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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>vicki: the new search for the missing sow hatred leader in the local celebrities now lending a hand. remembering the seven killed in a school massacre, a memorial at the scene of the rampage and why one family must wait for closure. >>vicki: a father and daughter hid and killed while riding their bicycles.
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the teenage driver is behind bars. it happened in concord this morning. in a family member gave this picture to kron4. one of the two daughters did survive the crash. da lin is live in concord where a memorial for the victims is growing. >>da: police believe that speeds played a big factor in this crash. " it appears the young driver lost control of his suv and his family on the sidewalk. >> the crash left a trail of destruction and destroyed a family, killing a father and his nine year-old daughter. the other daughter escaped serious injury.
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>> family members are so devastated. >> i feel like i'm in a nightmare. state does not seem real. >> neighbors say he was a devoted father who spend every minute outside a fourth of his daughters and tickets girls on bike rides. >> sam was a dream neighbor. he would always say hello. their family with britain over plates of food which is custom in their country. there from afghanistan. we were overwhelmed with how friendly they were. >> of the driver is facing two counts of vehicular manslaughter. friends say he is tense olympic high-school and concord. >> police are now releasing the name of the suspect because he is a minor but
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because he is 17 the district attorney could charge him as an adult. >>vicki: it has now been more than three weeks since sierra lamar was last seen in morgan hill. today hundreds of volunteers scattered areas looking for cruz. a reward is now being offered for her safe return. >>kate: of the sierra lamar fund is offering $10,000 to the first person who provides information to her being returned alive and safe to her family. >> steve lamar tabor or they could bring his daughter home. >> it is agonizing. it is difficult.
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i definitely am suffering from sleep deprivation. >> she lived with her mother and morgan hill where she went missing on the morning of march 16th. that is one police station field to catch her bus to school. since then, thousands of volunteers have worked to help law enforcement find any clues that could determine her whereabouts. her mother believes she was abducted. >> eyes focus on the belief that she will come forward. there are leaves that are being investigated. >> saturday's search abroad and more informative new volunteers. including alex smith from the 49ers. >> people are coming because
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they want to. >>vicki: our team coverage continues with more people searching. volunteers are becoming more effective. >> as volunteers headed out for the first time in six days they had more experience on what to look for. >> as long as everyone in the house positive in motivated it does not matter how many places with a garden looked. we're trying our hardest and that is all we can do. >> the volunteers are much
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more experienced. it has been great. we are going to find her. >> they have good weather to do it.
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jeff >> on saturday, a choir of karan's dinners served as another memorial to the seven victims of monday's shootings at oikos university. of those seven victims, all have been released from the coroner's office to their families except for one. for the family of one, closure has yet to occur. >> the body is still being held by the coroner's office. the parents are unable to sign for it because her husband is in the philippines. >> until monday as tragic as sense she lived with her parents, brother and two sisters along with her four year-old son. the coroner's office says the husband is not hard for parents can be only
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signature to release the body. >> it is difficult to get any closer common >>vicki: fremont police are searching for a man wanted for murder. the victim was found shot in
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the head and unconscious in a driveway. that person's identity has not been released. >> it turned out to be in a state today. if sunshine and temperatures in the '60s and '70s. right now we have readings in the '40's and 50's. just to the north we do have a weather system developing and slowly heading our way.
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sunny skies for easter sunday. temperatures will be on the cool side as to get into the overnight hours. as a good debate tomorrow, a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures by the afternoon.
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third >>vicki: the 18 year old former girlfriend of a majestic teacher has broken the relationship of coming after his recent arrest. investigators say he had oral sex with an underage did more than a decade ago and has now pleaded not guilty. he and his former girlfriend recently took their relationship public.
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>> military officials a mechanical failure is to blame for the crash and virginia. >> bright orange flames ripped through an apartment building moments after an f- 18 jet crashed. you can see parts of the wreckage here, smoldering in the fire and surrounded by thick, black smoke. new video shows firefighters and of these breaking doors to rescue anyone who might have been trapped. >> we truly believe a miracle has occurred with as not having any victims.
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>> the pilots were able to eject safely. >> they deserve a lot of credit for staying with the airplane. the ejection was just within a couple seconds of impact. >> the navy says the jet filled -- the jets build a fuel indicating a mechanical malfunction. >> it was citizens that drag our air crew to safety, citizens that helped move the hoses. it was an amazing display off of what citizenship really means. >> police in oklahoma are hunting a dangerous gunman leapt to have shot five people. the tulsa community is terrified. investigators are still waiting on forensic tests for but they say the shootings are contested furious one victim's family
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member describes the scary events as one of the shootings took place. >> a white suv pulled up with a white man inside and asked them if about it as fast. when he turned around and walked back in the yard, you heard gunshots. coffee for >> and batman and a friend who was also shot survived. police on now receiving help from the fbi and u.s. marshals. >>brian: here is a live if you outside of mt. tam. clear skies this evening. the entire weekend looks tran in the roofs. we have a storm system out over the pacific.
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this storm is going to sit and stay in. there is nothing to push it along. it will have our way by tuesday. in the meantime, nice weather for sunday and monday. watch what happens on monday.
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>>brian: here is a look at temperatures expected for tomorrow. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the transfer rain on tuesday and showers continue for wednesday and another system comes in after that with a chance for a steady rain through the day.
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playoffs. the giants are off to a slow start this season. there are two games and ended the teams are 0-2. the diamondbacks be the giants' 5-4.
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[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>vicki: long before in great birds there was mario, luigi and a sonic the hedgehog. one of the nation's most prominent museums to lose these things are art.
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