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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> >> teen drivers breaking the law in marin, taking passengers who shouldn't be in the car and driving drunk. how the chp is cracking down. bart's long list of broken escalators. and they won't be fixed for about two months. the problem that is upsetting passengers. and bay area teachers unsure about what to do with their future. >> i still can't find a job. >> we show you the emotional scars of california's cuttings to education.
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in the north bay, teenaged drivers gone wild. breaking the law, driving drunk, and getting in serious accidents. lately this behavior is a problem every weekend. >> reporter: on monday night, an 18 year-old girl driving drunk was driving northbound on highway 101 across that overpass when she struck another car, injuring the driver. the california highway patrol says this is not an isolated incident. now that prom season is here and the summer is coming, they're expecting the problem to get worse. >> last weekend, we had a really bad dui collision with an under aged driver. she was trapped in a vehicle while it was on fire. >> reporter: in the first three months of this year, 13 people under the age of 21 were arrested for drinking and driving in marin county. the youngest was 15 years old. on top of the drinking, teenagers
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are disregarding and ignoring the rules of their provisional license, which prohibits them from driving with anyone in the car under the age of 20, a law which was meant to prevent accidents like this, which took place earlier this month in novato when a 16 year-old flipped his truck with four other teenagers inside. of one of the passengers sustained major head injuries. >> prom is another one of those times we become very busy. we see numerous open container violations, lots of under aged drinking violations. so we're going to be out in force and looking for the young drivers who are violating their provisions. we're not going to dismiss a violation. >> reporter: reporting in novato, kate thompson, kron4 news. a number of bart escalators are not in service and in need of repair. riders say it's a recurring problem, and it appears the agency is not fixing
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the stairs as quickly as possible. bart should have the money to do this because it just spent millions on new trains. reggie kumar tells us what bart is doing. >> reporter: kron4 obtained this bart document listing the stations where escalators and elevators are currently out of service. from san francisco's embarcadero station to the west oakland station. here it says the gears are warm. bart says 16 escalators out of 176 ats it stations across the bay area are not working. the riders seem to think that's a lot. bart says fixing some ofs it escalators are -- some of its escalators are not easy. the transit agency says it does not have enough repair technicians. >> we understand this is an issue. we have recently in this
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fiscal year hired four permanent and two part-time technicians, and we are hiring now. we want to fill three more escalator or maintenance technicians. there are varied reasons why some take longer to repair. much of it is due to age, the type of equipment. what we're planning to do in our next fiscal year, which begins on july 1st, is to work on a program that will refurbish the more complicated repairs that take more time. >> reporter: reggie kumar. kron4 news. thousands of teachers got word today they may not have a job at the end of this school year. today is the deadline to notify teachers they might be laid off. more than 20,000 teachers in california received
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preliminary layoff notices in march, numbers that this month are still being tallied. this year, districts don't know how much money they will get from the state until after the november election. so they are preparing for the worst. of course one of the problems this year is that this november the voters will decide whether or not to put temporary tax increases in place. if the tax measures pass, govern jb says that will trigger -- jerry brown says that will trigger $5.5 billion in extra cuts. >> i'm terrified. i have no idea. i can't support a family, there's -- what do you do? do i look for a new year? how am i going to pay student loans?
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i'm just dead. eight years. you could be a doctor. but i chose this because i love it. and now -- what am i qualified to do other than teaching? i have a masters. i'm bilingual. i have every credential i need. i've taught everything from pre-k to eighth grade. and i still can't find a job. do i leave the state? or is it just california? i don't know. do i leave my family? my friends? >> this woman is not alone in her emotional reaction to what's going on. the evergreen school district sent out layoff notices to a potential of 17 teachers this week. impending on the budget debate and the tax vote in november, some teachers may possibly be rehired in the fall. in oakland, no teachers in the school district are expected to receive pink slips at this
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time. the district plans to avoid layoffs of teachers because it's cutting jobs in other ways. >> we have had significant staff reductions of consolidated staff, noninstructional staff. we've cut the size of that workforce by about 25-25%. kweef really downsized -- we've really downsized the adult education program. it's helped us eliminate that $40 million structural deficit so we don't have to lay off teacher this is year. >> the district also plans to close five elementary schools next year. a nonprofit group is suing the state of california for allegedly protecting bad teachers. the lawsuit was filed in los angeles. it names the governor, the state board of education, and two school districts including san jose's allen rock district among the
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defend. the group, called students matter, is taking aim at teacher tenure, dismissal procedure, and seniority based layoffs. they say bad teachers are too difficult to fire and disproportionately end up in schools which serve low-income families. in castro valley, the body of a man found in a home is being investigated as a murder. police responded to that home about 7:00 last night on reports of criminal activity. they entered the home on a probation search and found a man in his 20s covered in blood. several people inside the home scattered when police arrived. police are still trying to find them. it appears the people in the house were trying to conceal this crime. video evidence in the case against suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi could be used at his ethics hearing. a judge handed down that decision today. these are skill photographs taken from
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the video which show his wife with a bruise on her arm. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a nauls imprisonment charge -- false imprisonment charge. the mayor suspended him from the sheriff's job, and now the ethics commission is deciding whether he should be permanently removed. oj simpson trying to get out of prison. why his new lawyer says he should not be behind bars. and beta breaker, just days away, how officials are planning to control the chaos this year. later in this broadcast, albert pujols breaks out against the oakland as. tim lincecum working against colorado. ♪
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the national story tonight. the fbi is looking into possible wrongdoing by jp morgan chase
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after the company's $2 billion trading loss. investigators will look into the accounting practices and what was disclosed on the trades which led to the loss oj simpson's new lawyer is attempting to have him released from state prison. he was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in las vegas in 2008. his new attorney claims he was so poorly represented in that trial that he deserves a new one. he is currently serving a sentence of 9-33 years. virgin atlantic airlines says it will allow passengers make certainly overseas calls during flights. it will be expanded to other planes in the fleet by the end of the year. ♪
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facebook is raising the target price range fors it stock. the social networking site now expectses it ipo shares -- its ipo shares to range to $38 each. that's up from estimates earlier this month. executives and the company's underwriters have spent the past two weeks meeting with potential investors and measuring demands of the company's stock. if it prices out at the high end of
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the latest proposed range , facebook value would hover around $81.2 billion the day ofs it ipo. we are just days away from the biggest race celebration in san francisco, the one 0st of the bay to -- 10st running of the bay to breakers. >> reporter: thousands of raced it, others have partied it. fourth largest race in the nation last year. this year, cops have a clear cut message for those involved. >> following the spirit of the race, enforce run and restrict the stuff that retracts from the fun. >> reporter: 25 people were arrested in 2011, mostly for drinking or drinking too hard. >> there's as i problem from a race like that comes from people who overindulge or think they can drink and party during the race. >> reporter: no floats and no alcoholic beverages this year. >> we will have zero tolerance
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for drinking from public, public urination. >> reporter: police have more than 360 officers on the streets making sure everyone follows the rules. jr stone, kron4 news. >> the race is next sunday, may the 20th. kron4's coverage starts at 8:00 in the morning. i'll be working with gary radnich. we'll have live reports from the start and finish lines. and all of the fun costumes in golden gate park. and then at 7:00, kron will bring you all of the highlights from the race, and the spectacle. visibility is an issue out there right now. we'll talk more about the fog in just a minute. but the high temperatures from this afternoon, the fog certainly
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affects temperatures coastside. 57 in san francisco. away from the coastline, temperatures in the 80s in the inland valleys. the fog is going to be an issue again tomorrow. visibility reduced along the coastline, reduced in oakland. the fog is starting to spill over into our bay shores. it does look like it'll affect more places around the bay area into tomorrow morning. satellite and radar, you can see fog starting to push into our bay shores. it's over san francisco, edging into oakland, edging into our east bay shores. as you head out the door, expect that fog, drizzle close to the coastline. temperatures warming away from the coast, staying in the 80s in our inland valley, and upper 70s for the south bay with fog running into tomorrow morning. upper 70s for the most part
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through the south bay, 82 in sunnyvale, the low 70s in palo alto and fremont. low 80s in concord, 81 in walnut creek. same thing goes for the coastline, 61 in ocean beach, 62 in daly city. and we just told you about bay to breakers, forecast looking good this sunday. mostly sunny skies. cool temperatures when you actually start. temperatures to the upper 50s later on in the morning. as we make our way up to hay street hill, still sunny skies am looks like the fog will stay at bay race day, sunday. temperatures warming up into the low 60s. we're expecting the upper 60s for san francisco for sunday afternoon as we make our way through golden gate park all
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the way to the finish line. temperatures ranging from the low 60s to the upper 60s, depends on when you cross that finish line. but sunny skies expected all through sunday. a look at your extended forecast, no sun till the afternoon. same thing for thursday. temperatures will rebound into friday, and into the weekend, sunday looking to be our warmest kay, and that's when we're going to see for our bay to breakers race which you can catch here on kron4. art lovers gathered near the bay to bay bridge where artists had their work projected onto the bridge. the event organizers say this display will be taken to oakland, los angeles, and new york. a major upset in the nba playoffs tonight. tim lincecum and the giants with a late inning rally against
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the rockies. the highlights and all the sports next. [ mechanical humming ]
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that's the membership effect of american express. all right, good evening, everybody of the once again, giants and rockies playing the close at at&t. lincecum's line, seven innings, seven hits, four earned runs, seven strikeouts. they left him in for 122 pitches. carlos gonzalez gives colorado 4-1 lead. back come the giants, bottom seven, they
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made it 4-3, and then angel pagan follows up melky cabrera's 2-run double with a game tomorrow delivery. but marco scutaro, book, to lead off the -- boom, to lead off the 9th, santiago casilla, where's brian wilson? there it is. giants commit three or errors. shaky all night long . rockies win 5-4. bob melvin, as didn't get it done. pujols has three hits. none of them really line drives. 3 for 4 though . and ervin santana was real good sitting down derrick barton. 4-nothing. one of those days for the as. start to finish. it was an anaheim victory. san antonio continues to be the nba's best, quietly. they have one five straight in the
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postseason. steven jackson, the former warrior, back with some guys that he can't shove around. and he's awful good. they've won 15 straight. they win game 1 over the clippers. lebron james without chris bosch, people saying could he get it done? 28 points, 9 rebounds, 6 steals. somehow indiana is hanging tough. david west had 16 and 10. everybody blaming lebron for not taking the last shot. it was mario chalmers. there it is. 78-75, series even at 1. the first post mr. davis mini-camp in motion in alameda. the raiders with darren mcfadden are hoping he is healthy finally after missing most of last year with a foot injury. carson palmer under center. his first full season. he came mid-year
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after sitting out. matt liers is the guy everybody is talking about. >> i matured a lot from my college days. very happy with where i am today. continue to work hard, continue to wait nier opportunity to come -- my opportunity to come. >> then you're no fun anymore. >> i'm getting -- i just had my 29th birthday last week. i'm getting old. my son is almost 6. so times have changed. >> all right. 29, he's over the hill. no, good guy though. >> he seem ed sweet. >> i hope he resurrects his career. he was a great, great college player for jacky, no 8 seed has ever won the stanley cup. jeff carter and the kings just blow apart phoenix tonight 4-nothing. they lead that series 2-love. kings match an nhl record with their 7 great road playoff
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victory. the only 8 seed to reach the final, edmonton. >> the kings are supposed to be the 3 seed. and you can see it. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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