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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 10, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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joining us with details as we move closer to the weekend. >>jaqueline: it is fast more comfortable this afternoon. right now over downtown san francisco, not a cloud in the sky. the wind out of the north really helped to clear the fog. temperatures are cooler with from the coastline. 82 and concord, 88 in pleasanton. in the north bay, 82 in santa rosa. along the coastline, temperatures in the '60s. if this overnight, and a little bit of fog at the coastline of otherwise, mostly clear skies. into tomorrow afternoon, warmer temperatures are expected. we will take a look a your extended forecast coming of
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syria traffic for about an hour this afternoon on an adjusted 80 westbound. but investigators say a black bmw crashed into a pickup truck. the bmw ignited and at one. traffic was backed up for a mile and half in the last of direction. traffic is at a standstill. >>catherine: fresh from declaring his support for same-sex marriage, the president is diving into the embrace of hollow the wealthy elite. this is the hollywood estate for george colony. this is where the fund- raiser is set to begin. actor george clooney is a friend and supporter of the president opening its los angeles home to a sold-out blockbuster of a party. tickets to eat, drink and hang out with people like
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wanted -- robert downey jr. and barbra streisand will cost $40,000 each. in a single evening the president and democratic party will collect more money than mitt romney has amassed in his best single month of fundraising. the party is expected to raise close to 15 million. 6 million from guests and a rest from an on-line campaign contests in which winners get to participate in the dinner. this all comes one day of the president voiced his support for same-sex marriage. , the reaction has been predictable. minority leader in as if pilosi spoke. >> i think the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to the enthusiasm issue behind the from the campaign may have been handed to him yesterday by the president. >> analysts are still debating how much the announcement might help or
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hurt the president saying a lot depends on independent voters. in terms of fund raising the president can probably count on even more cash from wealthy gay donors. part of what is proving interesting, the day after the announcement, republicans did not really come out swinging. even john maynard kept a relatively low-key. >> i believe that marriage is a unit of one man and one woman. >>catherine: it is a reflection on how much american attitudes on same- sex marriage has shifted. analysts suggest there is a downside if republicans lulled to long into negatively on the issue. >>catherine: the president squeeze in another couple of fund-raisers earlier today. this was his arrival earlier currency
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>> the work requires a full closure of the bridge. >>pam: a bay area bridge about to be shut down, what is happening and how to avoid a traffic gridlock. a teenager accused of a daring theft of a high- priced car appears in court. kron4 has details of the shocking accusations against the team. the huge flames raced through a south bay area neighborhood. we will show you more dramatic image of video and reaction from witnesses. >> you can see the flames hundreds of feet high. >>craig: says microsoft has redesigned being to interact with friends and experts as you search. we will show you with this offer does coming up in my tech report. offer does coming up in my tech report. hello?
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>>pam: the dumbarton bridge is moving one step closer to a seismic retrofit. this is a look at some of the work going on as caltrans for prayers for closing the bridge for several days. haaziq madyun 60 on the bridge from up close look at the seismic safety project. >>haaziq: this is what it looks like underneath the dumbarton bridge where caltrans crews are hard at work preparing for a major phase of the seismic retrofit that will take place this memorial weekend. it will involve replacing a seismic extension joints.
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this section the ec right here on the western span. >> this will be replaced with a bigger one that will allow the bridge deck to move up to 37 in. of a seismic event without being damaged. of the >> during the memorial day closure, in addition to replacing the seismic joint, the main channel crossing will also be slightly elevated. >> from here to your 31, it is going to go up five edges. >> here inside the actual bridge, he could take a look at the jack in france fell will hold this section of the bridge in place while is being lifted. caltrans is targeting this upcoming labor day to complete this phase with the total retrofit being complete in early 2013. >>grant: because of the construction, the dumbarton bridge will be closed from friday may 25th until tuesday, may 29th. if you need to get from one
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side of the bay to the other, here are the quickest alternate routes. this is a north detour on 101 or 880 is or to the south. daddy 4, 1014880 tie with 237 would also give you around the bay. >>pam: congresswoman michelle bachman said she no longer wants to be swiss. if she said today that she is dropping her dual citizenship. she has been eligible for will citizenship since 1978 when she married her husband who is of swiss heritage. her spokesperson says the couple's children wanted to look into dual citizenship so as a family the all went to the process by bachman now says that she is a proud american citizen. fbi agents have been this woman all over a home in connecticut. they have been in the yard and looking for stolen art. it could answer some
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questions about the 1990 robbery of a boston museum. that remains the biggest art heist in history. the fbi has lead to this property owner to a reputed mobster. the art is worth about a half billion dollars. neighbors say they have no idea anything was going on. >> it is not like there are monsters running up and down the street, even after he was arrested we didn't know until a couple of months afterwards. >>catherine: says his attorney says he had nothing to do with the art heist. >>jaqueline: this afternoon, sunny skies over the bay area. the winds of the north have helped to clear out the fog.
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conditions are: the warsaw yesterday with the images of the '70s and san francisco. the 84 in livermore, 82 and concord, 82 also in santa rosa. several degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. as we move into the next couple of days, two of his will warm back up. little or no fog overnight. temperatures back into the upper 80s this is a saturday fog returns to the coastline and briefly to the bay shores. it will not affect temperatures too much. here is a look at future cast 4 tomorrow morning. mild conditions to start the day. '50s and the low 60s. as you head out the door, widespread 60s which is the green on your source. by noon, '70s and '80s which is the one of the screen.
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in the south bay and we will return to the 80 degree level. it is so hot in places like pleasanton. the low 80s in union city. here is a look in your extended forecast. warmer but cooling down into mother's day. we will continue to call monday and tuesday of next week with temperatures above average. for >>pam: to suspected thieves run into a brave employee at a naked human cyclist rides through texas. kiberlee sakamoto is here
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with videos that will have the talking in this edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: a would-be thief got more than he bargained for when he tried to rob a customer at a gas station in cleveland. take a look at this surveillance video showing a man trying to snatch the woman's purse. the victim and attendant wrestled with the man and the owner came out with caution tape and tied him up until police arrived. another scuffle at a supermarket, a 17 year old employee tackled a man who allegedly punched a security guard and tried to leave the store with steak stuffed into his pants. police eventually arrived into the man into custody. it is not every day the ec someone on a unicycle naked. the man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. take a look at this, time magazine mothers the issue features a mother breast feeding her three year-old son. this provocative image has
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been its both criticized and applauded. we would like to know what you think. visit our kron4 facebook fan page to to check out the image and leave your thoughts. >>pam: to take a look at the thursday traffic at the golden gate. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77.
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>>pam: the younger brother of vernon davis has been charged with murder. 19 year-old michael davis is accused of killing at colorado man who was visiting the nation's capital. his attorney is now asking for a mental health evaluation for to determine if he is competent to stand trial. if he was previously arrested with two assault cases and already being held in jail
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>>pam: his blood alcohol content level was above the legal limit. he is said to be arraigned later this month. if he has played for their raiders for three years since being drafted back in 2009. we will be right back [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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>>pam: police opened fire on a suspect in the east bay, but he still gets away. they're looking for and what he is accused of doing. mass of flames erupted in a new development in the south bay. we have the dramatic scene. microsoft takes aim and goal will again, how the tech giant says they haven't revolutionized web searching. this is soft the lusaka and what's the best gifted you can give mom ?
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>>pam: need details in the case of a teenager accused of killing a different of a celebrity chef. this is a picture of the 70 year-old of charge with stealing a car as well as several other charges including attempted murder while reportedly shooting at a girl who rejected him. as terisa estacio reports, despite facing a life sentence, he seemed to enjoy the attention. of of >> take a look at this multimillion-dollar home with sweeping views of the entire bay area. kron4 has are that this suspect had at least one big party, sources say it was quite a bass. the problem is he does not lived here. he once lived down the street and a wonderful and broke into the home to throw the parties. and neighbors said he is
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well-known in the area for living in extravagant life as well as being a troublemaker and someone who wanted to be at the center of attention. sources tell kron4 that he loved to show off his lamborghini, similar to this one. he was in court thursday the cameras were not allowed to videotape him because he is a minor. several times during the proceedings he smiled and smart seemingly reveling in the spotlight. prosecutors tell kron4 that there is much more to this case and that more charges could be filed. after the hearing his attorney warned of passing judgment on his client. >> this case will be very complicated and sophisticated. i would ask that everyone keep an open mind. >> he is being held at juvenile hall. bill has been set at 2 million. his attorney is attempting to have the entire case transferred to juvenile hall where the proceedings would be held behind closed doors.
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the hearing on that matter is scheduled for next month. >>mark: we're profiling the bay area's most wanted suspects. police say this man was part of an armed robbery in san francisco in july of 2008. the crime habit at sixth and folsom streets in the south of market neighborhood. investigators say he and two of them at robbed two people at gunpoint and then to other suspects were caught. police in san francisco are still looking for the said test. he is also wanted in alameda county for robbery and weapons violations. they believe he is hiding out somewhere in the bay area. a hispanic male, 22 years old, 5 11 in., 185 pence. if you have any information on this case visit our web site and click on bay area's most wanted.
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>>pam: oakland police are searching for suspects involved in an officer involved shooting. if it happened on macarthur boulevard. the surge started at about 730 pm 1 police encountered a suspect in that area. at least one officer opened fire on the suspect who ran into the yard. will tran and brings us the latest. >>will: the officers recovered as the suspect's gun in his yard. according to investigators this started last night because of a simple traffic stops. officers of friend and fired
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at least one shot at the suspect's. he managed to slip by the perimeter before it was fully said. this was a big promoter, about five blocks. he is not in the area anymore but officers were able to speak with the occupants who stayed in a car. they do know his name but they are not releasing his name until officers over in pursuit of this person can make a positive identification. no one was hurt during this whole ordeal. >>pam: here is a description of the suspect. a black male, 22-28 years old, 5 ft. 9 in. tall with shoulder length dreadlocks. he was last seen wearing a black jacket with a patch in blue jeans. a fire alarm fire destroyed several homes which were under construction in the south bay. as craig skalar shows us, a fast-moving fire also damaged several other buildings nearby. >>craig: of the images from
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this assault on camera showed up did the fire was. it took firefighters an hour and a half to put it out. the fire reached 10 stories high in santa clara. you can see occupied homes just feet away. >> again, the potential for spreading was great. the crews did a good job isolating the fire. >> one thing that was in our favor was the style of construction. these buildings are stucco cited. they have tile roofs and there are not a lot of ever traps. >> 75 people were kept to their homes -- kept from their homes until the building was declared safe.
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>>pam: kron4's local residents who lived near the construction site and say they were concerned about their own homes. >> by the time i cannot there were big flames. the flames' lead 80-100 ft. high. over there across the street could not even stand because of the heat. >>catherine: in a news around the bay, a major bust in antioch. if police say they saw a man leave the house with a suitcase and figure out there or 10 lbs. of marijuana inside. police have arrested a couple of people. they are behind bars and confiscated more than 800 plans. they say the men stole $20,000 worth of electricity. in the south bay
5:37 pm
investigators say that two brothers are in custody for stabbing a person to death. it happened on cleveland avenue last month. the suspects were arrested in salt lake city utah and will be extradited back to california. on the peninsula, an 18 year-old woman has been accused of setting her ex- boyfriend on fire while he was sleeping. it happened in san mateo. the victims screamed for his father. he cut out the fire with a garden hose. prosecutors say the woman told someone that the man cheated on her. she is charged with attempted murder and arson. >>grant: major bart delays for people trying to get from sfo to the east bay or vice versa. major delays on that it's current state point line in both directions.
5:38 pm
if you are trying to get from the airport to the east bay or vice versa, be advised of a plan ahead if you have a slight delay of at least 20 minutes on the pittsburgh bay 0.9 because of a router problem. >>pam: the bay bridge toll plaza, look at this, no problems on thursday evening, all lanes are and traffic moving right along. the bottom of the screen is southbound traffic on 101 building slowly towards the peninsula. we will be right back. mom? hmm?
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some useful if of error if unwilling veteran fit in half so some of wall if >>pam: microsoft is a change in a way it's being search engine works. microsoft is having trouble holding on to its share of the search market and have the trouble going against
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the thomas of google. they have dramatically changed the way we search works in an attempt fee to attract to go all users. gabe slate gives us a closer look at the new being and what it can offer. >>grant: they incorporate social aspects that lets you interact with friends and experts as research. it is not available yet, microsoft just announced this and gave the media a sneak peek. it will be rolled out of the next month to anyone who wants it. i will show you at the end of this house to sign up in court. the new social search makes your friends a part of your web searches. it is like doing a web search blended with facebook. some of this is exciting and makes a lot of sense. restaurants, attractions, benny's, concerts', it will try to get relevant information from facebook
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friends and blended that and with regular soap results. on the right side, there will be a new column. that is where results from your friends will pop up. also in this column you can see results from people who might know, beyond france, nothing can help find people who are influential about the topic being searched, you can see what top experts and enthusiasts are saying about what you have searched for. video being will be slowly rolling out. log on to being and add to your e-mail to sign up for an invite. how
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>>pam: did you happen to see a few more bicycles on the road? if it is probably because today is a bike to work day. there are several activities set up, volunteers from the san francisco bicycle coalition handed out free goodies to people who were riding their bikes. bicyclist say it is a great ways to raise awareness about alternative ways to get around. and i think it is fantastic. it gets the ball out there and thinking that they cannot ride to work. >>pam: about three and half commuters in san francisco currently bike to work and by city officials wanted the 20 percent mark by third 2020. >>jaqueline: here is a live look for mt. tam. clear skies. this afternoon, temperatures
5:45 pm
will be cooler in some spots and warmer and others. the inland valleys to did call this afternoon. get also called in the north bay with temperatures in the low 80s. here's a look at current conditions. as we head into the overnight hours, a little bit of fog is expected along the coastline but otherwise mostly clear and mild. our warming trend will resume tomorrow afternoon with temperatures back in the upper 80s and land. low eighties for the bay
5:46 pm
esurance. the fog should return to the forecast into saturday morning. this afternoon highs tomorrow will be back into the 80s throughout the south bay. if the upper seventies and low eighties for the east bay shores. the same along the here is a look at your extended forecast. warmer weather for the next couple of days and the fog should return for saturday morning but mainly close to the coastline. as we headed to monday more extensive off flick cold temperatures temperatures for the most part above average.
5:47 pm
>>stanley: pay attention to the driver of the green accura, he is about to commit a series of moving violations. first, he makes an illegal u-turn. now, there is a van in the wake of the driver actually turned into an active construction zone. does he stop there? now. now, he has to back up because had he gone any further, he would have ended up in a ditch, possibly on top of workers. then, after being let out, he proceeds to run the red light. welcome to cesar chavez street and sentences the which is under construction. this area is an automatic
5:48 pm
double fine zone. it is a double crazy zone, if you ask the construction workers. for example, at grand street, there is a no u-turn sign. it is ignored by numerous the drivers. there's a double set of double yellow lines more than 2 ft. across mean do not cross. again, they are ignored. driver after driver, after city worker, we could do this all day, in fact, they did. the stop sign on this corner apparently is just a suggestion. how about this move? left turn from the center lane followed by running the stop sign. under the ec's top except the south side is we back here.
5:49 pm
not only is this area a construction zone, it is also a school zone. now, with driving habits it is now said to call it a 50 design. foreign with racketeer the
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move views the hall a half
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after >>pam: kron4 is counting down to zazzle bay to breakers. if the show starts at 8:00 a.m. with gary radnich faxes. we will have live reports from the start and finish line. this business at 7:00 p.m. that same night, kron4 will bring you the highlights from the race.
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we will be right back.
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sixth half's faugh and the
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>>catherine: state legislators approve a new bay area casino. fifth major hollywood star power tonight in an effort to get the president reelected. how much the president is expected to rake in at george cluny's house. also, a florida teacher could be out of a job, the very controversial method of punishment she is using. she called it the cone of shame.
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>>pam: and budget cuts and pink slips. san francisco teachers say they deserve better. if tonight, they are deciding on a possible strike. the dumbarton bridge as you have never seen it, a caltrans begins a major seismic retrofit. kron4 tells you when it happens and how long it will
5:59 pm
last. thousands of slot machines coming to rural sonoma. if we will have reaction to the newly approved casino. >>pam: school cuts across the bay area and employees upset over a layoff notices. at lincoln high school, teachers are casting their votes. kate >> this is the first vote, there will have to be a second vote if they are going to strike and walked off the job. the second vote will not be until next year. you are saved for the rest of the school year, teachers will not be walking off the job. let's go to video of teachers tested the votes. teachers are upset over a move made by the district to send final layoff notices to 210 teachers.
6:00 pm
in the district says it is facing an $83 million budget shortfall. the teachers and the district are right now and some tensions contract to >> there is something wrong with the priorities in san francisco. >>pam: new tonight, teachers
6:01 pm
and administrators will receive pink slip notices in the mt." district. parents at this elementary school in pleasant hill savings is depressing and they're worried about how it will impact children. if the president of the teachers' union says although the number is less than previous years is still devastating to teachers. >> it would be easier to say to keep everyone happy but they will not get budget money from san francisco. our district tries to be conservative and lay off as few people because if they are not laid off, they have to employ them as a substitute for next year. we are getting to the point where any layoffs are surprising because i do not
6:02 pm
see that we have lost the children of of fear and we are getting these layoffs because of budgetary fears that there may not be enough positions. >>pam: in a statement the school district told kron4's that it is our hope as we move forward in the school year to be able to rescind notice as vacancies occur three of the pleasanton unified school district laid off could to five full-time employees. originally-steve ruiz or let go, employees and retired, resigned or left. san francisco police sharpshooters to down a murder suspect during a tense standoff. police say the man fired multiple rounds while held inside of an apartment building. attempts were made to evacuate nearby residents for an cause ballista go flying into if adjacent apartment.
6:03 pm
that may have set fires in side of the unit could have spread to other buildings. >> robert park police say they came to this building near leatherwood because they were looking for dennis hughes, the north bay man was considered a personal interest in the beating death of his mother, 66 year-old diane hughes was found lying in a pool of blood inside of her honor park home on tuesday morning. the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. her vehicle was also missing. police say their leads or pointing them to look closely at her son. for >> we do know if that there were some occasional problems between a mother and son. for >> there were some problems between mother is a sign.
6:04 pm
>> the toyota highlander was discovered, you can see here being towed away. police say they came to san francisco to look for dennis because his girlfriend lives in this apartment building. she was home when police came knocking but was taken out of harm's way when the shooting started. she is now being interviewed by police. >>pam: if we are turning now to our weather, a nice day to check out the waves at ocean beach in san francisco. the year is nice and warm and the water is still pretty chilly. it was warmer closer to the coastline.
6:05 pm
right now clear skies over downtown san francisco. the warmer weather was confined to the peninsula into the coastline. as we head into to marshal the fog of a clothes line, otherwise mostly clear cutoff >>pam: the california legislature and gov. have given their approval for the indians to build a mass of
6:06 pm
hotel and casino in sonoma county. called clipper has more. >> in a few months of this farm field could be replaced with one of the largest gaming casinos. right now the site is mostly farm field. if the indians to get approval to build a casino fear they will not technically accurate taxes. the legislation approved that 15 percent of the winnings will go to dance a
6:07 pm
mechanic. the plan still have to be approved by the federal government. >>pam: this is video of the oregon on for an upcoming construction event caltrans says after the seismic wreck a bit of the earthquake will be able to absorb the movement. >> when the forces of the earth,, at instead of the
6:08 pm
foundation going back and forth, the debt will by itself. it will allow it to move north, south of east and west of statistics interest in >>craig: the president is
6:09 pm
headed to george connie's mansion. coming out, the record- breaking amount of money he is expected to raise them and how regular joes also be inside the bed. >>pam: the new world trade center building cristobal's to be the tallest in the country but may come up short. college tuition is soaring across the country. college tuition is soaring across the country. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh!
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>> to tennessee's sisters that had been kidnapped have been found safe. atomies is accused of kidnapping for people, a mother and her three daughters. police say he murdered the mother and one of the daughters. the of the two girls in the family 8 years old and all years old, there a picture there, there were just found safe. we are just learning that maze, the suspect is dead. we're not sure how everything went down. we believe he was found dead in mississippi. of states and more information tonight at kron4 news at 8:00. >>pam: joe biden apologizes for the timing of his same- sex marriage comments. this comes as a multiple top democrats say some of the president's top aides are deeply annoyed with biden
6:13 pm
for forcing the game marriage conversation. the president made a statement supporting same- sex marriage yesterday. it was over the weekend that biden told a reporter that he was absolutely comfortable with same-sex marriage. the obama team had originally timed the announcement for one of the president's appearances next week but moved it was because of a biting. the colorado gov. is calling lawmakers back to court to consider bill on civil unions. the register legislative session ended on wednesday without the bill coming up for a boat. democratic governor says his office has received more than 500 calls about the issue prompting him to call a special session. the special session could begin as early as friday and will cost collar taxpayers if more than 23,000 today. this mitt romney is apologizing for some rain as
6:14 pm
he performed and details on what he is accused of doing. >>kimberlee: mitt romney has called the antics youthful high jinks and cranks. his statement comes after a washington post article cited firsthand accounts from his time at a prestigious boarding school in detroit. the post cites five classmates who all individually recounted details of an incident in which they say romney led a group of boys that tackle the upperclassmen to the ground and cut off his here. another incident was cited were ronnie shouted the that a girl at another of the most -- and other male students. romney disagreed that they were targeted because every day. >> i had no idea that he was gay, if there was and it has said that was offensive, i am very deeply sorry about that. there was no harm intended.
6:15 pm
>> the gop presidential hopeful says he has no memory of these incidents get added that he is a very different person than he was in high school. >> a for a high-school teacher could lose her job after photos of her students are wearing a protective dog collar showed up on facebook. the science teacher called it the cone of shame. she used as punishment and told the ministers is to give students the option of wearing it or sitting at a tardy table when they showed up for class. one student said it was just a fun destruction and not meant to embarrass anyone. the teacher is appealing the decision to fire her id is appealing the decisions. one person was able to escape the burning wreckage of a plane crash and pennsylvania. the plan crashed shortly after takeoff. the only survivors suffered
6:16 pm
minor countries. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to go down. people in arizona spent part of the day cleaning up after severe storms swept through the phoenix area. it brought hail and high winds, prevent the roof tops of these local art. thousands of people were without power and no injuries reported. but when >> here is a live look outside from the mt. tam him. winds of the fourth is keeping the fog at bay. here is a look eckart temperatures. here is as we can expect as far as to to 4 to mark it harriet ahead into the
6:17 pm
afternoon, the warming trend will resume with a defensive effort '80s. the fall auction and run to an uncertain market widespread '70s and '80s by noon. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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drop in the bucket but it is better than nothing. for the first time since 2008 the government to get more money than it paid out. safe the announce a $59 million surplus for april theory did not expect a transfer.
6:24 pm
the government is expected to show a 1.33 trillion dollar deficit. of course the new-line trade center in new york was originally designed to be the tallest building in the nation but now that distinction is in doubt. the developer is dropping the plan to enclose the 400 cases it is an autopsy fezzes to assess if if if fog change will save about 20 million alcosta of building its flagging grateful as the tallest of the country. retirement, many americans are not saving. a new survey conducted by the trade association for the financial-services industry shows about 49 percent of americans are not entering into a 401k or an individual retirement account. afford to stay.
6:25 pm
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6:28 pm
>>pam: at the bottom of this grey is topic heading towards the and install on 101, moving slowly but not as loyal as traffic at the top of your screen on gate bridge. looking at the data will be, what a difference in both directions. north and south, but we will be right back. north and south, but we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck.
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>>grant: the president is going hollywood. the president has just arrived and cooling with this case star-studded fundraiser at the mansion of actor george clooney. it is expected to raise a
6:31 pm
record 15 million. that more than mitt romney has raised in any one a month. barbra streisand and robert downey jr. are inspected to be in attendance. a ticket to the event is $40,000. we will have full coverage of the president's trip to l.a. and freedom and george clooney is home >> this is the first step in kids union wants to strike maxtor. begins as a second vote would have to be taken at the beginning of next school year if there were to be a strike. the union says they're very upset over a move made by this would district which authorized final layoff notices for 210 teachers. >> and concord nearly 100 teachers and administrators will receive things lives on may 13th. preliminary notice of one
6:32 pm
out in march. the president of the teachers' union says it is less teachers this and it is possible that those teachers could get hired back. >> it is frustrating. over the past four years we have acted will carry it >> they say this is how to send notices as vacancies occur. >> in san francisco police say the man that was killed by sharpshooters wednesday that will include minetta the man fired multiple shots in many directions, some bullets flying into adjacent apartment. police made the decision to use deadly force so that firefighter had this could be to the building to put all flames for fires he was starting. >> a teenager charged with stealing the liberty of a celebrity chef declined to enter a plea in court on thursday instead, his
6:33 pm
attorney one somatostatin to both to support more details of the case would not be made public because the proceedings are held behind closed doors. he is also easing charges of the data for reportedly shooting at a girl and boy friend. a judge will decide if this will go to juvenile court in the hearing to be held next month. our capoot the fire department is losing a fire season because of fire cuts. " there will be down to only one station because tax revenue as were way below projected levels. it happened holding a little a.m. from the county. bamut caltrans is moving to the next phase of a seismic
6:34 pm
riddance for the project. it means the bridge will be shut down during the memorial day week end up to the closing cooperage to a justice isaac julien the will. born in dublin tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. >> in sonoma county the federated indians have won approval of funding to build a hotel-casino on what it's currently 254 a. of farmland next to robert perkins of the county. i deleted the casino would contain 3000 slot machines in the 200 room hotel. the project still needs approval from the federal converted. they have 45 days to ratify or reject the plan. >> in san francisco, those at the gladstone institute say that thursday was a very big day in the fight against hiv in aids.
6:35 pm
for the first time the council recommended a drug to be used on healthy people to prevent hiv. for reporting in san francisco, j.r stone, kron4 news. >> in texas, microsoft has redesigned being searched to of corporate social aspects that lets you interact with friends in the experts. the new social search makes your friends a part of your web searches. it is like doing a web serves blended with facebook. >> our big weather story tonight, warmer weather into tomorrow. temperatures cool with mccaw's one. warmer conditions into tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood.
6:36 pm
closer to the coastline, temperatures in the '60s. here is a look in your extended forecast. into warmest day, more extensive and if it fog consent. stay with us, we will feed back after this. from
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>> the best information for help with a for college is the national association for student financial aid administrators. if you click on the students, parents and counselors have coming new- line articles, videos and worksheets to help the answer almost any question.
6:41 pm
and if colleges still a long way off, that is good. if experts say the best thing to do is open a college savings account and start contributing right away. mrs. >>pam: did the 49ers intentionally tried to knock ban also star of the game? we will hear what the steelers quarterback had to say about it all in the gary is joined by his bay to breakers and general manager right here to break down the bay area's biggest of race. we are cutting down to the zazzle bay to breakers race next sunday, may 20th. gary radnich and a host of on-air staffers, will have live reports from the start and finish lines. a-10:00 a.m. and then at 7:00 p.m., kron4 will bring you highlights from the race and the spectacle of the bay to breakers.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
before >>gary: the nfl story at the moment, hurting someone on purpose. scott or it's roethlisberger fault of the 49ers targeted his ankle. "
6:46 pm
>>gary: he was stopped on a lower deck of the bay bridge and failed a sobriety test. he was said to be cooperative and will appear in court on may 31st. yeah >>gary: kobe branch had a of stomach ailment. chris anderson is known for his colorful life. he is part of an investigation on an internet
6:47 pm
crimes against the investigators searched his house to collect evidence. he is no longer a part of the denver nuggets' while this attrition is under investigation. birdman & -- birdman andersons at the very least some questionable decisions. the nba, close-up games tonight. 78-78. chicago and philadelphia, always a good move. an exciting game. there is my man, james hardened. he is the man that ron our test elbowed in the head. today he is the sixth man of the year, the number one
6:48 pm
fellow coming off the bench. from denver not get mcgee, the value of the game ball. >> congratulations. great game. >> thank you. >>gary: what to what he does with the game ball. >>gary: might call this year, he is monitoring the philadelphia and chicago game. philadelphia has just eliminated chicago and six games. angela the fang with bay to breakers, who do it? >> philadelphia all the way.
6:49 pm
cost >>gary: tiger woods is slumping. here he is at the players championship.
6:50 pm
>>gary: and when we come back, the boss of a bid to break percival is here and we'll look ahead later this month at a full fledged is aiming meserve. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>gary: 101 years of zazzle
6:54 pm
bay to breakers. on may 20th if you can see it here on kron4. the race is known for its personality. we have the the general manager here with us. >>gary: the one to complete that we get because we're lucky enough to announce the race is people say, if you are on the route, people defaced property.
6:55 pm
the runners sometimes did not respect people on the route. >> we have over 1000 wilber potties. we have fencing and security. san francisco police will be out there helping us out. >>gary: you have an olympian this year? >> yes. >> olympic silver medalist, he won the olympic marathon trials back in january. he will be going to london this year for the marathon. >>gary: it is hard to get the lead runners >> we have a tradition of bringing top talent to the race. we have brought several olympians. >>gary: in your history of
6:56 pm
doing this their one costume that really stands out? >> the office costumes always get me. >>gary: if you are expecting between 40 and 50,000 people this year? >> yes. >>gary: it really is something. it is a heck of a thing. >>gary: what kind of person would participate? >> i think the weekend warrior. we have expanded the number of runners to come now we also have the weekend warriors and people who do this more as a social event. >>gary: it is nice to meet.
6:57 pm
>> it is that next to the eve.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
could new evidence cause john travolta's accusers to drop their case? >> as new alleged witnesses back up the massage therapist's claims. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> i will parade the 100 or so witnesses that we've located so far. >> i'm at the new york city hotel where travolta snapped this picture which he says proves he's innocent. >> the jet plan. >> the signed receipt. >> they will have to get on the stand and answer my questions. then -- >> as howard stern sounds off. his comments on


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