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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 2, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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in vallejo. reggie kumar is there live. for the missing 16 europe. people have gathered at this home in vallejo for a vigil that is about to get started. she was last seen at her father's home in fairfield. her mother says she's not out of his home on saturday night and has not been seen since.
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when was the last time he spoke with her? >> i have not spoken with her since last weekend for 16th birthday party. there is a tip given to an investigator regarding a neighbor saying that she went to her house asking to use the phone and apparently silver van pulled up with multiple people feared she left stating that there were going to sacramento to someone's house. the >> fairfield police are handling the investigation, have you learned anything new. have learned. my daughter does not have a telephone. we do not know anything.
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there was an argument before she left with her father about her grades. >> charlotte was born and raised in vallejo. the vigil is expected to get under way at any moment. anyone is encouraged to come here to attended the vigil in the glen cove area of a vallejo. >>pam: investigators believe that shermantine and herzog killed more than one dozen people and says that herzog committed suicide earlier this year. shermantine has been leading authorities to burial sites across northern california. so far more than 1000 bone fragments have been found and there have been for
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victims identified. >> this may look like your average neighborhood but it has a mild of fields, an area that bounty hunter leonard padilla believes holds human remains. authorities said tuesday excavating is a backyard with the belief that there could be remains specifically related to these two men, shermantine and herzog. they have been known as the speed freak killers. fbi agents and area investigators say nothing was found and the search is over but the diaz says
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phibro cadaver dogs to this location and believes that something is likely here. >> if they burned a body in the eighth hit, there is no way they could have located anything. >> the question now is, will they be back at this location that they have already searched? i spoke with the of the full this afternoon have basically made the point that they have surged to other locations that they have yet to start. it is possible that we will see other searches in this very rules. . >>pam: you have been communicating with people who believe there could be a connection with a cold case and the speed freak killers? a woman who went missing in the '90s at -- from a casino.
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they have had no leads believe should be related to the case spirit today is the first coming of what about this other woman. the small town of london is just east of stockton. live from the remains of two women at two different occasions.
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>>pam: second eight grades and as a boy had died days after being attacked at a downtown park by a group of young man at the park. he died of injuries to state its head. the victim name has not been released. no arrests have been made in the case. >>pam: a very different tactic being used to keep the homeless away. loud noises blasted throughout the act. kate thompson is live where the audio assault has been going on for several days. >> it is not too pleasant.
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imagine that some going for hours and hours. they say there has been an influx of homeless boy in the area. the city says they're trying to make libraries differ in move the homeless away from a library. that has the more towards the bill grimm auditorium and people have been completed. there are using the noise to chase the homeless away. >> chainsaws, jackhammers, sirens, motorcycles, loud, obnoxious noises.
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>>pam: and an increase in vodka for here and throughout the bay area. temperatures are quite chilly very low 50s close to the coastline.
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>>pam: still ahead. >> the tourists are coming to town. there are a lot of events coming to the city. i will tell you what they are and what they need the economy. >> drivers traveling along the will drive are now faced with something that looks like a scene from a disaster movie. >> a new jersey mother arrested, accused of taking her six year-old daughter tanning. >> could efface the court twitter be behind me?
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>>pam: and early morning carjacking in the el cerrito bart station parking lot. terisa estacio has the latest of the investigation. >>terisa: of the female victim told police that as she was getting out of her car at the el cerrito bart station the suspect approached her, flashed a gun and demanded that she hand over her valuables. she gave him her purse and keys and he sped off. >> i am really scared now you told me about this. this is really surprising. >> my goodness.
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and this is a picture of a similar car that was still a. it's over 2010 lexus sedans. police will not confirm or deny if they're looking at surveillance video but they have issued a national and state vehicle over.
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>>pam: last week's demolition of the oil drive has dramatically changed landscape along a 1 mi. stretch of the city's northern edge. charles clifford shows us the before and after images from the real point of view. >>charles: right now you're looking at a google earth image of the oil drive before it was torn down. offs this is will drive ended this was the detour before was completed. and will drive is now a pile of rubble. here is the same drive from a different angle, before and after.
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traffic has and shifted the cons of the newly completed road and off of the oil drive. on the top of the screen is video taken from sky 4 this week and the bottom is a google earth image from last year. this is the teacher before completed and this is how it looks now. this is not the will drive look for more than 60 years and this is how it looked after last week's demolition. >>pam: >>jaqueline: as you head out the door tomorrow morning, cloudy but dry. by 10:00 a.m. is one a chance of rain starts. into the act did, a light rain will be going in the north bay. we do have a baseball game out there tomorrow afternoon at 880 park, the marlins and
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giants. the rain will be light and it will hold off from moving down at the san francisco until 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m.. by 10:00 a.m. we have rain going well north of us. into the afternoon, most of the rain states to the north. by 4:00 the ranges down through the north bay and through san francisco. by 6:00 we will see widespread rain.
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>>pam: we have an update on a dog named freeway, the german shepherd puppy that was dragged by a truck nearly to death in vallejo last a month. reggie kumar shows us how the public is doing now. >>reggie: this is how he looked thursday after having his right rear leg amputated and that this is how he looks today. he is running and walking on his three legs. he is socializing wallet other dogs. the german shepherd puppy is staying with foster parents. >> he is making remarkable
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progress. he has learned how to said, lay down and stand. >> tower temptation is to call him too much, we want to get him out and act normally as soon as possible. >> the humane society says there is a long waiting lists of people would like to adopt him including the woman to rescue the dog. the humane society says she will have priority. >>gary: coming up later, the tragic death of one of his generation's war popular athletes. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>gabe: could the next facebook or twitter be behind me? diane downtown at the start up the village. 600 are to open the doors are pitching their ideas for start-ups. it's a beautiful silicon valley of bed. >> we are the first of its kind event.
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>> we even encouraged people to hustle their own products. it does not matter, it is open to the public. >> start of village has been a success. >>jaqueline: more details on the weather coming up.
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>>pam: ab area city raising for one of the busiest tourism seasons. we will tell you where. another major milestone for the $6.3 billion project on the eastern span of the bay bridge. what it is and when you will be able to see it. in other phases trout in danger of it charges, accused of burning potbound her six year-old in a tanning booth. details are coming up.
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great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. >>pam: the summer tourism season is almost here. there are a lot of new
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reasons for tourists to come to town. >> millions visit the city every year, half during the summer. >> this year is one of the busiest years and a long time. the events schedule is 27 pages long. the 75th anniversary of the golden gate is memorial weekend. it is expected to draw people from all over the world.
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in june the u.s. open. rounding out the end of the summer the america's cup world series at the end of august. is this truly an international of beds. all of this is a shot in the economies are at barton's are very happy about the greater than usual visitation. >> one of the worst stretches of bay area roadways is getting bigger and better. there is currently
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>> by many accounts the commute, i with 101 is among the nastiest in the bay area. let's go for a ride. take a look. even by 10:00 a.m., a full hour after the lanes are open to all, traffic is still crawling north. on the southbound side is better but by 3:00 p.m. this will also be gridlocks. traffic along the 3.5 mi. stretch has gotten progressively worse in recent years. it's a single carpool lane is simply not enough. the carpal barrier is where work has already begun an
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extra lane will give carpoolers more flexibility exiting the freeway. >> when the project is complete, this stretch of 101 will be 12 lanes wide. >>pam: a milestone for caltrans workers. take a look at the new video from today in. this week the crews will begin handing the suspension cables.
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>> it is not a cylindrical. we have to use a compression and she's to get that form. >> we are taking the individual strands of wire >>jaqueline: to address this afternoon or cooler the low side yesterday.
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a few areas of clouds of mostly clear skies. it's >> most may day protesters were peaceful but things did get heatedly in the day. that is one a group of demonstrators left their location bart in north on van ness passing by city hall and turn left on turk street.
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>> san francisco policeman and to a standoff tuesday added about 3:00 p.m.. >> they made their way to this abandoned building. they said they wanted to use this as it plays with it live. >> inside the building, some rooms were set aside for sleeping. the mood was generally of the. >> we are not about violence. that changed when one man began hurling objects. after taunting police, the man was arrested. >> the police department has looked at with a large show of force. >> about two dozen protesters felt themselves and police vans.
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>> they may have of a huge fight the night before, but not at 5:00 a.m.. >> this is the second time the and the building has been occupied. alejandra cerball spoke with the building's owner about the damage left behind. >> this is video from april. graffiti on the walls and debris on the ground. we should the video to a spokesperson the archdiocese of san francisco, the building owners. >> this is much more damage than the preoccupation yesterday. tuesday. he says protesters cut through a fence into jimmied doors to get inside. >> a broken window
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>>terisa: of the estimates the damage to be between $2,000.5000 dollars. the security view is currently underway. >>pam: violence marred oakland's made it protests yesterday when it was overcome a 39 people were arrested of various crimes in several businesses vandalized. >> this was one of several banks targeted by vandals during may day protests.
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in addition to repairing the atm machine, spray paint and graffiti was removed from the bank's logo and glass swap debt for the floor as well as several broken windows removed and replaced with plywood. windows were shattered here as love. the glass windows covered with plywood after demonstrators stormed the outside of this bank of america.
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>>pam: the security to watch zazzle bay to breakers. kron4 will bring you the race scanned all of the craziness in between. we will have cameras everywhere along the course khafre the wild costumes as participants make their way from the bay to breakers. participants make their way from the bay to breakers.
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telling her school nurse that she got the burnt while attending with money. she said she allowed her daughter to accompany her to the tanning salon but never into the this. since the jersey state law prohibits anyone under 14 from using tanning salons. she was in court today and pleaded not guilty to a child endangerment charge and is due back in court on june 4th. >>pam: still ahead the tragic death of junior seau and to the oakland a's tried to take two of three from the red sox. gary has sports coming up.
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>>stanley: pay attention to what happens when the light turns green. the driver just ran the look red light. i was not the only one nassau. with in the san jose office of the california highway patrol, officer: darling is about to have a chat with this driver. >> you feel to stop at the red light. >>stanley: for the record there are three signs at this intersection that say, no turn on red. the driver claims the light was still yellow. >> i do not want to be late for work. he is not alone. watch this driver.
8:45 pm
she actually stops for the red light. it is not like she did not have time to read the signs. >> it is so bad at this intersection, did to give each driver receives office for something fog failure to observe regulatory signs. in less than 90 minutes, seven separate drivers ignore the signs. there will not be able to ignore the over $400 ticket.
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>>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: , e-mail us. >> we have a storm sitting to the north approaching gaviria ever so slowly. right now the rain is staying to the north. it could see light showers as we head into tomorrow. mostly cloudy but dry with a chance of rain in the north bay. through the afternoon, light rain expected but that will stay north of the golden gate. the chance of rain increases as we had to the south in the evening hours. they look at future cast 4 tam, the rain is still largely to the north. into the 1:00 hour stayed mostly to the north. by 4:00 the rain pushes into the north bay with pretty widespread coverage.
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the green on your screen indicates fairly light showers. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will stay on the cooler side. the warm-up really gets under way into the weekend with temperatures back into the east. we will stay warm into early next week. third >>stanley: one of football's most popular players for 20 years is dead at the age of 43. junior seau died today of a
8:48 pm
single gunshot wound. police are saying more than likely suicide. 20 seasons in the national football league, most with the chargers. he also played with the dolphins it new england. >> take me and leave my son. >> and emotional mother has lost a son. >> this is a deep sadness. >> a stunned head coach has lost a former player. how could it have happened? how could one of the great linebackers of our generation allegedly take his own life?
8:49 pm
>> he had a terrific career. he owed three restaurants in his native san diego area. there were whispers of depression since retiring after the 2009 season. in 2010, just hours after his release following a domestic violence arrests, he drove his suv off of a cliff. he says he fell asleep behind the wheel of the some suspected even then he was tried to commit suicide. now at age 43 he has become the eighth player scored from the super bowl charter team to lose his life. >>gary: their raiders came out with a statement today.
8:50 pm
the 49ers also issued a statement. >>gary: listening to the players on camera today talking about the passage of junior seau, this guy had something to live for. he had three children yet life had become so difficult for him. the one consistency is there is such an adrenaline rush, you believe in your team mates and when that goes away you are by years of. that is apparently what happened to junior seau.
8:51 pm
every pro player today said they understood what he was going through, not so much to take his wife, >>gary: in the door led st. john's case, a top player for the saints was suspended for the entire year for his role. make no mistake, losses are coming.
8:52 pm
the oakland a's are doing it again on throwback night in boston. they're willing philadelphia a's jerseys. from philadelphia they went to kansas and then came west in 1968. the oakland a's had a 4-0 lead. the oakland a's with cook had not allowed a run in 12 innings. the oakland a's won tonight
8:53 pm
4-2. >>gary: the sharks on the ship has come out with a statement about the season they struggled
8:54 pm
>>gary: the think the coach of the team should go? >> in a change in the house and it is not working, what else should he change? fulcrum of
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8:56 pm
>>gary: with this goal, that is 68 on the year of breaking an all-time record.
8:57 pm
the most goals by a european player. >>pam: we will see you at 11:00 p.m. to. [ crickets chirping ]
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