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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 1, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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tonight at 8:00 p.m., a day of protesting around the bay area as hundreds participated in the main gate protests. taken into custody.
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>>alejandra: this is the the vacant building. protesters are now back inside the building. the street is now open to traffic. it was close off because people were on the roof and started to throw items like bricks. here is video from earlier today.
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the chief says for the most for the may day protests were peaceful. >> this is not a first amendment demonstration. this is a violent group. >> if something from from our rookie and a headache to kill you. to the person hit was also part of the movement and refused all medical care.
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>>alejandra: the archdiocese owns the building, as those with a purse post. earlier in april occupiers that the building. >>pam: there is a huge police presence earlier, describe the theory of for those of data be familiar.
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>>pam: as an nightfalls it will become more difficult to remove people from the abandoned building. >> we are expecting police to give us an update at about 9:00 p.m.. there are not sent anything in this way. to be having given us any indication of when it would stepped inside. >>pam: we will speak with you again. thank you. >>grant: may day protests are happening throughout the
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day. at 11:00 a.m. janitors and retail workers demonstrated at west field mall. each conceivable on the sidewalk not blocking traffic. after about 45 minutes off the club was all move. since
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>>grant: and demonstrators were able occupy the building we were just looking at. but least one person was arrested for throwing things of of the building. >>pam: in oakland, thousands of protesters took part in made a protest.
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>>pam: and j.r stone is live in frank ogawa plaza. in >>j.r.: there was some early afternoon violence that did break out in oakland but it has been a peaceful evening. some there are still some people live here at 14th and broadway.
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i want to show you some of what happened in the early afternoon hours. there was even a scuffle with a man who headed usa flag upside down. a total of at least 10 people in oakland were arrested today.
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there are different ali a number of tense moments in the early afternoon hours. it and see the officers outside city hall. as i said before, 10 people were arrested today in oakland. the >>pam: kron4 has full coverage on our web site. we encourage you to send us
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>>pam: we have already told you about the arrest made in san francisco and oakland. there is also a lot of damage caused by protesters. the thompson joins us live with more. kate >> there has been a decent amount of vandalism going on. here is a live look at the crowd. it has died down some but there are still hundreds of people out here at this point.
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the employees were out there trying to clean up what they could. this was not the only trace of eyes and all. there were several banks. there also police vans that had their windows smashed as well as several newsstands. we are seeing some oakland police vehicles starting to encroach on city hall. >>pam: earlier today oakland
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protesters targeted the cafe, kron4 spoke with customer and the cafe in the disperse and describes the scene. >> they all gathered outside the palm tree at rudy's and started yelling shut it down. >> they want to protest at the oakland public school which upsets me.
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the students are like my kids. they are yelling outside and tried to disrupt school. that makes me angry. >>pam: kron4 crews were on the scene, this is video from tests after a confrontation that led to an arrest if which led police descended canisters of tear gas. maureen kelly was in the heart of this class. >>maureen: tear-gas has just been deployed. i had tears running down my face. the back of my throat is burning. this is all because of a violent confrontation between demonstrators and police.
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a lot of the bart walking around and covering their faces. the >> of vandalism and graffiti has taken place at the kaiser center. >> they came up to the bank windows and started banging on the windows and shaking the doors. third >> temperatures this afternoon were certainly cooler than what we saw yesterday. thomas's this afternoon, upper 50s and low 60s.
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>>pam: there were massive it made a protests happening in at least 125 cities in the united states, europe and
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australia. this is video from los angeles. demonstrators for calling for immigration reform and traffic was shut down in this area. police arrested at least 10 protesters in a nearby demonstration. more protests are planned for los angeles night. , occupy a wall street protesters also took to the streets of new york city for their may day demonstrations. this year the occupy wall street movement theme is a day without the 99%. students were urged to skip school and employees not to go to work. >> may day protests turned violent in seattle.
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writers are suffer from peaceful protesters which kicked off nearby. >> right now temperatures are quite cool clos
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>>pam: kiberlee sakamoto is here with a look at you to video showing the moment the least of floyd teargas to get crowds to disperse. >>kimberlee: as police moved into the massive crowd trying to make a few arrests, some of the protestors tried to stop officers at which point police made their move. in the video, you can see a very large crowd it circled around a few police officers. the officers standing there is wielding a baton and trying to keep the crowd away from this office are on the ground. he is using his body as a shield, you can see the yellow paint that a protesters threw on him. the officer was not injured when.
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according to police, when it tried to make an arrest, members of the crowd threw objects at the officers and they say that is why teargas was disbursed. >>pam: get ready to watch this year's zazzle bay to breakers. kron4 will bring in the race from start to finish. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh.
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>>pam: we want to take you back to the developing situation in san francisco. that is where protesters are still at the site of a vacant building that they have taken over. alajandra cerball is joining us live with the latest. >>alejandra: there are calling it a commune.
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we want to point to this corner over here, on this side you can see a handful of officers pretty much standing by of this so far there have been no incidents. protesters have now moved back into the building. >> protesters have been taunting police.
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in april occupiers attempted to take over the building. they do not understand why they're being targeted. >>pam: the location is blocks away from san francisco city hall. >>pam: j.r stone is standing by in oakland at frank ogawa plaza where there are still hundreds of people gathered. >>j.r.: we are going to try to follow this as it is going on.
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someone came running out of the crowd and at that point officers pushed someone down and began arresting them. that stirred people up. now, you can hear the drums. many look to the lefties and see them beating on one of the science. someone was arrested. even though there are a lot of protesters still out here is
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>> officers came in for the specific reason, to make an arrest. that stirred the crowd. his at least 10 arrests have been made of a long period
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>>j.r.: guy cannot stress enough this crowd has been peaceful for the last four- five hours. i can hear sirens which gives the impression that more officers are on their way to being called in. siri concede the offices that have lined up in this intersection. " al they now have the intersection completely surrounded. this is something that only happened in the last 15 minutes or so. paths and basically it is a
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standstill in the intersection of 14th and broadway. >>pam: is this the crowd that was left over from the rally earlier? >>j.r.: it was. somewhere in the last hour or two, this is a crowd that has dwindled in size.
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>>j.r.: tear gas was used early this afternoon. >>pam: of things you did hear me, it appears from the video that we are seeing,
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police are forming a career ladder round of the crowd. is that the case? >>j.r.: yes. there are things being thrown at them. teargas was used early in the second and family this morning, you have seen at and some of our records, we do not know if it will be used again. oftentimes....
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>>j.r.: it appears that violence is breaking out on the street. they're taking people down. you can hear some of the loud noises. we do not know if teargas is being used or flash bangs. earlier this afternoon, they did say that it would only use tear gas today. it looks like to have at least two people that they are talking with right now. >>pam: we are staying with your picture, we want the audience to know why, these are like pictures of developments going on right now in downtown oakland as
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police are trying to build a perimeter around demonstrators still in the area of 14th and broadway. think this is where they marched after demonstrating all day long. the j.r stone is in the middle of all of this. you're looking at his live picture. are you able to yours? >>j.r.: yes. there are basically telling the crowd to disperse.
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>> you heard the loud noises in a little while ago, i do not know what it was. the amount of officers out here are at least a few hundred. >>pam: certainly throughout the day there were several thousand people and oakland
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demonstrating on this mayday. how would you describe the people who were left? police have often said that people who leave are the ones trying to create trouble in the area or maybe do some vandalism. >>j.r.: exactly. >>pam: what is your sense of the people still remaining tonight? there were thousands their earlier, who are these people? are these people police thing just are trying to cause trouble were legitimate protesters from earlier.
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>> there are a number of the law here looking to cause trouble. third seventh >>j.r.: obviously we have seen some problems in the last 20 minutes or so. that was when all of these officers moved in, to clear
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out the intersection. this is the same intersection and the same way they pushed people out earlier this afternoon. the officers are basically trying to disperse the crowd. in comparison to other protests we have seen, we have seen some teargas, but not the amount of teargas we have seen in other rallies. the officers are cautious as bad as we speak. there are clear ness out as quickly as possible. from >>pam: we're going to try to stay with your liked it to at least for the moment. the lees are moving in on this crowd. just to get a sense of how things will unfold, hopefully we are all hoping that things will be resolved
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peacefully in downtown oakland. this is an area that had a few difficult challenges.
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>>pam: in downtown oakland, hundred police are gathered trying to push back a crowd of remaining protesters thought. made a protest took place all around the bay area. j.r stone is at 14th and broadway were tensions have heightened over the last few minutes. the >>j.r.: in the distance, you can see the police line that has formed on broadway and 15th. this is a police line that has gone from the intersection of 14th and broadway to this area right here.
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>>j.r.: when they went through the intersection, a lot of those people have cleared out. in the last couple of hours before that, you saw bigger crowds. they are trying to really get the crowd to disperse. they have cleared a majority
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of the people in that intersection. again, there are still given warnings and they do have hundreds of officers in the care at 15th and the broadway basically saying that they want everyone gone from this location. >>pam: the street is a block from 14th-15th on broadway? >>j.r.: yes. 14 and the broadway is the main intersection. you have a closet right there and city hall right there.
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>>j.r.: there are basically asking that regardless of what you are here for, if you are here for the news or something else, get out of this area or you will be arrested. >>j.r.: we are at 15th and broadway.
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even the tear gas has been used it hasn't been used to the extent that it had been used in past protests. >>pam: we know that this sometimes smaller groups break off and move through the streets dispersing and vandalizing along the way. is there any sense that some of that is going on tonight. >> many of them had bandanas over their face.
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that is what other reasons why they have moved through some of the streets so quickly. the police helicopter is above the area on this situation and the situation down here. toss >>pam: i want to update our audience who may be touching base with us. if we're showing it like pictures of downtown oakland in the area of the 15th and broadway. hundreds of police are gathered there in an attempt to disperse the crowd left
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over from earlier demonstrations on this mayday. there have been protests all around the bay area on this international recognition of workers today which this may date. many occupy protesters, union protesters and others with various causes gathered at various locations today to show their dismay with the number of issues. here in oakland, there continues to be a large enough clout to bring out a large police presence to try and get these people to go home. that is where we stand at this hour. we have a reporter live on the scene as we continue to watch live coverage. we will take a quick break and come back with more.
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>>pam: this is a live picture of the downtown oakland where hundreds of police have gathered to try to disperse crowds left over from earlier made a demonstrations. you can see the police we have reporters on the scene
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in both locations. we will keep you updated throughout the evening and we will keep you updated throughout the evening and have complete
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