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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 6, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> >> and was not his last night it was a super moon. the moon is 14% larger in the third more eliminated because is much closer it which are this time in years. here are some pictures sent in from kron 4 users. we will be happy to post them on line on i facebook take. this morning coming in to work there really stood out. >> critical elections are coming out increase in france and is all about jobs. back a minute.
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aren't >> we are back in 810 & this
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morning greeks are voting this morning. they're voting for the country's dire economic straits and lost jobs. greece must impose more severe measures on the counter next time. angry voters across france have gone to oppose this morning to defeat the present one-term president your there was some talk
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about anti -- at home decision 2012. president up, was in ohio. the president is taking the time to point out the market differences between himself and canada romney. >> bigger profits have not led to the jobs. governor romney does not seem to get that.
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why else would he want to spend to trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthiest. why would he propose cutting his own taxes while raising them on 18 million residents. >> romney spent his time campaigning in pennsylvania and virginia. he accused romney of misspeaking his position on the economic track. here is that your vote few from the bridge. and this point to be a gorgeous day. we will be right back.
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can i try yours? >> we're back and taking a
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quick look outside this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a beautiful shot from the paper as. bay bridge could >> suv sunny and warm and today could be anywhere between its five and 12 degrees warmer than it is today. tomorrow is in the sunny skies and even warmer. let's look at that afternoon highs. respecting glow eighties in morgan hill. in a beam mid '80s and concord.
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the 77 for richmond along the peninsula and be 78 in sematech appears to be a gorgeous beach day. 75 percent francisco. santa rosa looks like it's going to be the warmest spot on map at 87 degrees. it is pointed cool off a little bit as we head into the weekend. -- wheat day. >> the 911 track -- attack. what should an aide to our rain that turned into a 13
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hour ordeal. the man accused of the 911 at tak ran court. some of the 911 victims family stay at a one this appears form of justice. >> does this should be the death count of the penalty. >> when mohammed and the others were taken to trial in 2008. this was interrupted by the unsuccessful attempt a president, to close the san one mcdade prison. >> overtime will be
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prostitution is the oldest occupation. this is an unique what at prostitution is at it is then printed the together by a producer in the bay area. so you have done a trilogy about the glow and globalization. initially it was the expos' say but it really is more a presentation >> all three of those films are occupational -- observational documentary is.
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it is not a message driven thing it is just the everyday life and personal opinions in stride of the women. the digest show what it is. >> most prostitution rings about draggy, worldwide trafficking and since slave year. >> it is not about the criminal homicide about prostitution. it is against the law but this looks into the everyday life of a normal working girl. >> in thailand a punch a time clock, and bangladesh
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they also have the zone. >> the girls are standing there doorway of what it looks like a motel. and the man can pick from the car. >> that there's a story is that brought all prostitution's are destitute drive with drug issues. was to draw general finding. >> just like in every profession and their people that are miserable and people who are not. >> ok in has to be demeaning on almost every circumstance cleared.
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in other words is an occupation that could drag down. >> i can say that of someone who worked in an office. i don't it's more dragging down than any of the job. >> it is a very unusual look at prostitution prepared here is where this movie is playing. thank you very much for joining us. they view. >> we're quite to get the latest of a developing story where a police officer was shot.
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>>marty: and where are dead as a check into whether. we're calling to check into the weather. back in a minute.
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>> we are back at 8 nem parent of the best 838 m. there's a shooting out in oakland that happen and 92nd and berge east of the coliseum. the officer and the suspects were injured. rental yoli at light at highland hospital. >>yoli: the suspect is in serious condition. the officer also got wounded but is in stable condition. this also got started at midnight at the 92nd hundred block of birch. the officer did find the
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right suspect committing a crime but we don't know exactly what he was doing. that's when the suspect turned around and fired at opposite and wounded him. somehow the officer was able to the shame back and into the suspect's. both were taken to highland hospital. we are awaiting for a little bit more detail as far as what crime the suspect committee. >> >>yoli: it this point is to hurley to get the details. -- all too early to get the details. >> and dean of the officer is a caring.
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>>yoli: 8 yes he is in stable condition. >> >>marty: a was a peaceful cinco tamayo celebrations. the ball arrested two men on santa clara street. san jose police was not to run the fine print >> police representative said it's not every are trying to be negative. >> a solid at the heritage in the photoflash.
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>>marty: there is just more of a police presence in the downtown area last night been ysabel: here is a beautiful shot of san francisco hillside. many people are and, judging the, the. >>marty: the list tracking of the forecast. >> we're expecting a warmer afternoon and again today 54 at half moon bay where record decease '70s and in north bay. as an afternoon you can see all the in yellow and orange on the screen that
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tempers to be in the '70s and high in the '80s. as they get closer look at those numbers. 86 for napa. 75 percent francisco. temperatures are the continued to warm tamara i will tell you more about that when we come back through ysabel: from 11 before the let's and 24 streets in the mission. is this sunday see a strange expansion. he will be happening for the next four months on every sunday your is like music, biking, that and other outdoor activities.
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for more information go to >>marty: they are still cleaning out from last week's may day protests. that's when some of the protesters broke off and cause this damaged. about 617 vehicles were damaged ribs and some was damage here was small mom- and-pop popping type shops record -- there were 17 vehicles damaged. they are not part of corporate america they are not banks. they are regular people barely scraping -- scraping by. the windows broken and the we had all are with this aspect when no looting.
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>> and everybody's manage to keep the banks bought stores out but this makes it hard. >> of that i was really mad because all the small business earlier owners were the ones that were damaged. >> not disclosing a shop or me out. they are digging their heels and. they another local all the businesses are good for the bay area. yes insurance is helping it is not cover all expenses. there is a web site and is taking donations for the mission businesses.
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100 percent of that will go to the businesses that need it the most. they need to thousand dollars more to reach their goal to help pay for these repairs. you see a link to the donation website on or facebook. as bell his belt >> we're expecting sunday days assassin and in irian we are expecting sunny day days assassin and in irian we are expecting sunny day acrossi hate getting less. but i love getting more. i'd trade a lot less for a little more. or a little less for a lot more. either way, when it comes to having more, i want a lot more of more and a little less of less. ♪ and that's exactly what you'll get
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[ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> ysabel: texas will it takes a trip to say things blow
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up. a year old haven't is battling leukemia. so the bomb team made his wish come true. >> understand what is willing on what china help the kids have done. >> now we can finally breathe and enjoy life for a change. ysabel: quite the typical bull why he got to watch things blow up. >>marty: we have a new
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kentucky derby champ to tell you about. ysabel: the traffic is easy and the sun is up. will be back.
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>> losing streak for the giants is finally over irian 15 to 2. the team had lost four in a row. the play again today and at&t part. and >> the a's also had a win at ford is read. -- the res 14-3. -- 4-3.
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ysabel: the horse called i have another one at the kentucky derby. the kentucky derby is the first leg of the triple crown. >> let's turn our attention to the weather. let's look at that celebration. it is a beautiful day around the day today. it is one of several cinco tamayo's celebrations were out the area. ysabel: this is a picture from mt. tam. >> yes we do have some sea
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breeze with things so cool. it is much warmer today than it has been. it's five to 12 degrees higher than yesterday. two mar work and this see the temperatures raise even more. there will be a cool down in the mid week. it's it is currently 63 degrees and san francisco. as a here your afternoon highs. the widespread low 80s. the upper seventies the mid '80s of the east bay's shoreline was the upper seventies and may be 80 degrees in fremont and a be a beautiful beach day.
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75 for downtown san francisco. and then north bay it was the warmest temperature at santa rosa. at 87 degrees. the be 86 degrees in napa. let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay. is an appeal courts is weak it things o continued to get hotter until we could see some midweek cooling. >>marty: jackie sizzle explains that there were no shortage of people showing up to get rid of the buyback program >>jackie: any person that it
8:49 am
turned in a working done receive cash for the weapon compared. many people does found the glove and guns in the closet, they know sunday to pass a way that owned a gun. they're just trying to find a way to get rid of them. >>jackie: last year they collected 84 guns this year they hope to collect even more. >> assembly gets it a lot you will be responsible for and now the police will be responsible for it. >>jackie: every gun see it serial number is check dizzy that the gun is not stolen. most of the $15,000 use from
8:50 am
the program came from private dollars. jackie sizzle, kron 4 news. ysabel: the avengers polled and $2 million here and the u.s.. the avengers teams up thought paul hall, the iron man and the black widow. they try to save the world. >>marty: that thing is that the weekend isn't even over. we still have sunday. there'll be even more money by to march a rake and. >> i am scion on the fun checking about the reviews about the avengers.
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we have someone is predicting that where the world of the internet and where the world of the new is is heading we will be back in a minute.
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>> you are watching television or are you watching us on the computer? . i'm glad to introduce you jewry o'connor. he is a trendless and producer. your idea is that we do not know where it's heading but it will all work out probably in a good way. guess >> em let's lookit facebook and the traders of the world. this is a very powerful
8:55 am
tool and can be very good for you. >> can face spot and to enter the place at the news stations? . >> i guess-and now the lines is supplement them and assist them. things will change. >> how will we be informed today and how will we be informed later? . >> at test -- gasp >> we need people to look at what they have. they are being overwhelmed
8:56 am
by a massive amount of information. people need to be able to put up filters said they get the information that they need. i'm facebook this kind of a one word of mouth. and we have a far greater number of friends and a large as stream of information. these are people that if of breve time they are giving as good information to the we contrasted them. we of people pulling together and aggregating information about something like the environment. there is a fellow named and the -- and the car then who is a social media strategist. and he has many friends in north africa he became the go to an news source to find out information about the
8:57 am
our spring. arab sprang. we also have the social media but we also have the recommended france. >> i think you will will comes up very well for me. >> you said the important part you said for me which is what it's really about. >> the book is called friends, followers and the future. >> we would take a break when we come back. there is a crisis coming on
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because the more more i have, the more i have to have... more. [ female announcer ] more room. complimentary drinks. free breakfast. embassy suites. get more. >> his belt. ysabel: the french and the greeks go to the polls today. it's all about jobs for them here in >>marty: i suspect who shot an overnight put case is a critical condition in hospital. we'll have more and seconds. >> a document tree about a
9:01 am
documentary is coming up by a man named record we will take a look at a minute. >> there is a suspect in happened this morning and 92nd anniversary de -- birch just east of the coliseum. we're turning to aetolia was that live in-hospital we understand is that what jason read to the shooting. is that right? >>yoli: in the was 8 ft. chase. there was a foot chase but we don't know what the man's crime was.
9:02 am
the police that -- the suspect fired a shot a police officer. and then the police of his agenda and then shot him. according to one person was on the scene they said that they had to apply see we are to the suspect ran both suspect an officer at highland hospital. the suspect is in serious condition in the officer is in stable condition. trying to get it update on what kind of wound it was in boat people. >>marty: thanks yoli for reporting live from have
9:03 am
done hospital. ysabel: there will be officers honored in the candlelight vigil for the fog officers at the capitol mall. -- capital mall. in san has a there was a man shot last night. there is no word on whether it it was related to any of the celebrations. >>marty: there was a and update on the number our progress inside de tat citations for cinco tamayo of the weekend. the rich while rats from juveniles by violating the curfew.
9:04 am
dalian >> somebody cinco tamayo people were cruising in san jose. by saturday night, at officers began to shut down some streets. you can see that this the street is practically entry. police arrested two men on santa clara street and hundreds of people celebrated cinco tamayo care and if you buy at hours before that, please cut another man. >> we are just trying to make sure that people are staying safe father in the san jose. >> there is a lot of
9:05 am
screaming enjoy writing. >> we would be negligent if we had no officers here to respond dalian >> on many people still flocked to the downtown area at your. and it >> it's really about the food in the flag in the heritage. >> in the site there officers in every corner in this downtown area. yes fell >> ysabel: it's a beautiful they to be outside.
9:06 am
johnnie >> it is another shot to >> >>janu: here's the picture, matt mt. tam cam. it's the be sunny and warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. let's take a look for the temperatures are right now. upper 50s in san francisco. temperatures are warming pretty quickly. as the afternoon we are expecting temperatures in the high seventies to low 80s. let's take it the no. a look of the north bay. it is getting pretty warm up there with santa rosa is the highest temperature at 87
9:07 am
degrees. will take a look around bay and my next forecast. >>jan: ysabel: the moon appeared 30 percent larger in one court -- one-third more eliminated. if you have pictures of the meehan please send it to us that and we will oppose them. >>marty: i wasn't sure whether i knew about the super moon or whether it just seemed to brighter and closer. the golden state warrior hens lends a helping hand to hand to a state park that needs help. be back in a minute.
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>> >>marty: welcome back. golden state warriors came in to help an east bay park that needed some help. the park has wrested back boards and sometimes the ball on even come out of the net. all of these problems will soon be flicks due to a $20,000 grant. >> i grew up on a basketball court is like this back and north carolina. every distance to have fun so pleases everybody. kept this another park in east oakland also helps to get a grant to help their
9:12 am
part to. ysabel: the thick alive look outside. the condition to adjust scorches. the complete forecast is coming up
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ysabel: this is the picture at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks just like it did earlier. >>janu: it is a great day to be out and about. it is even an warmer dating yesterday. anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees warmer in fact. samaras to the senate and even warmer but it will cool down at the end of the week.
9:16 am
or are tastings and '70s out there and fairfield. easily in on will be up for seven days. 85 and concord. is to be a gorgeous day and the east bay stores as well. richmond be 77 and set oakland of the 79. in the mid '70s first downtown stamford cisco in the low 80s and hot tub. 87 in santa rosa. a thick a look at the 7 day around the bay. it is showing as a bit temperatures were going to continue to rise until
9:17 am
about wednesday when a local down on thursday. ysabel: at greece the majority party is leading increase. they're trying to get the international bailout support. this is winter impact the severe austerity edger that is affecting the country. there will be more severe measures proposed for next year's. in france angry voters have gone to the polls today. they're looking to defeat the present it was only in for one term.
9:18 am
the challenger is a socialist challenger and has the edge. there was some criticism of fueling anti --. the politics in this country. >>marty: president obama cakes of his reelection campaign saturday. tracy has the story from ohio. >>terisa: from the ohio university pep band to john gland who is one of the state's formal astronauts
9:19 am
and senator. it is clear that a bomb is up for reelection. obama >> it was touch was tough. but not say what ohio the american people are tougher. for the first time in nine years, there are no americans fighting in iraq. osama bin laden is no longer a threat to this country. with this police obama and romney in a virtual tie. obama-ohio, i tell you what, we cannot give ron mean that
9:20 am
chance. what'd you think of the rally? i did really feel that he is telling is what he was gonna do. >>marty: after columbus will be one to richmond va for a another rally. it is a very tight race. it is a box of 46 to romney's 47%. ysabel: this is a rehearing of the men responsible for the 911 bombings. this was supposed to last for two hours and continued for 13 hours.
9:21 am
another hearing is set on may 12th. >> the case you haven't heard that as a major crisis happening in the parks. like one-third of the parts of the shot shutdown after june 1st. will have more when we come back. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
9:22 am
but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> so these are your state parks. these are years state parks on a budget your. these are the parts that are expected to be closed on july 1st reported one quarter of all the state's parks will be close.
9:25 am
this is the author of the article for they nature magazine. with you please tell us the status now of those 70 parks their scheduled to close? >> the is some good news. citizens and local governments have rallied. >> had a rally? >> up a nonprofit association is actually taking over the park. de there was a state beach that ended the coca-cola contest and they did not
9:26 am
win but they get $5,000 to $500,000 to get a new sewage systems. there are many more groups it a try to keep our the parks open. more than half will close on july 1st. >> have been in the bay area? >> probably nine or 10. it will be every of work to awakening to the people in the area. >> the asking the parks to cut $22 million of a hunt years.
9:27 am
but the parks and to generate a significant in come more than that in a year's time. >> of the data each visitor to pay 355 more when they visit the park that will be enough to satisfy this problem. >> states in the as things are changing on almost a daily basis basis. thank you for joining us and i enjoyed your article. ysabel: and possible -- and i suffer and -- and asa are officer and handed her a suspect are both hospitalized. will be right back.
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9:32 am
did set up patrols this and san jose. they said that they could tell the there was more of a police resonant danced san jose
9:33 am
>> @ piquancy this cinco gemayel -- you can see that cinco de mile celebration. lots of people had a great time and see how many people were gathered here in the park. >>jackie: john >>dan: this is done in johnnie >> this lot is sending out there and 73 and nasa. 73 and napa. as we head into the next hour we can see more of the '70s indicated by the yellow
9:34 am
and orange. the orange color will be 80 to three areas. as take a look that afternoon highs. the 83 expected san jose. the of the war as temperatures into the north bay. the of the mostly in the '70s and upper to mid '80s. back to day as well. ysabel: city officials say that this organization has found out a home. in this sunday's to expansion and this is a pilot program.
9:35 am
it features like music and biking pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. it will be in the next four months on every sunday. >>marty: some residents in the mission district are still cleaning up after the demonstrations in on the may de devastation. there were 17 vehicles it denver damage. and here's a look at this doors. trying to scrape by.
9:36 am
windows broken and no looting just destruction of property. it is astonishing where everyone was able to keep the big spot stores out that they would be the target of this damage. >> your of trying very hard to stay in business. >> the good news is the community is pulling together. nothing is close up shop. these business owners know that this is great for the community. they do need help. yes insurance covers out
9:37 am
some of the damage of this is not cover all expenses in irian there is a web site is taking the nation's foreign these businesses. this website is collected new-line over $8,000 and they needed to thousand dollars more to help take care of the additional expenses not covered by insurance. if you are wanting to help coach to kron 4 or face a look and look for the link to the web site. yet spell them a tax it jazz his belt. >> plenty of sunshine and 83 degrees right now i'm really going to miss you.
9:38 am
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ysabel: is a texas boy that was battling cancer who made
9:41 am
a special trip to california to see one of his wishes come true it's a bill he just wants it that sea things blow up. he's 8 years old and he's battling leukemia. he spent the last and chemotherapy. >> we tried that help kids come out of budget top ford deal. so he get to watch five blas sunol. >>marty: all the boy there and enjoyed seeing those things alone up.
9:42 am
let's check in with henley. >>henry: our water systems are not drying up will come back antsy what we can do.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> ysabel: is 9:34 a.m.. or taking a look at the bay bridge. we is the teen some sunnis skies and seven sets the. john a. >> was the warmer conditions to margaret by mid we would see things were -- cool all that.
9:46 am
right now today is sunny and much warmer than yesterday's tamara will be sunny skies and even warmer by midweek it will cool off. this a low eighties in the south bay today. nappers' '70s and '80s and in. but the sunshine for the shore. the mid-70s to alameda. this could be another beautiful beach day. the 70 degrees in the ocean beach. 72 degrees for powell tub. 83 and petaluma. but take a look at a 7 day around the bay for cats. that's going to continue until our work week up by midweek it will cool off a
9:47 am
couple of days and and the it all began as going to be sunny and dry. >>henry: water is going to be one of the biggest problems in our nation and our world. there were looking at a film called waters said. it is a documentary. it is focused around the colorado river but it applies to the entire world. here is the producer of the film. and as some of the executive producer is robert redford. explain to us what the
9:48 am
problem is it for water and you as. >> if you have a problem with scarcity you have a problem with water quality. specifically, rather it is a scarcity. the is the distribution compact 7 1922 was tween several states are brown color of what appears there is not as much water and cholera river and then there was in 1922 but we are using more water than we did send. we need to solve the problem. for corn to have to change the way we deal with water. >> with a population in the regions expecting to reach 2
9:49 am
million demand or outpace supply and less we embrace a new water tactic. now telling how we use water and how it affects the world around us. >>marty: this also applies as in the bay area. we're not dependent on something like the color of a river but it's still wise us. >> you have a unique relationship to our watershed. most people turn on the faucet and have no idea of where the water comes from said there as a low level of awareness that we need to step up. >>marty: what would be the first step to solve this problem. >> this is a lot of low hanging fruit. is a lot of changes that can
9:50 am
occur without much effort. because of agriculture and some of the mad methodology. efficiency can greatly increase their. msn a look at what kind of things to grow it regretted. >>marty: it is no official traveling on no one worries about. >> you have a lot of things you can do the house. you could put low flow showerheads. chip at past trip watering. -- rep watering. this addition of a shot on the sauce lead a film festival on may 13th the name of the film is a watershed. he can go to watershed of the doubt,.
9:51 am
you go to watershed thought,. >>marty: 74 guns were taken. jackie sizzle explains the there is no short supply people the showing up to to give the image. >>jackie: this morning at east palo alto's fourth annual gun collection. anybody that turned in a working that would receive money for for the gun. some people about the guns in the closet, found the guns in a look house, i am someone passed away who had a gun. these people are just looking at ways to get the gun of the home.
9:52 am
last year they connected 84 t this year they hope to collect more. >> as someone else and steals a gun in you are responsible for this way is turnarounds' the please. >>jackie: every dancer of a number is checked to make sure that is not stolen. it's been everything from rusty rifles to collectible of handguns. techies as a look, kron 4 news. yet spell. the avenger de ysabel: de avengers rigs and in of the weekend.
9:53 am
-- as the movie the adventures rakes and the cash over the weekend. .
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ysabel: is currently 64 degrees and said this is the with the high projected its of the fact. the seven day war cast is expected to be warm warmer and warmer. but at 90 degrees on tuesday. >>marty: if you want to head to the movies. the dignity the adventure is -- the big movie the adventures just brought in 2 million to this weekend. if it features super heroes.
9:57 am
the super heroes try to save the world from total destruction. can she wanted to know jan gave it three hats. ysabel: the first leg of the triple crown, the kentucky derby was one and by a horse named " i'll have another quotthe name of the horse was"i'll have another"here it. >> and thanks for joining us in will see you back tomorrow morning at rain began.
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have a great weekend.
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