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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 9, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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kron 4 morning news. there is a big drop on wall street. they are down 109 points.
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right now we are down from the month of may 5th hundred points. >>darya: and to southwest airlines flights were grounded due to a threatening phone calls. but flights were held in isolation at the airports that the land at. >>mark: there'll be an update on the morning drive in a look at the weather when we come back.
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i'm a native californian.
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with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ we are back. >>james: this is san francisco. there's a lot of sunshine. when we get north of the golden gate bridge is a little hazier. most of the bay area is seen blue skies. we're seeing solid 50 degree weather all morning long in the east bay and the south bay. he can see the upper 40's in the north where the fog is
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concentrated. this afternoon, if you're a around though watered it will be cooler. piquancy and will be the high '70's and 80's around the area. there will be solid '60s at the coast. when we get to three or 4:00 in the afternoon piquancy the areas that will be in the '90s. -- you can see the in areas that will be in the '90s. throughout most of the south bay you were looking out from a mostly eighties.
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antioch in pittsburgh will get close to 90. we will not see as many areas and 90 today as we did yesterday. your 7 day around the bay shows you that we have a warm weather and clear whether through the end of the week. >>george: we have a critic of ride around the bay area. one area from a accident earlier you can see the bay bridge toll plaza is not backed up at all. we're only back up to the 80 be told crossing your the golden gate bridge ride is an easy trip with no problems on presidio are a parkway.
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here's a look at east bay conditions, we mentioned sluggish traffic around hill dropped drive. is not that inner out of walnut creek. san ramon valley is starting to pick up some slowing near the sunol gray. south bay freeway is up a little lighter than usual especially on 85 and 280. the marin ride is starting to pick up with some slow traffic south bound but the drive time is under 30 minutes. >>darya: it is 7:15 a.m.. the seventh since he -- the san francisco unified school district agreed to
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lay off people. there were also features a pick up and slips. the layoffs come as a district faces and 83 million deficit >>mark: here is the best high school less. the ranking is speculated based on student performance and college graduates. officials say that this they need to increase funding by 25 in dollars.
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the tuition will go up for college students. the uc board of regents are disgusting discussing tuition arrangements. a new study shows how many students live on the poverty level. take a look at the list. the study was compiled ipads source which is a very accompanied that gathers data purine -- end source >>darya: a pittsburgh man was arrested for the fire
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ends up and his prepared the man was are rested for unlawfully causing a fire. and is for of the sixth tenant spaces inside are not going to move back and. in livermore a 13 year-old boy was killed when he defied -- collided with a pick up last night. he was riding a skateboard when he hit the side of a pickup truck. the boy was wearing a helmet at the time. the witnesses they the alcohol and drugs and not live by a factor. >>mark: a man is look -- police and looking for a man exposed himself to a 13
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year-old girl twice. says the man was sitting in his car. the same thing happen to this girl last year with the same man in the same car. is that is a what a white man in his fifties with a gray hair and a mutt gray mustache. >>darya: one person is quite to spend time in prison for embezzling from a bear a church. this bomb and roche hundreds of checks to herself. she was the business manager. she used the money to shop and eat at expensive restaurants the church says that because of this investment they had to lay off employees and financial program. >>justine: we learned that solar flares can hit earth
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today. nasa found a dark hall on the sun's surface. they are not expected to cause any damage but they could have problems on your gadgets like as of funds. >>darya: it is 7:20 a.m.. we'll be back in a few minutes. you can see the james lick in san francisco. who will be back in a moment.
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>> >>darya: 722 and will be a nice day round the bay today. you can see what it looks like and sam and cisco on the left in the currency -- you can see the shot from amount team came. -- mt. tam cam. >>mark: and gas prices are down 75 for the last month. earlier is a look at bay area prices. the average the sentences
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below is for 34. long commutes may be still more -- may be doing more than getting on your nerves that american journal for project tentative madison says that people that have a long drive to work may be over way because they are sitting logger. >>darya: we have the bay to breakers coming up. we are hoping that you will watch it on kron 4. you can watch 19 p. -- if you're watching on television. >>erica: and kron 4 is giving away a big screen tv for you to watch the bay to
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breakers you go to our facebook pray page and friend us. you will see where you can enter purine the >>mark: proposition 29 will more than double the state's tobacco tax. ages began airing commercials. >> of one side are to cancer survivors. up these two people wrote the proposition. on the other side are two tobacco companies, you will not cede their names on the
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ads. instead he will see the face of a doctor. she says that it will create a huge research bureaucracy with out any accountability. this doctor says that she is not being compensated for her appearance parents they said that all the funds will lease spent and state. and the opposition says it will go out of state. >>mark: california was the first day to enact a cigarette tax in 1959.
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california could be raising the cigarette tax by an extra dollar. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning north news continues. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. >>darya: and 7:29 a.m.. the big story is that sierra lamar has a big break in the case. they think that the car has a connection to her case. another dog has attack a two year-old child. in north carolina has overwhelmingly approved the concert is a lament amendment that there is a
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ban for same-sex marriage. >>james: here is how temperature -- temperatures are point to go to take your at noontime you're looking at 66 coast seven may -- '70s inland and by the afternoon nineties will be inland. we will not have as many nineties today. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots right now. traffic is start wanting to build up for the east bay and the south bay tribes. 680 is starting to get a little heavier now. and this out a we're looking
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at a build up on 101 and to 80. -- 280 >>justine: we are getting reports about the berkeley police moving in on the occupied the far protesters. the will be more details as we get them. this is at a charlotte north carolina. this is a protest at the bank of america. they believe that 1000 protesters around the state and the country are at the bank of america's corporate shareholders meeting. organizers are saying that is non-violence. they seem to be standing
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about blocking the street. some of her playing instruments and the posters here. organizers say that they the bank of america as the worst of the worse as far as and your users live pictures out of charlotte this is outside of the bank of america as shareholders meeting. >>mark: as a possible break in the sierra lamar is case. investigators say that this car has a connection to her disappearance and marched irian there running investigation of the car. sierra omar vanished from her home of two months ago. >>will: the search will
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start 30 minutes from now purines. that's the table for returned volunteers people a lot of people are returning ernie wheeler is joining is now. he has not missed a day of the search. why is important for you to show up day after day. >> i want to bring closure for the family. no matter which way this situation goes, they need to have closure. >>will: you probably heard about the big case -- break in the case. and i have your thoughts on that. ?
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sam nunn to me, it is just another lead. it is a another piece of the puzzle. there are other pieces out there that we have defined. >>will: this search has been phenomenal. a bad day has about 100 people. >> i have done searches for years and the number of people coming out for this is just phenomenal. they are from all walks of life, as all occupations. there are grandmothers grandfathers' mother is celebrities there all coming out. >>will: thank you very much. that was ernie wheeler. i will stay with the family
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has to say about the discovery of the car. >>mark: the police and not say anything about the car are they? >>will: they do know who owns the car but they are not saying anything about that. the reason why there were able to focus on this car because they went back and look that surveillance hit video from nearby schools and buses. they saw the car cross pass all the cameras. unfortunately this car did not show sea air and side. are still asking people out there if they saw that car. if you saw on that particular day please call police.
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they have no suspect in the case is all they're saying. >>mark: banks will. let's show you the morgan hill area. there is the are lamar's home. she was walking to the bus stop when she disappeared the next day herself on was found. the day after that they found her purse a couple miles away from the home. and in march search is define a box -- and nt boxes that handcuffs. who will continue to follow the latest year on kron 4. he and leave comments on the story on our facebook and twitter. >>darya: voters in north carolina had overwhelmingly
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and -- passed a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage of marriages. this amendment also contain contain same-sex civil units. the people that are presently claiming say the same sex symbol unions may lose that status. this psychotherapy bay and -- than that for -- there is some reports say the this site could there be forced gate people says -- can
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cause more damage than good. >>mark: traffic is moving smoothly hon the james lick. and will be back with more on wall street.
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>>george: we have our first hot spot on 580. there is a couple of early are occurring accidents. the drive time is now 48 minutes but it is usually about 35 minutes. give yourself some extra time. >>mark: we are looking for a another they drop on wall street.
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we are down a man another hundred and 38 points. this is still reflecting the elections in greece and france. the dow has lost and close to 500 points for the month of may. >>darya: fannie mae says it that made money in the first three months of the year. this is the first time the company has reported a net income gain since gain since it was taken up over by the cost of government. the time is 7:42 a.m.. we will be back in a minute.
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here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving very well out of marin county.
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>> we're back at 745. this is the mount tam can looking back at san francisco.
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>>james: there is some cloud cover out there but is not as much as yesterday. his 51 in san consist of 57 san and the afternoon we should see these temperatures climb. islamic a lot east bay will we see that it it will be a little cooler on of water. and up to the east we have upper 80s. pittsburgh might be near 90 irian here is where we see the high across the peninsula and north bay. in a beefalo 805 and near santa rosa. it will be in multi these new santa what rosa.
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>>george: as we take a quick look at the ride on 580 in the westmount direction, we are tracking a hot spot in irian what had been solid red at the 2 05 interchange heading west into at livermore has now been cleared. in his thinking at nicely as. it is not at all unusual to see that slow ride until livermore. the 580 west bengal and hot spot has cleared. piquancy 680 as you had to the dublin interchange, it is the same back up that was earlier.
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the bay bridge westbound is back up to west grand ave. the drive time is about 18 minutes. a quick check from the golden gate bridge shows the ride look good across the span. the fog is not down on the decks so there is no retes visibility's. the drive time through marin county is building up a bit but is not bad >>darya: is time to talk to gary. what arrogance we are talking about is jos hamilton's day stay where he got four runs in a single day. only the 16th player to have done as.
7:49 am
>>gary: i know it is simple to say this through this guy may be the most naturally skilled player that i have ever seen. >>darya: it was a beautiful thing. >>gary: when he when you watch and he doesn't effortlessly. >>darya: he was on fire. when you watched him pitch great kid. he did this against really different pitchers hit why didn't somebody just walking? . >>gary: on a one-sided game, you really don't do
7:50 am
that but it's on a lying in a close game they might consider that. when is -- it is bad ending can't you just what a guy in his well. this is good for the game because it gets people talking about baseball and the >>darya: or the baltimore orioles are in the ballpark and everybody got up and gave him a standing ovation. >>gary: his story is set at one point he was homeless. he had just lost everything, his family and a team would sign him. they gave him another chance and this guy just has
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an incredible story. this is what you make a movie at of the story. >>darya: you say the < it out and this happened and what about this player for the case could again they just can't leave and go through >>gary: he was hitting and had the worst batting average in the major league. he is a good deal there. they thought -- the day was due-give him another chance he had a home run in a is when we're in -- the haynes and lanthe aa's win
7:52 am
>>gary: if they days are already-- aas are out of that but i i hate to say this with the very least will be interesting for like you and me to talk about but i the is approved the has something left. >>darya: that is a shame again here in because theaa's live better than the giants. >>gary: you need to understand why there are 40 the as -- 40,000 of the
7:53 am
giants' game. in last may's game could. he just did not all the sun when the game and have 20,000 people show up. anting aa's reputations are that when players are to get good then they will restrain him -- trade him because they do not one of the of the sow recruit so i and understand all the reasons irian -- and we gave more coverage to the aa's then the giants because they had
7:54 am
more recognizable celebrities. who are the guys that move the needle? we all know who the giants play is are but the un aa's were just learning him >>darya: and this so this player is a deadbeat. he is on dr. phil. team owes them about $55,000 a month. the field that for him? >>gary: i do not feel bad for him but if you do not have the money, what you do? >>darya: cl is don dr.
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phill -- to on dr. phill. thanks gary and. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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>>mark: coming up on the kron 4 morning news that that's the case -- then back to get is have the car for the sierra lamar case. e more on whether and traffic.
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11 been dampened >> >>mark: investigators are looking for clothes and searching for sierra lamar. there will be searched a. the get a live report coming up.
8:01 am
is another dog mauling story there is a boy a that was attacked by a dog. the man is in jail. but your line at has passed a ban on same-sex and it marriages. >>james: inasmuch as the clear right now. this afternoon it would warm but 5-10 degrees lower will have 7 day around the bay >>gary: a comeback -- and it
8:02 am
acts and at the capitol expressway. and it slowing the traffic coming up out of coyote creek. this should be a 28 the 30 minute drive time. it is to take another 10 minutes when a northbound run. >>justine: their pictures of the police milling and on the occupied a barn protesters. moving in on the occupy cal farm protesters. police have a lot in barricaded a case in around the property. he can see the farm property i right here police have to rent to use chemical agents on these protesters.
8:03 am
as a possible break of this sierra lamar case pit police believe that this car is involved. there a investigating the car sierra lamar as been missing for over two months could will tran is live in morgan hill. >>will: the first team of searchers is getting ready to go out his there: to look in the same places as long as he -- as well as new places. there are a lot of people coming out. they expect more than 100 people coming out as the almost two full months right now. we will talk to mark klass from that class foundation and a 30.
8:04 am
let's talk more about the vw jetta - and has a black husband and they're not saying when and where they found it. the other is not being caused a suspect at this point. they still do not have any suspects in the case there asking the public if you had sagas car on march 16th to -- on march 60. please let the police know. there is a mother is here at the command center. the family does not recognize the card.
8:05 am
we will get sears mother's reaction later. we will get sierra lamar smothers reaction later acquired >>darya: live on in and tell us how they got the car. >>will: we ask them questions like is a solid? -- stolen. they would not give us any information about the car at all. we do not even know whether the car was stolen according to the car owner. you get into the car owner would it least be a curse in the interests. they are saying nothing.
8:06 am
>>darya: he will stay tuned and continue to cover this sierra lamar case. >>mark: a man is in jail for a child in dayton charges -- and eight german charges the boy was mauled by a spitball. this was one of full the polls on by the family. family control has been to this house in the past. >> we have had problems with the dogs in this house for quite some time. >>mark: here is a picture of the boys got their and is in jail with a bail at $100,000 cleared.
8:07 am
the girl that was attacked by the family pimples was also to show. she was rushed to the hospital because of the severe by astor head and legs. the family does not know why the child was attracted by the family pet. >>darya: there are records that the berkeley police been in that asking the occupied the farm protesters to leave. about how many corteses would you say are there? >> there a few dozen.
8:08 am
they're not necessarily moving that he police are already trying to isolate it and the protesters. these protesters set been here since april 22nd. stay planted a community garden. police are trying to basically isolette them. you can see the day down here was closed. all this is to keep the other protesters out. many of the occupiers believe that they are getting ready to be called out of this location. you can see others chopping down lely's or doing
8:09 am
something with the garden. i'm on jackson street. i have not seen anyone yet,. he >>darya: what is this farm usually used for? >> this is usually used for agriculture experiments. his is used by the students. and the protesters say that we should be able to come and can set up our card and. they said that they should be of a co exist with the university. the last couple days that has fallen apart and uc- berkeley does not
8:10 am
necessarily agree with them. the police are isolating the -- isolating the protesters' right after >>darya: back a minute. mom? hmm?
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what does your esophagus look like? let's look it up after school. here. thanks, anita. eww. dad, how did luke cage get his powers? umm... here, i'll show you. [ comic book expert ] luke cage's superhuman powers...
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thanks, anita. mom, how is paper recycled? anita! anita! [ male announcer ] answer life's most pressing questions. instantly. get high speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ >> >>mark: and north carolina they have come from a.m. and then on a van on same-sex manic marriage. this also per have the same
8:13 am
sex symbol unions. there are stating that other types of domestic unions cannot carry any legal status. >>darya: the time is a 12:00 a.m.. here is a shot from the mt. tam camp.
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>> good morning from the kron 4 news we just learned of five people were arrested tried to force their way into the bank of america shareholders meeting. there declaring the gathering an extraordinary tax the event. hundreds of people gathered on the streets this morning and charlotte n.c. and fun of the bank of america building. one person's was trying to tell the shareholders the the this foreclosure on his house was wrong because he was trying to make the payments. >>mark: and wall street is
8:17 am
now down 84 points but was down hundred and 500. a little while ago. there are some concerns about greece and the european union. french party members were it there were against the austerity movement are also concerned. >>james: there are far fewer areas with 40 degree weather in there was an hour ago. there's some haziness. this is the mat mt. tam cam looking out over the bay. you can see the marine layer of fog that is keeping things cool around the bay.
8:18 am
-- mainly at the coast. net is we had 40 is in the north bay earlier now they are in the '50s. and to the east it is warming up quite a bit. concord in an antioch are both at 58 degrees. we are already hitting this 60 degrees mark in the south bay. aetna in time, when you're heading -- at noon when you are heading to launch. you can see 63 eighties. -- you will see a 80 degrees. down by 4:00 you will see the red area we will be in the '90s in some areas but
8:19 am
not as much as yesterday. here is the 7 day around the bay. it is to be warm and dry. >>george: for continuing to keep a close eye on 101 in the south bay this morning. it's fairly heavy for the north bound ride. the leave it or not the drive times are actually improving a bit. coming at coyote creek it's still have a. is still have a. we're still looking at a 34 minute drive time on of 101. it is only a is low spot. in central iran self well
8:20 am
between 37 and 580 there is some slow traffic. the bridges-the bay bridge and the westbound drive is starting to even out some. its 14-16 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride is heavier now near presidio park way and the new doyle drive bypass your is >>mark: 210 people will be laid off in instructional position -- not instructional position.
8:21 am
there were also 100 teachers and teach the hiatus that also reseat thinks street slips. stay are facing and 83 meehan dollar deficit of the next three years. here's a list of the number of students living in poverty. this information was compiled by and ed source which is a very area company. despite struggling school districts harris still a handful of the area's high schools that are on the top 100 national list of high schools.
8:22 am
the ranking was based science student performance and college readiness. >>mark: did they say you see they cannot increase their revenues that there will be a high and tuition increase. the voters cannot pass the seven is a tax plan thises and for sure thing and. you see tuition has more than double. it is over 12 less new year right now. it is done that over the
8:23 am
last five years. >>darya: a man was arrested for this fire in a tire warehouse in his sport. a 32 year-old man was arrested. the some of the inflow islam's mixing a material to make that tires old nicer. in livermore, a 13 year-old boy was killed was writing his skateboard and ran into a pickup truck last night. the boy hit the side of a pickup truck. he was wearing a helmet. the witnesses said the drugs and alcohol did not play a factor.
8:24 am
>>mark: please delete really mean hayeses expose himself to meet 13 year-old girl twice. police say that a man will up and a rent cheap and exposed himself and while sitting in his car. they sat same thing happened last february to the same girl. the men has a gray hair and gray mustache in and around his 50s. >>darya: let's take alive at the bay bridge of courage.
8:25 am
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>> before you know at the bay of breakers race will be here. it sunday may 20th and may 20th. >>erica: 91 remind everyone that kron 4 is giving away a flat screen tv. go to the kron 4 bay and pay, van us and go to the icon and enter. >>mark: this sunshine here
8:28 am
at light traffic.
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>>darya: the case of the sierra lamar file. there is a two year-old child injured by pit bull this morning in the bay area. voters in north carolina and armor were overwhelmingly approved the band of same- sex marriage in irian >>james: there's some general haziness on the cold the gate bridge.
8:31 am
-- golden gate bridge. there are nice conditions out there. it will be cooler than yesterday but still warm nevertheless. tomorrow still be hot and will continue like this through the weekend. will go into more detail in a few minutes. >>george: at however it is improving but were still attracting 101 and jose ins of hot spot. there's 34 minutes for the drive time. >>mark: we're falling as possible break in the sierra lamar disappearance. police believe that this car is connected with the 15
8:32 am
year-old sister appearance. there conducting an extensive forensic investigation of the car in irian there looking for clues on sierra lamar is disappearance. >>will: a couple of search teams have already gone. they're looking for clues. we did talk to select sierra lamar as mother. she does not know anything about the car or the owner of the car. investigators have told her nothing either. they have located the car. they have identified the honor.
8:33 am
there's no suspect in this case yet. the reason why they were even able to focus on the car is because that the homes buses and businesses look at the cameras and saw that this car was and their cameras often. mark klaas of klasskids foundation instill -- all so excited about this information in irian. and we corraled the public information officer of the police department about this but he they are unwilling to disclose anything. so where asking the public it to remember that if you
8:34 am
saucy error in this car to please contact the police. >>mark: on the map this is where sierra lamar is home was and she is headed to a bus stop. that's when she disappeared. the next day herself but was found a few blocks away. the day after that her purse was found off the side of our road a couple miles from the house. in late march and the box -- an empty box marked handcuffs but it does is determined that that evidence is not related. we are continuing coverage if you wanna make a comment visit our facebook and 20 page. >>darya: albany there the
8:35 am
occupied part testers that -- occupy far protesters. near berkeley jackie sizzle is there. is this a standoff? >>jackie: it is not clear what is light on right now. earlier this morning the police set up a barricade in front of the gate. this property has been occupied for the last three weeks or so. we have seen a couple of the uc-berkeley trucks roll in. they have been trying deal with the people that have occupied this land the last a week. they tried to make a compromise but it fell through. it appears the there isolating the protesters. and looks is go -- all as
8:36 am
the there corn to be moving in soon. i have not heard anything from the uc-berkeley police yet. they believe that is what's going to happen. these people were given early -- warning early as this morning. some people practiced up and moved out but there are about two dozen that remain inside this area. it is unclear exactly what is when the happened. i can tell you that more and more qc personnel are showing up. >>darya: the occupied tuned -- the occupied protestors are upset with the bumper centers and they are upset with the banks but why are they upset the farms? .
8:37 am
>>jackie: and their this property has not yet being used and a move in and set up a garden. the university put out a statement the there were hoping to work together with the occupiers but apparently that fell through. did they ask them to leave. apparently there's an order given this morning there were there as first and leave. in with a set there more and more university personnel showing up. no one is able to drive and. they're letting people walking. i am not sure what is planned to happen here. >>darya: another way is not anyone get near them until the food runs out.
8:38 am
>>will: and >>jackie: will keep you updated. >>mark: concord the ripleys a looking for all a blue truck with oversize tires. the five-year old girl suffered a partially severed but. you can see she is being taken away from a medical hot police are not releasing any information on her condition this morning. >>justine: some facebook employees could go to the federal government and this did california a lot of money once this has happened
8:39 am
in irian facebook is the looking ascetic aside for me and is to cover tax bills this year.
8:40 am
never in my lifetime
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8:42 am
plans next month because the neighbors complained about the size of the project. the rank community foundation is working with this producer on the project to develop more housing. >>darya: we're looking at a nice day.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>>darya: welcome back a 40 5:00 a.m.. hamilton is only the 16th player at all history to hit four runs in one game. this single game american league record.
8:46 am
the last player to hit for on rents and once in the game was carlos delgado in 2003. >>mark: a resume -- days -- aa's had a 7-3 win. the giants have some good news. they've won against the dodgers 2-1. good pitching from brian stowe. in game 3 is set 7:10 p.m.
8:47 am
this evening. -- 12:35 p.m. the jays verses the a's let's take a look outside. >>james: we have some recourse fog still out there but it is looking good outside. at 9:00 a.m.. and about 50 minutes, we have the coastal fog beginning to burn out. antioch is coming and at 63 right now but everything houses in the '50s. your taking a good -- quick
8:48 am
look at this 7 day around the bay. some are in line high is a little bit cooler than yesterday. tomorrow it is cooler and then begin to climb again through friday and saturday. remember that sunday is mother's day. [rapping] >>gary: marin county is a slower than usual commute. there really is not unusual to see heavy traffic right here. in his 36-38 minutes.
8:49 am
we can see the the slow traffic reaches passes central san rafael. it is slower and long for the new store ride. we may have a hot spot developing and the south a hero. clear as a motorcycle accident this one is in the fast lane. there are so many reports about that i he -- year we are looking toward a big problem at this time of the morning and is not unusual to see red. but i'm hoping we are not looking at some bigger problems to come. here is the bay bridge is about 12 to 13 minutes. at the golden gate bridge,
8:50 am
we are near the peak for the south bound ride. it is pretty heavy along the presidio park way in the doyle drive bypass. >>mark: we are with watching wall street and the dow is down. it was down 950 earlier this morning but is now is down 63 points. this isn't it as a result of what happened in greece of the weekend. there are no -- there is no government in place in greece right now. the dow has been off 500 points this month. >>darya: the people contemplating the future of tv are thinking they. >> imagine one wall in your living room is your tv. >>kate: nt os surfaces
8:51 am
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8:52 am
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8:53 am
boxes. one benefit of services as the get many applications going at one time. i is wanted to let you know what was coming up. >>mark: here is a look at >>mark: here is a look at the mt. tam camp. the mt. tam camp. land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil
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is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ?
8:56 am
>>justine: justin beeper is releasing a song for his mom in time for mother's day. >>darya: today at 10:00, to
8:57 am
is confronted on dock there filled by his girlfriend's it say that he is bay a dead beat kick that. he will be on dr. phil. i was paying almost $45,000 pyramid but now i don't have that much money. >>darya: but does he care about the kids? some of them say he has not even talk to his kids. back a minute harry
8:58 am
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>> >>darya: investigators are looking for clues for the missing sierra lamar. a father whose son was attack but it dog this morning is in jail. the occupied protesters are still on the property and uc-berkeley are addressing this morning. >>justine: >>erica: we do have a blue skies. there is a little sunshine. this afternoon temperatures should be 5-10 degrees warmer -- cooler than yesterday.
9:01 am
>>gary: we have been tracking to hot spots. if expected them to get worse but they are getting better. the ride from marin county has now jumped -- dropped from 38 to 36 minutes. and despite the fact that an accident was reported north >> 985, and the center has just updated the entire stretch has jumped to about 20 mi. per hour. >>mark: this report the uc- berkeley police are gathering at the occupied of farm protests. let's go to jackie sizzle >>jackie: is nothing
9:02 am
happening right now. we are being told that around 6:00 a.m. this morning when university police moved in and set up a barricade. they set a decade about the 10 a. stretch of land is owned by uc-berkeley. the protesters said been here since april 22nd. the protestors on the land had developed a garden on the property. the use see try to negotiate with the protesters but were unable to come to an agreement. uc berkeley said that they use his property for agriculture research and that they cannot coexist with the protesters. uc-berkeley said they had to they would remove the protesters. right now they are not moving in on the process of testers but they are putting
9:03 am
up a barricade said that no one can come or go. you can see campus police officers on the scene. there is no word from the university of whether or not they plan on moving in on the protesters. we do know that they set up some beer cans. >>mark: will check back later to see if anything happens this morning. >>darya: there is been a break in the sierra lamar investigation. they have this car that they feel at like mib connected to her disappearance. it's been almost two months that she is been gone. they're having a a forensic investigation on the carpet looking for clues. will tran is live in morgan hill. will >> darya, there is a good
9:04 am
turnout so far. 80 people have arrived. and they're not sharing where exactly where they are searching and passing out searches, they have researched some of a similar areas. sierra lamar smother has found out than that investigators did find the car. here is what she had to say about this latest thing. >> sierra lamar as mother, people tell you that they're investigating. this confirms that a lot forssmann and everybody is doing everything i can. they tommy in possession of
9:05 am
the car. -- they just told me that they had possession of the car. they did not want to interfere with the investigation process >>will: they do know who owns the car but it this point that person is not even a suspect or a person of interests. it anyone saw that car on march 16th, please contact the police department. and they did see that car on business videos and bus videos that is why they found is a car of interest in irian there is nothing known about once the car. it has been weak since a ban
9:06 am
any new evidence in this case. this is the first piece of evidence and state to since the sierra lamar disappeared. >>darya: it is interesting that there's a quiet about letting any innovation ab. it when it is a look the car, then they find it, another motels anything. >>will: they're asking people to come forward if they saw a girl in the car. when they you will look at the footage on the buses and businesses they did not see a girl in the car. i did not know what they're being tight-lipped. maybe it will lead antiserum. hopeless there is still out there.
9:07 am
of the sierra lamar is still out there. >>darya: you can go to our facebook and twitter for the latest information. >>mark: there is a man put in jail for child endangerment charges with a bond of zero hundred thousand dollars bid the toddler is suffering severe injuries to face and head. the child will require surgery. the man is in jail the hundred thousand dollars bail yes today that cutter content and a mauled organization has rushed the sample of the pit bulls brain to elapsed to be
9:08 am
tested for rabies. that year-old was the family pet and they do not know why and attack the child. there's a talking to witnesses. >>justine: bet that and be on is now buying oakland pace company. no word yet what this means that the stores. will be right back. [ female announcer ] what do you share with your family?
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9:11 am
>>darya: voters in north carolina have approved an amendment to define same-sex marriage prohibited. this amendment also ban same-sex the billions. but carolina is the third state to adopt a ban on same-sex marriage. california is also looking
9:12 am
at a band. this is a psychotherapy for gay people turning straight. it prohibits it to be administered to minors and force as adults to sign a release form. conservative religious groups say that parents should be able to seat a corporate psychological care for the children. >>mark: as a back up here the of across pin concord grapes 58 degrees and it looks like it's kennedy high 86. the we back down the '60s this evening.
9:13 am
9:14 am
the coldwell lachute everything in the thickest contrite will
9:15 am
get it on florida's is then >>justine: this is in front of the bank of america does annual shareholders meeting in charlotte north carolina at him there are many
9:16 am
protesters out from. we will keep you updated as more reformation comes into the kron 4 newsroom print >>mark: there is another day with a drop on wall street. today we had the dow down as far as 150 points and now it is a 85. here is robert black. >>rob: there is talk that greece is going to fall. wall street will correct on it. >>mark: let's talk about yacht who. -- let's talk about yahoo.
9:17 am
the talking about ousting him. we think. >>rob: personally that he should come out and apologize and he added shot and i think that he once yahoo to be so silly gimmick of all the money. yahoo has had so much turmoil with their ceos in the past few years. i believe that he should apologize. i think yahoo made a mistake by not selling to microsoft.
9:18 am
in it and an internet roast stall >>darya: annie mae said that they made money for the first time since they have been taken over from the government. fannie reports up 2.7 billion which compares to the six and a half billion loss in 2011. >>erica: we're seeing lots of blue skies. you are definitely write it today will not be as high as yesterday. with cooler temperatures, we
9:19 am
are talking about 5-10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. is that the three in san and cisco and 63 in san jose. by the 12:00 hour we can actually see the army began. you shall see some orange which will be widespread eighties in irian. the cuts will be holding on to some 60 is written and at about 3 or 4:00 p.m. yossi increased rents which will be areas in the '90s. -- increase red. here are today's highs.
9:20 am
minneapolis reach a high of 89 degrees. here is a 7 day around the bay forecast. we're dealing with cooler conditions for the rest of the work week but the high- pressure ones of up as we head into the mother's day weekend. >>george: we are looking at the ride on interstate 80. it is still slow. it is a minute or two higher than normal. the slow traffic is still concentrated on the lower stretched around a 580 in is a change. it's pretty much the same condition here from 85 up to
9:21 am
the montague expressway is really close to than in normal. in cupertino near a map and you there was a motorcycle accident reported earlier that has been cleared. the drive time as drop below 30 minutes from the trip to the golden gate bridge print >>mark: this is a tire fire which was set for alarm fire that injured two people. a 30 your to your old man -- a and 32 year old man was responsible for the fire he was using a mixture of tar and gasoline to try to make use tires look better. four of the six tennis bases and is subdivided
9:22 am
warehouse said that they will not return. board members for this and the cisco unified school district said that they would like a 210 at instructional and noninstructional people between teachers counselors and nurses. the layoffs come at as the district is facing a $83 million deficit of the past three years. >>darya: here is a look at the poverty levels of the different school districts. this study was the but compiled by ed source which is a research company. despite start in school district here is a list of
9:23 am
bay area high schools that had the top 100 less of the best high schools in the country. this ranking is captivated by students -- calculated by student performance and college readiness. >>mark: university says it of the state does not increase funding for the university that they will put a tuition increase in place. they will either make drastic campus cut or in tuition increases to meet
9:24 am
budget restraints. uc tuition has more than doubled over $12,000 a year in the past five years. we will be back is kron 4 morning news continues. take a look at sam and cisco at the james look.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> a question may civilian airliner crashed over indonesia. it was a demonstration by light for potential buyers and journalists. crews will be searching tonight for possible wreckage from this the first completely new airliner designed by regis and the soviet union collapsed.
9:28 am
darya >> a 13 year-old will i collided with a pickup truck last night when he was on his skateboard. he had decided to pick up truck. he was wearing a helmet to sign an accident. the police and witnesses say that alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the crash. let's take a live look outside and see how the day is shaping up. in seeing the golden gate bridge. there's still some dog hanging over the bridge. we will be right back.
9:29 am
9:30 am
anna it then there said stories that we are falling >> and >>darya: there is then the
9:31 am
red car found in the sierra lamar case. the was a another dog falling a another it to roll was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his head. and north carolina they overwhelmingly voted to outlaw same-sex marriage. >>erica: the first thing people will notice is that it will be a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. lewis still deal with warm temperatures tomorrow. it will warm up as we head into the weekend. >>george: we are still tracking some delays in the bat -- south bay. we are connecting a couple of hot baths but they are --
9:32 am
hot spots but they are connected. it's here in hamilton which it has an accent that is backing of traffic. it is affecting this ride in the northbound 85 crash. between the 285 is taking the worst of it. >>justine: we received a lot of calls asking why are reducing service was not working. it was not working for us but all sorts of different news pit their site was under attack by occupied moscow. it is slowly coming up from the attack.
9:33 am
it seems that our web site is working. if that had to do it occupied moscow. >>darya: uc berkeley police have the occupied of farm protest. that's good jackie sizzle for details. what is the status now? >>jackie: in its basic the status quo. nothing has changed in the last hour. is a 10 a. plot of land and use by uc-berkeley and in the 2 1/2 weeks and has been taken over by a group called occupied the farm. they have planted a garden. did not here for the last couple weeks less i said.
9:34 am
in the last few days, uc- berkeley has tried to negotiate with them. thing say that the need to use this land for agricultural research carried than they get the weekend deadline for these people to give up the land. at 6:00 this morning uc- berkeley " campus police moved in and locked up the area cleared there saying that the protesters are more than welcome to come and go but no cars inside the area. they are simply implementing one of the options right now. there may be other options use down the road with this is the one they're choosing now. there is no word whether or not if this is a free raid
9:35 am
set up at him. we do not know whether or not they are setting up shop said the thinking that these tests protestors of the property. right now they have set up a barricade set in the car as income and go. >>darya: read as the protesters occupied billions differences dollars to the this damage to the building but of what they doing other now. >>jackie: this open field and a colt guard near the planet. planted. then write out in the middle of the open and uc-berkeley police basically said the there are from using one of the options and locking up and in print
9:36 am
>>mark: is a break in the sierra lamar case. as investigators believe that this is the vehicle and are having a forensic investigation on this vehicle to try that includes the sears warehouse. she is been gone for almost is a another search come near her home >>will: wright conceded there were more than 80 people that have arrived in we expect more than 100 before this is done. some people come back day after they tried to find clues for sierra lamar. we are talking to mark klaas about this latest development. the that they're not releasing a lot of confirmation the seconds and you? .
9:37 am
mark klaas-this is the first season of the nation has been released in about 67 weeks. he really would not want them to release information what stands out to me is that they have a car that they feel is significant to the disappearance of syrup. this car may very well be the path to sierra lamar. >>will: they did during forensic analysis. they said it it would be back in a week. the clock is obviously taking care is a concern to the take a long time for forensic analysis? mark klaas. mark klaas-if you watch at
9:38 am
tva you see the forensic information come back an hour but that is not the case. everybody wanted sierra lamar home. unfortunately reality is not like an episode of tv. and they're just going to have the way. >>will: the had a chance to talk to sierra lamar as mother. is talking to her, you see a lot more smiling. back to you. >>mark: for our further affirmation need is a back a minute.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>mark: a developing story at a concord pit.
9:42 am
the pleas of looking for a blue truck with oversight satires that had a five your girl. she is severe injures the head and body and my have a partially severed foot. you can see the helicopter hit take the course of the hospital. the pleas of not release any updates about across contingent >>darya: police found a mother and her daughter both killed inside there, on monday night. the has been said that the wife was at the parent of a paranoid recently. please attend a threat with this is a murder, murder- suicide or what. we hope that the autopsies
9:43 am
provide more answers. let's take a live look now at the skies of the sentences go. we'll be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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you already have one. oh. ♪ kron 4 morning news. it is 9:45 a.m.. >>erica: we have plenty of sunshine and this guy's already. the good news is that we will see things start to shake up in the afternoon. it is already 67 degrees at in fairfield. there is relatively warm conditions for inland east bay. i hope there will be changes to talk about him in the 12:00 hour you will see by the colors on your screen below the eighties by lunchtime. as we push to the afternoon
9:47 am
highs check out the red area which has in temperatures in the '90s. there's plenty of '70s and '80s in the south bay. we do have the potential to see a 90 for pittsburgh. not up the upper 80s for any act and pleasanton. you keep see '70s and '80s and north bay. will be cooler than that into nevada. though the upper 60s in downtown san francisco and 624 ocean beach. there is a string of sunshine for the next several days. temperatures will increase
9:48 am
of the course of the work week but we should be flirting with nineties by mother's day. >>george: we are monitoring a this persistence out a hot spot. let's look at the back up for about a 4 mi. stretch pit it takes about 10 to 12 minutes to get through here. ec stopping go on the approach is most of the teens and maybe into the 20s then are in the saratoga before things are starting to break up. their late delays for the ride on highway 85. the bay bridge still has a back up.
9:49 am
police it did have until a moment or two ago it was still that up right to this first ever crossing. you can see the back up is, is appearing. on the golden gate bridge. is still have some credit on the presidio park way near the doyle bypass print >>darya: texas -- texas rangers' john hamilton is the head to head the -- had a single game american really do record and has had four home runs in one game matching the record.
9:50 am
the blue jays were in town taking on the a's. is a grand slam home run that put a cloud of the the toronto blue jays. better news for the giants. sampras said cisco one of our los angeles two-one. >>mark: a day at the beach could prove costly if you do not read the signs.
9:51 am
stanley >> this man is the endeavor things in the thai people -- lucky in the type hole for things. the little girl is putting some of this up collected into a bucket. later on she is joined by other people any other needs this to be fine except for this is a marine sanctuary. take a look at this sign. >> with the high tight kemi and, that what people to stay back a hundred feet.
9:52 am
there were tons of people ignoring the signs as i was visiting of the weekend. it is a $100,000 fine for breaking federal law. because the rangers cannot be everywhere they hoped the people will see the signs is stay away. this is a brand new program. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>darya: as the can look from our mt. tam cam. we can see the clouds that are expected to clear up soon.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: is going to be a beautiful day around area. you can see the bay bridge lots of sunshine. here is is 7 day around the bay. the feet high to the upper eighties in the '70s grew it should warmup a little bit and then the winds returned just in time for the weekend. it will be beautiful weather at the coast this weekend. do not forget about mothers they. >>darya: today at 10:00 the 40 niner carol collins will be confronted by four
9:57 am
different mothers of his children. people may think that i am a deadbeat dad but i was paying almost $45,000 a month. and now that my employment situation is changed they really don't care all anyone knows if the check is good. the mothers of said it to does not talk to them or does not call the kids. either way, and makes for interesting tv on dr. phill. stay tune for dr. phill will be back tomorrow morning. have a good day.
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