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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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screeches and blaring horns. how some are hoping the noise makes the homeless take a hike. a teenager missing from va va >> i need your help to find our little girl. and how the new eastern span of the bay bridge will reach a milestone this week.
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the search is on tonight to find a missing 16 year-old vallejo girl. she may have run away from home. her mother held a candlelight vigil tonight to spray for the safe return of her daughter. >> reporter: the mother of olivia moderro made a plea to bring her daughter home to a higher power. she says her daughter has run away from her father's fairfield home in the past, but she says olivia usually calls her and checks in after one day. but not this time. she says the teen had a disagreement with her father before leaving on saturday. >> an argument about her grades, and letter writing to
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her high school friends who are in juvy. and i said, well, what prompted her to leave? what happened? and he just said i don't think anything happened that was bad enough for her to leave the house. i heard through tips from the investigator that she may be in sacramento or the sacramento area. in a silver van. >> reporter: kidnap survivor missy sanchez was also at the vigil to help olivia's mother try and cope with her daughter's disappearance. >> seeing olivia's mom hurt, and just a mess, reminds me of my mine when i was missing. even if she's ran away, we still need to be looking. a noisy effort to try and keep the homeless away by blasting loud noises all night
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long. that is what is happening at bill graham auditorium in san francisco. the audio assault started a few days ago. kate thompson is live tonight to tell us more about it. >> reporter: this stafted last week with the loud noise -- started last week with the loud noise around 8:00. now it doesn't begin until a little bit after 11:00 when security leaves the building. but as you can see, the sidewalk here is clear. so apparently their tactic is quite effective. >> reporter: what is this? [ alarm sounds ] [ alarm sounds ] >> reporter: blasted 8-nine hours straight through the night. 9 hours straight through the night. >> reporter: on the streets for more than 20 years, oscar says the sound is unbearable. >> chainsaws, jackhammers, sirens. motorcycles.
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loud, obnoxious noises. you can hear it a thousand yards away. >> reporter: the influx of homeless near bill graham is due to a number of thing, including the effort to move homeless out of and away from the main library, which is located just across the plaza. >> there have been patrons and staff that have complained about some individuals that have been problematic in and around the libraries. so i think people in san francisco sometimes see people just get moved. >> reporter: so the loud noise out here in the civic center, there are no residents here, so that doesn't seem to be a problem so far. what is the city doing about this issue? they say that they have leased ten small hotel rooms specifically for the homeless in the civic center. they'll be sending teams out here tomorrow trying to get people into those beds because they say this population has decided that it doesn't like to go into any of the other facilities.
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bay area rain on the way for tomorrow morning. jacqueline bennett has a quick look at the forecast. >> well, conditions outside right now are dry. taking a look at our golden gate shot, visibility not too bad. and the roadways are dry at this time. a look at satellite and radar, cloud cover making its way through the bay area this evening. the showers are up to the north. the rain is mostly going to stay up to the north with this system. but it has started to sag down to the sought. a look on futurecast, into the 10:00 hour tomorrow morning, most of the rain staying to the north. the chance of rain is mainly in the morning for the north bay. the 1:00 hour, you're starting to see the rain approach the rest
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of the bay area. by 1:00, showers through the north bay, spreading south of the golden gate by section clock. we're largely looking at really light rain with this system. under a tenth of an inch of rain is expected. the aftermath of yesterday's may day protests left many businesses cleaning up today. businesses owned by many people all over the bay area had to deal with splaterred paint and grafoot -- -- splattered paint and graffiti. >> reporter: the building has been vacant for approximately 19 months, and on tuesday, occupy protestors attempted to take it over for the second time in two months. the arch diocese put up blocks buttress passers broke through.
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san francisco police are reacting to criticism over how they handled monday night's riot here on valencia street when a splinter group of about 150 protestors smashed windows and spray painted businesses and cars and even the mission police station. they say the first officers who arrived were clearly outnumbered and had to hang back following the crowd. they say they were not escorting the vandals, and most of the crowd dispersed by the time backup arrived. in oakland where businesses are cleaning up and boarding up following the may day protests. banks were the primary targets of vandals in this area. repairs were made to atm machines, spray paint removed, as well as shattered dplasz swept up from bank -- glass
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swept up from blank floors. a carjacking in the parking lot of the elserrito bart station today. a suspect held a woman in her 60s at gun point to steal her car. the woman did not resist and was not injured. officials are lookingly for the suspect -- looking for the suspect. we spoke with other riders today who say today's incident has definitely shaken them up. caltrans workers reached a milestone on the new eastern span. we have new video to show you today showing the monumental work being done. the new eastern span of the bay bridge will reach the point this week where crews can begin hanging the suspension cables which will support the deck. special hydraulic compacting machines have been squeezing that cable into a cylindrical shape. they're just a few hundred feet away from finishing the work on the main cable. and come will up, a new
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search for possible victims of the "speed freak killers". we take you to today's dig site. later in this broadcast, the death of a great football player at age 43, junior seau. also the fun stuff, the as and the giants ahead. and a dog named freeway is on the road to recovery. an update on how he's doing after he was dragged behind a truck.
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an update on that dog named freeway. the german sheppard puppy dragged by a truck nearly to death last month. how the puppy is doing now. >> this is how freeway looked like thursday after having her
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left leg #5678 tatded. he -- amputated. he is walking around and socializing well with other dogs. he is staying with foster parent, sally. >> he's making remarkable regulars thanks to the -- progress, thanks to the help of his trainers. he did great in class except he was so exhausteda we had to -- exhausted we had to carry him to the car. >> reporter: dursten says she does not believe the puppy was abused. >> her temptation is to coddle him too much. but we want him to get out and act normally as soon as possible. >> reporter: freeway will spend about six weeks here at his foster care parents' home then he will be adopted to a loving family. the humane society says there's a long waiting list of people who would like to adopt him, including the woman who rescued the dog. and the ruman
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a new dig is underway in the search for victims of the so called "speed freak killers". investigators believe that wesley shermantine, along with his partner killed more than a dozen people. and since herzog committed suicide earlier this
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year, shermantine has been leading authorities to burial sites across california. more than 1000 bone fragments have been found and four victims have been identified. now there's a new location where investigators are digging. >> reporter: this may look like your average neighborhood, but it's a neighborhood amidst miles and miles of fields. an area that bounty hunter leonard pedilla believes holds human remains >> it wouldn't be a farfetched idea that they dumped a body in there and burnt it. >> reporter: they believe there may be remains specifically related to these two men, two
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who have become known as the "speed freak killers". fbi agents and air investigators say that nothing was found, and the search is over. pedilla says he brought his own cadaver dogs to this location and believes that something is still likely here. >> do it in a professional manner. >> if they burned a body in a pit, there's no way they could locate anything in this short of time. it's going to take a week. you need to get some anthropologists out here and actually go through it. >> reporter: crews are done searching that location. but pedilla tells me he searched two other nearby locations with dogs that hit on scents at each one of those spots. for a little perspective on the search for human remains. this is the site right here where crews have been searching this week off highway 4 in the small town of linden. but that's not the only site. about 10 miles northeast of here is also a site in linden that crews
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searched earlier this year where they found the remains of kimberly billy and joanne hobson. and there's a third location near san andreas. remains of chevy wheeler and cinder vanderheiden were found in february in this site, and they were identified in march. increasing clouds overnight tonight as rain approaches for tomorrow. but it's only expected to be very light. here's a look at tomorrow's day planner. in the morning, mostly cloudy but dry. into the afternoon, that's where most of the rain is going to stay. in the evening, that's when the showers could shift down to the south. again, we aren't expecting that much rain. it does look like the giants forecast for tomorrow will stay dry for most of the game.
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there's still a chance of a spotty shower. there's a game here. it's going to be cool out there, cloudy, temperatures only in the low 50s. satellite pictures showing clouds increasing. tonight the rain is up to the north right now. most of this is going to misus to the north. but -- miss us to the north. futurecast for this particular does not like the chance of widespread rain into tomorrow. the 8:00 hour, a few light showers through the north bay, but very, very spotty. 11:00, virtually dry everywhere. we could see a little bit more coverage in the north bay at this time. i think there could be more coverage than what it'sd and fremont.
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11 :00, it should dry out. we should just be seeing cloudy conditions through the bay area. as for temperatures tomorrow afternoon, the south bay will be the warmest location just because we'll see a few sun breaks earlier in the day, and the cloudy conditions will start to move in into the afternoon. upper 60s, low 70s in the south bay. temperatures increased for our east bay showers.antioch, 6. the north bay sitting in the low 60s. your extended forecast, cool with a chance of showers tomorrow, friday improving conditions. we'll see afternoon sunshine, and slightly warmer temperatures. but the warming trend really getting under way into this weekend. a reminder for you. get ready to watch this year's dazzled beta breakers on sunday, may 20th. we'll bring you all the craziness in between. and [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you
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good evening, everybody. one of the best football players of a generation took his own life today at the age of 43. junior seau made his name with the san diego chargers. 20 years in the league. you see the gathering outside his home in oceanside, california. the report is, he took his life with a single bullet early this morning. his ex-wife tonight said he just recently received a text message from seau saying that he loved her and his three children. seau again, 20 years in the nfl.
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played in the super bowl with the chargers, also with the patriots, and the dolphins. junior seau passes today, taking his own life at the age of 43. let's go to some baseball. giants, their second straight loss to miami. joe and jennifer montana having fun at the ball game. and here we go. with barry zito all over the place tonight. tied a career high with seven walks. to his credit, only gave up a couple of runs. one earned, and 91 pitches. he's out of there after 3 and 2/3. all miami until the 9th. bell gives it up to arias to get things cooking. belt scored just 2-1. blanco ties the game on the sfeez bunt.
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and the squeeze bunt. and the giants did have a chance to win it. but they couldn't push over. great play. very, very sweet. we'll show it to you again. the very next hitter, santiago casilla, gone. stanton, a home run, 3-2, the marlins win it, 10 innings tonight. pablo sandoval left the game. his left-hand reported a little pain. missed 45 games last year with a hand injury. leaving early tonight in the marlins' victory. how about those oakland as? nice with 2 in a row over the boston red sox. suzuki with the throw back uniforms tonight. he got plunked tonight. a big bruise for him. he stayed in the game. a 3-run 6th inning. the ars are going to -- the as are going to win this thing. brandon mccarthy, they took two out of three at fenway park in
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boston. big doings tonight in anaheim. jared weaver throwed a no-hitter -- throws a no-hitter. the second no-hitter in the majors in less than two weeks. the angels struck out nine, walked one, denied a perfect game. sharks ownership came out with a statement today in the aftermath of a first [ birds chirping ]
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