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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 3, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>terisa: of the agents moved in at 4:00 a.m. and gunfire erupted immediately. the agent fired at one another. paramedics rushed to the scene. as medical personnel began to treat this person and another person was placed on the stretcher. the helicopter transported in other. as daylight unfolded this crime scene began to be evaluated, and
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crime scene evidence collected. this rate with agents tearing a large hole through the garage hole with the evidence showing the windows pressed out. in the front door. this happened before dawn. this was a shot with residents talking about what they know about the residents in the house. listen. >> just like a guy. maybe early 30's. lady. maybe his wife with two little kids. other than that a lot of traffic in and out. cars parked. i suspected maybe there's something. maybe selling drugs. or if they all lived there. if they chipped in. many people just do by their business
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but when i would drive by the kids were playing. it is shocking and scary. you are living next to people that would go all out like this. >>terisa: federal authorities have identified this man as victor flores known as " the creeper " now in federal custody. at 6:00 p.m. we will take you to the other side of this neighborhood to give you a bird's eye view of how they are processing this crime scene. and showing you the video picking up paillettes scattered. and let' -- bullets scattered and collected. >>pam: this was a deadly shooting and a south san francisco two years ago. this was the scene at december 22,
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2010. authorities say three people were killed and three injured at a drive-by shooting at the corner of linden avenue. some of these 19 people arrested. are believed to be involved in that shooting we have more information a jewelry store robbery deadly. right before 1:00 p.m. a police say the suspect went right into this jewelry store just over the counter. pulled out a gun. and this the owner was inside the office and pulled out another gun and shot the suspect. the male suspect was 37 years old, from hercules it died inside of that to restore. grant? >>grant: this -- jewelry store is on broadway near the
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intersection of illinois. that is just a few blocks from a vallejo high-school. reggie kumar will bring us up states. >>pam: updates. how about some weather updates. cloudy, craig jaclyn bennet. >>jacqueline: we did see some light showers out there, earlier. mainly, overcast. here is a look upside. cloudy-cra faugh gray -- with light showes possible for this evening. a wider view with most of that rainfall to the north. this afternoon we could see some other residual showers. on
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future cast, showing some rainfall offshore. by 6:00 p.m. some shoppers towards fremont. livermore, and even the diablo range with -- showers. light cream over the south bay. a chance for spot the showers this evening over the light rainfall south bay. half of improving conditions with details on that, coming up. >>pam: the vice principal of leland high school has been arrested for police are calling unlawful sexual contact with a minor. 32 year-old of san jose was arrested at this hospital late on wednesday. they are following up with details. the san jose a unified school district says that this victim is a student. this alleged
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incident happened last year in september. and off campus. more details with parents commenting coming in. >> this teenager found a used syringes on a schoolyard. this east bay city. >>reporter: this yellow caution tape have surrounds this section and highland's children center in oaklandon elementary school found a syringe was planning in the dirt on wednesday. oakland unified school district spokesperson. >> >> he uncovered a needle. at some point he stopped himself. >>reporter: the child was taken from the hospital for the possibility of contracting used needles. >> when you are stuck with a needle it takes up to six months. to determine if you are going to indoor and factions.
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off >>reporter: the school yard has not been professionally cleaned after the incident. and the parents were not notified over seven days about what happened. >> we should have been a better job with parent notification. it was not followed with this instant under parent protocol notification. we will take appropriate measures to avoid future occurrences. >>reporter: in oakland haazig madyun >> catherine: these documents from the compound of osama bin laden p made public today. he was intent on killing americans among this information was he was obsessed with the assassination of president obama. he liked the idea that joe biden have to take over. keeping him possibly unprepared
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for leadership. these documents were taken on the raid where he was killed last year. this reveals that there were two different u.s. pockets. >> he was looking for a tax on general david petraceus, joe biden, gates, mullins, obama's, we really focus the efforts on these guys. >> catherine: we were constantly on the run for an unmanned u.s. aircraft and trying to the the the detection of with electronic eavesdropping. they also indicate that then on and was he was worried about his deteriorating network. he was held and on killing americans.
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he knew that he was losing power among his people. he was trying to keep his own son out of danger. >> he was worried. and he was setting sights on a peaceful very young in the middle east and telling his son to seek safety. >> catherine: while americans were trying to recuperate from 911. >>pam: this deadly illness contract it from this worker and if there is any threat to public health. >> facebook the facebook ipo it could make history. what price is the new stock? >> bad news about sandoval and
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it will impact the batting lineup. >> the viral video is it cute or bad parenting? coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>grant: this string of home break-ins just east of 880. high school is right in the middle of these targeted homes. there have
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been the seven homes burglarized in the past 10 days. most for having turned a deaf and people are out and about. police are revising. most are -- tapping happening-during the day. police are warning people to be on the lookout. >> catherine: the 14 year-old allegedly shot his father. the father was a federal agent that work on smuggling investigations at the los angeles airport. he was shot in the back of the head. through a window from the back yard. no details weather this could have been intentional or accidental. >> this ohio bridge bombing has been indicted on three counts speeeach. with the strike ifof a
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phony bomb to blow up that bridge in cleveland. this was from an investigation from undercover fbi agents. if convicted? like in prison. >> this suicide has stunned friends, family. he was shot and the shafshot and the -- chest. they have been leaving flowers and notes the ex-wife told reporters. she is not sure if the several concussions suffered while playing could have contributed to his breakdown. further investigation by medical personnel is being conducted if long-term concussions can
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impact players. >>jacqueline: not much rainfall. we have seen some light showers. to see light showers to the bay area over the last couple of hours. we are seeing rain fall to the north. it is possible that we could see some we word showers this evening. taking a look at future cast. the rain to the east bay and the south bay by 6:00 p.m. light showers over san jose. later this evening, the conditions are clearing out. we've heard showers we worweigh wor with half moon bay is only 4 degrees. and oakland is in the 60s. 60s in concord, livermore
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wayward shoers possible with an area of fog, overnight. this moisture and mild temperatures will keep us in the low 50s. tomorrow the decrease in clouds but temperatures on the relatively cool side. things will warm back up. the fog tracker showing bay-area wide along the san mateo coast and through livermore. as weakened and watch the seventh imf if this is from san francisco and still lingering along the peninsula and the east bay shore. late morning hours showing fog of and down the coast today sunny skies, with the exception of patchy fog. temperatures will be just about to about a few degrees former
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her. however in the upper 50s and 60s. towards the south bay, 66 degrees in redwood city. it look at the extended forecast with a heat expected. temperatures into the 80s. we will stay in to the 80s next week. monday could be the peak warming with nearly 90 degrees inland. 70's for the bay shore a slight cool down for mid week next week. but it looks like we could stay fairly warm >> a violent robbery. and a lion hungry for a baby boy. kimberlee? >>kimberlee: surveillance video showing to a masked men rushing into a florida dunkin donuts. watch. they try to trump over the counter. this customer crowd to the robber and try to tackle
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him down. the customer added up on the ground. the robber got the money. watch how this surveillance video showing kicking the man on the floor. >> this sinkhole in orlando florida. huge. they look so small. with a huge sinkhole this is already swollen up for trees. they are working to stabilize this. >> take a look this lion. this is in portland, ore. even the child not even bothered by this. the zookeeper's says that they often interrupt with the crowd. interact with the crowd.
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>> the commute on the golden gate. traffic is moving decent we will be back
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>>pam: a quick update on the markets. stocks falling. take a look at the numbers. the dow jones fell also, the nasdaq lost 36 points. s&p also dropped down 11 points. with a disappointing earnings from general motors, costco, macy's, target. this deepening recession and target played a factor. meanwhile, facebook has a price range for its ip 0. it is $28-$35. much higher than and the internet ipo. it could
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raise $12 billion for this company. if that happens? it could be worth between 95 bonny dollars. 85 million-$95 billion! fan
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>>pam: a meningitis death of a health-care worker. >> a 14 year-old beaten to death. >> and an injured player of sadnoval..
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>>pam: meningitis is a blood infection and bacteria. 25 year- old died 17 hours after feeling symptoms of meningitis. how many people more could have been in danger. for >>reporter: richard dean working inside of this san francisco medical lab for the last six months. he left work on friday and two hours later he was rushed to the emergency room. >> he died of a blood infection. phil >>reporter: this cbc saying that this is a bacteria and this is a 4 month old picture. >> the symptoms of meningitis include headache, confusion, fever. >> this is chief of infectious diseases at the a medical center. >>reporter: how many people
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treated? >> 70 people. the people that worked with him, his co-workers, and his roommates and people that worked closely with him to try to treat him. >>reporter: nobody that has been in close contact has being and for a vaccination. could this have been prevented? that answer coming up later. >>pam: this 14 year-old is beaten to death. investigators say that this teenager was asked harrick and savagely beaten. and santa clara/19th street last friday. they say that he just dropped off his son. he was playing basketball when he was
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attacked and beaten. this is still a mystery. he has no known a gang affiliations but it is expected to be gang-related. when of there were a number of individuals at the park that to not appear to be related with those groups of suspects or to the victims'. for that reason we believe that there could be individuals with this what occurred. they could have information leading us to information. we are asking for any individual within the information to contact the police department. >>pam: grief counselors were called to the school this is the 13th homicide this year in san jose. the oakland police department is investigating a hit and run involving a mother with two children. charles clifford has the details >>charles: the woman, an infant,
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and a child was hit at 17/fruitvale. she was carrying the infant. all three or transported to the hospital with serious injuries and are all in stable condition. this vehicle fled the scene. the suspect's car was found at the 2800 block. this driver was nowhere to be found. this is where this happened. this happened at this intersection at 10:00 a.m.. this car was found on fire north- west. so far, no suspects or a description has been not been released. in oakland, charles clifford, kron 4. >>pam: city leaders are voicing to keep their oakland a's in oakland. this was in many people
5:33 pm
say that new ownership of this baseball franchise could be the best way to keep the team in oakland. >> if the ownership is not currently committed we could have identified a group of people that have the financial wherewithal to find a team that is up for sale and is committed to keeping the team in oakland and the building and the new stadium. we strongly reaffirmed that we can identify a group of people that can pull it off. it in the business leaders have made their announcement to send a signal to major baseball executives. attending a middl -- ownership meeting this month. >> and another person on the injured list. now it is his left
5:34 pm
hand. >> vern pablo sandova,l is on the disabled list again. almost one year to the day that he had a fracture on his wrist he does this on his left wrist. this will be at least six weeks of recovery. >> i will have to move forward and maintain where we are and hopefully better until he gets back. >> before leaving he says that he thinks he could have heard the fractured on sunday it was revealed from an m r a i saturday night. that heavy black
5:35 pm
cast on his arm. and upon his leaving. as far as this overshadows the fourth game sweep from the miami marlins this could not have been coming from a worse time they are desperate to score runs. more of an update after that. reporting, vern glenn, kron4 sports. >>jacqueline: light sprinkles. mainly dry. we are seeing light show worse to the north. and look at how dry it is with overcast conditions. 83 picture irresponsible that we could see light showers. a dreary picture from the roof cam, a very
5:36 pm
ominous. sure. over san francisco the satellite and radar showing showers pushing through. we could see light rain and not detected by the rain fall under the scope. that could be the case for this evening. the radar not picking it up. a spotty pattern to the north. most of this will be to the north. improving conditions and how warm it is going to get, coming up. >> catherine: this is a verily heavily guarded chinese escapee but left the embassy because people that his family is being threatened to. now he is wishing that he was under the u.s. protection. he is surrounded by family, security and is asking
5:37 pm
the united states to get out of the country completely. however working out a deal will not be easy. hillary clinton is in china. tensions over this incident are being overshadowed on her a national intention of going to talk about trade talks. >> the high-profile disappearance of this british girl. madelyn the kindisappearem the portuguese vacation home. portugal was not cooperative on the investigation of the family is saying that the talks are continuing. >>pam: ba this james lick. the bottom is showing a medium
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>>stanley: coming upon people behaving badly this person did not observe this sign. it is so bad at this intersection that they will ignore the sun and run that light. this is familiar to observe. regulatory sign. anny sign it is black & white must
5:43 pm
be open 8. >> officer this was a right turn on red. >>stanley: in less than 70 minutes several drivers ignored this but it is a $70 ticket. in sunnyvale, kron 4. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at >>jacqueline: taking a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. overcast conditions. we have seen some light sprinkles scattered. the satellite and radar showing not much rainfall. possibly, we could see some way or showers into this evening. however, mainly to the east.
5:44 pm
showers possible. on future cast, showing the rainfall towards livermore, fremont. by 7:00 p.m., lighter showers. 8:00 p.m., the rainfall really starts to taper off. by midnight, it is dropping even more. a fairly cool. closer to the coast, only 50s. near pleasanton, 60s. we will see warmer conditions for the next several days starting tomorrow. that cloud coverage will dissipate with the sunny skies into the afternoon. temperatures really warming up. back into the 70's and even 80s by sunday afternoon. high temperatures bay-area wide tomorrow. 60s in the south bay. san jose, milpitas. 66 degrees
5:45 pm
in palo alto. also upper 60s and low 70's for places near the valley. livermore valley. closer to the coast, temperatures will be low 60s with ocean beach. 60 degrees. san francisco, 62 degrees. we will see sunny skies for tomorrow and for the weekend with temperatures and to the 80s on the sunday. monday, is going to be nearly 90 degrees inland. and towards the end of next week we will see more warm temperatures but pretty warm everywhere else. >> announcer: gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: with mother's day just a
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must go to the facebook fan page. right at the top of the page, it is. importance you must " light " kron 4 on our facebook fan page. isidor special section you can see last year's cost is and we want your photos. with all of the details, the corridor, the tape, the details of you creating your costume. with details on how to send your photos, which will have full details. costumes, it is a san francisco tradition your not going to want to miss. sunday, may 20th on kron4. ♪ ♪ >>grant: this just in to the kron 4 news room five people are
5:48 pm
being 5 charged with the may day protesters. the district attorney just announced that five people will be charged. four are being charged with misdemeanor trespassing and one person is being charged with two different felony kron it's with a deadly weapon. this is the recent occupation of the archdiocese building. this is the latest from the kron4 news room we will be back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>pam: take a look of these wild bears. take a look at this full moon. this will go fall at the lowest close since 0.2 or it will look even larger. this is from last year. this will be from saturday night. we will be right back. ♪
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coming up at 6:00 p.m. the vice principal allegedly having sexual relations with the student. you'll hear from shocked parents. the gang sweep coming up the live picture and evidence collection.
5:56 pm
>>jacqueline: this live look from a group cam of san francisco. on this. we will have the chances for showers ominous
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5:58 pm
(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >>pam: tonight at 6:00 p.m. south bay students are in shock. this a vice principal and behind bars. now, we are learning more. tonight, investigators are on the hunt for more victims. how police caught the alleged molester and the parents are and disbelief. we have a live update.
5:59 pm
>>rob: police are not revealing the age or sex of the alleged victim. however the suspect believes to have sexually misconduct with the student's off-campus last year. >> we send out a message to parents to make sure that the are in still, >> he was always very professional. and there was nothing inappropriate that was thought to be believed between him and the girls i am assuming it was a girl i am still in shock. >> and love of these students have interaction with the
6:00 pm
faculty. >>rob: he has been a teacher at two other in the bay area before becoming administrator here. there could be other victims. >> we always explore that possibility. if anybody has informations or recognizes individual. more if they have information please contact us. and san jose, raw applaudable. kron 4. >>pam: preventative treatment of a seven year-old is being administered for hiv and hepatitis this was after the child found a syringe parents
6:01 pm
need to know what is going on. we need proper documentation that was an incident transpired at this school. it is nothing that you should portion under the rug. we need to protect orchids. a letter should of been sent out at forming the parents. >>pam: this trough has been treated and will be monitored for the next six months this it -- child will be monitored aha >> in petaluma, this was the scene. they took a violent turn and a least a chance to try to discourage a federal warrant to high risk suspects. terisa estacio is live outside of this same in petaluma and described
6:02 pm
how this unfolded. >>terisa: at 4:00 a.m. the federal agents stormed in this neighborhood in petaluma. this neighborhood is still n investigating. they were serving this 20 year-old victor flores. known as " the creeper " for racketeering and murder charges but he was not going to go peacefully. florence started shooting wildly with an ak-47. victor flores -- started cheering wildly. as maureen kelly reports. he was -- shooting wildly >>maureen: this neighbor saw the first from doyle agent first federal agent. >> at first eyes of the federal agent paul up with no sovereign scout out of a car and more cars
6:03 pm
started showing up after that it sounded like bombs but then it was gunshots. with pop, pop, pop. and a couple of rounds. and then several rounds and with police activity everywhere. a lease, commotion, undercover, a vice, they were speaking on the o loud speaker. they brought a gentleman out later on a stretcher and then a helicopter. by 5:00 a.m., they pulled out saying that you have to come out of the house. at that time, there was more swat team members showing up.
6:04 pm
>>maureen: some people at this best western hotel were told by homeland security to stay in their room while the area was being secured. >>terisa: this petaluma a rest were shot were fired and three agents are injured a huge investigation is under way. with half-dozen agents are looking for lots of this long in petaluma. it was so intense looking for these -- stray bullets. even as far away as across the street. and look! with two different shots and batted in eight high gear. throughout the day, dozens of agents spread out. in bed -- and that car tire. indebted to a close investigation is under way to figure out what happened and
6:05 pm
that this violent confrontation could have been prevented. the agents have been out here for over 13 hours. let me focus the attention on this brown truck. over owned macneil/coloma. in the back of the pick-up truck. there are sections on that intersection of petaluma, kron 4 was three people were killed and three injured. this happened in december 2010. some of these targeted suspects are believed to be involved and that these
6:06 pm
try to stop this crime. reggie kumar has the latest. >> reggie this happened right before 10:00 a.m. this is where this robber entered this building. take a look at this video. it was a hysteric the mill. she was reporting this robbery. this black suspect entered the jewelry store, and and to the doorway of the office. police said the jewelry store owner. for his like reached for a handgun and shot the suspect and killed him. the owner and the whites are being questioned by police of bully alberich this suspect is suspected to be from hercules 36 years old. his name has not been released until they notify the family it is still an active crime scene. the jewelry store
6:07 pm
owner are still being questioned. the suspect is believed to be you from vallejo, 36 years old. >>pam: ominous clouds with heavy traffic. light rain. big changes. >>jacqueline: not very fun out side this evening with a dreary afternoon. over the bay area we have seen some light showers. light sprinkles with just a trace of sprinkles. nothing tremendous. and these showers pressing to the east and we can see this pushing towards sacramento. and a lot of this is missing us to the north into the
6:08 pm
east. just light showers up there today but it was demeaning to the north of us. just a slight chance over san jose but most of this will stay to the east with mostly clear skies, later. we have warmer weather on tap. big changes. details on that, coming up. >>pam: documents from the osama bin laden compound with an inside of his final days and the planned target. decision 2012. a tight race. where the president and gop are shaping up. >> a college student without food or water for five days. how much he is demanding for the
6:09 pm
government. that and more, coming up.
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>> this is showing its significant worry of osama bin laden towards the sun. with a lead to towards his -- exxon. many of these documents will remain confidential for security reasons. however some have been published online. >> because of the renewed interest of this anniversary. this has been inappropriate time to release. >> perhaps providing
6:13 pm
scientology in sight. some methodology insight. >> the possibility of his obsession with killing american leaders. disinformation this affirmation this information in >> catherine: decision 2012. that this is a virtual tie. president obama has a lead. . mitt romney having 44% in florida. there recalls in ohio. pennsylvania, obama's, 47%. hah
6:14 pm
this was all smiles for the candidate of mitt romney and nick newt gingrich and michele bock men. >> for all of americans this is a very simple proposition for the month of november. president barack obama. president mitt romney. you decide. very easy. >> remember the she dropped out after a the iowa caucus and january. of course both parties are watching the jobs market. the unemployment fell this week the biggest drop in nearly one year. economists say that it is a positive sign for the job market. >> the average 15-30 year
6:15 pm
mortgage fell to a record low. more incentives to purchase homes. this 30 year rate was just 15 years that 5.0%. mortgage rates have been below 5%. paul evans, homes are well below healthy levels. light showers this afternoon. with rainfall totals so the last couple of hours. >> jaclyn the golden gate bridge remains overcast. we will see cloudy conditions overnight. fog close to the coast and sunny skies tomorrow. most of this rainfall is missing us to the north. it is possible we could
6:16 pm
see light showers. however, not likely. as reticulated the current conditions quite chilly. the degrees as we take a look at current conditions . selected the day planner for tomorrow. that fog associated with the coastline with mild conditions and degreasing clouds. temperatures will be about the same as we saw today. towards this evening, no fault with clear conditions. this fog tracker as we go towards tomorrow early tomorrow. a man the south of the golden gate. patches of fog to the north bay. the late morning hours showing more clearing with patches of fog over the south bay.
6:17 pm
temperatures, will be mostly in the upper 60s. 68 degrees in cupertino. 65 degrees in fremont. 66 degrees in concord. the east bay shores. towards the peninsula, low 60s in close to to the coast, upper 50s/low 60s. taking a look at the forecast for the giants came. it will be a bit chilly. you are going to want to bundle up. the extended forecast. as we go towards the weekend. temperatures will warm up quite a bit additionally, 5, 10 degrees warmer. we will stay in the 80s. but it will cool down a bit. still, nice springlike weather. >>pam: this texas man feels lucky. he wanted the viewing of
6:18 pm
the international space station but he decided to go inside and watch television. he was quickly awoken by a shock of his life. but >> when i woke up i could feel the room kind of exploded. in a look around we live in the middle of nowhere. people hunt out. day and night i thought that i was shot. >>pam: that bolt of lightning came through the roof and of his late! he was caught on fire. and through his -- leg. mixed economic news caused falling market numbers. the dow jones
6:19 pm
was down nearly 62 points. the nasdaq was down over 35 points. big companies showed disappointing earnings from costco, macy's, target. the european recession causing impact. coming up, how much this teenager wants to be compensated for. >>pam: full coverage of the crazy race [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>pam: elected officials are demanding officials after this student was left in a federal holding cell for five days without food, water. and no toilet. kiberlee sakamoto has details. >> this attorney says that the client is still in recovery from this ordeal. they have filed a claim seeking $20 million in compensation. this 23 year-old was detained by federal authorities. and he admits that he was smoking marijuana with a friend. after detainment they told him that he would not be charged. however, he was left alone and forgotten for the amount of five days. he drank his urine for hydration. having
6:24 pm
hallucinations thinking that he was going to die. he was treated for kidney from there, cramps, esophagus and dehydration. we are looking at an immediate and thorough investigation and to make sure those responsible are held accountable and no one in dea custody will ever again be forced to endure such treatment. the dea has issued an apology saying that this was an isolated incident and issued an apology. >>jacqueline: light showers. we are in for a bit warm up. we will have full details on that, coming up. ♪ what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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>>grant: coming up, the meningitis fear of a health
6:28 pm
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(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >>pam: 6:30 the top local stories. >>terisa: socked in, a 4:00 a.m. raid becomes violent with gunfire. federal agents stormed into a pedal that neighborhood. to serve this high risk warranty. three agents injured. this 18th month investigation into a triple homicide from 2010. there were 12 different arrests in other parts of the bay area. in petaluma, terisa estacio, kron4.
6:31 pm
>>maureen: this was pretty scary for this neighborhood with federal agents raiding a house on this block. they heard what sounded like bombs going off and an automatic weapon. with several rounds of fire. many of these hotels tests reported that the flash of the gunfire was visible from their hotel room. >>reporter: this jewelry store entered, and the owner pulled out a gun and shot him, fatally. this suspect was killed at the scene. he is from hercules in the name is being withheld until relatives have been notified. from of vallejo, charles
6:32 pm
clifford, kron 4. >>robin: this administrator vice principal was under our rest. >>rob: this vice principal has been placed under arrest. this alleged student was off campus last september. board investigations are under way. in san jose, robbed lovable, kron 4. in oakland, this after-school student finds a syringe and injures himself. >> during this process the uncovered a needle and stuck himself. >> this happened one week ago and the parents are not happy with the school district. from not being notified.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: haazig madyun >>reporter: no one has been infected with meningitis. the 25 year-old man and this building died hours after working with meningitis in this laboratory. several people have been treated with antibiotics. >> a high risk people associated have been treated it because this can be transported and transpired by saliva. >> by 10:00 a.m., this cross what was the scene where a vehicle struck three people. led the scene. the mother and two children were in stable condition. the fire was found a few blocks later set on fire. no suspects have been identified
6:34 pm
in oakland, charles clifford, kron 4. >>reporter: if you happened friday in san francisco perhaps you notice a lot of the streets have construction work. several projects have reduced lanes and even shut them down, altogether. this is more than usual. city a preferred try to coordinate with other agencies. this will try to arrange roadwork with utility work. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron4. off >>gabe: good news coming up if you need an easy, quick and affordable with high-quality customized routing cards in the mail. all from your smart phone. it only takes 20 seconds. how this works, and how you can get
6:35 pm
in on that this convenient way to customize and send a greeting card. >>jacqueline: improving conditions looking towards the golden gate. cloudy and dreary. has this rain is pressing for just light showers. the satellite and radar showing a drier conditions. most rainfall activity is to the north-east. the possibility of some fifth warward showers. fog for this morning tomorrow. temperatures will warm. similar temperatures tomorrow. with upper 50s and 60s closer to the coast. and we will
6:36 pm
see 60s and portions of the south day. redwood city. taking ill look at your extended forecast. 80s. taking a loc fork off now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> badly. >> announcer: now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: san francisco is the place for art work. 4000 pieces are run the museum. with 800 are located outside. on a statute like this one at golden gate park. even this huge piece along the embarcadero. and this is near the academy and science in golden gate park. tonight at
6:37 pm
8:00 p.m. why these and many others have fallen prey to people behaving badly >>pam: how much would you? $20, $50? $50? new increases on carry-on baggage i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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>>pam: now, one airline is taking extra baggage fees to a new level. >>reporter: airlines is raising the fees. from $45 to $100. that is $200 round-trip. this fee does not apply for personal items such as a handbag that can
6:41 pm
fit under your seat. this is not out of the ordinary. this strategy seems to be working. spirit pays $50 in fees on a one-way light. the trade- off is that spirit fares are cheaper than larger carriers. with 7 $5.10 way for the first months of this year. you are only going to pay that fee if get to the airport and realize that you have not paid for your carry-on. it will cost you $50 at the ticket counter. however, the cheapest is paying $35 when you book your ticket online. if you fly spirit it is usually cheaper to check it and carry it. it is about $5 less. this
6:42 pm
will start november 6th. reporting from new york. >>pam: a new book exploring why there are few american coaches american african-american coaches in college football. >> and also the giants without the pent-up panda..
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: pablo sandoval has a broken right wrist. and it was 1-3 today. brandon crawford, no offense but look at his rough time. just a few errors. with
6:46 pm
142. somebody else with the short stop. the double play. vogle also, the struggling pitcher. one-three marlon's the bottom of the eight. cabrera. with 3-2. bringing the home. three of the games lost to the miami marlins. the vern glenn insight. >> possible sandoval out of the dugout. and going toward the disabled list of again. nearly one year to the day. on his right wrist now, it is on his left wrist. if low-cost the giants the biggest weapon for at least six weeks on the disabled list. >> we will have to move forward
6:47 pm
and it will cost the giants. but for this report of the injury he reportedly even heard it this weekend. surgery tomorrow with an update after his surgery from palo alto. reporting kron 4 sports, vern glenn. >>gary: golsby is leaving the stanford auditorium terrified. with a standing auditorium. bowlsby will speak to people in the big 12 conference. when we return the double heavyweight. and former spartan coach with the story of how college blind
6:48 pm
sighted the hopes of black head coaches. and this book has been great reviews. sold . >> i was looking forward. you make this a joke. we will talk with the no. 1 sports writer. we are back in just a moment
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
>>gary: this is a topic that has been out for several years but this topic is exploring why there are so few african- american coaches. and this man has spent the last 24 years
6:52 pm
studying the african relations of coaches. and marc,. how did to collaborate? >> and in 20 04, and i had some issues with getting players to the field. they were all growing me after the interview. >> mark: asked me. >> he had to deal with san jose state, paper work. they have to go out to the registrar's office and i asked him. why aren't you a coach? >> to be honest. this book can be offensive because race can be a sensitive topic. i did not
6:53 pm
want this to be perceived as african-american problems. so i would rather have a guy that i respected. who is nationally known and can help take in academic book turn into something that he can read. >>gary: no question. there are less african-american coaches. >> even less than last year. we are going backwards. >>gary: they are not comfortable run a black person as of the do not hire them is that some that simple? >> that is part of the book. i was told by somebody that i would have been more successful if i have african-american coaches on my staff. >> what was the eye opener for you, >> mark:?
6:54 pm
>> i would say that over the years why are we not seeing more black coaches on the sidelines? i guess the one case would be that black guys started getting jobs. tomlin interviewed him. and he got the job and went to the super bowl. however black coaches association had recommended him for college three different times and he could not even get an interview. how can this guy get an nfl super bowl >>terisa: and not get a college game coaching job? >> and if somebody is reading this and saying that if they are qualified.
6:55 pm
>> with 24 years of research. >> yes. >> what we find is that african- american coaches are judged individually and white coaches are being judged collectively. we see that race dictates less chances. >> it is more complicated than just a white coach or a black coach. >>gary: and does that go through with their head. >> this is the best example. at notre dame. who is their head coach? o'leary however he was fired after he was firing on his
6:56 pm
résume. they said that he made a mistake but he looked like he looked like a coach but you cannot call them are racist because he was the best guide. the point was that he was not thinking of hiring and somebody because the coach from central casting and that is what happened. >>gary: if i applied for the job. could you get it? >> we're talking about qualifications. >> when i was at san jose state, he was a great guy. and he says that i hope my lack of success is not keep you from considering african-american coaches. >>gary: when is the next book? >> the month of may.
6:57 pm
>>gary: call and on the review i >>gary: call and on the review i will promote your book. you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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all-new backlash over the bronzed new jersey mom today. >> is her husband now defending his wife's decision to allegedly take their daughter tanning? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. i have never seen anything like this. >> concern about her daughter. our concern is about her. >> labeled "half-baked" and "roasted nut." new fallout over the too-tan mom. >> as her husband speaks out about their burned 6-year-old. >> i'm very upset. >> i'm tanorexic. >> could tanorexia be to blamed? >> tanorexics need addiction theirpy.


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