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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 16, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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my way into work. we will find out more on the forecast in a few minutes. >>james: our top story deals with school cuts. across the state, thousands of teachers got word that they may not have a job at the end of the school year. more than 20,000 teachers surcease: mary layoff notices. this year's school districts did not know how much money will get from the state of the after the november election.
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they are preparing for the worse. >> i am terrified. i cannot move out, i cannot support a family. what do you do? amounts? make more money back to this is because i love it. now, what am i qualified to
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do? i have a master's, i am bilingual. i have ever for the ed tatami. i have taught pre kate- eighth grade and i still cannot find a job. to leave this state or is it just california? to leave my family and friends? and >>james: the school district laid off 17 teachers this week. and in on the outcome of the current state budget battle, some of those teachers the possibly be retired. >> in oakland, no teachers are expected to receive an eclipse right now. the school district plans to avoid layoffs because it is cutting in other areas. >> we have have a significant reduction in noninstructional teachers. and we have really downsize
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the adult the education program focusing on k-12. >>justine: in addition to staff layoffs the district plans to close five elementary schools next year. >> a nonprofit group is suing the city california for allegedly protecting bad teachers. the group is taking names at teachers tenure dismissal procedures and security based layoffs.
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>>erica: we do not have any rain to speak of but we do have some drizzle to contend with. a lot of fog has actually pushed inland. here is a look at your current temperatures. the good news is the fog should start to burn off as we head into the afternoon.
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future cast shows the by about 12:00 will hold on to the 60s along the coast filling into the '70s in squeezing out some eighties inland. as we advance the clock we will see more in the way of the low 80s expected around the bay. here is a quick with your extended forecast. we have a significant cool down as we head into tomorrow. we're still tracking a 10 percent chance of showers.
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>>justine: law enforcement in the north is telling us that this behavior is becoming a problem every single weekend. >> on monday night come in 18 year-old girl driving drunk was driving north on highway 101 across the overpass when she struck another car, injuring the driver. the california highway patrol says this is not an isolated incident. and now that prom season is here they are expecting a problem to get worse. >> last year we had a bad collision with an under age driver. she was trapped in a vehicle while it was on fire.
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>> in the first three months of this year, 30 the people of the age of 20 what were arrested for drinking and driving in marin county. the youngest was 15 years old. tisch of the provisional license prohibits them from driving with a what in the car to the age of 20, the law was meant to prevent accidents like this one to 16 year-old flips his truck with four other teenagers inside. one of the passengers stayed major head injuries. if they were following the law, the web of the driver with a bit of >> we have seen numerous open container violations at under age tricking violations. we will be out in force and looking for a young drivers by bidding the provisions.
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third vera kron4 obtained is that if enlistees stations were escalators and elevators are out of service. from embarcadero to west oakland. here, and says the gears are online. 16 as the leaders of a one of its 76 are not working. that may not sound like many, but the writers seem to think so, especially those who have physical limitations. barnes says fixings of its escalators is not easy. some are more than 30 years old. on top of that, the transit
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agency says it did not have been of repair technicians. the bar spokesperson says that is not the case any longer. >> we understand that this is an issue. perhaps
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>>justine: will be right back much more.
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>> they were betting like you would do at the craps table in los vegas. that is fine, if they did it with their own money. the problem is
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>> i hope this is not to the expert. really highlights the need for real regulations. you cannot have the fox guarding the henhouse.
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gramm >> the study involved 1000 americans over the age of 18. i believe this poll but i am unsure how relevant it is. the was the study would have involved more people.
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i caught up with what it had blocked writer. she knows facebook inside the about it keeps a close eye on the tax idea seat. i asked her thoughts and if the stock is overvalued. >> we have busted a financial of them like this since the google ipo. at that time, google went on the market with a starting price in excess of $80 per share. that seemed crazy, but facebook is starting way below that. 34-$38 per share. that is far away from thinking that is overvalued, it is only going to go up at least tenfold in the next couple of years. if you look as they get into groupon, those are companies that gather flashes in the pan. i never thought that anyone should buy that stock. facebook of the other hand you have almost 1 billion users.
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they know your relationships, your photos in your histories. they know everything you like and are interested in in that they are getting better and better at turning at its money. copper >>mark: a report by the wall street journal said that gm had been spending $10 million on facebook. general motors says they will still have a presence
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on facebook. >>justine: erica is now standing by in a traffic center with a look at our forecast. >>erica: here is a look at downtown san francisco. temperatures are sitting in the '50s. into the afternoon, we will start to see the sunshine into a blue skies will come out. it could be one of the warmest days of the next seven with a couple of locations into the '80s into the fog will make a comeback as we headed to the evening. you'll notice a pattern over the next few days with temperatures of the low 50s for concord, vallejo in their attempts at francisco. mid-50s for its stock and 53 for those of the in fremont.
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a mix of 70's and 80's in the south bay. for those of usage would along the peninsula, mid-70s for redwood city. 81 expected for walnut creek. plenty of sunshine there. fox slow 60s expected for ocean beach. we'll load is a 10 degree drop in temperatures for tomorrow. thing for we are tracking a storm system well to the north. on friday it looks like temperatures start to climb in we're sitting in the '80s as we head into the weekend.
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in the traffic center, no hot spots to over you to. traffic is moving well from all three of the approaches. of the golden gate there is called a sitting on the deck. interstate 280 is moving pretty well. if you are driving along the peninsula, a lot of green on the road we sensors. >>justine: a mother is facing from driving charges after driving more than 100 mi. an hour. she told officers she was laid to her child's birthday party. kaffir russell was pulled
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over in sonoma county on friday. she did apologize for speeding up police arrested her for drinking and driving in set at 14 she reached 90 mi. an hour and a construction zone. >>mark: military families can now visit national parks for free. the president says it is the think you to the men and women serving in the military. the first free passes without yesterday's theft and are only available to families of military members currently serving. justine >> we have much more coming right after this. here at home...
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>>mark: we are just days away from bay to breakers.
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police will be out there enforcing rules once again. >> the bay to breakers race is the fourth largest race in the nation. this year, police have a clear message. >> following the spirit of the race, and forcing fund and restricts the bad stuff. hist
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>>erica: lick as the low 60s, the 62 expected aired temperatures still warming. you will certainly want to dress in layers for race day. temperatures in the upper 60s. we're as we flirted with 70 degrees. >>justine: did not forget, our coverage of bay to breakers starts at 8:00 on sunday morning hosted by gary ravage and pam moore. we'll have a live report from the start light. >>james: it is quick to be a lot of fun. the tortilla toss.
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>>justine: if you're running in the race or participating, we will have a highlight special at 7:00. we will be right back.
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>>justine: and now that the may 15th deadline to notify teachers that it will be laid off will pass, but teachers across california are now finding the record tells us why this year could be different in years past.
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some the beginning of the school year is estimated only five as a teacher's rattling out of work because district continued to retire. district did not know how much money will give the state until after the november election. that is what voters will decide whether or not to approve temporary tax increases. if those measures fail, come january the government says they will trigger 51 5 billion in cuts for k-12 education. fly that, it will be too late to lay off teachers says schools are budgeting for the worst-case scenario now. for some districts that means a late of teachers, other districts have reached
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an agreement with teachers. third thing for teachers have agreed to multiple furlough days if and only if those trigger cuts take effect. and >>justine: and teachers say it has become the norm to get pink slips. many say they are not surprised anymore when it happens. back in march of the district said out 70 notices in recently rescinded 11 because people retired. >> jezebel was hired back the day before school but this time she is not keeping her all hopes of. >> but i know the routine. i can pack my classroom of air to get out there and move on to the next room. that is what my career has been like.
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>> she is one of several teachers that received pink slips for the past four years. >> it has been difficult to not be able to see them grow from kindergarten up to fifth in the building on to battle school and high- school. >> district is increasing class sizes adding former furlough days in cutting programs like art, music and science. teachers say it is already too cramped in the classroom. >> a district spokesperson told us that the district hopes the parcel tax to pass in june to generate $3 million a year. >>mark: the governor's
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budget plan is heading to the state legislature it would do two things to state workers. shorter work weeks to get a smaller paychecks. the governor proposes employees such as those at the dmv work only four days a week office >> chp officers will be let off with just a warning, not of the governor has its way. a spokesperson with highway patrol said they're working with employee groups to find ways to realize the 5 percent savings that jerry brown is looking for. they said the governor realizes the law enforcement agency is the 24 hour, 7 day week operation. because the chp still needs officers on the road into
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dispatchers taking 911 calls. one firefighter says the proposal to cut back to 38 hours a week will not work for them because they work 72 hours a week belt, 24 hour shifts. to change the schedule would mean hiring more workers which would end up costing the state more. state firefighters already cut back their staffing last year. they now have three fire fighters for every ended with the staff for. >>erica: it is a foggy start to the day. you'll certainly deal with problems divisibility of the north bay but you'll see here on our visibility chard, fog rolling to some of our analysts spots.
4:36 am
certainly allow yourself extra time in the drive of extra caution. for the most part an abundance of low 50s. we could see low 80s by lunch.
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if a.t. & t. ribbs of showers. over all, pleasant and dry conditions
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>>justine: mirkirimi pleaded guilty to a farce imprisonment charge stemming from his domestic violence allegations. the mayors is credited him from the sheriff's job and of the ethics commission is deciding if mirkirimi should be permanently removed. >>james: a quick break, let's give you another look outside. we're taking the view from the james lick. traffic is five of the inbound central, no problems out there so far. we will let you know if that changes.
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third of that the to the
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>>james: the modesto teacher in a relationship with afforested it is the core of the charges that he molested another student. he pleaded not guilty to a a minor over 10 years ago. their story made national news when they moved in together. students. was arrested for molested and others do but have since reconciled. >>justine: california chefs are in a fight with animal activists. several high-profile shafts cooked meals featuring from
4:43 am
what. the california legislature passed a ban of forced feeding animals. activists say it is inhumane. >> they have a large metal tube shoved down their throats three times a day, for speeding the massive quantities of corn gruel. >> people are allowed eat food, there are not allowed to torture the food first. >>justine: the chefs are raising money to try to overturn the ban. the data set to go into effect on july 1st. >>james: we're back with more headlines in a minute. here is a quick look at the golden gate. a little bit hazy into quite a bit of fog.
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>>james: lets get a quick update on whether. >>erica: it looks like it is a cloudy in foggy start the as we transition into the afternoon we will see more sunshine around the bay area. we do have the potential for eighties. into tomorrow, cooler weather. it could drop by about 10 degrees and we do have the possibility for wet weather. as we head into the weekend we will continue to stay dry with temperatures in the '80s inland. and as we take it over to satellite and radar, a little bit of cloud cover situated over the bay area curia some fog and drizzle. certainly be aware of that
4:47 am
on the roadways. visibility is yet to just 3 mi. in santa rosa. in downtown san francisco and half moon bay temperatures are getting low. visibility is down to just 8 mi. on 580 for those of the coming out of the livermore area. , there's not much change in the temperatures will we're used to at this time. warmer conditions, just slightly, in the south bay. temperatures in the '50s. here's a breakdown of where temperatures will go into the afternoon. again, we do of the potential for low eighties for inland the will keep it
4:48 am
in the mid-70s forecast of valid. los 70's demi east shore. 75 for those of it in santa felt. we do anticipate pretty warm conditions in places like napa. haft clear is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. overall, a pretty mild and nice weather pattern into the start of the next work week. in the traffic center, there are no hot spot. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is getting busy come if traffic is moving well from all three of the approaches with no metering lights to deal with. faceless and is the ride
4:49 am
eeriest of the san mateo bridge, no delays getting there. that drive is just 13-14 minutes from a 80-101. fog on the deck of the golden gate allow the space between cars. as a returner attention to the traffic maps there are no problems for antioch along highway 4 this morning. westbound 24 is a clear shot to the caldecott towards the macarthur maze. no accidents to report on the east shore freeway. a lot of green on the road with sensors for those in the coming of of the altman passed. if you're taking a public transit, and you're good to go for ac transit, bart in ace train. >>james: the ms and tore came through the east bay. " it was staged three of the course.
4:50 am
this was the first time the tour has ever climbed smell diablo. for hard-core cycling enthusiasts, the action was as good as it gets. >> this is almost as good as torture front. >> this is encouraging to see. it is agreed that they finally caught got to mount diablo. hmm per concurrent upon thames them stage for is today, 130 mi.. we will take a break and give you a quick look outside at the bay bridge approach, and was down 80, it is moving well in a relatively clear.
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" >>justine: as zazzle bay to breakers is on sunday, may 20th. you know that the rays can get a little bit wild. stanley roberts shows us how crazy things can get. >>stanley: this is mr. snuffled up against except this is not sesame street, this is bay to breakers. mr. snuffled up against shoot beer from his snout. this flow appears to be just a rolling platform would take a live at the microphones, the serbian taps. this man proposed to this woman and she accepted. they were pushing visible and yes, the boy was a cake in disguise. one race left hayes hill, all the was left with is broken will chair, this cake a bill, at this table,
4:54 am
chair and calcs. this was the 2008 bay to breakers. are more than 60,000 people joined in on the festivities. the top of tased hill is known as alamo square, many participants stop there a long way. although i counted more than 25 porta-potti is, people still believed themselves of the streets.
4:55 am
>>stanley: there was so much alcohol that police set up checkpoints to calls since it opened and his aides said there were a lot of we will see what has to give. in 2010. >>stanley: being drunk in public is one thing, having to france to keep from falling as a mother and having a complete stranger pulling up your shorts is priceless. every year, the event begins alcohol of any kind but true to form you will find alcohol of any time. >> a little vodka, or shoes
4:56 am
and red ball. >>stanley: it is a big deal if you have too much to drink. she finally got up, only to go back down again at a few minutes later, she tossed her cookies. all of these areas became urinals. the san francisco police tried to grab as many open containers as they could, but it became bananas. it is like a frat party on steroids. hikes
4:57 am
>>justine: breaking news, a police standoff in richmond outside an apartment building at the intersection of bayview in ellis streets. we have a crew on the way and more information as soon as we get it. doctors are not backing up the claims of george zimmerman that he was injured the night he shot and killed treyvon martin. inon average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish -
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over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution. home hiv tests.
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much more when the kron4 news comes back into minutes. source should come winging house if with theft afghan baba announcer at kron4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now.
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>>darya: the top story, sierra lamar who disappeared two months ago today is still nowhere >>mark: university of california officials are discussing another tuition hike. we will bring you details. >>darya: another development in the facebook ipo, we will tell you what rk: a quick updatn weather and traffic. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spot.
5:01 am
here is a quick commute check. in the east bay you'll find light conditions. the south bay freeways are pretty light along with the peninsula and the north bay. >>mark: in developing story out of richmond where police have surrounded a home. >>mark: a murder suspect is believed to be held up the inside of this apartment.
5:02 am
we will bring you an update coming up in a few moments. >>will: of this standoff has been going on since before midnight. they're looking for a man wanted for attempted murder. we will zoom in on the police activity.
5:03 am
the white car is focusing its lights on to some of our men's memo volunteers are coming to burnett elementary to send out search patrols
5:04 am
little new has been found as people are constantly scouring the area. in the family cut out a statement this week thinking goes to keep coming out to help and certainly they continue to do so. >>darya: stay tuned to kron4 for continuing coverage in the latest in the sierra
5:05 am
lamar case. wall street as international stocks are taking a dive. we're setting the stage for new elections increase next month. crude is now an $93 a barrel. it was at one of the $6 a barrel a few weeks ago. if all facebook shares are sold facebook is looking to
5:06 am
raise 18 billion in this ipo with an evaluation that would value the company over 100 billion. one of the largest ipos and history. house >>darya: uc campuses are looking to raise tuition again. if the height is approved, tuition for in-state undergrads would rise by $731. almost $13,000 for in-state undergrads. that is nearly double what
5:07 am
students working five years ago.
5:08 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 this is with you until 10:00. fog at the golden gate. we will be right back.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>mark: supporters say they
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could raise millions going towards school programs, health care in diabetes research. some opponents to not want another tax on poor people. if it passes, rich mineral be the first city in the nation to put a special tax on sugary drinks. >>darya: umph for the longest stage of the engine bicycle race begins this morning. that means little reason for the writers for included a ride up mount diablo. spectators ride it meets your valley road and concord to get a look. this was about the halfway point of stage three. a slovakia it won this third stage in a row patting his overall lead. this is the first of the tour has ever climbing mount diablo in for hard-core
5:13 am
cyclists the action was almost as good as it gets. as torture fronts. it is encouraging to see. it's great that they finally got to mt. diablo cure for people who did not arrive for a living, it is encouraging to note that i can ride on the same roads that these pros do. can ride on the same roads that these pros do.
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the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>darya: court records so that george is iran had a pair of black eyes, a broken nose and two cuts on the back of his test tonight as he shot treyvon martin. this exodus the medical records or released yesterday. he has entered a plea of not guilty in the is claiming self-defense in the shooting that happened in february. attorneys representing the
5:17 am
martin family says that zimmerman harass treyvon. >>erica: based on those new medical records and i asked if it is changed people's opinion of the case. here is what some of the worth and had to say. hall softish >>erica: many comments coming in about whether or not before changing their minds. to leave your own comments, visit our facebook fan page. correct chief fog
5:18 am
>> of the air force is no screening of the installation of an automatic backup oxygen system in these stealth jets. >>darya: today the president is awarding the medal of honor to a pennsylvania soldier killed in the vietnam war. he will posthumously receive the nation's highest military award for his heroic actions when his platoon was ambushed in cambodia. in 1970 he saved the lives of several of his fellow soldiers, tossing away in enemy grenade in at one point shielding a fellow soldier even though he was shot and wounded by the grenade blast, he charged in enemy bunker in block the
5:19 am
enemy bunker with his own grenade. the explosion killed him as well. his widow and a brother are expected to attend today's ceremony. >>mark: a lot of fog out there. james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: it cannot see the buildings a typical with downtown. the fog is obscuring the view. that is all we're dealing with this morning. a lot of cloud cover. we are off to an overcast start. temperature wise, we are doing all right. typically at this hour we're in the upper forties. the cloud cover has helped us keep some of the heat trapped overnight. temperatures today will be a little bit tricky. because we have a deep marine layer the winds are at a sheehan.
5:20 am
where looking for mild temperatures. '60s and '70s and but there is the possibility of eighties in the east bay if the marine layer stays at bay. if it travels inland far enough maybe we will cut back on the temperatures. many locations could see low 80s. again, if the marine layer gets more inland we may have to pull back and temperatures just a little bit. today will be a mild day. no worries as the head of the door. thursday and friday looks great. a very slight chance of north bay drizzle.
5:21 am
saturday and sunday looks fantastic as well. >>george: it is a good ride around the bay area with a few incidents here in there. sphere of the bay bridge and was fouled, light traffic with no delays as you work your way coming in from the macarthur maze for the east shore freeway. your ride on the golden gate also looks pretty kids. house for your ride in the east bay, we will picket the commute on interstate 80, 680, highway 4 and highway 24, they all look good with green showing on the sensors meaning speak of 50 mi. per hour or better. here is a look at your ride to the dublin interchange on
5:22 am
580. 680, the sunol grade it is the problem free. in the south bay there is construction on 17 northbound if that is expected to be picked up the next half-hour 58 heading for a rest valley of highly 85, it is a thief as falsify let's take a look at the ride on the peninsula, 101 and interstate 280, it looks like a smoother ride for the peninsula commute in both directions. >>darya: hiv testing may have become is yes. the fda has approved an at home test. the panel says that began home hiv test should be made available over the counter saying that the test is safe and effective and that the benefits outweigh the potential risks. this'll be the first over- the-counter tests on the market.
5:23 am
and as a gift of some millions of americans are living with aids as the fifth floor >>mark: here is a quick left outside of their waiting for sky is left for " -- as we're waiting for the fog to lift. we will be right back. every day, an average of 5,000 people
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easier banking. every step of the way. >>mark: the president raised nearly $44 million in the month of april. mitt romney has picked up primary wins in nebraska and oregon.
5:27 am
from the golden isle audience that the president had ignored clinton's declaration of that the arabic everett is over. >> president obama tough to with the clinton doctrine in his large a drawer of discarded ideas along with transparency by partisanship. it is enough to make you wonder if there was a personal beef with the clintons. >>darya: we are only a
5:28 am
couple of days away from bay to breakers. you can run, walk or send home and watch it right here on kron4. keith 441 done
5:29 am
5:30 am
benefits but has now decided to sell 25% more shares. today marks the two month anniversary of the disappearance of their lamar. another search is set for today. >>darya: here is a quick look at weather and traffic. >>james: so far, so good. it is a little cloudy but we expect a lot of sunshine this afternoon.
5:31 am
temperatures are warm inland but cooler around the coast and because of the marine layer. tomorrow, cooler foreshore. we have some instability to the north that will brushed by bringing temperatures down quite a bit. the north bay has the slightest of chances of staying in sprinkel. the weekend is looking to be dry. and we will have a focus outlawed on the weather coming up shortly. still or seven it is a hot sauce free ride around the bay area. we are not traffic any delays. fleece they've really is live deadhead, 17, 880, 101 into any. on the peninsula you are delay free for 281 01. flickr and 101 some of them looks good all the way down to the golden gate. thick >>justine: we are following
5:32 am
breaking news out of oakland where police are searching for possibly armed carjacking suspect. this started as a chase. the suspects then ditched the car and fled on foot. police believe there in the area and possibly armed. we are sending crews to the scene together more information and we will keep you updated right here in the kron4 deserve. >>darya: breaking news out of richmond. police have surrounded a home. they say murder suspect is held up there. will tran is live with the latest.
5:33 am
>>will: they have been focusing on that apartment complex. hoax saddam will
5:34 am
>> police drove in a convoy. i spoke with her headset yes, it ended peacefully. >>mark: thousands of teachers have gotten word that they may not have a job at the end of the school year. school districts to did not know how much money it will receive a touch after the november election.
5:35 am
>> i am terrified. i cannot move al, i cannot support a family. how much going to pay for student loans? to 8 years! i could of been adopted and made more money but it is is because i love it. a have a master's and i am bilingual. i have top retail-eighth grade.
5:36 am
is that every senator just tell her. >> this particular school districts said the out layoff notices to 17 teachers this week. >>darya: in oakland, no teachers in the district are expected to get pink slips at this time. a plan to avoid layoffs because they're cutting jobs and other areas. >> we have had significant staff reductions. nine teachers. we have cut the size of that workforce by 20-25%. family of downsize the adult education program focusing of the cave-12 the defense has also given as fanciful as well as general tightening of the billfold and to eliminate the deficit so that we do not have the layoff teachers. >>darya: in addition to staff layoffs the district
5:37 am
also plans to close five elementary schools. >>mark: there is word that general motors is putting the brakes on paid advertising on face. they say the ads just were not generating enough sales to justify the expense. airport by the wall street journal said that gm had been spending 10 million in general motors says it will still have a presence on facebook fan pages for its various brands. two greenpeace protesters have been arrested at apple headquarters in cupertino. there were other protesters around displaying messages of support for the greenpeace campaign. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. thank you for waking up with the kron4 news. your is a live look outside at the james lick freeway. traffic is so light.
5:38 am
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>>james: clear skies up above although we do have a marine layer keeping cloud cover blow to the ground to. the marine layer is keeping temperatures somewhat mild, especially in the north bay where we have seen of the
5:46 am
40's all week walkyrie if temperatures could drop to the upper '40's that the cloud cover is doing a good job at keeping some of the warmth from yesterday tracked to the ground. calf's that is the way the situation looks right now. a lot of cloud cover. if at all the backing up and get enough sunshine we could see temperatures approaching 80 degrees in the south bay. that is foreign to be determined by the marine layer. that could david temperatures a little bit. in any event we're looking at the possibility of 80 in san jose. if you are near the water it will be cooler, succeeded
5:47 am
elevator, 75 in hayward. costs in the east, the potential for 80 degree weather was to get. downtown san francisco, low- mid-60s. the north bay we're looking for targets to be the 70's. here is a look at your 7 day air around the bay. as a head into tomorrow we will pull down dramatically. we have a system to the north that over the school or air. friday we will start to bounce back. in time for the weekend the inland highs back to 80 degrees mid-70s around the bay. >>george: we do not have any hot spots. that is good news. the drive around the bay area is still getting started. at the bay bridge, a pretty
5:48 am
good ride with no delays accepted the cash lane. the approaches look good coming out of the macarthur maze in coming here from the nimitz and also coming from interest the cd. looking at your ride on the golden gate, 101 southbound, at last we saw, the crews were resetting the cones. the ride on west 80 comedies the commute, 680 south looks good with a traffic through will a pass on highway 4 this morning. a look at your ride through the livermore valley, was about 580, conditions here look pretty good, so does 680 south, the south bay freeways course still looking pretty good for the commute. a little bit of slowing its lead to freeway interchanges. the peninsula ride is pretty thin with no delays at the
5:49 am
'92 in the 101 interchange. house said there are no problems from novato to the golden gate. >>justine: apple is expected to launch its next generation iphone later this year. we're hearing now that it will have a larger screen. the wall street journal's fourth that apple says ordered screens from its asian suppliers that are very the ones currently used. scott production is expected to begin next month. the screens will be at least 4 in. diagonally to veer to 3.5 on the current iphone of the market right now for. the >>mark: we're just four days away from zazzle bay to breakers. stanley roberts shows us how
5:50 am
wild it gets. >>stanley: this is mr. snuffle office except this is not sesame street. this is bay to breakers. this flow, at first glance appears to be rock and roll look at the microphone. they are actually vera taps. this meant as proposed to this woman is she accepted. if you are wondering, the bull is a cake. will they left he's still, all that was left was for a good wheelchair, this can't, this table, chair, this was the 2008 bay to breakers. more than six dozen people joined in of the festivities. some of the top of hazel is
5:51 am
also known as alamo square. >> there was a girl who pete right on the street. >> this wet ground according to one witness as all urine. fifth >>stanley: if you have did waiting and fifth, we no longer. fifth of fame installed as runners loss of their cake for a moment faugh, some kegs' made it past a line like this low cleverly disguised as a shopping cart. glass bottles were banned in theory these demands have id
5:52 am
bags that contained a vodka and cranberry juice. there was a much alcohol, san francisco police set up a checkpoint for to confiscate open containers in there were a lot of them. another bay to breakers has passed for. >>stanley: of being drunk in public is one thing. having to france to keep from falling having a complete stranger of coal a year schwartz is priceless every year the of and bans alcohol of any kind but true to form you will find alcohol of any kind. it is a big deal with the end of having too much to drink. she finally got up, only to go back down again. a few minutes later, she tossed her cookies. someone from the city thought it would be bad idea
5:53 am
to put these dumpsters in the park side by side. that area became a urinal, so did the trees into the bushes and pretty much anything else that was available. san francisco police tried to grab as many open containers as they could, but it became bananas. since all i can say about bay to breakers of this year is, it is like a frat party on serious steroids. i never get tired of it. >>mark: bay to breakers is this sunday on kron4. watch degrees from 80 am- 10:00 a.m. and then watch a replay of the event in a highlight show house of the statehouse >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at san francisco. look at the clouds in the fall. but
5:54 am
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>>justine: we are following live pictures of the wildfire burning in arizona. this is the uncrowned king arizona. it is very dry in the area and there are high winds. the fire has consumed more than 2,000 a.. these are live pictures into the kron4 news are showing as the smoke in the area. dry will monitor the situation and keep you updated right here on the kron4 news server.
5:58 am
>>darya: coming up, richmond police have wrapped up a police standoff at an apartment building at the intersection of the beauty and engle street. doctors are backing of the george zimmerman claims that he was injured that night he shot and killed treyvon martin in florence. the fda approves and at home hiv test. these stories and more in a couple o scott everyone's hair breaks.
5:59 am
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