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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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[ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ caught >>mark: a paterno's on this tuesday, may 15th. the top stories we're following, a body discovered at a castro valley of. we're live on the scene with the latest details. >>darya: facebook increases the price of its ipo. >>mark: the ceo of j.p. morgan gcc shareholders after the company posted a $2 billion trading loss. we'll have details.
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>> our analysts puzzled at up to 80 degrees. a warmer date to expect an fog returning as a head into the late evening hours. low-mid-50s throughout most of the bay area. >>george: a hot spot free ride around the bay area with no unusual delays. there are no real delays or problems.
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for the east bay freeways, we still look pretty good. we are seeing some slowing in the exception of these days always interested 580 for the ultimate and highway 84. there are no exceptions to the south bay ride. it is light on the freeways there. public transit is still enjoying a good ride. we are problem free for both bart and caltrain this morning. >>darya: the developing story we're following in castro valley, a body was found in the backyard of a home. how >> the shares made the discovery 12 hours ago. they are still at the scene and focusing on the front of the house.
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at this point, we do not know if the victim was a man or woman or who reported to the sheriff's department to come out here. lugar told the homeowners were away on vacation at the impact they never made it home. you can see crime scene tape all over the place. the coroner's office has not yet arrived.
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>>darya: they will not say how they died or if the family knew them. they are not saying anything. >> i am sure that people here know what is going on. >>mark: the dow dropped again down 125 points yesterday. the dow is down 635 points for the month of may. currently dow futures are up to 59 points ahead of the opening bell. j.p. morgan chase is going
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in front of shareholders in tampa and an hour and a half at a shareholders' meeting and will have to explain how the company lost $2 billion in six weeks. shareholders believe the company will be better off with simon as he died guided the company to the financial crisis without any losses. >>darya: facebook is increasing the price at which it plans selfless stock. there are expected to go for 34-$30 per share. this higher price is the sign of a high demand from investors to own a piece of the world's most popular social network.
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third the offering is supposed to happen on friday. qr costs chef if half the poll was conducted by the association fury high of >>mark: the fine for illegally using your cell phone while driving in the state could increase. under this bill approved by the state senate increases from $20 to $30. $199 for the first offense after court fees are collected. one senator says california's existing ban on using hand-held devices itself will be more
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effective with a higher penalty. >>darya: and did this morning, on the thieves used a stun gun in its palo alto carjacking. the victim was shot with a stun gun before robbers drove away with the silver jaguar. there are no suspects in custody. for >>justine: here is what we are watching, new video of a huge fire burning right now in palmdale. it is a strip mall, mostly vacant building. at last check, 150 firefighters on the scene, most from los angeles. right now, they're trying to keep the flames from spreading. >>mark: we will be right
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back as the kron4 news is with you until 10:00 a.m.. here's a live look at the bay bridge. >>mark: a reminder, this zazzle bay to breakers race will be this sunday. it will be hosted by pam moore and gary radnich. will have a look at all of the cost of this period is from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. this sunday morning and then a highlight show at 7:00 p.m. sunday evening.
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>>darya: will come back. he can see a thick layer of fog and clouds hanging over the bay area, especially bicyclist. we are in for a nice day. in san francisco, you can see that it is chilly and great. >>mark: a word that oikos university has now been placed on probation, here is a video from the day of the mass shooting. the decision was made by a board says not enough people pass their licensing exams after graduating from the
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school. the report also says that the key committee news it is although the state has not given full to do so. half >>darya: south san francisco police are investigating whether yesterday's too early morning car fires are related to a series of small fires. the first fire was reported at 4:00 a.m. yesterday on king drive and then there was another one about 50 minutes later on waverly. that was waverly court. police say the second fire was started by someone throwing something flammable. from an offshore earthquake this morning at about 3:19 a.m.. there are no reports of damage. a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look at the golden gate.
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it looks like we may start to warm of england today. more of a forecast straight ahead.
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>>mark: lets talk weather. here is a live look from mt. tam. low clouds and fog to over top of san francisco.
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here is a live look from the james lick freeway camera looking back at san francisco. when we saw this beginning to build in the last update, there is a chance that we could serve same delays on arrival flights. a temperature wise we are ok.
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>>james: san francisco and the peninsula, 65 and then warmer as the head south. a healthy mix of 70's. los 70's and petaluma warming to the upper seventies near the napa valley.
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warm weather will stay with us for another night stay and then cooling off a touch as we head into thursday and friday. friday-sunday, a nice day with 80 to the expected high. >>george: things have changed since last we checked. traffic is already starting to back up as is the case for the last several days. bill looks as though we may be in for the same thing today already started to back up on the 880 ramp. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good.
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here's a look at traffic coming out of the fog. 680 looks good. reports of trouble around to 42 but nothing materialized.
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no delays around 92 interchange. >>mark: lift off of a russian spacecraft from a cosmic and launched a few years ago taking three new members to the international space station including an american engineer. once at the space station they would join three colleagues already on the order. with this official retired, as it is relying on russian spacecraft. >>darya: a longtime security officer has been arrested on charges of using a fake identity of the new york city man who was murdered 20 years ago. the 54 year-old illegal immigrant was from nigeria and arrested yesterday.
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>>mark: the obama administration is adopted when our policies to fight alzheimer's. starting today families can turn to a one-stop web site for easy to understand information about how to get help in that doctors will get help to receive training on how to better care for people with the disease. already, 5 million americans suffer from alzheimer's. >>darya: 80 stanford university study shows that more adults have sleep fox -- sleepwalking problems.
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>>justine: reports are saying that there is a toll that blocks the effects of alcohol from the central nervous system and could help to prevent from driving accidents. this what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪
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>>mark: the 101st running of the bay to breakers will take place this sunday. >>grant: the race starts over here and ends over here near the ocean breakers. runners and walkers will start downtown, there will head down howard, cross over market street and turn left on hayes street. the haze hill climb is by far the toughest climb. they will eventually pass alamos square park, a turn on the visit 0 and that
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along the panhandle. at mild for the will turn into golden gate park and enjoy the scenery, maybe we've to the buffalo. the finish line is just one left turn away of the great highway along the pacific ocean. >>mark: do not forget, watch zazzle bay to breakers this sunday. we will have live reports from the start lines and finish lines. it is from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. this sunday. join kron4 on sunday evening and we will bring in a highlights show the >>darya: here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. is getting lighter out
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there. sunshine and warmer temperatures expected this afternoon. we will be back in of the traffic and weather for you when we come back. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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instantly on any screen. find out more online. >>mark: of the dow jones has lost six of his 35 points, but we had dow futures pointing to positive after economic indicators came out this morning showing inflation is in check in consumer spending with modest gains. breaking news coming out of greece, they are unable to form a government from the elections they had last weekend. it looks like it will have a new round of elections
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costs >>mark: a body found in the backyard of castro valley home, more on that when we come back. facebook says that they expect to sell stock between 34 and $38 a share. the bicycle touring california is entering a stage three today started in the south bay. riders will be headed to the east bay up and down mt. diablo and headed inland. >>darya: right now a quick look at weather and traffic. soft
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>>george: @ backup is forming in the west on ride of the toll plaza. that is really as low as traffic can be found in the state, other bridges look good a light ride for 85,
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87, to 80 and 17. the peninsula is a problem free for 101 and to 80.
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>>will: the car the ec and from belongs to the family. investigators are going in and out of the home. having seen any activity in the house? vacation.
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fifth >> i do not see any cars that i normally recognize. >>will: she also told us that investigators told her that the person found at the house was not a family member. we are hearing reports that the mother was away, that she never made it home. apparently she was at a giants game. we did not know who called the deputies. balks >>darya: it sounds like the mother and daughter are both ok but he has been at the house while they have been on vacation. >>will: know once was home at the time. she says that she did seek activity throughout the again.
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that seems to debug the myth that this was an empty house. perhaps it never showed up died at the house of natural causes or was killed. >>mark: the dow jones is now up 6 at 12,007 zero one. facebook is raising the price at which they plan to sell their stock to the public. they expect to sell their stock from 34 test analysis this skoda kunlun the initial public offering is the most highly anticipated
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of the year fell in with value facebook at more than $100 million. they were listed under the nasdaq pick >>justine: >>erica: we spoke with some of our viewers about what they think about the stock prices going up. here is a look at some of the responses to purify their you have it, those are some of the course of for. cough >>justine: dominique strauss, is now striking back to the new york whose tell made who just filed 8 $1 million countersuit. the disgraced politicians that the made it made a
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listless and false accusation when she accused him of assault a year ago. a criminal case was dismissed after prosecutors lost faith in the woman's credibility. that story just across the wires. >>darya: a milestone in. news. in san bruno, the city will come back to families whose homes were destroyed in the deadly pg&e gasoline explosion back in 2010. here is the scene, 38 homes were destroyed, many families are rebuilding and moving back in. kate thompson was there for the bittersweet homecoming keefe. kate >> a celebration for families in san bruno who have completed rebuilding their homes or repairing their homes due to the pg&e gasoline explosion periods the mayor headed out proclamations to three families who have completely rebuilt their houses saying this'll be the first of many ceremonies as people finish
6:38 am
and complete their homes, many properties are at different stages of construction. many families have had to make extensive repairs because of the smoke and fire from the pipeline explosion. there are some plots of land that they are on shore off of fud they say this is the first step in the right direction in healing in this neighborhood as people finally finished construction and are able to come home purify >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news is with you until 10:00 a.m.. a backup already forming at the bay bridge in the past the over crossing on a busy tuesday morning.
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>>darya: the third leg of the by the race continues today. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>james: here is a look at weather. our roof camera showing grey skies over san francisco. we have a flight delay here, 36 minutes. oakland and san jose are of course doing fine.
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let's take a look at temperatures this afternoon. by noon, 60s along the coast. widespread subsidies everywhere else. now, the orange comes into view. for the orange indicates 80 degree weather.
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here is a look at your 7 day air around the bay. the metering lights have been active for about a half an hour. at the toll plaza you'll see that the cycle in a raid of the metering lights appears to be pretty quick one. a 12-14 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge ride
6:48 am
was through the fall when last we check. interstate 80, hercules to berkeley still looks good, so does concord to walnut creek. walnut creek to berkeley, no delays. 580 westbound, most of the heavy traffic stuck in tracy. a big rig has left the 580 ride. there are no real delays yet. the south bay freeways, a little bit of slowing for 101. the peninsula ride is still a problem free for 101 and interstate 280. the north bay is a simple commute for 101 southbound. the drive time is still under 25 minutes from novato
6:49 am
to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: here is what is happening right now, there is a press conference about to start near orlando where authorities have found five people dead inside of a home. we are about to get an update from the scene. >>mark: dow futures are pointed to a higher opening as greece was unable to form a government fuelling fears that they could drop out of the euro zone. we did have significant indicators showing modest gains and retail sales in april also showing that inflation with the consumer price index. >>darya: bay to breakers is this sunday in san francisco. it also marks the second anniversary of a life changing moment for two of the runners.
6:50 am
j.r stone introduces us to appear of racers forever connected. >> the pictures are startling. the bay to breakers or runner down for the account, now moving or breeding in without a pulse. >> literally moments after that, i went into cardiac arrest and collapsed near the finish line. >> in 2010 was the year. >> i have no recollection of the razor that entire day. >> a massive heart attack as he crossed the finish line. amazingly enough, this woman, ruth rogers was there, she is a doctor. with >> i turned around and he had just collapsed. >> some residents pointed her out to me and said, that guy looks like he needs some help. >> seconds later if the doctor and several others
6:51 am
were on the ground giving him cpr, tried to get air into his lungs to jump-start his body. for at least 20 minutes, there is no response or poles. some say he died but he is alive and doing well. he credits one person, his friend ruth. >> he is my hero. >> i told her, i had the easy part, i would not be standing here or be alive if it was not for her. >> this year he says the two are running the race together. >> i do not think there was a question of god's hand was in my being here today. i am a person of faith and if anything, this is just did my feet. -- the bid my faith. >> he also says, before he had a heart attack, he
6:52 am
showed no signs that anything was actually wrong. >>darya: watch bay to breakers. if you are running or walking, you can check it out on kron4, it is this sunday at 8:00 a.m., our broadcast is hosted by gary wreckage and pam more as well as other kron4 people you will recognize. we will have to start to finish report as well as the highlights in between end of the highlights special which will include all the actions sunday night at 7:00 p.m.. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam as the sun is up. it is being blocked by the clouds and fog. we will all get a bit of sunshine later this afternoon. we will be right back.
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>>darya: >>erica: lady gaga had to cancel a concert in indonesia >>mark: the fog is really thick at the coast. we do have another storm system dropping in on thursday in a slight chance of a shower. temperatures will warm back up as a head into the weekend.
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>>darya: a body is discovered in the backyard of a castro valley home. the east bay school that was the site of a deadly campus shooting goes on probation. we will tell you i owe it goes university is in trouble. the space agency launches an american into space, we will surely the blastoff and tell you what the astronauts are going to be doing. you what the astronauts are going to be doing. so [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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