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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 15, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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elementary say it is already too crowded in the classroom. concern.
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>>pam: in oakland, no teachers are expected to receive pink slips at this time. it planned to avoid layoffs of teachers because it is cutting jobs in other areas. >> we have had significant staff reductions. we have cut the size of the work will force by 20-25 percent of the past several years. adult education program focusing on k-12. that has given us extra money as well as a general tightening of the belt. >> in addition to staff layoffs, the district plans to close five elementary schools next year. the governor's budget plan is heading to the state legislature and would do two different things to state workers. governor brown proposes that employees such as those at this dmv office to work four
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days a week. most state offices would be closed on fridays but open 9.5 hours monday through thursday. public safety workers could also have their hours trimmed. off with a warning for salary cutbacks. a spokesperson with the highway patrol says there are working with employee groups to find ways to realize the 5 percent savings that jerry brown is looking for. they say the government realizes the law enforcement agency is the 24 hour, 7 day week operation and there's always a good look differently than the 4030 hour work week being composed for other state workers. one firefighter said the proposal to cut back to 38 hours a week will not work
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with them this state firefighters have already cut back staffing last year. they now have three fire fighters for every engine when the staff for. >>pam: keep video evidence in the case against ross mirkirimi could be used at this ethics hearing in san francisco. a judge handed down that decision today. these are still photographs taken from that video that shows his wife with a bruise on her arm. he pleaded guilty from a false imprisonment charge. he was suspended from his share of stock and out the ethics commission is deciding if mirkirimi should be permanently removed. >> the fog is already started to build back into
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the bay source. here's a live look outside at the golden gate. >>pam: the fbi is investigating one of the biggest losses in wall street history. >>stanley: coming up, it is bad behavior's batting of laid-back to 2007. >> in a lot of news related to the expected facebook ipo coming up later this week. a huge demand on the stock
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has raised the price of facebook shares. general motors has pulled advertising off of facebook. that is bad timing for facebook. a new poll reveals that nearly half of americans think facebook is a fat that will pass. >>pam: whales spotted off of the san francisco coast. we will take you to ocean beach for a look at these mass of mammals. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>>grant: brand new video, a pretty big tree has just fallen on the marina boulevard in san francisco marina district.
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>>pam: facebook is expected to the public on friday. shares will sell between 34 and $38 a share. that is a much more $35 previously. it would push the company's overall value to $104 billion. yes >> according to a new poll taken by the associated press, nearly half of americans think facebook is a fad that will pass and that the asking price is too high.
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the study only involved 1000 americans. i wish the city would have involved more people for better feel i must object. here is what one tech locker had to say. >> we have not seen a financial about like this since the google ipo in 2004. the facebook price range is well below where google was.
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facebook has almost 1 billion users. not just because it is a utility, it is the destination. at think facebook will be that one company that survives the social media bubble. >>jaqueline: the big story tomorrow will be the fog. it is already moving back into the bay. here is a live shot from our mt. tam cam.
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here's a look at the satellite and radar picture, it is hugging the coast light of the afternoon and now starting to still back into the bay. your day planner as we head out the door tomorrow morning, areas of a fall closer to the coastline but that should peel back by the after did. mostly sunny skies for most of the bay area. temperatures will warm away from the coast are afternoon that the fog will return it to the evening hours. here's a look at some was expected temperatures. we're saying cooler closer to the coastline. i think the fog will step along the coastline into its market did. warmer to marble cooler into thursday. a roller-coaster of temperatures.
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perfect for bay to breakers. >>pam: we're days a week for the biggest race celebration, the 101st running of the bay to breakers. j.r stone shows you that officers will be out of four signals. >> thousands of race and others have parted, this is the fourth largest race to the nation. this year, police have a clear-cut message for those involved. >> following despaired of the race, enforce find and restrain the things that distract from the front. >> in total, 25 people were arrested, mostly for drinking or drinking too much. >> the biggest problem is people who overindulge or come here thinking they can drink and party during the race. >> this year, no floats from alcoholic beverages. >> we have is your tolerance for trinity in public, public intoxication. >> police say they want the
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event to go smoothly. they have more of the three hitters 60 officers on the streets making sure that everyone follows the rules. >> you know that their race can be a wild scene. stanley roberts shows you how wild in this edition of people behaving badly. >>stanley: this is mr. stuff luffas except this is not sesame street, this is a bay to breakers. this at first glance appeared to be rolling platform but look at the microphone. they are beer tabs. this man just proposed to this woman and she expected -- see accepted. when the race levities hill, all that was left was is broken wheel chair, as a detective deal, this table,
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chair ended this blue couch. saugh bay to breakers was a smash. the top of hazel is known as alamo square. although i counted many porter potties, many people believed themselves and inappropriate places.
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>>stanley: someone from the city thought it would be a good idea to put these in the park side by side. in the only thing i can say about the 2010 bay to breakers, it is like a frat party on steroids. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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♪ oh oh oh oh you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh ...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me so they dared me to try this pantene. [ female announcer ] pantene anti-breakage the keratin protection system makes hair stronger reducing breakage up to 97%. ♪ think only salon brands can do that? i took the dare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. >>pam: ed lee is talking about his city's push to bring the golden state
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warriors back to san francisco from oakland. he has signed a letter to welcome the team. charles clifford spoke with the mayor today. >>charles: if you did not know already the golden state warriors used to be called the san francisco warriors. they played at the civic auditorium. now, mayor ed lee wants them back. in a letter to the warriors the mayor has offered this a possible location. >> many of us talk about welcoming the warriors that col. we want to do that and also suggest that this is a great place to have a franchise and possibly enjoy one of the greatest locations
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>> there is a lot of enthusiastic confidence gone on. >>gary: a heisman trophy favorite, a few words from matt coming up later in the broadcast.
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>>pam: police say a tip led to a gruesome discovery inside of a home. discussing -- govett the probation search and they say they found a dead man lying in the garage.
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a neighbor describes what he heard. >> i heard a lot of car doors closing. her son has had a few problems, a few times they had parties, but nothing to back. >>grant: two team did try to rob a man at gunpoint.
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the victims took off running away and the suspects were last seen running along the train tracks in the direction of davis street. >>pam: teenage drivers of unrepaired breaking the law. as keith thompson reports, the behavior is leading to some serious accidents. >> teen drivers on a wild, breaking the law and driving with other teenagers in the car when they only have a provisional license and also driving drunk. california highway patrol says they have been seeing a lot of this late date. they say they are seeing a lot of teenagers driving with other friends in the car which is against the law.
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earlier in the months of this boy in a lot of slick distrust and several people were seriously injured. there has also been a serious problem with teenagers driving drunk. we will have more on that part of the story coming up at 11:00 p.m.. >>pam: and other phases truck driving charges after she pulled over after driving more than 100 mi. an hour. she told officers she was laid to purchase oil spurred departed. kathryn brussels pulled over a long southbound 101 on friday and apologized for speeding. she was arrested for drinking and driving. at one point she had also reached 90 mi. an hour while in a construction zone. the fbi is looking into possible wrongdoing by j.p. morgan chase after the nation's largest bank lost $2 billion trading on wall
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street. as catherine heenan tells us, the news of a federal investigation comes just before the annual shareholder meeting that happened today in florida. >> the fbi investigation is in its early stages. investigators will be looking into its accounting practices there what it had disclosed of the trades that led to $2 billion loss. there is no wrongdoing and diseases coverage is being stupid in its lobby. this was the scene outside of the annual shareholders' meeting in tampa, florida. protesters or tnt things like they got bailed out, we got sold out. they did not think apologies' nearly enough. since to the surprise of some, jamie time it will keep his title of board chairman he even gets to keep its $23 million pay
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package. >> it is one of those things that is clear, they bet the wrong way. that would define it they did it with their own money >> on the scene with protesters and shareholders and florida, the head of california's reinvestment coalition spelling out what a lot of the people are thinking. >> this really highlights the need for real regulation. >> this is playing out as some of the details of the wall street reports are still being finalized. the company blunder could really strengthen the argument the regulators need to toughen their approach.
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>>pam: military families can now visit national parks for free. the first three passes were mailed out today. more americans are expected to travel for the memorial weekend. >> i'm going to north carolina to see my father. >> tripoli projects nearly 31 million will get behind the bill for a memorial day weekend getaway.
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>> the overall distance traveled by americans is expected to be 150 mi. less than last year. this indicates that many people are attempting to save money by staying closer to home. >> gas prices are slowly decreasing but it is still a big concern. the survey by tripoli says many travelers will stay at less expensive accommodations or scale back on entertainment costs to save money. >> how expensive is it to fly as opposed to driving? >> it is a lot more expensive. >> with rising costs of plane tickets, fewer travelers are expected to fly.
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>> here is a look outside from the golden gate. rolled clouds are already streaming into the bay. fog will be a big deal as we head into the morning tomorrow. we're back with more after this break. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>pam: bay to breakers to
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>> this man had a massive heart attack during the bay to breakers race and amazingly this woman was there to help them. four of these 20 minutes there was no response or poles.
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>> he is my hero. >> i would not be standing here, i would not be alive if it was not for her actions. >> i do not have any question that god's hands were as it might be here today. if anything this has deepened my faith. >> he also says before he had a heart attack on the great highway he had no signs that anything was actually on. had he gone to a doctor previously, he may not have run into the problems of the two dozen said bay to breakers race.
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>> a major upset in the nba playoffs.
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>>pam: a spectacular citing in san francisco today. two gray whales were seen swimming as hundreds of feet from the shoreline spotted at about 1:30 p.m.. there were spotted near the cliff house restaurant. there were likely shift chasing krill >> a man for shopping and wal-mart and a rattlesnake
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it has. fan i thought it was the stick. i picked it up it was a rattlesnake. >> it required six kabyles of antivenin. a man in pennsylvania is court for life after a chainsaw nearly cut through his neck. it took more than for a half hours to sell him out. he now has a score with 80 stitches on its neck.
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the >>jaqueline: here's a look at satellite and radar. let's take a closer look at the bayshore. drizzle close to the coastline. and >>jaqueline: take a look at the east bay shores.
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here's a look a your extended forecast. >>gary: at the ballpark in san francisco right now it is one-one of the giants and the rockies. in the nba, game 2 of indiana is not supposed to beat miami. we will get to that and a second.
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two-zero angels. the angels beat oakland, the final was 4-0. indiana is not supposed to beat miami at home but without kris bosch and lebron frames, dewayne wade after a slow start came back but it is indiana who somehow got the job done.
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>>gary: why did he struggle as a pro after such a great college career? >> i came out and had success my rookie year.
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>> my shoulder has held up nicely.
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>>gary: 39 years after
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leaving college, another oakland raider going into the college hall of fame. he was a great player and another game and have some very special moments with the oakland raiders. maybe their best tight end.
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>>gary: when we come back, the president and david beck of.
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>>gary: in major-league soccer, the tibias are the los angeles galaxy. they were at the white house today.
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