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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 13, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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important to keep up the search is. research as a continuing to search and looking for any kind of clothes that they can find. sierra's mother was talking about. this car was discovered last week. police and not know, exactly how it is connected to the police and if they do they probably would not share because the do what not want to give any clues that are not necessary to the public.
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>>mark: were gonna go to live in santa clara on 101. >> this is a ton of corridor that the chp likes to cut down on, this self vote phone violators in irian -- cell phone by later as. here the distract the driving information. the police officers would get you for tickets on city streets because they did not like to see distracted as well.
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the cities and counties will increase that amount with fees of their own. they're definitely looking at keeping people from getting distracted. sysop pass in california it numbers of accents are significantly down. on mother's day, try not to the prominent by getting pulled over for a cell phone violation. my >>marty: reader and the take another look outside. it is a little overcast but nothing compared to yesterday. nothing compared to yesterday. roar! alright, what do lions eat?
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>> we're back of the bay area news. the occupied the farm protesters have finally occupied -- left the farm but they said they will be back. when asked 88 tried to meet with them and talking of for they said know that they wanted something more public. the collective want to say the land for farming but the schools as they want to develop it into a recreational facilities. let's take a look outside for the bay branch and we will give you a mother's day forecast when we come back through
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>> we are back on kron 4
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news weekend. we're is a look from mt. tam. you can see the letter of fog covering the bay. let's cut to janu. >>janu: it is going to burn off by this afternoon. he can see coastal fog this morning and as a matter of fact temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than his normal right now we were at all fifties around the bay. we're gonna see the fog roll and of the night and
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the fog given today. you're gonna be the highs. and to be low eighties for livermore criticism upper 60s. 70 for richmond 59 degrees for ocean beach 67 for dallas city 62% the cisco the be 77 for some of sonoma. 77 for napa there feel will be 80 degrees. it is a bit of the roller- coaster for temperatures. will be cooler tamara and then warmer on tuesday and wednesday cooler on thursday and even more next weekend. >>marty: this and this
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strange and began saturday to mark the anniversary of this movement your spain is in dire economic straits. they're saying that it may need a bailout. it is in a recession. a political war is on same- sex man in marriages. last week the president announced his support for gay marriage. pat put more broadly -- about romney to reiterates his position. >> culture >> culture, you live and how you believe is a social
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issue. marriage is between one man and one moment. >> all, on the other hand after his announcement made it clear that he supports same-sex marriage. >> it is important for me to go ahead and confirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married >> send form-this is a very strong political weapon santorum said. we hope that the use is is is a strong political weapon.
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>> here is that results of a pall of approval of his decision. despite the conversation on same-sex marriage most people are expected to get back to the job issues that really matter. >>henry: this is that candidate for the green party. candidate for the green -a( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente,
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>> >> >>henry: a candidate for the president of united states.
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she is dr. jill stein. sivas in a debate yesterday in the bay area. flat out, you think you have a chance of winning? . >> and jill-i am not holding my breath, but i am not ruling it out. right now we have competing public relations for wall street sponson businesses. we are making the point that we have made progress and out the last pass several
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centuries through independent small parties that drive this. whether it is the socialist labor party the women's are devoted moulmein, -- the women's right to vote movement. it is a win where ever we come out. >>henry: of the suit there are also some issues the you can put forward to discuss with other candidates. >>jeff: >> -doctors a dying. dr. stein. we're seeing massive bail outs from the is president. he has raised the problems of george bush and had even
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gone further. he has disregarded the climate. he has neglected trade agreements. would establish a green need steel. we can do that now for about the costa -- the price of one of the stimulus packages. andy >> last time people voted for the green party canada that they lost altogether. >> dr. stein.
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this philosophy of voting for the lesser evil is a political strategy. politics in the past tense delivered everything that we are afraid of. like expanding moors. the meltdown of the climate. the attack on silver liberty. we lost more in four years of barack obama and then we lost in eight years of george bush. we need a tremendous amount of courage to move forward. >>henry: you will see her name on the ballot for as the green party candidate. >>marty: people are turned find an affordable apartment in the area have another thing to worry about,
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>> , back at kron 4 new spirit looking at the golden gate bridge right now. most of the bay area that has fought right now. shunted >> this is the view of the sentences story where we can see cloudy skies. -- over san francisco are cloudy skies. and the steady breeze include with this afternoon in the cloud cover will move back in this evening. right now is mostly the cities across the area.
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as we take a look at about 10:00 on future forecast. listee that by this afternoon a warm-up to the '60s and lower '70s and by the at evening it will quarterback down. we will have your extended forecast coming out. >>marty: if a lot of people are i can neither roads for mother's day. the chp is cracking down over the past month or so who higher spot using yourself as well driving. >>craig: chp has done is
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that it is not worth the campaign. they do not want people driving while using cell phones. here's some numbers from the april. that can be expensive considering the average ticket for a first-time offender is a hundred and $42. $142. this first started this lot and 2008. the certificates just on the freeways. on city streets the sheriff's department does the same thing.
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they get the driver is under a distracted driver concepts to. the crackdown ad see the point that they want people to pay attention while driving. >>marty: and that was crag reporting live. departments -- all part my complexes are not on a targeted by high prices but also by criminals. >> it is really frustrating when half of the responses you get when looking for an apartment are fake.
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this man goes through dozens of fake advertisements on craig's less. >> this person says he's seen more fake posts on craig's listen real close. this is a real building but the rental poses not correct. >> here is a boring. the and -- here is a warning. the information on your post on crisis may not be real. look for something that gives it away they it's a scam. >> do not give personal and the nation. >> usually when i go
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through in and ask it to fill out a credit report by june not look further. he if they just want you to send a security deposit, they could be is damned. -- a could be a scam. >> if they say that no one has seen this before. or they want peace. with a what to send you the east can keys. >>marty: let's look at the top five seeded cities with the largest increases of france since last year.
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-- to rent accurate anchor is growing connection with a deadly shooting. a rally was held in oakland saturday by in the boy that was killed last sunday with a police greece to pursue. the boy ran away and they say that he pulled out that gun in the police shot him. >> install data of celebrating mother's day, and must a mother is heavy a
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protest for the death the first son. the 18 year-old was said to have a gun him the mother said the the hircine would never point a gun to the police. >>marty: authorities are back out in santa clara county looking for more news on sierra lamar. they are trying to find something that might trigger a memory or seems to be out of the ordinary to last seen on her way the school on march 16th. there is a car ripped is possibly related to this that they have found. it is day vw jetta with a
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black could. >>marty: were taking a lot look outside to the bay bridge. it is the are low clouds of over san forecast skies irian ♪
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>> >>marty: this is the beginning of one of the largest cycling races in the area. it is kicking up today. is this start of at 1050 this morning and samos. the lead santa rosa. the finish line is in santa rosa.
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brandon mccarthy was that amounts striking out 10. the a's were winning 31. it will be against the tigris again today this afternoon. and the giants, took a nasty shot of the shins. they won five to two. 5-2. let's take another look at nature mother's day forecast. when we come back
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>>marty: happy mother's day. we are taking a live look outside. let's go-i knew. >>janu: can still see coastal fog and low clouds. it is seven to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. the think the with the current condition. it is almost 60 degrees and sunny bill. you can see the cloud cover pushing in on the satellite and radar. this afternoon will lead to the mid to upper 70's. this afternoon it can be as
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high as 80 in fairfield. mid-70s in santa rosa and felt petaluma. we are expecting cooling to mar. in but ago up a little bit on monday and tuesday's enhance ben back out there is day friday and warmer for the weekend. >>marty: his cover on the magazine is making a lot of people take a double take. then headline reads are you mommy enough. >> there are a lot of people who were surprised. this woman says that breast- feeding her three and a half year-old son is the most natural thing in the world.
8:48 am
is on his brother happy doing it, then why not. time magazine's latest cover is making a lot of people of comfortable. >> i think it's gross. to stop the 12 months. >> sees as in. this woman understands the negative reaction. the people ignore the nurturing side of the experience. >> to look at some people's extreme opinions about it he will turn some people off completely. babies -- babies develop a strong emotional bond and feel more secure is long as they're held.
8:49 am
>> the american academy of pediatrics recommends that babies should be breastfed 36 runs in some of to reviewer. even if moms choose to breast feed long career they should not be he made to feel guilty about their choice. >> let's cut henry. >>henry: i'm sitting here the assembly man for sentences the giants appeared -- the assembly man for san francisco. we will be back.
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>> i am governor jerry
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brown. >>henry: that the governor say that the deficit went from 9 billion to $16 billion. this is the state assemblyman for sampras is the. after the interview he has pointed to some batting practice-laughter. >> the hope for taxes after april 15th was higher. >>henry: at did they not know how much? >> it was portrayed by the
8:54 am
governor that it was not as much as they expected. he has a tax revenue issue on the ballot next november. i am very supportive of this. when we see the result of these cuts, that could be a good prompter for people. >>henry: and you think that tax measure has required a chance? your >> i don't know if people are focused yet. it has definitely have a shot. the drama and is when you see your school district having to cut back on and social worker is having been cutbacks.
8:55 am
i think san francisco will be supportive. >>henry: what about the controversy on medical marijuana? your >> we would double message by the obama administration we thought that everything was fine, no more raids. all the sudden we got this massive attack. they're closing the center is in a very transparent. we cannot figure that out. if you talk to the mayor -- but if you talk to the
8:56 am
president they said this the u.s. attorney's choice. we've gotten the attention of finance to close the portia's put out a statement. >>henry: what is your bill? >> my bill would put up operation distribution of medical marijuana californian. right now is chaotic. san diego and el day has turned the back. -- set san diego and las angeles has turned their back. i'm trying to get this done for the rest of the state.
8:57 am
we will see what happens. >>henry: they give them much credit when we come back and is almost time for the black and white ball.
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>> >>marty: in morning and happy mother's day. coming up this hour on kron 4 news. we will have a and every
9:00 am
report to me about the dangers of this act of driving. will have a story about a 89 year-old college graduate. it is almost like a white ball time and we will have a preview. let's take a live look outside. let's see what the weather is like an san francisco. it is not too bad. senate >> here is a live look from the golden gate bridge. iroquois have a cool down to day for your mother's day. it's sunny and breezy and cooler. we will seek help fog and clouds will disappear and then come back.
9:01 am
it's about 60 degrees already in antioch. the south bay will be getting about 79 degrees in inland areas of the warmer areas today. 62 degrees in san vances' go. we will have a 62 degrees in san francisco. we will be back with more news weather later. in an on-line address posted on youtube. >>marty: the governor's warning about severe cuts. there morning is use about public safety.
9:02 am
>> i'm asking you, the people of california plan will pay 3 percent more in income-tax is for seven years. even with a modest increase, sales taxes will be lower than ever before. >>marty: governor brown's plan also guarantees public safety funding at the lower level. a rally in oakland against a police shooting of about a week ago at a police up person. the boy and man in the police say that he put that gun and therefore they shot him. the people at his rallies to
9:03 am
the they want justice. >> instead of celebrating mother's day, this mom is seeking justice for her son. there at the intersection of where the oakland police officer shot her son the officer filed for shots. police say the 18 year-old pointed a gun at the officer forcing him to shoot. the mother doesn't buy this story. she says that he knows if he points a gun that is certain debt. she also said that he would not a done this because he didn't not want to get in any more trouble. mother says that he did make mistakes earlier in his life but he turned his life around family friends and
9:04 am
supporters were at the site of a shooting your. they say that the office said it shut the boy also shot himself once in the foot. them of clan and pappardelle kron 4 news. >>marty: officials continue to work for -- look for clues and the case of sierra lamar. m looking for things that would trigger someone's memory or out of the ordinary. we asked if the volunteers and lost some of the resolve as time goes on.
9:05 am
>> it is even more important now the but the search is. the searches are still part because they-there are still things to find. here is the car that was found pit is a vw jetta with a black coffin. police did not say how sick connected to the case because they do not a compromise the investigation. the may be a lot of it distracted drivers of today. the chp and be looking for distracted drivers in irian let's get a crank on the scene. he is don highway 101 in santa clara.
9:06 am
>>craig: this is the chp is not worth the campaign. they're looking for distracted drivers that use cell phone or are this taxing. here's some of the numbers of the arrest. it is not those that taxes are use of funds is anyone that is distracted. beyond the freeways, "
9:07 am
woolsey a different municipalities cracking down too. on city streets when they see people that i too distracted they will be stopped. be careful when you are out there, even when they are not cracking down seances cell phones. >>marty: cameo but kron 4 news, an fbi agent is missing feared in here san francisco, dolores park and the mission. francisco, dolores park and the mission. when i take a picture of this check,
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>>marty: the looking for a missing fbi agent in southern california. 35 year of eye and has been
9:11 am
missing from his home in irian pin there has been no violence associate with him and there has been no threat to the community. we know that this man is none to be in distraught and he may be suicidal. police said that they did not find his guns of they believe he is carrying it with him. they're cutting the mountains east of glendale in southern california. well at the occupied the farmer protesters have a left the plot of land in albany. protesters were kicked out since last month. they were attending to a in an urban garden that they planted. they wanted to make sure
9:12 am
that there was something more public so that people could see what is going on. you're going overseas were angry part protesters are in the streets today. there in spain and they're angry about unemployment. here's a look at the bay bridge. there are still over is cast skies. we will be right back.
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>> >>marty: we are back and kron 4 news weekend. the plan spain hit the streets to protest the one- year anniversary of the spontaneous movement that inspired similar demonstrations around the world. spain is in dire economic straits. they fear that they might need a bill out. they're in a recession with unemployment over 25 percent rim a political war between
9:16 am
same-sex marriage is happening between obama and romani. that has led brought me to reiterate his position. >>robin: -- rodney mit romney marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. mit romney reaffirmed his stand on gay man on same-sex marriage. >> present a bomb at-for me personally -- president obama says i think that
9:17 am
same-sex couples should be able to get married and >> rick santorum-says the this is important if romney is willing to step up and taking advantage of getting in touch with the ballets of america. >> a gallup poll taken on friday said it you want people approve all obama this position. however of all people want them to get back to the main focus of the campaign which should be economy. >>marty: it looks like a
9:18 am
nice day around the bay let's go to janu. >>janu: most people are waking up the coastal fog and low clouds. expecting cooling trend to continue on. the temperature should be up a little bit by tuesday. the ebro your the temperatures right now are in the '50s. premising as the upper 70's. the be 81 in morgan hill. the bill lotto ladies in the livermore valley. 70 degrees for richmond 76
9:19 am
for oakland in irian 60 in half moon bay. 66 for san francisco. let's take a look at 7 day around the bay. it be cooling to mar warming up tuesday and wednesday calling on thursday and friday and warming up again on saturday. >>marty: this is called making mothers visible in is a global photography exhibit. the worldwide tour was launched yesterday. the photographs are on all sides of the library building. these photographs will be on
9:20 am
display through memorial there is a 89 year old man received his degree of public relations on saturday. and there when he was under and then went to work with his father. when he became a grandfather he wanted to be an example. so he worked into a pout this transcript and what back to school. then i said what he's doing gramm but charlie he says i'm a gray at graduating from college. >>marty: begin see that his personality makes him one of the most popular students on campus.
9:21 am
we wanted see how mark zuckerberg or is it willing investors. >>henry: sucker burke is not have to rule investors apparently they are flocking to his cause. there is a contemporary art exhibition from asia. who will tell you about a coming up. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> >>henry: un here is a brand- new site in the bay area. it's a lotus flower the senate as the. this is in the exhibition of contemporary asian art. she's also the curator for
9:25 am
the exhibition allison party. contemporary art has not been a huge part of the asian art museum in the past. >> load -- low this is really the symbol for new in spiritual awakening. and is the power of daily life. >>henry: that is the dean of the at the exhibition. >> there is a lot of spirituality and supranational routes in asia.
9:26 am
where we in the cosmos-what happens after we die? . >>henry: was back >> we want to encourage artists she lies the contemporary ideas. there is a widespread impact is far is the kind the media this many of these pieces were created specifically for this exhibition and for the museum. >>henry: i think it's fascinating with the rich histories of china and japan india >> i would like to say that when our was made it was
9:27 am
always contemporary. account cutting edge contemporary art. there's some interesting facts. china was the biggest fine arts market in 2011. there is of a 100 museum's opening every year in china. this exhibition opens on may 18th. they give them much for joining us. in the talking about another big art event-the
9:28 am
black and white ball is coming up. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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>>marty: prep back on kron 4 news. we are expecting a beautiful day around the bay. >>janu: is a live look from the golden gate bridge. we are still overcasts. your waking of to low clouds and coastal fog. the inland areas a breeze the and cooler. it is seven the four teen decrease of more than yesterday. its message to fifties around area in irian you can see this the screen color since the '60s and and by
9:31 am
later on afternoon you can see in the be in the '70s and '80s. indeed back down to the fifties by about 8:00 this evening. we're expecting the upper seventies and low eighties in the south bay as well. >>marty: a lot of people are going to eat and that the roads for the mother's day brunch or later this evening. that could be a lot of distracted writers of around the area. does each p a r and d l citations to drivers who were on their cell phones. ms. craig is a reporting live on highway 101 in stamford says -- santa clara. this crack >> the two most common
9:32 am
cause is the distracted driving are being on is cell phone and testing. there is the number of tickets in the area. this is a much higher number than when they first started this law in 2008. when you look at several years going by and twice as many tickets as the hp takes this seriously. they want you to take this seriously. do not be applying make up. they concentrated areas where they believe people are driving on stories
9:33 am
distracted. if you're driving in california and you are using it you may be ticketed. >>marty: brent is on not rise and the bay area. it's not only the high prices the the the problem you can be targeted by chronic criminals. as he was the lookout for >> it's very frustrating when half of the responses to the apartments are fake. every day and does threw in dozens of false appetizers. is not alone. is another person's been looking for an apartment for several months. >> she is recently seemed
9:34 am
more false advertisements then we'll want. >> and she's sick and this is a real place in is to build a building with the advertisement is fake. be aware that the post you're looking at me not be real. if there is no address, want to get the reply the reply usually gives away. if somebody asks you to send money and get personal information that should be indicated that it is fake. >> but the times they want to click through and fill up your coat on " credit report. if they that are of there not a rather the can on the judiciary the house is probably fake.
9:35 am
if it's a of the be is security deposit and they will give it get everything move along in did you sent in staff. then it is no. >> as they stated no one has seen it before this new then it's probably fake. people are now turning to property management companies and other web sites to find real rentals. your ride increases of rents compared the last year in the area
9:36 am
this mother's day weekend volunteers to back out in san francisco -- a there looking for a sierra lamar. she won is the march 16th. we did discover how vw jetatta this week. >> we're focused on earrings or anything associated with that the new role things like that. search is not allowed losses >> not they feel the coming the feels is more important now than ever.
9:37 am
the urgency has never diminished it is even more important now to continue to search. now that they have the car in custody the search is still torn because there is still evidence to find. that searched now goes beyond looking for any physical stein. with the new evidence, there may be somebody that knows the viggle saw someone by the vehicle for of description of someone in of the vehicle is it will be
9:38 am
helpful. >> said the search continues with the hope that this can be expanded on. in morgan hill, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >>marty: kierkegaard the ralph of the starting of the fight to work. -- we are going to go over the route to the beginning of the bite the bullet-bike store. -- a bike race.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> this is one of the large is cycling races of the country is that and gen to war. there ago. they will finish at livermore on may 15th.
9:42 am
pitcher brendan mccarthy was on them now. the final score was 3-1. there according get the tigris today use the this afternoon. >> the giants won 5-2. it is the giants' first win over the the backs. coming up on kron 4 news. facebook will be going public this weekend. we will talk about more of that
9:43 am
>>henry: the big social the bed of the year is coming up is the big black and white ball. mom? hmm?
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for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ >> >>henry: every two years, san francisco coach motta car mechanic-black and white. the 2012 black-and-white advent is almost upon us. let me introduce you to the hardest working woman of the year when it comes to this kind of entertainment. she is the chairwoman. tell folks what schooling to happen. the date is june 2nd.
9:47 am
>> that is right, we are so excited. we are celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the symphony. this is the one where we are born to have an incredible lineup. >>henry: the entertainment is amazing. >> paul simon the a concert. and the san francisco symphony for the first time ever will be playing with our artists. that is going to be fabulous because he is the musician they can work so well with the different ensembles. >> what other performers? could >> the wall flowers.
9:48 am
we are celebrating 50 '60s and '70s. we have the drifters. we have something for everybody. no matter what your age. >>henry: we have partnered with the food and drink would be a party of its own. >> will close a portion of the civic center area. there will be fireworks. it is going to be an extravaganza this year. >>henry: this video does not reflect about black and
9:49 am
white ball. this dancing in the streets. there are five stages. is very amazing. is happening on june 2nd in is happening all over the war memorial. you can take a look at their web site. there are many many hours of entertainment is so it is a good value. >> it also benefit 75,000 children in the bay area in the educational program. >>henry: thank you for your work on this patricia. >> >>marty: let's take a look at the weather this sunday.
9:50 am
let's take and look out live at the lawrence park. >>janu: it is starting to perk up a bit out there. you can see the sun shine is clearing. it is cooler than yesterday. it will cool further into monday in an temperatures warm up a bit on tuesday. let's take a look at where the temperatures are going to be. their 814 antioch. at 77 for martinas prepared 69 for hayward 74 for free mark.
9:51 am
716 seconds and the tail. 66 for san francisco. the mid-70s the santa rosa. 77 for napa. we're continuing for the cooling trend henry to mark irian then it will get warmer on wednesday thursday friday will clark down and warmer for the weekend. >> >>marty: pot out the base facebook is getting ready to go public kron 4 de was there to talk to them gave >> >>gabe: a few hundred investors were invited to the crown plaza hotel and allow to go.
9:52 am
>> i think people are trying to understand the business model and with their turn to go in the future. he said sukkur per day a 10 minute speech about the mission -- he said the mark zuckerberg art contaminates speech about the mission of the company. any answer questions for the rest of the time. he was wearing a gray t- shirt and blue jeans. nobody. >> will brown made the trip from sacramento to here is the kurds -- mike zuckerberg ergs pitch.
9:53 am
well wanted to size up the shape of facebook. mark zuckerberg was cool, collected. the rollout a stoic faces in the audience. >> that went to know anybody question facebook about one the dollar investment. >> markets and ambition visionary. mark zuckerberg is a and a visionary. it is expected to go public on may 18th. >> we have yet learned that yacht -- we have learned
9:54 am
yahoo cso thompson has stepped down. thus assured his colleagues that he never misled his company about his background. >> we are one week away from of the beta breakers race. this starts at 8:00 a.m. and it will be on a kron horse hot some -- the hottest and eerie red hello?
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