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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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developing news out of san francisco at this hour. a suspect in a standoff with police. officials say he barricaded himself inside the f. kron4's kate thompson is on the phone with the details from the screen. >> reporter: yes, police have confirmed that the suspect involved in this standoff has been shot and killed. this suspect is wanted in connection with a homicide earlier this week where a 66 year-old woman
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was found dead inside her home. it was around 9:00 tonight that they got a call of shots fired from inside the apartment building, multiple shots fired by this person. now, the surrounding streets around post and larkin have been closed off in several directions. people in their buildings have been evacuated out of the area. police pushing people sfaur back from the scene -- as sfaur back from the scene -- as far back from the scene as they possibly can. they continue to pull upback from the scene -- as far back from the scene as they possibly can. they continue to pull up at this time. the suspect, shot and killed, wanted in connection with a homicide earlier this week. >> before you go, one question, we also heard that there might have been a fire in the area. there was? >> reporter: yes. i did speak to several people who were
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evacuated and standing out on the street. they said they did hear the fire alarms going off in the building. they weren't sure if there was a fire set or that was just a way to get people out of the building. so i have not been able to confirm that with authorities at this point. >> all right. kate thompson reporting live from san francisco. there is developing news out of oakland tonight. a policeman came under attack tonight. the officer fired at the driver of a car who was trying to run him down. kron4's reggie kumar is live in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: you can see it's still an active scene at 82nd and mcarthur. oakland police have not updated us. but the police officer is doing okay, and the search for the suspect continues. behind me, dozens of police officers, alameda county sheriff's deputy, and the s.w.a.t. team are all in this
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area looking for that suspect. >> reporter: you can see s.w.a.t. officers armed with weapons, some wearing fatigues. the area from 76th-82nd is sealed off, that's where officers armed with guns have been searching for this suspect. again, we are hearing reports of a suspect trying to run a police officer over with his car. and the officer fired his weapon at the suspect's car. we had a vague description of the suspect as well. people trying to get home are being turned away. >> they said they were looking for somebody. you know? but i heard that they weren't looking for a man, but a gun. i'm going to get a motel and sleep in for the night. >> reporter: a black male, 28-22 years old, with shoulder
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length dreads, a jacket with a patch, and blue jeans. the helicopter is also up in the air with his spotlight on, continuing to search for the suspect, that's the latest here in oakland. and developing news out of concourse. police have just cleared the scene of a high-speed chase. the pursuit started in novato, when police got a call about a domestic violence incident. president obama announced his support of same-sex marriage today. he is the first president to take this stand. recent polls begin to show most americans agree with the president. but is it still a contentious issue on the campaign trail. and the president says his family played
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a role in his decision. >> my girls have parents whose friends are same-sex couples. and there have been times where michelle and i have been sitting around the dinner table and talking about their friends and their parents, and it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. it doesn't make sense to them. and frankly, that's the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. >> reporter: why now? pressure for the president to take a stand has been growing. his announcement comes days after the voters in the key battleground state of north carolina approved a ban on same-sex marriage. and a few kays after the vice president -- days after the vise president voiced his support of guy marriage. critics and supporters have been saying for a long time that the president could not avoid the issue much longer.
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this is expected to become one of the most divisive issues of the campaign, with mitt romney reacting to the president's speech this way. >> states are able to make decisions with regards to domestic partnership benefits, such as hospital visitation rights, benefits and so forth of various kinds. could be determined state by state. but my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman. and that's my own preference. i know other people have differing views. this is tender and a sensitive topic as are many social issues but i have the same view i've had since this running for office. >> reporter: the president says he is taking a personal position, and aides say is this not going to affect current policies. and they say the prdz continues to believe that -- president continues to believe that marriage is an issue best decided by states. >> lit of the president's announcement today, an online petition by same-sex marriage act #1ri69s is urging the --
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activists is urging the democratic national committee not to held its convention in charlotte this year. this is in reaction to the voters in north carolina passing an amendment banning same-sex marriage yesterday. the condition in which president obama will accept the party's nomination for a second term takes place in september. a dnc spokeswoman says the party will not change its plans to have the convention in charlotte. the fight continues over the legality of same-sex marriage in california meantime. the voter-approved proposition 8 banned same-sex marriage four years ago. that ban was ruled unconstitutional by a follow judge. and the ruling was upheld by a ruling of the 9th circuit court of appeals in february. backers of the marriage ban filed an appeal to have the judges review the case. that is still pending. the couple at the forefront
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of the legal battle over prop 8 is a same-sex couple from berkeley. of they believe the president's endorsement sends a message that it's time to make same-sex marriage legal in california. >> reporter: sandy and kris have been together for decades. >> for our president to say this he, the leader of this country, believes this is an important right changes the dynamic of the conversation, put its on a national platform. >> reporter: these are the couple's wedding photos from 2004 when they were married in san francisco. their marriage, are along with 4,000 others were later annulled by the state's supreme court. the couple believes the president's words send a strong message. >> our leader, the highest ranking official in the united states of america is saying that he is in support of marriage equality. that carries more weight than anybody else saying it. >> reporter: the couple says
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there is some disappointment that the president said it will be up to each individual state to decide whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage. >> that's a hard one for us. we really do feel like it's a constitutional right, and we are taking the most aggressive approach we can in our state, in california, since prop 8 took away the right to marriage for us. so we are looking for a national solution. spirits were high in the castro district as well today. gay couples in california have been married before, only to have their union voided by the state. many gay californians are hoping they'll be able to legally marry again. >> i'm hopeful that possibly even later this year, if the federal court of appeals' decision is allowed to stand. >> and today is one of the greatest days, the first time ever the president of this country has supported the
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freedom to marry for all loving couple, including same-sex couples. slightly cooler weather continues into tomorrow, but warmer weather is on tap for the weekend. we'll take a look at your extended forecast coming up. ♪
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leadershiping of a large fire -- learning of a large fire burning in santa clara at a large residential complex at el caminno real and scott boulevard.
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former bart police officer wants to have his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned he was found guilty of fatally shooting oscar grant on new year's day, 2009, and has already 7ed his time. his lawyer -- served his time. his lawyer still maintains it was a tragic mistake. his conviction keeps him from working in law enforcement. the court will make a decision in the next three months. gang member edwin ramos was found guilty today of murdering a father and two of his sons in june of 2008. according to a jury, 25 year-old ramos gunned down anthony balonia, and his
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two sons michael and matthew. prosecutors say ramos shot them after mistaking the three for rival gang members. a hit and run in concourse. police are looking for a droofr who ran over a -- driver who ran over a 4-year-old girl and drove away. doctors say it will take several procedures before the child will be able to walk again. the university of california filed a lawsuit against 14 people it says are illegally occupying a university-owned plat of land in albany -- plot of land in albany. protestors planted vegetables at the site, and they're demanding the land be preserved for sustainable agriculture. officials say the protestors need to go. a day after a major announcement in the case of missing teenager sierra lamar, volunteers were back out, searching the area where she went missing.
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>> reporter: after weeks and weeks of mostly fruitless searches, volunteers like this group say they have new hope. the news that investigators are now focused on a car of enter in want case proved to be a morale booster. >> i'm hopeful they know more, and that they're helping them connect the dots. >> i think finding the car is a big plus. and i hope it pans out. >> reporter: they haven't said why, but sheriffa investigators believe this red jetta now in custody is -- sheriff key to the case. it inspired more people to join the search. the parking lot outside the sierra search center was full by 8 clock. many of them bearing new messages of hope. >> i think this is demonstrating that no piece of
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information is too small. and if everybody who knows a little something comes forth, then we're going to find out a lot more. >> reporter: more than 100 volunteers combed the hills. one group worked a freeway on-ramp. in the hope of finding some evidence related to that red volkswagen, and perhaps leading to sierra lamar herself. >> the police have to continue with looking for the car, but we have to do the other stuff. anywhere the car could have stopped, there could be clothes. we're still looking for them. sea breeze winds kicked up today, and temperatures were cooler bay area wide as a result. the coastline, that's the most cooling. away from the doeft lineup -- coastline, temperatures were still cooler. but on the loermer line in
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places like concord -- >> we are going to see patches of fog especially along the coastline, and possibly spilling into our bay shores. by the afternoon, sunny skies. temperatures still cooler. the fog should return into tomorrow evening. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, a few degrees cooler than today. back into the 70s for the most part int south bay. but 82 degrees in los gatos, 82 in sunnyvale, 80 in campbell. inland valleys cooling a few degrees as well. 85 in pleasanton and antioch. staying in the low 60s coast saturday. 63 degrees in san francisco. 70s for the north bay. into the weekend, warmer weather is on tap. less fog in store for friday and saturday. it should be confined to the immediate coastline in the morning, as we head into sunday
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and monday, more extensive fog rolls in, and means cooler temperatures bay area wide. tim lincecum and the giants take on the dodgers. y get ready to watch this year's dazzle beta breakers on kron4. we'll bring you the race from start to finish. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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good evening, everybody. it's early, but the giants don't want to lose the series to the dodgers! started off real nice. tulsa, hello! larry king on the scene tonight as tim lincecum struck out the grit star matt kemp three times. kemp was 0 for 5. upon everything going the giants -- everything going the giants' way. posey brings home melky cabrera. it's 2-noticing giants. then in the 4th -- 2-nothing giants. then in the 4th, that's it. tony gwynn, triplet, and that's it. the drojers beat the giants -- dodgerce beat the giants 6--- dodgers beat the giants 6-2.
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lincecum was real good except for that one inning. the as bucking the odds off to a decent start. it was a battle of cal pitchers, and this is tyson ross. his e.r.a. is bloating. left behind his e.r.a. at 7.71. brandon marrow also went to cal. different story. one run, ten strikeouts. as a game over 500, and the story is centering around oakland. the great young cuban player has a strained left hand muscle, going to be out for a couple days. josh hamimenton produced a -- hamilton produced a record-setting eight run, four home run game last night. it
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rained tonight so hamilton goes out on the field, and he's doing all of this face-surfing. >> have you ever seen that in your life? >> you remember what did that when you were a kid? rick dempsey? no. this is our first favorite, heres. if you haven't seen it by now, ball in the cuff, and then the kid downs it, are and san diego winning their game. funny how everybody is -- they know a camera is on them. something for youtube. in front of the miami heat, gone. the knicks eliminated tonight. lebron james just the boss. 29 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists.
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carmelo anthony just didn't have enough help. and that's it. in five games, miami eliminates the knicks. they move on to play the pacers. memphis forces another game by beating the clips are tonight. and the rangers, here we go! you like this? this is good stuff here. the capitals come back and win tonight, 2-1 to tie the series at 3. the garden going to be rockin' on saturday night. been a while since we talked about good old bounties. chris carter had to say something today. so he said i took out bounty. he was an offensive player. i had my teammates protect me against guys. now he spoke up and said i hit everybody the same, and i didn't care if it was krit carter or not -- chris carter or
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