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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 29, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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a little more but is it the latest on all that, the morning just seen. i am here with erica and she is tracking the storm for us. >>erica: the good news in her that we are given with the main front of this system, it is going to pass
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through in the next couple of hours. right now this is the heaviest rainfall that we will see. after that into the afternoon to see scattered isolated showers around the bay area. it looks like it is raining right nine portions of san francisco and the downtown area. we see some rainfall in richmond, set in san francisco. down toward stately city, we saw some yellow on the screen indicating some pretty moderate rainfall. as we turn our attention to the shore freeway you can see the where roadways are certainly a possibility. we continue to see what conditions or other portions of the use bay as well. some areas are getting hit with a wet weather right now. really, no matter where you live in the area to be waking up to shower
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activity. if you do not feel the now, you probably will within the next hour. as we check out the feature forecast, you can see the main front is out of our here. the potentially have scattered showers to fairfield and vallejo. as we advance the clock closer to 1:00 p.m., you can see the potential for some isolated showers what does exist north of the golden gate bridge. we will continue to see light band of rain as we head into the evening. in terms of your current conditions right outside the door we are relatively warm right now. 50 degrees for now, oakland redwood city, 51 for downtown san francisco, we have a couple of the upper 20s along the delta. so, coupled with all the rain fall that we are dealing with this morning also see some pretty windy conditions out there. the wind advisory has been cancelled by the national
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the service. now is reporting 21 mph wins. 25 for sfo. very gusty conditions certainly be aware that i am preparing an afternoon high temperatures and show the timing of potential grain for tomorrow coming up in my next report. and quick bridge check. who is went out there this morning. recruits are providing updates and we will take in one minute. with also on 92, hayward and falsity, your ride into the very smooth. and here is a look at a very went golden gate bridge. no one is on the road just yet. who >>james: the school board has voted to approve cuts education. hybrid ready kumar spoke with some parents and a lot of them as you may have imagined are upset brigham over the possible elimination of the district's reading program.
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>>reporter: merger the school cuts would eliminate 07 percent of the biggest workhorse. crime if that means, teachers, counselors, reading specialist, and custodians could lose their jobs. those at this school board meeting are upset over the possible loss of the district's reading program. >> children that learned differently should not been punished. it feels outrageous about decreasing the number of stock recalcitrance that is what did the recent we help to solve a problem. maker it takes care a lot of kids that was miss being taken care of or that would fall through the cracks. and >> without reading committee cannot do anything else in school, i think this is one of these pay now pay later, it will cost of more in the end to educate the children that will be
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behind. >>reporter: teachers and staff will not officiallylost their job until may 15th. that is on permanent seat slips are sent out--one permanent king slips are sent out. >>james: of the school district will still face the $150,000 shortfall. >>justine: will go to pay thompson and decision by the san francisco school board as the issue hundreds of layoff notices. >>reporter: through the heat they have voted to send out nearly 500 pink slips, teachers and aides across the district will receive these over the next few weeks. with the controversy of the evening was staring 14 schools for any layoffs. no teachers at be school will receive pink slips, of these are called
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superintendent the zone in the schools, under an approved and schools that the district are trying to improve. >> which are traditionally the schools where we have the highest turnover. the students need the most support that they can possibly get. >> to resolution presented tonight uses the fiscal crisis to put as will again school, teacher against teacher, community against community, her and there is an attack on seniority look. >>reporter: the union has a sand or to rule where the teacher to have in their only for a couple of years are the first one to get laid off and obviously that flies in the face of this rule. >>reporter: an extremely controversial ruling with several of the board members actually moved to the verge of tears while voting.
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>>justine: we drastic cuts being made by aviary at least part of the walnut creek chief announced a restructuring plan that includes eliminating where crucial services. >>reporter: dry starting next week though traffic citations will be tracked to grant reduced in walnut creek--drastically reduced in walnut creek. the traffic unit will be eliminated and those officers will move to the patrolling at the part of the restructuring plan. officers will not respond to 9 entry traffic accididents and the community policing team that currently focuses on school will now become a downtown law enforcement unit. >> it is not increasing by any margin. >>reporter: case said the
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following. current rear r rupert >>james: and other news in san jose has forced people to find somewhere to live. her visit broke out along the 1700 block yesterday afternoon it took about four hours to get it under control. rupert two firefighters were injured in battling the blaze. no one was home with a 4 people who live there now obviously are being assisted by the red cross we the genie says customers to pay the bulk of the $5 billion plan to boost a on the gas lines. this follows that did the explosion back in 2010. the proposal from pg&e says that customers should pick up about 84 percent of the cost to improve the company's gas line. this killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >>justine: this is a rainy
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wednesday morning, we'll take a quick break and we come back we will not to talk about the update on the school shooting in ohio. it also will discuss gas prices. we have a live look from the james lick freeway is a wet day out there, we will be right back.
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>>james: we are back tracking the storm. you can see the camera shaking little bit. i do know the bay bridge has the high wooden signs, it is a windy and wet morning out there. let us careful check of the forecast coming up in just a minute. >>justine: a three kids from monday's shooting in ohio are now decrement we are now hearing the 911 calls and learning about the 17 year- old shooter. he said he selected his victims at random. we get the latest from catherine heenan.
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>> deal understand you have the right to remain silent room? >> des sir, yes i do >>reporter: we heard but did not see the suspect. or when this is a picture as a lane of live at the courthouse., and today police of the record complete emergency calls. when the first four victims were shot in the cafeteria where there will wait for a bus for a nearby vocational school. michael this young man died on monday, and two others for declared dead earlier today. high pressure aquarist nicholas was shot but his life was not considered to be in danger after shooting the fourth police say that he ran out of the cafeteria and into the hall and was pursued by a coach. midway to the exit
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he shot his bid and filed it dumpsters she was a senior, she was not seriously hurt and release from the hospital today. and prosecutors say that he abandon his gun before fleeing the school. by that time the school principal on the phone and police trooper. >>reporter: keep he gave himself up a few blocks away today he told the judge then he confessed to the shootings event to the offices that arrested him that he had stolen the 22 caliber handgun from his uncle and he fired 10 times. and he did not know the victim and was not targeting anyone in particular. >>justine: crew and we will have much more on this story coming up including the suspects facebook postings for about one month ago. i coming up one hour from now, we will hear from the hero for all code about what he says went down and how he
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saved her possibly many more lives. who >>james: and when we come back we will have the latest on the markets. but here is a live look at the bay bridge. our big story is the weather around the bay. it is a wet morning and will have the full forecast with erica coming up in just a minute. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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>>justine: for the first time since the financial crisis of 2008, the dow jones average closed above 13,000. the other interested three well as well. ron >>james: and the economy getting better is actually a
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double edged sword.. but it ordered court here is aimed at the average price of around the area. currency the highest price in san francisco. still, prices are not quite as expected at their highest point but they're getting cold. and in the highest price in san francisco and was $4.62. here, at kron4 will try to define the cheapest gas are around. if you had to our web site you can check out the special gas price section. your soul goes there, but and see if you cannot save yourself a little bit of money. coming up will have more. >>justine: the time to talk
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about the weather forecast, we want to update you about some debt and tornadoes that hit the midwest. now to erica with the rain pouring out here in some parts of the the area. >>erica: that is right, right now we're dealing with the main front, as he take a look at the golden the cree to look like it could see some activity. will be monitoring that, we have went roadways pretty much here and everywhere around the area. as the ticket it was on tap, the heaviest rain is expected for the next couple of hours. has been going to the afternoon, we will see scattered showers will behind it city and the known if the variable as we head into the next couple of days, we will see pre one conditions and expect some low '70s as we head into the weekend. a live look at storm tracker 4 shows everyone dealing with a wet weather around the bay area. how it looks like it
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has just passed over navato in san raphael making its way over to the east bay right now. as the checkout downtown san francisco, we have some rainfall along the coastline for the richmond district. you can see what conditions over interstate to the zero and over into the east bay. they're all dealing with what weather. it looks like the main front is sitting over the east bay right now. we see dry conditions coming down the shore freeway. a lot of the rainfall has pushed its way inland. by 8:00 a.m., we do not see too much rainfall, in fact rainfall totals looked like a 14th of an inch for napa, trace amounts in santa rosa and we continue to see that billed as we head into the afternoon and scattered showers persist as we head into tomorrow as well. in
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terms of your temperatures expected for later this afternoon right now we're sitting in the '40's and '50's. it will warm up to the mid-50s for the most part, so antioch in hayward both are coming in at the same temperatures. half moon bay and some of the coast to spots will stay in the mid- 50s. your seven day around the bay forecast shows scattered showers. we could run into some residual showers as we head into tomorrow morning but after that starts to dry out and see more sunshine as we head into friday, saturday, and sunday. as we start the next work week, monday and tuesday overall we have relatively sunny conditions. in the traffic center we are not tracking any hot spots out there but the cars are
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driving slower because of the wet weather. traffic is moving pretty well known during like to deal across the upper deck, we have a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. this is pretty much the same story at the bay bridge. you can certainly see the camera checking around. the drive is just 40 minutes from an end to end. overact golden gate bridge, southdown 101 no problems for your ride her except for some areas where we do not have any accident report and taking it over to traffic map we see more red and yellow on the screen. that just because everyone is driving the little more slowly after. we have a little bit of red, south bound 680 and in the south bay you see a little bit of yellow but it looks like 101 is currently
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fine. in fact drive time from the capitol expressway to the montague is coming in at just 10 minutes. >>justine: area we have new video of a man that may have started a fire in san francisco main public library or korean authorities are calling the man that you will soon hear it right here, a personal interest in the case. seamless in the city's main library around-time that someone intentionally live a fire on a second floor, it will use the backup to prop open the door he enters the room, looked around and then leaves. if how investigators are asking anyone that may recognize him a call the police department. true >>james: is visiting: and if you did this through attrition policies in the state, make it even in nations. of her supervisors in santa clara county voters and pass a nutrition plan that calls for more healthful in all counties delivery--account team
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buildings--in all county buildings. >>reporter: leases, it m&m's, and snickers just a few of the suites that we all love. but santa clara county officials are saying the bottom and >> i grew up with a mother of the '60s who was a food not see an item i have any problem with someone saying this is what is good for you and will make an easy for you to access this. >>reporter: the new health the standards will be put on cafes like this one in the building. then the machines will go from 50 percent healthy to 100 percent healthy. some feel that the plan goes too far asking who will be the judge of what is and is not healthy? >> it is like would you draw the line like apples,
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their high and cyanide and have a lot of sugar, so is that next on the list? >> they will have the consequence of some people not buying them because if it is not the greatest food, they will go somewhere else. >> we are adults, we can make our own decisions but you know it is their prerogative, they are in charge of what goes on here. >>reporter: vendors will be required to have a healthy option. they say in the short term, this will likely cost more money but he believes that this will save more money in the long run. >>justine: time for a quick break, this is a live picture into our newsroom of the bay bridge. we can see
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some cars out there and rain. more on that and the new ipad 3 when we come right back.
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>>james: we are back tracking the storm on the left we have the golden gate bridge, and on the right we have the san mateo bridge. in is wet with some wind out there. there is storm tracker for showing exactly with a cold front is. it is right over the heart of the bay right now. >>justine: we have a live picture into our newsroom showing us the rain out there this morning. we will talk to jackie says so right after the break he will talk about the conditions there. now we can see when the rain will in and speaking of the seven day we have a nice weekend ahead, so there is something for everyone, we will be right back.
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but >>james: jackie is out there gaging some of this land. >> i was about to see you came to get the wrong time the rain just talked about five minutes ago. earlier it was pouring out here. the rain really has start to dissipate. i can also tell you that it is in the cold out here right now. her redwood, but >>james: real so on and off and then, you've seen the rain go to that area, kinky for that live perspective rather get over to erica a query >>justine: i am with erica,
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and right now on the question is >>erica: we will continue to see scattered showers to me we have the possibility of seeing more rainfall your right now, you can see what weather in the san francisco area, downtown over 101 and we have what conditions along the peninsula right now. you can see this over sand hill, foster city, the san mateo bridge-92 we are getting hit with a front right now. as we turn our attention to these big, we see dry conditions but it is still raining in the san leandro down towards hayward. it is trying to solicit for the inland areas as well. we can fill lewd of rainfall over interstate 680 and over pleasantville down for the walnut creek. we
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will continue to see scattered showers as we head into the rest of the morning. we can see that it is not as widespread in nature we pick up some scattered showers in napa, fairfield, and a little. as we advance o'clock closer to the afternoon by 1:00 p.m., we may have some potential for showers north of the golden gate bridge. at green on your screen indicates that is relatively night-- light in nature. in terms of your temperatures rise by the door we have 52 degrees in a bottle, we have the upper 40's and the delta. your seven day around the bay forecast the show blame for the next couple of days. as we head into friday, we will see more sunshine temperatures reaching the '60s and we are in store for a relatively pleasant week. saturday and sunday brings a lot of sunshine and temperatures potentially in
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the low '70s. >>justine: we will do a quick check of what is happening on the bay area bridges. as you can see, the cars have their headlights on this money because it is a lot of rain out there. and your ride on 92 is seeking a political on both tours hayward and foster city. and a quick check of the golden gate bridge camera. we can see a lot of rain on the lands, but likely not a lot of cars out there. >>james: we have a developing story out of the east bay, the pleasanton school board has voted to approve cuts to education. reggie kumar talked with parents and found that a lot of them are upset about the possibility of eliminating the district's reading program. >>reporter: school board members at the district office voted to close a budget deficit if the governor's initiative plan does not approved by voters
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in november. that means that teachers, counselors, reading specialist and custodians, all lose their jobs. preliminary pink slip wal-mart 15 but teachers and other attacks members will notofficially lose their job until may 15th. that is when the permanent pink slips go out. >>james: we have team coverage and we will visit with kate thompson was more on the san francisco school board. >>reporter: in san francisco the school board has voted to send out nearly 500 peak slips, teachers and aides across the district will receive he flips over the next few weeks. but the controversy was bearing 14 school from any layoffs. >>reporter: the district is
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trying to improve the underperforming schools and because they're trying to prove than they do not want to lay off teachers and have come back next year. this is very controversial with the union it has the seniority rule with the teachers who have been there for only a couple of years are the first ones to get laid off and obviously that flies in the face of this rule. an extreme you-- controversial move and several of the board members were moved to tears while voting. >>justine: in stockton leaders are trying to prevent the city from becoming the largest city to go into chapter 9 bankruptcy. dozens of residents voiced their opposition, the city will now try to negotiate with its debt creditors. to lower on theirs are coming together to celebrate public transit that has been new year's in the making.
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they're celebrating the completion of a major operation in public transit. the two year operation includes the new platforms and attract an additional traffic signals that will allow trains to move in and out of the station more efficiently. and finally to the bay area bank will fargo said that it has received a will to notice from the securities and exchange commission that generally means that the fcc plans to bring charges or take other enforcement actions against the company. this is all coming from the sale of the mortgage-backed securities. golden fact says that they receive the same notice and take more and chase it expected to announce later on today that it also has received one so we will keep you posted on that. >>james: new this morning, one person is dead and three others are missing. the chopper went down on a training mission late last night. rescue crews are
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still searching through the wards of mobile bay looking for those missing. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. now on to politics, mitt romney has a reason to celebrate. he claimed double victory. craig black has a look of what this means. >>reporter: mit romney has pulled off a one to punch in the republican race for president he claimed victory in both arizona and michigan query >> think you arizona. a great victory in arizona and thank you michigan. >>reporter: a loss for him would have been a potentially bad defeat it is a state where who grew up and when his father was governor. >> we did not win by a lot,
4:38 am
but we won by enough and that is all that counts. >> we came into the backyard of what my opponents in a race that everyone said just ignore, you have no chance here. and the people of michigan look into the hearts of the candid and all i have to say is i love you back. >>reporter: mitt romney will have some added momentum to next week's super tuesday contest. as the estimate stands right now, and he is way ahead of his competition in the delegate count. i and great black recording. >>james: according to the latest cnn, poles, mit romney has been largest number of delegates.
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>>justine: much more ahead on kron4 morning news, when it took a quick break in here is a live look outside at our camera over the golden gate bridge. if you did not believe me that it was raining, there is some rain on the lens. we will be tracking this for you when you come right back.
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>>justine: we have a live look outside at our roof camera, we cannot see of the rain out there. you will see where the heaviest pockets of rain are carried and also we have elected your seven day around the bay in just a few minutes. >>james: a quick update. 17 year-old t.j. lane has submitted to a shooting at an ohio high school that left people dead and two others injured. the reporter tells us that he had postings on social media
4:42 am
that could've been warning signs. >>reporter: on the facebook page of two to elaine, a hot and cold--this haunting post. the posted this in late december. some say he wrote about his intentions on twittered in the days before the attack. if he had won it has since been taken down. the students are now dead among the questions, were there missed the warning signs? >> if they're talking about that either to themselves or the people and it's absolutely a red flag to bring a child in to sit down and talk. >>reporter: schools shooting often have a pattern the student that feels isolated or alone. like the case of the virginia tech student at
4:43 am
left behind a trail of disturbing essays. some schools try to stop problems by my train their students. steve perry is a cnn contributor and a founder and principal of the magnet school in hartford connecticut. he and the teachers regular new friend and follow their students. he says this is something that parents should be doing as well. >> parents need to take the time to another student password. they need to know all their passwords on all their accounts and they need to take great liberty to go in and look at them. if you want privacy, get a diploma, get a degree and move out. >>reporter: a study has found that it is common for young people to post on facebook about being depressed. so when should a comment be taken seriously? i asked a psychologist? >> if you just discount this, been tragedy could
4:44 am
occur. to me, it is always better if you overreact and you are wrong, isn't that a better situation than to not react in half some tragedy occurred? >>james: prosecutors said they he will likely be tried as an adult. >>justine: let us take a live look outside right now. we can see rain on the road. when will this stop? we will take a break and be right back.
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>>james: based on chaser capt. this video of one of the tornadoes that struck the ground. on the other side of the state, you can see some of the damage done. at least nine people were hurt when a formal crowd--funnel cloud reportedly touched down. this state's governor has declared now a state of emergency. >>justine: we turn to the weather and a bit closer to home. >>reporter: in the sierra, the snow survey was described as dismal. last year asked the same location at well over 100 in.. >>justine: now a look at
4:48 am
north star carried this is i went to 67. erica is telling us more about the rain and how that is translated into snow. >>erica: i am bringing up storm tracker 4. all of that group on your screen does translate. i'd keep it without an area air base you are heading up there, you can expect between 13 to 26 in. house freshmen the snow above 7,000 ft. in the next 24 hours. mark temperatures are hovering above the street and marketing. we have the potential to see more showers and even friday we have a partly cloudy conditions with a chance of snow fall as we head into the eating. area of the here and debate here we are still good and some rainfall around the bay area. the good news is that the fund has pushed if win through. we still some residual
4:49 am
showers over we have a cockpit of a more moderate rainfall and we will continue to see wet conditions as well. it is raining in castro valley, hayward, and san leandro and dry for some in the areas. along with the rainfall we are giving some gusty conditions. the national weather service has canceled the high wind advisories. and we can see 24 mouth our own wounds in fairfield, and 14 are in a bottle. check out sf. very gusty conditions, not just right now but we will continue to see that as we head into the afternoon. your seven day around the forecastles rain for the next couple of days. temperatures sitting in the '50s. by friday will see a little bit more sunshine. when we have '70's in store for the week in with mostly sunny conditions to our unit, could occur here live in the traffic center i am not mantra many hot spots around the bay area but we
4:50 am
do see some trees in our roadways out there. potentially hazardous and driving conditions. as we take this over to the bay bridge, you will see pretty light traffic. are there is a high wind advisories for the bay bridge as well as the unfortunate, traffic is pretty light, there aren't problems clinton--and getting to the break. as we didn't live there, we flew more conditions and south bound 101. her car reports of flooding in the north bay be aware of that. as the will to the traffic and maps, all is pretty well on the peninsula. it is in a little bit of slowing, not because of any major accidents took of the roadways are so slick. as he take over to the least of it, and the problem desk and was down 24. and in fact your drive time is coming in at just 12 winners. her third
4:51 am
>>james: king of europe, now let us and took on gas prices once again, as they continue to arise clear yet where gas prices are not quite as expensive but but they are getting close. we were in open talk with whom have lived in another. who who >>reporter: gas cooler and oakland unit is a fight watching the price it and gas it is killing us. how he >> the prices go higher and higher in the shade. it has >> of--the all industry has been making good in the trillions of dollars an
4:52 am
advocate of blame on their hands her behalf. >> i and i even know who to blame in this point, when you cannot really blame anybody, lead-rolling. having a family so there is no stopping. we all cannot sit on the speed--park skateboard. >>justine: now time for some tech talk. in new ipad 3 is expected to be revealed. >>reporter: we will not have specific details about this third version of the ipad if in heat that is what apple there is not a lack of rumors about what consumers might be getting. with this new ipad me featured an improved screen there is speculation that it could have a faster processor, who
4:53 am
camera, and memory. and many people are believing that this will be the first apple product and that used before june wireless network. and then there is a price. but the ipad 2 starts at $499 on the web site. retailers have began to offer a discount like best buy, they sell the basic version will for $449 a unit would be is a calculation the company will continue to offer the ipad 2 at a reduced prices. when the iphone 4s was reduced last fall apple slice the price of on the basic rock. the ipad 3 is an urgent report. to be announced on march 7th. and a >>james: we want to take a quick break take a look outside as ego is went out there, we will have more on your forecast in a moment.
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>>justine: % roberts has been additional and will be hitting badly. in but the improvement to a tenant is a but you are looking at the pictures of copper pirates. this is one of the bull story using come ashore at midnight here in marin her record now if look familiar, you are right, is the very same boat. art it was hanging out at the dock near the third street in san francisco. this listing is a federal police officer for a leader department of defense. the along with san francisco police officers and san francisco police home and security and the university of california san francisco police and the united states coast guard set up a scheme. her they
4:57 am
used night vision goggles and waited for them to shell out and they did about 3:00 a.m. and the police caught them red handed. and >> as you can see that come along here, they use all of these roads, you tie downs. this is the device could be used to the copper from underneath the ground. >>stanley: this shipyard is always under tight security. this entire operation it came about after we showed you video of them living inside of the freeways. people will soon go to steal copper. they would climb down lee's man holds and the copper wiring can sometimes find the structures to get more copper. it even with the arrest, there was still evident that, but these were still hard at work. i will have more to come on this chlorine--to come on this
4:58 am
story it. >>justine: we have a quick look outside. we will be tracking the storm right after this.
4:59 am
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[music] >> mark: we have some heavy rain around the bay area today. look at the sierra, we have several feet of snow expected. let us go to the weather center for the latest. >> darya: i and live with james fletcher and an attorney look at the storm. i have driven around for many years. there are just as she explained--sheets of
5:01 am
rain. when >>james: and we see some pretty intense showers over the bay area. we also see, let me slide the maps around for you. this is the extent of 600. the system continue to track in that direction. we will watch for that. we may see some light showers falling. will off all 680 from dublin all the way down. our work are it is just to let for the entire ride down to the south bay. who now, the south bay itself is not seen too much activity deere is more on the way. so, we will slide
5:02 am
the peninsula and ticket will we are expecting in terms of wet weather. where this is from san mateo all we down to sunnyvale. we see some wet weather and intense showers. as you can see we have almost a half inch fall and. crude some pretty intense showers moving hoc court order now can't on when you are, if you are out near ocean beach, we have but one that looks like it is cutting through just north of sfo. so, is what all around. that is what we're watching we are tracking this in the weather center. and we'll talk long- term how will this cleared for the rest of the then what does the we can have in store for us? court now we have a quick check and traffic. >> george: of high wind advisories in place this on it. and while we are not yet
5:03 am
tracking any hot spot, i do not need it is long before we are pulitzer the chp if all responded to several accidents record. and never approved would--and a number of them are weather- related. recoup your ride to the san mateo bridge and when the advisory also looks good. you can see the camera is what led a round a little bit. and for the golden gate bridge, we really have a rough ride. these are flashing light are switching over the pylons at in the fourth lane in the southbound direction. it is not because there is a problem right now. now i want to show the traffic in san francisco on the james lick freeway southbound. this could be our first hot spot. the chp is responding to an accident south down. it may involve a vehicle
5:04 am
with a couple of lanes blocked. we will update you as soon as we have more information. >> mark: let us continue our live coverage. will tran is driving along the shore freeway. rural >>reporter: right now i'm describing by fruitvale ave. it is coming down and if it is dark right now. kahane but we just want to give you a live view. people are slowing down as if there is an accident there is no accident. but there is just so much one on, the rain is pounding us clearin--clearly, and my speed is dropping by the second. >> darya: jackie is live in san raphael and more on the rain. with work direction
5:05 am
now and then with coral. when there were sheets hydroplaning. >>reporter: but when the we have had heavy rain, but now things have light up. in fact the rain has stopped altogether. some are true, of where acres of water it is too cold out here. there is a lot of standing order on the road we right now-- standing order on the roadway right now. in the rain has let up a little bit but it has started up again. >> darya: that has made a huge difference. and for more up-to-the-minute information you can go to our web site and you also can see on our facebook fan page. >> mark: nit romney's pulling out two more primary victories. he picked up a win in his home state of michigan that was really
5:06 am
close in the vote. today he was on the campaign in ohio. he will face some tough challenges for second place rival rick santorum. >> , i am going to deliver more jobs, less debt and smaller government. we will hear that day in and day out. >> it is getting harder out here in america. it is getting harder for people to make ends meet because we have a government that is crushing us every single day with more taxes and more regulations and the idea that they know better than you. new guinea >> mark: regeneron paul were not major factors in the voting. super tuesday will have 10 states voting next week on march 06. >> darya: the story that happened while you were
5:07 am
sleeping one person is dead and three others missing after a helicopter crash off of the alabama coast. the chopper went down while on a training mission late last night. rescue crews are searching through the water of the day for the missing. because is under investigation. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues, we are tracking the storm around the bay area and we will show you where the heaviest rain is falling. we have a live look. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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mark parent or tracking it starts moving through, the heaviest rain and down on the peninsula. that heavy rain expected to move in san jose with the next half-hour. things are winding down a bit in the north bay. >>darya: for the first time since 2008 the dow jones has closed above the 13,000 mark.
5:11 am
the other markets also closed ahead. the nasdaq and the s&p. the dow closed at 13,500 up 23 points. the nasdaq was up by 21 and the s&p index up by five. >>mark: a 3.7 magnitude earthquake near eureka. it happened 31 mi. from eureka and 18 mi. deep. in the past 10 days there have the two earthquakes shook message to deploy 04 raiders nearby. >>darya: pg&e says that customers should pay the bulk of the $5 billion plan to boost safety on gas lines. this follows the deadly standard of gas on explosion that happened in september of 2010. a new proposal from the genie says that customers should fix up about 84 percent of the cost the
5:12 am
blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. our big story is the weather. as promised it is leaning in to windy. it will make for a tough commute if you're headed out the door with the next half- hour or hour and maybe even a little bit later in the commute. here is a live look at the james lick. it is live in a messy but at least are not that many cars. will be right back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
if latin if start tracking
5:15 am
of this storm that is going to put a damper on your caribbean. it is rough out there. the longer you can we, the better serious the concede that traffic is moving pretty slow through walnut creek on 680. right now the san mateo bridge you can see the
5:16 am
traffic. the cars are gordon more slowly. you really have to. the wind is blowing the rain sideways in some cases and really making it cuddle. you're on the james lick, there are not a lot of cars on the road but it is taking longer to get there. >>james: here is what storm tracker 4 is showing us. in center fell jackie has supported the rain has let up. the bulk of the wet weather, the friend is centered south of the north bay. the east bay is pretty much stock in with what weather. light-heavy. you can see all the different color changes. from concord to livermore they're dealing with that. in the delta heavier rain approaching of antioch, of france led, those locations out there. fill looks like the south bay is the love weather approaching. san jose is not to better
5:17 am
now. the weather is headed in the direction of san jose. that is what we're inspecting in terms of whether there. glacially a brief snap shot of today. will are looking from a third of an inch in nevada follows a half an inch near nablus. that is kind of what we are expecting with the rain today. it would change into a static shower makes as we head into the afternoon.
5:18 am
>>george: as we start with a look at your ride to the bridges we're currently not tracking any hot spot but there are a number accidents to which the chp is already responding. standouts and overturned vehicles. a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge westbound. of course that will affect you whether your eastbound or westbound, but light traffic. the changeable message sign has been activated with a high wind warning. your ride on the golden gate is messy this morning, especially coming down the waldegrave and is trying to get on the stand. no accidents or problems here. this is the location one overturn was reported to the good news is there's not yet a backup southbound south
5:19 am
because the traffic is still light through the city. an axa reported here on 680 and here on to 42. again, there are no backups yet. in the south bay we're still looking at favorable conditions that as we heard james safe the weather is headed in that direction so things could change fairly quickly. in the north bay, even though there is a gusty wind as well as rain in standing water, there are no backup southbound. >>mark: the pleasanton school board has voted to approve cuts for education to close a $5.5 million budget deficit. reggie kumar says many parents are upset. >>reggie: in pleasanton school board members of the district office of voted 3-2 to close it for follows $5.5 million budget deficit if the governor's tax
5:20 am
initiative plan does not get approved by voters in november. that means that teachers, counselors, reading specialists in custodian's all lose their jobs. preliminary pink slips will go out on march 15th the teachers and other staff members will not know if they officially lose their jobs until may 15th. that is one vomited thinks the stock. >>mark: the san francisco school board has issued hundreds of a layoff notices as low. kate >> the school board has voted to send out nearly 500 things lips. if teachers and aides across the district will be receiving these things lives over the next few weeks. the controversy of the evening was sparing 14 schools from any layoffs. now teaches at these schools will receive pink slips. these are schools that are referred to as is owned schools. there are underperforming schools of the district is trying to improve.
5:21 am
their spears from layoffs because they do not want to lay off teachers and not have them come back next year. this is very controversial with the union. the union has a seniority rule and obviously this flies in the face of that role. >>darya: of new video of a man who may have started a fire in san francisco's main public library. now, officers are trying to find him. authorities are calling him a purse of interest. here is video as he opens the door, this is in the city's main library. this is the same spot where a fire was lit on the second floor. he goes in, he propped open
5:22 am
the door and then this is all we see in and he leaves. investigators are asking anyone who might recognize this person to give the san francisco police a phone call. >>mark: residents involved in serious civil cases like tenant and landlord disputes are custody battles, they could have legal counsel available to them under an ordinance passed by the board of supervisors. under the proposal a partnership between the city in the bar association and private legal aid organizations would all assist residents with those cases while the city would pay for single staff members to courted the program. >>mark: a robbery turned shooting in north oakland last night sending one person to hospital. the shooting was reported around 7:50 p.m.. the robber shot the victim after he refused to give of his valuables. the victim was taken to hospital with injuries described as non lightning.
5:23 am
>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside as weather is our big story today. up in marin county the wind was howling overnight but we have found out that the winds have died down a bit. more details and a couple of minutes. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>mark: welcome back as we are tracking the storm, the heaviest rains flooding through the south bay. heavy rain at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. some very heavy rain around east palo alto right now. james will have more on were the heaviest rain is falling as more on the forecast coming up.
5:27 am
>>darya: more evidence that the new version of the ipad is on the way. apple has scheduled a news conference for one week from today. many believe that is when they will unveil the ipad 3. charles clifford has more on what we might see. >>charles: as with all things apple we will have specific details about this third version of the ipad if indeed that is what apple is announcing. there is no lack of rumors about what consumers might be getting. most people believe the new ipad will have an improved screen similar to the right to display of the iphone 4 and speculation that it will have a faster processor, better camera, warm memory or longer battery. many are hoping that the ipad 3 will be the first apple products use the 4g network. right now the current version of the ipad starts at $499 on apple web site.
5:28 am
when the iphone 4s was released last fall apple slashed the price of the basic version to $100 so, there is precedent. the ipad 3 announced is scheduled for the morning of march 7th. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. heavy rain in spots around the bay especially near the dumbarton and san mateo bridge is. here is a live look out over san francisco.
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: we're in the weather thundered discussing where the rain and wind are artist.
5:31 am
>>darya: is going to be coming back like this all day? >>james: the bulk of the wet weather is not in the north bay, is the peninsula into the east bay shore lines. oakland itself along 880 and the peninsula, san jose needs to be on the lookout for heavy rain to start falling. here's a quick tour around the bay area. we will begin with the inland east bay valleys. antioch and redwood not so much right now. we have light rain, it is hit or miss in patches. 580, not so that between dublin and livermore. richmond is not so bad to berkeley.
5:32 am
things get heavier as you make your way south along hayward. light rain beginning to fall in san jose and more on the way. the other area we are seeing heavy rain is in the peninsula. for kids rating, the roads are wet and we are seeing in impact on traffic. the winds are protesting
5:33 am
geary 20 mi. per hour sustained winds near oakland, 30 near as a foe. if the front is exiting the north bay and heading towards the south bay. we still have scattered showers on the backside of this system. it was a wet to the remainder of the day today and at least the first half of tomorrow. more weather coming up a blog. >>george: the number of accidents cities to climb in as the location seems to follow the weather. it is a marble because despite the number of accidents none of them have turned into a hot spot. that is because the traffic flow is still so light. here is a quick look at the bridges. there is a wind advisories
5:34 am
in place but we are still a problem free. for the senate still bridge we have no delay to traffic despite the windy advisory in effect. for the golden gate bridge there are crews building southbound. this is a lot of high standing water. the accidents reported have been mostly spent ounce and a number of them have resulted from hydroplaning. >>darya: jackie sissel call your taking a look at the roads in san rafael, he said the wind was backing off, how about now? >>jackie: it is still pretty light. it has let up even more that it had the last time we spoke.
5:35 am
there is still a lot of standing water out here but the wind and rain have let up in little bit. about half an hour ago the rain completely stopped. if your voice be driving on a 101 there are some really bad spots. be aware. have your headlights and windshield wipers on. i think we will have a calling for the remainder of the morning. >>darya: as james said the big problem is not in the north bay, is in the south bay where they are getting their share of rain and winds.
5:36 am
>>mark: for people of actuated this morning in san jose after a two alarm fire that have the just before 3:00 a.m. thursday, the fire crews arrived to see the roof and attic engulfed in flames. craig skalar is to it is live with an update. >>craig: the fire is out but it was quite a scene at 3:00 a.m. when this duplex went up in flames. here are some pictures from earlier, this is from the battalion chiefs, from the san jose fire department. it went up like a roman candle and caught fire with me. fortunately, for those who live here they were able to hear what happens and were able to get out. so one of the of the doors and what they saw there were flames the other person will go. there were two people inside of each defect. they will hate of the ataman of cases.
5:37 am
they're doing an investigation now but they are not clear on how the fire was caused very the wins was definitely in enemy. the wind cause flames to kick up. they are worried about embers reaching neighboring homes but fortunately they have been able to contain the fire to this one spot. they will continue to investigate and again, they were fortunate to be able to contain it to here. >>justine: here is what is happening right now, new information on a deadly school shooting in ohio. here is video of the suspect as he arrived in court. it is difficult to see but the 17 year-old is flaring a bulletproof vests for his own safety. prosecutors now have until tomorrow to bring charges and have asked that he be tried as an adult.
5:38 am
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>>justine: we're getting a live picture of what could be damage from a possible deadly tornado. this house was flattened by the storm that rolled through last night. severe weather damage. one person is dead and several others are hurt after a string of powerful storms swept through the
5:42 am
midwest. this is live at video from branson, missouri. we will continue to monitor to these pictures and follow where the storm is headed. a state of emergency has been declared parts of kansas. a lot more images are coming in, we will talk more about that as the morning goes on. >>darya: we will be back with our old weather in a couple of minutes. the wind is driving rain and we will show you where it is hardest hit. the golden gate had its turn, traffic is moving pretty well. it is now the south bay that is getting hammered. will be right back.
5:43 am
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with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without having to rinse them first. now see for yourself why millions have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. and for two years in a row, finish quantum was rated #1 by a leading consumer publication. >>mark: we are keeping our eyes of a heavy rain.
5:46 am
a lot of cell in this year. have jeff pierce explains, not enough for california's water woes. jeff >> the department of water resources no survey for february was described as a dismal findings only 16.5 in. of snow were last year the same location had well over 100 in.. hydrologists said even a march miracle of winter storms would not bring the snow pack near average. >>darya: they have snow, we have reidy added james is in the weather center tracking of storm. >>james: here is a quick look at the golden gate. that is where we see the weather continuing this morning, not as intense as it had bid. right now the san mateo bridge is getting walloped. we will have scattered showers in the mix for the remainder of the day. in terms of we need to know with this storm system, here
5:47 am
are three quick bullet points. the rain this morning will start city and then changed scattered showers as we head into the afternoon. there are some strong winds associated with this ended the north bay and in the valleys they will intensify. windy, wet and yes, there is snow with the system in the sierra. they could be looking at more than 4 ft. above 7000. this is the smell of and they have been waiting for. that is a quick synopsis of what we are seeing. snow levels are actually down in some spots. 3000-4,000 ft., maybe even lower in some colder areas which means we might get a dusting on diablo. year is will we see on a satellite radar. different is centered over the east bay.
5:48 am
it is continuing to move to the south in the east. in terms of temperatures, mainly '50's and '40's. here is where the current wind speeds are. here is your 7 day around the bay. the wet weather will stay with us through the remainder of the day and transition to a scattered showers type of forecast. for saturday and sunday is looking pretty good. let's see how the weather is a passing traffic.
5:49 am
>>george: it is quite surprising given the number of accidents to which the chp has already been responding. we do not have any hot spot. fasad we have an incident free, there is a win devise rules for the for the bridge. soft on the incline, look at how well the fact is left of leaderless. you will munsey much less read the san mateo bridge we will see why there has been accidents. for the golden gate, reigned but no problems for the commute. the problems are the hazardous driving conditions and reports of flooding around the lucky
5:50 am
drive. when look at the traffic maps and you will see what i mean. interstate 80 is still completely clear. 680 southbound is not backed up and the westbound ride on in his state 580, arafat f. byrnes will move the map to show you more of the east bay commute as he had westbound on 580, there had been an accident of castle valley full of art that is no law for a fraud furiously for in san jose talal what eleanor found is almost completely clear. quite surprisingly, given the conditions we have we're still looking at a reasonably good ride. if >>darya: fin saw fit, leaders are five different of the city for itself the vases largest city to fall into chuff of nine vacant seats. the stockton city council voted in favor of the mediation plan after dozens of residents voiced opposition.
5:51 am
>>mark: san francisco police busted a band of pirates as stanley roberts explains in this edition of people behaving badly. >>stanley: you are looking at the faces of suspected coffer pirates. these are the booking photos released by the san francisco police departments. this was one of the boats there reason to come ashore to steal copper.
5:52 am
does the boat look familiar? here is video of the very same boat hanging out at a dog's-eared third street in san francisco. this is a federal police officer for the department of defense. he, along with all lan security, officers of the baby station in university california's san francisco quiz as well as the coast guard set up a sting. they use night vision goggles and waited for the pirates to show up in the they did at about 3:00 a.m.. police caught them read it. >> there are large, long's year. >>stanley: what is they come along. >> it is the chain device they use to check out the copper. >>stanley: the pirates are using boats because they're always under tight security.
5:53 am
does the about after kron should you house of the people were using boats to steal copper. it would climb down these manholes, stripped acquire what britain and sometimes climb this structure to steal more copper. even with the arrest, there was still evidence that the thieves are hard at work. i will have more to come on this story. >>darya: if you have a comment or story idea you can read >>stanley: directly to people behaving badly at >>darya: we're back with more team coverage of the wet and windy weather. here is a live look at the james lick in san francisco.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>mark: had the raiders moved into the mid peninsula
5:57 am
cover the heavy rain pushing to the south bay, here is the update. heavy rain around redwood city and how low altitude. get ready for a very heavy rain in the south bay. >>erica: actress jennifer gardner and her husband are now the proud parents of a brand new baby boy. there is no word on what they named him but they are said to be more than overjoyed. they are excited to extend their family as is as we get any fixtures or word of the level should have the right here on kron4 fifth >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of the dead serious here is a live look outside at the golden gate. traffic is moving pretty well. just take it slow.
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