridge. he said, it will probably reopen a day early. >>mark: he is good. >>george: he is the best. i talked about him for three minutes and everyone was screaming at me for ignoring sports. i think he needed to be saluted. >>mark: let's talk about these new u.s. aid jerseys. people hate them. >>gary: what is so bad about them? >>mark: i do not think they are that bad.
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>>gary: remember when we overplayed, still were like bikini bottoms compared. >>mark: yes. >>gary: they do not like the usa. >>mark: everyone is slamming them. all the critics and sportswriters. these four unveiled yesterday. what is all about them is, the are made from recycled bottles and. >>gary: that is a step in the right direction. i am more worried about what i'll have for breakfast that the u.s. the uniforms. >>mark: in the wisconsin state assembly, they were worried about what they should be erin rogers did. december 12th because he is no. 12, it will be erin rogers did. >>gary: just on the surface that seems like a year too late. >>mark: it seems like it to me.
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costs >>mark: did you hear about the jeremy lin auction for his jersey? >>gary: is this his first game jersey? >>mark: this is decided jersey from when he beat the lakers, he will get four tickets to the game tonight and you get to the jeremy lin. $42,000! >>gary: who are they playing
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tonight? >> the cavaliers. >>gary: that is the thing. when you talk about athletes being overpaid, this is one guy who is making it back 100 times over what they're paying him. in the world of sports he is a bargain basement guy. i think he's only getting 750,000. it is nice to see a good guy get as. >>mark: it is, especially a local guy from palo alto. sphere from >>gary: as long as he keeps winning.
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>>mark: they keep. we will talk to you later. >>george: on the 880 approach we have seen the ramp cleared out. the 580 connecting ramps are still backed up to the macarthur maze. the backup begins right here and all the lanes. it is just the right lanes that are backed up to the top of the ramp. the drive times have stayed a little better than normal. looking at your san mateo bridge ride it is an easy commute.
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mop >>james: let's take a look
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at temperatures. 8:00 a.m., more fifties on the map. we had mid-upper 40's earlier. we're looking for fifties to take hold. as we take a look at the maps you can see what we're talking about. 72 in oakland up to 76 down near morgan hill, livermore and antioch. mid-70s for concord and walnut creek. across the north bay, nobody at napa coming in as 70-75. we could very well break a record by this afternoon. we are looking for that. here is a quick look at your 7 day around the bay. things will be mild as we head into the weekend. we will take a quick break and be right back with more news.
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>>mark: a new this morning apple is preparing for a big court hearing in china to decide whether the tech giant has legitimate rights to the name ipad in china. in asian tech company is selling out all over the trademark. apple says it bought the rights to the name in china from a taiwanese company back in today's the ninth. they want to prevent the sale of tablet computers in china as saying that the taiwanese for chairman is not on the mainland china during a lawyer for the company says his client is willing to discuss a settlement. honda is recalling nearly 46,000 odyssey minivan is because the rear door can fall on people. this effects to thousand eight in 2009 models. honda says the problem has already caused to minor injuries. honda will send letters to ban owners next month. we are keeping our eyes on wall street, modest losses for the dow jones on news
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this morning of another downgrade to junk status for greek bonds. the dow jones down 10 points and pulling further away from the 13,000 mark. >>erica: yesterday the cdc released a statement saying that fresh milk is 150 times more dangerous to consume unpasteurized zealously if they also revealed that disease outbreaks from fresh milk are more serious in nature and more prevalent. to read the study for yourself i have a link on my facebook fan page. >>mark: we are back into minutes as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. in shaping up to be beautiful dates sphery if you look at the traffic is a rough rough. a backup on the metering lights on the bay bridge for a second day in a row.
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>>mark: coming up, the big stories we are falling on
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this wednesday morning, a huge back up again on the bay bridge approach. here is a live shot showing you the view from the metering lights and before the toll plaza. we will have more on our because of coming up as we're back to the new configuration that started just a few days ago. we are watching traffic and weather with a big warmup on the way. near record-breaking temperatures for some parts of the bay area. more on the forecast to about the day and what he can expect. they twist in the search to find remains of victims in connection to the speed freak killers. we'll have details on mastered it. the kron4 morning news at 8:00 p.m. starts right now. -- at 8:00 a.m. starts right now. >>mark: it is february 22nd. another big backup on the bay bridge. phil is it the metering lights or the new configuration.
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>>george: there was an early morning stock just before 6:00 a.m. that slowed traffic on the upper deck from the cantilever section to the incline and back to the toll plaza. the metering lights were kicked off earlier than usual, about 20 minutes earlier than usual and then, the backup started to grow very quickly. although there had been some reports that yesterday was the metering lights malfunction that caused the backup, my conversations with caltrans this morning, they have assured me that everything is functioning normally. we send craig skalar out to investigate. we have been watching at the metering lights for a couple of hours now. it seems like the cycle rates have been pretty quick. >>craig: everything continues to be quick at this point. the earlier problems seem to have faded away. it has been that way for at least an hour and a half as
8:02 am
people are finally getting where they are going. i would say that things are back to normal in terms of the metering lights. >>george: i am going to switch back to the toll plaza camera. take a look right uscg 880 lamps curious as things started to back up at 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., 880 was backed up clear beyond the toll plaza. now in fact there is just a minor back up on the 880 connector ramp and it is confined to the right hand lane, all of which adds to the open tolls. the back of actually reaches all the way to highway 24 in the westbound direction but the drive times have not gone above 18-20 minutes even from the macarthur maze. the interesting anomaly is, it is a long bath of in terms of the links, but not the times. you will not spend as much
8:03 am
time here today as he did yesterday. the san mateo bridge looks good. problem free all morning long. it is still have the on 101 at 92. the golden gate is an easy trip coming from marin county in the southbound direction. let's get a check on the weather with james fletcher. >>james: this is a look from mt. tam looking out of the bay area. nice and clear with a lot of sunshine and warm weather on the wake for this afternoon. here is a breakdown of the next 24 hours. high clouds this morning with warmer temperatures to start. sunshine and warm weather this afternoon with temperatures in the low-mid- 70s and then mostly clear cooling back to the 40's and 50's. this afternoon it will feel like spring and summer as opposed to fit fury. as predicted we're seeing more fifties on the map. san francisco, half moon
8:04 am
bay, antioch in redwood city are in the low-mid-50s, monday at 49 and san jose and other locations in the south bay in the upper '40's. before too much longer the fifties will dominate and then we will see 70's rolling in by this afternoon. the fog had been a real problem yesterday but not so much now. a little patch of dense fog in napa and a patch along the peninsula coastline for people near pacifica but for the most for the bay area is looking pretty good as we go in and head out the door. when we come back for an extended look at the forecast i'll have your eyes for today in the rest of the week. it will get even warmer tomorrow. i'll have all of that for you coming up. third >>mark: the latest we are falling out in the sandlot team the valley, the search for more human remains of a victim's connected to the speed freak killers. to wesley shermantine now
8:05 am
says the mass grave that was discovered by the crews were they found more the 1000 bone fragments is not the spot that he says he directed police to. he says that site is the first well investigators searched in linden is not the same location that he gave authorities. shermantine originally told bounty hunter leonard could be that the bone fragments were not there by him or his partner herzog. herzog committed suicide last month. >>mark: a fire broke out on a transformer in if the san francisco. will tran shows us the impact as the hour is still up in the area. >>will: no one knows why
8:06 am
this transformer burst into flames at around 4:30 a.m. wiping out power without -- within six blocks. pg&e allow the flames to burn themselves out. power has been restored to surrounding streets but not to many of these homes on to those between valencia and mission. one-two homes have power but pd nisei the rest probably will not have electricity until dinnertime. >>mark: in decision 2012 news tonight will be the 20 a debate between republican presidential candidates. santorum is looking for another upset and romney is looking to keep his arrival at bay. santorum arrives ahead of rodney for campaigning in arizona, pulls have shown rummy with a solid lead in arizona but in michigan, his home state, santorum has been surging in recent weeks. called arizona and michigan hold primaries this coming
8:07 am
tuesday. a new survey shows santorum is running even with romney but neither is very well against president obama. the associated press poll shows obama topping 50 percent support when matched against each of the four gop candidates in a significant lead over each of them just eight months before the election. republicans are divided whether they would see romney or santorum received a nomination. coming up in the next half hour, the president singing again. we will play that for you coming up shortly. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. the wind has been blowing a bit in the hills
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>>mark: this new evacuation site. was not put there by him or his other " speed freak killer " to.we will have more of the drive times coming up. and weather. temperatures in the 70's! and george. >>george: thank you, >> mark:. we continue to watch the bay bridge toll plaza with a
8:30 am
huge backup. link fully. the drive times have been much better. and they are still staying at between 19-21 minutes from the macarthur mes. if you get on from the nimitz? it is less than eight minutes. if you come in from the 880. the east shore freeway. the entire drive time will only be 15 minutes. in some respect, it is a much better commute and yesterday. even though the back up. the drive time is only 19-21 minutes. again, lookit this ramp it is completely cleared out. look at. with a surprise at how this is. and earlier vehicle stall. craig? we have been watching this backup and a
8:31 am
metering lights for several hours. it sure seems like they have been pushing these car through, quickly. >>craig: and successfully, at that. successfully. going through a at a normal flow. the detour lange has already been a challenge they have to get used to the idea of a detour-lane to veer to the right. so yes, the meter and lights are providing a bit of a more normal sense. >>george: yes. this hot spot could partially be cleared. through the san mateo bridge. the alternate is an easy drive with no delays. the golden gate has also been a smooth. the ride through marin county is also
8:32 am
difficult at 32-36 minutes from novado. to the golden gate. >>james: this mt. tam view beautiful crystal clear. the visibility is fantastic! temperatures in the 40's/50s. we're going to top out at 71-72 even 76 in some areas. a bit cooler, tonight. temperatures will be upper 40's, 50's. we are looking for temperatures to steadily increase. a look at your 7 day around the bay 75 degrees in some areas tomorrow. and stay warm for the weekend but just a little bit of a cool down but still, mild. >>mark: more human remains and that speed freak. j.r. stone has
8:33 am
been in the san joquain valley good morning >>j.r.: . >>j.r.: many people have been asking me this morning are they going to search today? that is one of the big questions. i thought that last night/this morning that they are still not saying much until they determine what they find. however, this comes after yesterday when the bounty hunter has been in constant contact with sherman tyin-time however, that third location is not a viable, accurate site. some of these
8:34 am
associated sites about $90,000 for the polic force. perhaps the state could help some of this expense. we have been watching some of this coverage. because he he is a death row inmate he has said that that is not quite the area that i was saying. >>mark: is there a confirmation that these are human bones? >>j.r.: face said that there wee a number of human remains. -they said -- a skull was found. but they get to the question of nobody has the answer for bones
8:35 am
in that particular location. what we do know is that there are human remains and that pile >>mark: thank you, jr. as we continue to search for more victims of the speed freak killers. he will have more information this evening on a kron 4 evening news. a pre-trial regarding the domestic violence. prosecutors are going to present evidence that he has been charged with charles endangerment, which this endangerment, and he and his wife, lopez. he has pleaded " not guilty " and wants a speedy trial. they are both denying the allegations and is not been able
8:36 am
to see his wife that he has granted visitation for their two year-old son. >> also this man is expected to be arraigned this tdewitt is a paranoid schizophrenic. he has not been taking his medication since july. he is being held without bail after attacking a senior citizen. he is related to al dewitt. >> loopholes, subsidies and corporations overseas will also have to do with the minimum tax on earnings. we are waiting for the treasury secretary, timothy tige prov more details.
8:37 am
kellner and that is not all the president is working on, take a listen. ♪ baby come on sweet home chi cago ♪ (cheers & applause) >>mark:mick jagger, b.b. king and buddy guy in recognition of black history month at the celebration at the white house. the dow jones is down at will thousand 935. ♪
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>>george: 26-3 4 in. at north star. and kirkwood with a lot of snowfall on the ground. many people are enjoying it and you can too! >>mark: thank you, james. the pain at the pump. >>mark: the national average this nearly $4 per gallon. $4 and oakland. aaa is saying that it is not looking good for
8:42 am
motorists. >> a much higher trajectory and we've worked at 2008. of course, 200 wait for is when we saw the high gas prices. 2008 is when we saw those gas prices. this warm weather gasoline blend and people traveling more will increase prices. >> with $5 possibly by this summer. >>erica: we've been asking the facebook viewers. this is some of these responses. gary says that we were in a market for a new car. however, we have been staying home and it not choosing
8:43 am
to get a different car. also, isolating trips. and try not to go far out and keep my distance slow. several comments. isidor facebook fan page. >>mark: thank you, iraq,. erica. taking a look at temperatures. 60 degrees. already 52. many inland areas will see 70's see ♪ honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothing. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ , george welcome back. >>george: welcome back a:46. the 880 northbound through oakland is jammed all the way back into san leandro. there is been an accident at the
8:47 am
embarcadero. and a number near the vicinity of the oakland coliseum. this is solid! all the way to the 238. single digit speeds. four m.p.h., 5 m.p.h.. only 9 m.p.h. it is a stop and go all the way to 23rd. the drive time = 38 minutes towards downtown oakland from san leandro. ouch! halls of the bay bridge toll plaza with big improvements. also out of the bay bridge toll plaza with 18-22 minutes. there is no longer any backups from the 880 or from the berkeley curve. however, still difficult westbound. from the westbound direction. and it appears that the metering lights have been normal there were activated, earlier from a vehicle stall on the bay bridge. >> this in detail continues to
8:48 am
be problem-free. >> the golden gate bridge is also looking good and the san mateo bridge is also looking good. >>erica >>james: the future cast at noon. at that point we are looking for a good bit of 50s, 60s and even 70s. it will be a quick warm up. a bit of a hint of what we can expect this afternoon. with almost 76 degrees. almost record-breaking and five different locations. it is going to be that warm. we have not seen this since 20 02. for these temperatures. keep that in mind. it will be beautiful. specifically, neighborhood by neighborhood, oakland, he worked at 72
8:49 am
degrees. and hayword at 72 degrees. a look at your 7 day around the bay temperatures will stay nice and warm but the weather was mild for this weekend. >>mark: what a beautiful february day. our people in join the warm weather? >> yes! >>yoli: usually a it is miserable and rainy but we have beautiful sunshine. i spoke with a few pedestrians and they say that it has been inspiring for them to get out and wild. jogging, walking. get out and
8:50 am
walk -- it is starting to feel like southern california. i know that it started with a jacket. i definitely have been able to take it off. >>mark: think you, yoli. thank you. an american journalist continues worked for the sunday times after being killed. she was just interviewed, yesterday. this violence continues in syria. after an fbi investigation this
8:51 am
volunteer suicide investigation agents of the victim with fake explosives. they say that he is a moroccan the native that was in the u.s., illegally. >> the second day of questioning in france for former imf, dominique strauss-kahn. they wanted to know if he has any involvement with the belgian/france prostitution ring. he apparently has been associated with a luxury hotel and restaurant in 2010 in europe. if you recall? he was involved with allegations of a new york made. >> today's ash wednesday. new york -- housekeeper at a new york resort.
8:52 am
>> increase the aggressiveness from panhandlers despite repeated efforts. now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this is may 27, 2011 issued by the san francisco district attorney's office. this is in effect until 2013. this is " no trespassing " of this chevron at night/howard. it also is a full-time scheckter regard. at ninth street. keeping away panhandlers a full-time-security guard. and they are providing a restraining order. this is also the same story at van ness. pleading with customers not to give money and they seem to agree that there is a problem.
8:53 am
>> the will to wait even cursing. >>stanley: this man would walk up to cars in oakland and just start pumping their gas. this would happen time and time again. these panhandlers have a captive audience. often, the money is used to purchase alcohol. as you can see, here. this was short-lived as a san francisco police officer interrupted his party. he was issued a ticket for drinking in public and also issued a ticket for the same thing earlier. many people think that they are doing a good thing by giving money to beckers. however, this is sometimes the end result giving money to -- beggars. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at will be right back. the bay bridge is still backed up. since
8:54 am
6:00 a.m., it is really heavy for making your a through this toll plaza. concord, 46 degrees. but a really nice day with a 69 degrees at niland. mid 70's by 3:00 p.m. ♪
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> courtney kardashian is five months pregnant. she is reportedly having a girl. she found out that your 14. we will be back.
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their mar >>mark: a big backup earlier. your full traffic details coming up. we could see record-breaking temperatures today. the latest for more human remains for the " speed freak " killers. as we go to georgia and get the latest on the hot spot. the reason we are keeping such a close eye is that yesterday's backup was with us until almost 1:00 p.m. this breach never
9:01 am
really recovered from morning commute. there were reports that there was a metering lights we have also noticed that the meter and lights have cycled decently. joining us is craig. these three hours for the last three hours how to you think it is going? >> craig i say that it is the fastest ain the last three hours to help with the backup. using that detour lane during to the left, and the right. a bit of a transition for the driver to get used to put it is slowly picking up speed. >>george: thank you, craig. you can see that there is not much coming from the 880. the toll plaza is also not backed all the
9:02 am
way to the macarther maze although it was, or earlier. even when it was backed up beyond the highway 24 surprisingly, the drive times were still only 20 minutes. maybe 21 minutes. that was only one half from where there were at the same location. the same vietor and lights are looking decent. and earlier morning stall. the same it metering lights >>george: also the san mateo bridge these conditions have
9:03 am
been pretty normal all morning long. the 101 from marin is also decent 9:02. >>erica: plenty of sunshine and let me show you that gorgeous bridge shot. no clouds. as i walk you through the weather headlines. it looks like we could go through this afternoon with a sunny and warm conditions. 65-67 degrees! we could be an record-breaking territory. and even 40s tonight. today is all about the numbers. right outside the door check out san francisco. 52 degrees. 54 degrees in half moon bay. already upper 50s in the delta. and check out san jose. already
9:04 am
reporting 50 degrees. 51 in fremont. checking of the future cast by lunch you could perhaps one to have lunch outside. upper 60s want to have lunch outside. with already beautiful conditions bay-area wide. the yellow is indicating 70's! the 70s is the norm, not the exception is for go towards this afternoon. as a matter of fact, check out oakland, usually even the upper 70's. 76 degrees in livermore on tap for morgan hill. lots of sunshine expected for santa rosa and 68 expected in downtown san francisco. a look at your 7 day around the bay coming up in my next report. >>mark: thank you, erica more human remains connected to the speed freak killers. wesley sherman tyin--time with over 100
9:05 am
bone fragments this is not where he directed bounty hunters. investigators have been searching linden area however, this is not where the bodies were dumped by heat or his partner. his he-or is part near his partner in crime has committed suicide in his jail cell. this third location has just bee rel revealed by shermantime. >> pg&e transformer caught fire! in the mission district. it was at mission street. no injuries, no damage and will tran has more details. >>will: nobody knows why this
9:06 am
transformer caught fire at 4:4:05 a.m. wiping out power in six blocks. pg&e allowed the flames to extinguish. power has been restored to the surrounding areas but not many of the immediate homes. valencia, mission, you can see one, two homes to have power. pg&e says that some of the amount of electricity until dinner. >>mark: the republican candidate rick santorum and mitt romney continuing. michigan, the home state of mitt romney is holding a primary this tuesday along
9:07 am
with arizona. neither is fairly well against president obama. the associated press poll showing over t 50% -- with a significant lead of president obama. they are divided on weather they would rather see rick santorum or mitt romney. newt gingrich is still behind. a live look outside. ] what happened when ford owners compared their trucks to a chevy silverado? i can see myself driving in this for hours and hours. i like it. man: i would definitely consider a silverado trade-up from the pick-up truck that i've got right now. [ male announcer ] we dare you to compare your truck to a chevy silverado, the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pick-ups on the road. celebrate president's day.
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>>mark: good morning this deal includes residential and commercial properties. $80 million. kirkwood will continue to be part of the community
9:11 am
development. it will operate three of the mountains and the like tahoe region. with heavenly, north star. there will close the deal at 80 million -- 18 million -- >> the dow jones is still nearly the fourth year high. still being impacted by the greek bill out.bai. or on greecd they're scrambling to adopt new emergency laws that will curb government spending
9:12 am
>>mark: home sales has risen in the last three-four months. >>erica: off good morning if you are going up to lake tahoe? there are no tire chain laws in effect. more clouds for the next couple of days with temperatures in the 40's, 50's and eventually 60s. more on your skiing forecast coming up
9:13 am
[ crickets chirping ]
9:14 am
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
9:15 am
♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>george: 9:15. of of oakland. it is out of san leandro in oakland. this entire stretch is champ of the 880, northbound. putting the maps into motion and
9:16 am
the speeds. earlier, they were in single digits. but not much of an improvement. 3 m.p.h., for m.p.h. past the coliseum. there has been an accident at embarcadero northbound. near the coliseum that is why traffic is still jammed. 38 minutes out of the san leandro into downtown oakland. earlier, this bay bridge toll plaza thankfully, it has cleared out. much improved westbound. you are looking at 14-16 minutes coming out of the macarther maze. if you're coming from the nimitz? that is about one-half the time. the san mateo has been problem-free. still, however crowded as the 101 interchange. the golden gate is never a major problem this
9:17 am
morning or the commute through of marin county. >>erica: it is 9:16 and shaping up to be a gorgeous day. over san francisco, blue skies and temperatures on the warm side. in fact, we could be even breaking some records. we are forecasting a 72 degrees which will shatter the 02 record of 69. concord, expected to also be record-breaking temperatures. not only just today but for the rest of the work week. getting outside these livermore is already at 60s. upper 50s, low 60s for some of the inland spots, all ready. downtown san francisco, 52 and starting to
9:18 am
feel a summer of there, already. in fact, as we take a look to some of these average temperatures. usually, nampa it is around 60. livermore is also going to be warm and -- napa will be warmer. check out livermore, antioch, and some areas will stay in the upper 60s. that will be the case for san rafael. however, we are anticipating plenty of sunshine. 70's in napa and the same in concord, leader. looking tomorrow there is a high wind advisory from 4:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. gusting up to 50 m.p.h. the strongest will be in the north-
9:19 am
east bay. power lines downed could be an issue. a look at your 7 day around the bay leaves sunshine, progressing. believe it or not tomorrow could be warmer again today with a 75 degrees. a slight cool down but overall, relatively mild as we start the next work week. >>mark: a touro passenger train accident and bueno saw thi poin. a terrible bore and a seri thiss packed with morning commuters in buenos aires, argentina. 30 passengers have been stuck inside. the initial is saying that 550 people have been
9:20 am
injured. the death toll is 49 people. with one child included. this is said to be one of the worst in their history since 1970. there was a train collision killing 200 people in 1970. police opened fire to disperse the anti-american protesters. the demonstrators are rioting worth the inadvertent burning of a holy books editor military base. they have an acknowledged the incident seems that copies of the koran was used to exchange extreme messages but the say that it could have been handled, it differently. >> is regrettable. it does not represent the use of our military. it certainly does not
9:21 am
represent the condor that our men in uniform or general respect for the lip religious respect of the -afghan people. >>mark: an investigation and apologies under way. >> the detainees mohammad karzai has been charged with deadly explosives possessions. he will be held for at least 12 more days. they believe that he was targeting israeli diplomats. they live look outside. we are seeing plenty of sunshine and light sun
9:22 am
man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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>>mark: there is a fire early this morning in berkeley and an artist's studio. they all have a escape without injury starting on the outside. there is an investigation. the number of sculptures and pieces of art were at rest but nothing was damaged. >> a public developer wants to build homes on this section of this golf complex. in return he will provide the city with a new piece of property. this park cannot be sold without a vote by people but there is a loophole that allows for a land swap. this will possibly be placed on the november ballot. this city
9:26 am
will take up this issue again on march 6th. >> new details have more bodies recovered. there have been eight of the passenger deck. it will take longer with difficult conditions. the total number = 32 of this tragedy. in christchurch, new zealand they recognize the one-year anniversary of the deadly earthquake firemen that were part of the rescue effort reflected with a moment of silent and local children released one white balloon for
9:27 am
each life lost. that 6.3 magnitude destroyed businesses, homes, with 185 people from 40 different countries were killed and thousands injured. many of the victims were buried in rubble that was found by a government report that it was poorly constructed. >> the man behind the controversy of megaupload that he was saying that he was looking forward to returning to his family with copyright infringement in the u.s.. an extradition hearing is scheduled for the month of august. we will be back with an update on our top stories. they live look. a beautiful day. temperatures expected to be in the 70's. and many people out and about.
9:28 am
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>>mark: convicted serial killer of the speed freak killers and that this massive gravesite with over 1000 bone fragments is not the spot that he directed them to. he told the bounty hunter that these bones were not in the location where he or his partner herzog put the remains. george will have the traffic soon with another hot spot. and more on this. >>george: thank you, marc the nimitz freeway northbound. towards oakland this is almost reaching towards hayward.
9:31 am
solid! for several miles. the drive times have not been changed with a 38 minute drive. towards 980 that is a long stretch. even for this hour. speeds have not broken loose. we have been talking about the bay bridge. towards the macarther maze. all along the east shore free with the drive times for 40 minutes. and that backup yesterday lasted until the afternoon. this has cleared out and will likely result with metering lights being activated because of that vehicle stalled. the san mateo however has been easy the eastbound, the
9:32 am
westbound looking decent of the golden gate is also looking all to and from marin. >>erica: good morning a picture is worth 1000 words. blue skies. the james lick looking gorgeous. because the big stores are those numbers and exactly where they are headed. let me show you on the maps. livermore. already 60 degrees and upper 50s in antioch. and even a warming trend for the north relocations. napa, santa rosa both are coming in at 59 degrees. the future cast will predict by lunch that perhaps if you would like to of lunch outside? many coastal and
9:33 am
inland locations have to report it to protect '60s and '70s. that yellow is indicating some 70's. expect 70s in february. oakland, hayward, even reaching record-breaking temperatures. morgan hill could see 76. antioch. and even other areas through san rafeal and napa and a bit coolr in santa rosa. and as we progress tomorrow, napa could reach 76 tomorrow. pretty warm temperatures with a brief cool down toward friday and the weekend.
9:34 am
>>mark: yoli is a out and about. >> yoli: have seen this trend of people clearing and the sidewalks with beautiful conditions. if you are outside? you will not even need a jacket it feels like summer. >> this pre-trial ridgis expecto present motions to a judge prior to the start of this trial. the 50 year-old is charged with
9:35 am
domestic violence battery and child endangerment. this is a connection with an alleged incident on new year's eve with as wide, lopez. he was sworn in as the new sheriff on january 8th. he has pleaded " not-guilty " to. he is not allowed to see his wife but has been granted visitation for their two year- old son. >> a developing story of the east bay with richmond search for suspects after a tough 20 shots were heard at the 1400 block of chelsea street. the location of this shooting has them worried. >> it appears to be a run the basketball court area. he was located in the center of the park. around this area is a
9:36 am
community center, and that this was during the day. obviously, we have to be careful but it is an unfortunate incident that it happened where if it did. >>mark: they are still looking for suspects no word if it is gang-related. >> this mother drove the getaway car after her 15 year-old son stabbed a 13 year-old boy. after the words were exchanged, they chased him, stabbed him, and the boy did survive with non-life-threatening injuries. >> corporations are going to be giving up loopholes, tax subsidies and overseas middle of
9:37 am
tax proposed introduced by timothy geithner are. ♪ sweet home chicago ♪ (cheers & applause) >> president obama that was joined with the peking mick jag, b.b. king and buddy guy has a salute to lose collaborates with black history month. take a look. nice conditions out there. we have had several feet. christine. ♪
9:38 am
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>>george: jammed up on the nimitz freeway towards downtown oakland 40 minutes. the 2382 the 980. single digits for a big stretch of this highway a series of accidents. the most recent is a motorcycle crash on the center divide. >>erica: of if you're going to lake tahoe? we have more inches of 18 ski chair lifts open. and 36 of ridding cheerless and also last but not least, kirkwood is reporting a chair-lives with a 10-opened. go to our website is aimed at
9:42 am
the stolen valor wraand acting involves his lying of his military service. >> honda minivans are reporting a recall of their 2008-2009 back patch. honda will send letters
9:43 am
to the owners that are impacted. we will be right back on the kron 4 morning news. a live look. a beautiful look to the golden gate. temperatures are starting to warm up. ♪
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>george: line:46 a major hot spot. delays on the nimitz. it started to clear up a bit on the north and but because of a recent crash that is the third northbound at hagenbuger this of of san leandro. and almost hayward is completely jammed with 40 minutes. you are also going to be encountering difficulty of the interstate 880. the bay bridge has also been difficult with finally, a bit of a recovery. the metering
9:47 am
lights were activated 20 minutes-30 minutes earlier from an a disabled vehicle. yesterday's backup did not clear out until the afternoon let us look at the san mateo bridge where you can see decent conditions and also a problem- free. and erica. >>erica: good morning this is compliments of yoli. stay possible. warmer temperatures even a beach day -- possible.
9:48 am
many locations could see upper 70's. overnight we will continue to see mostly clear conditions with temperatures into the 40's. we are already seeing that warming trend in livermore, antioch. even getting to 59 degrees in napa, santa rosa, downtown san francisco. upper 50s on the peninsula. as we focus on your average temperatures compared to what we or anticipating, today. napa is usually 60s. we are expected to be 13 degrees warmer. and really, it does not mirror you are situated you will see warmer weather it will see 70s. antioch, livermore, the same in morgan hill. low 70's in redwood city. as we focus on the north bay we will expect a lot of sunshine. they are anticipating
9:49 am
70's and '60's for downtown san francisco. your a look at your 7 day around the bay nothing but sunshine. tomorrow is expected to be one of the warmest days and as we progress. temperatures will still off but still, mild conditions stretching into sunday and monday. >>mark: an american journalist killed in syria as the fighting continues. she was working in a war correspondent for the sunday times. she was killed but also a french photojournalist. this was in the city of homes she had worked for the new-york sunday times. she lost her body in an ambush in coastal and now, syria. >> the french police want to know if former imf, dominique
9:50 am
strauss-kahn has any involvement with an illegal prostitution ring. this involves a washington d.c. and luxury resort in paris. >> a west virginia mine explosion gary may is the highest ranking to face federal prosecution. he is accused of conspiracy to conceal the dangers within this month and disabling a bath same reading machine. 20 were killed. the worst 40 years. >> a ground-breaking celebration for the national museum of
9:51 am
african-american history and culture. this museum will highlight artifacts, and history the 19th museum for the smithsonian the first environmentally sensitive green building of the national walk. it will be opened in 2015. we will be back. temperatures warming up. in a nice view. a bit of a breeze. high clouds, temperatures record-breaking areas. 70s! ♪ wow, look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style,
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>>george: welcome back as we continue to attract major delays on the nimitz. take a look the highway 880, northbound. it is still jam, solid out of san leandro into downtown oakland. and this last hour there have been four accidents. this drive
9:55 am
time is still 40 minutes into downtown oakland. >>mark: this actress will see a judge to see the progress of for probation. lindsay lohan has been cleaning the county morgue as her probation. this stems all the way back five years ago from or drunk driving conviction. >> the company of apple will see if china will be successful and the trademark of the word " ipad. however, they say that it bought the rights of that word from a taiwanese company. the taiwanese procurement that they
9:56 am
received should not impact mainland china. apple is willing to discuss a settlement. speaking of a tablet the tablet or is are on a. a drop in price for their popular tablet. gabe. >> barnes & noble is heating up the competition the amazon kindle has outperformed the nook and at a lower price, it could surpass the kindle. however, this $50 difference was hurting
9:57 am
sales. barnes & noble is open to compete. it also is celebrating a $30 price drop with the caller introduction = $169 this is much luck -- color. without the bells and whistles it focuses more of an e-reader. i would like to hear from you to is this increase your interest with the price drop? or is it just too much, too late for barnes & noble? email or find to be on facebook. >>mark: thank you for joining us get out there in the joint. we will see you tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. in joy at of terror. ♪ to enjoy it out there --
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