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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 4, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> catherine: tonight at 8:00 p.m. a gun battle with the suspected car thief >> and gang members enforcement. and police and forced trying to discourage behavior of cinco de mayo >> if people are and a questionable area? we will move them out. (male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: we are fallin and
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falling-a developing story. fallifalling following birth >>kate: you can see the chp officers are on the scene. they spotted this stolen chrysler 305 p.m. they followed the car. they called for backup. that is one the suspect pulled off the highway and into this parking lot of kaiser this suspect is believed to be struck, however will expected to be survive. >> catherine: san jose police are boosting the number of police with at least one stabbing from last year, seven
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arrests and a lot of and vandalism from last year. charles clifford is reporting that they are not taking any chances. >>charles: i am near a alarock avenue the san jose police is going to be increasing the police presence for the holiday weekend. the san jose police department said that this coming weekend they are expecting heavy crowds and large crowds. last year, several thousands of people knocked over trash cans, and smashed out windows. they're hoping to avoid that with increasing control and getting help from the probation department and the department of corrections. >> we want to make sure that we
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can have a safe celebration. this time and place we of had in years to press for also mardi gra and cinco de mayo >>reporter: they're also looking for any gang activity. >> some of the special officer'' units to deal with gang activity. they will investigate the gang crime will be on the streets of working side-by-side with other officers. >>charles: there also willing to reroute traffic and dispersed the crowd if there is a problem. >> if there's a certain crowd causing a disturbance, problems, we can disperse that certain crowd. >>charles: those patrols start tonight and began through sunday afternoon continuing. charles clifford, san jose, kron 4.
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>> catherine: officers say there was gang activity associated with these two suspects. this incredible video. >>reporter: officers with guns drawn ready to storm into a south east section of san francisco. >> open the door! this is the san francisco police with the search warrant. if there's anybody in the house? come out with your hands out. you are only going to be given a number morning. >> that was a short wait. >>charles: they came out with several suspects. two of whom were arrested. 23 year-old guillermo jiminez who is a known gang member both have possession of guns. not one, 2, however
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five guns. with his shotgun. these suspects were involved in another gang-related activity. there will not go into detail but just mentioned that this is an ongoing investigation. earlier, police raids in several bay-area cities. 13 people arrested in bay-area cities with gang-related activity. this thursday night arrest did not involve police officials. j.r. stone, kron 4. >>grant: the san francisco mission district is still cleaning up and repairing after vandalism. the occupy protesters for gathered at this area at 9:00 p.m. a splinter group. a couple of dozen people walked down 18th street before branching off onto mission, valencia these red dots represent some of the businesses
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targeted by vandals. reportedly, over 30 businesses of total. valencia was the hardest hit. we will show you. clothing stores had three of the floor-sealing off smashed. dozens of cars were damaged. reggie kumar has business owners take. >> reggie: many have spent thousands to repair windows, and outdoor furniture. take a look graffiti, spray paint after the priest made-day protest. some storefronts were still boarded up before-may day protests. this business owner is forcing her to close for the amount of four
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days. >> we had all of our windows smashed. no looting but destruction of property it is very astonishing on valencia street were everybody has managed valencia was the target. >> reggie: this group covers $7,800. anything not impacted were covered by insurance. for more information reggie kumar, kron 4. >> catherine: one group took over an abandoned building. this san francisco district attorney said that this violence will not be tolerated. they said that the four people are arrested are repeat offenders. >> the prosecutor will try to
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convict on trespassing. they can come back and try to fix the damage. >> catherine: this man was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. throwing a brick that hit another protester. >>jacqueline: temperatures today slightly warmer than yesterday along the coast 60s. 60s in pleasanton. 69 in antioch. closer to the coast temperatures for cooler. temperatures are going to get significantly warmer. tomorrow getting a 10-15 degrees warmer. towards the east bay hills and the north bay. temperatures are going to warm. even as we go towards monday. neighborhood by neighborhood. >> catherine: coming up at 8:00 p.m. a fireball evacuation with road closure in an east bay
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city. what sparked the tense moments. >> visitors to a popular park and the santa cruz mountains are urged to be on the lookout. with warnings for hikers. >> catherine: this tangled for real >>gabe: a new startup application for mobile devices. great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs.
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see >> they dangerous hydrogen gas leak in emeryville immediate evacuation's were ordered. blocked off streets. >> catherine: terisa estacio has
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more. >>terisa: at first ac transit said they heard a popping noise from this tank. you can see this potential of dangerous hydrogen fuel and then a fire as gas leaked out. immediately, employees called 911. how large were the flames? >> a bit difficult to estimate. however, we just saw waves in the air. what we saw were perhaps a 10-15 ft. in the air art >>terisa: kevin johnston, the police chief -- fire chief is saying that the only way to get rid of that gas was to allow it to burn off in the air. it was not known what would happen and that time. if this came near the tank it could lead to an explosion. authorities cleared
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the area of >> with all areas evacuated. with any changes or that thank changed we could have a fallback with increasing evacuation areas. >>terisa: it took nearly two hours for the fuel to burn off. gratefully, no other leaks. complained containment at noon with no injuries and the investigation continues. in emeryville, terisa estacio, kron 4. >>reporter: continuing this coverage there is an elementary school in emeryville several blocks from the house of this week occurred it was locked down for a couple of hours. the parents came to collect their children. >> if they're going to effect your the high school i came and got my children. >> i wanted to be safe than sorry. >>reporter: in oakland --
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emeryville haazig madyun >>jacqueline: temperatures significantly warmer as we go towards this weekend. clear, breezy. and tomorrow much warmer 10-15 degrees warmer. we will continue this warming trend. wind coming out of the east and breezy conditions and a number of the relocations. tomorrow, the bay will see warmer conditions but 79 degrees in sunnyvale. a degrees in campbell degrees inland. danville, pleasanton. and the east bay shores will see 80s and-paid relocations. mainly, low 60s. bay-area relocations. >>jacqueline: continuing the bay area locations monday, tuesday
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that wind out of the east continuing to dissipate next week with cooler weather could still above-average. >> catherine: the technology and start ups. for the bay. what types of ideas are coming out? some of them will make it, some of them will not make it. this week, and new social networking application called highlight. >>gabe: this new start up is trying to change the way we interact with strangers. >> this will help and interact with strangers are round you. if we're both install the application and we are standing next to each other your profile will stand up and show up on my phone. i can see everything you
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posted, commonalities, school, home town, music, and if you are walking down the street. and if you see somebody and particularly interesting perhaps it could notify you. and that is your friend. >>gabe: this runs in the background of your phone using facebook confirmation from your facebook account. also if you're a shared interest. facebook -- information from your facebook account. a great way to find commonalities with similarities. the same high school, school. >> san francisco a great example of 800,000 strangers. we sit next to each other. and we meet each other and walk next to each other and we do not know anything about anyone. for the first time in the history we
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have the ability to put this in the air. it is like being able to look round the world. it turns out that one guy was a very good friend that you used to ride horses with my wife. what are the odds? and also somebody noticed on highlights. that we kept in touch. he used to be my high-school spanish teacher. >>gabe: privacy settings and controls are a concern. >> of course you control who sees you. it helps for people to be friendly. >>gabe: free to download. gabe
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slate, kron 4. >>gary: that tiger woods continues. the 80s. later in this broadcast. the a's
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>> catherine: welcome back. >> traveling on a budget now is the time to look. cnn the money spoke with a number of travel experts compiling a list. the first kick your going to try to fly? look early. experts say that three months it is better to look for a flight deal. also three new websites for hotels. and and
8:21 pm search a smaller websites. here are other ways to save. try a rental property. you could get more affordable. and all inclusive website says and all-inclusive resorts. still trying to recover. look for a lower cost carrier. perhaps if you're coming out of a big airport it could save you money >>jacqueline: the wind speed is dying down. gusting conditions along the coast. calm towards tomorrow neighborhood by neighborhood, coming out
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>> catherine: visitors and the santa cruz mountains along the fall creek are advised to be careful. this is the second incident since january. they're working to update this sketch. a 25 year-old woman saying that she was chased after he came out from trees. she threw a water bottle and called 911. and a 14 year old from san lorenzo high school says that a man tried to grab her from behind. >>rob: this is a unit of the tall redwoods. it is extremely popular destination for hikers. after a fruitless search this began with sheriff's deputies and park rangers posting fliers like this one in the parking lot. there is an inspiration
8:28 pm
board or a police sketch in january is still posted as deputies are working on a second sketch. this is the bennet creek trail. the first that you encounter. a well-traveled and easy path. at least dozens of people encountered. this woman was on the seascape 2 mi. along. and on jan. this raid drill was accessible was the san lorenzo high school. now, is off-limits to high-school students. this park closes at the sunset. however dogs and camping are both not allowed placing remnants of both. cell phone service is a bit interment and but available. some loan--lone
8:29 pm
hikers but police are revised advising people to-be on their lockout. >> catherine: this man got into a woman's home and reportedly raped her. >> this man has allegedly having sex with a minor. after a 14 year-old girl had consensual sex. investigators say that he had sex with six other girls from a 14-16. he is facing several counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. >> catherine: this sideshow at 58/international boulevard. they cited one driver for a number of infractions. these smoking tires black and the intersection. this
8:30 pm
organized event with the spectators coming as far as san jose. >> i wish we had and the streets. i wish we had and the lots. i wish we had and d streets empty lots. m >> catherine: the driver ' s vehicle could be impounded if taking part. >> lombardi was convicted in january after admittedly stealing thousands of cash and property during searches of suspects' homes. he also pleaded guilty to stealing guns, dealing drugs with the contra costa narcotics. >> the university of california protest school administrators should consider mediator's instead of police. they have
8:31 pm
reviewed video from police force of pepper spray and batons. the report is suggesting that administers prevent further violence >>jacqueline: still mild in pleasanton, sunnyvale with 60s. we have been seen breezy conditions with the wind speed dying down but still breezy and half moon bay. 18 m.p.h. the wind will continue to subside. as we go towards tomorrow sunny skies and much warmer. that warming trend will continue towards sunday. i will tell you all about it, coming up. >> catherine: that wil--whale
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has finally been freed. from april 17th, they did not have any block--luck however off the coast of bodega bay, a crabing. boat was able to accomplish what animal rescuers have been trying to buy clearing all of the tangled mess. >> take a look this turns out that he does not have a degree in computer science. while young who is showing this man's reputation to a an error he is
8:33 pm
facing at today's editions that he knowingly falsified is résume. major shareholders are demanding that a yahoo fire him. or they could face legal action. and this was the statement. it misrepresentation mermaid they would confirm yet again the guy who is in dire need of a complete corporate overhaul. there would have to look for the fit ceo in five years. this sign a bill based company is reviewing the numbers. >>grant: new unemployment numbers in april this number dropped at 8.1 percent the lowest it has been in three years. it was 8.2% in the month of march. however when we speak to analysts the reason why the unemployment rate is down is because more and more people are not even looking for work. they
8:34 pm
have stopped looking. the people that are not looking to not factor into the unemployment rate. the number of jobs added in april was 115,000 however over 250,000 on average work at it between december and february. grant lotus, kron4. >> catherine: the jobs report gave mitt romney and obama plenty to talk about. and each are putting their own impact of on these numbers. >>reporter: in two separate events, a new unemployment take. >> we have created 130,000 private sector jobs in the month of april. >>reporter: the president acknowledging the obvious that this is not good enough. >> we have to do more. >> people across the country are
8:35 pm
having difficulty and wondering why. if >>reporter: mitt romney also crunching the numbers of >> anything near 8% is not cause for celebration. >>reporter: however this has not been at nearly 8% since december 20th 06. mitt romney has been blasting the president's stimulus plan. a newl enacted elected president saying that this on employment rate has not been below 8%. >> is the economy going forward or backwards? >>reporter: they are knocking in a new ad and smelling blood. it allows this imaginary woman how
8:36 pm
government programs are there to help. however they see her as aposter child for government dependency. and based on the poor unemployment she has given up looking for work. answering her critics the obama campaign manager feels great about this web tool and love the republican freaked out. speaking of more debt. with more on the jobs debate bob macdonald could end up on the gop debate. >> they care about jobs, and the a economy. >>reporter: this jobs picture is getting better. >> virginia is growing strong again and so is our future. >>reporter: already
8:37 pm
battlegrounds with circuits going to virginia, ohio and other swing states repeatedly over the next couple of days. cnn, washington. >> catherine: the colombian prostitute is selling its she could have easily taken sensitive information was an agent was sleeping. eight people lost their job. congressman saying that one has failed a lie detector test. they were on a mission in colombia. in advance, this prostitution was saying she was supposed to be paid $800. >> translator: i told him to wake up and he said no. he said just go slee--bleep and he put t 50,000 pesos and i was in shock at that moment when he said
8:38 pm
that. >> catherine: she flagged down a police officer after he refused to pay. she is not going to continue prostitution but she is a willing candidate for posing nude i a male magazine. now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. [ crickets chirping ]
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a nutritious cereal that makes everybody happy? like i said, wow. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. good and gluten free. >> catherine: a uc-berkeley student is in trouble. however reports say that he just wanted to put his were education to use. this freshman and uc berkeley is majoring in electrical engineering making his dorm room his laboratory. it is a technology wonderland with automated curtains, motion
8:41 pm
sensors and voice commands. >> and i could just sleep out with " sleep mode ". >> he became recognized as having the coolest dorm room on the planet. >> what is your favorite item? >> he showed his party with disco, techno. >> here is and all its glory. >> as you can imagine it has campus attention. berkeley housing authority were worried about electronic wiring but he has been summoned to a hearing. >> i have been called to possibly violating and it could
8:42 pm
be a disturbance to my neighbors but look around. everything is fine. >>reporter: using just binder clips and not drilling and colts. this can be dismantled in just a few moments. cnn and, berkeley, calif.. >> catherine: coming up sports director. radnick and his lovely wife. and the struggles with tiger woods.
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>> announcer: now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> is standing this video and showing this spokesperson from the sea transit.
8:45 pm
>> we now know what is going on and we're taking the added measures to make sure that record tracks are being acknowledged by drivers and all precautions are followed. >>stanley: this was after a kron 4 investigation showing bus drivers not stopping after train tracks. transit buses are required to stop it all real road crossings. however many were not. >> of course we're concerned it is in our training manuals and part of our remedial courses during of readers were once per year. yes, we are very concerned. >>stanley: as i returned i was glad to say that only one was in compliance. like this one who came to a complete site and stopped with flashers. this is trained at under 80 m.p.h. during a train would need at
8:46 pm
least 1 mi. to stop. you cannot always rely on those crossing arms to stop. even a school bus needed to stop which is a good thing. if i could just at the golden gate transit buses to stop. >> catherine: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at >>jacqueline: a significant warm-up towards this weekend with a 10-15 degree warm up. and the wind will continue to pick up on tuesday with breezy conditions on the east bay hills. and warmer temperatures will continue towards monday. temperatures nearly 90 degrees! tomorrow temperatures will also increase 79 degrees inland. nearly eight degrees in
8:47 pm
campbell. pittsburgh, and pleasanton, antioch. 70's for the east bay shores. still the sea breezes with temperatures seven is along the coast. however, sunday the temperatures will also be warming. taking a look a your extended forecast windy. and more places will see 80s. nearly 90 degrees for the inland valleys. tuesday will also be warmer. mid next week a bit of a cold on the sill above- average. ♪ >>gary: how good evening, everybody difficult night for the a's in tampa. once upon a time. the next with the help from the defense is going to hit the wall but a difficult choice with a good play. hitting at
8:48 pm
200. >> this was not his night. >> jose one of the brothers, benji. nine hits! very good. 7- 2. the a's are 1 came under 500. and speaking to my mom she said that she was watching atlanta and the boston celtics and overtime. and show johnson! and with a fake. carnap. boston celtics 90-84. a triple double. with four rebounds, 12 assists. there is nothing worse than speaking to your mother and she comes to off for a festival came 3,000 mi. away. >> catherine: great. >>gary: tiger woods missing the
8:49 pm
cut. we are and north carolina charlotte, north carolina. for the new viewers at 8:45 the family of vern glenn having a home in southern california. tiger woods having a difficult round. after an even par. low scores. he has not broken 70. he will not be a around this weekend and north carolina. and the u.s. open is coming to san francisco. >> vern: berkeley has spent half of his 54 years on the golf course as a caddy. the last three at the olympic club. it is no wonder the san francisco
8:50 pm
native would like to play as a player in the u.s. open. who would know this golf course better than him? >> a couple of and just like that. kind of like that. >> his journey will begin may 7th with a qualifier in montana. just one of several across the country he knows that several players will be competing for several spots in the field. by the way his dogs are going with him as well. in san francisco, kron4. >>gary: when we return it is email time. people talk about the death of sea and the accusations of jaywalking.
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>>gary: interesting e-mails. get ready. >> my guess is that the nfl is not worried about the safety and health only the millions they can lose and lawsuits. >>gary: of course money rules. let us put it this way. i do not
8:54 pm
think the commissioner wants to see people hurt. all of these millions and billions at stake there is nothing more popular than football. some of these guys as 40 years are threatening to sue the nfl there were not protected. what do you want for the commissioner? you cannot tell these owners that you were on the up side of the players. you have to appease the owners. difficult. as most things if there is money involved you can try to work it out. >> this next question is saying that this hurt steve? >> if you spend your entire life your entire existence is near a football. perhaps he is
8:55 pm
saying that he was too proud to having too many concussions. if that one thing is taken away. but all you going to do for the rest of your life. people not lining up. it can put you in a terrible position. >> now that sandoval is out should the giants go after another hitter. >> and the hitter is not one to be available. no team is going to give up and the hitter we're only in the second month. i know they are losing. to a milwaukee but i will say it again they have great pitching. and i think they can recover until sandoval. >> did you really only have a ac average? >> that is a lie! >> c-minus. {laughter} >> and with a c-minus and for
8:56 pm
five years i was the only guy to graduate. when i got to college i had to go to class. my basketball skills will tell you that i went right to class is. >> fair enough. >> my dream was to be here at kron 4. >> a plus. >> i do not believe your non-a alcohol intake. >> you can still have fun. >> i would have a couple of drinks. >>gary: [laughter] was the last question. >> i saw you and your son
8:57 pm
jaywalk team but you smiled and waved when i hit my corner. one out of two. >> i cannot argue. >> did i smile? {laughter}
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