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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 24, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>james: good morning we begin this hour with the latest. there is a fire burning in napa county, you can see the photograph on your screen showing the smoke in the ear. that blaze was reported yesterday afternoon. itck it was about 50 percent contained. they had about 200 firefighters on scene. three homes for a time were threatened but so far they have said they have been able to save this home. we have had an unseasonably dry winter. we
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will follow the rest of the fire throughout the morning. >>justine: the cause of the fire is still under investigation will have more on that story and now let us check in with erica. >>erica: good morning, the wind is dying down the national weather service has canceled a high wind advisory that was in effect for most napa county. looking ahead, we see mostly clear conditions out there. as we head into the afternoon it will certainly clear down compared to yesterday in the day before. some of our inland spots could make it into the low '70s, we will actually see the cool down take place for the coast locations and into the overnight hours we will continue to see mostly clear conditions and some light went out there. here is a look at your current numbers, we have '40's, 50's and 60's up there. 60 degrees in downtown san
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francisco, 65 napa, check out fairfield, use the upper 50s along with concord antioch. as we check out where these numbers will go into the afternoon by 12:00 and much time you will see all of that green on your screen indicates we will see mostly sixties around the bay area, potentially a couple of '70s for some of the north bay spots. as we advance closer to your afternoon high temperatures begin not see any '70's today. in fact a large band indicates low sixties and seventies reserve for the inland areas and portion of the south bay. here is a looking numbers for you, a lot of sunshine around the bay area however we do have potential for some clouds to develop into the afternoon. over all, we have plenty conditions we have 72 in morgan hill, and in redwood city will see upper 60s, santa rosa is checking in at 61 degrees. 67 for those in
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fairfield and 63 degrees for those over in richmond later this afternoon. looking ahead, i want to take a slightly that your forecast. today we are anticipating '70s for places like napa, as the trail into the weekend those temperatures trail off as well. we go into the upper 50s by sunday will see walnut creek, san jose the also see significant cool down. we do have the potential for some weather. i will show you that in your seven day around the four cast coming up in my next report. >>james: let us give you a quick check of traffic, no problems to report. we did have a crash earlier this morning but all lanes have been clear. and here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good. now from here let us to jump over to the stand until bridge, highway 92 is also moving well. no major problems on either side. one final stop for you, the golden gate bridge as usual
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is problem free as people make their way from a ring countess southdown 101 into san francisco. >>justine: we have a developing story we're following in the case of a speed freak killer. this comes as investigators continue to look for the remains of victims and the pair are known as the speed freak killers. j.r. stone shows us how all of these of events unfold yesterday. >>reporter: those with the sheriff's office are not saying much right now. >> one of the men below yelled out to the other that it was successful. we notice that they were taking the tools down there, we saw some shoveling in one spot and then another and maybe about four different spots we noticed. they had tools
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and chain saws, they pretty much clear the way. >>reporter: she has been watching investigators search all day long she said they were here around 8:00 a.m.. this is the land that the convicted killer was the sherman time family once owned. she said they began yelling that they had found something. >>james: a major bust of the hard-core pornography ring happened, five people were arrested on federal charges. there were still images of children as young as three years old. kay thompson has the details. >>reporter: after a porn bust in marin county, investigators arrested four men ranging in ages from 22 to 42 years old and young this was arrested a 16 year
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old boy. >> this is a imagine the worst of the worst, this is even worse than that infants up to pre pubescent children. >>reporter: these are pictures of agents searching the home for computer, laptops are cellphone anything that may contain downloaded child pornography. >> and they went to the sites multiple times and then downloaded that information. >>reporter: a task force at a silicon valley controls these reports and tracks the information. >> it was a shock to me to find out as someone like this was in the neighborhood. >>reporter: the task force has arrested 20 people in the area and they say more arrests could be on the way. >>justine: oakland police are investigating the death
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of a 78 year-old man possibly as the homicide. this right here is coast of robertson. officials say that his body appears to have been in his home for days. reggie kumar is in the oakland hills neighborhood residents are now on edge. >>reporter: the people who live here did not want to show their faces on camera they're scared that someone may bring to their home, that is why the couple just installed a metal braces to hold to the pieces of wood across the front door to hopefully stop an intruder. they see the front door has been kicked in ones, but no one got in. they also have an alarm and a surveillance system on their property. they tell me that they cannot rely on opd to respond during a break-in. they live just a few doors down from their neighbor who was found dead thursday morning in his home. other residents are also concerned about their safety. >> i am just scared to death, along will be on all the time. >> these stores are being
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kicked in in the daytime, these are brazen people that are doing these robberies. >> it is very sad and it is very scary. without knowing any of the details into close to home. purchasing and alarm and surveillance cameras, it has come down to that but it is thickening. >>justine: some neighbors said they have started a neighborhood watch group and they have also hired a company to patrol the area. >>james: we will take a break and we have a live look from mount tancam. as you can see the wind is still blowing around pretty good. we will be back with more in a minute.
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steady rise until the recession took hold and then a steady drop and in the world economy began to show signs of recovery. contributing to this year's spike, rising demand in china and threatening supply because of growing tensions with iran. latest on the rising gas prices right and the other side of this break, but first year they live look outside at the golden gate bridge ap from san francisco. people are about this friday morning. erica will tell us about the weather right after this.
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>>justine: just looked it these gas prices. those prices are just the average some snapshots that were taken from gas stations all over the bay area. you are much more likely to find even higher prices today than you did yesterday. we
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caught up with some frustrated drivers as they were filling up. >> it is $4.19 and that is just a regular gas. i cannot even know for higher gas prices. >> $58 and my gas tank was empty. >> i was just saying a couple weeks ago it lost $4.90 and now it is $4.35-- it was $4.90 and now it is $4.35. >>justine: we will have much more on what people are saying to save money on gas coming up. how are you trying to save money? new >>james: i am not driving as much, just staying home. they just do not understand the driving cost money.
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teenagers. [laughter] >>james: let us get a check on whether, the morning erica. >>erica: good morning, and you ask me about the wind, the wind speed is not to that the national weather service has been cancelled. we saw the winds be over 30 mi. per hour in fairfield. you can see that it has come down significantly we have a mile per hour winds there, the same goes for napa and santa rosa. the windy conditions still have isolated conditions to the north bay. as we look at the temperatures, with the mixture of everything out there, '40's, '50's and '60's. it looks like we have one spot on the map coming in at 65 degrees. we have 69 for downtown san jose and 40 degrees along the coastline. we have a mixture of temperatures, it is no surprise at the head into the afternoon. we will see an abundance of '60s and '70s, the conditions are slightly cooler than yesterday. if you have
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outdoor plans, you will certainly want to get them done today because this is the last one day we have for quite some time. it looks like mountain view could reach 69 degrees. 72 in morgan hill, and it looks like richmond will stay in the low 60s, but check out santa rosa. flirting with temperatures above 70 degrees. looking ahead, we do have the potential for a wet weather and then looking at two different models, one of them brings rain chances as early as monday afternoon. here on the future forecast, you can see the first potential for some wet weather is actually 6:00 p.m. tuesday evening. the could catch sprinkles just north of santa rosa and then into the overnight hours it looks like the rain chances will stay north of the golden gate bridge. that light green indicate some pretty light rainfall. we will continue to see that into wednesday afternoon. your seven day around the
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forecast shows the temperatures as we head into the we can we go from 70 to 60 to the upper 50s around the bay. we have partly cloudy skies at the start the next work day with potential for wet weather tuesday into wednesday. in the traffic center we are not tracking any hot spots we have an easy ride to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm crossing my fingers for friday. hopefully no back up some currently no metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge right is building in the westbound direction outports foster city. we're not tracking any delays on the approach itself. we have especially good conditions at the 10192 interchange. over at the golden gate bridge, we have a live look just a few cars making their way into san francisco. we do not have any major accidents reported as we take over to the traffic maps, he was eating entire east bay looks good. no problems to report on south bound 680.
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>>erica: speeds drop down to 35 m.p.h., and on 101 the entire ride looks good. it is just 10 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montagu. >>james: thank you erica, now we have some scary moments in san francisco, one person was caught underneath a muni train yesterday afternoon. the train stopped at an intersection and from what we understand, that is when a woman tried to cross the street by passing between 2 railcars. the train started moving again, she was caught between the men trapped underneath. she was taken to hospital and here's the good news, she managed to escape with only minor scrapes and cuts. meanwhile, a towing company is being sued for allegedly towing cars illegally. specialty tolling is accused of illegally towing vehicles from private parking spots without the permission of the property
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owners. in addition, they are also building more than 300 customers more than $24,000 for towing because they say special liquid it was required to license was suspended by the state back in august of 2011. >>justine: new details on a shooting near san francisco's famous tourist destinations. a man was shot in the leg at the in and out burger near fisherman's wharf. police say the victim with a known gang member and he was targeted and two other men at the scene were detained but later released. police are still looking for a hispanic man in his 20s this morning. we have more on what the officers are now doing to step up security in the area. >> it is alarming a lot of people come here. i hope they step up security in the area. >>reporter: san francisco
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police have done just that. starch and their role would not say how many more officers have been added, but he did say it is not in connection to wednesday's shooting. he said that patrols increased last month because more people are expected in the area. >> there has been an increase in foot police as well as visible officers. >>justine: as we mentioned, no arrests have been made. police are asking for you to call in if you have any information. >>james: when state this property was defaced and the walls were scribbled with graffiti. rob fladeboe went back to the church and he shows us how this community is trying to move forward. >> today we blessed this cross. >>reporter: seen in church
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pastor jeffrey blessed a new cross on thursday to replace the one destroyed by vandals in an act that has outraged the church community. >> i did not get into why, people would do this to us but one of the things maybe is an act of some group, or young kids. >>reporter: on wednesday the pastor arrived only to discover that someone had defaced a pair of statues including one of the virgin mary and then spray painted into places a circled pentagram surrounded by the words say in. and then the phrase sees the night written in latin. >> to be a part of that to see the desecration it took a piece out of me. >> the person who did this
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has no respect for religion they are sorry an apathetic and i'm not happy. >>reporter: the church was beginning to celebrate the first day of lent. police are looking into this in treating the vandalism as a hate crime. he is calling on his flock to forgive those responsible. >>justine: on this friday morning we will take a quick break with a live look outside from the james lick freeway in san francisco. no issues here. we will do some technology talk right after this. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ]
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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>>justine: comcast's is giving netflix and amazon to run for their money. >>gabe: of compaq is launching a new streaming video service. it is now
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live for comcast tv customers the idea is to offer old movies and tv shows like netflix but do it through your comcast cable box sitting in the living room. here is how works. you get to stream picks, it is under premium channels. there are four categories, movies, tv and kids. and under those are subcategories. for now, there is not much content. they have no where near the amount that netflix and amazon offer. there are movies like ghostbusters, ocean's eleven, city slickers, nothing that impressive. the tv shows were slightly better, 30 rock, and more. there was a little bit of quality there but no quantity. customers who subscribe to comcast high end channel plans will get streams picks up for free. everyone else will have to pay $5 per month. that is $3 to permit the
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entry mean netflix. but at this point i do not see comcast luring away too many of netflix customers. they just do not have enough content yet. it is not worth the money at this point. i will let you know when it gets there. in other news, i am giving away high in microphones. the snowball is the world's first professional u.s. to the microphone, with your voice recording, video chatting or recording a catarrh at your kitchen table where a complete ban in the studio, it will capture with the tell hon heard of before. to enter to win, go to my gabe slate facebook page, like me and then look for the sweepstakes tab on the left side. good luck i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >>james: on we have a live look at the san mateo bridge and we have a quick look at weather and traffic in just a minute.
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>>justine: good morning this to the picture that we have coming from the fire it is only 50 percent contained this morning. about 200 firefighters on the scene, three homes have been threatened. when has been fueling the flames and officials believe that it has been started by someone burning things. now we're at--now where has this been started? this is a remote area of soda canyon. we will have more as we continue on the kron4 morning news. >>james: let us get a check on the weather out there to see what firefighters are dealing with. is the wind is strong as it is today? >>erica: not at all. i just
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checked the map, it looks like the wind speed is down to a mouse power. i do want to turn our attention to bay area conditions. specifically what is going on along the coast, right now we have mostly clear conditions outside with mild temperatures for the most part averaging in the '50s. as we head into the afternoon we will see a significant drop in temperatures for our coastal spot. there is potential for fog. then into the overnight hours we will continue to see the cool down to retrieve back down into the '40's. take a look at the maps.
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>>erica: we do have some changes to talk about all have more on that coming up in my next report. >>james: the listed a quick check on traffic out there, no hot spots, you are moving well. there are no issues on the incline. now on to the san mateo bridge, highway 92 traffic is building but moving at the limit. and our last looking at the golden gate bridge. the traffic has been nice and like all through marin county. >>justine: new developments in the case of the speed freak killers, more remains have been uncovered. this comes as investigators continue to look for the remains of victims both wesleys sherman tyne and
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lauren are known as the the freak killers. here is how all of the events unfolded yesterday. >>reporter: behind you can see that the blocking off leonard wrote. those with the sheriff's office are not saying much. >> one of the men below yelled out to the other that it was successful. we saw them taking the tools down there it was some shelling in one spot and then another. we noticed there were parts, tools, chain saws, and in the agreement cleared the way. >>reporter: she has been watching investigator search all day long, she says that they have been here since 8:00 a.m. and have not left. this is land that was the sherman time family once owned. she says it was
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around 12:30 p.m. when they began to yell that they had found something. >>james: a dramatic story to bring you out of southern california, a police chase ended in a shooting in l.a., it looked like something out of the movie. that is the suspect car, you can see all the patrol cars coming in, watch the suspect car as the officers opened fire. wash the windows, you can see them get blown out. police basically perforated this car. the suspect we understand was killed in the shootout it all took place at a gas station. watch the top center of your screen, an innocent bystander pumping gas in the middle of all the crossfire the police officers are motioning to him get out of the way and then pulled him off to the side. a pretty dramatic scene that unfolded. the driver of the car was killed. apparently he was suspected of carjacking two vehicles. they followed him it was a slow pursuit that ended very dramatically at a gas station in the los angeles area.
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>>justine: new this morning bank of america is announcing plans to freeze pension plans and increase its 401k contributions instead. eligible employees will keep their pension benefits that they have earned to date, but will not receive additional benefits the company will instead be making an additional 2% to 3% increase to the 401k accounts on top of the existing programs that match the employees' contributions up to 5%. the new plans will start in july. sears has also posted a massive loss, but bankruptcy rumors are being put to rest this morning. sears holdings they also own kmart as well as the kenmore craftsmen and the land in the brain and plans on selling 11 of their stores. those moves are expected to strengthen the balance sheet by about $1 billion.
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>>james: jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing young boys over a 15 year period, he has already been prosecuted by the state attorney general's office. they say he received a subpoena requesting information about sandusky and his charity as well as information on other school officials. we will keep you posted as that case continues to develop. it would take a quick break, we have a live look from our roof this morning showing the view of san francisco on this very nice friday morning probably the last spring day before winter returns. we will be right back.
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>>justine: an apology from president obama has not ease the anger or the protest over burning of the karan by the troops in afghanistan it
4:41 am
has drawn more criticism from republicans looking to take the president's job. >>reporter: outbreak is spreading over the burning of a copy of grant at a nato base. angry and a time violent protests have been raging in the country since tuesday despite repeated apologies from nato and the u.s. military. >> this was unintentional there was no intention by any member of our staff to defame the faith of islam or desecrate the precious religious materials of this faith. >>reporter: president obama issued an apology came as to american troops were killed by a man wearing a afghani in this form. newt gingrich wasted no time criticizing the president for issuing an apology. >> there seems to be nothing the radical islamists can do to get barak obama attention in a way that he has consistently
4:42 am
apologize to people that do not deserve the apology of the president of the united states. >>reporter: the state department says it will work with the afghan government to hold those troops involved accountable. >>justine: a defense official said the troops did not intent to offend the muslim community by burning copies of the koran, but he says the religious texts were being used at a detention center to pass what he calls extremist messages between prisoners. >>james: we will continue to fall the fallout with that. here's a look at the golden gate bridge as we head to the break. we'll be back with more headlines in a minute, it looks like a light clear shot.
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>>james: we are back and still falling the rising gas prices at the pump. we spoke
4:45 am
with several regular commuters that said they are reducing their expenses by leaving their cars at home. >>reporter: in downtown san francisco, hundreds of people carpool every day win for their rights home. this woman commutes five days a week she says by sharing a car she saves a lot of money. >> like $220 per week that is parking and gas. i have four kids, a single mother so this is my everyday thing. >>reporter: a few blocks away at the ferry building this woman works in the city three days a week. she says it costs about $100 and she says by taking the ferry, she avoided parking fees and high gas prices in she says that she does not miss the
4:46 am
traffic. across town, henley is riding her bike home, she commutes from the inner sunset to the financial district every day. she says that she saves $80 per month are not riding the bus of probably $30 per day by not writing. >> it is totally not worth it. >> i think if you were a single passenger that would be a joke in san francisco because of parking fees and the cost of transportation to go across town. her >>justine: time to check in with erica to get a look at our forecast and also traffic after to gorgeous days, it looks like this summer whether it's going to be a thing of the past. good morning erica. >>erica: good morning, now we will have one last day of cool down. we are still talking about some low '70s, but right now we're looking up to mostly clear skies with temperatures for the most part sitting in the
4:47 am
40's and '50's. as we head into the afternoon, yes we will notice the cool down the see some pretty pleasant conditions. there is a lot of sunshine with temperatures ranging from the low 60s to the low '70s. and into the overnight hours, we see light wind, mostly clear skies and temperatures that down to the '40's. here are the numbers right outside the door. if you are commuting, you will certainly want to later because we see a lot of change in the temperatures. now check out downtown san francisco, there at 55, low sixties for napa and monday, 49 in fremont, 54 degrees currently in los gatos, and into the afternoon we will see plenty of upper 60s especially down the e shores. it looks like now and you could reach 69 degrees as well. those low '70s will be contained to the south bay, we have said the two degrees on tap for morgan hill, one degrees cooler through san jose, it looks like santa rosa and napa could see some 70 degree readings as well. now
4:48 am
check out downtown san francisco there cooling at 64 degrees and 69 expected over in concord. if you're heading up the towel, no change currently required. for the most part you will see mostly sunny conditions a wind advisory into effect later tonight. and the wind gusts could get up to 90 mi. per hour. as we head into tomorrow, they do have the potential for some snow showers and then slight wind and partly cloudy conditions by the end of the weekend. your seven day around the forecast shows a lot of sunshine on tap for today. we have partly cloudy skies as we head into the weekend with the potential for wet weather tuesday and wednesday. we will monitor that for you right here on the kron4 morning news. let us get one last check of the hour. fortunately we are not looking at any hot spots. we have a pretty easy ride at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the sand until bridge ride is moving well in the westbound direction outports foster city. over at the golden gate bridge, south bound 101
4:49 am
has a pretty quiet commute coming out of the north bay. no major problems to report. taking over to the traffic map, west bound 580 is moving smoothly, no accidents to report for the nimitz freeway. over on the peninsula side, you will see the bay bridge is moving as well. interstate 280 is correct a problem free. in the north bay all the green on your screen indicate speeds over 50 mi. per hour. if you are taking public transit a look up your good to go for ac transit, bart as was the a train no. 1. >>justine: more news now, theft of copper wire is plaguing the city. rob fladeboe shows us the toll that thieves are taking on city street lamps. >>reporter: the thefts have been occurring all over town but mainly in the remote areas like here. many of the street lamps are now dark at
4:50 am
night after the thieves ripped off multiple strands of copper wire buried in the sidewalk that runs in between the poles. the copper wire is now selling for roughly $4 per pound and the losses are adding up. they say that these have now made off with some $460,000 worth of copper wire in recent months. investigators suspect that they may be disguised as the repair crews. >> we think primarily that the copper has been stolen at night. in fremont, they have been targeting the street lights. >>reporter: the vandal sometimes work over a period of two nights, cutting power the first night in the returning the second night to remove the wire. police say they will step up patrols in these areas and they're asking residents to report anything suspicious.
4:51 am
>>justine: facebook, who will, and several other web sites have come under fire recently because of privacy issues. the obama administration has unveiled a new plan aimed at privacy protection we have more on what this involves. >>reporter: the white house is calling this a comprehensive blueprint for future laws. it stresses several rights, like individual control. the idea is to give consumers greater control over whether and how much of their personal data is made available to outside companies. crime scene investigation must be transparent and consumers must know the context in which their day's use. personal data should be able to be accessed and maintain accuracy. companies will only maintain its much information as the need for
4:52 am
specific purposes. critics say this plan is vague. it is voluntary and is not have the force of law behind it. the white house acknowledges that but officially companies will sign on in good faith. this comes on the hill of the privacy bill including who will announcing on thursday that they're working to and they do not track button into most browsers. the industry resisted doing this but after several missteps, many of the big players are going along. this will not stop all web tracking, according to the wall street journal, consumers' personal data could still be used for market research and can be obtained by law enforcement. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news, when we come back we will find out who has been behaving badly in the bay area. we have a live look at
4:53 am
san francisco this friday morning, we will be right back.
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>>justine: could morning, no license no problem for drivers in this edition of people behaving badly. a >> who was the owner of the car? recruiting does he know you cannot have a license? does he know that you cannot have a driver's license? >>stanley: the officer is talking to a driver and as far as she can remember never has had a driver's license for close to 40 years. i was out of the shows looking for drivers hitting badly. chp usually ask for a license, registration and proof of insurance. however, many
4:56 am
times it will they stop are missing one primary element, the license. >> right now i will give you a citation for driving without a license in you have never had a license right? how old you? 39, you know you should not be driving without a license. i'm going to toll your car but i will not debate the need a whole unit. >>stanley: each is he is the officer has an option to toe, or not or been in town for 30 days or just one day during the >> you do not have a license have you ever had one before? how old are you? 21. >>stanley: this driver was stopped for not wearing a seatbelt it turned out that the driver was on probation and a passenger was on parole. >> what has prevented from getting a driver's license? >>stanley: the driver told
4:57 am
the officer this was his first time driving when asked the driver he told me that it was his fifth time it turns out his girlfriend amuse the car. >> what will happen is that we will told a car, we will not do a 30 day although we could hear your girl is letting you drive without a lysing--without a license and knowingly does that. >>stanley: i have some amazing that there are a lot of drivers on the road who have never had a license. >> can you have no license, have you ever had a license? >>justine: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley you can always e- mail him at people behaving badly. course we are working on several developing stories. creek fire is still burning in napa county. we have a cool down in the weather temperatures and we
4:58 am
have video of sort of a right that broke out near orlando slowed because of shoes. we have that straight ahead. that is all available on look kron4 morning news. getting ready to plant? chances are your soil is like this: compacted, drained of nutrients. it'll hold your plants... but it'll also hold 'em back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, organic ingredients, and miracle-gro plant food. just mix it in. and turn bad soil into great soil. helps plants grow twice as big.
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instead of holding 'em back, they'll leap ahead. miracle-gro garden soil. start right. finish big.
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>> darya: authorities are searching for missing people after a crash in at a meeting. we are live at the scene and investigation unfolds. >>james: more human remains have been found. we have the connection and when neighbors have to sit coming up in a minute. >> darya: it was gorgeous yesterday and today we will screeds out one more rain before winter. >>erica: that is right, everyone is looking to clear
5:01 am
conditions around the bay area but as the end of forecasts. >>erica: the have for this, fifth and '60s all around the bay area. the have 49 in fremont and holding on to the mid-40s along the coastline as well. as we head into the afternoon, the feature forecast shows widespread green on the screen, north, south, east, and west. you may want to consider hanging outdoors
5:02 am
her because we do anticipate an ice conditions. >> george: -- >>erica: here is the breakdown of the numbers for you. we do have the potential for some went weather as we head into next week. i will look at that for you, the timing of it in your seven day around the forecast coming up in my next report. now we have a check and traffic with george. >> george: it is friday and we always hope for and expecting lighter commute on friday. we have no the latest currently. we have a quick did check, it is light at the bay bridge was down
5:03 am
with no problems to the upper deck. highway 92 will be problem free whether you are east bound or west bound. and for the golden gate bridge 101, it isn't easy ride. >>james: on to other developing story coming out of the east bay. crews are out there searching the waters right now. there are still some that are believed missing. the want to give you a better idea of where we are talking about. this happened in alameda. that is well will tran joins us live with the latest. >>reporter: crews are still out there, you can see the alameda shift department. we do not know the person who
5:04 am
crashed this on to the shoreline owns the boat. but i have been told that she has been arrested. right now she's been talked with by the investigators, while she was being talked to in the earlier at the scene, she was telling investigators that possibly one person, another female is in the water but then her story continues to change. at one point she told investigators that the other person row away from this particular vote and that she is possibly in the water. and then another time to change the story according to the person that i talked with. if that person walked on to the shoreline. work they have to assume that she is still in the will the worst- case scenario somehow cliff cloth--worst-case scenario, they have to assume that someone is out there until they call this off. we will get information and the
5:05 am
public information officer will arrive at 5:30 a.m.. that person in her 20s have been arrested. hopefully we will get the reason why they do believe that she is intoxicated. where we will get more information like her name and whether in fact she owns this boat. we will do more information about 25 minutes from now. concord is a and what is there it planned to lift them both out of an order--to lifting that broke out of the war? >>reporter: 4. a search her how bruce the coast guard has just arrived a look fighters the are assisting in the search, they have close to the group that some one is in the order would-- they have to assume that someone is in the water to mandatory continue to change in him i can't you can't
5:06 am
have a more than three hours to meet the sun should be about an hour-and-a-half from now. her--and we do details and password you the >>james: we will have a look >> darya: we have a new details, according to try to figure out if they are connected to least two men known as the second street killers, and remains were found in the afternoon. this is in in a slight hiccup or is to go to your earlier this month and they have been been there ever since. at the site, to victims remains were found. i shall probably wouldn't once owned by sherman tines family. hot rock and this is where the new human remains were recovered with the help of the cadaver dogs. neighbors in the area described the scene. banner of 01 and held
5:07 am
out to the other it was successful human solidarity some schools out there. they had shoveling in one spot and then there were about four different spots, they had tarps and tools, and chain saws corporate review and they've pretty much clear away. >> darya: of the question now is who remained are they? ribose sides were provided by the connecticut dealers german time. his partner committed suicide last month >>james: we are falling in what fire burning in the north bay. and this is happening in napa county this morning. where, want to give you an orientation of where the fire broke out. in its started just yet today, it is just north and to the needs are and just outside city limits, at last word
5:08 am
the fire consumed about 40 a. a. they say they have is about 50 percent contained, they're hoping to make some improvement on that route the morning query there were some strong winds yesterday and all that dry brush did not help the matter. they believe at this point it was sparked by a resident burning some yard clippings. and we will have to find out the latest coming up in the next flowers >> darya: , thank you for waking up with us this friday morning with the kron4 morning news, let us take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can see that traffic is pretty light, and the visibility is limited. we have a good day to end the week with a lot of sunshine, we will be right back.
5:09 am
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>>darya: new details as the syrian troops continued to show rubble neighborhoods
5:12 am
killing four people this morning. take a look at the new video coming into us at kron4. your s, europe get arab nations are meeting in to the chef us to discuss how to stop the crisis. today's meeting is expected to press the syrian president tased cease-fire and allow for humanitarian aid to reach areas that need it. secretary of state henry clinton says that has sods days are numbered. >> it is a fluid situation. if i were a betting person for the medium term and long term, i would be betting against the current syrian president. for >>darya: the friends of syria growth will likely impose harsh sanctions if sought rejects the cease- fire. the u.s. estimates that 5400 people were killed in the conflict it has 11. >>mark: afghans are out on
5:13 am
the streets shouting death to america. this is over the burning of those kron4 at the u.s. military base. apologies from the president can't officials have failed to suppress the average over the incident. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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>>james: a small earthquake, a 2.4 magnitude struck near brisbane.
5:17 am
>>erica: the most significant cool down will be for communities along the coastline. yesterday we had a high wind advisories and the north and east bay. wind speeds are not too bad. we could still see windy conditions of the higher elevations. dress in layers if you are committing.
5:18 am
pleasant conditions. temperatures are already starting to trail off. yesterday we saw an abundance of 70's. it looks like in the east shore we will stay in the upper 60s. livermore could make it up to 70 degrees. los 60s along the coastline in places like richmond. by wednesday morning, rain becomes widespread in the north bay. rain chances are still well north of the golden gate and we will still see shower
5:19 am
activity as we head into the afternoon. the cool them continues as we start the next work week with potential for what weather tuesday and wednesday. time for a check of the morning commute with george. >>george: pretty light conditions around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots. the bay bridge westbound is light and easy. the san mateo bridge is also a good one. looking westward from the toll plaza to the high-rise mid span, the golden gate bridge is delayed free from 101 to it from marin county. red sensors show pretty good conditions for the east shore freeway, 680 in your ride into the san ramon valley. the late free to the dublin interchange.
5:20 am
the marin county ride looks good for 101 southbound. you are delay free from novato to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: san francisco sheriff ross mirkirimi is due back in court today. his domestic violence trial is set to get underway. a judge is expected to be assigned this morning. mirkirimi and his attorneys are seeking to exclude video and other evidence. his lawyer argued that a video set to show his wife describing how he bruised her on new year's eve should be ended miscible and considered hearsay. a telling company in santa tail county is being sued for telling cars illegally. specialty telling is accused of illegal telling vehicles from private parking spots without the permission of the property owners. they are also polling more
5:21 am
than 300 customers more than $24,000 if because the company said special equipment was required. their business license was suspended by the state in august of 2011. >>james: in san francisco, a person was caught underneath a muni train. it happened at irving and second avenue. the train was stopped at the intersection when a woman tried crossing the street by passing between the two railcars. when the train started moving again, she was trapped in the drag of to me. she managed to escape with only minor scrapes and cuts. this morning, google has agreed to support a do not track button to be embedded in most web browsers. it is being announced as a part of the white house called for congress to cat's a privacy bill of rights they gives people greater control on personal information collected about them. it was stopped all web tracking.
5:22 am
information can still be used for market research and product development. >>darya: the theft of copper wires for municipal utilities is pleading cities. fremont has been hit especially hard. rob fladeboe has more. >>rob: the theft of that occurring all over town but mainly in the more remote parts of fremont along cushion boulevard. many of these street lamps are dark at night after thieves ripped off with multiple strands of copper wire buried in the sidewalk there runs between the poles. copper wire is now selling for roughly $4 a pound. the losses are adding up. fremont officials say these if have made off with former to $60,000 worth of copper wire in recent months. investigators suspect that these could be disguised as city repair crews. >> primarily, the copper is
5:23 am
getting stolen at night. in fremont the target has been street lights. not the actual street light, but the wiring that runs between them. it is a hazard for the public. if a street light stops working, that is something of the look out for. >>rob: the vandals sometimes work over a period of two nights, turning off the power the first night in removing the wires the second night. police say they will be stepping up patrols and are asking residents to report anything suspicious. >>james: we will take a break, here is another a live look at the conditions on the san mateo bridge. we will be right back.
5:24 am
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>>darya: international news,
5:27 am
here is something really seen. police in riot gear at a mall breaking up an angry crowd that were hoping to buy nike sneakers. this is video out of orlando. people got upset when the store decided to cancel the midnight sale of the nike galaxy shoe. some officers were on horseback cleared out the hundreds of people. no one was hurt. you can see everyone scrambling in running. people had been lining up at stores across the country for the release of the shoes. >>james: a shooting at a loss angeles gas station last night. really dramatic. this is the suspect patrol car. watch as the officer stepped out, they ordered the suspect who apparently carjacked to cars during the night, to get out. he did not comply. watch the suspect's car. bullets ripped through the vehicle.
5:28 am
we understand the suspect inside was killed in shooting. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. right now we are on the scene of a boat crashed in alameda. will travel give us details in a couple of minutes.
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: authorities were searching for those who may be missing after a boat crashed in alameda. a 45 ft. boat crashed into the water and crews are searching for those who may be missing.
5:31 am
>>darya: today is the last day of spring like temperatures. >>erica: we are seeing windy conditions in the higher elevations. the north bay in the south bay will still hold on to los 70's, a lot of sunshine
5:32 am
in into the overnight hours clear conditions with light winds. for the most part we're hanging in the '40's. fifties in places like san francisco in a redwood city. monday already at 60 degrees. upper 60s down the east shore. santa rosa could reach 71 later this afternoon. 74 in san francisco. today we're holding on to los 70's. as we head into the weekend temperatures will be dipping
5:33 am
down into the upper 50s. more on this and a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast coming up and my next report. it is time for a check of the morning to meet with george. >>george: a quick and easy ride. we are not tracking any hot spot. it is a smooth commute to the bridge is starting with the bay bridge westbound. no delays. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good coming across highway 92 from the nimitz or across jackson from downtown hayward. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one into and out of marin county. the total drive time through marin is running at 23 minutes. your public transit commute, if that is your option, at ease, caltrans and bart are reported on time service. >>darya: a developing story out of the east bay, a 45 ft. boat has crashed into breakwater and the crews are out searching the water now
5:34 am
for those who may be missing. will tran and is there following the search. >>will: rescue workers are still here, so is the bolt. the bottom of the vote is badly damaged. the big issue other than trying to find this alleged second person, they still are not sure. the operator of the bill continues to change his story. they have to contain gas in the water. we are all able to smell it. this all happened at 1:48 a.m.. investigators are trying to find out exactly what happened. the operator is a woman in her mid-20s. right now she is at the alameda police department being talked to by investigators.
5:35 am
a lot of people are searching. they have been searching for about three and a half hours. according to the coast guard will continue searching for this other person until daybreak. after that they will have to make a decision. so far nothing other than the operator of the boat who is find, she has no injuries from running onto the shore line. third >>will: did she tell you how she ran aground? >> she said she was on board and that there was an additional female will her and she did not know anything else. >>will: she did not know how she went from the water to the shoreline? >> that is correct. >>will: what she arrested for? >> possibly alcohol being involved. >>will: she said that a second person, she never fell into the water, she left this vote on another smaller boats.
5:36 am
they went around looking for this other boat, they do not know how far she could possibly is gone. >>james: we are continuing to monitor the progress of a fire. as for dry weather, craig skalar is live in san jose
5:37 am
with prospective down there. >>craig: these are always a trouble spot. you can see how drybrushes. it has been such a dry winter. this is the area that the san jose fire department in the summertime would normally patrol when things get too dry. that is during the summertime. it gives people pause to wonder, if it does not rain consistently enough, what is going to happen? this is definitely an area that people want to keep their eyes on. >>mark: >>james: it does not look like we will get any rain
5:38 am
any time soon. >>justine: here is what is just into the newsroom, more on conrad murray with michael jackson's doctor in solitary confinement. his lawyer will ask a judge to release him on bail as the appeal of his involuntary manslaughter conviction stars to move through the courts. his attorneys will argue that he should be released on his own recognizance or on bail with an electronic monitoring bracelet. he is in a loss angeles county jail right now. we will take a break and be right back. ♪
5:39 am
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lysol. mission for health. >>darya: drivers across the country are continuing to feel the pain at the gas pump. aaa says the national prices averaging $3.65 a gallon. that is the highest ever for this time of year and of course of the highest means we have higher than that.
5:42 am
san francisco is now up again from yesterday. >> i am saving to under $20 a week. >> how much you think you save in a week? >> a $100. i think if you are a single passenger it is a joke in san francisco because of parking fees and because of the plane costs of transportation to go across town. >>james: some analysts say the rising gas prices are triggered by the tensions over ron and their nuclear program.
5:43 am
>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. actually, we are going to the scene of a developing story. a bolt crashed in alameda. if the authorities are out there with their lights on searching for possible victims of may have gone overboard. we will be back with will tran to get an update in just a minute. anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya...
5:44 am
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rich organic ingredients with miracle-gro plant food mixed right in. it even feeds plants for six straight months. want this result? gotta start with this soil. miracle-gro potting mix. success starts with the soil. >>erica: santa rosa broke its old record set back in 1985. they reached 80 degrees. we will not see temperatures quite that warm today but it looks like we are off to a pretty good start.
5:47 am
in downtown san francisco coming in at 55. into the afternoon, by lunchtime widespread 60s and down the peninsula and for the inland areas as well. as we advance closer to the afternoon, yesterday we saw a lot of yellow. today it looks like we will be keeping it in the mid- upper 60s. some spots, portions of the north bay in the east bay valleys, mt. view and san jose can actually see some 70 degree readings. it looks good and clear for interstate 80 and highway 50. today, mostly sunny conditions however a wind advisory goes into effect later tonight. with that expect wind gusts up to 90 mi. an hour. very windy conditions stretching into the overnight hours. tomorrow there is potential for snow showers.
5:48 am
pretty good conditions in the tahoe area. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows warm weather for today. cooling down as we head into the weekend. mild conditions on tap with a seasonal average and potential for wet weather tuesday and wednesday. >>george: no problems, hot spots or delays. a quick bridge check. your ride on the bay bridge looks good. the san mateo bridge looks good across the span and on the approach. let's get a check of a traffic maps. 101 southbound is delay free
5:49 am
to marin county was no problems. your ride in the south bay looks good on all 101 into northbound direction. >>darya: new this morning, the united nations nuclear agency is set to make this issue a big one after seeing a report in a run, there are expected to detail the failed attempts to persuade a run to cooperate in nuclear weapons investigations. the report comes just two days after a team returned from talks in iran.
5:50 am
a wrong continues to claim they do not want nuclear arms. >>james: michael jordan has filed a lawsuit. the company's name translates to jordan in chinese and registered -- he registered his name in 2000. comcast is trying to give netflix and amazon a run for their money. gabe slate shows us the cable giant's latest offer. >>gabe: comcast's is taking on netflix and amazon by launching a new streaming video such fiction service. it is called extended the stream takes. the idea is offer older movies and tv shows to the comcast cable box sitting in the living room. here is how it works. there are four categories. movies, tv, ht and kids.
5:51 am
within those categories are subcategories, for now, there's not much content. they have nowhere near the amount that netflix or amazon offers. there are movies like ghostbusters, oceans 11, city slickers, nothing that impressive. the tv shows were slightly better. customers who subscribe to comcast high end tier channel players would get stream fix for free. everyone else will have to pay $5 a month. that is cheaper the netflix does this when i do not see comcast taking away to many customers from netflix. it just does not have enough content yet. it is not worth the money at this point. i will in no one gets there. in other news i'm giving away high and the usb mic is made by blow microphone. snowball is the first professional usb mic.
5:52 am
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5:53 am
approach to the bay bridge. this is how the rest of us travel. in oakland is 46 looking for a high of 69 before we all fall down of the weekend. a high of 69 before we all fall down of the weekend. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>>darya: in californian news, oscar sunday is just today's away. there is supposed to be a tribute for whitney houston in the works. >> she will be acknowledged along with some of the other men and women. she was definitely a part of the motion picture community. no question. >>darya: the oscars are this sunday. it will air live from los angeles at 5:00 p.m..
5:57 am
>>james: comedian bill marr has used his talk show against the weaknesses of the republican presidential field. he announced that he would donate $1 million to priorities usa action, it is a pro obama super pak. the concert was streamed live from y'all who, the first stand-up comedy concert to be streamed life. >>darya: let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. today is the last of the warm weather that we have enjoyed with a high of 70. we have a real cool down for what we had. saturday and sunday barely reaching 60 degrees. >>james: we will take a break, here is another look outside as the gauge the
5:58 am
view, this time from the mt. tam cam we will be right back. [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing.
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