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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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balloons were released and prayers were said. >>jackie sillel has more on gas prices. almost analysts believe the next month or so.
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traditionally between may and labor day prices will spike and the summer driving season starts. as long as oil stays above $100 a barrel, according to most analysts believe prices will go up. according to aaa, $4.21 is the average in california with that, we're only behind hawaii and alaska. >>mark: gas prices expected to climb as we switched to the summer bland. >>justine: here is what is happening in the newsroom. five bodies have been recovered and identified from the alaska cruise lines -- the type and cruise line.
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there are two people who still remain missing. at least 30 people died when the cruise liner struck rocks and turned on its side on january 13th. it is still stuck in the water. that is what is happening right now and the kron4 newsroom. >>mark: the dow jones climbed 72 points yesterday with better than expected earnings from goldman sacks. coca-cola, johnson and johnson of the wall street expectations. apple is on the five days gate, the stock is down 10%. their recent stock climbed to account for 20 point rise in the nasdaq. with a 10% drop in the last five days, apple's stock lost 60 billion in market value bridge. apple's stock may rebound today. in overnight trading there of $4 a share. the opening bell in 25 minutes.
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>>erica: below cloud cover is keeping temperatures on the mild side. by noon we will see '50s, '60s and '70s around the bay area. downtown san nurses go and san rafael. daly city and half moon bay are keeping it in the upper 50s. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a warm-up starting tomorrow. it looks like temperatures could climb into the mid- 80s. we will keep these around as we head into saturday. overall pleasant and dry conditions as mr. the next work week.
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>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. gorgeous. each day we're getting in a little bit warmer. we will be right back.
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>>darya: an attempted kidnapping, a seven year old girl was walking to school and told police that a man and a beige van came up and asked her to get into the vehicle. she told him no, she continued walking and he kept asking her to get into the vehicle. she did get away and called her parents. a bald man in his thirties, heavyset with a black mustache and goatee. possibly of polynesian descent. >>mark: it is departure date first eight shuttle discovery, taking off from kennedy space center headed to washington dc. it will be joining the smithsonian, weather permitting. the shuttle will that flight over washington. discovery is the first of three retired space shuttles
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ahead to a museum. another will be on display at dulles international airport. >>darya: some post offices will be open late fees the that you can get your taxes postmarked by today. the tax deadline was extended to today. the irs says they already received a majority of tax returns. if not many people procrastinated. >> los 70's showing up at the coast. the warmest days are friday and saturday.
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>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from our roof on van ness ave. we will be right back. roof on van ness ave. we will be right back. here's my rubarb marmalade, my cheddar cheese marmalade, my kidney bean marmalade... oh, kidney bean again. that's funny. ♪
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you're ththank you, sweetie. oh... ♪ apparently we went to jack in the box at 1:54 a.m. ...and got 9 orders of tacos, 4 seasoned curly fries, and 7 real ice cream shakes. so who drove us home? >>mark: the president is set to unveil a $2 million energy plant in hopes of
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better supervising the oil markets. he wants congress penalties for market and fairness. >>darya: the man that killed 77 people in norway says that he would do it again. andrea's brave it claimed in a prepared statement to the court to be speaking as the commander of a region and european anticommunist resistance movement and an anti islam militant group, the knights templar. he denies any criminal guilt saying that he was acting in self-defense. he says he acted out of goodness, not evil, to prevent a barger civil war. the three widows of osama bin-laden and his three children are expected to be
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deported to saudi arabia today. the bin-laden family has been in custody since may when bin-laden looked killed. >>mark: republicans in washington are blocking a bill that would have set a minimum tax rate for 30 percent of americans who earn more than 1 million a year. democrats fell nine votes short of passing the bill. a recent poll shows that 72 percent of americans favor the billionaire tax. >>justine: here is what we're watching in the kron4 news from. because of low clouds, some arriving flights at sfo are delayed 1 hours 16 minutes. check with your airline before traveling today.
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>>darya: let's get a full look at whether with erica. >>erica: justine mentioned low clouds, you can certainly see them here some of us are waking up to a little bit of fog this morning. that is actually keeping our temperatures a little bit warmer. it looks like downtown sentences to is currently coming in at 53 degrees. three san jose and oakland, low 50s. 54 right now for those of you in san carlos. as we look ahead into the afternoon, it looks like the fog will burn off, temperatures are mild-warm. we will see upper 50s for daly city and half moon bay. the mid 60s coming down the east shores. tamara temperatures will
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start to climb in the low- mid-70s. we will be a dry this weekend, no wet weather in the extended forecast. >>george: we are still looking pretty good around the bay area with a few minor incidents but no hot spots. we still have a pretty light traffic. on the bay bridge westbound it's getting heavy on the upper deck. we are near the time when the metering lights would be activated. so far there's no record of any backup. the ride on the san mateo bridge, it is an easy trip
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as you head eastbound or westbound. this is the commute direction. your ride on the golden gate 101 southbound looks good coming in from marin county. the 1 01-92 interchange through call outsell and east palo alto is still delay free. >>mark: authorities in oakland are searching for a shooting suspect after two people were shot and killed. this half of it near interstate 580. >>dan: witnesses say a
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passenger in a white sedan shot at this mon-khmer after. witnesses say they heard more than 15 shots on for 30 monday afternoon before the driver of the red vehicles smashed into this whole trying to get away. the macarthur off ramp was shut down and authorities tell us the passenger in the red vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene. the driver was injured able to escape on foot. the motive for the shooting is still unknown. >>darya: this morning, there is a $5,000 reward for anyone who did help the oakland police capture a sexual predator.
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a man pulled alongside a woman and children to get in, she refused and that is when she got out of the car, he kidnapped her and she was sexually assaulted before getting out of the car. >>mark: a live look from dulles into national airport right outside of washington d.c., we're waiting for the arrival of space shuttle recovery thirsts
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>>mark: we are watching bay area weather. it is a mild morning warming up to near 70 inland in and warmer tomorrow. check out friday, 84 degrees inland. 70's at the coast. beautiful weather friday and saturday. there was a solar providence
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irruption. it shot from the east side of the signed yesterday afternoon. interrupting prominence occurs when becomes unstable. scientists are still trying to figure how and why the prominence forms. >>darya: a six point magnitude earthquake in chile over night. authorities say 72 year-old man died of heart attack.
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>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a look from the mt. tam cam. things are looking nice. the warm weather is on its way. >>mark: corporate earnings coming out this morning from several companies. we will 3d opening bell right after the break.
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>>mark: the dow futures are up 80 points ahead of the opening bell. better than expected earnings from goldman sacks, coca-cola and johnson and johnson. all eyes on apple shares. they have lost 10 percent of their value.
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we will see if apple will rebound today. >>pam: a developing story out of morgan hill. there could be a break where at least evidence that has yielded something that is changing the search for sierra lamar. search crews did find herself on and purse a couple of days after she disappeared. now, they have got results back from testing the evidence. will tran is live in morgan hill talking about where the evidence is having the search. >>will: they will be searching right here in parkway lakes reservoir. we do not know why it took them close to a month for its results to come back with it are not going into detail.
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ground searchers will not be a primary focus any longer. let me show you why they are searching body of water. if you look where that car is, that is monterey road. it is only a mile or a mile and half away from her house. the proximity to her house and the bus stop is the reason why there are continuing to focus on this area. they believe what happened this year happened with it maybe four or 5 mi. radius. her home is diagonal from where i am located. we do not know what they found as far as dna evidence from the bad were the box that was little the handcuffs.
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>>darya: there was talk that the box was not even connected to the case. will the indicate whether or not >>will: they will not say either way. analysts said the results have come back and they will look at all evidence.
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they are not giving any exact results. atlanta call the public information officer in a little bit to see what he has to say. >>darya: yes they did mark though one month anniversary since siri disappeared. last and her friends and family held a ceremony were the release doubloons and said a prayer. >> we are just keeping alive to let people know we're still out here and is still fighting. we want to bring her home. >> it's here could be here right now she would say, thank you for not giving up. >>darya: seeking get updates through our web site on our facebook fan page. >>justine: ended this morning, the fcc has find
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google's $25,000. there were cleared by the fcc on charges that they illegally connected wi-fi data, they still have to pay the fine for obstructing the investigation. according to the sec the company has not been helped and regulators look into the matter and repeatedly gave the agency the cold shoulder when there were trying to determine any wrongdoing. >>jackie: gas prices have dropped a little bit. the california average is at $4.21. only alaska and hawaii have higher gas prices fell in
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california. let's take a look at some of the numbers. $30 cents for a gallon of gas in san francisco. oakland and san jose are right at $4.19 a free fall this most analysts will leave the flue will probably see those prices to increase the traditionally between may and labor day, prices tend to spike. that is the start of the summer driving season. for the last 20 years or so those prices have traditionally gone up. for now a look for a forceful full of the four vehicles that fat-free if if >>darya: let's get an update on the weather for america. >>erica: take a look at this dark and ominous shot from the golden gate.
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a lot of cloud cover in default in the distance. be aware of that as you make your way along highway 101. as we head into the afternoon in the site this fall will offer of and we will see sunshine free soft temperatures, as the head of the of future cast 4 extend both 70's for our inland area. but not by 3:00 p.m. we will gain a few degrees, cooler conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. let's take a look at exactly where temperatures
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will go for the afternoon highs. it looks like oakland and he ordered both coming in at 65 degrees, 66 for those of you in fremont. los 70's along the delta in places like fairfield. it looks like san jose could reach 70 degrees. i will show you the 7 day around the bay forecast and when we could see these >>george: we're going to start with a look at the bay bridge westbound. there are problems on the inland section of the bridge. perhaps a stall or an accident. the crews are in route to check out the base of the incline but with this little traffic getting by, it looks pretty bad. we could be looking at a potential major backup for the was downright. your ride on the san mateo
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bridge is a problem free with no delays on the approach. there was a stall east failed but it will not affect the right at all. your commute to the golden gate is still pretty good. problem free southbound through marin county. in addition to the potential problems for the bridge we are also looking at an accident just reported here at the caldecott tunnel. the second crash of the morning has been reported at the caldecott but this one, an ambulance has been sent. again, a potential hot spot developing and 24 westbound. the rest of the east bay traffic is fairly typical. no. down 101 is already starting to slow in your ride to the mid peninsula still looks good with no problems on the bay shore or on interest 880. >>mark: we are following a developing story out of the east bay, an attempted kidnapping of a seventh grade girl walking to eldorado middle school in
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concord. officials say a man and a beige and passenger van stopped the girl and asked her to get into the vehicle. she told him now and she walked away but he continued to ask for to get into the vehicle. she was able to get away and called her parents. the man is described as a bald, in his thirties, have the staff with a black mustache and goatee. possibly of polynesian descent. >>darya: we will continue our look of the latest developing news, and that's here is a live shot as we're watching the shuttle discovery to make its way to the smithsonian -- to the airport, dell is international, being flown from cape canaveral. it took off at about 3:45 a.m. our time from florida. it is headed for its last
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flight over the beaches of cape canaveral and making the flight to the museum where it will be on display. that is a pretty historic look at the shuttle. it will be in denver and los angeles this fall. discovery will be at dulles, endeavor will be at los angeles and atlantis will remain at kennedy. we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>justine: we are calling live pictures right now of space shuttle discovery shut being flown to a new life at a museum piece consists for this is the
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jumbo jet, a discovery left the canaveral a little earlier this morning. it will then make its way over to the smithsonian a little bit later. right now we're watching the arrival in washington. both of those planes are doing a flyover of some of the nation's monuments. there is a huge crowd of people outside watching this amazing sight. discover is now being flyoff to its new-line as atm relic. we're fascinated at these live pictures. we will keep monitoring the suggestion and to be posted. stay with us, we will be right back.
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>>mark: an amazing view in
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virginia outside of washington d.c.'s furiously arce's free shuttles discovery s headed to the list for work international. they're planning a flyover over washington d.c., a spectacular view this morning. if discovery was the leader in flight for the space shuttle for it is the first of the three retired officials to head to a museum. enterprise which was the space shuttle prototype is gone to move from dallas to new york city. space shuttle endeavor will be headed to los angeles in the fall and atlantis will remain at kennedy space center. we're watching space shuttle discovery making its way.
6:49 am
a really incredible view. a crowd of thousands, 2000 people gathered at cape canaveral this morning watching the shuttle's final departure. >>darya: in washington d.c. they had a twitter campaign getting everyone out to watch this. it is really cool. after 27 years the shuttle has logged nearly 143 million mi. and carried more people into space than any other. that is pretty critical. that is a lot of mileage! >>mark: the whole here is that private companies will step and for low orbit and
6:50 am
low altitude flights. private companies are getting involved to take over where the space program has left off. pretty incredible. there's also a fighter jets healing the space shuttle. there is a modified 747 carrying this the shuttle. we have seen this several times when the space shuttle was unable to land at cape canaveral and had to land in california and then get flown back to florida. one last time, shuttle discovery in flight. this time, atop a 747, making its final approach to dulles international and virginia. >>darya: it is a pretty
6:51 am
incredible sight in the last time we will see it. >>mark: the end of an era. the first of the three space shuttles had a museum. >>darya: let's get a look at the weather. >>erica: it is shaping up to the court to stay around the bay area. if it is a little bit windy and the higher elevations the checkout temperatures, not too bad. visibility is down to just 2 mi. of highway 101. it looks like visibility is also an issue for portions of not all along the coastline. and half moon bay visibility is down to just 2 mi.. certainly drive with extra caution. there are no special fog advisories issued just yet.
6:52 am
the more inland you go we will pick up 70's. as we check out your 7 day around the bay forecast, it looks like today will be one of the colder days of the week. friday will be the warmest day of the week. we could squeeze out some '80s. it looks like we will lose a few degrees through sunday and monday but we will still seek dry conditions around the bay area. >>george: we're watching a potential hot spot on highway 24 in orinda. we have had two accidents
6:53 am
reported this morning. the ride has not yet been backed up. the most recent problem occurred inside one of the westbound lanes but was quickly moved to the shoulder. no lanes are blocked, but we do think this could create an early backup for the westbound 24 right. the rest of the east bay is still pretty typical. no unusual problems there. we also been watching the right to the bay bridge westbound. more traffic getting through on the upper deck. the problems at the incline or cleared out of the way. the san the tail bridge ride, no problems there. an easy commute for highway 92 and the golden gate bridge.
6:54 am
101 southbound, no delays or problems reported southbound from marin county on 101. >>mark: here is another a live look as the flight over continues around virginia and washington d.c. area as we continue to watch the final journey of the shuttle discovery headed to the smithsonian installation at dulles international in virginia where it will be on display. we're watching the final flight of discovery about making landing in virginia.
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>>mark: welcome back. here's another look at space shuttle discovery continuing to fly on the back of a modified 747 as it is meeting its final curtain call of a washington d.c. area before landing at dulles international where it will be on display at a smithsonian installation at the airport.
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we will be right back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues.
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