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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 9, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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people in my staff that are incredibly monogamous, dedicated when i think about those soldiers that are in the air forces. fighting on my behalf. and yet feel constrained. even that don't ask, don't tell is gone because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage. that a certain point i concluded that for me, personally is important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> catherine: the president has hesitated before because civilians would have been good enough. but he decided to affirm his support. he may have felt that pressure after yesterday's vote in north carolina. that bans the same-sex marriage on
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that state. his own vice president also supported his vocal support. whatever the reasons for his timing the president has injected a polarizing issue into the 2012 race. it was not long before mitt romney felt that he felt very differently. >> when these issues were raised in the state of in that i do not favor marriage the --my view is that domestic partnership is fine but the marriage is not between the same sex. >> catherine: his family, and his children or a big factor-and his decision. >>pam: joining me is political analyst is to talk about this political implications behind this obama announcement today. michael, many say that he has been waffling on this. the
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comments from joe biden. the support of same-sex marriage >> i think that was a trial run, quite frankly. when they say that it is evolution this is proof of what that is. the proof is that you have a situation where north carolina, they have a showcase and charlotte, north carolina. this decision was made on a number of different grounds. i commend the president on that and politically. smart. you have a situation or you do not want this issue to be remaining front and center at the congressional front. >>pam: better now than later in the fall season. >> you want to like ripped it off, fast. >>pam: when's and loses?, he wins with the young. try to reenergize the faith that got him over the top and 2008. that is what he is trying to do but
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it could h-hurt him in the swing states. however it is still going to be the autonomy. african-american church communities but i think when you see the type of the taxing put on the president that could go away. >>pam: let us talk about the tax. the romney campaign might not come out into some dirty campaigning but the super pak certainly has a broader things to do. do you think this is going to become a very ugly issue because of the super pak? >> i think that for romney is a hard time with the moral services of the party. he is hoping that a super pak will beat this to the ground. the question is going to be that the economy or too much could backlash. i think of why he was able to do it and the latest toll... people showing about
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different thoughts on game marriage it is a chemical little risk. they have to take that risk. >>pam: michael, thank you. we will speak with you later tonight. our team coverage continues with j.r. stone. he joins us live from the castro district. same-sex couples are celebrating president obama. >>j.r.: quite a lot of energy in the castro district with news from what he said earlier. made his rounds across today. at least one champagne party in the next one hour in this area. let me show you video. earlier, i spoke with these two men at that been together for 25 years. there were married in 20 04, and
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and 2008 in their marriage was voted six months later they are part of the freedom to marry. >> our government was supporting our citizenship. as americans in this country. >>j.r.: you will hear more oone what stewart believes of what is
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to come. reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4. >>pam: the coverage continues throughout this evening. tonight at 5:30 t-boned ban on same-sex marriage promis proposition 8. - with the extended coverage on our website the man on trial for killing his san francisco father and the sun is going to go to prison. ramos is an illegal immigrant part of a gang and a jury found him guilty of these three murders. a man with his two sons were gunned down driving home from a family outing. >>reporter: ramos smiled as he entered the courtroom facing life in prison with no parole.
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they found him guilty of three counts of burner and first degree and one count of attempted murder. just outside the courtroom let me show you the family members were showing a white. wearing white shirts. showing the words justice is served. every time a guilty verdict was read it they cried and let out a huge sigh. >> of a guilty plea will not bring my son back but it helps a little, it helps a little. thank you so much. >> i've been waiting for this for four years. >> all i would keep pat knight of my son and my two grandsons, that is it. >>reporter: inside the courtroom the widow and mother hugged her mother as she told that god is on our side. the jury did not
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agree that from most pulled the trigger who will hear from the district attorney coming of the 6:00 p.m. kron4, >>pam: after recent developments from sierra lamar more volunteers turned out today. rob fladeboe is the latest in morgan hill. >>rob: pamela, i can tell you that no new clues from the elementary school or from the volunteer efforts. however the release of information about that red volkswagon has reinvigorated the search efforts and given the search volunteers new hope. after weeks and weeks of fruitless searches volunteers like this have new hope. that investigators are focused on the car of interest has been a
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morale booster in the search for sierra lamar. >> i am brawley hopeful that they know more and we are helping them connect the dots. >> finding the car is a big plus. i hope it pans out. >> robbed they have not said why the shares and investigators believe that this red car is in custody is related to the missing sierra lamar case. a plea to the public for more information not only generated more temperatures in the last 24 hours but also inspired more people to join the search. this parking lot was awful. by 8:00 a.m. with new messages of hope how >> i think this is demonstrating that no information is too small. for this puzzle. if everybody that knows a little bit of something comes forward, than the record to find out a lot more. >>rob: more than hundreds of
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volunteers worked a freeway on ramp. and in the hope of finding any evidence to that red car and hopefully to the evidence leading to sierra lamar. >> we have to do the other things. if the car could have stopped? there could be clues we're still looking for them. >>rob: this weekend, a larger turnout is expected of volunteers. coming up at 6:00 p.m. marlene, the mother will speak profitable, kron4 news. >>pam: new developments from this car had been reported to police two different incidences in walnut creek. a young girl said that a suspicious man approached her near a school. however they've ruled out any connection.
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>> there has been recent information from a local agency to the sheriff's office that they had recently had an attempted kidnapping. and the walnut creek police had a recent case our investigation reached out and at this time there does not appear to be any connection to the sierra lamar case. >>pam: stay with us for the continuing coverage of the sierra lamar case. you can comment on our pages >>pam: it is cool on lockdown after a school is spotted on campus with a gun. who police are looking for. >> communication breakdown with the san francisco police department and the union for teachers is increasing. >> in california the update
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>>grant: this will lockdown. >>reporter: a student seen on campus and independence high school and snl said that is the action police took shortly after lockdown at 10:00 a.m. on wednesday morning >> we a coordinated with the faculty to have meet that description and we have searched them for weapons. this student said that this brother was brought in for questioning. >> they took him his identification and everything. >>reporter: after a couple of hours they've reopened and the locked down was lifted. these precautions are necessary in light of recent incidences with guns and recent violence. >> we have seen that and nationwide areas would not want
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happening that here on our campus. >>pam: this meeting was scheduled to take place this morning but officials say that they have met at an impasse. several thousand workers are facing an enormous multi-million dollar shortfall. terisa estacio reports that a mediator is stepping in. >>terisa: san francisco schools saying that education is their first priority. however with an $83 million deficit over the next few years actions must be taken >> the last thing we want to do is cut or tear -- teachers. sacramento created this mess. >>terisa: they have got to know where this is the union. >> they declared that there is
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an impasse. not exactly bargaining. >> here are some of the contracting issues on the table. with 18 in total on a two-year. with increasing kindergarten class is to 25 students per teacher. there currently at 22 for the kindergarten. special- education also poised to increase and a reduction for education for preschool by 27 days. >> we're not asking them to do anything that could impact anything else we are also taking furlough days. >> sweeping changes to our contract that is remaining portions of the contract. >>terisa: they have asked the state mediator to, and. they say if it is not necessary. terisa estacio, kron4. >>jacqueline: >>reporter: from o mount pa tam cam hazy. current visibility
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not that great for the bay shore. visibility also along the coast is just fine. taking a look at our current temperatures. warm and the inland valleys. certainly temperatures have cooled. right now, 82 degrees in concord. 62 degrees in oakland. closer to the coast just 64 degrees in happen bay. notice those microclimates nrc breezes back into the forecast. tomorrow, additional cooling with the fog in tact. not a sign of the fog but over the golden gate bridge we are going to have fog temperatures warming back up. let us take a look of tomorrow's temperatures. pretty similar to the south bay. perhaps a few degrees cooler than what we saw today. a 77 degrees in mountain
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view. 75 degrees in fremont. some additional cooling on the inland valleys. temperatures will be 81 in concord. pleasanton about the same. the east bay shores will see 70's. off the coast line will stay into the low 60s. san francisco will also be in the low 60s. mainly 70's in the north bay. baseball. the detroit tigers coming and with temperatures in the 60s for the most part for the game with fog returning late. temperatures a bit cooler. the extended forecast showing the fog is going to return with warmer conditions. i left it out on the extended forecast but it is only going to impact the coastline however sunday and monday the fog will return for more locations. temperatures are going back and forth. mainly above average for the mean forecast. >>pam: the wednesday evening
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forecast golden gate no problems northbound, southbound traffic is moving well. the james lick in san francisco what a different story the top of your screen. the 80 towards the bay bridge is barely moving. and also the bottom of your screen south 101 towards the peninsula it is a crawl
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>>pam: this undeveloped piece of land is heating of the university of california has filed a lawsuit against the " occupy the farm " protesters. uc-berkeley protesters have formed a barricade. april 22nd to have taken over a 10-acre site in albany. they planted vegetables and the use the authorities give them until last weekend to leave the property. this. kate will leave people out but people are able to come and go demonstrators want that land to become a permanent urban
5:24 pm
farm. >> this flight had to make an emergency landing in denver. flight 867 was an unusual vibration in the in general. it was the bridge like destined for or not kntoronto. they're rightn san francisco without incident. we will be right back [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>pam: at 5:30 our coverage of the stand in favor of same-sex marriage continues. reaction from the lt. governor, gavin newsome. the latest for the search of the driver that hit a coral and sped away from the scene the reaction from the parents. the driver that had a -- little girl. also, the officer that killed oscar grant
5:28 pm
wants a clean sweep of his record.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> for me it is important for me to affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >>pam: president obama making history to openly support same- sex marriage. 30 d states including california has bands on same-sex marriage. they approved proposition 8. and they are still fighting over its legality. dan kerman is here to update us on proposition 8. >> correct despite voter approval we have the u.s. district court judge that is saying that it was unconstitutional. the ninth circuit court of appeals held it
5:31 pm
up and they asked and 11th circuit judge to read your id and still no decision. as a result same-sex marriage is on hold. >>pam: is there any deadline on the ninth circuit will decide weather or not to hear the case? >>dan: the original deadline. all judges are given a brief and one of them has to say that perhaps we could reach. it. then a full boat is taken on to the ninth circuit judges. if the majority agrees there will be here if it but at this point we do not know if there is one judge that says it has merit. we to know that so far, there is no decision. so the same-sex marriage has been on hold. >>pam: the ninth circuit has been considered too liberal any way but if they're not going to decide to not hear it and what happens? >>dan: either way, it could go to the supreme court. it could
5:32 pm
have gone to the u.s. supreme court but backers decided wanted to have it goes to the 11 panel first. >> am still waiting. thank you, dan. many people believed former san francisco mayor gavin newson with taking the first step. if you recall? he ordered the city clerk to begin issuing marriage licenses. today, now he is the lt. governor he applauded present obama's supporting same sex marriage. >> i feel proud. and honestly and keep only eight years ago i would never imagined it. frankly i questioned if i would see this in my lifetime. the courage, the conviction to stand up on this we're all frustrated to do something publicly, a privately. and as the president is saying publicly what a lot of people
5:33 pm
suspected that it could have possibly talk publicly. it is a sign of real courage that is the kind of conviction, a character we need a president and a leader. >>pam: they believe that his actions helped put a human face on this issue. by showing the gay and lesbian people that our friends, neighbors, relatives it helped change. >>grant: this research found that 57 percent of americans were opposed. only 35 percent were in favor. now, 47 peop% arn favor there is still, a huge cast of a generational gap. under the age of 30 the chances of seven-can you are ok with the idea. over 65 your likely to be opposed. grant lotus, kron 4. >>pam: as you can imagine
5:34 pm
president obama saying that this was a hot topic. and kimberlee sakamoto >>kimberlee: our viewers are pretty split. dozens said yet why i am going to be voting and others say that he just lost my vote. let us check out what he spark. these are saying that it is a political move to get votes. however there were some disagreements with samantha. this is a pretty big deal for him to go on the record and say it is not something a politician just throw around. i am happy he is now officially representing an enormous proportion of americans. >>kimberlee: take a look at what this announcement will have on the overall debate of marriage equality. 60 percent says it will help with the cause and 3 percent said that it could hurt
5:35 pm
the cause. 18% that it says it will not have a impact. we would like to know what you think. >>pam: this hit and run driver that hit a four year-old. the concord police are still looking for this driver. she has been air lifted to the hospital after several surgeries. the driver who fled the scene is in a newer model pickup truck light blue. and an oversized tires. however no camper shell the responsible damage to the right front headlight. maureen kelly explains. >>maureen: you can see the sister is wearing blue and playing with her neighbor. today they are kept inside. both
5:36 pm
girls and another were playing outside in the courtyard where they lived. and they watched from the window. at one point the four year-old ran out and into the street. she was hit by the truck. you can see what appears to be tighter marks. the driver took off down clayton road. leaving the little girl leaving unconscious. >> i could actually see her bone. >>maureen: he says that it was very scary and he is keeping a closer eye on the children. >> it is really bad. i cannot even send them outside. each and every minute we need to supervise them. maureen kelly >>reporter: , kron 4. >>pam: a mother and daughter found dead. the autopsy showing
5:37 pm
that each were shot once in the head. they say that both of these bullets were shot from a gun near the victim and not self-inflicted. despite this information they have not saying that this was a murder/suicide. >> johannes mehserle ionce his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. he wants his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. this if you recall he shot oscar grant and served two years. he wants this conviction overturned because the felony conviction keeps him from working in law enforcement. they say that he made a mistake. and instead of pulling out his taser, he pulled out his gun. they say that they should not be put at risk for prosecution. this will be put to
5:38 pm
the courts and the next three months. >> catherine: a man was attacked with a baseball bat last night in san francisco in the city's bayview district. police said the man got into an argument with the attacker and that turned violent. injuries are life-threatening. the suspect is on the loose. >> on treasure island a driver is behind bars of the hitting a parked car and hurting three people including two young children. this happened on avenue m the impact of the collision polpushed the parked r into the victim's the 11 year- old was critically injured. in the east bay richmond police are looking for a gunman. they found a man and that has been shot. his injuries were serious with no arrests made. and nearly $2 million settlement and a 2009 oil tanker in the bay. 422 gal.
5:39 pm
of fuel leaked in the bay near san francisco the tide carried it as far away as alameda. sea birds died, beaches had to be closed in the investigation showed that there was a mechanical/human error. alarms did not go off when the fuel exceeded capacity. crewmembers did not notice the problem right away. also, the crew is being blamed for not immediately telling authorities for the extent of the spill. >>jacqueline: taking a live look outside. sunny skies perhaps if you noticed a little bit of that haiti's this afternoon it should clear. taking a look at the high temperatures it was cooler for most of the bay area but fairly warm away from the coast. temperatures in the upper 80s. right where we expected them to be. the bay shore were 60s and 70s for the most part. it just
5:40 pm
goes to show you that the sea breezes have returned with four returning to come overnight or weekend forecast, coming up we will be back. ♪ [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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>> catherine: and another down day with stocks. 97 points the biggest drop since august. the nasdaq 11.56. and this is partially blamed on the country agrees? >> still a lot of tension. as part of the european union. >> catherine: ultimately? >> it is a big wall street does not like the unknown. and it is a bit of an issue. making for a
5:44 pm
down of the day but disney did well. >> catherine: oil suppliers. why are they piling up? >> there in that year is nearly a 22 year high. we would have to go back into the 1990's to see these numbers we're careful of these reserves cannot really release these often. often, we're getting more domestic oil from canada so we are in good hands there is so much extra oil. it is down by 8.8%. that will help. our economy is okay. europe is zero not so great but the consumer could allow more prices with gasoline prices decreasing. and if you think that you are winner of home prices? >> it seems more to be a portion
5:45 pm
of the bottom. with 55 percent relief seeing some bad areas but shown prices stabilizing. inventory seems to be degreasing this is all adding up to a slightly better housing market. announcing the winner at the bottom but it is possibly at the bottom out. >> catherine: off cisco profits are not what they hoped. >> keep in mind they have not been the company that they were expecting. and definitely not the trucking company. but this computer network equipment from santa clara. they have shut down a lot of their businesses and their corporate businesses are not taking as much inventory.
5:46 pm
with a very indian partners not taking as much. >> catherine: thank you, robert black. >>jacqueline: another warm day. sunny skies for the entire bay area this afternoon. fog along the coast. and towards the bay shore but that has not been the case to more with no fog tomorrow. the high temperatures today were much cooler closer to the coast. and away from the coast temperatures were still pretty warm in portions of the north bay and the inland valleys. we will continue this cooling trend towards tomorrow. temperatures cooling quickly. the north bay, 77 degrees. napa 77. 50's along the coast. we will remain cool and inland valleys with 80s. shelter from the cool air -- >>jacqueline: the bayshore should see some sunny conditions
5:47 pm
but cooling. the evening will see the fog returning. the future cast tomorrow early '60s. if you 60s in the delta. for the last couple of mornings as we go towards the morning widespread 60s. notice no 60s for 70s yet. noon, widespread 70's in just some 80s indicated by the horns year fairfield high and san jose. notice the -- orange. neighborhood by neighborhood, some low-eighties and the south bay. 82 in los gatos. 80 in evergreen otherwise mainly 70's. inland valleys dropping with places like concord. 83 degrees in livermore. 60s and 70s for the bay shore. we will continue to seek bay shores dropping a
5:48 pm
look at your extended forecast with fog and afternoon sunshine temperatures will be cooler but will warm right back up into friday and saturday. they flip flop after that. still above- average for the most part. >> catherine: the attorney for jerry sandusky wants to delay the start of the criminal trial against them. if you remember sandusky the assistant football coach is facing 52 counts to child sex abuse. the attorneys and if he needs more time to prepare his defense. it is supposed to begin in one month. no decision on one of that will be granted. >> catherine: ofthe latest on te
5:49 pm
john edwards trial the witness saying that this mistress has been a loose cannon who had to keep happy. he has been allegedly used campaign contributions to keep his mistress in hiding. >> this saying that he would rather be sleeping then in court if he was selected. roger clemens is accused of plotting to congress denying performance enhancing drugs. >>pam: taking a look of the bay bridge toll plaza of this is westbound. with all lanes moving decent. this is the time to get out if you need to
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>>pam: pierre is a reminder to
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>>grant: coming up at 6:00 p.m. the support of same-sex marriage from president obama. it could impacted the election. also tens of thousands accounts to breach of twitter counts. and an elderly couple brought outside of the wall bart but they're not giving up the goods without a fight. and just one of the videos you do not want to miss of take a look at this. the news at 6:00 p.m. is, next.
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5:58 pm
fat (male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. ♪ >>pam: it started in the san
5:59 pm
francisco city hall and has reached a high s office in the land. same-sex marriage now has the backing of the president of the united states. >> it is important to me to affirm same-sex marriage. >>pam: tonight why president obama has finally taken the stand and we have reaction from gay rights activists in the bay area. >> it is the first time that we have felt that our government is supporting our citizenship. >>pam: at 6:00 p.m. president obama has publicly endorsed same-sex marriage taking a stand on one of the most contentious and politically charged social issues. catherine heenan is here with more of the announcement. >> catherine: this is the evolving opinion and stance from
6:00 pm
president obama. it was personally very important for him. his family was a big influence. >> my daughter's have friends parents where they have same-sex parents. we have spoken about their friends' parents around the dinner table. and it would not gone on to them that their friends' parents would be treated differently it does not make sense to them. and frankly, that is the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. >> catherine: why now? pressure to take the stand has been building with north carolina a strict ban on same-sex marriage. and after joe biden showing his
6:01 pm
support of the marriage. critics have saying that for a long time the government and president could not avoid the issue much longer. this will become a divisive issue of the campaign with mitt romney reacting to the speech this way. >> the states are able to make their ways towards domestic with benefits is determined by state by state but marriage is a relationship is between a man and woman. and i know people have different views this is a very tender and sensitive topic as many as social issues but i have the same view that i have had since running for office. >> catherine: he was taking a personal position today. it will not impact foreign policy and he continues to believe that marriage is an issue decided state-by-state.
6:02 pm
>>pam: joining me is political analyst michael yakki why now? now, joe biden and no president obama. >> there's a certain have an ability an inevitability. i dealt with this and 2008 with a dance around this issue. the issue of families but i think what we have here with the north carolina a very different position with the party and position for the obama's administration to begin. >>pam: if this past? >> there could be pour cuts, a demonstration they did not want a scene. if they deal with this now they could possibly curtail something worse. >>pam: they say that -- obama's
6:03 pm
says that this is a personal view and does it give him an out if it is a state-by state? >> it is clear that he supported the marriage null let me campaign. that is essentially what he is saying. we are not going to make this a big part of the campaign but it is something that they had to do to energize his faith. getting people excited again and it will have political damage they understand that. but by doing this now they have time to make up. >>pam: it energizes this but even in california of a kron 4 facebook fan page it was 5050 on how people responded to this. many people not happy. and the african-american church community is not for this. he could take some hits? >> it is important with a 50% there is also that chunk that is opposing it. they understand that. and it is that their
6:04 pm
throats with the they wanted to do it or not. to do it now, all refocus on the economy and of his struggling on those swing states and the middle of the country do not really care for same-sex marriage? >> also the swing is states -- is an economy wild card. >> thank you and now, reaction from j.r. stone from the gay community. >>j.r.: those have been positive about what the president said i spoke with to demand that have been trying to get married twice. and this is what they had to say. >> the president's statement today is a powerful statement. >> today we are celebrating and we are going to roll up our sleeves because we still of work
6:05 pm
to do. the load is going to be lighter because the president of the united states is on our side. what an amazing day. >> i am very hopeful that possibly later this year if the federal court of appeals allows us it will bring an unbearable return to california. >> it is an amazing time to be alive with history being written as we speak. today is one of the greatest days the first time ever that president of this country has supported the freedom to marry for all living couples including same-sex couples. >>j.r.: live in the castro district this is still a state to state issue. john and a store to believe that the president's words will go a long way. john and -- stewart those two men
6:06 pm
believe that the president's words local a long way toward reporting from the castro district, j.r. stone, kron 4. >>pam: we have full coverage with 6:30 the impact on proposition 8 on california. more on our website let us check-in with rob fladeboe in the south- bay with the sierra lamar case. >>rob: another volunteer search with no new clues. however there is a renewed effort to rein cage the public. as the sign says on the elementary school we are looking for tips and let us take a look at the parking lot. these are the cars of the 100 volunteers. many of these with positive hopeful messages to bring her back. after they were
6:07 pm
briefed they went to the high we 101, bailey avenue south san jose and also searching for you way off ramps and hopes of finding anything. that car of interest released. it is now undergoing forensic analysis. both of these deployments are eight moral booster marlene. >> marlene: we have been checking out previous abductions and time lines. if you look at that point it is difficult to look at that but you look at that when clues are appearing. considering that it is been a couple of months, it is still a good thing. again, elizabeth smart was recovered nine months later. fight think about that story and that definitely makes me clean on to
6:08 pm
hope. >>rob: clea clingf--on to hope. >>rob: they say that there is no connection with a fasthat recent red card that was approaching a young girl that was an attempted abduction but there is no connection. >>pam: we got a quick sense of what is going on the. that the guilty verdict march of killing a san francisco father and his two sons. ramos is an illegal immigrant and gang member and is now on the way to prison. this man in these two boys were gunned down in 2008 driving home
6:09 pm
from a family outing. look at the us. >>reporter: members of the family were sobbing. they found him guilty of three counts and one count of attempted murder. the life sentence with no parole this is the beginning of a new life for the victim's family. houg >> given the verdict which were is everything that we wanted almost everything that we wanted. i felt that we had a strong case from the start the fact that the jury could not agree unanimously weather the evidence proved ramos pulled the trigger is speaking that there is a question and the mind of a
6:10 pm
least one insurer. and because andrew bologna what he saw. i was comfortable, absolutely with presenting his testimony she saw mr. ramos fire that gone. with that least one -- a juror. >>reporter: most difficult was hearing the testimony that he saw ramos issued his father. that is coming up at 8:00 p.m. sentencing is coming up on june 4th in the san francisco, kron 4. fast >>jacqueline: this mount tam cam it is hazy. this fog returning to the forecast, tomorrow with cooler temperatures. your complete forecast, coming up. >>pam: budget talks in san francisco the sticking point between the union in the district. they've locked down in
6:11 pm
san jose what triggered the police action. facebook will go public with big bucks for california. the amount of taxes is could generate. >> the a's are going for four games in a row. with an early day game against the toronto blue jays.
6:12 pm
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>>pam: contract negotiations between the union and the san francisco school district has broken down. they have been working on a two-year contract. here are the proposals on the table. with nine furlough days. and an increase in the kindergarten classrooms. to 25 students per teacher and also an increase in class for special education and a reduction in the number of days for early education. union and school district representatives say that they want to find a compromise. they acknowledged that they are at a standstill. >> it is not fair that we are going to not get a proposal. we have our employees to think of and want to get our teachers as back as possible and as quickly as possible. the more they stall us out they do not get employed and we want to see our great teachers back into the classroom
6:15 pm
and that is what this is all about. >> we've not agree with much so that is where we of not gotten that far. the district as provided sweeping changes to our contract and that takes changes in decisions. >>pam: a state mediator is in the talks to help and their deadline is june to make a decision. >>pam: 50 employees will lose their jobs for the city and reorganization and also park & street maintenance will be outsourcing. this budget was approved last night. >>pam: locked down wall students were waiting for police to search for a gunman. the
6:16 pm
parents concerned. and details. >> i am really upset. >>reporter: a scary situation. they were and locked down under independence high school will san jose police search for a person that was witnessed holding a handgun. kimberlee nervous it was a kid with a gun at a makeshift white think twice. >> i am just hoping that everybody is okay. >>reporter: this text message from student. officer holding a shotgun that is bad. >>reporter: after three or four hours he walked lockdown was lifted. haazig madyun kron4. >>grant: a burglary/home
6:17 pm
invasion in pleasanton. this happened on a 8:45 on santa and the driver. a witness saw a man running down and -- pleasant hill pleasant hilllindborne also, this home owner encountered this man face-to- face. well he was in her house. he was wearing the following. >>pam: these residents were calling for peace and help for residents in need charles lesser test the details from mayor jean quan. >>charles: taking the streets
6:18 pm
1000 students and residents rallied to support their community. she says that her neighbors need help. >> access to services with low income families and families of color in this neighborhood that do not have access to services. so, we of the school have been trying to make sure that we are bringing as many agencies to the neighborhood to together to provide any additional support we can for the families here. >>charles: mayor jean quan and the police chief howard jordan were here. >> in this situation i would like to get my neighborhood councils to meet at the school and for the schools' communities to plan and joint efforts. charles clifford, kron 4. >>jacqueline: and the north bay temperatures were in the upper 80s. and in napa, 89 degrees.
6:19 pm
and 87 degrees in concord and 89 degrees in pleasanton. closer to the coast temperatures were in the 50s and 60s. the sea breeze and certainly impacted the temperatures. right now, temperatures are cooling down in the north bay. and fairly warm inland. let us take a look at the weather headlines with the sea breezes. fairly strong out of the north. overnight, those are going to subside. that will allow the return of the fog for the bay shore. tomorrow afternoon sea breezes with sunshine returning but cooler temperatures even inland. we will warm right back up. with your extended forecast coming up in just a bit but first, the afternoon highs. tamara, mainly the 70's. with some 80s.
6:20 pm
tomorrow-release 70's. mainly 'n fremont cooling several degrees to the inland valleys. but still fairly warm in antioch. 89 degrees. and 85 in pleasanton, concord. and 83. low 60s for the coast. even san francisco is dropping down to 63 degrees. 70's in the north bay let us take a look could your extended forecast with warming for this weekend. los fog expected with it could be confined to the immediate coast. sunday/monday this fog will become more extensive with those cool temperatures back down and it will return with temperatures returning fast. we will be back ♪
6:21 pm
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6:24 pm
>> catherine: the u.s. postal service is cutting hours instead of cutting rural post offices. it was in response to a big focal backlash. also shifting employees to part-time but there is hope the congress can come up with some types of measures. >> and uncle sam could have cash and with the initial public offering of this book. tax collectors are going to be taking a huge bite. thousands of facebook employees the average selling that $1.1 million per employee. that is an estimate that could receive $4 billion in taxes. stay with us. more news.
6:25 pm
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>>pam: the bay bridge toll plaza no problems. all lanes moving smoothly will be back.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: the big story tonight is no longer on the fence. president obama declaring his support for same-sex marriage. this is not only historic it is the issue a much more prominent role in the presidential race. they are nearly evenly divided and mitt romney did not waste time that he does not support same-sex marriage. >>dan: in california is still up in the air. proposition 08 is continuing to be unconstitutional and the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld that ruling. backers the 11
6:31 pm
judge panel is requested to read here that they have not decided weather or not to do that. in the meantime same-sex marriage is still on hold in california. dan kerman, kron 4. >>j.r.: and the san francisco the reception has been positive. >> we are seeing history being made the first time ever that the president has supported for freedom to marry for all to comary including same sex couples. j.r. stone, kron4. >>rob: hundreds of volunteers turns out on wednesday with information about that recent read car has been a moral
6:32 pm
booster. he still piru 101 near bailey avenue all day coming up with no clues. and no new clues through official channels but that will resume this weekend. in morgan hill, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >>reporter: 8 guilty-take- guilty verdict was read today. >> all i remember were my son and grandchildren kissing they're photographs that night. >> he is facing life without parole. >>reporter: the hit and run of this child air lifted. doctors
6:33 pm
believe that the gross lake can be saved. the driver is still at large. maureen kelly, kron 4. >>reporter: a student walking onto the campus with a handgun prompting the police to print to lock down. >> we're trying to find the student that matches the description. >>reporter: after several hours the locked down was lifted and no weapons were found. in san jose, haazig madyun kron4. >>reporter: san francisco negotiations between the san francisco school district in the union have broken down. the new contract for 6600 workers in the district with the union spokesperson and saying that it is asking for drastic cuts. and
6:34 pm
a district spokesperson and saying that they are necessary to deal with the $83 million shortfall. that same mediator has been trying to discarestart- negotiations. terisa estacio, kron4. >>reporter: in oakland they're trying to piece and raise awareness for their neighborhood that is in need. oakland police chief howard jordan and mayor jean quan were in attendance they want to open a dialogue between the city and the neighbors to address these issues. in oakland, charles clifford, kron 4. a look at your 7 day around the bay the big weather story. high temperatures cooler along the coast. but they remained hot this afternoon. that will not be the case tomorrow. with 3080s-. let us
6:35 pm
take a look it is cooler temperatures, neighborhood by neighborhood. the south bay, sunnyvale, los gatos, but upper 70's through nmilipitas. cooling several degrees but still warm in pleasanton at 85 degrees. the east bay shore. still 60s along the coast. sea breezes still dominating. and the north bay continuing to cool. elected your extended forecast with cooler weather not for long. less extensive cloud coverage with temperatures are flip-floping up and down. staying above average and many locations. >>pam: this wild chase with an elderly couple who on kiberlee
6:36 pm
sakamoto as take a look at this. >>kimberlee: this was outside of walmart in florida. watch as the young man is grabbing the woman's purse and will run away. the elderly man used his cane to hit the getaway car but it was flung open knocking him to the ground but he is expected to be okay. the suspects are now in police custody. >> check this out police and new mexico had their hands with this man riding his horse around this race track. he thought that it would be fun to get on and like he was driving and nascar. he was intoxicated and passed out. he is facing civil charges. >> take a look get these pictures. everybody is smiling and look at this from prom.
6:37 pm
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at&t. announcer: now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: i guess it is safe to say that the driving habits on cesar java's have gone to the toilet. but i could not resist. cesar--chavez. however if there was no u-turn people would ignore. and a double yellow? there would also somebody would drive over that period and then there was this man. what he did
6:41 pm
shaking our heads. but i will show you tonight on this edition of people behaving badly. >>pam: take a look. the second lowest payroll and this man catches a foul ball in his beer! sports, next
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: . evening, everybody. back to the coliseum oakland taking on the toronto blue jays. almost 15,000 people to watch tyson ross kick it up. the two- run home run. they're off and rolling. also striking out with some trivia the only time that
6:45 pm
cal has faced each other. with a 5-2. despite today's outcome, the a's are not justifying the thoughts, vern glenn. >> only 8 of 14 american teams have a winning record in the case are one of them even with today's loss. the gm is still looking good. with a few free agents and a lot of youth. picking up a cast off that was a walk off a grand slam to beat the blue jays last night. >> it is nice that they want to learn and play and play hard. a veteran player or not that is how i play. >> the next and last with over 55 billion. as a point of
6:46 pm
reference. the yankees are at the top of almost 200 million. and here is the latest on the public sandoval with no fracture. in oakland, kron 4. >> bad news for the closer. not only does he have torn ligaments he has a blood clot in his calf. they discovered it when they checked his kneecap. his surgery is planned for one week. he will attempt to return at age 43. not much more exciting than a ball in a beer in san diego. watch closely this man knows that the camera is on him and let us see how he responds. >> there he goes. he is going to
6:47 pm
go all the way. and he goes all the way. >>jackie: , you can relate? the man wearing the jersey took it to the limit. >> cris carter an average stay of espn. however he says he puts bounties' out on players when he place. roman belsky came back and said are you kidding? i tried to hit everybody hard if it is chris carter or not. at the end of the day hold players. getting some attention for a few moments. when we come back a very special story. a player
6:48 pm
going into the hall of fame but re what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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>> it is always fun when you see a bay area athlete grow up and hit it big. that is the story from 1974. in 1978 the great college players in the area. this saturday night he will be inducted into the hall of fame adjoining others. promoted by the great courtesy of our station. >> correct. >> do not forget a collection of hall of famers. with if dante he is like a living legend.
6:52 pm
>> he was great. the story behind dante was that he ran a restaurant. and poured all of his money in north beach. >> in milipitas. it was a hangout for joe dimaggio. he made a fortune and the restaurant but he gave it away. . >> what is great is not that you forget your coach the we get busy with our lives. you took a special interest? >> he changed my life. i was pretty insecure coming into school. and i was a walk on. and i got drafted by the twins and he gave me this self-confidence
6:53 pm
he gave me the conference to go on. >> many of us have coaches that we like and coaches that have helped us. however in deep was the that special? >> he was. dante did not do this just for me he did this for thousands of kids. when i was in college i was a ball boy. >>gary: where? >> and dante is right in the middle. everybody knows it content. john madden. i was the ball boy. he was a legend. he did so much for people. when he died a group of us sang that he has to continue. >>gary: the foundation serves? >> the children of san
6:54 pm
francisco. exactly what dante did. if the door closed he would pull out a help find a baseball glove and what we're trying his give kids equipment if they need it and improve the facility. >> that is great you are going into the hall of fame but it is what you've done after baseball. if you are donating a lot of money? you are joining great names. of st. clair. bill russell. holy smokes! and bill cartwright. what do you do after playing baseball ball? >> i've been running a company
6:55 pm
and silicon valley i am a little bit old. most of them are about 27 years old. >> you and your feet on the ground before? >> steve started right before me he was a big title. and there were not that many start-ups because i got into it because there were a lot of great start- ups. being in the valley was great. >>vern: would you be interested in purchasing kron 4? >> just so i could put my face on it. >> giving the general manager. station manager for w t y. i believe in do you remember? jackie is a war is threatening
6:56 pm
to code los angeles. {laughter} and we have some of you playing. how sports has legitimately held to later in life. usually we hear the horror stories. but it's not in your case. >> baseball is like silicon valley you have to be able to pick up your self up again. as well as in silicon valley. >> you look like a little choirboy the upper right. >> do not look at those pictures. >> i am not that good of a header. >> before you go you used to work. and curtis. he was always a friend of mine. and i would never curtis with say that is
6:57 pm
enough. he would cut my time. congratulations. and curtis, you are all right.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
new john travolta trouble. are more massage therapists about to come forward? >> what the attorney in the $2 million lawsuit is telling "the insider" today. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. >> we have to talk about bad things. john ta control ta. >> massage therapist filed a $2 million lawsuit. >> there's a lot of evidence. there's a lot of allegations from a lot of men. >> new, damaging claims and "pulp friction" headlines, after a second massage therapist surfaces. >> two people who never heard of each other tell the exact same story would be a huge coincidence. >> is travolta firing back with new evidence today? >> as the lawyer gets set to grill the hotel massage therapist accusing


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