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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 21, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: bold fees are stealing items off of from porches. >>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m. a bay area high school to clear has been missing for nearly a week. sierra lamar was last seen friday morning on her way to school in morgan hill. tonight, friends and family gathered in fremont where she is a live. they are holding a vigil for her. j.r stone is joining us live with details. >>j.r.: the vigil is wrapping up as we speak. you can see all of the people who came out here to give their careers and say some things about sierra lamar. these are people who danced with her and it shared with her. we also heard from her parents and for the first time they made eight free to
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any private property owners in morgan hill in hopes that those people will search their properties for any traces of their daughter. >> everyone to reach out for people who own property, please search and look for any clues. if you find anything, did not touch it. contact the police department. i want to find my daughter. but wondered be ok. we just want her back. it is only been six days but it feels on the.
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>>da: in the distance we can see some of her friends that came out to the vigil. after speaking with her parents, they are in the process of organizing search teams to go out there and physically look for evidence on where she might be. >>pam: in morgan hill where she recently moved, the search continues for sierra. we continue coverage with rob fladeboe. >>rob: sheriff's deputies are looking high and low for sierra lamar missing since last friday. more than 100 people have been interviewed.
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they spoke with former and current classmates. all registered sex offenders within a 10 mi. radius have been contacted to verify their whereabouts. forensic analysis on herself on and laptop free have not revealed anything. her phone and laptop computer are now undergoing more current analysis at the county crime lab. in addition, hundreds of missing persons fliers are going up all over the south county region. at least 75 deputies are on the case in following up on
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every week. >>pam: this morning victim's advocate mark klass worked with the mother of sierra lamar. his daughter was kidnapped and killed nearly 20 years ago and now he runs a foundation to help find missing children. he says his organization is taking steps to help in the search. >> we work with law enforcement to find viable surge areas. that is we need before anything else. we will then move in and establish a surgicenter itself and start putting the infrastructure together to bring in a community members and dispatched them on searches. this will serve several goals. first, we are assisting the family. secondly we are raising awareness about cases in a given locality. thirdly, we are offered
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committee members a viable way to assist in and lastly we are augmenting law enforcement efforts to search. >>pam: he says the foundation's coordinator is currently working with law enforcement to figure out the best time to go to the area to help. stay with kron4 and as we continue to follow the latest on the search for sierra lamar. >>pam: a group of concerned members is holding a protest in south san jose. if they are calling for a crackdown on hotels that cater to prostitution griff charles clough for was in the south bay today with the details. >>charles: the alliance of californians for community empowerment along with residents of the washington neighborhood of san jose if marched down first street demanding that the city do more to curb prostitution. >> i am really worried about the prostitution. i am a mother.
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the community is very worried the as we have a lot of children in the community. you can see the ladies walking the streets. it looks terrible. >> the main purpose of the protest is to call on the city attorney in san jose to crack down on hotels that cater to prostitution. they claim that hotels like this look the other way. >> i wish the city would put a little more attention in the community. >> earlier this afternoon i spoke with an employee about what protesters are claiming. she did not want to go on camera but did say in the three months she has worked here she has not seen any evidence of prostitution and the hotel. no word on if the city klan's act on a request for a crackdown. >>grant: we're always profiling the bay area's most wanted suspect. this stabbing suspect has eluded police in san francisco for almost two years.
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his name is mario perez. in april 2010 he got into a fight on florida st. in san francisco and then stabbed a male victim to death. he was last seen in the pacifica half moon bay area. the picture police gave us is not the best but take a look any way. he is described as a hispanic male, 5 for 5 in., 180 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. if you have any information on the case we have closed a link on our web site. click on the area's most wanted. >>jaqueline: cloudy skies and mild temperatures. let's take a look outside on satellite and radar.
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as a resume into the bay area if we have seen a few spotty showers closer to the coastline. >>pam: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. we will show you the preparations underway as volunteer doctors and nurses get ready to hold a for a free medical clinic. we should be this home was a campaign earlier this week. we will have an update to this story coming up. a high school counselor is accused of secretly recording since having sex in his office. we have details. >> a major supermarket chain has decided to stop selling the so-called pink slime. we have that story coming up. >>pam: it has now been three years since the oakland police force lost four of their own. we will show you today's
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>>pam: and homeless encampment has returned to an overpass in san jose near communications hill boulevard. it was close to back in march of 2011 but after receiving your phone calls that the homeless are back stanley roberts decided to check it out. >>stanley: this is a butcher knife in this is rick, one of the residents under the overpass. he has been living here for the past nine months. >>pam: his report has triggered a new response from viewers. they want to know why the in camera is back in what authorities are doing kif that is where the confusion begins. caltrans oversees the overpass. caltrain is that phones the sense that blocks the railroad tracks in the city of san jose is responsible for keeping the area safe.
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alejandra cerball topped all three agencies about the encampment and what stanley roberts found on his return to that location. >>alejandra: this is the view from randall's conduct. he calls it pilates city. >> i am afraid that they will know when we are home -- are not home and rob us. >>alejandra: the agency told us the crews will not be clean of the area from caltrans like last time because it is not their property. they pointed the finger at caltrain but they said it is not their property either. we showed this segment to a city manager rep. after receiving several in milk and calls. this city told us that the property owners are caltrans to remember, they said they are not responsible.
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we reached up to san jose police and officers said they cannot stepped in because the items found are not considered weapons. unless there concealed were used in a threatening matter. >> i think someone should take responsibility. >>pam: tonight the sf mta asked the public for input. reggie kumar tells us about the proposed plan to close the budget deficit. >> officials are taking questions from a group of about 50 concerns writers as stiff as is the waldorf high school. the transit agency presented its proposal. it is considering whether to have meter hours on sundays.
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another possibility is extending meter hours and adding meter spaces to areas of the city. we will talk about the controversial plant in here for many people upset about the possible changes. since
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>>grant: nothing is final with the many changes, the transportation agency will have committee meetings on the plan to speed up service into the meetings will start later this month. the >>jaqueline: in the north fairly well organized cloud cover. we have not seen much in the way of showers. into the 3:00 hour the
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shares break apart. heavy rain at remaining offshore. scattered light showers through the 6:00 hour commute. here is a look at your expected highs for tomorrow. here's a look at your extended forecast. spotty showers for tomorrow with dry conditions into the afternoon. friday should also remain dry but rain is on tap for the weekend, especially for saturday. >>grant: a silicon valley >>gra[ale nouncer ]valley athg fwarderas mong backwar.
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♪ ♪ mannouncer uncing swest airlis tionwide sal th flights er cntry startingt only 69 ars e-way. r and book now, ony southwestom. ♪ >>grant: this serta -- this cemetery is doing something no other has before. they are connecting the dead with the living through smart phones.
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mobile technology is slowly changing everything in it transforming the way love one's are memorialized. a cemetery visitor can scan date your code headed for -- on a headstone. instantly he will see a digital online memorial of the person who has passed including their biography to learn about who they were. the ad shows pictures of them into their life. up to 500. one can post a digital memorial for loved ones anywhere in the world to see. when i heard about this i thought it was creepy and over the top. after visiting the cemetery and seeing it from their
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point of view, i think it is an idea most cemeteries will embrace. cemeteries are really a place for the living to remember and reflect on family members and friends. if he had a family member you knew nothing about and he visited the grave, he was still the nothing about that. fifth with this act, he could learn about that. if hundreds of years winner gregory grandchildren are going to visit her grave and, this is a way for them to learn about you. some of the features are free and some have to be paid for. the family has to approve all content. for more information log on to and look for my tech page. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, is stanford still alive in the men's tournament? have a record fine and suspension for the saints. they're trying to erase the days of the dirty its.
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>>pam: coming up. >> tomorrow free medical care for thousands of people. glasses, and denzel and checkups at the oakland coliseum. of the >>pam: won a supermarket chain giving in to the concern about the islam. >>stanley: in 90 minutes 28 people couches or caught driving thought at least 20 mi. over the posted speed limit. i will show you how all 20 were caught on the golden gate and the next edition of people behaving badly. ney.?[ m s.
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>>pam: a vigil for a morgan hill cheerleader disappeared on her way to school. sierra lamar was last seen friday morning. police now say they have interviewed more than 100 people including neighbors and all registered sex offenders within 10 mi.. a san jose homeless encampment has returned near an overpass and residents are not happy. the area near communications hill boulevard was cleared out last year. caltrain says it will fix the fence that that is it. neither caltrans or the city's plans on taking any additional action. in the south bay, a san as a
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community group wants the city to crack down on hotels they say kidder to prostitutes. tonight, the alliance for californians community empowerment marched in the washington neighborhood in claims one of the problem hotels is located in that community. one of the nation's top supermarket chains does an about-face after a public uproar about what is being called thinks line. as dan kerman tells us, the safeway store chain says they will soon stop carrying lean finely textured beef. >> safeway says after it sells its existing stock they will no longer purchase any fresh or frozen ground beef fat contained leaned finely textured beef. safeway will joint wholefoods and costco that already refused to sell the product in stores.
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wal-mart, target and trader joe's have refused to answer questions or did not respond as to whether they carried this type of beef. >> if you shop at one of these unknown stores your best bet is to simply ask the grocer. some >>pam: of san leandro police are investigating a home invasion and raped. jeff bliss explains the happened. jeff >> police were called out to a woman who was raped in her home. according to police she was in her home when a man with a knife broken and sexually assaulted her. sometime later the unidentified man ran away and an unknown direction. the resident was
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specifically targeted but it would not say why. police also believe this is an isolated incident. the suspect is described as a hispanic man, five of five villages and spoke with an accent. police are asking if anyone was seen a matching that description to give them a call. >>pam: a salinas high school counselor is under arrest for producing child pornography. this is his picture. he was taken in yesterday on 19 felony counts and accused of secretly selling students having sex in his office. the students were rarely am aware that the counselor was watching them. he is a drug and alcohol counselor who also worked at the sunrise house treatment center. his bail has been set at $1 million. police are looking for a man they believe is stalking a 13 year old girl. this is a sketch of the suspect. last week a girl got off of
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her school bus when a man and a red sedan pulled up alongside her see scanned offered her a ride before she ran off. the next day, the girl saw the same man standing at the back gate of her school. police went to the school but were unable to find the suspect. >> in oakland, free medical attention, no questions asked. it is absolutely free. the service will start tomorrow at the coliseum around 5:00 a.m.. it is being provided by the organization remote area medical. they will have doctors, dentists and physicians on hand. people should get here early. they are stressing that. doors open at 5:00 a.m. but people will begin a lining of probably around midnight. >>jaqueline: it temperatures remain fairly mild this evening.
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right now things are a little cooler in half moon bay. take a look in san jose. it is still 61 degrees. as we move into the weather headlines we will see a chance of rain into tomorrow. we will also see a chance of light showers. it will >>pam: the board of supervisors has declared a drought even after last week's downpour. by declaring an emergency the county is eligible for federal money should it become available to help dairy ranchers. those ranchers lost 50 percent during the dry spell.
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today, the san francisco city attorney served ross mirkirimi with official misconduct charges in a notice of suspension. maureen kelly takes a closer look at the charges. >> here is the document or the merit lays out his case and why he believes mirkirimi is not fit to be shared. scott allegedly grabbed his wife with such force he left a bruise on her arm. in the official targets the mayor reiterates the original charges that the suspended share of the face. estimated domestic violence battery, child endangerment and attempting to dissuade a witness into the charge he eventually pride guilty to. the mayor believes all that undermines the integrity of the office of sheriff. another allegation the mercury me told his wife that he was powerful it could take custody of their child is she tried to take
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their child. stocks and the mayor also says his one day jail sentence undermines his ability to do his job supervising the jail. the city ethics commission will hold a public hearing on the charges here at city hall. the case will then go to the board of supervisors. nine out of 11 votes are needed to sustain the charges in order for mercury me to lose his job permanently. fists >>pam: meanwhile, the key hennessy has been appointed interim sheriff's during the suspension process. she is the first woman to lead the department and has worked with the department for 35 years. >>pam: today marks three years since four oakland police officers were killed in the line of duty. today, an overpass above interstate 580 was renamed in their honor.
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haaziq madyun was there when the sign was unveiled. . >>haaziq: it was a solemn lock for oakland police officers carrying a floral wreath to be placed on a sign renaming was the teller avenue overpass for on eastbound 580 in the names of four fallen officers. all four officers were killed on march 24, 2009 drivers on a 580 tapped their horns as a symbol of support for the officers. white gloves were the order of the day. the pain of losing their brothers and blue were very visible on their faces.
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the family of the four officers received a police escort to see the unveiling of their loved one's name is. oakland officer's saluted upon their arrival as well as officers above on the new memorial bridge of a 580 freeway in oakland, haaziq madyun. >>stanley: coming up, catching speeders on the golden gate is like shooting fish in a barrel except some of the fish will end up with a suspended license. i will explain the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>pam: kiberlee sakamoto has more on the acquisition for being the gaming companies in the.
8:41 pm
are speculating in reporting that it costs is in the around $200 million for the game and draw something. they have been down loaded 35 million times. it is a dictionary style game that allows users to doodle and sketch while other players gets the they have drawn. it is currently the top applications in apple and google. the team has created a game that is fine, expressive and embodies social interaction. this is the biggest acquisition yet for zynga. cross something users are being promised that the game will not change just because the company is being sold.
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>>pam: the nfl disciplines one of its teams with the harshest penalty in history and tim tebow headed to the big apple. is it a good fit? gary weis and next. this something us dinner
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opera " >>stanley: in just 90
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minutes, 28 people were caught driving at least 20 mi. over the posted speed limit on the golden gate. the speed limit is 45 because of lanes are not as wide as average traffic lanes. the driver of this white freest was caught at 73 mi. per hour over the bridge. that is 20 mi. or the posted speed limit. >>officer: did you realize you were speeding? >>stanley: most drivers do not see it coming. >>stanley: the guy on the bicycle. >> i did not know they did that. >>stanley: if you are caught in marin county you get an automatic suspended license
8:46 pm
if you're driving over 25 mi. an hour. this driver never have a license. his many man gets imperative for 30 days. the fastest driver register at 74 m.p.h.. >> one officer is on the bridge with the radar gun and relays the information to me. >>pam: if you have a comment
8:47 pm
or story idea for >>stanley: , e-mail us. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside of storm tracker 4 reader. first as we take a look at satellite and radar, most of the rain is to the north, a fairly organized and impressive. there is now registered rainfall yet today. there rain to the north will move an overnight. hist it will remain cool out there tomorrow.
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here is a lot to your extended forecast. the costs >>gary: and greg williams has been suspended indefinitely for his role in the bounty situation of trying to intentionally hurt a quarterback like you see here with brett farr. also targeted as was curt warner. all, want the coach for the saints was suspended for one
8:49 pm
year with no pay. >> we have a violation of an existing rule that threatens the health and welfare of players. this one on for three years. it was investigated. we were misled. there were denials, meanwhile there continue to be risked to players and the integrity of the game. >>gary: in tim tebow is in new york. the jets have acquired tebow.
8:50 pm
tim tebow is now in new york jets. denver will get a fourth and a sixth round draft choice. >>jaqueline: tim tebow is in the bay area at facebook today. >>gary: kron4 welcomes him here whenever he wants.
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>>gary: alex smith got a few extra million and all that is peyton manning talk is history. the word was 3 minute year's 24 million, now he is getting three years, 33 million myriad on a conference call he said, i was kept abreast that there were going after man in but now, he loves harbaugh and harbaugh loves him. this saw
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>>gary: ever look works out tomorrow before nfl coaches and scouts.
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>>gary: really quick, stamford, if you do not make this succeed in see a field, there you go. josh owens. stanford was up one. , owens had 15. on the turnover, stanford 184-86. it will face university of massachusetts next tuesday. we will be back with a couple of quick audience questions in a moment.
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