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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: figure for joining us on this tuesday may 8th. the top stories were following, a little girl airlifted after being mauled by the family pet bowl. we will bring you the latest on her condition. >>darya: another plot involving an underwear on is uncovered by the cia. >>mark: ill looks like it is going to be hot inland but not here at the golden gate. the fog is starting to warm up. >>james: today is going to be another warm day inland. here is another vantage point from mt. tam cam looking back over the bay. as the marine layer is about 1,000 ft. or so in debt. that will impact the
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surrounding base of may not make it over the east bay hills and into the valley. here is a clean break down on how we expect the weather to developed. this morning, the animal fog. this afternoon as it will be hot inland and cooler at the coast. is it is thanks to the fog and marine layer that will keep temperatures on the mild side. rain a temperatures for the most part are in the '50s. we expected the cooler temperatures across marin county with upper forties there. a complete look ahead coming up in our full check of weather. past in >>george: we have not attract any hot sauce. we're starting to see the beginnings of the back of all the bay bridge. there is a close commute check. with the exception of highway 4, light traffic for the east bay. south the freeways, no problems at all.
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there are no problems for the peninsula commute. >>darya: and concord, a two year-old is in a hospital after being mauled by her family's own dogs, a pebble at their home. will tran has the very latest details. >>will: the good news to pass along, the two year-old is in stable condition despite the it and on her head and legs. she was airlifted to the hospital. that is how bad it was. she lives at this home behind me. the family knows how dangerous this dog is. when i walked there this morning there are signs at the house that says all morning, security dogs. here is video that we got when we arrived late last
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night. it's a concord police department says they are not investigating the case, it is up animal control. if animal control has a history with this spitball, there is a chance the criminal charges could be expressed serious two years ago, we saw a similar case, a two year-old boy died after being mauled by the families spitballs, four of them but nonetheless there is precedent in this case. i can tell you that the family is not there as his time, you to be at all. the good news is that the crow should survive for injuries. south and >>darya: he would think that neighbors, says the signs are up and down neighbors
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would have something to say or have seen the dog, did they have anything to say? >> we spoke with some neighbors who said they believe the family pretty much kept to themselves they heard that the ball before but not where it was roaming the streets freely. since the family did take control and ownership of the football but nonetheless, prosecutors do not care. that was the case also with the other family with the bulls stayed on the property but that owner was charged. we do not know if there is another visible here, we do know of the one that it the little gross, we will just have to see if there are other dogs there. i find it ironic that they were telling the world the dangers this dog is and the dog turned on its own family member. >>darya: we will check back with you later. >>justine: the author of
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where the wild things dark and in the night has died. he passed away earlier this morning at a hospital in danbury connecticut. the cause of death was complications from our recent stroke. he was 83 years old. >>mark: a new terror plot to free u.s. bound airplane broken up by american and foreign intelligence agencies. it involved a take on the underwear on. the fbi is getting a close look at the explosives plant in virginia. did not contain any metal meeting that it could have passed through the metal detector without being detected. roth had a recurrence says it shows that terrorist remained determined. >> it did not appear to pose a threat to the public air service but the plot itself
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indicates that the terrorists keeps his serious it is a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant at home. officials say the bomb is similar to devices used by al-qaeda. intelligence expert say this man has made other bombs like it. he is believed to be an al- qaeda operative experience sell the official says the threat was discovered around a one-year anniversary of the osama bin-laden killing but thanks to eight said they caught a threat early before any airliners or citizens' group at risk if
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>>darya: in the east bay a mother and her daughter were found shot to death in their home in pleasanton. for >>jackie: of around 6:00 p.m. last night, pleasanton police received a phone call with from the husband and daughter is saying that people had been fair shot. the body of his wife in of 14 year-old daughter -- 13 year old daughter were found. his daughter was initially transported to the medical center where she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead. other than that we do not have a lot of information.
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we do not know if they're treating this as a homicide or a murder-suicide. we do know that the first to discover the bodies is being considered a person of interest. that does not necessarily mean that he is a suspect. he is not considered a suspect at this point and is not in custody. we have calls into the pleasanton police department and we're hoping that they will get back to us sooner than later with details of what they believe happened. >>darya: is the data inside the house right now? >>jackie: i have no idea purify for the first lease was only about three sentences long into the rv's very tight lipped. >>darya: we are back with
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more in a couple of minutes. for
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>>darya: another beautiful day in the neighborhood. today is going to be a lot like a thief. half full, warm weather. our mt. tam cam shows you low-lying fog.
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and san francisco on the left, and no fault at all. >>justine: we are running the soda from alameda died sunday in afghanistan with his unit was attacked with an idd device. if he was a 30 year old staff sgt. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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tom >>james: is beautiful looking shot from our roof camera and an francisco. the sun is just up over the horizon. here is a nice selection of the city with blue skies up above. temperatures at the mall that are in the '50s for most of the bay area. upper '40's and low 50s across the north bay. we are psephology getting to form along the north bay coast. our picture from the golden
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gate shows exactly what we're seeing outside right now. here's a look at what we are expecting in the south bay. upper 80s. 89 for san jose.
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>>george: slow traffic on highway 4. to the bay bridge ride westbound, now that the metering lights have been activated we're starting to see it back up for me westbound but still the easy ride. 11 minutes from macarthur maze into san francisco. you will be coming through the fog at mid span. it's your ride their rent
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county is without delay. >>mark: we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street. stock futures are falling european markets' downward. greece's leading european markets lower after the election. seven different parties have been elected to parliament leaving greece without undue government.
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>>darya: descartes is now being explained by shirts as a vehicle of interest. they say this is based on
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interviews of people in the area. >>da: the vehicle was seen in the general area where she was last seen. >> investigators will not saying what, if anything the videos and with his accounts reveal but they are calling on the public to take a close look at the car ever or anything the believe could be of help. >> police could be disappearing from call for high school campuses. city leaders are considering a proposal that will hold resource officers off of the school fees. fan would be a move that would save the city 900,000. hands and teachers say the constant police presence have to keep their kids safe. there's no final decision to fund has been made. >>darya: the debate is raging over measured the which would allow the annexation of this all the little fire department.
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they're voting in a special election next month. reggie kumar went to the meeting that was held about it and has the latest. >> is council meeting was held here to discuss the measure d. if it passes it would allow the amex face and how this all the little fire are here to the marine fire district reform some heart of our property tax is increasing while others say it is better to have one district of leading the full fleet of 5 4/5 >>darya: walnut creek police are investigating a violent home invasion robbery that happened early yesterday morning. there were two women who went into the backyard of a home asking the resident if they could use the fund. the two women and men busted inside the house. one had a gun. the robbers ransacked the place, loaded with the truck was stolen goods and drove away sits of
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>>mark: here is a live look outside, there we see the moon yahoo, we, we come over here of any air to of wash hands
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>>mark: the son ride is beautiful and traffic is low, a really rough commute yesterday morning. the baltimore on the drive time coming up and more on the weather in a moment. >>darya: the battle against obesity is getting heavier. over one-third of adults are obese. a new study suggests that by 2030, 42 percent of adults will be obese. any and all options are on the table to reduce obesity including requiring schools to serve a better, low- calorie lunch as well as require 60 minutes of activity daily.
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>>mark: early bart service for sunday morning for the bay to breakers. you can watch zazzle bay to breakers on sunday morning, may 20th. we will bring you their rates from start to finish and the craziness in between. still ahead, you could soon be sharing the road with robots. we will tell you which bay area companies received a license for its driverless cars. we will have more on a forecast coming up and a live look from our roof camera. the opening bell on wall street looks like another drop in stocks. street looks like another drop in stocks.
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>>mark: the opening bell on this tuesday morning, it has been a rough month for stocks. we have seen the dow moves over 300 points just this month. it is now may 8th and it looks like we will drop below 13,000 today. if the dow futures are down 60 points, concerns of our recent elections in europe increased. whether or not it will adhere to the latest austerity measures. we will see the dow dropped below 13,000. it was up briefly yesterday. dow futures down 68 points just ahead of the opening bell. >>darya: will take a look at temperatures, the coast is
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cooler, inland is a warmer. temperatures on the mild side with widespread '50s. san francisco is right at the 50 degree mark. oakland is that 50 in livermore at 51. this afternoon inland will be another war one. we'll have those numbers coming up with a full check on whether. >>george: it is still a pretty good ride around the bay area. here's a quick can detect. we are not looking at any hot spots. slow traffic for the ride on highway 4 but otherwise the east bay conditions are light with no delays. no problems for the peninsula or the north bay.
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>>mark: yesterday to year- old was taken to the hospital after being mauled xi the family's table. >>will: it happened at that base colored home behind me. i can't tell you that the two and a half year-old girl was bitten on her head as well as her legs. fortunately she is in stable condition. the bites were so bad that she had to be airlifted to oakland children's hospital. al here is video from the scene at late last night. we do not know how many of his goals of the family has, we know they have one for sure because of the sites that took place. i spoke with a concord police department who says they are not handled this case, now it is a to animal control investigators said that they continue their investigation. her animal control says if they have been here before, if they have been out here because of this cable, perhaps criminal charges will be filed. at this point, nothing was a
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lever. i can tell you that the pickle is young calls and was put into a van and taken away from the scene and reportedly the pit bull was euthanize give her qr this animal home and office doors at 7:00 a.m. yes alcohol area there was a similar case where 80 your boy was killed after being mauled by it for the bulls on but his grandfather, his grandfather was charged in the case. >>erica: we are getting a lot of heated reaction from viewers on our facebook fan page.
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proper socialization limit occasional as needed muzzling. the dog must know that every human in the house is to be obeyed. there are a lot of comments coming in this morning. >>mark: police are looking for a suspect grabbed and groped a woman is in the afternoon. she was walking along the a royal road bike path when police say the suspect started a conversation with her before shaking her hand, pulled her close and grabbed her. she did manage to get away. anyone with information is asked to call livermore police. >>darya: in another developing story that we are following, in the east bay, a mother and her 13 year-old daughter were found shot to death in their home in pleasanton on last night.
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let's go live to our solo reporter, jackie sissel has more on this case. >>jackie: and a lot of questions but not a lot of answers from the pleasanton police about what happened in the 3500 block of stacy court last night. what we do know, around 6:00 p.m., pleasanton police received a phone call of two people shot inside of this home honesty secord. when it arrives, they discovered two bodies, a 37 year-old, amy freeman and her 13 year old daughter. her 13 year-old daughter was transported to eden medical center where she was pronounced dead. the 37 year-old is woman, her mother, was pronounced dead on the scene. the person to discover the bodies was the husband and father. he is the person to discover the bodies inside of the home. not a lot of details coming from police right now and whether or not they are investigating this as a
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homicide or a murder- suicide. we are being told forces and that he is considered a person of interest. that does not the sussex hand here not in custody but obviously as soon as we get new information we will pass that along. we have made multiple phone calls and at this point we're waiting to hear back. >>justine: mcdonald's is accused of bribing a hundreds of lawyers to write positive reports. madonna's reportedly flew 15
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loggers and its illinois headquarters, put them up and a fancy chicago hotel and give them a tour of the facilities. there has been no response from mcdonald's just yet. >>darya: a new plot to bomb a u.s. bound plane has been discovered by american and other intelligence agencies. this involved a new take on the underwear bomb. the bomb is now being examined by the fbi explosives lab in virginia. it contained no meddlesome which means it could have passed through an airport metal detector. officials said the bomb is similar to devices used by al-qaeda. they believe this human man has made others like this bomb and is believed to be an al-qaeda operative who made the underwear bomb used in the field 2009 attack on a u.s. flight to detroit. if u.s. counter-terrorism
6:37 am
officials say the device is similar to the one that was slated to be used in this most recent attacks. officials say the fraud was discovered around one-year anniversary of the killing of osama bin-laden and thanks to a tip if they caught it early enough before in the airlines are passengers were at risk. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. here's a live look at the golden gate. the fog is back, it is low and to mom? hmm?
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>>darya: they you for waking up with us on this fabulous tuesday morning. i is a fabulous because look at all of that sunshine. there is the mt. tam cam given us a look at the clouds.
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low-lying clouds in the distance and the approach to the bay bridge, full sunshine and a look at the james lick in san francisco. from the city concede the blue skies over san francisco. we're looking at another hot day. >>mark: rick santorum is finally telling supporters in an e-mail yesterday that he is endorsing mitt romney. santorum met with from the last friday and told supporters that he was fully able to determine where the likely gop nominee said on a number of issues. he wrote in his e-mail the above all else the agree that the president must be defeated. santorum is endorsement could help from the boot support among the conservative wing. >>darya: the national debate over gay marriage turns to the south as north carolina could become the next state to pass a constitutional amendment to find merit solely as a tweet a man and woman.
6:42 am
north carolina always has a lot that danske marriage that this amendment would slam the door shut on same- sex marriages. on the final days leading to the vote members of the president's cabinet and former president bill clinton expressed support for gay marriage. if supporters of the amendment for spot with marches, television ads and speeches. >>mark: worries about greece fuelling the market's lower once again. the dow jones down 90 points, down 400 so far this month. we're back below the 13,000 mark today. 12,00914, the snb is down 10 and the nasdaq is down 24. >>darya: here is a live look from one of our cameras show and it is gorgeous shot of city hall instead for a cisco in all of the sunshine we're in for today. we will be right back
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>>james: a beautiful looking started this tuesday morning with blue skies. the sun is up already. we are seeing fog along the coast and the golden gate. most every other location is in decline clear conditions serious for today we're dealing with some colossal fall but it will begin to clear. a lot of sunshine and temperatures for the most part in the '50s. we are picking up some cooler temperatures for a lot of areas. fog forming near the coast line. this afternoon, the warming will begin. from noon and beyond we will see things pick up.
6:47 am
we will see the orange indicating 80 degree weather. it will quickly turn to read in some spots. the likelihood of not degree weather exists for the east bay and south bay and some pockets of the north bay. more '90s debated yesterday. cooler inland with cooler conditions along the coast because of that marine layer. we will continue the warming through the 3:00 at 4:00 hours. if you are in san jose, 89 degrees. it is going to be warm across the south it. as we take a look at the east bay it will be cooler. once you get over the oakland hills you have the san ramon valley, the delta and the livermore valley coming in to the upper 80s and 90s.
6:48 am
in the north bay, all of those areas in the mid-upper 80s, possibly low 90s here or there. here is you've got -- here is a look at the 7 day around the bay. inland highs in the mid-80's for the remainder of the week. that is the with the forecast looks at this hour. >>george: we're continuing to monitor a hot spot free ride around the bay area. we are looking at a backup of the bay bridge and westbound. the metering lights for activated about 30 minutes ago furious that pushed the back of to just be on the 80 over crossing. we're now looking at a 14-16 minute drive time. 880 is a better approach to the bay bridge. on the golden gate we're
6:49 am
getting more and more foggy as the south tower is now obscured by fog serious that will not affect your drive war your drive time. it pretty easy commute through iran ended monopolies across the bridge on the new presidio park or the doe will drive by past. picking up the traffic maps and picking up the ride on the east bay, let's take a look at the right on 80 which is now finally starting to show a little bit of slowing. the big lie heavy traffic for highway 4 westbound we are still the late freezer marin county for the 101 southbound right.
6:50 am
>>darya: a system being developed to give as earth good morning may not be developed any time since. gabe slate explains what is keeping the system from becoming a reality. >>gabe: with all of the downside of living here, we're in earthquake country. we all know that it can happen at any second. how great will it be with an early detection system in place so that you can have a few seconds to get under a sturdy table or get outside or grab your kids? the technology exists and the people who can't read it exist. >> japan, mexico, taiwan and romania all have a means for warning people better earthquake is about to happen. if the average 1 its 28 seconds. scientists with usgs,
6:51 am
berkeley and the california institute of technology have developed a test system that would give a few seconds of to a minute of warning before an earthquake. state get the federal budget constraints have slowed further progress. >> the geology community is worried that it will take a major disaster to create the will to get this started completed. >> the japanese system was built after 6400 people were killed in the kobe earthquake. the mexican system was built after 9500 people were killed in the mexico city earthquake in 1985. there is a pattern of building the system after a damaging earthquake. we would really like to not repeat the pattern of build a system before the big
6:52 am
earthquake. >>gabe: if you would like the hardest part of the long ryders state representatives at the state and federal level. >>mark: nv is the first state to approve a license for a driverless cars. a licence was issued yesterday to google. the tech giant has been working on this of driving vehicle for years. officials say it will prevent traffic accidents, free time and reduce carbon emissions. automated cars using video cameras, radios sensors and a laser range finder to attract other traffic as well as detailed maps to navigate the road ahead. earlier this spring google said is if the completed over 200,000 mi. of computer led driving. >>darya: are you dreaming cochran think about the possibilities.
6:53 am
>>darya: now, we can have our own drivers. i want to name mind benson. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. figure is a live look outside charlotte clouds in the distance. it looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. pfft r
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>>darya: it is another gorgeous day. here's a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. >>erica: according to friends of that jennifer lopez, she is looking to marry and start a family with her current boyfriend. she has recently promoted him from the back of the
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answer to lead choreographer. we should expect a marriage sometime within the next year. >>mark: here's a look at what is happening on wall street, the dow opening dow for the fifth straight trading day. we're off 85 points with concerns of the greek election of the weekend that greek will not implement the latest austerity measures coming next month. the dow was off 85 and we're back below 13,000 assets 4923. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. rock &&&& - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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