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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 11, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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this week the district voted to lay off 210 teachers. >> just days after san francisco unified school district voted to laugh more than 200 teachers but spirited the vast a majority of administrators. the teachers' union said the first of two votes. >> they have one of the 43 administers, they rescinded all but eight. there is something wrong with the priorities and san francisco. >> the district says it is facing a budget shortfall north of 83 million and teachers' salaries and benefits yvette 75 percent of their budget. the district is asking for additional furlough days. they say the cuts should be kept away from the class ends. >> there's not much more to cut from the district.
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if you are a teacher you should have zero layoffs. >> a state mediator has been assigned to help the two sides come to an agreement over the summer curious if they did not, that is when the teachers will come back for the second vote and possibly strike. cavaco >>pam: >>justine: the pleasanton unified school district laid off 55 full-time employees. to make up the difference, 15 employees retired and were reassigned or left the district. nearly 100 teachers and administrators will receive pink slips. the president of the teachers' union sell the number is lower than previous years is still devastating to teachers. in a statement to kron4 they
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say it hopes to rescind a layer up lotus's. many people detect for fare evasion have prior criminal >> the people easy jumping over a bart gate for going over the emergency door without pay more of the unknown as sphere of theaters. and bart police say 60 percent of the more than 1400 fare evaders are questioned and given a ticket or on parole or had a warrant out for their arrest. the transit agency's police department says off some of the crimes they're wanted for range from auto theft to bank robbery. one man detained was a federal prison escapee. some bart riders i spoke to of the civic center station in san francisco had mixed feelings about the criminal pasts.
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>> it is scary because you do not know who is sitting next or what they're going to do. >> i would say that you read through that a lot. some >> yahoo silly old scot thompson says he did not mislead the company when he was hired and says he never provided yahoo with a resonant or incorrect information about his academic credentials he came under fire last week when the top shareholder revealed that is beyond coffee included a computer science degree that he never received. this is the first time he has explicitly to live flying to yahoo about his educational record. phfft damage a few more vinci's, the largest maker of the united states says they lost 2 billion in the past six lead south
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company's stock plunged after the loss was announced. fifth >>mark: of the president will have the nevada fadeyev to talk about the economy. flack flack, it was all about the economy. >>catherine: actor george cleve is a friend and supporter of the president in and opened his los angeles of a dutiful about parted. tickets to eat, drink and hang out costs $45 each. in a single evening the
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president and the democratic party would collect more money than mitt romney has a mass in his best single month of fund-raising for. fifth party is effective to raise close to 50 million. six giant from death and the left of an on-line campaign five f. fifth of the one day after french president voice his support for the same sex marriage. some of the reactive and have been fitted the bill. >> i think the missing piece of the default of full when it comes to the enthusiasm issue behind romney campaign may have been handed to him yesterday by the president. >> analysts are still debating how much the announcement could help or hurt the president saying a lot depends on independent voters. in terms of fund-raising the president can probably count of even more cash from
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wealthy gate dollars. >> i will leave the marriage is union of one man and one woman. >> it is a reflection on how much american attitudes on same-sex marriage has shifted to. >> the president actively managed to squeeze in another couple of and leases, this was his arrival and seattle earlier in the safe. >>justine: it is friday. that is definitely something to smile about.
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here's a live look outside from our camera on top of mt. tam. five beautiful weekend in- store theory of the telephone leftists. if off off for them at a
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historic vote, the fda recommended a drug by name to what used for the prevention of hiv.
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buckwheat >> if individuals said the drug, it works extremely laugh. the key is you must take fifth right for it to have the benefit. >> thursday the drug was recommended for men who have sex with other men, those finn a relationship with one for some who has hiv and nose engaging in risky sexual behavior. the doctor believes the benefits outweigh the risks and says there are concerns. >> we need to monitor these individuals to make sure they did not become effective and to minimize the mask -- the risk of developing resistant forms of the virus. >> there also concerns about the effects of the liver for a person's bones. not to mention the cost is 14,000 year free if insurance experts say fame
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in a fish as possible, a cheerful or even fourth level that stereophonic >>james: fell for the fans love of out of vaccines may find it harder completed the bill passed by a 44 by 19 votes to have those parents speak with a physician first. >> much more ahead on this friday morning as we take a live look outside at your ride on 80. here's a look at what is happening as we approach the toll plaza heading towards the acreage.
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>> the man accused of killing a tennessee woman
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and her daughters and killing her and has been found. officials difficult to kidnapped are aloft and have been transported to the haft took. soft cock >> the manhunt for adam maze is over. he is wanted for kidnapping and murder. . the two young are safe. >> key, live currently is as
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far as well as arizona have been a look out for the mississippi man. often, >>erica: mid-50s as look ahead it looks like today we will see mostly sunny conditions. warmer than what we enjoyed yesterday.
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it looks like looking temperatures in the low 80s coming seven minutes, and san rafael, fled to sunshine there. los 70 for daly city and san francisco. as it turned our tractors to this temperatures once again, as we head into tomorrow it could actually be warmer. five the total of our wickets the low eighties for livermore, the same for san jose, of course 70's for fairfield and concord. as we advance the clock to the afternoon tomorrow, by 3:00 p.m. pretty close to the 90 degree mark for livermore and san jose. it's checking out your 7 day run of a forecast, flaws and conditions for the next updates. we will see a little bit of a cool down as we have its next week. the good news is we do not have any whether to speak of in the forecast. in the traffic center, no hot spots or major problems on the release.
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taking it outside to the approach on the bay bridge toll plaza, actually, this is the james lick freeway. for the light conditions for your ride coming off of the upper deck. turning our attention to the favorite excuse me, the golden gate, it looks like it'll the fog cinematheque itself with no major delays out of the north bay. >>justine: the dumbarton bridge is moving one step closer to its seismic retrofit. this is video of some of the work going on as caltrans prepares for upcoming construction that of all closing the bridge. haaziq madyun takes you on the bridge for a close look at the work that is happening. >>haaziq: this is what it looks like underneath the dumbarton bridge workers are hard at work preparing for a major phase of the seismic retrofit that will take place this memorial weekend.
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it will involve replacing a seismic expansion joint. it is this section of the western span. >> this sizing is one will be replaced with a vigorous months that allows the bridge deck to move up to 37 in. in a seismic event, without damaging the death. >> during the memorial day closure in addition to replacing the size of joy, the main channel crossing will also slightly of the defeated, for fear of a wait to hear it is one to increase 5 in.. >> inside the actual bridge, phil is a live at the jack in france that will solve this section of the list face-off fury felt transfer for is targeting this of comely the dates you complete the seismic replacing. the total to retrofit will be completed in early 2013. feminine because of the construction, the dumbarton bridge will be closed from
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friday until tuesday. if you need to get from one side of the bay to the other during the shutdown coming here are the quickest alternate routes. for the sake 1014 edt to the san mateo bridge and and into the south, that detour 101 or 880 data with 237 which will also give you around the bay. member for the second time in as many weeks the lights have gone out inside the caldecott tunnel. it almost looks like a 10:00 p.m., completely dark in the middle of the tunnel. if the outage lasted for a few hours and causing major traffic backups, mostly eastbound. according to caltrans the problem is believed to be computer-related. >>darya: the california legislature and the governor have given approval if fan for a mass of hotel and casino in sonoma county. it is still not a done deal.
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charles crawford has more. >> and just a few months, the two of 54 a. of quiet farm field could be replaced fear of one of california's largest indian gaming casinos. the federated indians have won approval from the state to build a $433 million casino of. inside, there would be 3000 slot machines and games is the plan also calls for a 200 room hotel. right now the site is mostly farm fields.
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with >> and the casino has not gotten the green light yet. the plan still needs to be approved by the federal government. >>james: a quick break, here is another look outside, this time we're checking the of the golden gate. we're tracking some light fog. we will be back with more headlines in a minute. for you guys and give these
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half the >>james: microsoft announced it is radically changing the way to been search engine works.
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>>gabe: the noon bing it makes your friends a part of your word search -- and a surge. it is like lending it the internet surge with facebook. you get opinions on restaurants, and venues and attractions. and on the right-hand side there will be a new column when a searching. in the column is were the results from your friends will pop up. if you search a restaurant at one of your facebook friends has like, you will see that. if ec -- if you start something your friend has taken a photo of, pictures
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will pop up. you can ask anyone on facebook about searching for something. it blends your facebook resources into your searches. beyond france, bing it can help find people influential about the topic being searched based on what they have blocked or treated about. the new bing will be slowly rolling down. if you are interested love on to the web site and enter your e-mail to sign up for an invite. third >>justine: we have much more ahead on this friday morning as we take a live look outside from our camera on top of mt. tam. our top stories are the weather forecast and a look at traffic.
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ha and
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>>justine: here is a live
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look outside china's what is happening on the golden gate. it is a little hazy but the weather for the weekend looks fantastic. >>erica: we do have a little bit of low cloud cover situated over the golden gate bridge. as we take this live look from the mt. tam cam we are seeing clear conditions persisting over the bay area. as we check out temperatures right outside the door, it actually it looks like four days in the '50s in abundance. thank to the horns on the screen indicates '80s inland, potentially the south bay as well.
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as the advanced the clock to 4:00 p.m. we see some red trickling in. potential '90s for places like denzel and antioch. upper 60s along the coastline. let's bring down the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. plenty of sunshine in the blue skies. >>james: the golden gate is moving without too much. the chp reports of problems of a blog this morning.
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more traffic in the second and weather as well. nearly 100 employees will receive pink slips on monday may 15th. 89 teachers and eight administrators. at all. >> parents at sequoia middle school of was and how safe it is depressing to hear that more teachers will be laid off. >> the state is hurting with what they're doing for the students. some >> we are getting to the point where any layoffs are surprising to me because i do not see that we have lost any children and we're getting these layoffs because of budgetary fears that there may not be enough physicians. >> michael langley is confident that teachers will get their jobs back. he says the district is
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laying off more teachers than they need to. >> the district tries to laugh as many people as they feels that there will not be an extra feature on the payroll. he says the notices take its toll on everyone in the classroom. >> the school district issued this statement in reverse of layoffs. the >>justine: share simba's the it is heavily to the sketch of a man they say chased a jogger in the state park. we have a picture of the suspect.
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the female victim was running in the area on may 2nd. in >>james: the fire department is losing a fire station because of budget cuts. >> the fire district will be closing another station. this is the second fire station to close this year. the budget is looking bad because of lower-than- expected revenue and state funding has been reduced by 30 percent. the fire chief says the station cut is necessary in the district will have to rely heavily on mutual aid.
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the district will depend on the county and agencies for other nearby cities. the >>justine: max weight fact is charged with stealing the first of those celebrities have and has a charge of attempted murder. despite facing a possible life sentence, he seemed to be enjoying the attention coming from end alleged crimes. >> take a look at this multimillion-dollar home with sweeping views of the entire bay area. kron4 news has learned that the suspect held at least one big party and perhaps others year.
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sources tell kron4 news it was quite a bash. the problem is he does not live here. he once lived down the street and our rental and broke into the home to throw the parties. neighbors says he is well known in the area for a living and extravagant life and a troublemaker as well as someone who wanted to be as the center of attention. sources tell kron4 that he loved to show off his lamborghini, similar to this one. release stated he stole from sentences could dealer said. cameras were not allowed to videotape way because he is a minor. several times during the proceedings he smiled and is marked, seemingly reveling in the spotlight. prosecutors tell kron4 that there is much more to the case and that more charges may be filed. after the hearing is attorney warned of passing judgment on his claim. >> this case will be very complicated and sophisticated.
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i would ask that everyone keep an open mind. >> he is being held in juvenile hall and the bill has been set at 2 million. his attorney is attempting to have the entire case transferred to juvenile hall where the proceedings would be held behind closed doors. a hearing on the matter is scheduled for next month. >>james: here is another look outside checking the view from our roof looking back towards downtown san francisco.
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call >>james: fbi agents are swarming in home looking for stolen art. the fbi has linked the property owner to the robbery. the stolen art includes pieces by rembrandt, the gauze and money. they're worth about half a billion dollars. neighbors said they had no idea anything was going on. >> it is not like our mobsters running up and down my street. we had no idea, even after he was arrested we did not know until a couple of months afterwards. so
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>>james: the investigation continues and we will have much more coming up. we will take a quick break and be back with more in
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>>james: the time is 4:43 a.m.. will tran has an update on commute conditions in this morning's edition of road report. good morning. >>will: i'm driving northbound on interstate 80 just passing it street exit in hayward. an open road. it is clear and everything is fine. fan out wish traffic was like this all the time he ahead if you are taking off right now he should not have any problems northbound or southbound as a drive by san leandro, hayward, fremont or those areas.
4:45 am
stop >> we are engaging the commute as it continues the hall to listen call >>erica: let's take a look at timber to tell xi the doors. a good mix of upper 40's and low 50s. it looks like we will see upper 50s right now for san jose. overall, fell pretty mild conditions and not too much in the way of fog. as we take a look at exactly what is on tap as we head into the after effect still less likely the eighth time. xi stop as we advance the hothouse by 4:00 p.m. the red to indicate the potential for '90s. meetings top mental
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breakdown at the numbers neighborhood or brouhaha pretty warm and pleasant conditions. all setup >>kimberlee: the 7 day around the bay forecast shows pleasant and warm conditions as we head into the weekend. below but morning fog tomorrow morning bullet could reach 90 inland. it will cool down as a head into mother's day. that is a look at whether. in a traffic hot spots a tiny about.
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third >>justine: mitt romney is apologizing for pranks he pulled in high school off which some have said were offensive and possibly a homophobic. kiberlee sakamoto tells us why some people are calling mitt romney a bully. >> mitt romney has called the antics youthful high jinks and pranks. his statement comes after a washington post article cited firsthand accounts from his time at a prestigious boarding school in detroit. the coast sites of five classmates to individual recounted details of an incident in which they say romney led a group of boys that tackled another classmate to the ground and cut off his here. another incident was cited where he shouted that a growth at another classmate. and the fox news radio
4:48 am
interview, running disagreed >> i have no idea the was gay. >> at the presidential hopeful says he has no memory of these incidents and added that he is a very different person than he was in high school. >> vice president joe biden apparently apologize for the timing of his same-sex marriage comments. this comes as a multiple top democrats say that's of the president's top aides are now deeply annoyed with biden for forcing the game neared conversation. the president made a statement supporting same- sex marriage this wednesday. it was over the weekend that he told six that he was absolutely comfortable same- sex marriage. the obama team had originally time fee announced of for one of his
4:49 am
appearances next week but had to move it up because of his comments last weekend. the regular legislative session ended on wednesday without the bill coming out for a vote in the republican controlled house. his office has received more than 500 phone calls about the issue prompted him to call a special session. the special session could begin as early as today and cost taxpayers >> michelle bachman no longer wants to the swiss. she said she is dropping her dual citizenship. she has been eligible since 1978 when she married her husband is a swiss harass his. her spokesperson says the couple's children wanted to look into mental citizenship so have come in and how how have have hah
4:50 am
hah >>james: severe storms swept through phoenix yesterday in peoria you can see the scale of the damage and kaufhof has as >>justine: had her go down to the zazzle bay to breakers that is sunday, may 20th. kron4 has a very exciting show that starts at 8:00 a.m. with gary radnich in the pam more. we also have live reports from the start line in the
4:51 am
finish line and all of the funds customs. we will also bring a higher ratio with all of these spectacular find of the bay to breakers. we have much more ahead on the kron4 news as we take a live look outside from our cameras
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>>justine: here's a quick look at the 7 day around the bay. kate is going to be beautiful up there. legal trouble for one of the oakland raiders. prosecutors are filing dui charges against darya is hayward vague theory he was arrested on the bay bridge when police say he was speeding in weaving through traffic. he agreed to a chemical test which prosecutors say should a blood alcohol level above
4:54 am
the legal limit if he is said to be to find later this month. >> a couple of addresses and into boxing to be magnets for that feverfew affect fair hot spots for illegal dumping and a little tennis, och. >>stanley: if you are looking at a lot of transfix the rear of an apartment located off on sycamore drive is a city of antioch. next door, there is another apartment complex with a lease signed in the window to yousef for behind it, trash and forth to north how the mother are hall new-car mayor marion, they have had issues over the yes.
4:55 am
about six months ago there was a lot of garbage dumps. >>stanley: far as it was cleaned up but now, there is a new pile. this city of and that has been working with the the building owner to get all of this clean up but there is another problem. for >> apparently she does not have any legal tenants. she does now receive rent from anyone. >> >> people are living there along with all of this garbage. the funding is, the people who live in the complex and not seem to know who they actually pay their rent to. >> i do not know the owners name. it is some lady. >> who do you pay their rent to? >> my mother does this use of a state right now. stephen >> everyone we spoke to that smart answers. who do you pay your rent to?
4:56 am
>> there is a guy that comes out here, i do not of his name. >>stanley: you do not know his name? do you take cash or do you give them a check? >> money order. >>stanley: how much do you pay? see this extension cord? this is what powers the unit. the city has been tried to get everything cleaned up but it has been an uphill battle. even the residents are fed up. >> i have a concerned citizen. cox for the record, the city of antioch is working on dealing with the mass and getting of these illegal tennis lifar >>justine: if you have a format for a story idea for >>stanley: , faculty in know him how
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so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you. but i guess that's okay right? actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? ya know?
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cancel the gym membership. bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >>darya: did morning and thank you for joining us. the top stories this hour, a new search for missing
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teenager sierra lamar is about to get underway today. >>james: teachers and san francisco are preparing to go on strike. >>darya: the biggest bank in the u.s. lost $2 billion in a matter of weeks. we will tell you how it happened and how it will impact the stock market. if >>james: we're watching it warm up as we head into the weekend. >>james: here is a live look for mt. tam looking back overseas. hazy but not bad. today will be slightly warmer than yesterday. this suggests here is a quick look at how and some will develop. if mostly clear and mild. temperatures are in the '50s. this afternoon, the warming will continue. today will be warmer than yesterday. quitted of locations in the mid-upper 80s and and the fog approaching again as we head into the overnight hours. that is a quick look at whether over the course of
5:01 am
the day. right now temperatures mainly in the '60s. here is a look at current temperatures. gotta the barely even division of '70s and '80s the second and. fiske asked to upper 80s and possible nineties and adults. here's a look at specific numbers in these communities. highs inland in the upper 80s. saturday, 90 in a good number of spots. from other states are voters will pull back a little bit making it comfortable for the full outside.
5:02 am
slightly cooler weather said of the beginning of next week. >>george: here's a quick look at the bay bridge. the ride westbound car. every light and easy ride around the bay aircraft for the east bay, south bay and the north bay ride. >> will tran is live with the latest. >>will: but i am at 98 and macarthur content is seen up cut a hit-and-run. in this blue card is the victims. they're trying to pull out of their driveway when another car came along and
5:03 am
smashed into would come and injuring four people serious the other car kept going by the license plate fell off. the owner says his car was stolen. >>darya: nearly 100 teachers in administrators will get things lives next to it. the president of the teachers' union says all of that number is fewer than in previous years, it is still devastating to the staff. in a statement to kron4, the school district says it hopes to rescind those way
5:04 am
up notices as vacancies come up. >>darya: is advanced as the teachers are gearing up to walk off the car brewhouse sentences good teachers voted on striking last night. teachers are locked into a contract dispute with the district. this week, the district voted to layer of 210 features. >> in san francisco teachers to the first staff for authorizing a possible strike. teachers say there is a striking woman bing until next school year.
5:05 am
the district and teachers are in contentious contract negotiations enforce a state mediator has been called in. >>james: to the largest bank of the united states said it lost 2 million in just two weeks. the ceo of j.p. morgan chase says the loss was designed after a trading portfolio, stocks plunging 7% in overnight trading. other bank stocks are suffering heavy losses as well here if the trading loss is an embarrassment.
5:06 am
>>james: the dow jones saw a loss of over 500 points so far this month. right now, dow futures are down 62 points. >>darya: coming out, we are going to be following the weather and traffic. it is going to be a nice weekend. check out our mt. tam cam. it is crystal clear this morning. mom? hmm?
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>> if you concede that crews are getting it ready to tell the blue monster carlo way from the scene. a family of four was inside when they try to pull out of their driveway. another car came along and smashed into it but did not
5:10 am
stop. fortunately the license plate fell off. the police department was able to track the car a short distance from this location. good news to pass along, the four people cox crack
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5:13 am
>>justine: an update on a wednesday night stand up, a man was shot and killed by police. he was a suspect in his own mother's murder. diane hughes was found dead from one force trauma to the
5:14 am
head at her home in order park on tuesday, she had been beaten to death. from a park police went to san francisco to interviewed dennis hughes at his girlfriend's apartment. that is when he began shooting at officers and set fires in side of the apartment, barricaded himself inside. >> we do know that there were some relationship problems between the mother and the sun. he did reside at the residence with his mother. she was in the process of having him leave the house. i do not know what their issues were, but there were some problems. >>darya: this to layer highlander that belongs to his mother was found in the area of the standoff with the sun. >> the 17 year-old marin county boy charged in a drive-by shooting and
5:15 am
stealing in the beginning will not enter a plea for least a month. max way it is charged as adults and is being held with $2 million bail. he will be back in court on june 20th. fog authorities say he shot at a former classmate and his girlfriend on april 13th. that investigation led them to finding the lamborghini in richmond. we also learned he threw lavish parties at this home and abroad that he did not even live in.
5:16 am
>>james: here is a look at the golden gate. will have a pretty decent mix of cooler temperatures along the coast. 70's in the immediate bay,
5:17 am
'80s further inland. 90 degree weather is a possibility for folks in the delta and the livermore valley, even some portions of the san ramon valley in areas of the south bay. as you have further south it will get warmer for you. >> here is your peninsula forecast for this afternoon.
5:18 am
as we look to the no. you'll see anywhere from low 80s all the way to the upper 80s near napa. here is your weekend forecast. saturday will be warmest. will have a full extended forecast coming up with your 7 day around the bay. the >>george: before we check the freeways, let's check on a public transit issue that the 24th street bart station. and joining us is a lieutenant with the bart police. we understand that is police action affecting the 24 street station.
5:19 am
>>officer: that is correct. we had a stabbing early this morning. the station is a fairly close down because it is a crime scene. we're not allowing anyone to get off of the transfer from now. >>george: any expectation as to when they might reopen the station? >> i do not know that. we have our detectives and crime scene tax on the scene. as soon as there then we will release the station. >>george: at what time did this incident occurred? >> around for 20 a.m.. >>george: what are the extent that the interests of the person involved? >> i am not sure if there are life threatening warmest theory and thought >>george: de of the suspect in custody? >>officer: we do. >>george: that is " a
5:20 am
lieutenant with the police of running a similar closing of a firm dec the west down 580 ride it looks good. peninsula, a pretty good traffic and no problems through redwood city. here is a look at south bay freeways. 101, to 80 and 880 are all silly laugh.
5:21 am
seeds are at 50 mi. per hour or better. >>darya: multiple top democrats say some of the president's top aides were inlaid with joe phi "tommy" pham ft-se is the one that forced the game marriage conversation. the president made a statement on same-sex marriage coming out and supported on wednesday purify over the weekend, biden told a reporter he will absolutely comfortable with same-sex marriage. the team had timed the announcement for the president for next week but because of what biden said, they had to move that up. mitt romney is taking responsibility for what he is calling pranks that people as a teenager. he is apologizing for something that happened in high school as some have called offensive and possibly homophobic. his actions came to light falling a washington post article or that included firsthand accounts from boys
5:22 am
at this all voice for a school. one man said that from it was among a group of them who held down another boy and cut his hair off. another described how the former massachusetts officials affair used to say that a girl twisted and later revealed he is gay. romney says he has no memory of these incidents and is a very different person than he was in high school. >>erica: this is definitely the big talker on our facebook fan page. i asked viewers if these findings change the opinion of the candidate. we have a lot of comments coming in. if you would like to leave your own comments visit our facebook fan page.
5:23 am
>>james: michelle bachman for dual citizenship. a spokesperson said the couple's children wanted to look with the process as a family >>justine: >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. thank you for waking up with the kron4 morning news. we know it is not easy all the time, but it is friday. a fabulous weekend coming up.
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>>mark: more than 60 nfl players claim pro football the not properly protect players from confessions theory deceit says not enough was done to netflix
5:27 am
and then about the dangers. >>darya: cities and residents across five counties are very tough for one of the largest raises in america. professional cyclists from all around the world will kick off this year's tour of california in the bay area starting at santa rosa on sunday and then heading through san francisco, the peninsula, santa cruz county, san jose, danville and walnut creek before crossing the finish line in who livermore on may 15th. that is a tuesday. organizers say the area's cities were chosen as the backdrop for more than a third of the event. >>mark: we're counting down to this zazzle bay to breakers, kron4 has exciting shows starting at 8:00 p.m. with gary radnich jetta host of kron4 staff. we will have live reports from the start line and
5:28 am
finished lines as well as the fund customs. at 7:00 p.m. kron4 will bring you the highlights from the race. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside as we're waiting for the son to come out. here is a clear shot of the james lick in san francisco.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
kantor's >> use the 18th street station, that is the closest point. there has been established at the 24th street mission bart station. you can either take muni or walk the six blocks from 24 down to 18th.
5:32 am
trains there are stopping in that platform is unaffected by the investigation. one person is in custody. >>james: the live look from the roof camera, a beautiful looking sky over san francisco. fairly clear. we have light fog and hazing is up for the most part everyone is looking at a beautiful start to this friday morning. mostly clear condition that temperatures in the '50s in the upper 40's. temperatures are warmer than yesterday. authorities inland into this evening we will cool things down. the weekend looks fantastic. a full check of whether coming up in a moment. >>mark: the search for sierra lamar is continuing today and tomorrow.
5:33 am
>>craig: here are some pictures, the kind of work that they have been doing and is searching for sierra lamar. fear they have used sonar to read below the water cans, the drivers themselves are back out doing this again. since even though it has been nearly two months since the disappearance, they have not stopped trying. the pictures the ec here, they should be out again this morning. they have been a rotating from a reservoir to reservoir.
5:34 am
>>mark: police are still investigating the red jetta that was in the area at the time of her disappearance. so far, no suspects have been named. we continue our coverage in the search for sierra lamar on our web site, facebook fan page and twitter. >>darya: the yahoo ceo scott thompson says he did not mislead the company when he was hired. he never provided yahoo with a rise in may or incorrect information about his academic credentials. he came under fire when a top yahoo shareholder revealed that his biography included a computer science degree that he never received. is the first time that thompson has explicitly
5:35 am
denied lying to yahoo about his education record. >>mark: we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street as j.p. morgan chase said they lost $2 billion in the last few weeks. this ito spoke out and said that loss was because of the trading portfolio and taking risks with money. stock plunged 7% in overnight trading after the announcement loss. expect other bing losses as well. >>mark: we had just broken a losing streak for the dow, the dow was up 20 yesterday after a better than expected
5:36 am
unemployment report. with the j.p. morgan shares announcement dow futures are down 62 points ahead of the opening bell. >>darya: 8 raiders wide receiver has been charged with misdemeanor from driving. q. was arrested after being pulled over on the bay bridge and feeling a field sobriety test. his attorney says that the oakland raiders player will plead not guilty when he is due back in court on may 31st. he was a first-round draft pick in 2009. he had a breakout season last year after struggling. when >>justine: new information on the stabbing that happened on the 24th street mission bart station. we are hearing that the bart station is now again, we know that one person is in custody before the stabbing. we have crews added to the area to gather more information.
5:37 am
the good news is the station is back open despite police activity. >>darya: will also be back with a rare forecast for the weekend as well as other traffic. here is a live look at the approaches to the bay bridge which looks like a terrific ride. we will be right back. terrific ride. we will be right back. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>>darya: for the first time, for the leas file a feeling ski for detained for fear of age and also have a prior criminal records. reggie kumar has a loftiest fog them of people of this are known as the bart police say that 60 percent of the more than 1400. bidders were questioned and given a ticket in 2011 were on parole or had a warrant
5:41 am
for their our rest. the transit agency police department says some of the crimes range from auto theft to big robbery. one man detained federal prison is bb. some writers at the civic center's this if in san francisco have mixed feelings about a writer's criminal tax. half >> i would say you run into that allows for the much anywhere. " >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues and of the clock. in san francisco skies are bright. in san francisco skies are bright. cough far
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>> the fire district will be close to another station. smith is the second fire station to close this year. in the fire chief says the distal after a lot of mutual aid now know the district hopes to reopen the station in the future but it is unclear when a will be possible. the >>james: or will have the same pattern of water, upper
5:46 am
'40's, '50's on the coast and in the north bay. here is a look at current temperatures. where will temperatures go this afternoon? take a look. the seventh is the financial will tran, 72 for you. across the north bay, widespread mid-upper 80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. let's take a look at your
5:47 am
weekend. saturday will be the warmer of the to. the local things done more as we head into the beginning of next week. costs >>george: the incident was about earlier this morning, the close of the 24th street bart station is no longer in issue. there are no hot spots, unusual problems or delays.
5:48 am
here is a look at the golden gate and a look at your ride towards san francisco coming from marin county. we are delay free. discuss green on the roadways answers mean speeds of 60 or better. >>mark: here is video from 10 a.m. yesterday, it is
5:49 am
dark inside of the caldecott. according to caltrans, the problem is believed to be computer-related. >>darya: a couple of addresses and antioch seem to be magnets for bad behavior. they're hot spots for illegal dumping in the legal sense. >>stanley: months on sycamore drive, two apartment complexes, trash along with home furnishings piled about a foot high. fourth our next door to extra clean homes. >>stanley: of we have some issues that year? >> absolutely.
5:50 am
>> about six months ago there was a lot of garbage dumped there. >>stanley: the guards was originally clean up but now there is more. there is another problem. >> she doesn't have any legal tenants. she has now received and iran and over two years. the funny thing is, the people who live in the complex is to not know who they pay their rent to.
5:51 am
>>stanley: this extension cord is would hours this unit. the city has tried to get everything cleaned up but it has been its an uphill battle. >> i am a concerned citizen. something should of been done a long time ago. softs >>darya: if you have a comment or story idea for demi, contact him for it twitter of a facebook or e- mail him directly. >>mark: here is a live look outside on this friday
5:52 am
morning, a beautiful start today out over san francisco. we are counting down the days to this zazzle bay to breakers. a week from sunday, the show starts at 80 ms. it is as to the gary radnich and pam moore if we will have live reports and all of the fund's costs in syria that is from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. and a 7:00 p.m. highlight show of the race for the bay to breakers.
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5:56 am
will >> its a staffing happened at about 4:30 a.m.. if years as though a woman stabbed another person. that woman has been taken away in handcuffs. coming up we have more details of the station should leave the office ferry if fifth >>mark: mother's day is on sunday. if you confine your mother a card, they say the air america and how high and 100 ft. of dollars on a mother's day irian
5:57 am
>>darya: they're trying to make you feel bad. that is $12 more than the average person spent last year. there is an estimation of people will spend a total of 18.6 billion and a sunday. if you're sending flowers, you are not alarmed. >>darya: coming up, j.p. morgan cheese loses its $2 billion suggests six weeks. we will tell you how that happened. aerators white receive results of a call. once. hearth shocked mitt romney
5:58 am
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