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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. now at 11:00. lafayette leaders say some massage parlors are offering suspicious services. tonight the plan to make it all stop is brought to the community. homes and lives destroyed a year ago, tonight san bruno residents get a official welcome back home. >> governor jerry brown says the budget crisis is much worse than first thought. his new plan on how to fix the budget. this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00
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starts now. >> lafayette is raising the red flag on massage parlors suspected of turning on the red light. a ordinance would crack down on massage parlors. it will regulate to make sure they are staying within the law. a decision hasn't yet been made but kron 4's reggie kumar tells us why residents are concerned. >> reporter: there will be 20 massage parlors in lafayette. this is still under construction. residents and business owners say the massage parlors are solicited more than just a rub down. i rang the bell here. watch what happens next. i rang the door bell here next
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door. the owner came out moments later and refused to go on camera but said he is running a legitimate business and there is no illegal activity. she doesn't buy that. >> i can tell you what people who go there are putting out on the internet. it is all the different sex acts. they are describing the breast size, the private areas. the police chief says they have not discovered any criminal activity like prostitution. >> we haven't found anything. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> the businesses in questions would have to certified if the ordinance is passed. here is what some local massage
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therapists said. >> i am actually very please lafayette is considering this and i am looking forward to working with the city. >> they are held to the same standards that other businesses are as well. and i am very excited. i think it is coming along. almost perfect. thank you very much. >> the lafayette city counsel continues its decision. oikos university, the school where 7 people were murdered last month has been placed on probation. this is the video from the day of the shooting. the decision was made, they say not enough people pass licensing examines after they graduate -- exams after they graduate and oikos university
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keeps admitting new students even though the state hasn't said they could do so. rebuilding in san bruno. tonight the city welcomed back families whose homes were destroyed in the pg&e pipeline explosion in 2010. 38 homes were destroyed then but families are rebuilding. you see the people here, moving back in. kron 4's kate thompson was there for tonight's homecoming. >> reporter: she lived in her home for 30 years before it was destroyed in the pipeline explosion. she decided to rebuild and this is her new home, almost ready to move in. she is emotional and can barely speak. >> long time.
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>> reporter: next door they have been living in their new house, a complete rebuild, since march but the old neighborhood feeling is missing. >> the safety is kind of like gone. when you look out your window it reminds you of what happened. like how close we could have come to being gone. ourselves. the mayor handed out proclamations. many others have finished repairs and the neighborhood continues to heal while construction crews continue to rebuild. this will be the first of many celebrations as more and more people rebuild, the city will continue to have welcome home ceremonies. kate thompson, kron 4's. california's budget deficit is worse than expected so to close the bigger gap the governor revised his proposal and calling for deeper cuts.
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as kron 4's dan kerman tells us it effects the elderly, the sick and the poor, those who depend on state services the most. >> incredible complexity and that is why it isn't straightforward how you balance the budget. >> reporter: $15.7 billion deficit, more than what was predicted thacks governor revised his budget plan, expanding the cuts. proposing a 7% cuts in hours for the disabled and elderly, $1.2 billion in cuts to medical and 5% cut for state workers by having them work a 4 day week. the governor is proposing cuts to calworks, the states welfare to work program, calgrants, and cuts to the trial court system.
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>> the fact is california has been living beyond its means. a lot of corporations have, a lot of, you know a lot of people. spend more than they take in. there has to be a balance. this is a day of reckoning. weave to take the medicine. >> reporter: the plan is contingent on voters approving sales and income tax. if it fails we will see additional cuts. $5.5billion in cuts to k-12 education. and the uc and cal state university system, $250 million. as for the reason behind the
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deficit, the governor blame as slower -- blames a slower than expected recovery. dan kerman, kron 4 news. coming up, why graffiti kept students from going to school today. and the red car connected to sierra lamar, coming up later in the broadcast, lakers in oklahoma city, giants-colorado, the a's verses a slumping albert pujols, the highlights and the stories coming up. >> and temperatures you will go on a roller coaster ride this week, i will tell you what you could expect coming up. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. in other news, a man suspected in three rapes in the mission district will stand trial. this is his picture. a judge ordered frederick
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dozier to stand trial. he is suspected of three rapes, all between june 17 and november 18 of last year. charges include attempted murder, kidnapping and other sexual assault charges. frederick dozier faces life in prison. he will be back in court for a former arraignment. death threats kept hundreds of students from going to school today. this are pictures. the words i am going to kill everyone here was spray painted on a wall in april and a acronym was spray painted. officials do not think had threats were credible still extra police were patrolling the campus. san francisco police were head on a high-speed chase this morning. a jeep was stolen out of a
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parking lot. the thief ran over or nearly ran over a sheriff's deputy. police gave chase. before the pursuit was called off for safety concerns. the vehicle was found later but the suspect was nowhere to be found. we will be right back.
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other big stories tonight, yahoo's ceo has been shown the door. scott thompson has been fired. he will keep a $1.5 million bonus and restricted stock worth 5.5 million dollars. he will be replaced by ross leavenson. stock rose 2 2% today. "occupy the farm" came to an end today. police raided the encampment, arresting 9 people. the protesters took over the land on earth day last month, then started planting their own crops. where the occupiers gone, the faculty and students will plant their research crops. secret operation between oakland police and u.s.
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marshals netted 32 felony arrests in oakland and several guns were taken off the streets. authorities believe those arrested were involved in murder, robbery and one shooting. there are still 91 felony warrants outstanding. in the search for sierra lamar investigators sell us that red car they believe is involved in the disappearance was in police sights when they announced they were looking for her. kron 4's terisa estacio has more. >> reporter: working over time, examining every inch of the jetta in the search for sierra lamar. why this car? and why now? and how long have they known it may be involved? this is sheriff's spokesperson
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with some answers. >> it was known to investigators early on, at the end of march. but there were other vehicles we knew of at the time that were scene through witnesses or surveillance video that were in the area. it wasn't till recently based on reinterviews and tips and leads that came in it peaks interest and they believe that this jetta was associated. >> reporter: have you found evidence, hair, clothes, anything of sierra lamar's that was found in the car. >> we can't comment right now. it is an open investigation. >> reporter: authorities will tell us they know the owner of the vehicle. >> reporter: can you tell us if the owner or owners are people of interest in the case? >> something we can't comment on. we are not going to comment as far as what capacity. but what we can say, we believe
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it is connected. >> reporter: terisa estacio, kron 4 news. cloudy skies but skies cleared into the afternoon and that allowed temperatures to get into the low 70s. inland valleys, south bay, north bay, low 70s. 79 in sunnyvale. closer to the coast, 60s this afternoon. we are expecting fog through over night and areas of drizzle are responsible. the skies will clear once again into the afternoon and temperatures will warm 5-10 degrees over today. the fog is expected to return tomorrow night, though. tomorrow morning, here is what you can expect, south of the golden gate bridge is where the fog will be concentrated. i like where it is placing the fog in the east bay but more coverage in san francisco and the coast line. fog still over the east bay and south bay. i think it will be over san
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francisco at this hour. clearing into the later morning hours. startingstarting to lift. by noon clear conditions. tomorrow afternoon are going to warm. we saw a disturbance today that kept the clouds over us. that will not be the case tomorrow. warmer temperatures, upper 70s in the south bay. 82 sunnyvale. low 80s inland, 84 pleasanton. cool long the coast line. sea breeze winds will be out there. 61 ocean beach. 65 san francisco. and north bay, in the 70s. extended forecast, temperatures up and down through the week. tomorrow they are up. wednesday down. thursday cooling more as we get a chance of showers. mainly in the north bay. most lakely increase -- likely
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increasing clouds and cooler conditions. friday temperatures bounce back. sunny skies and average temperatures through saturday and sunday. the lakers battle the thunder in round two of the playoffs, the action straight ahead, and the giants and rockies come down to the final pitch, gary has highlights and all the sports coming up. and a week away from the beta breakers, sunday may 20, coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. hosted by gary radnich and me. we will have live reports on the hill and all of the fun costumes from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. sunday and 7:00 p.m. that light kron will bring you the highlights and the spectacle that is the beta breaker. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. all right. good evening, everybody. giants and rockies take it right to the finish tonight. they announced 100 connective sell out. dynamic pricing. makes it look like nobody can get a seat. look goods. 1-0 colorado in the fourth. vogelsong was nailed from there on out. blanco to tie the game, bottom six. deepest part of the ballpark. 2-1 giants.
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boy do they need this run. ground ball into the hole. 3-1 giants. in the 9th, he made an error. 3-2. and he needed him to come through. boom and the man swinging the bat was only in the game because troy took a foul ball off his leg, had to leave the game. nelson with the bases loaded. 3-2 giants. they are a game over .500. baseball's biggest disappointment, albert pujols and the angels. 1-4 tonight. he is at 1.97. you can hear the rumbling every time he comes to bat. he has 9 home runs. 1-0 oakland. tyson ross, strong tonight. worked six innings, 5 hits. nobody scored off him and boom!
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smith doubling to right field. home to break the game open. 5-0 a's. four pitchers used by the a's. oakland now four games back of texas in the american league west. lakers in oklahoma city, world peace's first game since the elbow. >> number 15, metta world peace. >> they gave him some booing. but instead of wearying about artest -- worries about artest. take it. russell westbrook 27 points, 9 assists. 7 rebounds. mike brown's team trailed by 35. ends up 119-90. first game goes to oklahoma city. this young man wants a celtics win but the 76ers didn't help.
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ray allen's mom. to the finish here. evan turner puts it in. 76ers up one. kevin garnett a foul very late in the game and philadelphia wins it, dock river's team loses. eastern conference finals nhl final, henrik lundqvist could not be beat tonight in goal. three keckative saves. -- connective saves. chris kreider sneaks in on the power play. rangers win 3-0. they lead the devils 1-0. two stages down at the amgen tour of california. real quick. people on bicycles. there it is. from san francisco. peter sagan, he is the leader.
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tomorrow they go from san jose to livermore. bicycling racing for 8 days. >> okay. good night. you do a lot of kayakingno. whoooa i'm in a river. what are some good kayaking words?
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like...rapids? look, i'm going through the rapids. ok. i'll take it. new offers in new places so you can try new things. sync your american express card with facebook, foursquare, and twitter to find savings. that's the membership effect of american express.


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