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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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h,h, sage or restore order is dead after fighting back against a robber. shooting took place. investigators say the man and his wife have been cleared of any wrongdoing. the store does have surveillance cameras but they are pointed in the wrong direction, so they never recorded the shooting. take a look at this video,
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you can see officers entering the store in gathering evidence. the shooting happened just before 1:00 p.m. in broad daylight. a man entered a store with a handgun, when the robbery suspect went into the stores of this, that is when the owner grabbed his own handgun, shooting and killing the robber. the store is connected to a small baptist church. there was no one in the building of that part of the shooting. this is not the first time the owner has actively fought back. there was another shooting that took place sometime in december. businesses to did not want to go on camera same and the robber was able to escape with only minor injuries.
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>>grant: 3 customs enforcement agents were shot early this morning in petaluma. you can see them being tended to. the three agents who were shot or hospitalized. one neighbor describes the chaotic scene. would >> at first i thought it was constant rounds. there were police everywhere. there was so much commotion going on. there were talking over the loudspeaker, come out with your hands up.
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that is shocking in scary. >>grant: j.r stone spoke with a cemetery official who says the gang problem in the bay area is getting worse. >> san mateo county district attorney of does not sugarcoat anything when it comes to gang violence. >> no question it is an issue. he is optimistic about the 13 arrests of expected gang members the says the fight must go want your of this shooting cases at francisco is believed to be gang- related. apps
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>> it has become more serious. we're seeing more gunplay. the district attorney tells me he has dealt with the numbers as an is 13. >>pam: officials there fear inspection on a train led to the rescue of a sexual abuse victim. this is a picture of the man was arrested. the alleged victim was also listed as a missing person.
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there were asked to get off the train when it could not show proof of payment. >>pam: cut >>pam: and the oakland police department is investigating a hit and run accident investigating a mother and her two children >> a woman, and that and another child were struck at this interest tax-free or the woman was carrying into any other trial was walking
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beside them. all three were taken to the hospital serious injuries and listed in stable condition. suspect's vehicle was found here in the 2800 block of fruitvale. the driver was nowhere to be found. a description of the vehicle has not been released and they have not identified the victims. >>jaqueline: is going to be foggy into tomorrow morning. rain to the north and east. chances of diminished this evening.
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overnight areas of fall clothes to the coastline. as we head into the weekend we're in for a warm-up. >>pam: a 10-15 cases of meningitis every year it usually about two deaths. from a man who was researching a vaccine for the disease died hours after working on research laboratory. friends or some to the emergency room on friday and he died the next morning. >> these are images from the centers of disease control of the bacteria that can cause meningitis and this is a picture of a 4 month old with the disease. he died saturday after experiencing slow like symptoms and a full body rash. >> he worked with live cultures and was a version
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of tiger beat which there is no available vaccine. >> several close friends get researchers as well as a merger zero workers received antibiotics following his death.
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>>pam: still ahead, a vice principal in the south bay arrested and accused of sexual assaults on a student and a young boy pricked by used a syringe on school property. no parents were notified for nearly a week. >> mother's day is around the corner. did you get her a greeting card yet? coming up in my tech report i am one to show you an easy, quick, affordable way for a high-quality customized greeting card doing it all from your smart phone. it takes 20 seconds. stay tuned.
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alajuela if >>pam: a san jose teenager and beaten to death and a downtown park. investigators say a 14 year- old died on monday after being attacked and savagely beaten at roosevelt park near santa clara and 19th street last friday night. his father said he had just dropped his son mosques, he was playing basketball when he was attacked and beaten. so far, no one has come forward. although he has no known gang affiliations, police believe the attack is gang- related. >> there were a number of individuals at the park that appeared not to have been related to the group of suspects or the victim. we believe there are individuals that witnessed what occurred and can help us in solving this case. we are appealing to those individuals to please contact the police department.
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his death is the 13th homicide so far this year. >>pam: police are investigating the shooting death of a transgendered woman. so far, police have not released >>grant: here is the kron4 crime tracker in the east bay. residents in this for my neighborhood are dealing with a string of home break- ins. this is just east of 880. there is a high school right in the middle of the area that these are targeting.
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several homes have been broken into and burglarized in the past 10 days. >>jaqueline: as we head into tomorrow, faultless sunshine in the afternoon. cloud cover through most of the bay area. as we head into the 10:00 hour, sunny skies expected as we head into the
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afternoon. temperatures are slightly warmer tomorrow afternoon. upper 60s for the inland valleys as well. along the coastline, temperatures are staying cool in the '50s and '60s. the giants are hosting the milwaukee brewers tomorrow. warmer conditions saturday and sunday. cooler temperatures wednesday to thursday.
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>>pam: the chairman and ceo of clorox state new ownership of the team is that this would keep them in town. >> its current ownership is not committed to keep them in oakland, we need to identify a group of people who have the financial wherewithal to buy the team and committed to keep the team in oakland and build a new stadium. we have strongly reaffirmed that we would work with current ownership and we have identified a group of people that can pull it off. >>pam: business leaders say they selected this time to make an announcement in order to send a signal to major league baseball executives. barry bonds is asking a federal appeals court to throw out his felony obstruction conviction.
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and they're relevant but truthful answer to a grand jury question about whether his trainer ever provided him with an injectable substance. bonds did not answer the question directly in the jury decided his answer represented and of certain other does this. >>darya: badness is zeus concerning pablo sandoval.
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>>pam: the facebook ipo could reach as much as 12 billion for the menlo park company. when that happens if they say facebook will be worth between 85-95 billion. there is some sad news tonight from the kron4 family, former commentator elaine shannon has passed away. he worked here during the 1980's and was known for his nightly just for you segments. he was found in boise idaho where investigators believe he took his own life. we will be right back.
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>>haaziq: orange cones and
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yellow caution tapes surround portions of the place where to chose center in oakland were in elementary school students found a syringe while playing in the dirt. an oakland unified school district spokesperson had this to state. >> while playing in the playground the undercover -- he uncovered a needle. >> the child was taken to the hospital and treated for the possibility of diseases associated with used needles. as >> when you are stuck with a needle it takes up to several months to determine a testy and to see if there has been a series of action. parents were not notified for over seven days. >> we have done -- we should have done a better job with cleanup and parent notification. our standard protocol was not followed in this instance and that is under investigation.
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>> driving in san francisco is challenging enough. several road construction projects in the city are making things even more difficult for motorists. just this explains why the work is being done in the eventual benefits to the city. >> signs like this have bought up all over san francisco. the golden gate is torn up for the next few days that the crews can install new phone lines. stet is great unless you're driving along one of these streets. eighth street is a way for many people to take to get out of the city. >> traffic is messed up for two main reasons. the first is construction. there is a major high-rise going on here at the corner of mission and its street. that reduces traffic down to two lanes.
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there's also a road resurfacing project going on. >> there are more projects on the way. city leaders coordinate with other agencies to find out what their projects are to coincide with other projects like this one which is shut down from california sacramento. the crews are working on a major sewer project there. mission street is torn up for utility or. all of this is bad news for anyone stuck in traffic but it is for a good cause. the city is old and so is the infrastructure. the money for the road improvements is budgeted for the next three years so be prepared to see more of this for a while.
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>>pam: here is a live look outside from our roof camera in downtown san francisco. the fog is expected to rule and through the overnight hours. temperatures today were a little bit cooler than what we saw yesterday. here is a look at your day planner for tomorrow. fog civilian overnight, especially close to the clothesline. >>pam: it is being described as more than 6000
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documents seized from the osama bin-laden compound last may when he was killed. today, some of those now declassified documents were published online. >> when it navy seals rated a pakistan the compound last year there is more at stake and is taking out osama bin- laden. the leader of al-qaeda was holed up with thousands of documents, audio recordings and videos along with over 100 other devices. >> it shows bin-laden worried about drone strikes. >> money was tight. he was talking with his team about kidnapping which was their default for fund- raising. >> while some of the documents will remain confidential, 17 were released on line on thursday. >> because of the renewed interest in the mission that
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led to his demise, this was deemed inappropriate time to release them. they offer insight into the methodology behind his terrorist tactics as well as some of his targets. >> he was asking for a tax on the president obama. >> the information learned from his troth can help the government better to prepare troops on the ground overseas and to better anticipate threats directed on u.s. soil. >>pam: just-in-time for this year's this zazzle bay to breakers kron4 is giving away big screen televisions. kiberlee sakamoto has details. >> the best way to watch the race is on a 46 in. flat screen television. to enter, you have to go to the kron4 facebook fan page and click on this debate to
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breakers icon. in order to enter the contest he must like kron4 on our facebook fan page. check out a slide show of some of last year's costumes and we want those of you get your costs and ready for this year's race. we have information on how to send photos by e-mail and remember kron4 will bring you the race from start to finish with cameras throughout the course keeping up with elite runners and capturing while whacky customs. it is a san francisco tradition they do not want to mess. >>stanley: coming up, if you are a, sort of earth you will be angry when you watch the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>stanley: this set francisco city worker is hard at work cleaning in this monument. it is a worker are dedicated to our 25th of president, william mckinley. watching the cleanup is elizabeth, an expert in the art of cleaning works of art. it is a clean of an estimated price tag of $12,000. the problem, some people are vandalizing monuments in other works of art around san francisco. over at golden gate park, this monument has graffiti tags on the rocks.
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even the debate opened monument. >> have some class. jeff: it is just vandalism. >> it is costing our commission for their $75,000 restoration budget. >> you have to make sure the methods used to clean it did not further damage. the >>stanley: this is truly the the debris of people behaving badly. >>pam: if you have, or story
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idea, e-mail us at m for a com. >>pam: the giants lose pablo sandoval to a broken bone. lebron james and the heat look to go up three games-0 on the heat. sports are is coming up. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked.
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>>pam: the film, but fans have been waiting for, kiberlee sakamoto has a preview of what is new in theaters this weekend in this edition of now shine. >> it is called the avengers initiative. >> samuel l. jackson is the head of an international peacekeeping agency. a dark threat to the planet leaves them to put together a team of super heroes.
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with robert downey jr. as iron man and scarlett john hanson as a black widow, the vendors is rated pg-13. in the comedy drama, seven strangers are in 48 cultural crash course. there are accommodations are not as they had imagined. >> the tomorrow we will be waking up with fog but that
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will clear into the afternoon. 10 degrees warmer and descended. let's take a look outside for tomorrow morning. fog south of the golden gate and along the seine retail close line. the 10:00 at or brings more glaring with patches of fog along the san mateo coastline. by noon, sunny skies. temperatures tomorrow will be the same as what we saw today. maybe couple of degrees warmer. it will be cooler close to the coastline.
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a mix of low-upper 60s in the north bay. temperatures getting back into the 80s by sunday. near 90 inland. >>gary: a good evening. the giants have lost pablo sandoval for a force of six weeks with a broken left hand. vern glenn has more on that story in a few minutes. pablo sandoval had a couple of errors.
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>>vern: pablo sandoval let of the dugout steps and is headed to the disabled list again. almost a year today that he suffered a fracture on his right wrist, he does it on his left. it is going to cost the giants to their biggest weapon and cause him another 66 of recovery. >> we will have to move forward and tried to maintain.
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sforza >>gary: to the former head coach at san jose state is the author of a book on how black coaches are being overlooked. ron are rarer >> release is a very sensitive topic that people do not want to discuss. i did not want this book to be perceived as to african- americans talking about a problem, i wanted someone that i respected who is
8:51 pm
nationally known, that could help me take and academic book and turned it into an easy read. >>gary: we are talking straight out truth and erase.
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>> we find that african- american football coaches, in the history of college football only one african american that was terminated has been rehired. >>gary: he will be speaking at the glen library in atlanta. >>gary: when we come back, the future of the baseball legends on the ropes next.
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>>gary: because of his appearances year after year, mariana rivera, look at this shagging balls, he goes down. he eventually was taken off on the cart. he was able to crack a smile that they aren't thinking something very serious. he has 608 career saves. the word is now coming in now if he has torn ligaments here is new
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