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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 1, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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idea of what this looks like outside of city hall in the oakland area. you can see the officers lined up. there is an event scheduled at 6:00 p.m. some people estimating that there could be 1000 people here. that is something that we saw, earlier. at least 1000 people in the plaza of sighand out side -- with a strong police presence all day. let me show you the video with tear-gas used earlier this morning. you can see one of the protesters pushed the officer. a short time later there was teargas cured eventually one of the protesters was taken to the ground. just some of the violence that erupted in the streets in
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oakland. this was a press conference earlier. >> about 12:30 a large crowd near 14th and broadway threw objects at officers that were attempting to make an arrest. when the crowd did not disperse officers deployed a small amount of gas to this crowd. this allowed the officers to make lawful arrest and take that person into custody. there have been four different arrests but more are being made as we speak. i do not have all of that information but there are more being made. >>j.r.: you can see still some of these protesters at 14th and broadway. may day is an international workers' day known for its rallies. but look at these people. scattered. they
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have been butting heads. with tear gas and issues between officers and protesters all state laws. haazig madyun picks up the store from here. the story. >>reporter: this is video from a violent crash. occupy zero toccupy-0 protesters. very chaotic at 14th/broadway. hear, multiple officers are struggling to arrest one person. this demonstrator was a chase and eventually fall to the ground. they were immediately surrounded by and a green ground and demanded that the person was let go. eventually tear gas was used on this crowd and oakland police removed several demonstrators placing them under arrest.
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haazig madyun kron4 >>pam: 9 people had been arrested. we have additional arrests being made. this led with a fight. also a woman was taken away from the protesters and an element of sheriff's car. and a police took a man into custody. a woman was taken away with and alameda share of scar. also maureen kelly. the alameda shares cart took a with that woman. >>maureen: . hear, you can see the owners of broadway >>maureen: the owner has decided to do this after witnessing a
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violent exchange between occupy protesters and police. they have not had to do this before but after witnessing that. if they are using eight wrote tthey area drill to put up by what. this store was looted during an oscar grant protest that got out of control. they are not taking any chances today. maureen kelly, kron 4. >>pam: not just businesses this police officer was flashed with paint in oakland. this uniform was covered with yellow he does not appear to be hurt. this tense standoff continues throughout the day with officers trying to keep the streets clear. >>grant: these protesters have been going on all day with violent clashes. near city hall with 14/broadway. around 3:00
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p.m. a fruitvale/bart started the smart for dignity and resistance. bay marched and now they are making their way towards frank ogawa plaza, city hall and 14/broadway. all of this activity will be convenient. >>pam: all of the for the to the news will be how convening this is near san francisco financial district. and that huge it slogan of a rise up. alejandra? >>reporter: the minute this change from a hafeet protest frm i have a protest to the takeover of this building. this is now a
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bit tense. police attempted to put dummies barricades and the protesters were not happy. they say that they wanted to take care -- take over the building. i got a chance to take a quick tour of this abandoned building. there are signs on the doors that marked bedroom. if people want to sleep there. let me tell you that i spoke with a protester and he understands the police are outside, waiting. after i asked him what is his plan of action? this is his response. >> the plan is going to be with the plan has always been which is been peaceful resolution. we are not about violence but the
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problem is that of those that are about violence, dressed for violence. >>reporter: just to give you an idea of we are on halfturk street and franklin has been blocked. there is a line of police vans blocked towards turk so far, no arrests. there will not tell us when they plan on moving. and gabe slate was marching with the protesters, earlier. >>gabe: at market outside of the westfield center mall in san francisco there was a large protest. this may day protest was a solidarity pact it and action with the chair enter and retell. with janitors -- and retail personnel. people walking back and forth in front of the westfield center. there was a pickup truck with speakers on the sidewalk. announcing their message. many people said that
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they were the 99% in this manner said that we are the magic of macy's referring to the janitor at the retail workers. as this protests continued. they guarded the front door. they did not allow the protesters. >i caught a rare camera movement. the police approached him. this protesters took off but the police officer maintained order. >>pam: a difficult day for commuters that using ferry service from marin towards san francisco. this was the scene outside of the golden gate. you can see these workers on strike. with ferry service shut down because of the picketing. it resumed later with this impact felt. charles clifford has the
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latest update in san francisco. >>charles: and the san francisco after this will shut down on tuesday morning the golden gate ferry has rezoned. most running between san francisco and sausalito at roughly 2:00 p.m. with a stake in it worker says that if it is lighter than normal with no protesters here. and the special planned giants came a ferry that is scheduled for tonight will be running as planned. in san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4. >>grant: big crowds generated by these protesters with retail and janitor workers at fifth/market at westfield market. this larger crowd was said montgomery/market shutting down of the large intersection they dispersed.
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some going to oakland to winning the demonstrations and somewhat down market. and they set up shop on market and abandoned as outside of the bank of america. we have just heard that a round of 3:00 p.m. it protesters have been occupying a building near franklin. traffic is being diverted onto turk pamela? >> >> these demonstrations continue. you just heard grant lotus mentioned these protesters are occupying a building. police have surrounded the area with a reporter on the scene bringing you updates on all of these protests coming up after the break.
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>> catherine: big surprises for the afghan troops. president obama making a surprise visit. a huge security risk. he thanked the troops and told about the deal that the son with the afghan president committed to making peace and make of the end of the war and a national address from afghanistan. >> today this is historic. with
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the united states and afghanistan with a new type of relationship between our countries. the future in which afghans are responsible ahoy for the responsibility of peace of their nation. we've built the future in the sovereign with war ending and a new chapter beginning. >> catherine: this is the first time a u.s. president has made a speech from a war zone. this highlighting the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden. >>pam: a fire ripped through a south side apartment this porths morning in san jose. it killed one woman and injured seven other people including children. everyone was asleep as this fire broke out. friends of the victim
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are heartbroken. >> she helped me. >>rob: her sister in law. of the san jose shown here in a family photo died in the fire. the husband it remains in critical condition along with the seven year-old son, david help is also hospitalized and is expected to survive. >> we've run of the scene with residents and perhaps family members sang please help our family they are trapped inside. firefighters went into a rescue mode. >> three other family members escaped this fire scene with three other damaged units. >> our neighbors called the 911. my husband called 911. before we believed we had to get out quickly it was moving so fast.
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>>robin: this fire started in the garage. >> rob:this was going to be investigated. in san jose, rob fladeboe, kron4 news. >>pam: jaclyn? >>jacqueline: mostly sunny skies. the current conditions are in the 50's along the coast and only 54 degrees and happen bay. 59 degrees in oakland and in the san jose is 62 degrees in livermore. slightly warmer inland. we have seen breezy conditions throughout the day. the current wind gusting at 23 mph in half moon bay. 22 in concord pretty breezy. here is what we can expect tonight and into tomorrow with mostly clear
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skies and cooler temperatures, overnight. we will see some areas of patchy fog towards the south bay. as we cool towards the evening but clouds will be increase in later. we could see storm activity on thursday. temperatures tomorrow be upper 60s and low 70's. with areas like palo alto. 60s for mountain view and the 65 in fremont the bulk of the cooler air will be in the lead valleys. 70 degrees in pleasanton. 60s for the east bay shore and 60s with 50s and ocean beach. dropping into the 60s for the north bay as well. taking a look at future cast this storm the could impact us with more activity in the north.
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it will press towards the bay area as we go towards a 10:00 p.m. on thursday. we could see activity in the north bay it could miss us as we go towards thursday however the north bay could still see showers. a look at your extended forecast with a chance of showers towards thursday. however temperatures improving with warmer weather on tap through sunday. >>pam: this live look at protesters at oakland and san antonio park. they have gathered and reportedly are going to move from this location to frank ogawa plaza for another rally on this may day. here, we will keep you updated for these many protesters. in fact many of these protesters have been hosting hosting -- pictures online. kimberlee sakamoto. >> cathis is on twitter.
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>>kimberlee: look at this. with yellow paint all over the side he does not appear to be entered this is the 14th block of broadway. officers returned to ground people. and also this was posted by a oakland locals. this was the first are rest of the day. other officers strode ground. this person reportedly was vandalizing however only with chalk. a wide variety of people were protesting and even a family with parents bringing their children. this child says that i march for equal rights. stay with us, more news, straight ahead.
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>>pam: this is developing in san antonio park. protesters marching from fruitvale. this is from sky four. jeff bush is live. what is happening? >>jeff: this kroogroup -- this p has combined with other occupy protesters. and the you can see there are a lot of people. take note. fruitvale boulevard is shut down. from the 16th avenue towards 18th ave. at least. fit if says he's a pretty fast this atmosphere of. to look into the distance there are children on the swing set. people selling
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ice-cream and really a may pole as you can see many people are just milling around. even enjoying this weather is fantastic out here. i think that adds to the amount of people that have turned out for this protest. this group with at least 1000 people were marching all the with the for killed part purified towards san antonio. police, finalist for meeting these protesters. making sure that traffic was stopped. definitely, there was an oakland police department as a big part of this event. and it was family oriented with starting with the
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last tektite dancing. light valves to hear the san antonio four things seem to be quiet and peaceful. >>pam: thank you, jeff. one of our many reporters he will be back
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>>pam: this is a live picture. this is from san francisco. between gulf and franklin they have been occupying a building. a large police presence is standing by we have a reporter on the scene bringing the one update after the break.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now with a developing story. >>pam: at 5:30 our continuing
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coverage of developing news. may day protesters all avram the bay area. peaceful protesting. near san francisco will show you this going live towards j.r. stone. j.r.? we are here at frank ogawa plaza. we see some of these officers out here in the last 10 minutes. they have pinatas however they have told that this has to be taken down. a number of protesters has gathered. the police have been here to basically tell them that they have to take these down. this let me try to show you this shot of this protester. we are in the midst of this. in the
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distance some of these protesters are here. keep in mind that many of these are still scattered in a number of different areas. all across town. this is not a huge area. earlier, there were actually thousands. let me show you this. some of these officers are still going on as we speak let me also show you some video if we have time. earlier, these are arrests that were made in total, nine people have been are arrested. all and all in different parts of town. you can see that and these portions of this video. back out here, live you can see these officers. some of these. even hundreds and peace plaza.
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keeping a close eye on this and keeping you updated. in this- plaza outside of this in city hall. the banf >>pamm: some of these protesters to be taken into custody >>reporter: this was taken into custody and just in a few moments ago. frankland and turk was open but now it looks like these items have been thrown from the roof. now, police have shut down this intersection. they have asked us to move out of the way. barricades outside the building but it seems like these police officers have also taken this away. these officers have requested that we cannot
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stand here. the protesters are here. it appears that there is some tension over there. we will continue to monitor this. let me tell you that of one person was detained. this huge chunk of pork was thrown from this building. we will continue to monitor this and bring you the very latest. >>pam: can you have camera move to see where this item are being thrown. >>reporter: yes you can see that right to bear it appears like there is possibly a pipe. right- dashed thei that person is evena weapon. you can see there are
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several police officers. with almost least 50. sterile police protesters inside of that building. >>pam: our officers planning on going inside. do you know if the officers are going to go inside? >>reporter: not yet. so far, not fat. pretty much just lined up outside of the building. but we've not seen any officers coincide. >>pam: how which you described the crowd. >> it is very tense. earlier, it was actually a happy mood. they had a couple of hours to occupy the building but right before 5:00 p.m. as one police put down the barricades. that is when the wood completely changed. >>pam: how many protesters are
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still there? >>reporter: perhaps 50 outside. we did not have a clearer idea on how many people were inside. from a market i can tell you that there were at least 200 people-250. >>pam: this abandoned building lot to you know what there is their goal? >>reporter: they basically want to take it over. earlier, they had signs noting the bedroom. as a place for people can sleep and get something to eat. just like justin herman plaza. and >>pam: this live picture showing items being thrown from the roof. and the idea what the next move will be? >>reporter: they have asked us to move out of the way. they are
5:37 pm
continuing to where their helmets and standing by. some of them have those zip ties however still some people are playing music, they are not taking any specific actions. still people are inside. we can miss the one person is coming out of the building. >>pam: please describe this residential area. >>reporter: yes this was an abandoned building. the archdiocese of san francisco office building police for contacting the owners to see what action is needed to be taken we do not know exactly if they have spoken to the owners. however there are people if you want to see if there is police standing by on that intersection near park and turk.
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>>pam: that large police presence this is in san francisco. near franklin an abandoned building has been taken over by a few of the occupy protesters. and how about the traffic? >>reporter: frankland and turk has been closed. we have noted that you see there are a number of police officers standing ground. this was open for a just a few moments but as i mentioned, protesters for throwing during this protest. i immediately, the streets have been closed because of this. we can also sees several officers in front of this building. to my right, there are several hundred officers.
5:39 pm
>>pam: a large police presence. we get a sense do you think they are going to start the evacuating their >>reporter: residencereporter to know, i am not quite sure. it seems that people are watching from their balcony's. we have not heard any confirmation if that is going to happen. >>pam: this just in to the kron 4 news room >>reporter: protesters are writing just after 3:00 p.m. and there were celebrating with playing music taking over this abandoned building. just before 5:00 p.m. it is one police put down the barricades. that is one that the mood turned tense. there was shouting between protesters and efforts to and the protest. still, people were
5:40 pm
inside of the building but as far as these people at turk aqnd fulf i am being told that this video is where people were gathering. as i mentioned, there were signs that said bedroom. if they needed to sleep there. >>pam: we will keep her one updated it with your updates. a quick break and will be right [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>pam: protesters gathering for a peaceful protesters much different than last night. protesters last night vandalized pickles, businesses. and the
5:44 pm
police in the mission district. are resting one protester. even this was on the eve of the nationwide general strike called may day. however, it could quickly got out of control as organizers got a quick change of events. maureen kelly updates us. >>maureen: that this group from a mission towards sixteen. this group is celebrating workers, everywhere. and despite the emigration workers amnesty and documentation want this general improved conditions. they plan on remaining peaceful. these people are carrying signs, chanting and playing music. however you can see pair at a is
5:45 pm
a long line of police officers making sure that this will remain peaceful. maureen kelly, kron 4. >>pam: also in the south by rob fladeboe shows us from the streets in san jose. >>pam: rob? >>reporter: with at least four different groups joining forces. this coalition of labor groups, volunteers from the communities and the students gathering. this self-described 99 percent saying that this is the world class is under attack with poverty and other issues including the government's harassment towards illegal
5:46 pm
emigrants. essentially, this march continued toward city hall where there was another rally with more speeches. a fairly heavy police presence in east san jose. however, no up work no-report of civil disobedience. reporting in san jose. all rob fladeboe. >>pam: this is a real scene in turk and franklin. >>reporter: this abandoned building is what the protesters have attempted to take over, our earlier. they were able to stay inside of the building for two hours. the police have put down barricades and that is one of the mood started to become tense. the firefighters were
5:47 pm
becoming tense. earlier, i mentioned that pieces of pork and a pipe was being thrown from the top of this roof. this street was open for a bit but now it is blocked. on frequent problems between franklin and turk. >>pam: thank you, alejandra. >> catherine: this anarchist has been briefly charged in court. on only doing business with an undercover fbi agent. this is the bridge near cleveland that was the target of a bomb plot. this was near the state park.
5:48 pm
the fbi says that these are the five men that there were hoping to blow it up. self-described anarchist's. they are not tied to international terrorism and have no idea they were dealing with an fbi informant for several months. >> these self-proclaimed anarchists have designed to negatively impact the greater metropolitan cleveland area. >> catherine: they were given a phony explosives and been placed in jail without bond. >> during yesterday's and higher happenings, the crow -- the city was never under any endangerment. >> catherine: they are only saying that these men are angry
5:49 pm
with corporate america and the government. the occupy cleveland movement is associated but they do not are not associated with the occupy cleveland moment. >>pam: we can see that one person is being taken into custody. protesters have been active all day they want about this location where the planned on taking over a building at the corner of the turk ave. some people have been seen from the top of the building throwing debris. this large contingent of police presence and as well as our reporter. alenjarda what is going on? >>reporter: yes, they have continued to start making arrests. police are on the other
5:50 pm
side. it is basically just a standstill but police have not gone into the building. we do not know exactly when they will do that but they're pretty much waiting. hundreds of police officers are outside. as we mentioned, these are rusts are being made. we do not know exactly that these -- arrests are being made. >>pam: what does that say? sf commune, and occupy and the 1 percent. >>pam: we have seen one person taken into custody. >>reporter: i have seen two
5:51 pm
people taken into custody just in the last 10 minutes. there are still people inside of that building. there does not seem to be any effort. >>pam: thank you, we will keep you updated. and stay in touch andalejandra. we will be back with much for news.
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>> let me keep you updated on this latest near frankland with a large contingent of police. this abandoned building has been attempted to take over from protesters. some have even seen been thrown items to the police below.
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>>pam: this is a live picture over oakland near 16th street. just one of many protesters of the may day. we do have reporters at each location with updates coming up next. stay tuned.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now with a developing story. >>pam: occupy protesters are still on the street. this is a live look from sky four. above oakland with may day protesters
6:01 pm
are marching and moving towards san antonio park. hundreds are around the nation and honor and in recognition of the international workers' day. may day. arrests in several cities. this is in san francisco just moments ago protesters have taken over an abandoned building. this is outside of that building. turk street aleadra. >>reporter: police believe that is the person that is responsible for throwing that pork, earlier from the rooftop of this abandoned building. firefighters also a ride and they got to the person that was injured. someone has been hurt
6:02 pm
but has refused treatment. we are waiting and watching for hundreds of protesters and police officers. they are standing in front of this building blocking off franlkin and li policeman's here onve the street. there are protesters outside. however it does not seem to be as many protesters here. perhaps only 10 people. we are waiting and watching for any police to take any action. so far, there have been two people taken into custody. >>pam: in oakland, this quickly became confrontational. this was just after noon at broadway and
6:03 pm
14th. police grabbed this manned and kept others at bay. nine people have been are arrested. this confrontation led police to the use of tear gas. maureen kelly was in the heart of this and told us what it is like. >>maureen: 49/broadway work tear gas was just deployed. i had tears running down my face and the back of my throat is burning. this is because of a violent confrontation between demonstrators and police. the wind is blowing the tear gas into my eyes. luckily, i am a bit down wind but it is not that painful. still, many people are walking a ground cover interfaces. many of these protesters are wearing gas masks. maureen kelly, kron4.
6:04 pm
>>pam: jr is an oakland. >>j.r.: let me give you an idea of what is the scene in oakland. these protesters have been out for most of the day. a gradual dissipation with nearly 1000 people this afternoon. let me show you a video. there was definitely some tense moments outside of city hall. you see these protesters that walked up to a protester. it was during this time that tear gas was deployed. another protester was taken down. and this is video from a flights. please keep in mind their breath at least nine people. this is video from -- or
6:05 pm
earlier confrontations. >>j.r.: that is what happened earlier this has been a tense day for protesters and officers. this live look from city hall the officers are in the distance. if we can look and be a rise in wheat can also see officers waiting. in the horizon -- we can see. two dozen police officers have gone inside. one of these protesters gained access inside. however it looks like it is a preparation for a worst case scenario. but now, quiet, peaceful if it changes we will keep you updated. reporting live, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >>pam: what is expected to happen tonight and there? >>j.r.: perhaps a rally at 6:00
6:06 pm
p.m. off but we're not seeing that. we're not seeing as many people as we saw our earlier but you do not know if it could happen later. how that is one of the reasons why we are looking off into the distance. many people are still waiting for people to regroup. earlier, we recall king about music. dancing. it was shoulder to shoulder were -- recalling the scene with music. even these signs have been dismantled. but not a thing as dramatic as previous. >>pam: this oakland business owner speaks out. >> they started yelling out.
6:07 pm
shut it down. one of the person was not letting this worker off and he was going to shut this down. they came in and started storming the doors and throwing pamphlets. the owner and manager were trying to shut the door and the worsening of the police are coming. they were trying to hold the doors some people were inside and even marching inside. it was a little bit hairy i just came in for breakfast. then they went to protest at the school which is very upsetting. and oakland public school i worked there those are my children. my kids! those students are like my children. there are trying to disrupt school. they are trying to disrupt our school and that just makes me angry. >>grant: these have been going on all day with violent
6:08 pm
protesters near city hall. 14/broadway. around 3:00 p.m. this for phil part rally calling the march for dignity and resistance. from there they marched towards san antonio park. near 16th. and now demonstrators, as we speak are making their way to frank ogawa plaza. at 14th and broadway. that is where j.r. stone is saying that people are slowly accumulating. they have not all made it there. >>pam: whiffle coverage on the may day protesters. you can watch the videos showing some of those clashes between video. and even a recordings of reporters being impacted by the teargas. send us your photographs. e-mail or
6:09 pm
using our data app >>jacqueline: here is what we can expect, overnight. temperatures dropping into the 40's. as we go out to the morning it will be cooler. this cooling trend continues. who will see an increase in clouds. with the advance of potential storms for thursday. let us take a look. with temperatures rather cool along the coast. 54 degrees and half moon bay. and away from the coast temperatures are definitely more mild. 62 degrees in concord but will in livermore. it has been breezy. right now, the wind is gusting pretty strong in fairfield. 35 m.p.h. with 20 m.p.h. in hayward and also gusting and half moon bay. we will see some overnight fog but the big story will be
6:10 pm
the fog. and even rainfall, coming up timing it out on futurecast. >>pam: this live picture of oakland. they are regrouping. moving from san antonio park towards frank ogawa plaza. also arrests have been made at an abandoned building. the police chief is getting ready for a police conference and press conference will have the latest, stay tuned.
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ikea, the life improvement store. >>pam: let me go back to a lejandra >>reporter: turk street has been closed and people are being requested to leave. i was actually marching with protesters, earlier. they stopped earlier and made their way to this abandoned building. they came here at 3:00 p.m. starting to celebrate with music i had a chance to walk inside. we have video where protesters were pretty much gathering in taking over the building. they wanted this to be there justi je
6:14 pm
herman plaza. they wanted to be able to get food. and they wanted to be able to just have a living space. right before 5:00 p.m. is when people started putting down barricades. the mood immediately got tense. that is one police started moving and. that is when police started moving in.. this street was blocked off for a moment. it was reopened to but the streets had to be shut down because people on top were throwing debris. let me show you this is a piece of the brick that fell from the rooftop. one person was taken into custody. that person is believed to be responsible for throwing one of these items. if you look on the street you can still see there is to breed strewn. from other items. the
6:15 pm
other -- debris. strewn with they treated one person from one person that is injured. however the person refused treatment. we are pretty much standing by waiting and watching. there are people waiting and. police are pretty much just standing by. several have moved from the street. we do not know exactly where they are going but there is not as many police as the work of our earlier. at least two people have been taken into custody into handcuffs. that person is believed to be the person responsible for throwing items into the crowd. >>pam: any idea of what is being said on that loud speaker in the
6:16 pm
background? >>reporter: we were just speaking about that a few moments ago it sounds like they are just complaining, really. it is difficult to understand. we are paying your salaries they are still if we see that five, six people are sitting, peacefully and front of the building. the police have not asked them to leave from what i understand. they are yelling " freedom ". but as we are noticing the residences are being escorted from this neighborhood but they have not been asked to leave their neighborhood at this point. they are continuing to watch on the balcony. >>pam: thank you, we will see the latest now in oakland. skype fork is over the of marchers moving from san antonio park. a
6:17 pm
sky-4. we are told that they are going towards frank ogawa plaza were many others have gathered. a reporter is live. this is poised to gather later. many people are hoping that these on- line videos will see more activity on you tube. >>kimberlee: many groups to oakland have been marching sinkhole pond -- call sec -- can sick. at 14/broadway and eventually people ordered people off the street. this was posted on twitter. as long line of officers pressing protesters back using tear gas. this
6:18 pm
continues with police officers and when tear gas does not work they brought out the alameda insurance department armored tank unit. it is at the alameda sheriffs tank department. to check out the dramatic video and check out our website and our facebook fan page. we have continuing coverage of our may day protesters with real-time updates. >>pam: this live picture over oakland. these markers are going towards frank ogawa plaza. they are joining others we should let you know that san francisco police chief is planning a news conference, shortly. please the fans will be taking place in oakland and in san francisco will be getting at the information for you as well. >>jacqueline: mostly clear
6:19 pm
skies. we're also seeing clear conditions. some fog possible but mostly sunny. it will stay sunny until later afternoon the clouds will move in impacting thursday. cooler temperatures again tomorrow. taking a look at those ties with upper 50s. low 70's inland. 60s in oakland the rainfall will be up towards the coast. there really is impacting the north bay and towards the south bay. we can
6:20 pm
expect cooler weather as we go towards the weekend
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>> >> let us go back to san francisco with alejandra cerball. >>reporter: this is the second time the protesters have tried to take over this building. it was exactly one month ago. the s f o commune were able to take it over for one a day. now, it has been two hours for protesters had been inside. however, police have stepped in and setting up barricades. there are a few people inside. there is a woman from the second story window looking out. this is near turk
6:24 pm
and leading into turk have been blocked. police are in the middle of the street. in front of the building. to the right and to the left. one person was injured when a piece of this brick was thrown from his rooftop. you can see the police have arrested this person that that was throwing those items. here is a quick look. how heavy this piece is. this chunk you can just the imagine how it felt being hit by this. we will continue to monitor this scene. the chief is speaking. giving a press conference. we do have a news crew and as i mentioned we
6:25 pm
will continue to watch any developments. protesters are attentive to take over. live in san francisco, kron 4. >>pam: this is a live picture of >>pam: ti'm more ofve picture of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all the weeds -- guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro.
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>>pam: this is a developing story. this live picture outside of this abandoned building your church and frankland. protesters had been occupying this abandoned building. at least two different arrests. several of may day demonstrations. we will keep you updated on this coming up after the break.
6:29 pm
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(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now with a developing story.
6:31 pm
>>pam: our developing story in san francisco. this live picture. police are around an abandoned building. this is an san francisco or the occupied demonstrators have moved into this building. they are trying to occupy this building. many people have been throwing debris from the top of this building. they are at a standoff. we are waiting to see what the next movement will be. in the meantime, richie kumar joins us on the police. reggie? >> ready can you hear us? we are waiting to hear. as a mentioned we are looking at video from just been nearly one hour
6:32 pm
a have been demonstrations throughout the day to day in san francisco, oakland and san jose. we will bring you updates throughout the newscast. >>j.r.: you can hear the music and crowds behind me. this is an estimated crowd between 3005 thousand protesters. that have a robbed at frank ogawa plaza. they have been here between 6:00 p.m. it is around 6:30. they have made their way towards town at the same group that was a hero, earlier that have rushed with police. this large crowd however, no problems so far.
6:33 pm
they have been marching to several areas and towns. occupying this broadway intersection that was closed down. police have been declaring this down. as far as how long? that is up in the air we will keep you updated. reporting in oakland, j.r. stone, kron 4. >>reporter: continuing our coverage on this bank branch apply what is covering the windows as occupy protesters converged on this location are in the may day protest. >> vandalism, and has taken the place into the fifth third. >> they started coming up and banging on the windows and shaking the doors. >>reporter: in oakland haazig madyun >>reporter: continuing our coverage merchants in downtown oakland have taken steps to keep their business is safe. in this
6:34 pm
video one merchant is putting boards over his business. he got nervous after seeing the violent cclashes. he is safeguarding his shop and closing up. two doors down also this business is putting up plywood the foot locker already been looted and a loss for ram-this occupy movement is also one golfing labor groups, and immigration groups that people are under siege in america. there was a fairly heavy police presence. no rest for civil disobedience. and san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >>charles: sservice has
6:35 pm
resumed after being closed down on tuesday. they say that the passengers has been lighter than normal. a special ferry has been planned for the giants came. and san francisco, charles clifford, kron4 news. >>pam: this is at goff and truk street protesters have been inside with a arrests already being made. reggie kumar is on the scene. >> reggie the police chief updated us and he is saying that a group of gang anarchist's have been taken over this building. they are a very violent group.
6:36 pm
one of the protesters was taken into custody. that protestor refused medical attention but that person was arrested for felony. and aggravated assault. they are keeping a close eye on this situation and will eventually move. it will be a thoughtful process on how they do that. there are at least 200 protesters in that abandoned building. at this point it has been relatively peaceful. for fees are the same game anarchist's that caused damage in the mission district. >>pam: do they plan on moving in and making arrests? >>reporter: they say that this
6:37 pm
will be a thoughtful process with plans to do that but there will update us once their move and. >>pam: reggie kumar thank you. >> announcer: now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. this golden gate bridge is the most photographed bridge in the world. and monday it was protected with over 2 1/3 officers just in case the occupy protesters. just two people. you might think that with all of those officers to repeat difficult to find bad behavior. however i did and it was not from the occupy movement. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you how golden gate commuters was the focus on that this edition of people behaving badly.
6:38 pm
>>pam: much more of today's activities. we have a special section on our website of the may day coverage. do not forget to check for updates on twitter and facebook. >>jacqueline: the the big weather story is rainfall coming up. with mostly clearing and chilly conditions. and cooler in the afternoon. increasing cloud coverage for the evening. as a move towards the weekend. '60s and '70s in th south bay. the inland is also going to 60s in some areas. 60s in danville. low 60s for the east bay shore. upper 50s along the coast. let
6:39 pm
us take a look at the rainfall approaching the north. by a early thursday it is staying towards the north bay. however, we could see some light rainfall to the north bay towards the golden gate. but no more than one-quarter of an expected. and how improving conditions for this weekend with clear skies and warmer temperatures for the weekend. >>pam: may day protesting continuing this is a live look from sky for over oakland frank ogawa plaza. hundreds of protesters from sky 4. the large police presence continuing
6:40 pm
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>>pam: just-in-time for the bay to breakers >>kimberlee: this is a giveaway to enter you have to go to the facebook fan page. click on the sasso icon. is very important. you have to " like " kron 4 on our taste of and page. then you can visit our facebook-add page. you can check out a slide show of last year's costumes. would like to see everything. with information on this page and how to send your information. remember, we will bring you the race from start to finish. keeping you up to date.
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if it is a san francisco tradition you will not want to mess. watch it may 20th on kron4 to not want to miss >>pam: the raiders with a former heisman trophy winner. and our first look at the 49ers uniform to not move. radnick is next with sports ♪
6:45 pm
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6:47 pm
>>gary: good evening. a pair of heisman winners to help out. if you are a football fan? you remember that he was possibly a number one nfl draft pick. however, his career has not been
6:48 pm
worked out. he is going to come and he is 100 percent recovered from a collar bone. backing up polymer in oakland. >> interesting to note the number 84 the same number as 40 49ers greg jones. the same number randy moss broke into the league with the minnesota vikings. randy moss catching a few passes here. you even if see and that 75 percent of the randy moss that he was, earlier. we will have an outstanding wide receiver. the harbaugh probers. usually the most reserved but usually-the -- brothers. however:the integrity of the new england patriots into question. backtracking and now apologizing
6:49 pm
but the damage has been done. and has been a couple of days were the practices have been taped. and now, they are questioning the integrity. now, if they are saying that if you are cheating? you are going to not be a fair team. a number of high-priced players have been signed with the miami marlins. even the cuban manager still in the spotlight but the a's getting it done in boston. five- one look at how cold it is. cody ross is bundled up. temperatures in the 40's. parker was working
6:50 pm
beautiful. the 23 year-old of a fort wayne, indiana. six- innings, one-run. off to a difficult start. with 194. again, this eighth inning. the a's are leading. the score is 5- 1. embarrassed. he embarrassed himself and his team and the city of new york city. reports that solder meyer did not break his right hand. when he punched a fire extinguisher and a glass cut his hand he went we specialist. there was no ligament damage but he is going to miss the game on thursday. the new york knicks are on the ropes against miami. solder meyer did not help himself in that regard. the coach.
6:51 pm
briefly, with don nelson is the second coach of the year. they have won 50 games. with the first place. and very vocal. when we come back pam moore the dunes around the bay area. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>>pam: with nine arrests. j.r. stone has been with the oakland protesters all day. jr? >>j.r.: this is 14th and broadway. with 3-500 people.
6:55 pm
they have been marching a round oakland. interestingly enough i want to show you in front of city hall. you can see the number of police officers out keeping a close eye. even one of these officers has the yellow paint on the side of him. these officers have been and still rounding a city hall making sure that nobody gets into the city hall. you will remember that some people caused all sorts of problems. at this point. these crowds are very large. and when these will be cleared? we are not sure but keeping you updated as these are available. reporting an open, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >>pam: in the san francisco
6:56 pm
there is a standoff between police and protesters alnjadra ? >>reporter: there is still a heavy police presence but i want to point out. in the last couple of minutes there have been two people that are on top of this roof. they are raising their hands and shoving it is difficult to hear what they are saying because there are other protesters shouting. easily, double the number of protesters but now it seems like her head off or hundreds of protesters are inside the command post it is a residential building across from the abandoned building. we are continuing to monitor this. two people have been arrested. police are still lining up. live in san francisco, kron 4.
6:57 pm
>> stay with kron 4 throughout this evening with the latest developments in the wrap up on our newscast tonight.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
there is joy. jessica simpson finally gives birth today. >> the big baby news. 11 days after her due date. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. in the middle of the night, i'm like, eric, it's happening, it's happening! >> her sister and the simpson family at the hospital. >> at the cedars-sinai medical center, with the latest on jessica simpson's brand-new baby girl, maxwell drew johnson. >> the newborn baby girl weighing in at nearly 10 pounds. then -- >> you had actually seen her a week or so before she died. >> bobby brown today on whitney houston's final days. >> tell me how she appeared at that time. what was her demeanor? >> is he backing up thne


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