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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 7, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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in the yemen smashed a new al-qaeda plot to blow up american airliners.
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can make its way through metal detectors without being spotted. announcer: this is the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: a toddler was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland after being mauled by a dog. kate thompson is on the scene were all this happened in concord. she is joining us live with the latest. >>gabe: 82 and 1/2 year old girl was attacked at her home in concord. the house on rose lane, the attack happened around 5:00 p.m.. the girl was 2 1/2 years old. police and paramedics were on the scene, the girl suffered serious injuries to her face, hands and legs to. she was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. a nearby park. neighbors say that the bull belong to the family but the police have not confirmed
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that. there are be aware of dog signs around the home. there is a neighbor who says he saw the girl just after she was attacked. >> i was driving to the school and i saw the girl running with a baby in her hands. she ran to the ambulance and gave the baby to the care medics. kate >> animal control is on scene. friends and family have been showing up in concord but they have not been saying much. police said the girl is now in stable condition. >>pam: a major development in the case of a missing the morgan hill teenager. now, investigators have identified a car of interest that could be linked to her disappearance. rob fladeboe shows you the car officials are looking for explains why it is their
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focus. >> sheriff's detectives are calling it a car of interest, a car similar to this one, a late '90s for your data with a black hood. the car is seen in several surveillance video is near where sierra lamar went missing on march 16th. >> this vehicle was seen in the general area where she was last seen, close to her mother's house the sheriff's office says the red car was on camera within a few miles of sierras home on this road, the bus stop is just up the street. from homes in the area businesses in the school or county transit buses the sheriff's office says the possible significance of the red card came to light only recently based on interviews with people who had also
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seen a car in the area on march 16th. >> there are a number of the vehicles that were seen with these surveillance cameras on the morning she disappeared. investigators will not say what if anything videos and would as a counselor feel about what was in the red car but they are calling on the public to take a close look at the car and report anything that might be of help. >>pam: today we spoke with the mother of sierra lamar who hopes that the public can help deputies find the car. >> i know that everyone out there will do everything possible to report the citing of this car and if
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you have passed any -- if you have any past recollection of seeing this a vehicle, let law- enforcement now as far as location. the time is very informal and now. it is very critical. keep your eyes open. everybody. please look at your immediate surroundings, not just when you are driving on the road. >>pam: j.r. stone continues coverage of j.r stone and talk in depth with a former fbi from all profiler to get her take on the case in the new details deists some >> this lead today is enormously important. >> is retired fbi criminal profiler referred to the sierra lamar case fans specifically thesis for about the car of interests.
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>> morgan hill is not new york city. even within a 50 mi. area, some one knows. all i have to do is pick up the phone and call police. >> it has been almost two months since sierra lamar went missing. the hope of finding her life has not faded. >> it is possible that she is being kept alive. think about jaycee lee dugard costs in the lives of its smart, these people were all recovered. there is no reason to give up hope. >> there are a number of possibilities when it comes to this red jets. it may be a different color or have a new honor. safe >>pam: here is a live look outside. it is a beautiful night.
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here is a live picture from our roof camera. it will get harder tomorrow and then changes later in the week. >>jaqueline: a little bit of fog along the coastline overnight. it will get even warmer into tomorrow. third today temperatures were in the upper 80s and low 90s. in the south bay was quite warm. the sea breeze winds will get stronger by mid-week.
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>>pam: 85 discovered by the cia. >> the explosive was to go into the suicide bombers underwear. this time it had a more sophisticated detonation device that was not a battlefield if that raises questions for airport security. >> the explosive device is in our position right now and being analyzed and tested. this could be significant if you're talking about a nonmetallic of. the plot was uncovered in the last several weeks and the fbi says the device never with a stress to public safety to. fed >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to remain vigilant
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against those that would seek to attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> it was christmas 2009 when explosives were failed to detonate on the jet flight over detroit. experts agree if ignited its chemical is a deadly. counter-terrorism officials believe this man is the one responsible for this fall. this bomb is much more sophisticated than the one from christmas 2009. >> would you be willing to save your life -- to risk your life to save 5-10 minutes? state and and i will say the
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problem that persists over and over again just one day after a woman died in a tragic accident. >> rent is on the rise in the bay area. we will show you the cities with the largest increases. >> a proposal that would eliminate all high-school police resource officers in east bay cities. find out where one kron4 news comes that. find out where one kron4 news comes that. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. find out where one kron4 news comes that. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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[ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. >> rick santorum is endorsing mitt romney for the presidency.
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rick santorum is giving its endorsement to mitt romney for president. >>pam: iran is soaring in the bay area fearful if these are the top five cities with the largest increase in rent compared to the same time last year. foster city added 18.3% increase. >>alejandra: the average run in foster city is $219. last year was a little over 2000. sunnyvale also saw a large increase in rent. $1,832 compared to 1689 in 2011. in the first quarter the average rent in san francisco with $2,663.
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2011, 2004 and $72. the president and founder of the data from a real fact says the reason the rental market is doing so well is because many people can afford to buy homes in these areas. >> the average house sells for $1 million >> she says one area where rent is not rising is and antioch. >>pam: of san jose and oakland also sought increasing and rent. in oakland iran has increased to 1698.
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the city of concord is considering eliminating school resource officers in order to save money. the cuts could save millions of dollars in the city budget but one high school principal says losing those campus police would be devastating. >> the school's principal says the resource officer was needed on this day to assist a student experiencing a mental breakdown. >> today already we had a kid that was hospitalized. without quick help it would have taken longer to get an officer to assist with the situation. >> losing police resource officers doing to budgetary issues means not only eliminating david police
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presence on campus but much- needed patrols off campus as well. >> we have had a lot of arrests. last week we have a student come across someone tried to get her into a car of vallejo. as a result of for quick thinking, she called 911 and the school resource officer in the vicinity of they a stop. >> in addition he says will resource officers also help kids in other important ways. >> the school resource officer not only does arrests but she helped to turn kids around. that is something you cannot measure of money. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the golden gate. clear skies and what are its that safe fog along the san mateo coastline.
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closer to the coastline, 52 in half moon bay. we are seeing our sea breeze when to back in the forecast, they're just not very strong but it will get stronger into wednesday. here is what is on tap for tomorrow serious fog along the coast line with most of the skies and mild temperatures. into the evidence and is rise in hot away from the coastline. here is a look a your highs for today.
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>> we on the downside of living hell, we're in earthquake country. we all know that it can happen at any second. how great would-be if we had an early detection system in place so that you could have a few seconds to get under a sturdy table or get outside or grab your kids? the technology exists. the people who created exists that the problem is money.
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japan, mexico, taiwan, turkey and romania all have a warning system for qwikster. the average one is 28 seconds. some countries send out text messages, some use radio, television or sirens. scientists with the usgs have developed a test system which would give a few second, up to minutes of warning before an earthquake. state and federal budget constraints are slowing further progress. fans american geologists believe to implement this in california will cost between 80 million-150 million to monitor and reach the entire west coast. >> the geology community is worried that it would take a major disaster to create the will to get this project completed. >> the japanese system was built after a record number of people were killed in the kobe earthquake.
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>>gary: the san francisco giants suspended for using illegal drugs and a man about to risk his life. nine people before him have died trying to climb this summit in alaska.
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oxford >> police are looking for a man they say sexually
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assaulted a woman. an adult female was walking along this bike trail in livermore and a male suspect reportedly started speaking to the woman, introduced himself as a gate and then pulled her close to him. police say he grabs an intimate part of her body, the victim and then yelled and the suspect let her go. the suspect then walked away. police are looking for a hispanic male. the >>jaqueline: warm conditions on tap for tomorrow. we will take a look at conditions in your neighborhood coming out.
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>>pam: a mysterious fragrance in the east bay. we will tell you about the small the cause evacuations at several local schools and a few tories lead dangerous intersection in san francisco claims the life of a young woman. we will take you there and show you what makes is a dangerous. the white house finds itself in answering questions on the marriage after comments from top administration officials and voicing support for same-sex marriage. for sphere if
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>pam: and a woman was struck in the killed by a car sunday evening while jaywalking across masonic
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avenue in san francisco. the area where she was killed is a busy stretch of road and in the area where people tend to jaywalk a lot. >> the temptation to agree what is too great. just one day after numerous people were willing to take the same risk that cost her her life. >> do know a woman just died crossing the street walking? >> i did not know that. >> many people safe the reason they do what is it is too far to the crosswalks
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but i did a test from this location ride across the street and trader joe's. one of the 40 steps and going back at wally 200 steps. this stretch of roadway is particularly dangerous. drivers have no way of knowing what is on the other side of the above until it is too late. it is better to take the 5- 10 minutes to go to the intersection across properly. >>pam: police in antioch are searching for three man who robbed and kidnapped the taxi driver. fog
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>>pam: walnut creek police are investigating a violent home invasion that happened early this morning. two women into the backyard of a home and asked the residents use a phone. the two women and two men burst into the home. one of the suspect had a gun. they ransacked the house and with the still in its into a house before taking off. >>grant: and natural gas smell and walnut creek. people reported a small just after 8:00 p.m.. one high school was a that you waited.
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>> the principle here in what hists creek says that calls came in complaining about the smell of natural gas. >> we decided to evacuate. the principal says with students safe outside authorities went into the school to check things out. >> the fire department shut up and walked the campus. they determined that the
8:33 pm
smell was not coming from us. >> about 5 mi. away officials did action and issued a shelter in place. 670 students stayed inside during the first recess. one administrator says the smell was very strong but then, it seemed to offload away. fog fall >> some sausalito residents are sound enough tonight over the measure d. if it is approved the fire department of sausalito will be and next. >> the meeting is going on right now behind me, currently the south american fire district has been providing fire services for the past eight years but the fire services contract is now up, and tonight we will
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hear from both >>pam: oakland street leaders have submitted a plan on how they will investigate occupy oakland protest. the district judge ordered the city to have a plan in place by may 10th. >>jaqueline: we have more hot weather in term for tomorrow. tempers today in the copper '80s. in the inland valleys it was
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also tuesday. the only place that we sought relief from the heat was coast side. current temperatures are still pretty mild. still 83 in antioch. closers' the coastline, 50 degrees. we have one more warm day before things start to change. >>pam: today to talk obama administration officials voiced their support same- sex marriage. over the weekend to buy and says he is fine with the marriage and today the education secretary said he thinks gay men and lesbians should be allowed to marry them in both man at odds with their boss, the president. the >> it sounds like the vice
8:36 pm
president supports gay marriage. >> this is all about a simple proposition, who do you love? " the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that man married man and woman married women, heterosexual and homosexual are entitled to the same exact civil- rights and liberties. >> this is what the education secretary had to say. >> i do support the marriage. >>president obama: my feelings about this are constantly evolving. >> this is a flashpoint issue in the election year and the obama campaign is working overtime to argue that biden's comments were not new. >> there are entirely consistent with the president's position which is that couples were married whether they're gay
8:37 pm
or heterosexual are entitled to the very same rights and liberties. >> the vice president's office even put out a statement attempted to clarify the vice president's meeting. >> i have heard efforts from within the administration to say that the president and vice-president have the same position. third
8:38 pm
>> there are reasons that the president might want to have it both ways. polling shows that while a majority of americans do support gay marriage, it is opposed by a majority of african americans, americans over 50 and those without a college education. >>pam: kron4 will have cameras everywhere along the course for this zazzle bay to breakers capture and allow customs as thousands make their way from the bay to breakers. it is a san francisco tradition that you do not want to mess. sunday morning, may 20th.
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the cdc gives us a look of the new star in numbers. >>kimberlee: there has been some progress over the years. specialists are still calling this a very serious problem. the study suggested by the year 2030 severe obesity will double. being overweight increases anyone's risk of diabetes and heart disease but the severely obese are most at risk in the most expensive to treat. conservative estimates suggest that obesity related problems account for at least 9 percent of the nation's yearly health spending or 150 billion a year. according to this new study
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by 23 that number could skyrocket to five under 50 billion per year. >>pam: still ahead, a giants pitcher is suspended for 100 games. gary radnich tells you who and why. one extreme endurance athletes it's dealt with gary to talk about his latest challenge, a death defying some of north am
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all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. >>stanley: is not uncommon to see a bicyclist in san francisco ignoring stop signs. if you go to golden gate park, it appears to be the norm. the new bike lanes on jfk drive inside golden gate park are in full effect. also in full effect is the
8:45 pm
word stop. it is painted in the street. these stop signs are for a bicyclist only, they're painted inside of the bicycle lanes. the one for cars is much larger. most, if not all bicycle lists are ignoring these signs. >> i do not know. >>stanley: this a bicyclist nicholas actually stopped. >> the people who run a stop sign to be it cars or bikes, it is whoever gets there first to go first. >> i think it is harder to follow the signs with your and apart and are not many pedestrians.
8:46 pm
>>stanley: is outside is a stop sign. what you are tantau by or 4,000 lb. car, you need to stop. this is not about harassing a bicyclist, it is about the irresponsible. golden gate is a free-for- all when it comes to bicyclist running signs whether it is a crosswalk or at a very busy intersection. >> the point of the stop sign is to make sure of that pedestrians have the right of way and that cars and bikes yield to pedestrians. >>stanley: the point of a stop sign is for you to stop. the keyboard is stopped. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have any story ideas or comments for >>stanley: , e-mail us at m >>jaqueline: it was another hot day today. debitors was a warming into tomorrow as well. we will see the fog
8:47 pm
thickened back up into wednesday morning. that will help the cool temperatures the author of the rest of the day. future cast 4 tomorrow morning, temperatures mild, in the '50s and '60s but quickly warming. and today the clock hour it is already into the '70s. by noon temperatures in the '80s. we are still clinging to the '60s. the coastline is the only place for temperatures will stay cool. widespread '80s and '90s. the widespread raider -- the widespread read is in san jose. let's get a look at temperatures in your neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. 90 degrees in cupertino, the same thing in sunnyvale and los gatos. 89 in san jose. low nineties for the inland valleys.
8:48 pm
upper 70's and low eighties for the east bay shores. closer to the coastline, temperatures in the low 60s for. this seabury's winds will make their presence known along the coastline to marks. here is a look at your extended forecast. a sliver of coastal fog into tomorrow morning will help keep conditions a bit cooler. into wednesday, cooling will spread around the rest of the bay area cooling into thursday in warming back up as a given to the weekend with temperatures back into the 90s by sunday. >>gary: good evening everyone. the giants and dodgers, at this hour it is 1-0, the dodgers in its fifth inning. another giants pitcher has been caught, once again,
8:49 pm
taking performance enhancement drugs. did giants said they are disappointed to learn of his suspension. this was not a key player but 100 games catches your attention. one of sport's biggest complement's is when the older guys want to teach you a lesson. no one misses with a young guy a lesson there are super talented. they threw at him. a philadelphia pitcher admitted he did. look what he did to get even, he stole home. this kid is electric. the picture was suspended for six days. for starting pitcher that means he will miss one start.
8:50 pm
the nba playoffs and forestry. tony parker doing it to death out to tim duncan. san antonio is one of those teams that is a good year after year they win tonight 87-81. they will advance to the nba western conference semifinals. davis was a key ingredient in the playoffs for 2007. his career very well may be over at age 33. he tore his aclu and and cl on his right knee. the recovery time has been listed at about one year-15 months. the players knew it immediately and were pretty much saying goodbye to barron davis.
8:51 pm
it would pretty much be a shock if you want to go to the rehabilitation and wait a year-and-a-half to come back. he is the ultimate adventurer, his name is bill bradley and he will be attempting to climb north america's highest peak, mount mckinley in alaska. 20,320 ft.. last year, nine people vice while attempting to summit of mount mckinley. he joined us earlier tonight, he has a personality and he is ready to roll. >> you have to have a sense of humor or you will not do it. you check to make sure they you are in control. >>gary: you are not a guy on your own, you have three children. what do they think of that risking his life? >> my children are grown and
8:52 pm
i do have life insurance. there will not have to fall me out, throw me in bed and say i died of natural causes. >>gary: why do you need this? >> i like showing people what is possible. i am an average of talented guy and the odds are 300-one of me dying. that is if you do something stupid serious >> you try to figure out why those guys indicted you try not to do the same thing. most of the people who live died are undecided. i have a guide. >>gary: you swim, you buy, you do everything. this is not just a first run
8:53 pm
at history. >> i have swam 17 mi. in the english channel know what set of brakes. thank i have but across america in 16 days. >>gary: you are not suggesting kids emulate what you do? >> i am not suggesting that. >> idea #one promoter? >> you are! >>gary: i am ashamed to say that there's never too. >>gary: he is a sign guy! after you interview baseball players for a living at all they say, i hit a curveball, it puts you to sleep, but this guy at the very least
8:54 pm
is fine and hopefully he will return again. he is leaving for alaska it tomorrow. when we come back one of the all-time great american olympians has announced his future plans.
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>>gary: he is going against his mother's wishes.
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