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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 17, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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make up their mind enforce the and eight handle in 2009 it they have still of forced the here and either way. there is still a big question mark on if the oakland a's will be able to move to san jose. >>pam: kron4 try to contact the city of oakland and mayor jean quan for reaction to this latest news but we have received any response. tonight, for the first time in six years, the area home
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sales are reaching their highest levels. j.r stone woods is live from what of hottest trustees. >>j.r.: some of the biggest surges rnc a declarative become its differences coach of the contra costa. this house on the market of people 2011 and was sold within 10 days. >> in the past five-seven years, this is the most competitive market. it is very good for sellers. they're getting better prices. for buyers, they still have low rates.
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>> overall, bay area home prices are up 8.3%. the first increase in almost two years. >> in marin county, prices are dropping. overall, home prices in the bay area are rising.
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>> a recent uptick in king related shootings. on monday amy and was killed in a drive-by shooting. just yesterday near its street, another man was shot five times. >> donald washington was shot and killed yesterday on the street. police say that king members could try in retaliate against rival gang members. authorities say is, a procedure for extra officers to patrol the areas where there have been gang shootings.
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>>brian: is a blustery evening are around the bay area. chrysolite you at city hall. >> in applause and held there is in and out minya. the burger joint opened its doors better brand of occasions a point
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>> is a 40-45 minute wait for a drive through. people are coming from all different directions. everyone in pleasant hill has come here to get a burger at the newest in-n- out berger. >> you'd think they were giving birds away. people were willing to wait a long time. several employees were directing traffic through the parking lot. it was a busy day at all hands were on deck for the long awaited grand opening. a festive atmosphere inside.
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the >> we offer a friendly, smiling associate with the quality product. >> the food is great. in his all-around good people. this place is grim faster and faster. >> they do not give information on how many brokers they sell but it looks like a lot, as the concede. >> there are roughly 50-60 cars in line at any given time each car orders at least two meals.
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you can do the math. reporting live in pleasant hill, jeff bush. >>pam: still ahead, new evidence in the case of the florida teenager shot in and killed by a neighborhood watchmen. >>gabe: facebook goes public in the morning. coming up, the latest facebook ipo news here and find out how facebook is celebrating. >> of the new ipo could impact california. we will explain how. oakland police are warning residents about a growing trend of thefts. we will tell you which neighborhoods are being targeted. we are less than 60 hours away from the 101st bay to breakers.
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>>pam: the largest tax iq in history takes place tomorrow morning when facebook goes public. the stock price has been set at $38 per share. they could raise as much as 80.1 billion. that would raise the overall value to 104 billion. gabe slate went to facebook headquarters. >> it was a media frenzy outside of facebook headquarters. the media from all around the country gathered. facebook is officially in a quiet. .
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>> facebook is pulling in overnighters is to wall street and the world that they are committed to their roots. facebook is very committed to improve facebook for all of us.
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per facebook users it is business as usual.
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>>pam: the medical examiner's office says that treyvon martin had tmz in his system. a new report concluded that photos showed as ever but with the bloody head. is the room has been stated that he acted in self- defense. he is charged with second- degree murder. donna summers has died after a bout with cancer.
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she passed away this morning in florida.
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>>brian: the week looks good. warmer temperatures in low 80s inland. it will turn cooler and cloudier monday and tuesday. warmer for wednesday and thursday of next week. >>gary: coming up, the good news for the giants into the '80s.
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>>pam: entire school district canceled glasses in an effort to save money. coming up we will tell you about one teacher who says he will not let his students suffer. a recent rising trend and robberies. we will tell you. what that things are going after. we will tell you about a man who survived a week in the wilderness. those stories and more ahead.
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>> this is a small portion of the thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry and other valuables a crime ring stole from unsuspecting would it said francisco over the last several months. >> in each incident cover it all the attorneys would was approached of ft. the victims were defrauded of their property.
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>> the suspect would convince the asian women that they were being hunted. >> the victims in this case are spiritual, suspicious it of being ticketed it to death. >> in april by police released a these sketches. three of the woman had been ticketed a custody and charged with grand theft, extortion defrauded elder. so far, authorities have identified 25 victims but there are convinced that there are more victims that they want to come forward. so far the losses that it had a $50,000.
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they say similar scams are going on in other cities. >>pam: a warning about a recent rash of gold chain that's. officers headed out fliers alerting merchants and residents. >> we are seeing a lot of snatch intergraph. a woman or middle will walk down the street. a suspect approach is on foot, sometimes on a bicycle. ron our victims are predominately hispanic. sometimes, they're eager children.
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>> oakland police say they're also using surveillance cameras to track down the suspects. >> the search for sierra lamar is going high-tech.
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>> ability story of survival, police in the south they're calling this a miracle. a man crashed incident as a last tuesday. it was not until last tuesday that he was found. he was traveling southbound on 101.
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>> the mayor is now hospitalized incredible but stable condition. his doctors said the prognosis for a full recovery is good. he is young it strong. without water and food for a week, he is lucky to be alive. >> he has dramatically improved from what he was when he came in. he is having returned of his kidney function.
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we have a kidney specialist involved in his care. we do that was good to be a situation if he has made tremendous progress. that was some people including his sister are criticizing the chp for giving up the initial search to sue. today, the chp defended its actions say a witness reported seeing him leave the seat. the citizen police eventually fouled him hall on tuesday. his family reported it missing last thursday after he did not show up for a futile. battle we have seeds from half of the bay area. the wind speed is up around 10-50 or 25 bottles per hour, but some places have instructor gus. as we go into tomorrow boarded, the winds will subside, the temperatures of the upper '40's and low 50s.
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she looked for 60s agreed by the bay, a 70's to the inland valleys. asked as we go into the we did cover saturday it is today is looking base. the winds will die down and that will raise temperatures and 80s. you're going down! it's all over! no!
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>pam: zazzle bay to breakers is this sunday.
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>> we do not celebrate our anniversary of the 17th, we celebrate on the day of bay to breakers.
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>> the streets of south little will never be the same. this shift extraordinaire and author of tequila, it inspired the old restaurant. but what we did research on our chips. >> i love books to give food.
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mexican food does not have to be heavy. we're making tacos with wild lush ribs and chicken. >> but these people came all the way from costa rica. " babbitt today for lunch, but i beat milkshakes. shot at love the taurus but i also love locals. bevel i of the tequila curator. >>vicki: that is gorgeous.
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to find out more, go to our web site and click on died in the dish. >>brian: brisk wind, here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. mostly clear skies and it will remain clear until midnight. fog as we headed to the overnight. bay to breakers on sunday. foggy in the morning, temperatures in the low 50s. the clouds will clear relatively quickly. by 9:00 a.m., sunshine in a slightly warmer readings. by 11:00 a.m., at the finish line, readings around 60 degrees sunshine into a few clouds. for tomorrow morning, look
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for temperatures in the upper 40's and low 50s with patchy fog. sunday in brazil for the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70's. blow-mid-60's of the bayshore. for san francisco and oakland, los '60s. here's a look at your 7 day around the bay. >>gary: a good evening. bay area baseball fans, waiting on where the oakland a's will end up, you have to wait a little bit longer.
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at the owners' meeting cover the commissioner says he will not step did it rule of territorial rights issue in san jose. the giants say they will not give up those rights. but it is clear to take someone with a big check. phil mickelson was on hand at the byron nelson golf tournament in texas. bob melvin was thrown out. the oakland a's the back to
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tie it in the seventh. >>gary: the giants came back to tie the game in the sixth. the giants went 7-5.
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>>gary: a linebacker has been suspended for one year is not so in the commissioner for defamation.
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but be back
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>> the kings are leading the series 3-1. they have won 10 of 11 playoff games carried the
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the big bond face famine -
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been of long winded been if
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the best bet is the gary, do you really think the pacers have a chest to beat the heat? path >>gary: if you tie me down and said, that some money, i can't believe lebron did we are going to indiana. >> gary, do you really think the leaders will get votes out of here? >>gary: i'm afraid so. >> gary, just why do you know everything? >>gary: that is a good one. why do i? >>pam: you always say that. >>gary:
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>>gary: we all pretend we know. it is all about how convincingly to be. we will see you at 11:00 p.m.. costco soft copy [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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