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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 10, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> robert deniro, barbra streisand and toby mcgwire are just a few of the celebrities. expected to raise 15 million.
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guest tickets will account for about 6 million of the 15 million raise. the rest of the money comes from an on-line contest for regular people like you and me. make a donation and a better chance to win a seat at this epic event. to people one tickets and they each got to bring a guest. for >>pam: biden as apologizing for his same-sex con man's. some aides are deeply annoyed for focusing the gay marriage conversation. the president made a statement supporting same- sex marriage yesterday. it was over the weekend that joe biden told a reporter that he was absolutely comfortable with same-sex marriage.
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the obama team had originally tied the president's announcement for one of his appearances next week but moved it up because of biden's comments. hundreds of san francisco teachers cast ballots today taking the first step toward possibly authorizing a strike. kate thompson is live at lincoln high school. that is when the voting wrapped up. >>jackie: it was about a half an hour ago that teachers started to trickle out. they have been coming here all afternoon to cast their votes. this is the first of two votes that they will need if they plan to strike. let's go to video from earlier in the evening of hundreds of teachers to turn up. they're angry because the district's voters to lay off to a modest and teachers and these appeared many administrators from layoffs lane of only eight administrators.
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hong >> this week a state mediator was assigned to district and teachers to try to get them to come to an agreement on a contract this summer. for if they cannot reach an agreement, that is what it teaches law of their second possible strike both head could cite as the beginning of next school year. how >>pam: even more school cuts, the pleasanton unified school district laid off 55 full-time employees.
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originally 70 employees were expected to be let go. 15 employees retired, reassign or left the district. >> parents at sequoia middle schools say it is depressing to hear that more teachers will be laid off. >> the state is hurting for what they're doing it to the students. teachers' union says the number of notices going out is less than in previous years. >> we're getting to the point where any layoffs are surprising because costs we're getting these layoffs because of budgetary figures.
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>> michael lang is confident that teachers will get their jobs back as if the district is laid off more teachers than they need to. >> our district tries to be conservative and layout as the many people so that there will not be an extra teacher on the payroll. if they do not lay them off, we have to deploy them even if it is as a substitute. >> he says these notices tickets: never one of a class in. >> students and augur greater education if they do not have well qualified, experienced teachers with stability in their lives, educating them from day one. >> the mt. diablo unified school district issued this statement regarding the layoffs.
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hiss >> the manhunt ramp maze is over. a swat team back it with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in its patch of woods in mississippi. >> children are safe. >> he is suspected of killing the girl's mother and her 14 year-old daughter. the suspect's mother-in-law said he claimed to be the father of the girls. >> he ate, slept and read
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nothing but these two children. >> he was added to the fbi's 10 most wanted fugitive lists with police as far as arizona on the lookout. his wife is also facing two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated kidnapping for allegedly participating with her husband. >>jaqueline: temperatures were up and down around the bay area. this afternoon, cooler inland in warmer at the coast line. >>pam: coming up, the teenager at the center of all hollywood like lamborghini highs. if we will tell you what happened and the details of
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the alleged call for a criminal past. >> big news in the fight against hiv and aids, i am j.r stone, more on the story ahead. >>pam: a ruling is made on whether or not employers can ask staff for their facebook password. we will tell you what was decided. >> in sonoma county the state legislature and the governor have approved the plan to build a massive assault is in on the farmlands of the you see behind me theories details coming up. fees >> the search thwarts are heating up. microsoft has redesigned their search to incorporate social aspects to interact with friends and experts as you search. ♪ so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you.
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>> the clinton has done studies on the drug and found that it prevents hiv in more than 90 percent of cases when taken properly once a day. >> if individuals take the drug works extremely well. the key is, you must take
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the drug for its have the benefit. >> the fda panel recommended that the drug be approved to men who have sex with other men, those off in a relationship with the person who has hiv and those engaging in risky sexual behavior. he believes the benefits outweigh risks and says there are concerns. >> we need to monitor the individuals to make sure that they do not become infected and to minimize the risk of developing resistant forms of the virus. >> there are also concerns about the effects of the drugs on the person's liver and bonds. the cost is 14,000 year but insurance experts say treating an aids patient costs double, triple or even quadruple that. the fda could approve the drug in the next month. >>pam: investigators have released a sketch of a man who chased a jogger in the
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redwoods state park. this is a sketch of the suspect reenforce the system was a female and was running on the trail on may 6th. investigators say the man first try to spark of a conversation with the victim and when she continued running, he chased her. investigators say there are two brothers behind bars for stabbing a person to death in san jose. the suspects or arrested yesterday in salt lake city utah and will be extradited to california. oakland police opened fire on a man who fled a traffic stop. the suspect is still on the list. investigators say as they were starting a search, another passenger in the same car took off. police pursued the suspect to macarthur boulevard and that is on the man picked up a weapon.
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the suspect is a black male, 22-28, 5 ft. 9 in. tall with shoulder length dreadlocks. he was last seen wearing a black jacket with a patch into blue jeans. >> in san francisco, police say the man who was killed by sharpshooters on wednesday night was a person of interest in the murder of his mother. during the hourlong standoff the fired multiple rounds in many directions, some bullets flying into adjacent apartment and lit a fire inside the apartment he was held up did. >>pam: at the rodeo hercules fire district is losing a fire station because of budget cuts. >> the fire districts will be closing another station.
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this is the second fire station to close this year. lower-than-expected revenues and local taxes and the state funding has been reduced by 30 percent.
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if the dog on damage temperatures in the '60s tomorrow afternoon as temperatures fell again. debate shores. a look at your extended forecast, warmer weather tomorrow and warmer weather on saturday. we should get a little bit of fog saturday mournfully in a more extensive fog and a mother's day sunday. cooler temperatures on sunday and definitely more comfortable for the be shores. foss inland valleys getting a few degrees of relief. the cooling will continue into monday and tuesday. for the most part temperatures at or above average for this time of year. >>pam: microsoft announced today there are radically changing the way that it's being search engine works to try and make it stand out
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among the competition. they're having trouble staying competitive in the search market. offs >>gabe: there are social aspects that lets you interact with friends and experts as the search. the new being is not available yet. they will be rolling this out over the next month to anyone who wants it. i will surely at the end of this house to sign up for it. the new social search makes her friends a part of your web searches. it's another way to look at this, it is like doing a web search of blended with facebook. some of this is exciting and makes a lot of sense. a lot of search quarries are not simple our answers, you need opinions. the new being will try to get relevant information from facebook finance and blunted with regular search results.
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right in view search a restaurant in one of your facebook friends has liked that restaurant, you will see that. rockne from here, you can ask everyone to know on facebook about something you are searching for. it will blend all of the resources you have on facebook from your friends. also in this colony can see results from people who might know. beyond friends, being can help find people who are influential about the topic being searched based on what it publicly blob or treated about. you can see with top experts are saying about what you searched for. the new being will be slowly rolling out. if if if you are and this is enter your e-mail to sign up for an invite. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, an oakland raider is in big trouble, drunken-driving.
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>>pam: california is one step closer to becoming one of the first states to ban companies from asking job applicants for their user names and passwords on social networking sites. kiberlee sakamoto is here with details. >>kimberlee: today the california assembly unanimously approved the social media privacy bill. it will now move to the senate. it is authored from the north campus in san jose. the bill would make anything that workers and job-seekers designates as private off- limits to of lawyers. campbell's says there are too few social media privacy laws to protect employees citing a recent report that employers are using social media to get questions said they cannot ask on job applicants is a curious case but has somehow in support.
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california is not a long, several other states are considering similar bans. there are two u.s. senators to ask the department of justice to review whether such requests are even legal. >> clear skies this evening. most lick their conditions overnight and warmer weather tomorrow. we will have a look a year of the forecasts coming up in a few minutes assyrians
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>>pam: coming up, a teenager accused of attempted murder in a car heist in which he allegedly repaired from the roof of the auto showroom. kron4 takes a look at his interesting history and other alleged crimes. do you know who you are sitting next to when you ride bart? we will explain that it could be person wanted by police. a bay area bridge is giving to close temporarily in a few weeks. kron4 tells you why and shows you the work that will be done. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>>pam: this is a picture of the 17 year-old charge with stealing a car and as low as several other serious charges including attempted murder for reportedly is shooting at a girl that rejected him. he was in court today. as terisa estacio reports, despite facing a life sentence seemed to into any attention. >>terisa: >> take a look at this multimillion-dollar home in tiburon with sweeping views of the entire bay area. kron4 has learned that the suspect held at least one a big party and perhaps others here. sources tell kron4 it was quite a bash. the problem is he does not live here. he once lived down the street in a rental and broke into the home to throw the parties. a neighbor says his old nun in the area for a living and extravagant life and being a troublemaker as well as someone who wanted to be at the center of attention. sources tell kron4 news that
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he loved to show off his lamborghini, similar to this one. police say that he stole from the san francisco to the shift. in court on thursday cameras were not allowed to videotape him in part because he is a minor. several times during the proceedings he smiled and smart, seemly reveling in the spotlight. prosecutors tell kron4 there is what this case and that al is will be filed. as it havoc of panama or on his client. >> this is going to be very complicated as i would ask that everyone kiosks in mind. >> he is being held at juvenile hall and a lower is said to $9. his attorney is attempting to have the entire case transferred to juvenile hall where the proceedings would be held behind closed doors. hearing on the matter is settled for next month.
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>>grant: where profiling the bay area's most wanted suspects. he is wanted in san francisco and alameda county. he was a part of an armed robbery in san francisco in july of 2008. the crime happened at sixth and folsom streets in san francisco's south of market never have. and investigators say he and two other guys robbed two people at gunpoint. the two other suspects caught. police in san francisco are still looking for him. and is also wanted an alameda county for robbery and a weapons violation. officials believe he is hiding out somewhere in the bay area. he is described as a hispanic male, 22 years old, five of 11 in., 185 lbs.. jetta if you have any information had to our well and then click on the area's most wanted. all >>pam: and trended is under arrest for the fatal stabbing of a business owner in santa cruz.
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this is a photograph of the victim. police state charles edward the third step toward several times in near the for half a block of broadway and santa cruz on monday. collins was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say: it did not know the suspect and it appears that this was a random attack. police say a word has an extensive criminal history had had only been in the santa cruz area for a week. this was the first-ever in santa cruz's in more than a year. for the first time barkleys are revealing how many people usually detained for fear of aids and also have a prior criminal record. reggie kumar tells us the staggering number and speaks to writers about how they feel knowing this information to. >> last year the 1400 people the bart police questioned about fare evasion had a warrant out for their arrest. this delightful to at the civic center station did not seem to mind that the person they were riding on a train
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with could have a criminal record. the >> that is a little scary to me. >> de still feels it? >> i did. i do pay attention to my surroundings. i am very aware of what is going on deists >> tonight and 11:00 p.m. i will tell you about the more serious crimes some of last year's fare evaders are accused of committing. third >>jaqueline: warmer today along the coastline with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70's. our base stores also warmed up. winds out of the north overtook the forecast the seconded and killed the sea breeze. corticosteroids temperatures and low-mid-80s. s as we head into tomorrow is sliver of fall possible
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along the coastline. tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and warm temperatures the area wide. we will take a look at temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. >>pam: the california legislature and the governor have given their approval to build a mass of hotel and casino in sonoma county. it is not a done deal just yet. >>charles: in just a few months, the 254 a. of quiet farm field ec behind me could be replaced with one of california's largest indian gaming casinos. for inside, 3000 slot machines and card games. the plan also calls for a 200 room hotel. the roads are narrow and lightly traveled for now. the few buildings on the property are vacant or fenced up. less than a mile away is a shopping center anchored by a home depot.
8:35 pm
but, some neighbors are excited and some are worried that it could ruin the mostly rural atmosphere. >> this is one time that i am hoping the environmentalist prevailed. this is to niceties' of ground. a rather see them build condos where people could live. we do not need this. we have a ton of casinos. it is unnecessary. >> the casino has not gone the green light just yet. the plan has to be approved by the federal government. >>darya: the dumbarton bridge is moving one step closer to its seismic retrofit. this is video of some of the work going on as caltrans prepares for an upcoming event. haaziq madyun takes you on the bridge from up close look at the seismic safety practice. if
8:36 pm
>>haaziq: this is what it looks like underneath the dumbarton bridge were caltrans crews are harder work preparing for a major phase in the seismic retrofit. it will take place this memorial weekend. that will involve replacing an expansion joints. it is on the western span. >> this seismic joint will be replaced with a bigger one that allows the bridge deck to move up to 37 in. on its own in a seismic event without damaging the deck. >>haaziq: in addition to replacing the seismic join, the main channel crossing will also be slightly elevated. >> from here to pier 31. it will go up 5 in.. >>haaziq: inside the actual bridge, you can take a look at the jacking it will hold this section in place while it is being lifted. caltrans is targeting this upcoming labor taken complete the seismic joint replacement of the eastern span with the total
8:37 pm
retrofit completed in early 2013. >> the dumbarton bridge will be closed from friday may 25th until tuesday, may 29th. if you need to get from one side of the bay to the other, here are the quickest of an air routes. mom meant >>pam: for the second time the lights have gone out and side of the caldecott tunnel. and non it is completely dark. the outage lasted for a few hours and caused major traffic backups. according to caltrans, the problem is believed to be computer-related.
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>>stanley: coming up, a two separate apartments with identical problems and there are bold or result of people behaving badly. >>pam: will have live reports from the start and finish lines of the zazzle bay to breakers. a lot of fun costas. at its from 8-10:00 a.m.. will also bring you
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>>stanley: you're looking at a lot of trash thrown in the rear of this apartment on sycamore drive in the city of antioch. next door, another apartment complex, this one with a fourth lease signed in the weather.
8:41 pm
behind it, even more trash along with home furnishings. both are next door to extra clean homes. >>stanley: there are some issues out here. >> absolutely. >> 15 04 has had issues. about six months ago there was garbage dumped there. >>stanley: there was garbage cleaned up, but now there is a new pile. the city has been working with the building owner to get this cleaned up, but there is another problem. >> she does not have any legal tenants. if she hasn't received rent and over two years. salmon >> the thing that lives in these complexes said the jnana who did a their rented.
8:42 pm
>> i am concerned resident and a feeling something should have been done. >>stanley: the city of an sow is working with the landowners to clean of the mess and to deal with it the
8:43 pm
a little tense. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: in dallas at m it still ahead, a player with legislators in hot water. kerrey has details straight ahead.
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>>pam: the dark shadows hits the box office this weekend. kiberlee sakamoto has a preview. >>kimberlee: tim burton and in all-star cast bring new life into dark shadows. in this take of a longtime television soap opera, it stars johnny depp.
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now laid down >> clear skies and current temperatures fairly mild. 70's for the inland valleys.
8:47 pm
mostly clear skies and mild temperatures in the '50s. our warming trend could resume tomorrow. in the south bay, widespread '80s. a purse 70's and low eighties for the east bay stores. along the coast when it could stay in the '60s. and the north bay to address will once again sunday in
8:48 pm
the '80s. warmer tomorrow and more on saturday with a little bit of were trotting saturday morning. the more fog for sunday to means cooler temperatures. >>gary: the giants are off tonight. the closeout night in the nba. kevin garnett had a great night. the celtics win and advance in the eastern conference championship. the bulls and the 76 hours.
8:49 pm
the bulls are without derrick rose. 79-76 to a philadelphia team wins.
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>>gary: ben roethlisberger said he believes the 49ers targeted its bad ankle during a game in december. >> i think when we played at
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san francisco i've felt like there were some things going on.
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