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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a shootout at a jewelry store. what happened when the store's owner came face-to-face with a robber. three federal agents shot during a sweet for gang members. and osama bin laden's final plans are now out for the world to see. what he was working on till the day he was killed. a brazen robbery attempt at a jewelry store in vallejo ends quickly when the owner pulls out a handgun and shoots the suspect, killing him. >> reporter: in
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broad daylight here at carrillo's jewelry store, investigators say the owner and his wife have been cleared of any wrongdoing in this shooting. police say the robber walked in with a handgun and jumped over the counter. when the suspect entered the office, that's when investigators say the owner pulled out his own gun and shot the suspect. after the deadly shooting, crime scene investigators spent hours looking for evidence and clues inside the store. authorities say the business does have surveillance cameras, but they were pointed in the opposite direction so they did not record the shooting. there is a church connected to the store, but no one was in this part of the building at the time. nearby businesses like the 1 across the street told me that the owner has had a run-in with a robber before, about five months ago. a man tried to rob the same store. he jumped over the counter and the owner pulled out his gun and shot that robber.
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the robber was able to flee the scene with only minor injuries. a dramatic house fire in san jose tonight. look at these flames! this video was caught on camera by a neighbor. nine people are displaced. officials say the home is considered a total loss. the flames even jumped to a neighboring home. but that house sustained only minor damage. firefighters are looking for the cause of the fire. three u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agents were shot early this morning in petaluma. they were hospitalized. none of the injures were life-threatening. it happened when several dozen agents showed up to serve warrants to gang members. >> it sounded like bombs going off. at first, i thought it was all, you know, thunder. i heard gunshots after that.
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more gunshot, pop, pop! saw all these lights, all these police everywhere, undercover. i.c.e., all the commotion going on. gentleman was talking over the loud speaker, come out with your hands up. that's shocking, that's stare, knowing -- that's scary. >> the operation was related to a 2010 triple murder in south san francisco. today's action was part of a series of bay area raids. jr stone talked with a san mateo official who says gangs remain a serious problem in the bay area. >> reporter: in the north end of our county -- >> gain violence is still there. >> reporter: steve wagstaff does not surely coat things when it comes to -- sugar coat things when it comes to gang violence. >> no question, it's an issue. they have been able
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to reduce it some. it's not gone, and we're not going to fool ourselves. >> reporter: while he is optimistic with the 13 arrests of suspected gang members, he says the fight must go on. this 2010 shooting case in south san francisco is believed to be gang-related. not a shock to wagstaff who now has two prosecutors whose sole focus are gang-related crimes. >> we're not los angeles or some of the other big counties that have that gang problem. >> reporter: but prosecutors are working on cases that have a much different look than they did years ago. >> it has become more serious am we're seeing more gun play, instead of fights. >> reporter: if you think these gang members are starting in their late teens or early adulthood years, think again. the district attorney tells me he's dealt with gang members as
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young as 13 years old. protestors will face charges for damages from may day demonstrations on tuesday. san francisco police say five people will face charges of misdemeanor trespassing for takes over the church-owned building on turk street. one person is facing additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer, and sand vandalism the entire -- and vandalism. bta officials say a fair inspection on a train led to the rescue of a section abuse victim. this is the picture of the man arrested. merced pacheco from santa clara. he is suspected of unlawful intercourse with a minor, and fall imprisonment. the victim was also listed as a missing person. they were asked to get off of the train when they could not show proof of payment. that's when the girl said she was being held against her will. other big
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stories tonight. the vice principle of san jose's leland high school has been arrested for what police are calling unlawful sexual contact with a minor. 32 year-old joseph reghitto of san jose was arrested at the high school yesterday. the victim is a student, and the alleged incident occurred off-campus in september of last year. the laboratory of san francisco's veterans' affairs medical centers has been shut down after an employee died. he died on saturday morning, working on a rare strain of the bacteria that causes meningitis, an infection that affects the brain and spinal cord. investigations are underway. a 7-year-old boy in oakland is undergoing preventive treatment for hiv and for hepatitis after he was pricked by a used syringe found on the
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playground at the hiland child development center last week. after a delay in notifying parents and cleaning the playground, officials say they have now thoroughly cleaned the area. the bay area is in for another round of really warm weather. >> it wasn't so warm out there today. we're still seeing a few light sprinkles. that's going to taper off through the overnight hours. santa rosa has seen the most rain. but only 100th of an inch in napa, and 200ths in livermore. a live look outside, this should be the golden gate bridge. the visibility is pretty good out there. we're going to be seeing fog through portions of the bay area overnight, and mild temperatures in the low 50s because of the cloud cover. tomorrow, that's when the warmup
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is going to get under way. we'll see sunshine, and temperatures warming tomorrow. into the weekend, especially warmer. the last days of osama bin laden, what he was planning do in america up until he was killed. and playing for keeps. how east bay businesses are pitching in to keep the as in oakland. rough day at the ball park for the giants all around. and also everybody boos lebron james. you know why? he's so damn good . - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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[ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] we're always tracking neighborhood crime. in the east bay, residents in this fremont neighborhood are dealing with a string of home break-ins off mowry avenue. and gm middle
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high school in the area. there have been seven homes broken into in the past ten days. most are happening during the day when people are out and about or at work. and police are advising folks to lock doors and windows and certainly report anything suspicious. what'll it be?
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single biggest cache of single material terrorist documents seized by the u.s. document. some of those documents now declassified were published online. >> reporter: when navy seals raided a pakistani compound last year, there was more at stake than just taking out bip haden. he was -- bin laden. he was hold up with thousands of audio recordings, video, and documents. peter bergen personally analyzed some of the items. >> it shows bin laden very worried about american drone strikes, advising one of his sons to move out of the pakistani tribal regions. he was talking with his team about kidnapping, which was al-qaeda's default to a fundraising measure. >> reporter: 17 were released
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online thousand by the combat and terrorism center at west point. >> because of the renewed interest on this anniversary in the mission that led to bin laden's demise, this was deemed an appropriate time to release them. >> reporter: they offer insight into the methodology behind his terrorist tactics as well as some of his targets. >> he was asking for attacks on the you said, on president obama, petrias, he said -- petrus. he said we really should focus on these two guy, he said. >> reporter: they can help the u.s. government better prepare troops on the ground overseas and anticipate threats. cinco de mayo is almost here. and today president obama marked the occasion at a rose garden reception. >> of course there's still
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plenty of unfinished business, including fixing our broken immigration system. it's time we make the dream back to reality. >> the dream act would give illegal immigrant students a path to earn legal status. temperatures today were rather cool. and even some bursts of rain. highs mostly in the 60s. although we did see 50s closer to the coastline. 68 in pleasanton, 70 in sunnyvale. kind of a muddled picture as the fog settles in. hard to see. you definitely want to give yourself some extra time tomorrow morning to navigate through the fog. tomorrow and this weekend, fog in the morning is gone give way to sun-- going to give way to sunshine in the
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afternoon. saturday, more profound warming temperatures, up about 10 degrees. and we'll warm even more into sunday with temperatures into the 80s. through the morning commute, 7:00, fog breaking up around the north bay but staying strong along the coastline and through the livermore valley, as well as the south bay. 10:00, more clearing taking place. still seeing patches of fog down through the east bay shores into the south bay, by noon, clearer sky, and we're going to see temperatures similar to today. not too shabby. we're going to be seeing wind only a couple of places. 64 in sunnyvale, 66 in mountain view, 65 in fremont. upper 60s for the inland valleys. even places like walnutted creek.
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67 in livermore. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s still in the coastline. we'll warm more as we head to the weekend. another giants game tomorrow night at at&t park hosting the brewers. mostly clear skies, but still quite chilly and breezy out there. temperatures in the low 50s. and the winds are going to pick up at this time. warming into the weekend pretty significant ly. temperatures back in the 80s by sunday. warming more next week, nearing 90 degrees in the inland valleys. low 80s for the bay shores, and low 70s along the coastline on monday. starting to cool down wednesday and thursday, but temperatures still about average. businesses join with oakland city leaders today to voice their support for keeping the as in oakland. representatives from kaiser permanente, save-way, and
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another -- safe-way were on hand to lepd their support for keeping the as in oakland. new ownership of the baseball franchise may be the best way to keep the team in town. >> if the current ownership is not committed to staying in oakland, we're confident we have identified a group of people who have the financial wherewithal to buy the team if it's up for sale and are committed to keeping the team in oakland and building a new stadium. so we strongly reaffirm that we would work with the current ownership to make this happen. and we have identified a group of people we believe can pull it off. >> the business leaders say they decided to make their announcement now to send a signal to major league baseball executives. they are scheduled to attend a major ownership meeting later this month. gary has the latest great ahead. and arguably baseball's best closer suffers a fluke
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this was a real rough day for the giants.
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the news on pablo sandoval. surgery tomorrow to repair a broken bone in his left-hand. he'll miss the next 4-six weeks. crawford's struggles at shortstop continue. reyes would later score. 1-nothing6 weeks. crawford's struggles at shortstop continue. reyes would later score. 1-nothing. marlins came in here limping, but they're going to end up with three 1-run victories. vector sanchez can't get it done, and that's it. the giants feeling pretty good coming into this series, and boom! they're now a game under 500. they await the brewers tomorrow night. the as were idle. i don't know if we've ever seen one like this. the all-time greatest relief pitcher, mariano revera, just
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shag -- rivera, tore the acl in his right knee. the entire yankee team knew it was something serious. he's 42 years of age. yankees lost to the royals, 4-3, but who cares? bottom line, this could be career-ending for mariano rivera. when there's a new york team involved, poor stoudemire purchasing a fire xing wisher, his -- extinguisher, his season over. and james was just great. 32 points, 8 rebound s. 87-70, the heat roll. they lead that series 3-nothing. the mavericks now trail 3. let's go hockey. blues and kings. jacky , do your thing
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here. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> i didn't see that. >> are you crazy? >> it's 2- 1 los angeles. mike richards, then the tough angle goal. kings lead their series with st. louis. st. louis ousted the sharks. kings win tonight, 4-2. we'll turn to a woman in a hat. you lived a lot of places, but los angeles is home? >> it is home. i'm really sad i can't go to any of the playoff games but i'm going to try! >> i will say this, when they were the eight seed, what happened? the hat didn't fit then? i wore the hat to the sharks' last regular season game when they were playing the kings, and got a lot of dirty looks >> will this be a part of your ensemble through the rest of the playoffs? >> if they'll let me! i've got hat, jersey s, t-shirts. >> lcongratulations on the win -- well, congratulations on the
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win tonight. there's nothing like an attractive woman wearing dirty hat. there she goes. all right. >> i only bought this hat last week. [ laughter ] >> no you didn't. it's been around. anyway, earlier tonight, former san jose state coach who has written a book about why there are so few african american head coaches in college. a couple words here with purdy, real quick. >> old white athletic director sits in his office, reads your book, says you're just bitter f. somebody is qualified, i'd hire him. >> facts speak differently. african american football coaches are evaluated collectively, white coaches are evaluated individually. only one who has been terminated has been rehired.
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>> you get one crack at it. >> one shot 1 shot. >> fits goes from kron to the clinton foundation tomorrow. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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