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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: investors are searching for missing morality manager sierra lamar now have a break in the case. >>mark: another ease to a child is small by edo period we will tell you what
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happened in to bring you updates of those incidents. >> a southern state slams the door on same-sex marriage. we will tell you what that means for same-sex couples already living there. >>mark: a hazmat investigation under way in menlo park. yoli eceves is a live at the scene. >>yoli: good morning. make the most recent information they gave us is that the danger has passed. other than that we do not know what they were investigating. for a before 4:00 a.m., they sought a suspicious trucks and it smelled a chemical smell. that is when they decided to shut down edison at fair oaks. it has been shut down since then. hazmat cruise investigated the area.
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in the last 15 minutes and it seems like they're wrapping things up. at some point, the sheriff did come by to tell us that the danger has passed and that this area is no longer a threat to residents. we are still waiting for a firefighter official to tell us what they found and what was causing this now. >> we know that some of the people standing to decide to work in the home area but they did not want to speak with any of the media. they are waiting for the all clear to go back into their offices. at this point, they are saying that basically there is no danger and that the danger has passed.
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we're waiting for an official to talk with us about what's the smallest. >> we're starting off at the golden gate bridge camera. the fog is beginning to intensify but before too much longer that may make its way of the stand. temperatures in the '50s this afternoon and back into the mid '80s in spots. anywhere from 5-10 degrees colder. fog returning along the coast. as we head into the overnight hours we will break down highs today and where we will see the warmest temperatures. >>george: good morning. it is still a good start to the morning commute.
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we are not tracking any hot spots. bridges look good and traffic in the east bay is a problem free for your ride on interstate 80, 680 and even the 24 ride through the caldecott is pretty light with no delays to be found on the south bay freeways. some sluggish conditions around the summit for 17. >>darya: a possible break in the case of sierra lamar. investigators believe that this vehicle is connected to her disappearance. they do have a car in their possession right now. they are conducting an extensive forensic investigation searching for clues into her whereabouts. she vanished near her home in morgan hill almost two months ago. there is another search set for sierra today. will tran is live in morgan hill with the latest. >>will: volunteer searchers
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will be out searching within two hours from now. it will be going over old land to make sure they checked and double check. this evidence is key. this is a purse -- this is the first piece of evidence that they found cents a date to. they have identified the owner of the car but at this point there has no suspect been named. because of this new piece of
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evidence that they are investigating with the help of the fbi, they do believe that sierra is still alive this morning. >> they know who the owner is. we do not know if the owner voluntarily brought the car in to clear their name, they are not revealing any information about the car. that is why they're still talking about it even of the car is in their possession, there are hoping because the video did not sincere inside, they're hoping that'll ever saw the car will give them a call and perhaps they saw the driver as all as sierra in the car at that time.
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>>darya: it is a significant break in the case. >> they told me that they did have an owner. their response to my other questions was that they need to keep information close for investigative purposes. i still think she is out there alive and being held against her will. this will hopefully lead to finding out there person is. >>darya: still was kron4 as we continue to update you on the latest.
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>>justine: this is the first time that fannie mae has recorded a net income gain since being taken over by the government. fannie mae reports a net income of two harass 7 billion in the january-march quarter. we will take a break and we will be right back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>>justine: >>darya: we are still on the scene in the menlo park of this hazmat situation. this is edison way and 11th. the tape is still up but the crews are all gone. there were hazmat cruise with suits on, they seem to be investigating some kind of smell coming from the truck we never saw them do any cleaning of anything or any kind of response other than investigating it. he can see the fire truck rear. we will stay live on the scene to find out what if anything but it seems like the situation is all clear. >>mark: another child mauled by a dog in the east bay. it happened in castro valley. the fog will be in court on
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child endangerment charges. the attack happened yesterday in the early morning hours in the 21,000 block of the gary drive near 580. the toddler suffered severe cuts to his face and hands and will likely need surgery. the dollar was one of the four couples in the house. >> we have had problems with this president over the last six months because of the dog. they have four dogs inside the house. at the time the block one that was crippled was outside. it was able to tease me out here on the street. >> here is a picture of the boy's father, he has been booked into santa rita jail with bail set at $100,000. more on the attack that happened on monday after contra costa animal services rushed a sample of that pit bulls brain to the lab to test for rabies. those results are expected back in today's. the attack happened a
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concord when a pit bull mauled a little girl. she was airlifted to children's hospital oakland because of severe bites to her head and leg. phil the dog was owned by the family and investigators say they do not know why the child was attacked by the family pet. so far they have no record of that the ball exhibiting aggressive behavior. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside as we continue to monitor conditions. live from mt. tam, it does not look like too many clouds of the way of the son the we're waiting for. will be right back. land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil
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stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. >>mark: greece's main parties were punished for supporting the bailout. there are doubts that the government in greece can be formed. right now dow futures are down 80 points. >>darya: ever to southwest airline flights that are grounded after a threatening phone call. all flights love between phoenix and john wayne airport in orange county. flight 1184 was taken to an isolated part of the tarmac in phoenix and the the the
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plan was held in isolation at john wayne. both for eventually cleared pyriphlegethon >> it looks like the summertime weather will continue for a while. >>james: a fantastic forecast. here is a live you from the bay bridge toll plaza. sunrise this morning at 6 05 a.m.. a beautiful looking morning with clear skies. we are on tap to see really nice temperatures this afternoon. we have some coastal fall but not nearly as intense and widespread as we had yesterday morning.
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in general the '80s. 5-10 degrees cooler than we ever yesterday in some spots.
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>>george: no hot spot some serious problems or delays for your drive around the bay. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been activated for just about 5-10 minutes. we have reports the conditions are still pretty good. here is a look at the golden gate and the right on 101 southbound is so smooth and easy. delay free through marin county. here's a look at your right to the east bay. 24 is starting to slow a bit
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to lafayette. the programs through the caldecott. it was down 580 right slowing a little out of the also want and into livermore. the south bay freeways are starting to pick up a little bit of slowing on 101 north and no problems or slow traffic for 85, to 80, 87, 80 or 17. the peninsula ride is a good one for 101 and td. >>darya: this have said late last night, board members with the san francisco unified school district voted to lay off 210 people in the instructional positions including teachers, counselors and nurses. it was a six-one vote.
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>>mark: many bay area high schools making the top 100 schools in the nation's list. the highest ranking its pacific collegiate in santa cruz. if dublin high is in the top 15. will mission san jose, american indian public high- school as well as months of this jetta round out the bay area's best. the rankings are calculated based on student performance and college readiness. tuition could be going up another 6 percent for university of california students. officials say that is if the state does not increase funding by 125 million. on top of that university officials say the 10th campus system would need to increase tuition again, a double-digit increase made year if drastic campus cuts have to be made, if voters do not pass the governor's tax plan. the uc board of regents is
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scheduled to if discuss unfair to was an increase scenarios on may 16th. tuition has doubled in just the last five years. thinning study shows how many students live below the poverty level and the area school districts. the oakland unified school district husband the most.
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authorities at the fire company have been using a mixture of tar and gasoline to make used tires looked nicer which is not in conjunction with fire codes. families tend tenant spaces are no longer able to be used anymore. >>darya: and livermore a boy was killed after colliding with a pickup truck while riding on his skateboard. he was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. they say that drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor.
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the man is described as a white male in his 50s long gray hair and gray mustache, he has exposed itself to the same girl twice of the past year. >>darya: we're back with more of the next couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness ave. you could tell that this sum will be sunny today, no clouds in the way in this shot.
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>>erica: kron4 is giving away big screen television in time to watch zazzle bay to breakers. be sure to check out our slide show of past racism and photos of costumes on >>mark: we will be right track as the kron4 news continues. coming up in two minutes, the opening bell on wall street. a terrible month for stocks
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so far. a decline of the doubt. will it continue? in a date after the break. "
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>>mark: the dow jones has lost close to four to 50 in the month of may. only one weekend and we have had steep losses. we have seen losses for five days on the dow jones average great concerns about greece and whether or not they will be able to remain in the arizona continues as we see dow futures up 83 points. it could be another losing today on wall street. it certainly looks like a lower opening. >>darya: the big stores this hour, investigators are searching for a missing morgan held teenager. a big break in the case, they have the vehicle there are looking for. another dog has seriously injured eight year old child, this time in castro valley. the toddler suffered severe cuts to his face, head and
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doctors say he will likely need surgery. voters in north carolina have overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to finding merit solely between a man and woman. north carolina is the 30th state in the nation to adopt such a ban. >>mark: more on the weather and traffic. >>james: the fog is beginning to roll in. you can see from this live shot. back there is sutro tower. it is not inundating the golden gate bridge yet. this morning, we have a morning fog. this afternoon, sunshine overlooking the bay area. the beautiful day outside. tomorrow will be cooler still backs and out in the '80s. full details coming up just a moment.
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>>george: a hazmat situation and menlo park. yoli eceves was out there at the scene watching it all unfolded. >>yoli: that has a message was and is all cleared there was something suspicious earlier this morning between 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m..
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they had beakers and were melting gold. hazmat came and tested the substance, it was chromatic acid. >>darya: is it the danger to people? >>yoli: they said under the
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proper use it is not dangerous but it is questionable. clearly, there are improperly using it. it is not something you do in the back of a pickup truck. that part of the situation is being investigated. they are calling this an investigation on what they are doing. no one has been arrested but they definitely set with it were doing was not right. there are still a lot of questions. they need to see what was going on and habit or disposing of it.
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this >>darya: there are investigating the the gold, where it came from and why they're doing that? >>yoli: gets. >>mark: a possible break in the case of sierra lamar. investigators believe that this car is connected to her disappearance. police now have possession of the vehicle. police are conducting an extensive forensic investigation of the car searching for clues to her whereabouts. she vanished from her home almost two months ago. in the meantime there is another search for sierra scheduled for today. giselle travel is live in morgan hill with more. yeah shops cnn lafayette hidden investigators are hoping to find any oil in the search for zero lawn.
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yeah they showed a picture of the car to her family. they have never seen a horse. but this is the first new evidence since the second day of her disappearance was they found her purse in the field. inside of her purse bid from clothing neatly folded inside. for the card is a four-door bullfight gives jetta. flickr stands out about this car is that they have identified the car owner but they will mussy anything about it or mark for we're or when a car with round. we do not know if the car was stolen or if the owner turned over the car was driving a car on march 16th. they were turned to the car because of video showing a car crossing paths lead with a look at the footage they did not see sierra inside the car.
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there are still asking the public if they saw the car on march 16th to give police a call and maybe who ever was out there at the time saw fear in the car. once the volunteers arrived around 7:00 or 730 we will get reaction from the volunteers. i expect a lot of people to show up, especially with this great weather. >>mark: there have been other significant findings in this case. this is where her home is located in morgan hill. this is the bus stop where she disappeared, morning of march 16th. the next day, her phone was found on a santa teresa boulevard near shriller avenue 10th the next day, her purse was found with clothing inside about 2 mi. away from her home. in late march, searchers
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found a box that was labeled handcuffs with other items inside but it was determined that they were not related to the case. more on her disappearance and another surge taking place today. >>justine: here is what is happening in the kron4 news room, we have the latest of the case against jerry sandusky. he has asked a judge to postpone his june fit trial saying that he needs more time to prepare. he faces 52 counts related to trial this abuse charges against 10 boys. the jetta did say he was elected to postpone the trial. more details and will keep you posted. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos. hand-cut, tri-tip sirloin, plus choose shrimp scampi.
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>>darya: we do have a little bit of clouds as and when it is expected to clear up. >>mark: we're waiting for the clouds to clear on wall street. sports news coming up next. in the meantime we're watching another drop on the dow jones of 107 today. it's all thousand 824. the dow was off 500 points for the month.
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how jetta thing
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>>darya: and check it out. that is is one of the homers. josh hamilton is now the 16th player in all of major league history to hit four home runs in a single day imperious hamilton also doubled in the sixth inning. his 18 total bases is also a
6:46 am
record. in a single game american league record. he did all this against three different pitchers in the texas win over the baltimore orioles. in baltimore, the last player to hit four home runs in a single game was carlos delgado in 2003 for the toronto blue jays. >>mark: the blue jays were in town planning the oakland a's. it was not all good news for oakland. it's says that is was scratched from the starting lineup after entering his left hand during batting process.
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>>darya: we have some nice weather heading our way. it is " a gorgeous. >> absolutely, a live look outside shows a beautiful start over san francisco on this wednesday morning. the sun is up into the sky is blue. here is where stars are, mostly in the '50s.
6:48 am
here's a look at your expected highs for today. tomorrow things will cool down a little bit more and then a temperatures bounce back a little bit started to climb on friday with saturday-sunday looking for it with former to address. inland highs getting close to ninety-one's again. sunday's mothers did.
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>>george: it is still the at the bay bridge toll plaza but that is to be expected. as look at the traffic maps, take a look at the east bay, we're starting to pick up slowing on 80 westbound but the drive times are still pretty good. no problems reported for the westbound train. your ride through the south bay continues to build on a one-to-one northbound but that is the only free with any slowing. the peninsula is still clear on the 1 01-92 into change.
6:50 am
we will not see traffic buildings for the mid peninsula right. the north bay commute, i will show you the trip through marin county. it is delay free from 37 down to the golden gate. we are taking a slow traffic around atherton's avenue southbound, just south of the county line. still >>mark: and pleasanton, autopsies are scheduled in connection with the death of a mother and her 13 year-old daughter. cindy freeman and her daughter were found inside of their home on monday night. he told police that his wife had been acting paranoid because his daughter had been communicating with a daughter in kentucky. they're trying to determine if this was a murder or murder-suicide. there were two unregistered handguns found inside the home. >>darya: a set of accounting woman is going to spend six years in prison for embezzling more than a half billion dollars from a bay
6:51 am
area churches. she took $712,000 between 2004 and 2010 skywriting hundreds of checks from the accounts thick, she worked there as a business manager. prosecutors say she used the money to shop and eat at expensive restaurants. the church leaders say because of the investments have been forced to lay out the employees and cancel a program for needy families. since costs >>gabe: imagines one wall in your letter of is your television. think of it as a giant display wall. and ds surface this is the working name for what might be the future of television. they have created new software that they think will revolutionize the
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states, play the radio in the look at a news feasts and weather. it is like widgets the honor television. it will blend of the web and applications with your television and one display. it is like a can of the board of your life. it is fully customizable. you can blend in of web applications like the new baby monitors out there. if you're watching a movie in the living room and your baby starts crying, the video feed from your monitor can pop up on the screen. whatever your watching does not have to take up the entire surface. you can do so from a working at the same time your watching tv. nothing like this is for sale right now but it will be soon.
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for more information log on to and look for my tech page. >>mark: a live look outside on this wednesday morning. traffic light on the james lick. the more products we touch around the sink,
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>>kimberlee: john travolta is in hot water after to massage therapists say that john travolta grab them inappropriately. he is calling the claims complete fabrications. the two accusers are suing john travolta for an estimated $2 million. >>mark: coming up in the next hour, a big break in the sierra lamar case as investigators locate a car they believe could be connected to her disappearance.
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as north carolina approved a ban on same-sex marriage, there is legislation in california to ban psychotherapy to make the people street. there was a big difference texas rangers since lugger josh hamilton. but will tell you what he has done in the world according to gary.
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