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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 14, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>dan: this will result in $18.3 billion in cuts. he believes that that with the passage of the temporary budgetary measures could close the gap. here is exactly what he is proposing with a 5 percent salary cut for state employees. by having them work at four days of them work. at 9.5 hours. and a 7 percent cut in the elderly. and a cut in the disabled. also the welfare to work program would reduce from the amount that you can stay in the program. 48 months, and also cut to celt grants. part of the portion that you would need a high your gpa of cal-grants needing a higher gpa.
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haand the late court room construction these are contingent on the november voter approval. if they do not pass? k-12 could see a $5.5 billion in tcuts which is six the equivalent of cutting several weeks of school in the next two years. if these fail. let me mention that back in january they were talking about 2 1/3 million dollars in cuts. now they're talking about do wondered $50 million in cuts. 250 -- million dollars in cuts. >>pam: who is responsible? >> tax revenue has been over affected over expected. and cuts
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that goes back into the budget that bag of money that remark. >> difficult months ahead. advocates held rallies encouraging legislators to choose revenues solutions over tax cuts. the california partnership organization people that are not going to be able to get health care on medicale. >> it is frustrating. instead of investing in finding revenue. that would keep californians have become a healthy, safe. what makes this state great we are looking at deeper budget cuts to relate important programs. health care, housing, senior services. all of those things that make telephone agreed with -- really important programs. that make -- california great. >>pam: also the impact of
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education and their children's well-being. detectives revealing new information for sierra lamar. they said that that red car was actually in police custody when they announced their looking for it. terisa estacio has more. >>terisa: right now kron 4 has learned that forensic specialists are working overtime in. imagining - inspecting -- every inch of this red jetta. jose cardoza. >> this red car was known as early on in the investigation at the end of the month of march. however the number of vehicles that were seen it through
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surveillance video obtained in this area was not until recently. in the last couple of weeks. with tips that came and that we are really repeat the detectives interest and this car could be associated. >>terisa: and the association of physical evidence? hair? >> correct we cannot comment on that. we will not disclose any specifics. >>terisa: they will say that the owner of the vehicle is known. can you tell us that the owner/owners are people of undressed on the case? >> i cannot comment on that. people of -- interest in the case. how big or small. what we do say is that it is connected in some way. >>terisa: kron 4. >>pam: 9 arrests on the occupy farm cap and albany. uc police
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of occupy-camp. this agricultural space owned by the university of california about the land it owns to the public. haazig madyun shows you how this unfolded. >>reporter: this happened at 6:00 a.m. monday morning. qc police in full riot gear. made their move. uc police --. after reclaiming the space and setting up barricades. for the next several hours a was a stand off with occupy pharma of protesters and over 50 law enforcement officers. with occupy forprotess are occupy far andm protestors. >> they destroyed a lot of crops and hard work and a lot of good energy. like i said they
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destroyed a community. >> personal community not taken away from the dump truck was returned to individuals that were waiting on the sidewalk. a new fence is being built near the san paulo entrance. in albany, haazig madyun >>pam: it death threats and graffiti keeping several students from going to school. this is from new york high- school. with the word i'm going to kill everybody in it -- and new woyork newark. this could possibly be connected with the new musical rap group. still, extra police were on campus as a precaution. >>jacqueline: this live look from the golden gate bridge mostly sunny for. you can see some clouds lingering in the distance. really nice for this afternoon. we started with plenty of cloud coverag in
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nelson's body -- nelson's body e >>jacqueline: upper 60s/low 70's in some areas with -- now some cooling temperatures expected tomorrow. temperatures are up and down through the range with the chance of rainfall by thursday. we will take a look in your forecast coming up in just a bit. >> catherine: how can a bank lose $2 billion in just six weeks? it is hounding j.p. morgan/chase. changes happening. including that the chief investment officer has retired. the heads are rolling at j.p.
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morgan juries. the chief investment officer. that presided over this trending loss has retired from this bank. she was one of the most powerful female executives. the huge investments of first andd dimon is admitting to mistakes. >> he is stupid. he is very able with a well-run bank and that is precisely the point! one of the best run institutions is over intelligent people with the mistake of this source that is why you need regulation that is a sign when you need a safety net. >> catherine: why should he care? why should people care? the most congressional in showing the potential downfall
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of other powerful banks. " i want to be accountability. >> there has been a guerrilla war out there the largest financial institutions have been doing everything they can to make sure that the financial regulations to not get put in place. if they do get put in place that there was a loophole, and not very effective. >> catherine: president obama wheat and a that the risky wagers on your need wait and -- with wall street reform. this could be a potential hot topic on the presidential campaign with eight very different opinion from hopeful mitt romney. take a look at the markets. the nasdaq fell 30 points. and the s. & p..
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analysts say concerns over the country of greece. political, a crucial deadline approaching with still the possibility of leaving the euro. rob black will have more. >> and i realize that i can say here and keep falling asleep or ultimately burned to death or i can walk through the hallway. >>pam: she survived this apartment fire blaze. in a san francisco. >> this brutal attack caught on tape. he was ceo for only four months. scott thompson is walking away a multimillionaire. details on his golden parachute despite a big résume contribution digg résume --
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misconception. >>gabe: facebook ip 0
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m a rally and a san jose were teachers are protesting for a new contract. >>pam: and better working conditions. charles clifford is live. >>charles: right now you are looking at teachers with the
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association of protesting outside of the school board meeting. they have been working without a raise and want a new contract. stalled negotiations and the main sticking point seems to be health care costs. they already pay 40 percent and that is enough. this meeting begins at 5:30 they want to speak to the school board to try to get these renegotiations started. charles clifford, kron4. >> catherine: this violent robbery caught on tape in florida. you can see this man walking down the street and people jumping on him. first, the suspect aston for $1. and began punching him. three other people started beating him. they thought his cellphone, wallet and walked to a neighbor's house and called for help. he was hurt
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pretty badly still and the hospital. >>pam: firefighters in northern arizona has forced people from their homes. this is near a historic mining town. it is just weeks before the busy tourist season. it is a popular destination for the all-terrain vehicles with a lot of log cabins. 85 miles north of phoenix. this has reached 4.5 square miles. it could have caused been from an electrical problem from a log cabin >> how does your savings account look verses' your debt? one in five u.s. households has a-- worth. the zero more on credit cards, and student loans and their savings. >> the u.s. postal service is stalling closing 600 per been/suburban and -- urban
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freestanding post offices. the a $11 million was offered by the government but still short to save what is needed in the long run. >>jacqueline: this roof cam from downtown san francisco we are seeing sunny skies. we did see cloudy conditions, curly.-early, these clear skies and a better picture from the giants game. tonight against the rockies. mid 50s to start. if a cool down towards the game regression. late fog possible. there will be areas of fog/drizzle closer to the coast. we will see fog away
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from the coast and the drizzle could be confined to just the coast. 10 degrees warmer in some areas than what we are seeing in today. that fog will return tomorrow. let us take a look it the fog tracker for the overnight hours. pinpointing for the east bay. and towards the south bay. definitely, i think that we will see more coverage in san francisco, san mattel and close to the coast. this will ultimately also be true. -- san mateo, the peninsula and the coast. continues to see that fog dissipating by 9:00 and possibly linking over san francisco by and, mostly clear. temperatures upper 70's! for the most part with 82 degrees in sunnyvale. 78 in milpitas. inland valleys, temperatures are
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also going to be a bit warm with 80s for the most part. 80s in antioch. the east bay shores are 60s/70's. and closer to the coast temperatures will stay in the low 60s. 60s in daly city. with 70's for the north bay. taking a look at the extended forecast. the bit of a warm up. wednesday, thursday temperatures are going to start to cool down. there is a slight chance of showers in the afternoon mainly in the north bay. with cooler temperatures and additional cloud coverage. temperatures will be a bit of a warm-up up/down for the coast. but it looks like things are going to be just fine. >>grant: perfect weather. for the angem toward amgen. along the coast. with 170 mi. later
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they finished and santa cruz. 117 -- miles. stage three is tomorrow. it begins in northern san jose and going through much of the east bay. before finishing in livermore. the first major road is highway 84. the will go towards livermore. crossing into contra costa county. the next traffic issue will be walnut creek, clayton road and concord will be impacted. 1-3:00 p.m. tomorrow. the 11 5 mi. stage three will end in livermore. around 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. grant lotus, kron4. if the >> traffic the golden gate no problems. >>pam: it is looking decent we
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will be back.
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in them san francisco police are looking for a driver that struck a 62 year-old and took off. a 11:30 last night columbus/stockton. the victim has a critical head injury. the driver was driving north after driving a white as to be. >> this rape trial is on two dozen felony charges. he is suspected of three different rates. from june, november. here is his picture this happened last year. these charges include attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and several other sexual assault charges. fast will be
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back in court during a formal agreement we will be right back. formal-agreement arraignment
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>>pam: a high-speed police chase showing the destruction along the path. what happened and the damage it caused. pg&e protesters. these people picketing the shareholders meeting today. you controversy around the yahoo newly ousted ceo. millions of dollars he is walking away with. scott thompson after résume inaccuracies [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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>>pam: grant?
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>>grant: this suspect near mission and it ended near awful sun/crescent. fortunately, no injuries but as maureen kelly shows there was quite a bit of damage. >>maureen: one of the seven cars during this pursuit. this was racing out of the parking lot. around 9:15 the sheriff's deputies spotted the stolen jeep. he caught off. this also has a broken tail light. shards of broken plastic littering the ground. the corner when it a round patrero hill. they felt that they were watching extras and a you movie. >> at least 20 in motorcycle
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lists with a high-speed chase. once he joined the second hill, and jumped -- the sec until at least 80 m.p.h., easy. at least-80 mph. with no concern whatsoever what was ahead of him. >>maureen: he struck two different cars as the search of us. they called off the pursuit because of the risk of public safety. cesar chopin' cesar chae scene for two different cars hit. a search dog was brought in and they looked through brush for several hours but were not able to find the suspect. maureen kelly, kron4. >>pam: this beauty queen is speaking out about surviving a buyer.a fire -- this happened to
5:32 pm
sundays ago on this four story building. this happened to sundays ago. people were displaced. she is in the hospital recovering after painful skin graft to her leg. this is exclusive to kron 4. >> she struggles to get out of a hospital bed and has nightmares of the fire that almost took her like. >> i grabbed a bathrobe. it is just my leg. i can either stay here and keep passing out and falling asleep and probably ultimately burning to death or by can walk to that hole with that is full of fire. and even if they have to amputate my leg it is worth that. i want to live. i am not going to give up and going to walk through there and i'm going to make up make it. >>reporter: the miss golden gate
5:33 pm
wanted to compete with the golden gate pageant. underneath the bandages she has skin grafts. >> staples and pig skin. >>reporter: have you seen that? >> yes it is not pretty. i am hoping that by the time we will see some minimizing a shock factor for the judges. >>reporter: this harvard graduate is an accomplished violinist. she still has the violin and of course for looks. >> it is a part of me. some people just have tattoos. i have burned legs and these are with me forever. ultimately i will accept my body and be confident. that is what beauty is all about. >>reporter: and in san
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francisco, the key --she did not have renter's insurance. all oveof her items were burned she has a contribution website set up lint from or website. linked -- >> pg&e protesting over these smart readers. you can see several dozen protesters in front of these shareholders meetings. shouting at people going inside. claiming that their health is not for sale. and these signs are against the smart meters program claim that these are 1000 times stronger than a cellphone. police officers are on the scene to
5:35 pm
make sure that things are not going to get out of hand. it seems to be peaceful at this point. only peachy officials/employees are able to gain access only pg&e officials are able to get in. it is a $75 installation fee and a $10 a month to opt out of the smart meter program. >>pam: 6:00 p.m., after two years after the san bruno junqueira explosion displaced residents soon gao >>pam: >> the résume documented that he had a degree in computer science. and he blames this on
5:36 pm
misconstruction see on a job search firm. he will keep his bonus however losing stock options. his replacement is levenson. he was the head of global media. yalincreased yahoo increased after the c o ousted. the stock price increased after this ceo announcement. >> mark: zuckerberg is 28 today! one half the age of the average s & p fortune 500. how about this? after the ipo he will be worth $18.7 billion! how his
5:37 pm
wealth will compare to other moguls. and others. >>rob: >>gabe: this is how he will stack up. bill gates is worth 56 billion. larry ellison 39.5 billion. page, 19.8 billion. bezos 18 billion. and ceo of microsoft is worth 14.5 billion. >> mark: zuckerberg is it not bad. for only 28 years old. after this value is volume at over $100 billion here is a comparison to their peers. however, they are valued above amazon. it is expected to sell between $28-$35 per share. there
5:38 pm
ipo would raise $10 billion. one of the biggest in history but not the biggest. some of the largest would be a piece of visa. general motors raised billions. kraft and ups. facebook is likely to burn just a little bit below. stay tuned likely to -- verto burn halfto e gabe slate's tech report >>pam: looking great
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immigrant this just in to the kron 4 news room mayor jean quan just released a statement that she is trying to recruit the oakland warriors keeping them in oakland. san francisco mayor has met with the nba ownership and is formally made his pitch in writing. there is talks that the san francisco are reno could be on. 32 near the base to the bay bridge. we will continue to cover as oakland and san francisco are fighting for the golden state warriors. >> catherine: the dow jones it
5:43 pm
did drop. rob black, the country of greece, specifically? >> rob: they will have to form another new government. however, this is changing from austerity to the devaluing of the hero. et is not the end of the world devaluing the -- euro. long story short >> catherine: it sounds like it is a closed in door? >> wahl street could try one more try but they want to just keep bargaining in bad faith. wall street -- >> catherine: california is
5:44 pm
operating on billions of but deficit. >> i give it the governor jerry brown of some credit. with possible solutions but let us look at get rid of proposition 13. hundreds of millions of dollars health care of the poor will take a cut. welfare, children, school children, and he will go after a taxing the rich. however the november election could tell all talking about increasing the state income tax from 9% to 13%. i just do not see that happening >> catherine: he says that he says he cannot redesign reality. >> i giving him credit. he is saying things that people of not said before. >> catherine: the avengers
5:45 pm
breaking records. >> who is your favorite? >> catherine: i like robert downey jr.. >> i like fo fat--thor.. this is the first movie to have a $200 million weekend back to back. huge for disney. just over billions of dollars in the first 19 days. this is a film that we could see more and more. they took a chance with john carter >> there could be zillions of imitations on that and a loser. if anybody wants a rangers/doubles ticket they're going to appear before call for big money? >> a big difference between new jersey and new york. $800-$900.
5:46 pm
two tickets is your entire season. watching it and a bar. >> $900! with scalping prices? >> catherine: l.a. kings = $400. seated o >> catherine: thank you, robbed. >>jacqueline: this live look. thank you, -- rob black. >>jacqueline: this cloud coverage with this disturbance right offshore debris pushing east, overnight. better conditions the eroding cloud coverage with
5:47 pm
mostly sunny, now. however the satellite/rader showing thunderstorm possibilities are round this disturbance. this clear condition and center is here, now and will be pressing to the east as we go towards overnight. here is what we can expect tomorrow. the sea breezes will increase with fog/drizzle. clearing skies for the afternoon and warming temperatures by 10 degrees secured the fog will return tomorrow. taking a look of that fog tracker. there could be more coverage over san francisco/golden gate and what is the it predicted by the fog tracker. i like the coverage in the east bay. i think we will see some fog in the early morning hours. however, by 9:00 a.m. a bit of a clear out. upper 70's. clinging to the low 70's
5:48 pm
in palo alto, mountain view and fremont. inland valleys showing 80s. he degrees in livermore. 60s/70's for the upper peninsula. with 80 degrees in livermore. 70's with a degrees in napa. taking a look at your extended forecast up/down. wednesday, thursday fluctuating however a nice weekend expected. >> announcer: now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: children are unpredictable. they can be in and out of traffic at any time a. and a school zone increases those odds tremendously. however you put somebody behind a wheel. and if they are not paying
5:49 pm
attention something could go wrong cherry street/lafayette. they are not paying attention. he had his cell phone. and this crosswalk is an indication the you are in a school zone. this is another indication that it will be blocking crosswalks. if this is a pedestrian, adult in a crosswalk drivers cannot enter into the person has crossed the street. unless it is a divided highway. here is something else important. if the vehicle is already stopped you cannot go around to pass. if a small child is present you could hit them. pedestrians have even waiving pedestrians through and even
5:50 pm
running across the street. >> women with strollers the cars cannot stop. >> this market and on what pedestrian's always have the right of way. if it is >> mark: corbett-not marked. one final note. if you see a sign that said speed bumps. speed is the only thing that people see. off the speed limit in a school zone is 25 mph. please slow down. and and work, kron4 newark.
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>>pam: confiscation of drugs, weapons. >> and emotional homecoming with the 2010 cast explosion. taking you to the streets destroyed by fire. as it is officially welcoming back to different families. flesh eating bacteria of this girl. we've will hear from her family. those stories coming up at 6:00 p.m.
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that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. (male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now >>pam: four day work weeks
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with cuts near hospitals, prisons with tough love from a mere c jerry brown. it had been aware of this will impact. >> 18 months after this fire ball of residents are celebrating their san bruno and neighborhood. we will be live. oakland police are showing a homin00 homemade handgun resultg in 32 arrests. california is in worse financial shape than predicted with more severe cuts to services as he tries to balance the budget. dan kerman is here with the budget proposal and how this will impact. >>dan: the original prediction was 9 billion for january. now
6:01 pm
it is 16 billion a. first, governor jerry brown is looking of a 5 percent salary cut. having them ideally work a four day work week. with a 38 hour work week instead of a 41 workweek. also cuts to the disabled/elderly. also medi cal cuts and grants to low income students. >> the fact is that california is living beyond its means. united states of america is living beyond its means. corporations, a lot of people spend more than they take and. there has to be a balance and a day of reckoning this is the day of reckoning. we have to take the medicine of that is my recommendation.
6:02 pm
>>dan: this is contingent on a temporary tax increases. they failed on the november election. we will see additional cuts when $5.5 billion cuts of k-12 with 12-days over the next couple of years. and colleges seeing 250 million dollars in cats. that w only-in cuts. >>pam: everything is part of the government proposal and also this us to go towards the legislation? >>dan: correct they do not even want to even agree on anything. however it is always a battle and oftentimes it can go leaked beyond the january 1st deadline. >> we will see what happens thank you, dan kerman. state wide rallies of protests. if 30
6:03 pm
advocates from san francisco took a bus to sacramento. if these services to special needs were cut it would impact her child's ability to walk. >> it is a very emotional state. it is very unethical. i feel that just because i have a difficult economic background and i am a mother, i am basically being criminalize. my daughter is a child with special needs to. she relies on california health and services with p t, zero t, and if she were to lose those surfaces it could be very detrimental to the hurt development. she is at risk for its survival palsy. >> it is she is at risk for severab cerebal palsy and reliet
6:04 pm
and ot. not investing in your children? what type of future is that? >>pam: after the deadly san bruno explosion killing eight people and destroying homes. two families have returned and three others are close to returning. 23 are in a stage of rebuilding. kate thompson relie is -- like. >>kate: this is expected to take place in 30 minutes just where this street opened up and this fire destroyed this neighborhood. some homes have been completely rebuilt. this one behind me has a an
6:05 pm
additional five months before it is finished. let me show you this construction around this neighborhood. we have many homes you can see that are being rebuilt. they are trying to heal this neighborhood that has gone through so much with the insurance company battles. working crews. there is a lot of construction and there is also some empty lots. some people not decided weather they will come back. the mayor, the city council will be back welcoming people. this is a major step towards rebuilding this area. just last month pg&e will be giving san bruno $79 because of the explosion. the city has not spent-san bruno of wording of the city obeing awarded a $70
6:06 pm
million from pg&e. >> 32 arrests and several guns taken off the street. with assault rifles, and zip gun. you can see this was made with tape. those arrested were involved in murder, robbery and shootings. >> this is a positive step. these are 32 people that are not on the street and oakland. we have people and plans in place to do more. these 32 people are not on the streets in oakland. >> chief jordan says there are still 94 outstanding warrants. >> an update for sierra lamar. detectives are getting new
6:07 pm
leads. the heels of a national syndicated show " america's most wanted " to. it showed the broadcast and how local investigators are hopeful. >> as a result from last friday's broadcast we have seen it happen dozen of tips that i am aware of. i am short and as we will receive more they will send them our way. and least a half-dozen of tips as a result of the broadcast of " america's most wanted " >>reporter: you've still hopeful? >> yes. this case has really impacted everybody from the community and state-wide. we are working to maintain positive outlook. >>pam: cardoza said that later this week air and water search
6:08 pm
efforts will continue. >>pam: this farming occupy protesters was stopped this morning at 6:00 a.m. with several protests. >> watch of for those of tornadoes! {laughter} >> the university police. it they shut it down destroying everything. destroying the work that these young people put in. >> we are here protesting and talking crazy. making them feel uncomfortable about what they are doing.
6:09 pm
(yelling) >> we will multiplying. this occupy will never die we will multiple lif if the month there was love in there. >>pam: 90 arrests today. there was love in their today with -- 9 now restsrfifth these 14 a. are owned by the university. it has been considered one of the best areas for farming >>jacqueline: this live look skies are
6:10 pm
>>pam: this flesh eating bacteria through a georgia student. how others are surviving. federal benefits being lost. how that could be a good sign. >> a california gold rush. $39 to purchase at this sierra $30 million -- to purchase
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
fat >>grant: this just in to the kron 4 news room this man could be facing more federal charges. weather george zimmerman committed a hate crime. of trayvon martin. you can see zimmerman is already facing second-degree murder charges. if convicted? he could get the death penalty. he said that he acted in self-defense. >> catherine: this georgia student is fighting for her life. parents are speaking to reporters and trying to be
6:14 pm
optimistic. 24 year-old amy copeland is fighting for her life. after this zip line accident is claiming the life with flesh eating bacteria. every time she wakes up she has no recollection. this medication is causing memory loss. this is allowing this flesh eating bacteria to enter her body in a particularly reform. it really causes infections. they were forced to amputate her leg and portion of her abdomen. >> they are doing their best they can to help the extensions and her hand and literally, it
6:15 pm
is a day-by-day, hour by hour. >> catherine: the victim's family has a facebook support page and is celebrating the day when she is able to breathe on her own. >> we really do not see that suffering side of it. we see the miraculous survival. >> catherine: she is a psychology graduate student. believe it or not she is concerned with finishing her thesis. this strange law in new jersey where they are cracking down on texting while walking they are issuing tickets at $85 this scored sounds crazy but there has been a spike in pedestrian related accidents. >>jacqueline: temperatures mild bay-area wide. still, lingering clouds temperatures are in the 60s for the most part. however
6:16 pm
70's in some areas. 70's in pleasanton, vallejo and closer to the coast 57 degrees and happen bay. half moon bay. let a look at the satellite/radar. with a decrease in cloud coverage. through this afternoon. thunderstorms to the north. there is a disturbance to the north of us. pushing east, overnight with this clear area of could show activity. however the fog will return overnight. not impacting the giants/rockies game at 7:15. with fog expected to increase after the game. here is a look a your weather headlines. fog closer to the coast. possibly drizzle along the coast. tomorrow decrease and cloud coverage with a tender for warm
6:17 pm
up, from today. temperatures will be -- a 10-degree warm up. possibly later this week. first, the fog. the fog track is showing the east bay-sophomore coverage expected near san francisco for tomorrow morning. east bay-south bay, ah
6:18 pm
to >> we will see a continuing clearing with a slight cool down of temperatures.
6:19 pm
>> john will run in one tower and his friend in the other. >> we will have to work out the kinks. i do not want to think of things too far away. >> even though he puts a lot of effort into the customs he would run the bayt of brokers no matter what >> i think that the costumes are a secondary. i try to run as
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hard as i can.
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>>pam: unemployment benefits showing this possibility of a loss. >>reporter: 200,000 americans will lose their unemployment checks this week. with the federal and extended program e eliminated with difficult times ahead for people that cannot find work. one half of the people live in california. others poised to live in colorado, texas, illinois, florida, north carolina, pennsylvania and connecticut. there is a silver lining. these benefits are expiring because the economy is improving in these states. this is giving the unemployment checks after their normal federal benefits have
6:24 pm
been exhausted. to qualify this state must show that it is a 10% increase than at least one of the past three years. 25 states have withheld. seven more are also planning to exit with alaska only being the state receiving benefits.
6:25 pm
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>>pam: take a look of the monday traffic. no problems. that is 80 towards the lower deck. however the lower portion is southbound 101 towards the peninsula is moving slow. we will be back. >>jacqueline: pretty mild are run the bay area. cloudy start but week showed some 70's rebounding. around the bay-
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
(male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now.
6:30 pm
>>dan: in california of the budget are revisions with a much worse than expected budget. $15 billion. with more additional cuts to health and human services. also this this towards a temporary tax increase. if those to not pass and the month of november there could be more cuts cadential and education. and college cuts. dan kerman. >>reporter: . advocates selling billions of dollars in cuts is saying it is detrimental to the california recovery. a rally held for revenue solutions over more cuts. >> it used to be called the golden state but now it is further and further behind in education. if we wanted this state to be what is supposed to be. we need to raise revenue.
6:31 pm
kron 4 >>reporter: >>terisa: investigators say that there are new leads for the sierra lamar case. this teenager has not been seen since the month of march. the national syndicated show " america's most wanted " it did a long story. they're hoping that some of those tips could provide a significant breaks in the case. in the san jose, kron 4. >>reporter: in albany university of police removed occupy protesters from this farm land. nine people taken into custody. this agricultural research land owned by the college. >> university police shut it down. >>reporter: haazig madyun >>reporter: in san bruno a while
6:32 pm
coming back ceremony from the san bruno the statiexplosion. tr and city council will be welcoming people back trying to heal this area that has gone through so much there have been the family's move back in and several are on their way. the mayor and city council will be planting trees of renewal and rebirth reporting and the san bruno, kate thompson, kron 4. >>reporter: this card the fed tried to run over a sheriff's deputy led a wild chase 9:15 near market street. with portions of the mission district for this suspect abandoned the vehicle. 80 m.p.h. on residential streets. seven cars
6:33 pm
and smashed. police were concerned and called off the search. the suspect got away. >>reporter: the education association marched outside to pressure the school board for a new contract. this previous contract expired last summer. and the main sticking point is who will pay for increasing health care? san jose. kron 4. >>gabe: the biggest ip 0 in silicon history. the man behind it is celebrating his birthday. >> mark: zuckerberg is 28 years old. and after he goes public he will be expected to be worth $18.7 billion. >>gabe: gabe slate, kron4
6:34 pm
>>jacqueline: we will see afternoon temperatures 70's tomorrow. closer to the coast cooler. this degreasing and cloud coverage this afternoon. even thunderstorms [rapping] are round this center of low pressure. has that preciou pressing-towards the noh with areas of fog. once that see breeze cleaners, warming conditions '80s inland. however tomorrow night that fog will return. temperatures tomorrow low 80s for the inland valleys. 80s in pleasanton, livermore. and in the south bay, 77 degrees in the south bay. a bit cooler along the coast. with that fog
6:35 pm
expected towards the inland areas. they look at your extended forecast with a warmer day tomorrow but just slightly cooling on wednesday chance of showers in the north bay on thursday but mainly cloud coverage. temperatures will have a rebound into the 70's. >> catherine: the california gold rush is happening again sort of in over one half century. the new gold mine in the sierras. it used to be horses and now it is hp. the gold is the same to get out of these hills. >> this has been waiting to happen for a long time. you are going to see a lot of resources, out of here. >> catherine: this ceremonial first phase of mining will
6:36 pm
start small. however 90% of their land holdings are not explored. a $30 million fixed- vestment--. >> once we start the underground exploration we have a small foundation. >> catherine: some opposition from business/residents it has taken a long time to come up this money. at one estimate it took 30 years of planning to get to this stage. >> for these people in this staging area that it can be done and convincing them that they can be done responsibly. >> catherine: we should know in five years if this industry has a shiny new future. gold mining is going to hire 150 people. and they have made an agreement to
6:37 pm
hire local workers. more news, stay with us.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>>grant: this just in to the kron 4 news room this nursing program at oikos university the shooting in april were six people died. state regulators saying that there are several issues with the mayor nursing program. and repeated enrollment despite a lack of state approval to have new students enrolled. they could lose its state license. unless improvement is shown in the next two years. we will continue to follow this. announce surf now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: tickets were being held out at the bay bridge toll
6:41 pm
plaza. but not for speeding and not for carpal violations. some people were missing something rather important. >> you do not have it in the car with you? >>stanley: most people go across the bridge without it is not illegal unless. >> you are going to want to find out where they are and put them on your vehicle. >> often this is a case of people behaving badly. >> and exciting nba playoffs! the celtics against the 76ers' and boston. this live at&t park for the seventh game. gary radnick coming up, next
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: critiquing the lakers in oklahoma city. the boston
6:45 pm
celtics just a few seconds ago. despite the birthday wishes. fell to the philadelphia 76ers. garnett tying the game at 69. and the undermanned. fou hall of famer hours. with a two-point lead. and a three-pointer. the boston celtics are backed up by one. kevin garnett missing the fall. that is pretty much it. kevin garnett dave the 76ers' a three-shot. 82-81 = final score. >> giants' home. to colorado. the best giant to be date has been governor. 4-4. cabrera-with
6:46 pm
a 348. and this two-run homer. with a five-homer vern glenn. on the field! he insisted. being embraced. >> yes! they love me. {laughte}) great times out here at the ballpark with the first of the seven games. and you've mentioned cabrera. they all put it together yesterday scoring seven runs. everybody in position. they have a good hit. with four hats. tying derrik cheater with 17 multi- four hits. and tying derrik jeter...
6:47 pm
also the giants back into the uniform from former colorado rockies. yes, the have seven rounds but not enough. seven- runs. >> if you look at five, six caruns per game. we need just a few more with consistency, catching. and we are fortunate. once we get more consistency we can see more victories. >> i would take a victory. >> 5-2 would take it against
6:48 pm
colorado. to with some louis and three with the a's. coming up next week. with st. louis. two and bubbles on the ball, stitchr pablo sandoval. back to you, gary. >>gary: do you have a few moments? >> vern:yes! >>gary: he is working near the minimum. is he playing or is he just a pinch hitter for the rockies? >> i see him as just a pinch hitter. he did get some grounders for warm up but a pinch hitter role he has been clutching and loving the game
6:49 pm
it. his dad taking into the park every sunday afternoon. with a baseball bat, and letting him play. it is all about the heart. >>gary: i will send you out with some perris. and because you have always sending you out with-some praise. give me a news crew or forget it so congratulations. the shot looks great and congratulations. the 80the a's, congratulations. >> i will tell the entire crew. from garage.gary radnick. >> the monday night game against colorado. this dynamic. you can change the price. if it was a dodgers game. on friday
6:50 pm
night. >>pam: release? >>gary >>pam: really? -- >>gary: now you can see that even tickets online are just available at only $1. some of these teams are showing ticket availability of the early part of the week. >>pam: giving other people the opportunity to go. >>gary: most of those seats were empty for the new stadium. do you remember? >>jacqueline: , how much? $1800 >>jacqueline: that better be some on some food! some amazing
6:51 pm
food. >>gary: let us see that we can show a sold-out game. the annual tour of california state to. amgen 117 miles there was a crash with 10 cyclists involved. peter sagan, the leader. it is an eight day event. san jose to livermore but they are going to go up hill. mount diablo will be challenging. the tour of california for historic soccer. manchester, with the first title in 44 years. two-one. scoring it off the side and let us hear what the announcer said
6:52 pm
>> coming back. to the goal. >> after 44 years! the title. and the most dramatic style and you could ever imagine! one day there will be a hollywood movie about this. >>gary: the first title in 44 years. final two minutes and scored the final two goals. >> chris mullin had a basketball court named in his honor. arguably one of the best team players. at this elementary school and san jose. the sharks, the kids participated. he grew up in canada. playing street
6:53 pm
hockey. now a hockey court in his honor. they want to know about the future of his coach. >> my job is to play. that is the only job i have to do. and see what happens. >>gary: always great when they just have dedicated something in your honor. say congratulations. >> the haters of tiger woods are going to enjoying these specifics
6:54 pm
you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>>gary: tiger woods coming off of his three tournament stretch.
6:57 pm
tied 40 of the players championship. i do not know how difficult it was for you today at. >> see you at 8:00 p.m. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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can brittany save simon cowell's show? "the x factor" just became must-see tv. >> yes, it did. >> and john travolta's lawsuit settlement? the first sitdown with his latest accuser. i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> he offered me money to have sex. >> the ex-cruise ship worker on the alleged indecent proposal. >> was john banned from this new york hotel spa, and will the sexual battery lawsuit be settled to silence damaging claims? >> mother's day with a much paler tanning mom.


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