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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 2, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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warner's of about. herzog said there was a hit that he used to use in the back of a house. wesley shermantine also made reference to this location in relation to her thought. the pit had been severed -- have been covered with cement and grass. half for call >>pam: but all cars blog committed suicide in shermantine is still in prison. you have been talking with a bounty hunter leonard padilla who received a maps
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and for mankind. >> he said he searched the location with a cadaver dogs and hit on spot at that location and he was very upset because they have to go to cement and grass. he said this is a project as it did not honor. this case is far from over. >>grant: for moore's perspective, the crews are hardly ever hear of this world if i, they did not find any bone fragments. this is in the small town of linden just east of stockton.
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for 10 mi. southeast of another search site. when february it found remains of two women. >>pam: of the protests are over but the cleanup had just begun. today, of the city workers have the task finn enough for frank ogawa father. they primarily were removing bindles of that was left behind here are before and
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after pictures. >> power washington the following tuesday's occupy her death. >> eyes you can see, most of the vandalism has been washed away. the bill was quite a bit of cleaning needed, and the crews alike. >> alas, of broken bottles, all kinds of stuff. feces, but everything they leave behind we of the
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cleanup. >> urine and feces? >> a guess. >>grant: in sentences so, may day protests that he did. jeff all a standoff with police in sioux at turk and gough street. block it when you're covering and >> their work slinging, >> of our many people lead a police state.
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>> inside this building, some rooms were set aside for sleeping. the move was generally upbeat. >> we are not about violence. >> some began hurling debris at least below. >> this looks like a piece of brick and being thrown from the roof. >> after taunting police, the man was arrested. >> police department has moved in with a large show of force. >> they might have a huge site the night before. >> this is actually a second time that of the building had been occupied.
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>>pam: more than 20 people were arrested. >> this is a mug shot just release of the man being charged with felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. roof accommodates " he was arrested at the occupy can site back in november for after throwing it per bottle at city workers. maureen kelly spoke with the san francisco mayor who says he is concerned about the recent violent acts of some of the occupy protesters. >> it could turn in the worst way. i'm looking at the elements that are now infiltrating the protest. >> the man arrested the touring course of the top of a vacant building. >> we had an individual that was acting like a criminal.
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throwing bricks from the rooftop. fall of that was a total of random toss of protests. he was endangering the public briefly >> the occupy movement does not seem to have leaders that will deal with members who are causing trouble. >> he suggested the occupy monition work harder for him at policing themselves. even the open-minded than francisco citizens could grow tired of the bad behavior. >> they're closing in on a
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level of intolerance for some activities. >>pam: fasad you are looking at a live picture out over san francisco. beautiful blue skies and clouds in the background. rain is on the way. i am in the forecast center with jacqueline bennett. >>jaqueline: rain will approach tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening. right now on the golden gate, mostly sunny skies with a few high clouds streaming of ahead packed. the cloud cover has been fairly spotty today can read into tomorrow, an increase -- an increase in clouds. the concede the clouds moving into eureka with lighter rain showers. it does look like most of the rain will miss us to the north. heavy showers to the north, a little bit of light shower
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activity north of santa rosa. the bay area is mainly dry through the 1:00 hour. as we had to the later afternoon hours, that is one a chance of rain starts to roll through the north bay and the south of the golden gate into the evening. we will take a closer look at this coming up in just a bit. >>catherine: former nfl star junior sale was found dead today, shot to death in what police believe was a suicide. he was an intimidating force on the football field and known and loved for his cheer 60th engineer sale was regarded as one of the nfl's best linebackers over a 20 year career. he played for the chargers, dolphins and patriots. he retired in 2010. friends say looking back at this happy man in his prime it's hard to believe that he ended his own life. that is at least the initial theory as to how he died. >> the case at this point is being investigated as a
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suicide. a handgun was found near the body. >> his bathroom -- is our friend found him in a bathroom of his home. he was unconscious and could not be revived. family members and friends are heartbroken. his mother cannot understand what happened saying that she spoke with him by phone earlier this week. if it was a suicide, she did not see it coming. he was recognized for his charity work by then- president george bush. he started the junior sale foundation in 1992 dedicated to raising money to education and youth programs. this is him with two of his three children. friends say he was sometimes called the mayor because everyone knew and liked him. many fans in it neighbors
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showed up outside his home to a confused and saddened over his death. >> his death is already raising a lot of new questions about whether head trauma was a factor in what happened. there are a lot of ongoing studies into how repeated injuries affect the emotional health of football players. >> in the east bay, a bar writer is carjack early in the morning. i will show you where it happened and how the suspect got away. >> his family says he was paced to death. authorities are filing charges in the case of the florida a&m drum major that was beaten to death on a bus. we will show you the new experiment to give drivers a break. tension on the bay bridge but in a good way. we will say the major milestone that will list the new eastern span into place. >> it weighs 30,000 lbs..
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at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>pam: and early morning carjacking at an east bay station at the el cerrito station. terisa estacio is joining us live from the scene. did this happen on a side street or in one of the bart parking lots craig skalar how >> it happened here. lot b which is in front of the el cerrito bart plaza station.
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i wanted to walk you through the station. police are telling us that the suspect came out of nowhere and approached a woman in her 60s who was getting out of space-bar 46. he turned around and flashed the gun for demanding that she hand over all for valuables. she gave him for purse as well as the keys to her car and then he took off and has not been seen since. a short time ago i spoke with a bar writer who says she never parks in this lot because she does not feels it. we'll >> i live in albany. i have a neighbor who lives underneath. quebec
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>> bart police tell kron4 that this is the second carjacking of the year in a bart parking lot. another one happened last month in daly city. other bart riders i spoke with said they are extremely alarmed about this crime. as far as the car, this is a picture of a similar vehicle, a 2010 lexus. a state of alert has gone out looking for this vehicle. coming up at 6:00 we will have more. >>catherine: a major turning point in to the death of a drum major at san you. >> of 13 individuals are
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facing charges in the death of a ford in and drama teacher. investigators concluded that he was keetsa data hazing for her. cotter the fort hall, aha has as it is high how can american tragedy. housefly mahout >> the majority of those charged defaced and third degree felonies. there was not enough evidence to a more polite an attorney for his parents say they are disappointed that the charges were not more severe but there habit have arrest in the case.
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his 20 other counts of this demeanor hazing seriously injured. and that even the man has been implemented in the hotel had lotus costs will not have to deal with another drastic laws. >>catherine: 2 of those facing charges are in custody and the others are being searched for. more fallout after a man in ohio was arrested off -- after five men and on higher were arrested accused of attempting to blow off a bridge off in cleveland. an ex-convict hired by the fbi played an active role in the investigation. the man had no idea that they had been working with it after my informant. also today, a cleveland city official says the occupy
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cleveland movement has to come to grips with the fact that the bulk of the best of the walton and. >>jaqueline: current conditions in the '50s close to the coastline. half in the south bay, we are in the '60s. it has been fairly briefly in spots. hon the miles per hour winds in the hall with as we head of her 955 of tomorrow if
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you into the 8:00 hour there is moderate rainfall near vallejo otherwise light showers to the peninsula in the south of the golden gate. by midnight we are looking at dry conditions. for temperatures will continue to be cool tomorrow. mid-60s and upper 60s in the
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inland valleys. closer to the coastline, upper 50s. here is a look at your extended forecast. spotty showers in the forecast. into friday, morning fog in the sunshine in the afternoon. if still with us, we will be back after the break. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town.
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>>catherine: detectives are investigating the death of a napa state hospital patient. brandon joseph coates stopped breathing after getting ingested with a sedative and handcuffed. the six support 300 outpatient allegedly attacked to a hospital security officers. and he had been sedated and secluded earlier for violent behavior and was pronounced dead at the scene. a hospital has been flooded with violence against hall staff members to death all
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cut new alcohol regulations and haydn and new performance standards when, the controversial laws come after highly publicized bouts with drugs and violence occurring in downtown. violence occurring in downtown. we will be right back hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. violence occurring in downtown. we will be right back oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email.
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>>pam: a big secret from a catholic priest, what he is saying about the church.
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>>pam: one of the most congested stretch as the bay area roadways getting a makeover. grant lodes is back with us to show us where it is and the changes that are coming. >>grant: more carpool lanes are coming. highway 101 between 85 been embarcadero road in palo alto, currently there is one car will lane in each direction on 101 with the crews are working to build two more carpool lanes. >> by many accounts, the commute on highway 101 is among the nastiest anywhere in the bay area. this stretch in how well is the worst hard. that will soon be changing. >> take a lot, even by 10:00 a.m., in full hour after the lanes are open all, traffic is still crawling.
5:32 pm
on the southbound side is a little bit better off by 3:00 p.m. this will also be of gridlock. with the silicosis and hiring, the 3 mi. stretch north to power outsell has been progressively worse in a recent years serious single carpool lane in each direction is simply not enough of. the concrete barrier just north high and high hall where work has already begun a second set of kron4 and merge lanes that should reduce frequently changing that causes slowdowns and crashes across all lanesan extrt carpoolers more flexibility exiting the freeway which should mean fewer slowdowns in the far left lane and more room to accommodate rebounds and emergency vehicles. when the project is complete in 2014, the stress of 101 will be 12 lanes wide.
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>>pam: it is a difficult to sell any or drugs on the bay grill or france or real steel milestone on the new eastern span fichte a look at this video from today showing monumental were being done pick the new eastern span, crews can begin hanging suspension quit all that will support costs so baha'i hydraulics have been squeezing the cable into a cylindrical shape. caltrans says those machines are just a few hundred feet away from finishing work on the main cable. >> the big steel pac-man looking thing around cableways 30,000 lbs.. that is what is doing the work. >> it is not local. what we need to do is use a compression machine to get that form. >> we are taking individual
5:34 pm
strands that when there roped together they form a hexagon, we are compressing them into a cylindrical form that allows us to place the saddles that hold the bridge up. it is a big milestone to finish this today. >>pam: caltrain officials say they're confident that the knicks regis band will on labor day to tell justine. >>jaqueline: cooler conditions this afternoon temperatures dropping several degrees in our inland valleys. right now, the warmest spot is the antioch at 70 degrees. made '60s inland. closer to the coastline it is 52 in half moon bay, 56 and oakland. in the north bay 65 in santa rosa. here's a look at satellite and radar. cloud coverage over the bay area this afternoon. we are going to see mostly cloudy conditions of rain hit highest beta college ball close to the coastline
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in calls mostly cloudy skies but dry into the morning. tune as we head into the afternoon, light rain possible the mainly into the north bay. the chance for that except into the evening. we will time out on future cast. >>grant: we are tracking a hot spot, kron4 has just learned about a serious accident on interstate 80. all southbound lanes on 880 are blocked near 23rd street. that is where you see the red on the screen. at least two cars involved in the accident. we have no additional information but we have a crew on the way. big news here, insisted the 80 southbound lanes are blocked at this point. >>stanley: if you are looking at a driver with selkirk, this driver is
5:36 pm
testing while going to the toll plaza of the golden gate. i often hear that when police are around people are well behaved, but i dispute that warmer with this. because of an announced occupy protests ever upward to 200 uniformed california highway patrol officers at the ready. here is this lady with herself on in her hand while waiting to pay the toll in it just chatting away. this woman is lacking for something while behind the wheel. what could be so important and as such a distraction. this woman appears to be o.k. but she is not because she has and will your buds. they're not allowed while driving.
5:37 pm
this guy is shaving. shaving while driving is not a legal but does fall under distracted driving. under a collision he could be at fault. remember to always use hand signals before changing lanes. if you have a fender bender in a matter who is at fault and if no one is injured, pulls of the side of the roadway.
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>>kimberlee: you can see the bart driving over the sightseeing boats. two people were killed. the sightseeing boats captain did not ask for help and twisted bibles on the continues to save lives. this next video is an armed robbery outside a florida wal-mart. on the right side of the screen, a woman grabs another woman's purse. if at the top of your screen, a man and ran after the thief, tackled her to the ground. the suspect had a knife and stabbed to the good samaritan. police are still looking for the thief. take a look at this, a community in ohio drying out after last night's storms. as many as 50 big rigs were
5:39 pm
damaged at this dealership. business owners say damage could reach into the millions.
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>>catherine: stocks ended kind of mixed today. the dow was down, the nasdaq was up and the s&p lost four points. a little bit of a retreat from a european unemployment hit a 15 year high of. we also saw american companies adding 119,000 in april 3rd that is the fewest in seven months. what started out as jobs are starting to recover, it is the first time unemployment claims have been higher. and this could be a problem for the president.
5:43 pm
it's >>pam: >>catherine: you are saying to be set is a winner because more people are spending? >> a visa and mastercard are transaction companies, they're not credit companies. we are an electronic nation now. wife >>catherine: does it also mean more spending?
5:44 pm
>>catherine: another winner is wholefoods. >> a lot of people want organic. they only have granted stores in america and they are opening new stores. >>catherine: another winner is a facebook. >> it is heavily rumored
5:45 pm
that there will start the road show next week and that the company will become public with an evaluation of up to 100 billion. will outline the business model to investors, how they're looking at metrics.
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krahn >>jaqueline: as we look over at the inland valleys, a temperatures are in the mid-upper 60s. mid-60's for east bayshore is. warmer and the north bay, but not much. things will start to warm up slightly into friday with an increase in sunshine and temperatures taking a warm turn on saturday and sunday. >>grant: and update on southbound 880 through oakland at 23rd street, it is still a hot spot.
5:48 pm
there are still very slow speeds but all lanes are no longer close. three lanes are open, one lane remains closed. the fast lane is still closed and we do not know of any injuries still. the big news here is that three lanes are back over it. one of lane on south of 880 remains close. for >>catherine: as one man left the u.s. embassy saying he is very afraid for his family's safety. he escaped earlier from house arrest, a deal supposedly had been worked out between u.s. and china regarded his feet to fill us diplomats gave him all misleading information. he believed he would be reunited with his family and allowed to start a new life in a university town in china but found out that
5:49 pm
chinese authorities have been threatening his wife and harassing his little girl. he is now hoping for help in getting out of time to complete. more than 100 people are missing out of a ferry accident in india. roughly 90 people have been rescued and the the crews are now looking for bodies. the fear was over credit with 300 passengers and sank after a storm breaking into pieces as it is about to dock. if people were swept away by the strong river current. with death lines of
5:50 pm
>> people can go through the motions of looking at some of it. no one knows riordan and with these kids. the church has been systematically covered up generational of use. it has happened throughout the church hierarchy of the clergy. it needs to be exposed. >> the catholic church has excommunicated him and he says he is flat or said he has scored a debate that could lead to some changes. more news after the break.
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>>grant: $120 million for a piece of art. it is the screen by much, it just sold at a new york city auction for a record $120
5:54 pm
million. it was made in 1895. it is a modern a symbol of human anxiety to. if that is a record amount for a piece of art. it's $120 million at a new york city auction.
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>>jaqueline: an increase in cloud cover this afternoon as a storm of purchase. rain is on tap for ferranti. more on the weather coming up at 6. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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bring your rotisserie chicken bart riders hope
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that they are doing more than a minority of. >> i do not see any security or heart police patrolling here hall. i have been fair and here for years. offshore >> and light of this theme think event for us cautious this more-month his/her the
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>>jaqueline: closer to the coastline temperatures in the upper 50s and to live '60s. temperatures will cool down even more as we head into tomorrow. right now temperatures are quite well in places like half moon bay. earhart into tomorrow we do have a chance of rain, mostly in the north bay. we could see a few showers north of the golden gate. into the afternoon, light rain mainly north of the golden gate. as we head into the evening showers could spread south. let's take a look at our satellite and a great architecture. the storm is bringing rain to northern california.
6:18 pm
rain is possible into tomorrow morning. as we headed to the 2:00 hour we are cleaning largely dry. in a little more rain covered and what future cast is showing for the north bay. if the 5:00 hour continues to show light showers of north. a chance of showers south of the golden gate near 8:00. over one-tenth of an inch of rain is expected. it is not a huge crane maker but will bring a steady conditions. cloud cover will be increases the morning hours. warmer and places kolkhoz hand little more. chris here is a look a here
6:19 pm
and forecast. cloudy conditions in to the answer. the warming trend really get underway into this weekend. stay with well, we will be back after this break. stay with well, we will be back after this break. great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store.
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and if >>pam: and eight grade san jose boy died after being attacked in a downtown park. he was a student at an intermediate school in south san jose. off counselors have been made available for students and faculty at the school. police say the boy was attacked by group of young man at the park on friday he had died from injuries sustained to his head. dublin police are looking for a robbery suspect who looks like this sketch. the suspect is described as a white male, one of 50 lbs. between 5 ft. 2 in 5 1/4 inches tall.
6:23 pm
police say he has a tattoo with the name may get on the right side of his neck. >> meningitis is being blamed for the death of a 25 year-old laboratory worker of the veterans affairs medical center in san francisco area for meningitis is for inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord fury the name of the victim has not been released furious he died saturday morning. and investigations launched the next day. several states local and federal agencies are involved. we will be right back. i like your part on the other side peseta sennight
6:24 pm
to make and and i in the band have here we want what
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what jobs. aha unisys attend one unfinished our guests
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>>pam: no information about the 17 year-old accused of stealing a lamborghini on the bike a celebrity chef. the car like the one you see here was still on last year from san francisco dealership. court documents reveal that the sun had several clients, a police uniform, a police
6:27 pm
scanner and ammunition inside of this storage unit in richmond. that is where police say they found the labor union. documents also explain how authorities cut the suspect. police stumbled on the stolen lamborghini in his storage garage. his bill has been set at 2 million. his bill has been set at 2 million. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer.
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>> investigators with the speed freak killers case and that were a rookie from more human remains. hearing his helicopter video from the area they were searching, they say they've found nothing, no human
6:30 pm
remains. >> in el cerrito, a carjacking early wednesday morning, police say it happened in the bart parking lot. a woman was approached by a man with a gun, he demanded all of her valuables and he took off. police are now searching for her lexus vehicle. the woman was not heard it is very upset. >> and san francisco the damage is estimated at how clean to thousand dollars and high thousand dollars. the building has been vacant for approximately 19 months to. occupy protesters attempted to take it over for the second time. hall
6:31 pm
>> the continuing our occupy protests coverage, san francisco police are reacting to criticism over how they handled the riot on valencia's street. >> in palo alto, work is
6:32 pm
under way to ease congestion along highway 101, one of the worst to me it's anywhere in the bay area. shoulder work to accommodate a peer of new car pool lanes. one in each direction is under way. it will run for about three and a half miles between mountain view into the embarcadero. eventually, this stretch of highway will be 12 lanes high. work is scheduled to be completed in 2014. madam disease. in addition to annual events there will be some new ones. the 75th anniversary of the golden gate is the first big event. the u.s. open will bring professional golfing fans in the america's cup world series will be a blend of august. in addition to the new events officials say there are more cruise ships scheduled to visit the city this year.
6:33 pm
>> in san francisco drivers are still getting used to the new detour of leading to and from the golden gate. drivers are also faced with something that looks like the scene of a disaster movie. this is what the area looked like before in that this is a looks like now. he eventually caltrans will pick up and carry away all of this debris. sometime in 2015 it will finish building the permanente road wake known as the presidio parkway. >> in san francisco, a unique tax. they're trying to keep the homeless off of their doorsteps by blasting overnight construction noise through speakers. how how
6:34 pm
>>gabe: and technicians i'm in downtown mountain view where start of which is going on. vardell. this event is free and open to the public. it is outside in a great ecosystem for anyone with the start of idea to come here and learn how to launch a start up. cahow people looking to invest. >> our bid with a story tonight is the chance of rain tomorrow. an increase in a cloud cover now. mostly cloudy through the over nine hours. in the rain is mainly in the north right now but it is moving down south.
6:35 pm
we will see a chance of showers into tomorrow morning. into the 2:00 hour, coverage could be greater. we will see the rain innis this subject this house by tomorrow evening. temperatures will look like this tomorrow. upper 50s closer to the clothesline, mid-upper 60s away from the coastline. cooler conditions was spotty showers tomorrow. as we head into friday improving weather with more sunshine and temperatures. a warming trend will continue into the weekend. >> i was on land but it did not want to be late for
6:36 pm
work. >>stanley: this driver is explaining to me why he did something that would make his lunch one of the most expensive. he is not the only one. in less than 90 minutes, more than a half-dozen drivers did the exact same thing. >>officer: i am stopping you because he failed to obey the regulatory side. >>stanley: ability to sunnyvale to the 101 and lawrence expressway in the next edition of people behaving badly. >>pam: a zazzle bay to breakers is right around the corner. eat and watch the action right here on kron4. we will bring in the race from start to finish and the crazy fun in between. kron4 will have cameras along the course keeping up with a lead runners and catching up with a wild costumes as people make their way from the bay to breakers. it is a san francisco tradition they do not want to mess, sunday morning made 20 of right here on kron4.
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we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>pam: research in motion is hoping to give apple a run for its money into articling a populated device from its store shelves. >>kimberlee: at the blackberry world expo in orlando, research in motion showed all of like a very tense, his league touchscreen device. they still plan to produce models with the physical keyboards but this is another signal that they are attempting to take on the iphone and android by shifting to the touch screen world. they're trying to reverse a sales slump. sales tumbled 25% last quarter. target has confirmed it is the phasing of amazon kindle devices and accessories carving this spring. or would not comment on the reason behind the decision
6:41 pm
hum experts say they're getting more serious about amazon as an enemy rather than a partner in trying to distance themselves from the online retailer as much as alfalfa because they recognize that they're losing sales. " >>kimberlee: this looks like a normal luggage tag that can be scanned to retreat passenger information or and flight destinations and in turn can be built located anywhere in the world. >>pam: still ahead, gary has more on the passing of junior sale. plus, a young alain tim myers is making history racing motorcycles. she is in the studio and speaks of geary when we come back.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: one of the most popular of all players of
6:45 pm
his generation dead at 43. junior sale was a start with the san diego chargers. he played for miami and it new england to. >>gary: here are a couple of quotes from the 49ers and radars -- raiders.
6:46 pm
>>gary: vern glenn has more on the story. >> take me and leave my son! >>vern: and emotional mother has lost her son. >> there is a deep sadness. >> a stunned head coach who lost a former player. how could it have happened. how could one of the great linebackers of our generation who was on top for most of its 20 year career allegedly take his own life. >> you have to be shocked today. i can only say a prayer for jr., god be with him. >> he had a terrific career. he owned three restaurants in his native san diego area but there were whispers of the freshest since retiring
6:47 pm
after the 2009 season. in 2010, just hours after his release following a domestic violence or arrests, he drove his suv off of a cliff. he says he fell asleep behind the wheel but some suspected even then that he was trying to commit suicide. now at age 43 he has become the eighth player from the 1994 charter team to lose his life. >>gary: michael irving said, the deal with junior seau and a lot of players is that when they retire from football, they miss the locker room.
6:48 pm
another team out said junior seau was so proud, whenever he would injured, he would not let the team trainer work on him, he would go back to his room to let his own doctor takes his ankle or do whatever it took to get him healthy because he did not want to show any witness in front of his teammates. >>gary: taking a definite back from a to the tragedy of junior seau, the latest penalty did it the normans saints. a saints linebacker has been suspended for the entire season. another defensive linemen was suspended for the first eight games of the upcoming season.
6:49 pm
a defensive and was barred for the first four games and one was suspended for the first three games for their role for the bounty gate.
6:50 pm
the troops >>gary: 24 year-old wino mystique from barcelona, here is some business and soccer.
6:51 pm
barcelona won a four-one. when we return one of the best motorcycle races of the country. carthage you're going down! it's all over!
6:52 pm
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>>gary: thought the best 80 year old pro and amateur racer, she will be featured on the track this week and ready to roll. she made history winning in if sonoma two years ago. at 16 she became the first female in history to win at a pro-am road race and then was on the program a couple of years ago.
6:55 pm
>> how old were you when you start? >> i was 8 years old. i am from discovery bay. my dad got me on bikes are was young. i have fun with it and ran with it. >>gary: judging from media a couple of times what made you say, i want to be on a motorcycle? >> i have always been an adrenaline junkie. it is just something where i feel like i can be freed. >> i think everyone treats me like they would any other male competitor.
6:56 pm
i do not think that they are overly worried about my gender. >>gary: you were not interested in college? >> i am going to college right now. i'm taking journalism. the skin is not my main priority is this crisis now, obviously you cannot the motorcyclists forever. tough to >>gary: this would be think when you look at the pack for? it cost >> of left as the motorcycle racing grow to what car racing has become in this country. >>gary: it is nice to see
6:57 pm
you again. you're for the nicely. the glut this weekend. we will see at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
deion sanders is speaking out now after he and his wife were both charged with assaults. >> what he only told us about their real-life "war of the roses." i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. did you assault your wife pilar? >> the nfl great today on his domestic violence case. >> my son said, daddy, mommy, nothing's wrong with her. >> is a new eyewitness claiming that deion attacked his estranged wife first? >> deion was chanting at the top of his breath. >> inside the mansion they still shared before her arrest for assault. >> i pray to god that they don't allow her back in the home. was there cocaine in her system? >> i didn't know that she was struggling with it. >> bobby brown on whitney's drug death. our


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