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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 8, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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have this vehicle in the custody. would you not have a person of interest yet. we are still waiting on evidence. anything that will been removed from this car will be entered towards evidence. >>rob: he will not give specifics on when, where or if sierra lamar was kidnapped in that car. >> we're still get briefer version from the vehicle. we cannot comment on that yet. >>rob: do you have a vehicle information on that? >> it is still an investigation. >>rob: this is in several surveillance video from holmes, videos and areas from holme-- homes surveillance video. they're hoping this will " generate more leads. >> we're hoping people can
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come forward to continue the momentum of this investigation. >> rob with continuous forensic evidence rob fladeboe, kron 4. >>grant: they are still seeing that if this is connected during that same week on march 16th in walnut creek. there were two different suspicious incidences march 14th, much 15th. let me show you exactly where in walnut creek on march 15th. the first was on march 14th. a suspicious conversation was with a 14 year-old girl on tice valley road. she spoke with the driver but did not get in the car. that same
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man and was parked behind walnut creek and intermediate school. no interaction and walnut creek connection could be a long shot to the sierra lamar case but investigators are still exploring any potential leads in the ongoing case for sierra lamar. >>pam: fate to year-old boy has been attacked in castro valley. that was early this morning. this two year-old- in dublin and the victim's parents have been arrested. >>dan: the six year-old german shepard/pit bulls mix is under quarantine after attacking the two year-old boy in the middle of the night. the child is suffering from severe cuts. they showed us photos. but it is pretty awful. let me show you where this took
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place attacked in the family home in castro valley. you can see that this is a beware of dog song and a chain right in front of the house. sheriff's officials are not convinced that this actual attack happened in the child's bedroom. because they cannot find any evidence. >> we're looking at all avenues weather if this occurred in the house or weather it was around we're still looking for physical evidence that cauvery's 100% of their story. the charles is certainly going to happen of surgery. these are not life-threatening injuries. but anything that occurs to the head is certainly serious. they're still looking for physical evidence that will 100 lead% cooperate cooperative
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because of the unsanitary conditions the child's parents have been are arrested for truck endangerment. the mother has also been hospitalized. with wounds inflicted also by a dog. child endangerment charges have been filed against the father. with other dogs inside of a household. they're not sure if that child was specifically attacked in this house. or otherwise. coming up we will speak with a postal carrier who has first hand complaints about these dogs. >>pam: thank you. nightmare conditions set free month
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--fremont high school earlier. the principal says that adults are targeting students for violent tax rate outside the students classrooms. >> adults started coming they said that they where going to start beating people up. when i called 911 i said that this girl is in danger. the reality is that nobody ever showed up bacthere were a couple of shootings the number one important thing is the safety of our students and everybody here. >>pam: in addition to the gun violence one president tells kron 4 that he
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witnessed a man of trying to lure students students into a vacant house. >> he told me that he was going to call and students and have sex with them there was an empty mattress upstairs. these were not students, these were adults. i opened up the screen door. it was locked. right now but it was unlocked then. and i started screaming, open the door and he jumped. and i was chasing after him and i said stop, stop now. and he decided to go over the fence. the fans broke. he went down, crushed and and i asked him what are you breaking into this house? and he said i wanted to do the girls from the school. >>pam: they say that the
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school district is not aware of any prostitution. the increase in safety and the police department will extend patrol hours and adding extra security guard on the staff to read >>grant: developing of the pittsburgh there is a three- alarm fire. let me show you exactly it is right near highway no. 4. it is in fact closed. this three-alarm blaze is an old tire facility along pittsburgh, antioch if you are familiar? it is north of highway no. 4. if we can see this picture. it is not yet safe to enter this building in question. there is large, building smoke. there are also flames. firefighters are currently trying to douse the flames with water. we are not certain how many
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tires but there could be 2000-3000 square feet still burning on the inside. you can see the smoke. we of the contra costa and east contra costa fire department on the scene but it is still an active situation. kron 4 his multiple cruise on the scene. will bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> jacqueline: another hot day for powerhouse tents in the 90s. -- >> jacqueline: another hot day with-temperatures in the 90s. only seven 70's in the east bay shore. and these sea breezes and the fog we saw earlier has been broken up along the coast finally this afternoon. not only along the coast but along the bay shore with extensive fog coverage. tomorrow it will help with temperatures 5-50
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degrees. we will continue this cooling trend towards thursday and even warmer towards this weekend with your extended forecast, coming up. >> catherine: this bomber was actually an informant working with the cia. that is how the cia was able to get its hands on a sophisticated underwear bomb. and that the meantime the fbi investigators are picking up haute these parts and they are getting better at making them. the cia informant handed over the bomb to authorities of terrorists had " to put it on eighth plane headed to the united states. a troubling sign that al qaeda is determined to attack the united states. it is fully the more sophisticated bomb is a man of this man. a top bomb maker. he made the underwater bomb used in a
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failed 2009 from detroit. like that device this did not contain a metal parts. making it more difficult for detection. >> it was more advanced than the christmas day bomb and still not something that could have circumvented security but we do not want that information so that they can go to their work bench and come up with another circumvent around security. >> catherine: travelers will not notice any changes immediately. with safeguards are ready in place are strong nonetheless experts are examining to see if it could have made it through security. they admit that terrorists are getting better at making bombs. >> you raise the issue if our current level of protection is enough to be able to project. there seems
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to be a new level of sophistication by al qaeda. again if this is an indication of the war. and it is not going to just and in afghanistan it will go on for many years. >> catherine: this was also working with intelligence from saudi our radio. he is out of yemen... working from intelligence from saudi-- arabia . like this plot most of those originated from abroad. >>pam: bay area teachers are going to walk the picket line we will take you live what they are demanding. john travolta and accused of sexual assault! a new drug that could prevent hiv. this brief to medication is possible.
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thanks, anita. mom, how is paper recycled? anita! anita! [ male announcer ] answer life's most pressing questions. instantly. get high speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ hand-cut, tri-tip sirloin, plus choose shrimp scampi. or grilled malibu chicken, or bacon-wrapped shrimp. starting at just $11.99. immigrant north of highway no. 4 is closed with a three-alarm fire from this tire fire. this illustrates the severity. you can see the black smoke. >>grant: these facility used to be a tire facility and it is extremely flammable with
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multiple news crews on the way. we will continue with updates. >>pam: the san francisco unified school district is facing an $83 million deficit over the next two years. tonight teachers in san francisco are asking the school board to review this preliminary layoffs of the district's employees. kron4 is a live outside of the school district for the teachers' union is protesting >>reporter: they want to send a message. they have made a sound like this. and they have had a number of chairs in front of the building that you can see. these antique chairs representing the teachers that will not be there because of the budget cuts. they have passed the teacher to come up with $30 million in reductions. however the union wants a 2% increase. i spoke with the superintendent. he said the money is just not there.
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>> they do not believe, much we have. so let us just move on with an independent third party to come in. and let them show that we are very confident in what our budget is. we know that we are in bad shape of especially if we do not do something now. >>reporter: the district has come with other proposals. it includes four different furlough days for the next two years and class size is increasing in 2013. on thursday, the will have another vote if they have another vote or strike. >>pam: in a 6% increase if the state does not increase by $125 million. on top of that university officials said that the 10-campus
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system would have to consider a double digit mid year tuition increase or make drastic cuts. if the governor's economic plan will not be passed in the month of november. they have been proposing to discuss this on may 16th. >>pam: they still do not know why this family coupl e's ptpit bull was of air lifted yesterday to oakland children's hospital. if this dog had a history of aggressive behavior. today the dog was euthanize. there is extra concern because of
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the location. >> when is this victim is a bit near the head and neck we are concerned about rabies spreading to the brain. given the severity and the proximity of the face we have had he rabies tested immediately. >> catherine: john travolta is saying that there has been no claims her in the sexual assault-these plaintive is being identified as john doe. he advocates that he is hoping this will 50 thrown out for malicious prosecution. these
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mail masseuses who are claiming sexual harassment towards john travolta. >> this man this child's author was passed away today. he sold millions of copies despite early efforts to ban his books and some communities. your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> jacqueline: temperatures through downtown clear how but fog along the coast earlier. still, hot inland. 90 in concord, livermore, 92 degrees in pleasanton. upper 50s and 60s through
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daly city. san francisco, 63 degrees. the sea breeze winds currently on the warpath and there will continue to move in as we go towards tomorrow fog tomorrow. temperatures will continue to decrease with a bit of a relief with only mid '80s inland. but a bit of a warm-up on the sea breeze. temperatures are going to be fairly mild. with mainly 50s and a sliver of 60s along the delta but we will warm up into the 60s we go out tomorrow and even 70s near fairfield, concord. towards the afternoon not as many e degree readings that we have seen. still 70's in the number of places but we're not going to be getting in the 80s bay-area wide will stick with 70's
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again, temperatures are going to be back into the low 80s and even 77 degrees in palo alto. 79 degrees in san jose the inland valleys are also going to get several degrees of relief from the heat as this coaster in antioch look of that! in increase in antioch. 84 degrees in livermore, staying 60s along the coast with seven is along the peninsula and back into the most part. let us to take a look your extended forecast. cooler weather for the next couple of days. and more right backup for the weekend with 90's inland. and teetering back with warm next week.
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>>pam: along this appellate judge passed away. he died in marin county on saturday. along
5:25 pm
august appellate judge served from 1976 until 1988. in 2005 the court room house was named after him. he also was present when john f. kennedy was sworn in as president. he was married for 70 years! >>pam: macarthur boulevard fire started at 5:30 a.m. but a seemed to be an abandoned wood structure. this could have been a big traffic jam. firefighters left the scene investigators are still trying to determine how this blaze started. no
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>>pam: at 5:30 a.m. mother and daughter found in their take- home dead. and their pay home. a
5:29 pm
big fight against hiv. how a bay area company is making a sell to prevent was once considered to be a death sentence. and the gop president race
5:30 pm
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news with a developing story. >>grant: this entire fire that we spoke of along pittsburgh/antioch. it is still burning. it is a three-alarm fire north of highway no. 4. highway # 4 remains open. you can see the smoke from pittsburgh. take a look. you can see the black smoke is coming from that tire facility. as i mentioned people on highway no. four our of scene this. the
5:32 pm
entire area is a nes--mess givig you updates as soon as we get them. >>pam: a soldier from alameda was killed in afghanistan over the weekend. 30 year-old staff sergeant dougherty--fogarty his armored vehicle was hit three other soldiers were injured and about last. he did not survive. >> stanley roberts is reporting on a san francisco police about illegal the jumping this was taken at this public market is so bad that the public of public works -- dumping. in one incident one pile of trash was
5:33 pm
set on fire. police are encouraging neighbors to attend a meeting from 1 week from today. people caught in the act could face a $1,000 fine. >> jacqueline: fog has cleared. right now temperatures along the coast are cooler because of that fog coverage that we saw earlier this see breeze continue to ramp up. if 70's and hot inland. temperatures even in the 90's this afternoon. the satellite showing patchy fog along the coast in this body in the bay area. however more organized towards monterrey. this will continue to grow overnight. this will mean cooler weather for tomorrow tomorrow morning fog
5:34 pm
along the coast and the bay shore. however temperatures will feel cooler with the sea breezes starting to take over. with 5-15 degrees cooler. the inland getting a bit of relief. warm weather however returning for this weekend details on that, coming up. >> catherine: we will start off in san francisco with at least three people possibly for people recovering from injuries after a bar brawl on post street. this is from a nightclub. san francisco police are right near of webster at 1:00 a.m. they say that three people were hurt after people were hit with beer bottles. 15 people have managed to get away before they got on the scene. >> in oakland and man escaped from handcuffs this 19 year-old was picked up at 6th/clay on
5:35 pm
burglary possibilities. he managed to get out of his handcuffs and ran off. >> in sonoma county there are four people that are recovering from an earlier crushed with 2- cars highway 37. they shut down both highways in the air lifted a 10 year-old and a seven year- old to children's hospital with major head injuries. there were both conscious and responsive after that crash. >>pam: a medical and element they seem to be poised that would be preventative towards hiv infection. kiberlee sakamoto has details. >> kimberlee: this was created great the in the bay area. it is a some material based company. federal drug regulators confirmed that it is safe and
5:36 pm
effective to use when help the people are contracting hiv they stopped the risk of infection by 44 percent. and another study showed that reduced infection by 75% and heterosexual it is. two ant retro drugs a vaccine could be decades away it is hailed as a breakthrough in this 30 year campaign against this aids epidemic and fda will decide weather it could be recommended if they can be used for preventative uses. it would be the first time it would be used towards preventative measures for of---hiv.
5:37 pm
>>grant: proposition 29 would double the state's tobacco tax. these have been running for several weeks. and now, yes began on its commercials here is a look at each is claiming. >> on one side is a cancer survivor. lance armstrong and the other state senator, don parada. this pro-tax campaign is on one side and the big tobacco companies have poured $21 million into the anti campaign. their names will not be on the ad but this sacramento physician is that proposition 29 is a boondoggle that would create a huge research bureaucracy with no accountability. run by political appointees and they can spend our tax dollars out of state.
5:38 pm
she has a history of medical -- financial troubles is denying any financial kickback. and the contrast of the tobacco contrast prophets:in state and the with the current losses at $1 billion per year for the tobacco industry. we had the first cigarette tax in 1959. now it is lower than the 32 other states. the green on the states is representing over $1. the blue = above $2. five states it is above $3. >> he is the worst republican in the country to put up against a rock >> . >>grant: what a difference that
5:39 pm
was the gop rick santorum he was talking about his competitor, mitt romney. now rick santorum is endorsing mitt romney. he met with mitt romney and above all the the agreement was that they must defeat president obama. however still resistance along the supporters of ron paul. >>pam: a decent travel conditions westbound we will be back [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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5:43 pm
points the down was by 36 points. >>rob: the stock ought greece is that a 20 year low. it looks like they could leave the european union nobody wants to lend them money. >> catherine: they do not seem to be able to keep their act together for the european coalition? >>rob: the new government nobody as i mentioned is going to want to lend them money. it could turn out like argentina. however the question is that will the european union survive? spinof >> catherine: and now disney profits are up because of this theme park? >> robbed ye >>rob: it seems that we are a
5:44 pm
bit further away from the recession and in combat is $1.1 billion would profits towards kingpark jumping. a bit of a pop in revenue his their bottom line big. >> catherine: this seasonal economy seems to be going. >>rob: perhaps a good stock. >> catherine: the facebook ipo? >> robbed next week. odd well where these people are going to a
5:45 pm
road show. with statistics over 300 million photos uploaded every day. and a 12% increase spend online. i am not going to say that i'm going to purchase the ip 0 but it is worth going in the 20-30 year fix. with 10 percent of the population is online. >> catherine: it is interesting to watch >> mark: zuckerberg become more poised and comfortable. to see >> mark >>rob: i think it is fantastic his 27 years old. and he is showing the new trend.
5:46 pm
>>rob: we continue to see developments on this. >> catherine: thank you. >> jacqueline: conditions showing low 70's with a 20 degree difference inland. temperatures remain in the 90's this afternoon. 90's in livermore, concord and 88 in santa rosa. this fog could be more extensive than last night. now towards the bay shore if it could help wall. temperatures five-15 degrees cooler keeping it -- cooler. the inland valleys could get a bit of relief on the heat but only about 5-10 degrees. that will continue on thursday. towards the weekend the trend will return with heat. to morro temperatures will remain mild. 2 mar ojai 50s in
5:47 pm
oakland and temperatures not getting as warm as what we're seeing today -- tomorrow. it is unfai >> jacqueline: the baseball game tomorrow night showing 7:05 start time a cool down with the 60s by game time. we could see the increasing fog and cool and breezy tomorrow evening. taking a look at your extended forecast
5:48 pm
with bay shores and shores cool. however still warm inland. upper 80's and 90's inland for the weekend. >> catherine: just after the crease elections still chaotic. politicians still try to form a government after the first attempt, failed. if this succeeds crews will be lead with a fundamentally opposition party of austerity measures measured imposed on the country. stock market reeling analysts say that creek could have to have more in elections to solve problems. and if in all strata of they are looking at good financial news. their government is going to rain in on defense spending and promised defense it could balance its books after the
5:49 pm
global economic crisis crisis. this could mean $1.5 billion. politicians have been the effective on finding places to cut especially in defense. stay with us
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been >> tonight at 6:00 p.m. a family learns their dead father is a victim of the speed freak killers. how are they pushing for a new dig. >> a second dog attack what happened to a castro valley dog
5:57 pm
and the mother was arrested. >> what the definition is from a marriage as votes being tallied. coming up at (music) 6:00 p.m.)
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announcer: this is the bay area news station kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now >>pam: the significant lead in the missing sierra lamar. details coming up. and we le-- more evidence. sheriff's deputies are calling a car of redcresinterest. >> this is that car. >>rob: they released this photo on monday. >> we have this vehicle in custody the 1990's vehicle
6:00 pm
volkswagon. however we cannot disclose when it has been found, were taken into custody or the location of where we found it. >>rob: with three new photos released with a solid development where it leads have been few and far between. >> it is significant that we have physical evidence but no person of interest, yet. however we could use this to further the search. >>rob: this has been spotted on a surveillance video near her disappearance area. they say there is still no evidence of foul play. >> we believe that she is alive and the primary goal is to locate her, and bring her safely home. >>rob: it is going through
6:01 pm
forensic investigations. >>grant: this was on march 16th the last time when she was found. just a few after, her belongings were found blocks and in this miles radius. and at the end of palm ave we learned that their recent evidence was not related to production. >>pam: we have been falling since before 5:00 p.m. a tire storage facility on fire. black smoke billowing. visible for miles. charles clifford has the updates. >>charles: right now on a am standing in pittsburgh this is a
6:02 pm
live picture. not as much black smoke. let us take a look at video from earlier. this is creating a billowy smoke. this is right near the border of pittsburgh and antioch. contra costa fire crews and pittsburgh contra costa law enforcement agencies are here. at the moment they are cleaning up. crews are backing away. i just heard that the person that started this could have been on the scene. i do not know if it was on intentional. but the person that believed to have started the fire is here. we will continue having updates later. charles clifford, kron 4. >>pam: it was another hot day for most of the bay area. take a
6:03 pm
look. 93 degrees at 3:00 p.m. in novato several areas of of 90s. look at these live pictures. this is from 4 san francisco roof camp. a beautiful blue clear night. jaclyn and i are inside to tell you about the heat. >> jacqueline: closer to the coast it was not quite that warmer. upper 60s in downtown san francisco. and inland was really getting hot. 90s to concord, pleasanton. 90s through macbook but as we can see temperatures are cooler thanks to the sea breezes. that dense fog along the pri'coast. with a-
6:04 pm
15 degree cooling trend tomorrow but it will not stay with us come along. taking a look a your extended forecast, coming up. >>pam: 82 year-old boy is in the hospital this evening after being attacked a two year old 40. now, the father is under arrest for trial the endangerment. fast a two year old boy is in the hospital this evening after being attacked by peopl at apple >>dan: this a two year old boilinthis is a picture of the x
6:05 pm
year-old dog. it is a mixture of german shepherd and pit bull. the castro valley authorities are not finding any of the child's blood. >> when the physical evidence comes back there is probably more to the story. >>reporter: what they did find was a house that was not fit for a child and they arrested the father for child endangerment. >> unkept with animal feces on sanitary. not fit for a trigger o- a two year old and the postal carrier ... they have four different dogs inside of bauhaus. at one point that black
6:06 pm
dog chased me out. >>reporter: this is different then of the dog involved in this attack but it got so bad that the postal service was withheld until they moved the postbox. >> for the last six months we have been having problems and we posted a letter. >>dan: we are still at the dog shelter. the mother has been arrested, released and sustaining injuries from that dog. that is the latest. >>pam: if you remember just yesterday's this pit bull that severely mauled a two year old girl in concord was unionized today. contra costa county animal officials say that it was-death euthanized the child
6:07 pm
was air lifted to oakland with severe bites to her head and legs. will they do not have statistics to show that pit bulls are more aggressive, this freak is associated with the contra costa county most severe in dog bite cases. >> the severity of the bites is more prone to dis pit bulls with the strength and severity to cause detrimental injuries. >>pam: they still do not know why this child was attacked. no evidence of the people exhibiting aggressive behavior but still too early to tell if the parents will face charges.
6:08 pm
>>pam: and pink being handed out with more additional cuts expected. >>reporter: this school board meeting is taking place right now inside. the san francisco unified school district is the place where this is taking place. the teachers' union showed these empty chairs representing there will not be here. symbolism. a spokesperson for the district saying that they have approximately $80 million in reserve. the teachers
6:09 pm
are requesting a 2% increase in pay. >> in addition to the $56 million in reserves they also have $6 million coming from a rainy day fund. a $11 million from a property sale. and $7 million coming from the state of california for transportation. that is nearly $80 million that they have that they did not have before. to freeze and lay offs and to make sure that we have school place and two-rac and to >>reporter: instead of $80 million they are saying that they have $35 million. we will continue to bring you updates. >>pam: the speed freak killers case eric dead father could be one of the victims. how
6:10 pm
investigators learned of this and where the man could be buried. >> what popular restaurant is paying bribes for good reviews online. and teenagers with an out-of-control car had it right towards them. details coming up hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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>>pam: newt tonight at 6:00 p.m.
6:13 pm
the death of a daughter and a mother trying to piece together exactly what happened. the woman's husband called 911 on monday night after he found that both were shot in pleasanton. this is a photograph she was only 37 years old. the daughter was taken to hospital where she later died. they recently moved to the bay area and january. they're not releasing details but as terisa estacio reports they're hoping that more information will be available to explain what happened. >>terisa: on a late tuesday police had a news conference at police headquarters and the latest information on this case. right now they are treating this as a homicide investigation. they say that an upcoming autopsy will provide more tax. during a search of the house
6:14 pm
more -- facts did find two different handguns. >> we've recovered to handguns. these handguns are not registered. >>terisa: when will the autopsy bieber performed? >> tomorrow morning. >>terisa: we're hoping for immediate information. if one of them held the gun? >> it could indicate more clearly if it was a self- inflicted wound. >>terisa: the husband, christopher tells police that his wife had been acting paranoid lately. also christopher is not a suspect but heat is a person of interest. in pleasanton,-he is a person of interest
6:15 pm
>>grant: al qaeda was behind two of the most brazen plots against the united states. the failed christmas day underwear bombing and also from printer cartridges on two cargo planes. american officials have seized a more explosive sophisticated device to get beyond the airport security. >> they're constantly evolving. what ever they find a new method. >>grant: this could not be the only method and this could be premature details leaked. >> that could be a catastrophe and a crime. >>grant: a counter-terrorism
6:16 pm
expert saying that he is confident multiple security measures would have kept travelers saved but items could be true and valuable. >> we're trying to understand the different aspects of design to make sure that we can prevent these types of devices from surfacing in the future. >>grant: hoping to stay one step ahead determined to spread terror. as far as airport security? the government is reassuring that the airports are strong and that there is no problem for any new security screenings. >> catherine: a california family is hoping the authorities and that the i will look for more victims of the speed freak killers. this sent a
6:17 pm
map to a bounty hunter saying that he was buried. the family wants authorities to search the area. and you can see this area here. >> he would have loved to meet his grandchildren and finish being our back. >> catherine: there have been cadaver dogs in this area there continued to look at other possible burial sites. >> catherine: after vandals had the whole across church in santa cruz look at these artifacts some over 200 years old. with anti-church slogans this is a possible hate crime. it is home of the mission santa cruz founded in 1791. windows were shattered by rocks, pain sph
6:18 pm
>> catherine: of the even climbed onto the roof to spray paint and paint was sprayed on the wall. >> catherine: the ban on same- sex marriage and north carolina is becoming the 30th state to pass that law. both sides has been a lot of passionate responses. billy graham has been sponsoring promoting the amendment. bill clinton is reportedly in opposition to that amendment. >> catherine: of mcdonald's is accused of schmoozing bloggers
6:19 pm
in exchange for positive reviews. online. >> catherine: looking at gas prices coming up. >> jacqueline: chrissy field some temperatures are still just a bit chilly with 60s along the water. temperatures were the bay area are for twin peaks. however 60s along the waterfront. 55 degrees in half moon bay. a chill in the air. away from the coast a bit of a different story. 92 degrees in pleasanton. and these and see breeze winds
6:20 pm
are filtering towards the bay area. the satellite/rader showing some patches of fog lingering. mostly clear to the coast. you can see it is still to the self study along the coast of monterrey. the -- self steady sel--south >> jacqueline: 50s for the bay area. 40s along the coast to start. it will be a pretty mild start. more comfortable for tomorrow afternoon with 70's and 80's. 80s in campbell. 75
6:21 pm
degrees in mountain view east bay shores showing east with fog. thursday, this cooling trend will continue. temperatures returning into the 80s. 90's for the inland valley. stay with us
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
announcer: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: these are some mateo 0 --san mateo patrol you should know that it is a marine
6:25 pm
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>>pam: a look at the golden gate traffic moving decent. the right side showing no major problems. we will be back we love gardening...
6:29 pm
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announcer: this is the bay area's new station kron 4 continues. >>reporter: this tire fire in pittsburgh continues. this broke all along 10th street in antioch with multiple piles of tires on fire. a three-alarm fire spreading to neighborhood businesses. a challenge to battle the blaze. not that many fire hydrants so an extensive
6:31 pm
network of hoses. earlier, there was a black cloud over pittsburgh for several hours the firefighters have been on the scene trying to get this under control. at the moment the heavy smoke is out of control and it seems to be contained. there has been one a rest. we could possibly find out more of the -- one person are rusted that was arrested -- a possible arsonist. there are rob this vehicle of interest in the cerro lamar missing teen tra the sierra lamr missing teenager k's this vehicle could be connected.
6:32 pm
this pit bull attack of two year-old boy is still under investigation. the two year-old boy is and the hospital with severe cuts to his head the fog there has been erected for trout engagement. >> in another case this girl was bit yesterday by a pit bull. the
6:33 pm
dog has been euthanize. the pit bull's owners will be questioned on why this attacked haven't. >>reporter: these chairs are in symbolism of the teachers that will not be present because of the layoffs. >> we are speaking about a compromise. we could have an $83 million deficit. >>reporter: choices are limited and that the do not make the cuts there will not balance the budget. >> jacqueline: >>reporter: in fremont, oakland teachers are saying that they need help from the oakland police apartment in the oakland police department to increase safety from of violence surrounding the school. >> the number one safety is our students.
6:34 pm
>> i do not feel safe. >> walking home from school i am afraid. >> my car has been vandalized four times this year. >>reporter: oakland haazig madyun >>reporter: now, san francisco has the james beard for the most outstanding book went to boulevard. it has been compared to the oscars rarely awarded it to a chica california restaurant. --with for some ingredients this is voted by 600 culinary professionals around the country. in a san francisco, kron 4. >>gabe: nds, bringing 3-d to televisions and living rooms what they think is the future of the televisions and our liberties. imagine your one wall. future of televisions in
6:35 pm
our-living rooms. >> jacqueline: this live look through san francisco has been a beautiful day. away from the coast it has been toasty. 90's inland! 90's in concord. 95 degrees in pleasanton. and upper 80s for the rest of the south- bay. for the east-bay some cooling temperatures. oakland. san mateo, closer to the coast temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. the sea breezes will pick up. last night, some fog along the coast with cool temperatures. those will become a more extensive, overnight. that means more fog, cooler
6:36 pm
temperatures, and for tomorrow this cooling trend could t continue iservile degrees in the south-bay. its palo alto. with several degrees in the south bay going to if often >> jacqueline: 60s along the coast. and as we go towards the north bay, 70's. see breeze winds influencing the forecast as the pickup tomorrow. fog in the morning. sunshine for the afternoon with cooler temperatures. warmer conditions returning as we go towards the weekend. we will be back for /+
6:37 pm
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>>gary: take a look from last night. the seventh inning. his throw went car ride the bottom of the eight, buster posey. the giants lose 9-1. san francisco lead the majors. 33 errors.
6:46 pm
in addition, of this performance enhancement drug allegation continues to haunt them. >> take a look. from 2003, and now judge hamilton has a beautiful swing. his 5-5 tonight. . and eight rbis. his last was last evening. 18 total bases and american leagues. texas just blowing away baltimore. and last evening just looking at josh hamilton. but he gives it to
6:47 pm
the kid. >> are they going to take that bet away? >> the rangers 114-3. josh hamilton gets fourth-home runs in just one game. >> no rest for football. the 49ers getting ready for rookie cap on friday. randy moss and company no punchline to this except the 49ers. they would love to see the 49ers wind after failing to make the cut last week tiger woods. as he is ready for the player championship. >> there are a lot of people that can scrutinize your
6:48 pm
psyche. nick faldo recently said it that you have lost yourself belief. i find it interesting that what is not in my head. maybe they have a superpower i do not know about? ()laughter)á >> are you fighting conference issues? >> if you are a player you are going to fight -- confidence -- issues. >> the next question was what time was launched from that reporter. that is how it goes. coming up, the u.s. open coverage continues. vern glenn will show us how he sets this up. for the golf course. >> it is part of the grounds crew. just something i've
6:49 pm
got going. nobody does this stuff better and he is next. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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6:52 pm
>> the u.s. open is always open to challenge the players. vern glenn shows us how it is done. >> you can not shelve this until you can show eight u.s. open condition. >> maybe after this we will do an ocean course. >> just like that i was on board. a temporary groundskeeper. what will be 10 there ray morris---00 fairway mowers each are for
6:53 pm
tens of 1 in. and easc costh $55,000! >> it is raining perhaps you could get more practice. >> i am surprised they of let you do about. >> the lake course and the ocean course so they had me training on the ocean course. and none the less we had you doing a whole? >> that was a little bit more difficult than i thought. and you need a lot of manpower. i was struggling. you take it out and replace that. as i
6:54 pm
pulled it out and miscalculated. but that is how it is done. >> imagine how you have to do with that every day. >> there will do that 18 times? >> yes! and every night they say that they want the whole--hole here. they want the course more difficult so it will make you lose your mind. that is the usga. there's an army of 50. they show up at 4:00 a.m. >> are their local or do they come in? >> these are regular people from the olympic club. the coast for the the matt. with another 100 volunteers. if it goes further than that. all showing up at 4:00 a.m. to rake mow and water. and
6:55 pm
let us take a look at the greens. >> this $10,000 lawn mower. i was not ready for this. when you go to turn this around it can get away from you it is really heavy! i've wanted to make sure that i did not carve it up. and the fair waste it down--- fairways get mowed forut ime
6:56 pm
there is the short ruff, the differeneces. are astounding. >> they do not just let anybody do that. >> i would have felt bad but they had people just springing into action. >> they just were not showing you 9-supervised. >> correct. >> there was no mention of jacqueline bennett. and maybe if tiger could be out there? >> he aims to go back. maybe
6:57 pm
that bridge has been burned. >> looking shark. >> thank you. have a great night
6:58 pm
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"the insider" has the total story behind tonight's top celebrity news. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. the latest on john travolta's sexual battery lawsuit. >> a second male massage therapist comes forward after the first one claims he has proof. >> did he pass a lie detector test? >> the polygraph could be admissible in court. the floodgates could open. other accusers could come forward. then -- supermodel linda evangelista met gala victory lap before today's final custody agreement. >> i'm at the manhattan courthouse on news what could be the biggest custody settlement ever. >> getting a little bit out of control. >> an alleged abortion threat.


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