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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 17, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: and starting in january and the drivers will have to feed the san francisco for commuters on sunday in church leaders are not happy. in a drama on the high seas, a gray whale in trouble. >> they said fishing line is attached to its pectoral fins. >>pam: highway to 80 is aligned by what looks like a hanging garden. stanley roberts takes you behind the scenes where things are not too pretty.
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as san francisco nears the 106th anniversary of its greatest disaster, the fire chief says she has concerns about earthquake preparedness. al >>pam: on sunday will no longer be a day of rest for the san francisco parking meters. dan kerman looks at that decision and another one that will save money for certain many writers. >> have some grease on sunday >> members of the clergy were up in arms over a proposal for parking meters between noon and 6:00 p.m..
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>> for people to draw to the church and have to pay is sinister. gramm of the parking near plan was approved and will start in january. the board also approved a plan with allowing ages 5-17 to ride muni for free. >> for me it is difficult, i am the low-income single mother.
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at least for low-income families it will not have to have the fear of getting a ticket for riding the bus. defect to the 22 month pilot program gets underway in august. >>pam: today, the search for sierra lamar expanded as the best gators followed new leads one month after her disappearance. the sheriff's office would not say what the law needs -- with the new leads or but that it came from evidence already collected. >> they will not specify the specific results or items, but it has led to further leads in further information.
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it may result in a person of interest or may not. the detectives still have to do follow-up in regards to the evidence. >> why do you say it may lead to a person of interest? >> there was no direct hit. whenever they got back does not 0.100 percent to a purse of interest or suspect if fast but it is the possibility for >>pam: the california crime lab says sears case had a fifth of a fast-track. for all the evidence collected is being progress -- process immediately but so far no information from the results have been released.
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today, dived teams were back in the water looking for more clues below the surface. >>rob: the sheriff's office insists the search of this and other waterways are part of an ongoing effort launched before the crime lab tests revealed a possible new liens. in this case, three team members in an inflatable boat reducing side scan sonar to locate objects. there are two sets of eyes focused on the surface and a third member is watching the readout.
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>> i hope that they did not find anything, but i know that the parents need closure. the community needs closure. >> divers have identified several suspicious objects as a rock piles or shadows unrelated to the case. they will be back out here to finish the job on wednesday. follow some of the lakes are larger and others are much
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smaller. we will zoom in to show you the example. officials are examining all of these bodies of water. >> according to the hollywood reporter, an actor is in negotiations to portray oscar grant in a new movie entitled fruitvale. the mother of oscar grant says she has spoken with filmmakers.
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>> yes, we have talked. she hopes the movie will act as an educational tool. >> we want people to know that we should all be able to get along. racial profiling is unacceptable. some >> this is turning out to be one of the hottest wreck from markets in the bay area. we will tell you what you can get and what people want to come here. >>pam: a little bit of relief at the gas cobb and the president's plan to lower gas prices across the country. >> tomorrow marks and 106 years since the great earthquake. what dangers are still up there? >>pam: tense moments in
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southern california as rescuers tried to save 80 gold will fall off of the coast. >>gabe: it takes -- to check out this new technology. it is critical. stay tuned, it is coming up in my tech report. >>jaqueline: a warming trend for the rest of the week, your brother is coming up.
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it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ] ♪ hi. totally new, awesomely-invisible tampax radiant. check out the whole radiant collection. >>pam: we're now learning more about the speed freak killers, the two men who killed at least a dozen people, both in the central valley in the '80s in the '90s. kron4 has obtained interrogation footage taken after one victim disappeared
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in 1998. the video shows herzog being interrogated. his partner in the killings was his childhood friend, wesley shermantine. take a listen. >> he would give you up in a heartbeat, you know he would. are they going to cover for you? never. >> i do not know what they would be covering for. >>pam: shermantine is now on death row and drew maps that led investigators to were the 1000 human bone fragments.
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tests which shifts beware
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>> one-sided a recovery economy is the rental market. it is showing signs of improvement in the east. in oakland. jeff bush explains what people are looking to move to oakland. jeff >> of oakland listings are pretty rare because a lot of people are looking to live here. michael has the the business for nearly 20 years in and says he is losing a trend. people want to live in oakland. >> the soho area is in high demand. rentals, short sales, resales, everything. that barely have to advertise. interest has been huge. the last couple of listings and rentals and sales and never made it to my web site, no national web site
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for the mls. >> michaels says their rent in san francisco is through the roof because of the growing tech industry. revitalization efforts, central location, transportation and a good reason on why people are moving to this other city by the bay. >>pam: when is the big one and going to hit? for those of the bay area it is the question we have heard over and over again.
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that's not pictures of the great earthquakes destruction have been seen before, but looking at them again, you cannot help but wonder if said this is what is feared. it has been 106 years of the 1906 quake in the subsequent fires left 3000 dead and more to do thousand homeless. >> we have a low pressure water supply systems, a high-pressure system and systems located throughout the city. fists and we also have the ability to use zip francisco bay, it if it's applied. thoughtful all
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>> and chris from other districts may prove to be challenging. >> the fire chief spoke about another concern, educating those in the bay area about having an emergency plan, something to use if and when the big one were to hit.
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>>kimberlee: here is an outline of where the buildings used to stand. here are a couple sure what is left of city hall. >>kimberlee: here is a cable car that was reduced to a lump of metal.
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>>jaqueline: once the fog peels back tomorrow we will see left with most of the conditions. we're in for a warming trend will bring temperatures into the 80s in portions of the bay area. here's a look at tom rogers for tomorrow.
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>>pam: look at this venture, hist aid team of people trying to free a wail from fishing wire. we just got word that they were able to release the wheel from the fishing line. this had been go in on all day long. the crews have been trying to get close enough to remove the fishing line, we're just getting word that in fact they have been able to untangle the whale in and set it free.
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>>gabe: as i have a great story to share with you today, a story where technology is being used to solve an angel's problems. this is the handsfree liftgate. a way to open your trunk without needing your keys order he has come to a quick kicking motion under your bumper in the that will open lift gate. it is a simple idea of the one that we can all relate to and benefit from. it is a hassle to put things down just to get out keys to
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open your trunk especially if it is they're doing nothing. might as well use it to open the truck. to shut the door, he can do the same thing, just kick under the bumper. there are sensors built into the car that will respond to an object living under the bart board quickly. third the keys have a built- in sensor. it will work if the keys are in a very close range. you have to have the keys on your body for this work. motion control technology is one of the big things we see with giving. now, it is making a baby step into vehicles. we will see more of this in the near future. stocks >>gary: coming out, the 49ers have a clever is opening to the season and a
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new coach. we will see that they all could with. the scandals are coming up and ask you this marathon all health
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>> when we saw the boat on the rocks, our hearts sank. we were devastated. >>pam: tonight, kron4 talked with a sailor who was there minutes after a racing yacht capsized with all of the crew on board. flaws, the president says he
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plans to ease the pain at the pump for americans. we will tell you how. if the lineup is out. we will tell you is careful to offer full of hot the outside orleans music and arts festival this summer.
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to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. so now when you leave the dental office, you can keep a cleaner mouth with you. new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. >>pam: for the first time we are hearing from one of the survivors from the boat race. here is what one person wrote.
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>> this is the of our boat and the crew. as we came around with saw the boat and a low-speed chase. when we saw the blood on the rocks, our hearts sank in we were devastated. phil is a very somber ride .
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> > once it gets to the door, we have to bring the basket into the cabin.
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waves were crashing onto the rocks. it is not a good feeling. we coordinated for the air national guard.
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there are race bats --boats and medical boats ready to swing into action. the
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america's cup race is it different. of course never moves beyond the golden gate. >>pam: two men were injured in an apparent drive-by shooting today. charles clifford has more. >>charles: according to the contra costa county sheriff's department, and around 1:00 p.m. on tuesday, three men were standing at the corner of fifth and market. a car with multiple people inside pulled up and started shooting. two of the man on the street started shooting. two men received loans. the suspect vehicle sped away but there's no distinction on the car or occupants. investigators with the
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sheriff's department are on scene right now interviewing neighbors and trying to piece together what happened. so far, the motive in the shooting is unknown. >>jaqueline: temperatures are in the low fifties in a number of places. here's a look at your current conditions. >>pam: earlier today, rescue
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crews did try to untangle the will that was caught in a fishing line. we're being told that they were not able to free the whale -- that they were able to free the will from a good portion of the fishing line. the whale is not entirely free but rescuers say they will resume efforts tomorrow morning. for now, the wheel appears to be in good health. the university of california is reporting a big jump in the percentage of out-of- state undergraduate students admitted this year. overall more than 80,000 freshmen were admitted which was a record-setting number for the nine campus system. more than 23 percent were out of state and international students.
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>>pam: the average price for gasoline in san francisco's $4.30. in oakland and san jose, $4.19 3/8 a the president is calling for a crackdown on oil market manipulation. his plan would give regulators more power to get tough and could result in lower gas prices. >>catherine: and the price of gas in death valley is more than $6 a gallon. another reminder that millions of americans are digging deeper. the president's suggestion is increase federal supervision of oil markets. he wants anyone caught manipulating those markets
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defaced bigger penalties. he says to many americans are struggling with the price of gasoline. >>president obama: there are families who have no choice but to drive 50 mi. or 60 mi. for work. when gas prices go up is like an additional tax that comes out of your pocket. >>catherine: flanked by the treasury secretary and attorney-general, the president announced a $52 million proposal. it could be a tough sell. congressional republicans are already trying to limit the reach of federal financial limitations and have been trying to pin high gas prices on his administration. today, the president had this to date. >>president obama: there are politicians and safely drilled more gas prices would come down to what they do not say is we have been drilling more. america is producing more oil than a time in the last eight years under my
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administration. >>stanley: , coming up is an area known as the tears. tonight, i will give you an up close and personal view in the next edition of people behaving badly. costs
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>>pam: today, the official line that is announced for the outside lancet music and arts festival. kiberlee sakamoto has more on the headliners. >>kimberlee: legacy acts metallica, neil young and stevie wonder are headlining the epic 3 day party in golden gate park. some of the other big acts include the foo fighters into the newly solo jack white. if you are not into rock, there are many other artists including debt stepped artist square leks, big boy and nora jones.
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the annual festival returns august 10th-12th. 3d tickets are $225 each. they go on sale this thursday at noon. >>pam: coming next, can the sharks a rebound from the playoff loss to the blues? >>pam: erin rogers and the packers are up first for the 49ers as the nfl releases schedules. gary radnich takes a look at the 49ers and raider matchups.
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>>stanley: remember i showed you people living inside the freeway? here is the caltrans solution. so far, they have proven to be tamperproof. under this blanket is a bike. this along with a diamondbacks bicycle was also found unattended in an area known as the tears. if you have ever written along highway 280 in san francisco near the werfel's exit, you may have noticed this exit. inside the area normally you would need a key. normally, officers of the state's security patrol has a set. once inside the gate, you would have to hike about 100 ft. above the freeway, supported by a fence on one side it reads as fighters of the other.
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third up apparently, taggers it some transients have found a way and without a key. there is a lot of trash and left over spray cans. it is clear that some homeless people may be living here, some current and some in the past. it is also clear that this is a hiding place for vandals. the bike was not reported stolen yet but its value appears to be somewhere around seven crawlers. if you are missing a bicycle, this could be it.
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the >>jaqueline: a warming trend will be getting underway and earlier this week thought -- later this week with a degree readings by friday. here's a look at today's temperatures. we are staying cooler closer to the coastline thanks to the fog. he here is a look at the extended forecast. we will see a warming trend later this week with temperatures and 80s by friday. upper 80s on saturday. we will start to cool slightly into sunday but staying pretty warm. more seasonal temperatures to come next week. >>gary: the nfl schedule, it is pretty glamorous for the 49ers. announced this evening, erin rogers and the green bay packers, san francisco opens
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the season with them sunday, september 9th at a level field. for week 6, october 14th thick, the new york giants' comeback to candlestick park. eli manning in the company. it is a revenge a matchup. it's also, november 25th, the 49ers and visit the new orleans saints. it will be interesting to see what is left of the saints come the end of november without their head coach shawn peyton who was suspended for the year. tom brady at the patriots will host the 49ers on december 16th. those are four really good games. three of them on the road. when you have been 13-3, they tried to make the schedule stronger. 49ers have some levers dates.
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their raiders will play the steelers and then the new orleans saints. peyton manning and the denver broncos will come to the oakland coliseum. >>gary: the sharks have until thursday to figure a said lewis. the sharks scored a couple of goals.
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game 4, vern glenn looks ahead. it and >>vern: optional skate for some while others sought treatment in answers to questions why they're down in this series in to the inability to kill penalty minutes is crushing a midwife a front-line has taken 21 shots in this series with zero goals to show for it. >> i think there are tweets here in the air that we do between games and during games and it is up to us to go out there and execute that. the coach said, they have had a good practice on wednesday, gained some confidence back, but their work loads on on thursday and take care of game 4. >>gary: it is almost over for the warriors.
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a host the lakers tomorrow evening and are continuing disarray. >>gary: the only coach to win an nba title in ncaa college title. he will be coaching his 14th team this coming year. southern methodist university, larry brown is going to texas, his 14th team.
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