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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 10, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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we're still looking for a great ride to the bay area this morning. east bay is light to moderate. it is a problem free for the peninsula and the north bay riots. >>gary: police were looking for a suspect involved in an officer and all shooting.
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the search started on macarthur boulevard between 79 and 82nd. there was gunfire and the suspect ran into the fire. >>will: the search has ended. i can tell you that the investigators have left the area. see that yard, and that is where we recovered the gun. apparently the man managed to escape the perimeter. this started at 730 last night. it was a routine traffic stop. they pulled him over one block from the macarthur.
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instead of staying in the car, and this man ran from the police officers. when the police officers saw him grab and they said that they followed and thought he had a gun in his hand. there was gunfire. be -- he returned fire. the investigator said that only one person ran from the car. there were other people in the car at that time and they were able to tell the investigators who he is. investigators will probably go to his house or other
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places he hangs out and make that arrest there. the man is still on the run. >>mark: their leases description -- will they read these his description? >>will: the officers are waiting to make a positive identification. >>mark: here is the description. he isn't blackmail -- african american male. >>darya: there is a big fire in an apartment complex.
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that were a back away yesterday. behind there. right now regency the water is still being put on the wreckage the flames went up very high creating an incredible heat. neighbors said it was quite an experience to look at. >> it was a big flames. i see the flames they were a hundred feet high.
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it was very hot. >> they manage to keep this from spreading. they're trying to make sure that no other embers cause any problems investigators will be coming out later on this morning to find out what the cause was. they could be arson but they do not see any type signs up it right now. they were able to contain it to this location. you can see the construction material, it was under construction >>mark: in san francisco, police have shot and killed a suspect. this started with rohnert park police and 800 -- 8:45
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p.m. last night. the suspect opened fire on the officer police chief explains what happens next. >> at a round 10:00, so they set fire to the apartment. made a decision that there was a serious danger to other people. opportunity presented itself and the suspect was neutralized. police to get toward automation and nobody else was injured.
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>>darya: the dow jones is up 86 points. president obama and is exchanging some regulations it says it will cost the economy $6 million over five years. it will require agencies to search their rule books for unnecessary mandates that might be costing money. from street sign requirements to other kinds issues. >>mark: here is the view from the mt. tam camp. back a minute.
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>>darya: president o bonnie is going to be and lost angeles today -- president obama albee and loss angeles today at nick clooney is office -- house. mitt romney aide against gay marriage.
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he >> romney-i believe that marriages between a man and a woman. this may be a sensitive issue but that's what i believe. >>darya: there's some discussion about and not holding the democratic convention in north carolina this year. >>mark: will be back on the kron 4 morning news. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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>>george: em welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we have a report evans over todd earned accident. it is east bound the at carlson. it is at the non commute direction however look what it's done on the westbound traffic. this is all way back to highway for.
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the drive time doubled from 14 minutes to 828 minutes. the -- to 28 minutes. the people are looking at the crash and that is why people always backed the highway for half to slow down for this traffic jam. there are big delays for 80 and the westbound direction. you can see the back of building for the westbound ride for the bay bridge. the drive time is still 14 to 16 minutes. the golden gate bridge white, you can see that the
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101 -- he can see that the 101 is running smoothly. >>erica: there is plenty of sunshine area wide. it is relatively chili in some spots right now but it should warm by the afternoon. it is 47 and map up. check out antioch already reaches 64 degrees. by 12:00 the story will be in the '70s. it'll be in the 60s along the coastline. about 3 or 4:00 p.m. we will see a a lot of 80 degrees
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areas. as of the upper 60s in downtown sentences go. 87 and antioch. and this shows warm and pleasant conditions to the weekend just in time for mothers to day. >>mark: harris is jackie sizzle. >>jackie: you can see a great crowd here. this is the 18th annual bike to work day. what everybody wants to do is to get people out of their cars and onto bicycles.
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that there doubleday's the bay area already has people that ride to work today. down here they're providing people with information and drinks along with many other giveaways. they will be out here until about 9:00. that's the talk about some of the benefits of riding their bikes. it seems every day when i ride my bike i see more people out exercising. everything from children to retirees. it is the most important thing you can do for yourself. you will live longer and be happier >>jackie: that is a win-win
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right there, you will live longer and be happier. they help the people continued to ride bikes after today. >>mark: >>justine: we have video of a rescue in pennsylvania. here is what happened. a man was rescued from hole and an escalation bright site. they used a gurney and then a black hole -- at call to lift him out. the worker was knocked into a ditch and was alert when
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they took him out. >>darya: mehserle was found guilty when he shot a passenger on a bart train. he says that he has already turned -- served his time and is going after appeal to shorten his sentence. more >>mark: this man is facing life and murder. in the case of mistaken identity, this man shot a
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dad and his two boys. >> efamily of the bologna were ferry delighted when the verdict came down. >>mark: an alternate juror and the bomb was trial says this has been a long and difficult trial. >> when the sun testified that the salt, as you his father was heart wrenching.
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>> >>darya: basket a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. -- let's have a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. back a minute.
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mark >> - >>gary: peers and up date at east bound 80 at carlson boulevard is a overturn vehicle and blocking the left lanes. the biggest back up is on the westbound lanes. it has gone to 26 minutes. there is a new problem in the north bay and marin county. it is on alan needed the product street. it is backing up the ride on a 37 where it connects with redwood highway. >>mark: there was a plane
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that crashed is today into the hillside at 480 mi. per hour. it crashed right near the 7,000 ft. volcano. the jet was the first new plane designed and russia. >>darya: nearly half of americans are not saving for retirement. the number as high as between the ages of 18 and 34. a manager with financial- services trade association that conducted the survey calls this trend disturbing. it is more critical that more people are putting money away since they are
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warned to rely on their own savings when they retire. there are more news about the mother and new jersey that's accused of skin burns 45 year-old daughter. she is barred from planet sun tanning. you know about the lady with a burn face. she was arrested for taking her five year-old daughter and to the tanning booth with the are. >>mark: we will be right back when the kron 4 morning news continues. there is not as much fog on the golden gate bridge as we saw a guest today. this is on our bike to work
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>>darya: there is a manhunt for oakland police. santa clara fire department is on the scene of a townhouse. there are a lot of people displaced from this fire. present a bomb as the first present to support gay marriage. >>george: we are attracting more than one hot spot. the eastbound lanes of 80 at carl sent has an overturned be a call and it is cause a
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back up on the westbound lanes. there's a 26 minute drive time. on 680 southbound in gary boulevard there is an accident there. it is now clear to this shoulder but it look what it's done to the ride. also in marin county the is an accident cleared sometime. but is back up the ride and is now affecting the ride on westbound 37 trying to connect with 101 southbound. let's go to the weather. >>erica: thanks george we are watching our map mt. tam cam.
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we do have a little bit of fog on the coast line. it is not as bad as yesterday. heading into the afternoon and is nothing but sunshine. -- we will have the neighborhood temperatures at our next report. >>darya: we are looking at an area where the police are searching for a suspect in reference to a shooting. at this point they do know who it is and it is a suspect description let's go to will tran on the scene. >>will: according to investigators, this started last night because it a simple traffic shot stop. we do not know why.
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we do know the officers were going to get a ticket to the driver. one person fled the scene. the officers started to chase the guy on foot. during the pursuit that's when the officers saw that the man had a gun. we do know that the offer is took one shot at the suspect. the officers have set up a perimeter what the man is not in the area anymore. the officers are not releasing his name. they are waiting until they can make a positive identification. will tran, kron 4 news. >>darya: here is a suspect description.
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>>mark: here is where firefighters were battling a fire alarm fire. are going to cry. we're going to gray. >> at end of them at about an hour and a half to put this fire out. he can see that is that a lot of area and a lot of lumber. it took them about an hour and a half put it out. it was quite exciting. you can see the close proximity to other buildings. look at the flames shooting into the air. one resident said it was quite a sight. >> one thing that was really in our favor was a style of construction.
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they had tiled roofs. there were is not a large overhang east. -- overhanging eaves this did not catch a lot of embers and cause the fire to spread. >> 75 people are still not allowed to come back into their homes. there were hundreds of reports out of the night. investigators are coming on the scene about now qc whether or not arson was to blame. you can still see smoke coming up. they were still spraying it with water about half an hour ago.
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>>mark: tino of the red cross is helping out here? . we lost his connection so will get back with him later. there were neighboring homes and condos that were also affected. >>darya: police had shot and killed a person that opened fire. kate johnson was at the scene last night. >>kate: police shot and killed a man who barricaded himself inside an apartment building. police report in san francisco tried to talk to the man in connection with a murder earlier in the week. san francisco police came in for back up but at that point determined that the situation was too dangerous
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and withdrew to create a perimeter. that is when the man started lighting fires in the apartment. that was when the police were given the order to shoot-to-kill if they could. other people in the area were evacuated. ambulances were on the scene. they close down several blocks around area. reporting in san francisco, key tops and kron 4 news here in >>justine: sunday just reported a record loss. --soney just reported a record loss they lost $5.1 billion.
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>>mark: while state is agreed that -- wall street is rebeling hearing the dow jones is up 52 points. we will be right back.
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george >> and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we are tracking three hot spots. the first one is on east 80 across sent where the east bound lanes are blocked due to an overturned vehicles appeared it is creating a visual hazard and is affecting the buss found drive time. another problem is the west -- this out out southbound
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680 and look at what's happening at the south bound 101. is backing it up all away -- a ways and causing problems with 37. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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>>george: piquancy how this
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accident is that affecting the east bound drive. the east bound is affected and what what is affecting the flow of the west bound lanes. the drive time has not climbed much above 26 to 28 minutes. it should be leiter says there are no lanes and are actually affected. there is a crash that south bound 680 and during boulevard. it's getting slower on 101 south is now. the travel expense back up to the nevada narrows. look at the slow traffic
7:47 am
coming across on highways 37 was found. it is fact that nearly to like hell. the bay bridge press bounty shows is back up beyond a 80 over crossing. 18 to 20 minutes is your drive time. if you're approaching from 880 it will still be a few minutes left. from the golden gate bridge, there is slow traffic across the span. we're the peak time. and that means slow traffic along to the person you're part way and the cold drive area. >>erica: the fog is starting to burn off. we are saying the low 50s in san francisco.
7:48 am
and livermore is 49. we're starting to see the microclimates have an effect. it looks like mostly low eighties for the south bay. we will keep in upper '70's and the nominee appeared will see plenty of sunshine, and there is no doubt about that. 87 and antioch and at of pittsburgh. it will be cooler than that any and city. downtown san francisco will be in the actress's east. upper 60s. does that allow -- the satellite and radar does not have much to show. i do not see any rainfall
7:49 am
for the next couple of days. as we head into the weekend , we're expected to see the temperatures increase through sunday. >>darya: it's time to talk to gary. >>gary: guess i'm on the fall. >>darya: the magic of telephone. >>gary: why the think i'm so happy. >>darya: you need to be in my beck and call 24 hours a day. >>gary: i still do this before, if you need to get ahold of me you know right and.
7:50 am
yes. you call me any say all that the release from friday there's gonna be this eve then from the people from high school. cells you know exactly where i am. >>darya: yet on the couch >>gary: let me say it, you make me sound lazy. >>darya: a polygraph and ended with be out. paul adn griffin - are they
7:51 am
gonna be out. >>gary: it is going to be interesting to see how affected both the house doesn't want to be. >>darya: when ever you are an injured player its very interesting to see how they aren't doing to your kid pc that there is some of the players is told that they can't cladding because they have been injuries but then the next day they are called thing. >>gary: when you have so much money, hey, if you mel like it come bus ticket.
7:52 am
i think that if i didn't play the day before i would probably stay in the house. their attitude is if you do not like it, tough. once you lose the shame, that's just what happens. >>darya: the giants, i'm allowed to say jimmy now. -- tim mean0-- the giants are healthier. >>gary: from mayors was out.
7:53 am
there was a couple guys out. but you have to hang your hat on the idea that it's early in the season. it should make for a very exciting summer. >>darya: everybody is injured. are you ok gary? >>gary: as long as i don't have the cell phone i guess all the fine. >>brian: thanks gary talk to you later. >>darya: thanks scary talk to you later.
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far &&&&
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>>mark: is a program reminder on kron 4. the bay of breakers race will be seen on kron 4.
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coming up on the kron 4 morning news, investigators were on the scene of this fire the south bay. san francisco police van suspected of the murder of ron of parliament. you will be back in a minute. i'm really going to miss you.
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>> thanks for joining is this thursday. oakland police are looking for a suspect and all the officer bob shooting. >>darya: crews are at the scene of a big fire at the south bay. whatever was in a minute. >>mark: president of bomb
8:00 am
that will be in california after his announcement about support of same-sex manage marriage. >>gary: the worst of our hot spot seems to the interstate 80 at where there is an east bound accident the update is that they were able to write the overturn vehicle. the west at 80 commute is back all way the highway for and jam the east bound. will be updated from this scene shortly. we have a dead lay out of concord into walnut creek and 680. it is jammed up the traffic to here to.
8:01 am
and no. marin county the are experiencing delays on 101. was down 37 is also affected by the 101 slowdown. >>erica: yes it is a bit chilly out there. this afternoon will warm up. cabbages it should get to the '70s for your bay spots and possibly eighties for your inland area. i was a year afternoon highs and extended forecast in my next report. >>mark: local police are searching for a suspect who shot an officer.
8:02 am
the officers had set up the perimeter. the search can around 7:30 p.m. last night. the man ran into a yard. the police set up a perimeter around area. this new information to pass along. >>will: this started with a simple traffic stop. we don't know for what reason. when it would of the car, one person fled the scene. two officers started changing is that the cadets chasing this guy on foot. that is when they notice that he had a gun. the man hot fired on the officers burst. the police shot back at the man. the man went into the yard and was mana said -- and
8:03 am
managed to slip by the perimeter. the occupants did stay in the car. they did tell the officers to the man was. the officers and now looking for this person said that they can make a positive identification. will tran, ford is. will tran, kron 4 news. try >> a lot of people in san jose were affected by this fire. this is under construction at is a complex grid a santa clara is where this happened. you can still sees mel -- you can still see some smoke.
8:04 am
>> you can see quite a bit of wreckage here. the flames were way up in the sky. a lot of heat came from this fire. this is that the boulevard complex just after -- off el camino. with the neighbors saw was tall flames in a lot of heat. >> i could see the flames that were a hundred feet high. we cannot stand across the street because it was so hot. >> you can see across the way that's the stucco and tile did not catch fire.
8:05 am
people want to come back to their homes to get their belongings. and hundreds were evacuated but they are coming back. investigators are going to determine whether or not this was arson. they're building a structure and all the wood that was here did not get burned. >>darya: of the talk about those who live there, what about the people behind? they occupy? >> un they were occupied. these people were here when the flames began. it started small of the the fast. everyone got out in time.
8:06 am
>>darya: that was a big fire they said it was incredible heat. >>mark: there is a suspect that shot at the police as 800 block of post st. pierre and police wanted to question the man for something happened earlier in the week. the suspect and opened fire on the police department. >> the suspect fired multiple shots into walls and doors. about 10:00 the suspect set fires in the apartment. at this point in time there was a decision made that he was putting the like the
8:07 am
other attendants of the building in danger. there were told that if they had the opportunity to shoot to kill. the suspect is now dead at this time her >>mark: police to go door- to-door to make sure no one else in the neighboring departments when engine. >>justine: a man is arrested in connection with an assault that left an employee injured. a psychiatric technician was injured while he attempted to restrain a patient could get >>darya: present obama will be in las angeles at the home of actor george
8:08 am
clooney. there will begin a party. he is charging his friends $40,000 for tickets to the dinner. president of bomb is the first sitting u.s. president to support gay marriages. -- present obama grand here is from me on how he stands. romney. people had different views. it is very delicate on social issues. i it will leave that marriages between man and a woman. this is the opinion i've had since i started running for office. there is a petition to move the democratic convention from north carolina this year.
8:09 am
>>mark: will be right back from the kron 4 morning news will be right back your as a look from our roof camera in sentences go. in san francisco.
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(woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>gary: we're tracking several hot spots this morning.
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101 south bound continues to back up the ride on 37 and won a one southbound. the heaviest traffic is heading down from county line. we still have burst signal alert affect on interstate 880 at carlson. the drive times have grown to 26 minutes now. the slow traffic from highways for. east continued to look at that accident and gary and 680 southbound. darya >>darya: let's take a look outside as we are looking at a nice day from our mt. tam cam. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals.
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>>darya: it is bike to work day. your life that is the point right now. they set this up to make it easier for people to ride bikes to work. >>jackie: the would be
8:16 am
amazed at how many hundreds of people that i have seen biking to work today from the north bay. that is the whole idea. the bay area bicycle college and has a budget this. they are all out here supplying people who may be for the first time are trying this,. is the 18th annual ride your bike to work day. here's what of the organization members to talk about people riding a bike trips >> the benefits are as good for your environment it's good on the pocketbook and it is good for your help.
8:17 am
-- help. even if your not writing is like to day you should consider exercising. it will improve your move and it will improve your health. >>jackie: if you want jeffrey banana or viggle, -- and they call, comedown and check it out. >>darya: then we can do we get to where? maybe get dressed or shower? >>jackie: one the lease as the jews said it is really tough for some people because they have to shower in things.
8:18 am
>>darya: a lot people will buy one way they get to work and they get traffic within take public transit,. trying to make it as easy as possible especially on bike to work day. >>justine: here is what bad weather did to a mobile home park in arizona. there's a song spring storm -- strong spring storm ripped through the park. only about six residents for, which was a good thing. take a look at all the damage right now. >>mark: >>george: there might be
8:19 am
some better news on interstate 80. the ever taller and a year ago was one time blocked three complaints has been upgraded pretty. the westbound from highway 4 is slow but we should see the things start to improve. the normal commute time would be 20 to 26 minutes. now is that 28 minutes west them. but a ride on the interstate 680 in the southbound direction, it is improving as well. is it no longer showing solid red your crew there was a crash six southbound the back up still reaches up to to 42.
8:20 am
it is now backing up 1680 south bound your ride before the split. allied towards marin county is showing some improvement. the southbound ride got jam because of an earlier occurring accident. and see this still jammed coming out of petaluma and the westbound ride on highway at 37 is also slow. let's cut erica for what appears >>erica: we are seeing plenty of sunshine. the fog is starting to burn off we have warm things up
8:21 am
to the mid-50s. it is a little bit warmer for the east bay. check out antioch at 64 degrees. let's take a look now at two temperatures and what is expected later this afternoon. temperatures around the expected average you expect '70s the upper 80s to the east bay. they're pretty warm conditions in santa rosa by this afternoon grin let's look at you to cast for. it looks like the worming actually starts tomorrow. and by friday afternoon was season low 80s. and by 3:00 p.m., you will see some red on the screen. you can see the woman started to more and will
8:22 am
extend to the weekend as well. there's nothing the upper 80s for your inland spot. continue to see that dry weather pattern through the beginning of next week. >>mark: mehserle once a have his conviction shortly. he believes that his service time. his lawyer was the conviction overturned. the court will make and that decision on the appeal in three months. >>darya: the man that was quite to the prison and was charged with three counts of first-degree murder for shooting a man in his two sons. and 2008 they say that ron was was looking for removed
8:23 am
revenge. because of mistaken identity from was gunned down the wrong people. a court bologna's family was heard sobbing when the verdict came down. >> stopping. stopping. see is missing the love of her gramme sons. >>mark: others saw some sort traffic on the golden gate. we will have traffic women come back.
8:24 am
we will have traffic when we come back. scion and and and and a
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8:26 am
>>mark: here's george. >>george: eastbound and westbound 680 southbound
8:27 am
>> 680 southbound is backed up on the right to walnut creek. the southbound ride is still sluggish but it is still trying to get past the scene of earlier occurring accident. the heaviest traffic is still in northern marin north of highway 37. highway 37 itself, the westbound ride is back up. >>mark: a large percentage of americans are not saving for retirement the highest percentage is from 18 to 34. a manager from scut financial trade association said that he thought that the trend was disturbing.
8:28 am
it is critical that more people are putting away money since they are born to have to rely more on the on savings. >>darya: medicare paid $5.6 million to pharmacies with question about billings. one had 1000 killings each for two patients in one year. -- 1000 killings -- 1000 billings [ male announcer ] one taste of the new cherry berry chiller, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. ♪ so we created "chiller talk." ♪ made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. bringing together the natural sweetness of cherry and raspberry,
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>>darya: the big stories we're following is an officer and bob and a shooting.
8:31 am
a santa clara firefighter are putting hot spots out as a fire that damaged his apartment complex. president obama declares support for same-sex marriage marriage. it's the first president ever to do so. >>george: we're continuing to track interstate 80. will tran one out to take his ride on in this state. he is quite from berkeley of the vallejo. >>will: i'm heading toward accident. what you are looking at is northbound 88.
8:32 am
it's very slow and go. it's on 880. i hope to get there in the next 10 minutes or so. you can see it is even slow on 80. it is low on 880. >>george: thankfully there is a break in the traffic when you reach 880. all lanes have thankfully then we open. were improving conditions in the southbound 680. at that that the traffic in tom carquinez and to concord.
8:33 am
-- martin as an concord. it's from sonoma county in december ran, highway 37 and 101 is still sluggish. this is the rest of the marin ride. the drive time in our next report. here is whether with erica. >>erica: we do have low cloud cover outside. that will certainly were an awful me move to the afternoon. we will see temperatures in the '70s and '80s green will have a look at at afternoon high. >>mark: let's go to santa
8:34 am
clara where firefighters have the night fighting a fire an apartment complex. we can see some smoke coming out. >> investigators you can see arc and consulting with the folks that own this property. your the images of the fire appeared is the was remaining is smoldering wreckage. these townhomes are very packed and in this area in santa clara. the firefighters were able to shoot control system it this location. lindsay up here that the windows are chard there.
8:35 am
hundreds are a lot were evacuated. these people may be allowed to come back little later in the morning came. they will have to spend the night in figuring that out pit they were able to expose the fire to the building. there was plenty of exposed rubber but that did not catch on fire. >>mark: app you -- how or the billings around? . >> this these buildings right next door people may be able to move back in today. however may be a matter of electricity and public
8:36 am
services. >>darya: police and shot and killed a man who opened fire on officers. >> in san francisco people shot and killed a man who barricaded himself inside an apartment building. the people in sentences for were trying to talk to this man. the when asking questions about a murder the happened earlier in the week. that is when the man fired at the opposite rim the police back up to determine what was happening her in they withdrew and created a perimeter. that is when the man started to start small fires. that is from police were given the permission to shoot to kill because he was putting other people's lives in danger. everyone they could be were evacuated.
8:37 am
the close down several blocks. the police shot the man in his stead. >>justine: and eight teen year-old redwood city woman is facing charges that she set her ex boyfriends bet on firearms was slipping. the prosecutors say the the 20 year-old man woke up with is that on fire. the in suffered minor burns on his arms and hands. they had dated for several months and he had cheated on her. >>mark: present obama is coming to california and will be in a loss angeles today at george cluny's house purines this comes
8:38 am
just a day after president obama of voices his support for gay marriage. >>darya: the the troops for opposition a california band safe sex and marriage then it was overturned by judge. the ninth circuit court will all that upheld the ruling purine >>mark: it is a pretty day here who will be back. will as we will be back.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
dupont >>george: >>mark: align the police are -- like all police are looking into a shooting last night. there were two victims that were injured and they were both transported to the hospital. >>darya: an autopsy shows
8:42 am
the the mother and her daughter that were found dead early as we were gunshot in the head. they're both shot by a gun found nearby. investigators would not confirm whether this was a murder-suicide. >>mark: we are looking outside as looking at the freeway. we'll come back and talk about our hot spots.
8:43 am
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is a the golden gate bridge shot. temperatures are already starting to climb.
8:49 am
this mid-50s for a san jose oakland and concord. they're predicting an increase in temperature for the 12:00 hour. we was a the '70s. it will see some areas climb into eighties when the afternoon. the be little bit cooler situated for you and hot coastline. let's take a look at the microclimates. and campbell l p 82 degrees. the sec 87 is going to be the warmest spot.
8:50 am
this to be in pittsburgh and antioch. 63 for ocean beach. for that see warm weather as we head into the weekend with mother's day being the warmest day. >>darya: you can drive a great it's everybody else's a horrible driver. where at stanley roberts >>stanley: pay attention to the driver in the green accura. he is about to commit a series of moving violations. an illegal u-turn. there is a van in the way, but the driver turned into an active construction zone. does he stop there? he does not. he continues to drive inside the traffic delineators until he
8:51 am
realizes he cannot go any further. now, he has to back up because had he gone any further, he would have ended up in a ditch, possibly on top of workers. then, after being let out, he proceeds to run a red light. welcome to cesar chavez street in san francisco which is under construction. this area is an automatic double fine zone. it is a double crazy zone, if you ask some of the construction workers. for example, at bryant street there is a no u-turn sign. it is ignored by numerous drivers. this double set of double yellow lines more than 2 ft. across mean do not cross. again, ignored. driver after driver, after city worker.... we could do
8:52 am
this all day. in fact, they did. let's move on. the stop sign on this corner is apparently just a suggestion. how about this move? left turn from the center lane followed by running the stop sign. i know you think he stopped, but the stop sign is the way back here. not only is this area a construction zone, it is also a school zone. now, with these driving habits, it is safe to call it a danger zone. this stretch of roadway has gone into the toilet, pun intended. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> >>mark: we will be right back here as a look at from
8:53 am
the mt. tam cam.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
concord morning news. we need to check the 7 day around the bay. but at that want when reaches saturday and sunday when we are close to 90 degrees. up to clouds from other states but will see. >>mark: kron 4 will bring is saddled bay the breakers. kron 4 is free giving away a big screen tv. >>kimberlee: the best way to watch the race is on a flat screen television which
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8:58 am
>>darya: and a fire in the south bay we will give you an update will make a comeback in irian 7 cisco police have shot and killed from a man. and mehserle once his conviction o>>stanley: pay atteo accura. he is about to commit a series of moving violations. an illegal u-turn. there is a van in the way, but the driver turned into an active construction zone. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet, cleaning better, doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm going to... drink this... on the porch! ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] mops can be a hassle, but swiffer wetjet's spray cleaner and absorbent pads can clean better in half the time so you don't miss a thing. swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. and for dry messes big and small
8:59 am
try swiffer sweeper vac. left turn from the center lane followed by running the stop sign. i know you think he stopped, but the stop sign is the way back here. not only is this area a also a school zone. habits, it is safe to call this stretch of roadway has gone into the toilet, pun intended. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. 0ñ@ñ
9:00 am
>> >>mark: thanks for joining is. oakland police are searching for a suspect involved in a shooting. >>darya: cruiser the scene of a big fire pure >>mark: present a, is making a stop in california after his historic announcement on same-sex marriage. >>darya: let's go to georgia and hot spots. >>george: it's been very
9:01 am
busy this morning. there where three lanes set down in interstate 880 this morning where well as on this team. >>will: i'm driving and showing you live shots. and driving toward albany. when 65 m.p.h. i went east bound 80 to go to this location. everything seems to be clear but as soon as i say that then things start to slow down a bit. i think their pockets like
9:02 am
this through >>george: that is an amazing technology. speeds are rapidly getting back to normal here. as it back drive bay bridge camera. it was back up new-line to the macarther maze. he did see the end of the back up which reaches the burst over crossing out to the metering lights. as for whether with erica. >>erica: we have low cloud cover along the coastline. and looks like that fall will burn off as we headed to the afternoon. it will be sunshine and loose skies. temperatures in the '70s and upper 80s. i will have further reformation coming up on my next report. >>darya: firefighters spent the night paddling a big
9:03 am
brawl blaze. late were at his apartment complex. now this is the investigation force and was marked. you can see the wreckage in the background. >> a ticket hour-and-a-half to get this five alarm fire out last night. the blaze ripped -- the flames were very high in the era. we get also seeing houses that were damaged. he in see the fullest extent of the damage. the homes were made of stucco and tile were not damaged as much as they could have been. firefighters said the there are lucky that they contain the. people that live there said
9:04 am
they cannot believe the intensity of the. >> when i came out you could see it was in a big flames. about a hundred feet high. we risk standing across the street and he was very hot there appeared >> he can see that smokes is still smoldering. they stopped watering best building a few hours ago. there investigators accord to try to determine whether arson was involved the whether this was just an accident. he can see the lumber is undecided is what was used for construction. >>brian: for the people that live around here, the smell
9:05 am
smoke has to be everbearing. it's tough to live with that. >> it will be a while before like this normal for people live in the back wrap. dart >>mark: and rana park police were contacting a suspect and seven cisco about the connection of a bludgeoning death of a woman earlier this week. when they approached a suspect day open fire on the officers. >> and the suspect fired multiple shots the walls and buildings. haoma we evacuated the building and about 10 a clock restarted starting small fires in the building.
9:06 am
come the suspect was neutralize after police are given the okay to take him out. afterwards a please when around check this see that no one in the neighboring apartments were injured. diane >> and looks like president obama will be rubbing elbows and the friends and nick clooney tonight. this comes a day after the president declares his support for same-sex marriage. on the republican side and that romney reaffirms where he stands.
9:07 am
>> romney-i believe that marriage is agreement and a relationship between a man and a woman. this is a very delicate issue just like most of the social issues but i have then under the same opinion since i started running for office. >>darya: go to george. -- >>mark: here's a look from mt. tam looking down the coast.
9:08 am
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9:10 am
>>mark: welcome back to the kron 4 is see the golden gate is a lot cleared today. more the forecast in a moment. >>darya: your coming in some of the big stores are working around. a man at the state hospital was arrested accused of assaulting and injuring is that member. a 18 year-old grad would city woman discharged with setting her ex-boyfriend bed
9:11 am
on fire while he was sleeping on it. after several the illegal dumping of the incidents. several this city's officials are looking toward the city's health and are encouraging people to report any people illegally dumping. >>george: we had an early morning back up >>mark: here is the i write -- as a look from this the point. on this ride your bike to work day. the dow jones is up today. huffily it's a stop to the losing streak. hope will lead it is a stop
9:12 am
to the losing streak.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>mark: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the dow jones is up rick dean, a 6 day losing streak. what chlamyses go? . --sisco?
9:15 am
sysco there's some pricing pressure from a chinese company. it is not the greatest rock and the world. cisco was a bad decision to add to the dow jones industrial average. since the united kingdom and the double dip recession. is any possibility this will happen u.s.? >> they expect to pickup in sales by afternoon. -- by the end of the year. this is a tough kind of a
9:16 am
desktop time. i expect us to get stronger this year. >>mark: you think that the unemployment is willing to get better. the art lowercase in sort of lukewarm. it's ok. and we are not losing jobs we are not gaining jobs. it is like lukewarm. >>darya: a news survey conducted by represents and the financial services and this jury.
9:17 am
this is the highest fees seem from people in the 18 to 34 group. they say that it's critical that people start putting money away because they will have to depend on and on investments to retire on. let's think a lot at whether with arafat in irian >>erica: temperatures are already starting to climb. you can see oakland is 60 degrees. san francisco is 59 degrees. you can see up future cats or the dominant temperature will be ministers of '70s and '80s. as we press o'clock and closer to the afternoon
9:18 am
around 4:00 p.m., we will see a lot more horns indicating 80 degrees. is there a pleasant conditions. here's the breakdown neighborhood by neighborhood. we will see plenty of sunshine and the low eighties in san as sacred i do not think will see the 90 degree mark today. as looks like 87 should be the highest temperature for pittsburgh and antioch. again with get mid-70s and the short your will be cooler from ocean beach pier is 7 day around the bay forecast does show warmer weather. will see temperatures in the upper 80s and land and '70s the round the bay '60s for
9:19 am
the coast on sunday. we will continue to have dry weather until the middle of next week. >>george: we are no longer tracking any hot spots for the drive around the bay area. the bay ridge approach the day-the bay bridge approach we were 0.2 will tran who was tracking the traffic. >>will: i went from a mini hotspot run the university. >>george: we lost idea. i think he was saying that he had a hot spot near university ave.
9:20 am
the back up when it no longer reaches as far. we are seeing the drive time stopped being. it is not breaking out as we usually like to see it. i'm hoping to see this back up disappear before the end of the rockettes. this light traffic from south the presidio park race under down to the doyle drive bypassed your list. you can see this is traffic on 80 that he was tracking what is no longer current backup. here's your ride trimming rain county. it was a hot spot no longer.
9:21 am
>>justine: this is was just an there is a recall for 21,000 inflatable water slides. the water slide the can see , that was made by bonsai, i can deflate during use and the person can call to the lack ground. a person in colorado fellow broker neck and a man another man became a paraplegic. please return it will eye full refunds. >>darya: georgia is talking about hot spots but you would like your you were taking your bike to work. jackie sizzle is live is the
9:22 am
point. have you noticed a lot of first-timer's jackie? >>jackie: it is a perfect day for the 18th annual ride your bike to work day. you were getting out of their cars in getting onto bicycles. the more people they can get into the bike mode the better. we talked to some bikers earlier this morning. >> i think it's fantastic. it gets people out and they can't say that they can ride to work. getting a shower and having the ability to clean up is a problem they have energizers
9:23 am
station not here. >>jackie: by his commanding get snacks and a drink. the talk about what is the best route to take. i looks like they're extending the service center a bit. come down. ride your bike to work your guy you're killing two birds with one stop on the desk >>darya: reckoning to purchase and sell. >>mark: masterly once his manslaughter over a conviction of the current upturn.
9:24 am
he is already served his time. his lawyers say it is a tragic mistake because his conviction prevents him from working in law enforcement. for that will take a look outside as kron 4 morning news continues.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>>darya: a new government report shows that medicare paid $5.6 million this can best -- this kansas drugstore cemented 1000 prescriptions each referred to patients. >>darya:
9:28 am
>>mark: we will talk about a man not bombing comeback. let's take a look outside. -- a manhunt when we come back. ♪
9:29 am
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9:30 am
>> >>darya: of the police on the hunt for an officer involved shooting. they can never the looking for bad they have not apprehended him yet. as the fire alarm fire at his apartment complex. president obama pledges his support for gay-same-sex marriage. >>mark: let's go to gary to review our hot spots. >>gary:
9:31 am
>>george: there was a problem at the high rise in san mateo bridge that the cause a traffic back up because the tow truck could not get to the stock car. when everett's messed up that far it takes a long time to clear. all lanes are open for westbound highway 92. your best option would be to use 84 for the san mateo bridge. i excuse me the dumbarton bridge. because it is clear in the southbound direction the bay bridge is not a good idea because we are set pretty back up from the nimitz freeway.
9:32 am
take a look at how fast the traffic is moving approaching the toll lanes. we may yet see an end to this back up before this broadcast as ever. there is some delays on part. they claim that there is an equipment problem the rest drizzle it was just for east bound delays and in december and cisco but those -- san francisco but those delays caused multiple delays and other places. >>erica: we will see plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. the temperatures will be in the '70s and '80s. i will break down neighborhood by
9:33 am
neighborhood in my next report. >>darya: why you were sleeping, oakland police was as involved in a shooting with a suspect in the suspect got a way. they're looking for this suspect in the 8000 block of macarthur boulevard. kron 4 will tran was out of this morning. >>will: the officers collect and said the suspect's gun. this started with a trip simple traffic stop. we do not know the reason i was stopped but the officers were reported to give a ticket to the driver. one person fled and the two offices started chasing that person. during the pursuit is when they noticed he had a gun.
9:34 am
the officers threatened and fired at the suspect. the suspect managed to slip by the parameter before they were the was taken into custody. officers were able to talk to the occupants in the car and they do know of who man was. the names and the man's name not be released until the officers are able to to make an arrest of the person that is involved in this. here's a description of the man. >>mark: wee bit on the scene here all morning here in santa clara. you can see what is left here on the complex neighboring people in
9:35 am
neighboring buildings were displaced. crank is on the scene. you can see the porta-potti is were melting. craig: piquancy that this whole block of under construction -- you can see that this whole lot of under construction town homes went up in flames you can see that they are going into the wreckage and looking for evidence on what causes this. there are at is some damage to other buildings ever hear. there were hundreds evacuated from surrounding
9:36 am
buildings. it this is a fire alarm fire and it took them an hour and a half to get it out. now is just a question in finding out if there was any arson involved in this fire. >>darya: and seven sisters lower nob hill neighborhood there was a suspect that was held up in an apartment. the rohnert park police were approaching this man that asking questions about a bludgeoning death that happened earlier this week. the man opened fire.
9:37 am
the man was of killed. >>mark: president obama @ is going to be attending any of then at george clunies house. president obama is one of the first is the first present to show his support for same-sex marriages. back a minute.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
mark >> was quoted george. >>george: here is the new hot spot your the back up across the cemetery bridge south reaches to the toll plaza prepared use the dumbarton bridge instead. >>mark: and pele of the pleas of trying to -- in
9:41 am
vallejo the police are trying to identify the suspect that was involved in a shooting. there were two victims and they're both taken to the hospital. >>darya: the woman and the daughter there was shot earlier this week determined that there were both had a gunshot to their head. it said the gun was found nearby. they do not know whether it's murder-suicide or murder. let's get a live look out cited the james lick and sam and his throat.
9:42 am
in san francisco. when next week is the data records. next sunday may 20th at live on kron 4. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>darya: this 17 year-old play still a lamborghini is in court today. >> this is a bit wild story. max clay, the celebrity and smiled through out the proceedings.
9:46 am
the boy raised attorney once him to be tried as a juvenile. >>mark: we've heard a lot about a lamborghini, the storage locker, the motorcycle. this is a 17 year old high school student? your >> the person that you are representing, max, scion smiled all the facts are not out there. it is a very complicated case. >>darya: are you -- our
9:47 am
weekly to get a lookit this kit or not? . >> we're able to record a video of the proceedings but if he is tried is the cue well maybe not. >>darya: this is serious stuff and this little town for a high-school student. let's take a lookit traffic in see how is slowing. >>george: we are still tracking the san mateo bridge hot spot.
9:48 am
things are still backed up past the toll plaza toward industrial. i'm quite to zoom in on the east end of the bridge. even coming off your quantity and slows traffic. the traffic is easing just a bit is to get close to the high rise. the alternate route would be to use the dumbarton bridge. so ride on the nimitz freeway south bound is much better. as take a look at the bay bridge. is still backed up. we were hoping to see the end of this back up by the end of our broadcast, but that did that happen. he even the 880 approach is
9:49 am
a back up. this has been a meeting by letting for your golden gate bridge it is running smoothly. let's go to the weather with erica. >>erica: temperatures are starting to climb. this mild conditions for concord. the real heating will be taking place when we get to the afternoon about 4:00. we will see a financial some generally overall '70s. as we get closer to a three or 4:00. we will see more eighties around the bay.
9:50 am
it is 83 for santa clara. we will see an abundance of sunshine throughout the whole area. the 7 day around the bay forecast. the 7 day around the bay forecast is showing that there be warming temperatures for saturday and sunday. there will be a dry weather pattern as we started the next work week. >>mark: a thousand people are attempting to reach the passenger plane that this land and to the size of a dormant volcano in indonesia.
9:51 am
it was carrying a potential potential buyers when it crashed into the side of the volcano. it was the first new plan designed in russia since the soviet collapse. there was a suicide attack in damascus to kill 55 people. the syrian tv were initially reported as many as zero hundred and 70 injured. >>darya: it is 9:51 a.m. will we back in just achaemenids. we will be back in just a few minutes.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning is here and >>george: at highway 92 in
9:56 am
the commute direction indicates speeds below the 25 mi. per hour. there is a back up as well beginning before the tow plaza. were likely to encounter slow traffic. the sentence would just updated so you can see the that popped from red to yellow. that looks well. if you want to avoid a you can head toward dumbarton bridge. the back up here is not quite to west grand ave. a 80 is a slow back up trying to get to the bay bridge. a -- 880. >>mark: you can check our
9:57 am
traffic any time on we do have less fog at the coast. it will be warming to the weekend and the warmest day on mother's day sunday. the looks like saturday would be a better beat state. upper 60s the not too bad for the coast. >>darya: do not get mother's day is sunday and then bay to breakers next sunday. see you later >>mark: dr. phill is coming
9:58 am
up next. hey, it's me again.
9:59 am
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